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(The scene opened with a roof top view of the sun setting behind the infamous London bridge through the thick, density of fog in the distant horizon as people are shown nearby roaming the streets below in costumes of all ages as trick or treater's are out in full force. The camera slowly pulls back to reveal Jessica and Jessie of the Vultures perched up on a roof top, laying back on the shingles and watching on as Little brats roam the streets with their plastic pumpkin candy holders.)

(Several traditional, or generic costumes, depending on your point of view, are worn by most school children. Vampires, werewolves, mummies, witches, along with the typical run of the mill costumes are what we come to expect on Halloween with a few sprinkles of creativity mixed in such as a middle aged mom dressed as “Wonder bread Woman” complete with her “miracle whip.” A blonde toddler boy wore a cute little Trump suit completed with the trademarked red “M.A.G.A.” cap. A group of teenage girls wore very skimpy and rather revealing attire that resembled a sexy version of a female Village People band.)

“Halloween. What a fun, festive night of fright and fear. Where adults have an excuse to party, fat kids get free candy and trashy little whores get to dress up in slutty costumes.”

(The black and white camera swings over to where the voice came, revealing the stoic face of Belle Kingsley's next opponent and Strong Style Wrestling's newest signing.)

-Jessie Vulture-

Is it scary, little princess? Leaving your cozy, comfortable safety nest back home and stepping foot into this sanctuary of sin? Are you too naive to see the dangerous terrain you tread on or the bloodthirsty scavengers waiting in the wings to pick your carcass clean? Because enquiring minds, they are curious to know these type of things..

-Jessica Vulture-

You call yourself the BELLE of the ball but to us? You're just another entitled, spoiled, bratty little bee itch playing dress up and who is about to be put in her place. Pinned down and left laying. A position our next victim knows all too well after hours, if you catch our drift..

~Jessie Vulture~

There will be no happily ever after ending to this sad, pathetic little fairytale of yours.. No ruby red shoes for you to click your heels home to, little Dorothy. No glass slippers or magic pumpkin stagecoach for you to ride off into the sunset either, Cinderella. Because once the bell sounds, it will be like the clock striking midnight with your cosplay world getting wrecked by our harsh reality.

-Jessica Vulture-

You are a scared little baby chicken without a mother hen to protect you from the soulless carnivorous predators like us, yet you are too “proud” or too stupid to realize the brutal, unadulterated violence and sheer, agonizing pain that awaits you.

~Jessie Vulture~

Make no mistake about it DOLL, these Vultures are out for blood! There is no safe place for the weak or the vulnerable, not with the two of us nibbling at the bottom feeders on the food chain of the talent pool.

~Jessica Vulture~

Belle Kingsley. You may impress these moronic mules hee hawing around like jackasses in the crowd cheering the pretty face flip flop and flying around the ring like a bat outta bloody hell but that as Shania Twang once sang, that don't impress me much honey. You are about to see a cold hearted vicious streak unlike anything you know. Buckle up for that sweetheart, because there will be heavy turbulence on this ride we're about to take you on with us.

-Jessie Vulture-

The management inside of Strong Style Wrestling is personally responsible for the predictable massacre that will soon take place and when this occurs, her blood will be on this company's hands and so will her hospital bill.

Jessica Vulture

I will get great satisfaction watching as you beg for mercy. Might even enjoy me a Mickey’s or two while I watch this man mop the ring up with that pretty little face of yours, painting the canvas a delicious crimson color with your tasty young blood like a true artist of pain infliction.

~Jessie Vulture~

Kingsley. Prepare to lick your wounds.. Through a straw.

(A hand covers the camera lens and cuts to static fuzz.)
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