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Cassius "Cash" Corleone Empty Cassius "Cash" Corleone

on April 23rd 2018, 2:45 am
Cassius "Cash" Corleone The_miz_new_png_2017_by_lunaticahlawy-dbhwr28
Cassius "Cash" Corleone PsdcuFP

Wrestling Name: Cassius "Cash" Corleone

Picture Base: The Miz

Current Nicknames: "Cash", "The Golden God", "The Five Star Man", "Mr. Money In The Bank", "The One True Husband",  "Mr. Corleone", "King of Soulmate Style"

Height: 6’, 1’’

Weight: 220 Pounds

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Cassius "Cash" Corleone Money-PNG-Clipart

Cassius "Cash" Corleone CwMvC0J

Disposition/Alignment: Choose from these options: Ruthless Heel

Gimmick: There are only five things in the World Cassius Corleone cares about:

1. Sakura
2. Sakura
3. Sakura
4. Violence
5. Power

The rest? That's all trivial bullshit. Cash doesn't have time for that. He was raised by his family to be ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants, and that's something he's embraced beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. What he wants most? His girl, Sakura. Nothing else comes even close, and he will spend every dime he has, bleed every ounce of blood in his body, and sacrifice anyone and everyone to make her happy. You touch her, insult her, or even  look at her funny, and Cash's violent temperment will show its ugly self as he maims and humiliates those he deems below the One True Pairing a.k.a. everyone. On the outside, Cash is a self-indulgent narcissistic prideful fool who's completely and utterly and hopelessly attached to Sakura, but that's because he is. He fixates on his stylish looks so that he and Sakura look as amazing outside the ring as they are inside the ring. Despite that, underneath his unintimidating looks lies a sociopathic brute who takes great pleasure and excitement in beating the Hell out of others - it being another reason he fell for Sakura with her psychotic tendencies as he uses it as a weapon, allowing his beloved wife to wreak havoc while he picks his spots to deal damage of his own, basking in the bliss of battering these poor, unfortunate victims that cross their paths. As both he and Sakura were both born into rich, Legendary wrestling dynasties, Cash happily utilizes their wealth and connections to get away with anything and everything while simultaneously taunting others with it as they both wear expensive clothing, travel in jets and limos, and burn through their money as if it means nothing, and it truly doesn't. To Sakura and Sakura alone, Cash is a sweet, loving man who only wants to do right by her, but to everyone else - those peasants below the two of them, Cash is disgusted by and will not hesitate to harm and exploit them, especially if anyone even thinks about getting near his girl.

Cassius "Cash" Corleone Money-PNG-Clipart

Cassius "Cash" Corleone SSgsrzN

Theme Music:

Special Entrance: Cash comes out in all gold, expensive, custom-designed hooded clothing with expensive sunglasses on, alongside his beautiful wife, Sakura, as hundred dollar bills with Sakura on them rain down from above.

Cassius "Cash" Corleone Money-PNG-Clipart

Cassius "Cash" Corleone 72BgtiI

What are your character’s motivations for competing? Sakura.

Tendency to Cheat: Always

Cassius "Cash" Corleone Money-PNG-Clipart

Cassius "Cash" Corleone SkJKVgu

Favorite Match Types: Tag Team Matches

Least Favorite Match Types: Singles Matches

Favorite Weapon: Any weapon that Cash happens to have Sakura hiding on her to hand to him when needed.

In-Ring Achievements: Being married to Sakura, being the One True Pairing, being Awesome.

Common Moves:

1. Knife-Edge Chop to the face
2. Corner Splash
3. Vertical Suplex into a Powerslam
4. Inverted Figure-Four
5. Heat-Seeker Lariat (Close-range Lariat that Cash keeps swinging with until it connects)
6. Brainbuster
7. Spinning Spinebuster
8. Half-n-Half Suplex
9. Sliding Elbow
10. Corner Clothesline with theatrics

Signature Moves:

1. Sakura Driver (Omega Driver)
2. A Series of Unfortunate Elbows (MMA Elbows while in a crucifix position)
3. Make It Rain (Diving Elbow Drop)
4. Veni, Vidi, Vici (Backbreaker into an STO into a Koji Clutch)
5. Mongrel Lock (Single-Leg Boston Crab while Cash stomps on the back of the opponent's head)

Finishing Moves:

1. Moneymaker (Rolling Elbow to the throat)
2. Pedigree
3. Five Star Frogsplash
UF. Golden God's Last Gift (Vertical Suplex dropped down into a Small Package Driver - Cash sometimes blows a kiss to
Sakura - if she's around - before delivering the move to an opponent in his grasp)

Cassius "Cash" Corleone Money-PNG-Clipart

Cassius "Cash" Corleone 08dR4YE

Cash's greatest strength is the superhuman determination he has to protect Sakura and do harm to others who hurt her, but it's also his greatest weakness as anyone who targets her will distract him as he will make Sakura's safety his number one priority.
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