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Jacob Senn
Jacob Senn
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I hate to do this...  Empty I hate to do this...

on October 31st 2018, 10:05 pm
This is something that I never wanted to do. I've dreaded having to do this and wanted to do whatever I could do to make sure that this wouldn't happen, but I've figured out that there's no sensible way for me to do this. With that said...

Starting today, I will no longer be writing and booking for the events and with that, there will be no more shows that will be happening for the foreseeable future. In essence, Strong Style Wrestling will be shutting down.

Why has it come to this and can we not be able to continue what we have been doing for these past few months? For starters, my new job has taken a lot of my time away from me. I usually only get about 4 hours to myself throughout the week and on weekends, I've gotten to where I want to just lie back and relax. Another thing that has come up is the lack of a writing team to be able to rely on. I'm not saying that there's no one that wants to write because there are plenty of you that have stood up in the past that have helped out when I've needed it and it has been very much appreciated, but having someone that can consistently back you up when you really need someone to take the brunt of the work is definitely something we needed. It's what worked with Nico and now that he has made his way to China, I can't keep up with the demand that is needed.

I know that some people will be celebrating the fact that Strong Style Wrestling won't be active, but this is not because of a dying passion for e-feds or defeat in having an alternative for people to be in. This is simply because I do not have the time to be able to do this anymore due to my life being improved with a new job that I have been enjoying myself with and being able to have something more in my life. As much as I would love to be someone that could be able to keep this place running for those that love it and want this place to be the one that they want to showcase their talents and skills in, I can't be that person anymore. There are only so many hours in the day and right now, I can't be writing shows and cards on the moments that I'm not working.

This is not my end or retirement for e-feds, this is just the end of a chapter that has to be closed for me to not waste everyone's time in trying to keep this thing going when there's no way that I can do that all alone. There's still a wonderful community of places that you can all be a part of, one of them being our major partner in Omega Wrestling Alliance, and many more! I hate to not be able to tell the stories that I wanted to tell, to write the matches that I wanted to on this platform, and to do what I wanted with everything that I had envisioned for this place. It really disappoints me that I won't be able to do that for each and every person that has worked hard to keep this place going and those of you that have worked hard for this place, I thank you. Even though I might have not been able to show my appreciation for being able to make you champions or give you something that I believe you were due, please know that every person that gave their best effort for this place was appreciated through the bottom of my heart. I mean it.

However, this is it. I can't do this anymore and my focus has been placed in being able to work my new job at the best of my abilities. Maybe one day, Strong Style Wrestling will make a return and I can do what I hoped to do for this place. Until then, this is the curtain call for Strong Style Wrestling and my days as a head writer and booker for this promotion. I hate to see it go... but I think it's what is best to do right now and not waste everyone's time with trying to keep this thing going! It was a fun ride and I hope everyone enjoyed what we have done here.

Thank you.
Jaydayne Pendragon
Jaydayne Pendragon
Shoot Nation
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I hate to do this...  Empty Re: I hate to do this...

on October 31st 2018, 10:53 pm
Thank you Jacob, we all appreciate how you kept SSW going, it was a fun ride. Best of luck to you getting accustomed to your new workplace.
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