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Steven Cassidy
on October 27th 2018, 10:47 pmSteven Cassidy
((Steven is right outside his hotel, trying to get himself pumped up for this promo, as well as for his match this week. But he can’t seem to do it. He doesn’t really look like himself today. For weeks, he had something he always lacked - confidence. With each win he got, he would get more of it. And when he did rack up some W's, he would feel like he belongs, that he’s worthy of a roster spot here in SSW. He was on top of the world! He was 4-0 in The BITW Series. But one week changed all of that, after he lost to Aria a few weeks back. Now normally, Steven can just admit that his opponent was better that night. But it’s the way he lost that is eating away at him. You can tell Steven is thinking about Saul Omen’s interference. He’s thinking about the momentum he once had - that is now dead.))

“This is never going to end, is it?”

((A defeated Steven takes a few seconds before he continues. He rubs his chin, he tries to exhale the frustration away. But he just looks lifeless. He looks like a defeated, broken man. Thinking about everyone he let down.))

“I don’t know anymore. I just don’t. I’m trying to find answers. I'm looking everywhere for them. I’m looking high and low - but still nothing. Or maybe I can try snatching them out of thin air? Google? Maybe Google will have the answers I seek? If not, Bing? But it’s all doubtful. I’m struggling guys. Like you couldn’t already tell. I’m struggling when it comes to everything these days. From eating, to sleeping, to getting out of bed, to even forming complete sentences. I’m stuttering. I’m pausing, creating awkward silence. Reminding me of when I first got here. Back when I was a puppet and let a man who shall not be named, pull at my strings and use me to his benefit. Actually, to the hell of it - Whitmore. Bruce Whitmore. To those of you who forgot all about him, I envy you. But I’ve come a long way since then. A long, long way. And I’m proud of the progress I’ve made. I’m proud of it because of the work I’ve put in. The sacrifices I’ve made. The hardships I’ve endured. All of it, to elevate my career. To go from a curtain jerker to a main eventer. From a laughing stock to the cream of the crop. I’ve shed the coat of the old Steven Cassidy and I’ve created something much more. I don’t want to return to the old way. I don’t want to get lost in the shuffle again. To fall into the abyss. To get trapped in the smoke of irrelevancy. To have my career labeled as nothing more than smoke and mirrors. And yet, I’m heading towards that. I’m backpedaling. One step forward, two steps back. And I wish I could blame it all on something, or someone. To find a scapegoat and pass the buck onto them. But I can't. This is all on me”

((Steven pauses again as he looks down at the ground for a second before resuming. He opens his mouth, but no words come out. His eyes wander the room.))

“I’m playing a game. A game I don’t know if I can win. A game where the deck is stacked against me. Cue the world’s smallest violin, I know. By no means is this some lame attempt to garner sympathy. Not at all. I’m just saying what needs to be said. To get this weight off my shoulders so I can go back to breathing in fresh new air, instead of the toxic smog I’ve been dealing with since I came back. This goes back to the first words I uttered today. That “this is never going to end.” And I realize I never really clarified that sentence. And I apologize for that because I have a lot on my mind and it’s hard to organize it all. So allow me to elaborate. What I meant is, this is never going to end with The Phantom Troupe. And I’m coming to grips with that. Civil War was a reminder of that when—“

((A state of anger is written all over Steven’s face. You can see veins popping out of his neck. His face slightly turning red. His fists balled up. But after a few deep breaths, he calms down. For the most part.))

“When John Doe came back. These days, Phantom Troupe is stronger than ever. Point blank. They’ve added a few established stars in the likes of Virgo and Stark. They’ve brought in some promising fresh faces in Nolan and Maggall. So yes, they reloaded. Yes, they are more dangerous. At least, on paper. So what do I do? What does Shoot Nation do? Do we tuck our tails between our legs? Wave the white flag? Nah. On second thought - still nah! Not an option. We are going to do what we do best and that is FIGHT!”

“Saul Omen - what a mess you made. A mess you won’t be able to clean up. A mess you are going to slip on and break your f*cking neck! Sorry. Sorry for the curse word. That’s not what I’m about. But I’m just so frustrated when it comes to this group. This collective unit of scumbags and filth. Wreaking havoc week after week. Running rampant, doing whatever they please. Fearing no consequences because well, they never seem to face any. If they do, it’s nothing more than a puny slap on the wrist. You see, I used to be obsessed with the Phantom Troupe, and I think we all know why, so I don't have to further explain myself. But I stopped when I came back. I focused on my career instead and I think it showed when I started out 4-0 in the BITW Series. Everything was going swimmingly. Everything was peaches and rainbows. But again, a few weeks ago, that all changed, when Saul Omen decided to stick his nose in my business. And am I angry about it? Sure. He cost me a win. A very important win. And he will pay for that. But - it's just, I don't want to deal with you, Saul. It's not because I fear you - no no no. It's just, I have never despised you. I don't even necessarily blame you because you have always been The Phantom Troupe's lapdog. Jon Doe and now Aria, bark orders at you, and you do it like the minion you are. And it's a shame because I remember when this first started and when I say "this", I am talking about SSW - you were one of it's brightest stars. A future world champion, no doubt. But I no longer see that. Nobody does when they look at you because you have become stagnant and you are okay with being sixth in command or whatever it may be - but I digress. Point is, I see where this is going and sparking a feud with you, it doesn't interest me. But that can be your career summed up into one sentence, right there - uninteresting. I want John Doe, not you. You are just a distraction. A nuisance. that I must deal with. But later. Later I will settle the score and make sure you think twice before ever crossing paths with me again."

"As for this week, it's all about The BITW Series again. Even though my mind is somewhere else, I must try to focus on the bigger picture. And I am sure my opponent, Kai, is loving it because I am sure in that sick twisted brain of his, being "unfocused" will lead to my downfall. And if that's the case, then so be it. But I don't see it ending that way. Biased, perhaps, but just saying. Look Kai, I was looking forward to this match between us - that is until my undefeated streak came to an abrupt end. And now, I am probably no longer going to win this tournament, all because of Saul Omen., And if that's the case, it looks like I am going to play the role of the spoiler. But in the meantime, I am far from dead. I am not mathematically eliminated, not even close. Both of us enter this match with one loss. I don't even recall who beat you. And with the new names added to the A Block, it makes it even harder to trace. But nonetheless, you still have to face me and Aria. And let me tell you right now, that match against Aria - is an automatic loss. And that isn't me doubting your talent because your talent and skill are undeniable. You're one of the best SSW has to offer and that is why you are Ronin's leader. But, what I meant was, Phantom Troupe always get what they want, especially when it comes to their Queen. I am sure Saul, being the errand boy that he is, will make a run in again and it's a shame that they are willing to taint this once special and intriguing series, so they can get ahead via cutting corners. It has become rigged. Now, it's all about friends saving friends. Points being taken, not earned. I am sure you wouldn't stoop as low as them, right? I don't know, for I don't know you well enough, so I am in no spot to judge your character or lack thereof. And because I don't know you that well, it's hard to come up with dirt on you - so I can push your buttons, to get your blood boiling. I wish I had your deepest darkest secrets. but I don't. I could talk about how you lost to Layne at Civil War, but I can't talk because when that show was happening live, I was at home, sitting on my couch. And that was a reality check because it is clear to me that even with my sudden and perhaps unexpected rise, management hasn't exactly bought into Steven Cassidy the man and wrestler. Maybe Senn himself thinks my success is due to lady luck and nothing more, and that is why he didn't pull the trigger and put me on Team SSW. Food for thought, for me. I could talk about your title. Question the prestige of it and whatnot. But I don't have a title of my own, so again, I can't really say much. And you know what? That is fine with me, because as far as I'm concerned, the talking is over, Kai. It's time for action. It's time to back up everything that has come out of my mouth - and I know I can do it, and come tomorrow night, I will do it. So see you out there, Kai. No pressure."
Belle Kingsley
on October 27th 2018, 9:08 pmBelle Kingsley
At Civil War last week, I did exactly what I wanted to do: I was the last woman standing for Team SSW, but on the other hand, I didn’t do exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to be the last woman standing period, but Team OWA managed to have two sole survivors remaining for their team and eventually, I was caught in the number’s game. I knew it was bound to happen. I knew that the moment April Song was eliminated from Team SSW that it would be up to me to try to win. I would have loved to return to SSW with the biggest comeback story of my career, but that did not happen at all. It sucks, but it just shows that OWA and their Goddesses Division have amazing wrestlers in their company. On one hand, I should not be ashamed of the performance I put in that match. On the other hand, it breaks my heart that I was suffered with another failure. Belle Kingsley can’t win when it matters? That might be the question EVERYONE who cares is asking themselves? I have been known as the woman who puts everything she has in the ring and sadly, it is never enough. To most people, it should discourage and unmotivate them, but I have been trying my best to keep my head up and move on to the next match. I like to think that I will get my moment in SSW. I will get my due one day. I fully believe that it will happen to me, but it’s not going to happen in the same pace as most people here from Aria Jaxon to Andre Virgo. I know, that I am destined to go in my own pace and see people getting their due before me and as of right now, I can only envision when that will happen to me. That doesn’t mean that I am not putting my plans in motion. I am, but it’s might not be noticed anytime soon. That is fine to me, but I hope that I can get back on the winning track with a victory over Jessie Vulture.

When I look at The Vultures, they may see me as the perfect target in order for them to make an impact. I mean, what’s a better target than Belle Kingsley? Jessie may look at me and think that I am just the perfect target. I’ve been called “weak”. I’ve been called “vulnerable”. I’ve been called many things from “loser” to “failure”. I mean, there might as well be a huge arrow pointing down on me for Jessie Vulture to attack me. To him, it must be so simple and lovely to have an opponent with nothing to lose at all. I’m not a champion. I’m not a contender. I’m just a woman who constantly is fighting for a victory. This week is no different for her at all. I am approaching this match knowing that anything is possible. I may be under a disadvantage knowing that Jessica Vulture is by Jessie’s corner and the thought that she can find herself involved in this match and cost me the victory is something that I am prepared for. It is something that I have to be prepared for. One mistake on my part and The Vultures capitalize. I’ve been in SSW longer than Jessie. I have experience of how things work around her. Sure, my win/loss record is probably one of the worst in this company, but I want to change all of that around. I want to make sure that these previous losses are nothing more than a memory. I want to prove to Jaydayne Pendragon that despite the losses, I still have something that makes me worthy of being part of Shoot Nation. Tomorrow night, I want to rip the wings off these vultures, one by one and get back on the road to victory. It’s simple enough. It is something that won’t be easy though, but I am ready for it.
The One True Pairing
on October 27th 2018, 9:02 pmThe One True Pairing
SSW Promos Z0zI4KbtKpJPrbgAR4oWzsqH_9zArSJi0qnLaLDEma1GiteBc93SW9FdbMxBbCnaQQPwqmn9Q_k45fyc28ZM83Db0Iu-0LD-O-oE856y19XZo0A7bleYC5I-RNOVY3yCP5BHqHVs

Being from such a prestigious family, I unfortunately had to grow up around many that hadn’t had to work a day in their lives. They were all usually born into wealthy and a leisurely lifestyle that meant they didn’t have to get their hands dirty. Which of course meant that things poor people deal with on a daily basis like bugs and animals. I was never like that. In fact, I loved all of it. For instance, I always had such a fascination with leeches. All the other girls were disgusted and terrified of them, but I thought they were so cool. How when you least expect it, they’d latch onto your body and serve their entire purpose by sucking away on your blood.

Maybe that’s why I’m never fazed when I run into people that so accurately represent commoners like Aria Jaxon. I’m so accustomed to their way of life that it’s become second nature to me even! Watching you try to be all tough and cool is like watching a zoo animal in its natural environment to me - just so cool! But of course, like most animals when they leave the comfort of their environment, they get confused and they regress and they lash out and become exactly what you’d expect a wild animal to be. You pretend you’re a Queen and live such a lavish lifestyle because you’ve got some credibility and wrestle men, but if I brought you into my World, you just wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. In fact, I think you’d self-destruct before you ever got a chance to adjust. All you know is the streets - where you belong. Maybe that’s why you’re not the Puroresu World Champion anymore. You couldn’t take the bare minimum luxuries that this pathetic company could afford for its so-called “Face” just because of a worthless trinket you held, so what did you do? Well, you lost it, of course! You let yourself slip away and you fell back to the bottom of the barrel because that’s where you feel the most comfortable. It’s perfectly understandable. It’s exactly why I’m standing here as a two-time Lovebird World Champion while you’re as likely to see that Puroresu Championship again as a man in the desert is likely to see rainfall. This company moved on from you, so it only makes sense why you’ve begun moving on from it. And hey, good for you! You go, girl! Show them that Aria Jaxon is a strong black woman who don’t need no Title!

Just, you know, don’t go kidding yourself. Don’t pretend like you belong anywhere beyond soaking up a moment or two in the sun before you’re casted off for someone who’s more fit to take that spot you were just warming up for them. Your natural instincts tell you to just submit and fall apart when you have to stop playing the Queen and actually be the Queen, so my advice is that you just stick to dressing up as one for Halloween and the rest of the year you can just be the same old disappointing peasant you’ve been all your life. Instead keep doing what you’re doing and just bask in the victories you get along the way. Stay at that middle class drown because you know reaching any higher and getting your head above water is just too much effort for you. Relish in the fact that you and Strong Style Wrestling and the super duper cool edgy Phantom Troupe won the WarGames match! Woohoo! Congrats! Big round of applause for Aria Jaxon, everyone! I mean, I wasn’t really paying attention to the match, since I was too busy celebrating with all the free time my Cassius and I had after we demolished our opponents at that very same show in RECORD time! But hey, I get it! Put on a show for the crowd, right? Can’t just mow down the people in your way, right? Oh… Oh, wait… No, you struggled there, didn’t you? You guys legitimately had to bust your asses to win, didn’t you? Yikes. See, we’re not used to that. We usually just beat the shit out of anyone in front of us to the point that it honestly gets boring and we have to just play around in this cute little “Best in the World Series” that people like you hold so dear.

Or did you think my Cassius and I ever genuinely cared about competing with you people to call ourselves “Best in the World” and challenge for the Puroresu World Title? Are you serious? Why would we want any of that when we’ve proven time and time again that we are collectively the most dominant force in this miserable excuse for a company? We’ve transcended any silly faction you people play in, and it didn’t take virtually any effort. We’ve spent our entire lives together toying with lesser people just like you, and you think we’re suddenly gonna just ante up and lay it all on the line to give these people a show and push you to your limits? You’re so cute! This is what I love about poor people! It’s so perfect you had such a big moment in WarGames, because I had no doubt a cage is exactly where you and all of your little allies would thrive! You’re all just cute little animals entertaining the crowd and every match in this Tournament - especially this one - is just me throwing some peanuts at you to see what you’ll do! If you ever want to play for real, then by all means, sucker in one of your boyfriends and compete with OTP. But oh… Oh, right… We’re just thriving in a desolate division, right? You DO know why it’s desolate, don’t you? Because we’ve rendered any competition utterly useless. THAT’S dominance. THAT’S ruling with an iron fist. THAT’S being a Queen, sweetie. So much that we reached out beyond Strong Style Wrestling and literally made a JOKE out of the Omega Wrestling Alliance’s Tag Team Champions! We aren’t just the best of this division! We ARE Tag Team Wrestling! We ARE this company!

And it’s so adorable how you try to take that from us - how you look for any blanket of lies to comfort you when you sleep at night. The fact is that you could win a million Tournaments and you’ll never even show up on our radar. You’re absolutely nothing to OTP in more ways than I could put into words, and that’s because you are every bit as basic as the people you look down on. You climbed on the shoulders of all these people that hold you up like crutches and called yourself tall because deep down you know what you inherently are no matter what you win and who you beat. Nobody’s impressed. Nobody’s wondering what you’ll do next or where you’ll go, because you’re just a token cliche that’s kept around to make other women feel like they belong facing off against men and becoming World Champions while making poor people feel like they too can rise up and make something of themselves. You’re not a Queen, Aria… Queens have crowns. You don’t even have a Championship. Queens have loyal servants and followers. You have a flock of guys who use you more than you used them to keep that Puroresu Championship around your waist, and even THAT you couldn’t do right. Most of all, Aria, Queens rule. You? You don’t rule over this industry. You don’t rule over any division. You don’t rule over this company. In fact, it’s starting to look like you don’t even rule over your own group. But hey, I’m just a spectator that’s just here to enjoy the show! Don’t mind me!

But what are you, if not a Queen? That’s easy. You’re a leech, Aria. A disgusting little leech that feeds off of all the people who’ve helped her get to this point, and still you disrespect my Cassius and I for thriving as the Lovebird World Tag Team Champions. That’s alright, I forgive you. I know how you leeches are. I know how animals tend to get. I know that the poor get delusional when they taste the lavish lifestyle they’ve always wanted, and that’s what the Phantom Troupe is. They’re the last taste of what you want but what you can’t handle. You’ll overfeed, and you’ll die off… If someone doesn’t rip you away from it before that can happen, of course. But that’s okay! Just do you, Aria! Keep feeding. Keep sucking away at what’s left of the Phantom Troupe and this company. At the very least, you can be the Queen of leeches. I’m fine with it. I’m okay with wasting my time with you. Leeches are so cool!

P.S. I miss you, Cassius.
Aria Jaxon
on October 27th 2018, 4:49 pmAria Jaxon

In the Civil War that’s now in the rearview, both sides clamored for my allegiance. No matter how the authority figures of either OWA or SSW felt about me, they knew what I was capable of. They had no choice but to swallow their pride and admit flat out the asset that they knew me to be. Not a single figure in this little battle for bragging rights was more coveted. And when it came time to actually wage war, when all was said and done, I was the one who scored the decisive pinfall. I ended it all. I backed up every single thing that I’d said.

At the risk of stating the obvious, in the many days leading up to the event itself, thoughts of War Games filled my mind. Now that it’s all over, my attention has turned back to claiming the mantle of Best in the World, and as we move through this little tournament, I’m still sitting on top of my block. It was a position I once shared with Steven Cassidy, but now he can join the “I ALMOST batted 1,000” club with the likes of Kai Stevens. Perhaps the only thing at all that those two have in common is that they had yet to eat a loss in this tournament until they came across me. Cassidy just had the good fortune of stacking a few more victories up before the time actually came. With every week that passes and every new win that I have to my name, I drive home the point that all of this fanfare, all of this talk of how grueling this tournament would be...they’re nothing but formalities. But maybe I’m more patient than I’ve ever given myself credit for. I’ve always been The Best in the World. When I mow down the remainder of the people in this block and whatever poor fool manages to emerge from the other one, I’ll have more tangible proof to back up this point than I ever have.

The confidence I feel now isn’t newly found, nor is it misplaced. John Doe dropping out of the sky to return to the family he left behind was as shocking as anything I’ve ever seen, but it made me excited and optimistic about the future. The links in the proverbial Phantom Troupe chain are stronger than they’ve ever been, and choking the life out of the opposition by wrapping said chain around the necks of anyone dumb enough to rise up against us will be more satisfying than ever before. I feel invincible, and who do you send to dispatch of someone who feels like she’s on top of the world?

Some frat boy’s concubine, apparently.

Some would argue that I’m supposed to respect Sakura Corleone, right? That, as a two-time Freebird Tag Team Champion, she’s head and shoulders above so many of her peers? I know a thing or two about looming head and shoulders above the rest, and lemme tell you -- I’m still looking down on this broad and her husband. Where you find one, you find the other. I know plenty about being in love. I’m engaged to the love of my life, but we have identities outside of who we’re in a relationship with. He was someone before he met me, and I’d even thought about being with him. And, even in the time we’ve been together, we’ve achieved so much that has absolutely nothing to do with our paramour. We’ve only teamed up one time, and that was to bodybag a couple of old-timers who stuck their noses where they didn’t belong. The mushy part of me wants to “aww” into oblivion and just let you two rock, Sakura, and if we weren’t facing each other, I just might. That aforementioned part of me is small, completely outweighed and outnumbered by the parts of me that are just completely insulted by the idea that this is supposed to be an even match. You know what those two tag title reigns garnered in a somewhat underpopulated division tells me? That you work best in tag team scenarios. You need a hand to reach out and touch when it gets too hot in the kitchen. Correct me if I’m wrong, but your singles record is much shakier than your tag one, isn’t it? So believe me when I say that you’re in my wheelhouse, and I mean that in more ways that one. A singles match? I can handle that. Extending my perfect record in this tournament? You already know I got that on lock. All signs point to me. But please, go on some long-winded rant about the power of love and how your husband -- somehow, some way -- has something to do with this match. I do wonder how deep down you’ll have to reach to even summon the will to wanna fight me, though. It seems like the only time you fight to win is if your husband is involved. This is just about you. More specifically, it’s about an accolade you were never gonna win being dangled in front of your face. I look back at your performances in the tournament thus far, and I don’t see a woman with a fire under her ass. You don’t care. And as the prideful bitch I am, I just can’t help to give my all when it comes to this tournament. I’m throwing my best at you when you’re on autopilot, Sakura. How the fuck do you plan on dealing with that?

“The Queen of Soulmate Style Wrestling”...that’s cute. Almost. In the fake kingdom of your daydreams that you and your husband have constructed for yourselves, I’m sure y’all are very much the king and queen of that fantasy land. But trust me, it’s hard to be impressed by that when you’re the actual ruler of a Kingdom that’s very real. You’re in a better position than most, Sakura. You’ll have a title and the love of your husband to fall back on when you ultimately -- and very predictably -- fail in your bid to become Best in the World. Wherever I’m at -- OWA or SSW, back in the States or here in Japan -- is my domain to rule. I’ve proven that I can conquer wherever I go, and here in the real world, far, far away from you and Cash’s castle in the clouds, I run shit. It’s time a real Queen put a counterfeit one flat on her ass.
Kai Stevens
SSW Promos 0RD4o5V_zps8btbmyfr
SSW Promos DWHmLjz
in the hall of the mountain king

BITW Series Ranking: #2 (A Block)
BITW Series Record: 4-1

----We open on a windy day in Tokyo, Japan. A camera is stationed on a tripod directed at the face of the High Court. The day seems to have a slightly bluish hue, as if a natural filter has been applied to reality, but prospects darken when the SSW Heritage Champion Kai Stevens struts arrogantly into frame.
----The Prodigy of Ronin sports a pair of denim jeans, a pair of Timberland boots, a brown belt, a black beanie with SSW’s emblem, and an azure hoodie adorned by his college Fraternity’s sigil: a shield with a sword crossing diagonally from its own top right to its own bottom left, three stars on either side of the blade that halves the aegis. He grins evilly and comes to a halt at the center of the frame, his sleeves rolled to his elbows and his hands stuffed in his front pockets of his jeans. With an ominous yet soft snicker, Stevens speaks for the first time.
----They say that… That only God should judge, he begins. But if you were to look back, Steven? If you were to look back on the last few months, how would you judge yourself? Would you look back on your body of work with pride, respecting your successes and merely accepting your failures? Or would you look back teeming with regret? If you ask me, Steven, I’d wager you would find yourself in the latter.
----Kai shakes his head disdainfully with a chuckle that is as arrogant and disgusted as it possibly can be. He removes his right hand from his pocket to employ it for emphasis, gesticulating organically as he continues with his venomous vitriol.
----You, uh, he starts, a slight pause as he tries to figure out the best way to phrase what he wants to say it appears. You called Aria Jaxon a measuring stick, but, uh… Where exactly did you measure up, exactly, Steven? You couldn’t keep that strap on your shoulder, you couldn’t beat Aria Jaxon-- not that I did either, which I’m man enough to admit. But, uh, which one of us is the one with a title? Not Aria Jaxon. Not you. ME, motherfucker. And since we already know you don’t stack up to Aria Jaxon, it got me to thinking about where you do stack up.
----I feel like the last few times you’ve opened your mouth, all you’ve been able to talk about is letting Shoot Nation down, letting the fans down, letting yourself down. You just keep blabbering on and on and on and on about how far short you just keep falling... I feel like you’ve talked about… About all this time you spent training with Shoot Nation’s Young Lions, talked about how much time you’ve spent… Alone in the dark... Doubting yourself?
----Well, Steven, those Young Lions have proven time and time again that they’re not up to the task of preparing Shoot Nation for the Prodigy of Ronin. Not a single one of you Shoot Nation shitstains has ever beaten me and not a single fucking one of you ever will. As for your, uh… Your time alone in the dark, Steve? Trust me that nobody wants the details. And when it comes to you and that self-doubt in the pit of your stomach?
----I’d tell it to make itself comfortable, continues the Cowboy Killer. Because once I’m through with you? Once I’m through with you, you will never have the confidence to even look at yourself in the mirror, let alone step foot back in my God damned fucking ring. So while your whole stupid faction is sitting there with your Young Lions, circlejerking it to whenever the last time one of you stupid motherfuckers actually won a match or whatever? Ronin? Even if it’s just me? I don’t lose matches. Least of all to Shoot Nation shitstains. Least of all to bottom bitches who are even capable of-- how’d you put it? Royally screwing up?
----You said it yourself, Steven. Your failure has been eating away at you… But after you lost the belts... You lost to Aria... And you’re about to lose to me... How much more of you could there be left for your seemingly unending and visibly vicious saga of failure and disappointment to eat away at? Why don’t you just give in and let me end your suffering... Let me put you out of your misery, Steven… While I can promise that it will not be painless, I can assure you that it will be quick.
----Y’know, Steven, it’s funny, he furthers. You yourself said that you can’t do this on your own, and while you were referring in that moment to the Tag Team Championship, you know as well as I do that it applies to you in more ways than just that. You know damn well that, especially against someone like the Prodigy of Ronin? You definitely can’t do this on your own. Just ask your buddy Shinati, who I made look like a little bitch... Now? Now it’s YOUR TURN!
----Stevens, at this point, cackles maniacally. A murderous fire burns in his eyes as he stomps closer to the camera so his facial expression is more distinguishable for the viewer. He bows his head slightly and stuffs his hands back into his pockets. When he flicks his eyes up ominously to the camera, he wears a foreboding smirk.
----It’s come high time for a reality check, Steven, he grunts. You have delusions of grandeur, Steven. Misguided belief that you’re a… A star. You let an infamy that didn’t even exist go straight to your head like my FUCKING KNEE WILL COME SUNDAY! So, for now why don’t you just allow me to bring you back down to Earth, Steven? By proving even to you that you are nothing... That you are no star, but a bottom bitch that represents Shit Nation and you have got fucking NOTHING on the Prodigy of Ronin.
----Allow me to just clarify, Steven, that when I say I’m going to bring you back down to Earth, I mean that I am going to drive your thick fucking skull into that canvas so hard that it will not only completely[/i] deflate your ego, but it will break whatever straw-grasping [b]spirit you’ve got left. I won’t just bring you down to Earth... I will put you SIX FEET BENEATH IT, motherfucker.
----You couldn’t keep the Tag Team Championship, extends the Envoy of the End. You barely beat the last Heritage Champion-- you know, the one I beat the piss out of at Event Horizon? You lost to the last Puroresu Heavyweight Champion, and you’re about to get the living shit beaten out of you by the current Heritage Champion… What the FUCK makes you think you could win a tournament like this, find yourself in a Championship opportunity like that? You don’t have it in you, Steven. But the strap on my shoulder, my record against Shoot Nation-- against SSW in general? Proves that I do. In case you haven’t been keeping track, Steven? That means that finding yourself in a pine box when I’m through with you is just Inevitable.
----Stevens grins, and it seems like the river has just been revealed and he has a royal straight flush. He wets his lips and chuckles cockily before gesturing behind him to the High Court as he seems primed to twist everything together here.
----They say that only God can judge, spits the Empire State Strangler. But our species, it… It seems to judge as naturally as it breathes. But the difference between you judging, Steven, and me judging is that I am also the jury and more importantly the EXECUTIONER! Wanna’ know why? Because when they say that only God can judge they’re FUCKING REFERRING TO ME!
----No hiccups at Civil War can prevent me from passing and then enforcing judgment on you. Now, whomever stands tall at the end of our match will have an unimpeded path to the Best in the World Series Semifinals, Steven. Thus my judgment for you is that you are, in fact, guilty as charged as a fraud and a bottom bitch. Your punishment? Your punishment is death.
----I will take great joy, he continues calculatedly. In watching the life, the color drain from your eyes when I kick your fucking head off, Steven. I will bathe in your blood and taste in your torment. Which means that… Like your entire faction has learned thus far… Like you must realize by now… For your aspirations in this tournament? For your entire faction’s aspirations against me? The end is nigh.
----Stevens snickers evilly and shakes his head, as if disgusted with the judicial system in Japan based on the disdainful death glare he shoots at the High Court before turning on his heels and sauntering out of frame. As he does so, we are left with a fair bit of anticipation as we could, from the result of this match, very well see who will join Aria Jaxon atop the A Block.


André Virgo
on October 27th 2018, 2:03 amAndré Virgo
(Bill Evans - Portrait in Jazz fills the room. The elegant André Virgo sits next to a fireplace. His Junior Heavyweight Championship lays across his waist and a rose is held in his hand. Incense burns next to his chair in the dimly moody lit room. Of course dressed in one of the finest suits.)

Christopher. A name that vaguely reaches my frontal lobe in memory. An irrelevant name, from the most irrelevant match that a star like myself could possibly compete in under the flag of an irrelevant promotion. Now Christopher has an irrelevant belt from that irrelevant promotion where he holds an irrelevant win over me. All of these things that Christopher goes on about hold no significance to someone like me. Has he beaten André Virgo? Yes. Does that mean he’s going to beat me again? No. Why? Because this is SSW. This is where excellence is actually appreciated. I didn't care to waste my effort on a match in the same place that I have now waged legal action against. The only effort I’m willing to put towards that garbage fire is to wreak havoc, which is one reason why I took John Doe’s offer to join his ranks as a piece of the most cohesively destructive group in this sport today.

What does Tres Comas Club have left to offer my career? The answer is absolutely nothing. After about half a year as a Champion at the head of a faction of prized fighters I’ve earned a fortune that affords me comfort, luxury, decadence, and all without denting my leisurely funds. Maybe you too will know this lifestyle once you pick up the scraps of what I leave behind. Maybe then you’ll understand how pointlessly thankless it really is. I have made the SSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship into the most prestigious championship within this sphere influence. Nobody else has had a reign so unstoppable. There is no champion as unbreakable as the Stolen Breath. So your shiny new belt fails to impress me Christopher. It fails to impress me because I have raised the value of this championship beyond its intended potential and I did so with Tres Comas Club weighing me down.

Do you know the negative energy I had to allow into my life to be the leader of Tres Comas Club for so long? A never ending cycle of disloyalty and inferior egos that refused to accept me as the undisputable Alpha of the group. Hmm… How immature of me to even humor such a toxic mentality. Alphas. Betas. The same mentality of my many rebels. Tres Comas Club was and is a mess not because I failed as a leader, but because I made the mistake of trying to lead a pack of fools towards prosperity. As I forced each stubborn insubordinate to bend the knee to his leader, in hopes to move forward, another would come forward, chest puffed out, to meet the same fate. I had to break bones. I had to break spirits. Because I was presented with insecurity. Because entitled newcomers didn’t think someone like me deserved to lead Tres Comas Club. A club I pulled on my own from the brink of extinction! A club where if I had any say in who would be permitted to join then none of these mental or emotional midgets would have made it in! Unworthy souls believing that they deserved the leadership of someone like myself. Unworthy souls like you. No respect. No honor. Hardly even any talent.

I’m sorry Sabertooth, in my indifference towards OWA I’ve allowed you to believe that you are even worth mentioning along side my name. You have a list of delusional accusations towards my credibility showing the limits of your grasp on reality but not so much the limits on your imagination. However I do acknowledge that I allowed for you to have a few cherries of truth sprinkled in your webs of nonsense and I’m willing to take credit for that. I did in fact lose to CM Nas on Olympus, I did so knowing that I was filing a class action lawsuit against OWA if they did not release me from my contract for not respecting my conditions. Then only a week later, here in SSW, I beat CM Nas in a matter of moments. I proved exactly how simple a task it is for me to pick off supposed “stars” from OWA. What you consider worthy of being called "World Champion." But I made the mistake of giving anyone the impression that I am incapable of such a task. I gave you the impression that you can pose a threat to me. It’s almost heartbreaking. Like telling someone they have fashion sense to spare their feelings and seeing them walk confidently down the street in gaudy attire. So preciously naive.

War Games was a battle. But in the end the weight that left my shoulders once I was standing victorious alongside my new, competent stablemates, was worth all of the pain. To stand superior as a representative of SSW over the garbage OWA expected to overwhelm us. I see no value in their titles, I see no value in their “talent.” However you have shown me the truth. That in complacency and indifference there is poison. That if I allow any of the scum that leaks from OWA to think that they have any credibility over me then they will hold it dear to them as the only thing they have. Because let’s be honest, I am worth more than any gold that a member of the OWA roster could ever hope to grasp. Beating me is a bigger accolade for you than that worthless belt you won in an insignificant match while I was winning the main event. One of many main events I have won and will go on to win.

Going from leader of Tres Comas Club to member of the Phantom Troupe is far from a downgrade, despite what your ego might tell you. As the leader of a pack of mindless neanderthals I had to carry the weight of every single one of you on my back. There was no loyalty or solidarity. Even as your leader I was still the black sheep. Now I receive more respect than I did as a leader. Unlike Tres Comas Club where the rich buy bodies in hopes one can survive, Phantom Troupe is an elite group that only the worthy may be apart of.

(André stands, transitioning his title from his lap to up and over his shoulder. He delicately holds a rose in front of him.)

So Tres Comas Club members like Christopher Sabertooth see me as an unfit leader? That’s their right. However, if they didn’t like me as a leader then I’m afraid they won't prefer me as their competition.

(André tosses the rose into the fire place where it curls and crumbles from a beautiful flourishing piece of life to a pile of ashes.)
Christopher Sabertooth
on October 26th 2018, 5:24 amChristopher Sabertooth
Changing Times

The scene begins at Sabertooth’s house. We see Natalie reading something and excitedly walking over to Sabertooth.

“Mr. Sabertooth…. Have you heard the news?” Asked Natalie as we walk in on Christopher Sabertooth with a cloth cleaning something.

“What is it Natalie? I am a bit busy right now. Cason never cleaned this title while he had it and it reeks of his scent… It is unbearable. But… You were saying you had some news for me? Go on...” Asked Chris as he continues to clean the OWA Television Championship plate.

“You have been added to the SSW Best In The World Series!”  Said Natalie and Chris immediately stops doing what he was and turns around.

“That’s…. Interesting. I thought the next SSW show was supposed to be my well earned title shot. Would like to add on to my collection now that I have this beauty with me.” Said Chris admiring his title belt.

“It was supposed to be the SSW TV episode... But you have been added to Block A and since it’s Block A matches this week… You are set to fight.” Said Natalie looking into the schedule.

“Block A you say… The Aria Jaxon block. That’s somebody I have been wanting to face. Especially after what transpired at Civil War. Anyway… Who am I facing?” Asked Chris facing Natalie looking intrigued.

“André Virgo….”Said Natalie double checking the list.

“André Virgo….” Said Chris thinking to himself before breaking into laughter. “Oh man! This is hysterical. I know Virgo will have everybody believe that a lot has changed since the last time he faced me. And he’s not wrong. I remember Burning Sky like it was yesterday… Speaking of things that happened like yesterday…. Civil War! Team SSW’s triumphant victory over Team OWA. People believe like I cared about OWA losing to SSW. I have signed lucrative contracts at both the companies and my only goal for Civil War was to walk out with the title, which I did. So, I don’t care what transpired between these two companies. Civil War was a huge success in my mind. And as for André Virgo… He had a great night himself. When everything was as down as it was, Jon Doe returns out of nowhere saving Team SSW in the process. Not going to lie…. It was a cool moment. But what happened after is what’s surprising to me. Not too long ago, Virgo fought for the right to remain the leader of Tres Comas Club, pitting his authority in line, against Miltiades. Surprisingly enough, Mr. Virgo walked out with the victory. Earning his right to remain the leader of Tres Comas Club. I have been talking to Jaywalker for a long time and he always told me that regardless of the in fighting that Virgo had started within the Tres Comas Club, he had the right idea when it came to the faction. But it’s shocking to see what has transpired at Civil War. André Virgo has decided to side with the Phantom Troupe. From being a leader to now playing second fiddle… Not even that. That’s a change Virgo. You went from leading the faction that I was coined to be the future of. You were the present and I already beat you. The torch was passed but I still kept away with the business of TCC as long as I was getting opportunities to earn a whole lot more. The change of heart that you have undergone, simply put…. Is disappointing. Sure, you have the spotlight on you right now as the Phantom Troupe is red hot from what happened at Civil War. Everybody is talking about it. But they are not talking about you… They want to talk about Jon Doe making his return. They want to talk about Nolan whatever screwing Nas over kicking him out of the Troupe with Saul. They want to talk about Aria Jaxon and her role in the group. Heck… They even talk about Stark doing headass things. You are just an afterthought in that group. And this is from a guy who was a LEADER! It took you long enough to realize you are not fit for being a leader. You are better off standing in the background, practicing to say your own name in different ways. That’s all you can do. So…. It’s been like a month? Two months? What has changed. The SSW Jr. Heavyweight Champion…. The LEADER and the Present of the TCC. The Stolen Breath! André Vir...go! That’s the Virgo I beat. Not a battered and bruised Virgo playing second fiddle to bigger personalities than himself in a group that is bound to doom at some point keeping in mind of all the egos involved. Sure… You still have your title. But for how long? That’s the only thing you have left…. And your days as champ might be numbered. Mine have just begun! I had a lot of things to say and only my victories to back it up. But now… Now, I have a championship with me. And this is just the beginning. I don’t plan on stopping at one championship Senn has promised me a shot at a championship and I am looking forward to adding to my collection. For all we know, it might be André Virgo vs Christopher Sabertooth Part 3! And I promise you, this one, just like our upcoming match this week, will end just like the first one did... With my hand raised in victory. And that will spell the end for the only thing that matters to you. That title you hold so dearly… But who knows? You already have a Number One contender set for that title in the Apparition. I might end up going against him or maybe Kai Stevens and his Heritage Title. Or maybe I will be the one ending Jaydayne Pendragon’s reign after his monumental victory over Finnegan Wakefield. Time will tell...” Said Sabertooth as he is done cleaning his belt. He looks at the title and smirks before continuing.

“I know that I am not in contention to win the Block A considering the record that I have inherited from the incompetent Shinati Mizarki. But for all the matches that are left. I am going to make the most of it… All this time I have been waiting for the moment…. Waiting for the time I finally get my hands on championship gold. Now that I have it… I want more. I always said that all I needed was a one on one opportunity and I will keep on my promise. And that’s exactly what happened. Some doubters said I was incapable of winning a championship because of my past few failed attempts in Multi-Man matches, where mind you, I was not pinned or submitted for the final decision. But where are they now? You thought I was all talk too, Virgo. You made a lot of points that my doubters resonated with… But after Burning Sky, I never heard you say anything about me or your loss. Forget that…. Do you remember what happened at Olympus? I handed you the win over Gareth Cason and then… the next week you tapped out like a bitch to Nas and quit like you do with everything else. You have already had your moments. WarGames must have not been easy on your body. When you couldn’t beat me at your best... How on Earth are you even expected to beat me now? I have only gotten better. You on the other hand… You are trying your best to stay relevant so you are hanging out with big guns... and Aria Jaxon. This time isn’t going to be any different. You can say that SSW is your home turf but I have been killing it here ever since my debut. I am rising up the ranks faster than anybody else. And with the remaining few matches left in the Best In The World Series…. I am going to show everybody why I was brought into this company in the first place. I am going to embarrass you, Virgo. This time, you’re not facing a cocky upstart… You are facing the OWA Television Champion. A title you couldn’t win even if you tried. So… You can be giddy about that one accolade that you have been holding on to for this long… You can disregard this title as well. I don’t care what you have to say. When we step into that ring again, the facts will speak for itself. Christopher Sabertooth WILL ALWAYS beat André Virgo, no matter where he faces him. Jaywalker was smart enough to label me as the Future of Tres Comas Club. But maybe… Maybe it is time I become the Present of the TCC. I will be talking to Jay about this… Who knows what holds for the future of Trees Comas Club or SSW in general? But… I don’t know how smart it was for you to jump ship when you could have had me as your faction-mate or even an ally. But you have chosen the Phantom Troupe. A faction that needed YOU, of all people, to bring their championship tally up from zero. I know you have made your decision. I know the Phantom Troupe probably plans on taking over Olympus or even the entirety of OWA. But we’ll see what entails for this faction. We will see what entails for the SSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship… But right now, you are about to be handed yet another loss, courtesy of yours truly.” Smirked Chris as he draped his title over his shoulder and walked out of frame.

“Natalie….. NATALIE!” Screamed Chris from a distance. 

“Yes Mr. Sabertooth?” Said Natalie as she springs to her foot and trails Chris.

“Call Rocky Hollywood and his buddies. I owe them a party. Also…. Tell Jaywalker. I need to talk to him.” Said Chris.
Belle Kingsley
on October 12th 2018, 11:02 pmBelle Kingsley
Losing to Jaydayne stings. I’m not going to lie about that. I am not going to pretend that I am alright I lost to Jaydayne for the second time at Event Horizon. I am not going to ignore those whispers and negativity that I hear from the people in the back calling me a “loser” and “failure”. To them, I might be all of those things, but what I did at Event Horizon, I was proud of. I poured everything into that match. I poured my entire heart out in the ring. I pulled out all the stops to give Jaydayne a run for his money. I know, I didn’t win. I know I didn’t walk out of Event Horizon with the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship. I looked at my waist with the lack of championship gold and it makes me wonder if there will be a day where I will win the big one? You got One True Pairing getting their SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship reign for the second time. You have Kai Stevens dethroning Khmaoch Sângkât and becoming the new SSW Heritage Champion. You have all of these men and women getting their championship reigns and moments, but I’m still waiting for mine. I have struggled with trying to get that one moment which will be the highlight of my career. As of right now, it seems like that is not going to happen anytime soon. Meanwhile, I will continue to prove my worth to Shoot Nation. I will continue to prove my worth to all of my fans. I will continue to prove my worth to any individual who believes that I shouldn’t be in this company. That has been the battle with me ever since day one and it’s going to be a bigger battle for now on.

Christopher Sabertooth thinks I’m a “loser” and “disappointment”. This is the popular opinion of everyone in the back. He thinks by saying that, it’s going to get underneath my skin. He thinks by saying that it may discourage me, but I’ve heard it all before. I’ve been called this since the first day I walked into Strong Style Wrestling. I’m nothing like Christopher. I wasn’t personally signed into SSW by Jacob Senn. I wasn't brought in to my faction by one of the investors such as Jaywalker. I wasn’t brought in to be the face of my faction. To him, I may just be another face. I’m just another name. A name with a bunch of losses underneath her name. A name who has been constantly been defeated over and over again. Yet, I refuse to back down. I am constantly trying to fight for my right to be ;part of this company. Christopher? He didn’t have to fight for the opportunity to sign his name on the dotted line. I did. I’m in a company where it’s obvious that they have their favorites and I’m not one of them. Sure, Brian Daniels selected me to be part of Shoot Nation and it constantly blows my mind on why I am even still in the faction to begin with, but just like I stated -- everyday is a constant struggle for me. I’m struggling for acceptance. I’m struggling for cameratime. I’m struggling for an opportunity to prove that I’m not a loser or disappointment. I am nothing more than a woman who has had a steeper hill to climb than women like Aria Jaxon. As Tres Comas Club member, Christopher Sabertooth seems to live by the saying “time is money” and I don’t plan to waste his time. I plan on surprising him and proving that I am way more than a disappointment or failure. I am way more than a woman with a losing streak. I am a woman who never gives up. I am a woman who will not stop until she gets her moment and wins.
Aria Jaxon
on October 12th 2018, 10:04 pmAria Jaxon

A tired old adage says that you reap what you sow.

All that’s happened, is it fair to say that it’s karmic justice for the cruel things that The Phantom Troupe has perpetrated under our reign of terror so far? Maybe. The most wicked among us don’t fear retribution for our wrongdoings, though. I’m a firm believer that the universe never throws more at you than you can handle. The bitter pill to be swallowed is that I was the only member of my faction to leave Event Horizon with a definitive victory. In perhaps the most predictable turn of events that night, I dispatched of that piece of Ronin scum, April Song. That wannabe social climber tried to use a win over me to catapult herself up the hierarchy, and it blew up in her face, just like I promised it would. By the same token, for the first time in SSW’s history, this faction has no titles to its name -- but all things are temporary. The Phantom Troupe will dust itself off and come back stronger than ever. I have no doubts that my family is capable of that. In the meantime, I’ll continue to lead by the same brutal, vicious example that I always have.

I’m sure there are some who would like to believe that karma will come for me again sooner rather than later, striking me down for all the times I haven’t played fair, but people need to ask themselves -- don’t you hope it’ll come for me again before I win all the marbles and claim the mantle of Best in the World? Or I guess the more urgent question would be -- will it come for me before I dispatch of Steven Cassidy?

Smart money should’ve been on Aria Jaxon from the very beginning. It shouldn’t come as anyone that I find myself here at this stage in the tournament. I have a perfect 4-0 record to my name, and while I wasn’t sure that anyone else would be able to say the same, I for damn sure wouldn’t have expected it to be you. The plucky little boy scout from Shoot Nation is determined to be an afterthought no more, and his balls finally dropped! Good for you! I’ve seen people like you before, though. They wait for times like this -- the tournaments that take place in a fish bowl, the condensed versions of the SSW experience -- to finally light a fire under their own ass. If they try hard enough, any otherwise-irrelevant talent can parlay a stellar tournament performance into something more. Look at your buddy Jaydayne. Got smacked around my The Phantom Troupe for months, waits until he wins the Heaven’s Arena Cup to get his act together, and wins this company’s richest prize via a fluke victory. It’s enough to make someone like you believe in miracles, isn’t it? And how convenient that is, because you’ll need nothing short of a miracle to be able to compete with me this week.

I can’t say that we never would’ve crossed paths under any other circumstances. Sure, we’re on complete opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of status and ability, but the bad blood that runs between The Phantom Troupe and Shoot Nation would’ve had us squaring up sooner rather than later. You’re right, this is just another match for me. Just another night on the job. Another point to be won. Nobody in their right mind would’ve expected you to be the only other person in this block sitting on a perfect record, but that’s another matter entirely. So you’re the wildcard, so what? You think I got to this level by not being able to adapt to whoever was thrown in front of me? The random nature by which these blocks were assembled meant that, more often than not, my matches in this tournament would consist of facing people that I had little to no firsthand-knowledge of facing. Kawada’s been the exception to that rule thus far, but Stevens, Himura, and Mizarki weren’t exactly the devils I knew, and I triumphed over them just the same. You’ll be no different. This little hot streak you’re on is cute, I won’t lie, but catching lightning in a bottle never lasts. That static is there one moment and gone the next. And when you stumble ass-first into a little bit of success, well, it tends to leave you just as fast as you found it. You’re striking a precarious balance and planning your moves as you, Steven, but me? Every move I make in this tournament is calculated. Every opponent in front of me is just there for me to do target practice on until I make it all the way to the end and take a huge step toward taking back my championship. The high you’re on could be blown in an instant. You’ve been living in a fantasy world for the duration of this tournament, and I -- more so than any stinging failed bid for the tag team championships -- will be the cold, hard dose of reality that you so desperately need. It’s no coincidence that Doe was able to take you out of commission way back when. A man who spent as long on the shelf as you did is one of weak physical and mental stock. You’re not worthy of calling yourself the Best in the World, and you DEFINITELY don’t need to be tryna get your hands on the title that I made famous. You wanna legitimize this hot streak of yours so bad that you’ve flat-out admitted that beating me would be the biggest win of your career thus far. How much of a threat Steven Cassidy truly is hinges upon whether or not he can beat Aria Jaxon, and oh, I love to call out a losing gamble when I see one. We’re past the point where anyone who drops a match or two can circle back around and miraculously win this block. It’s do or die, and you’ve been dropped into the lioness’ den, Boy Wonder. This tournament is far from over, but let’s call it how we see it; this match is prematurely setting the winner of A block in stone. One-half of the finals will be decided tomorrow night, and no amount of luck, hope, or good will on your part will carry you to a victory over me. There’s only room for one of us on the top of the mountain, and your tumble down from the summit will be a sight to behold. At these heights, there’s only room from my throne and nothing else. I'm about to euthanize an underdog.
Steven Cassidy
on October 12th 2018, 4:20 pmSteven Cassidy
((After his match at Event Horizon for the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships, it is clear Steven is still feeling the effects from some of the damage he suffered. Especially when he fell off the ladder with Saul. Steven seems anxious as he begins to pace a little bit in an unknown location, with a noticeable limp. He knows what is at stake for this week.))

"I wish I would be addressing you all with a certain championship over my shoulder right now, but - unfortunately, that isn't the case. I tried. Shinati tried. We gave it our all, but in the end, the team of Sakura and Cassius, better known as OTP, prevailed. Like I said leading up to the match, their bond is something that can't be matched. And the same goes for their desire to be the tag team champions. They came in with a game plan and they executed it flawlessly - props to them. A gameplan they set into place a few weeks ago when they attacked CM Nas and Shinati. They pressed a button. They got us all riled up. Our disdain for those two even made the four of us work together briefly - briefly being too damn long. Because I rewatched the match. And as I did, I had to pause it early on. I had to get up from my seat, ever so gingerly, and swallow the vomit that was trying to make a break for it. Because what I saw? It made me sick! Fighting side by side with Saul and CM? It makes my skin crawl. It makes my blood boil. And yet, I did it. I worked alongside them - I don't know. I just don't know. I don't know how it happened. I don't know why I agreed to that makeshift alliance in the first place. It's difficult to pinpoint the reason. But if I had to guess, it might be because The Phantom Troupe and Shoot Nation both realized that OTP was the biggest threat in the match. That even CM and Saul knew deep down they were paper champions. That their win over them was one gigantic fluke. Many shared that sentiment. And those people were proven right at Event Horizon. So with that said, congrats to OTP on being two time SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions. You guys deserve it. As for me, it's all in the past, nothing I can do. Event Horizon is over and done with, and now I must shift my focus to what's next on the horizon."

((Steven pauses for a second, so he can get his mind right, as well as organize all his thoughts.))

"Aria Jaxon - it is time. Our paths will finally cross and I for one couldn't be happier. I've wanted this. I've wanted this match since the second it was announced we would be in the same block. Because you see, certain opponents motivate us more than others. Just thinking about certain matchups will cause you to roll out of bed easier and give you an extra pep in your step. I am anxious, Aria. Not nervous. I am not that scared little kid anymore whose knees would shake at the thought of facing 'The Queen of SSW'. And you have the Phantom Troupe to thank for that. Thank them for making me grow up faster. Thank them for overcoming my fears in that ring after what they did to my friend and mentor, Koji. Back when John Doe was calling the shots. The throne you now proudly sit on. I don't necessarily blame you. Having the power you have, it must be nice. Holding the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship at one point in time, also must have been nice. Constantly being in the main events, again, it must be nice. But then again, that last one - I have gotten a taste of it myself. Yes, Steven Cassidy being in main events - just like everyone predicted back in January. But I know I have my performances in this BITW Series to thank for that. If I wasn't 4-0, I would still be a curtain jerker. I would be mentioned in the same breath as Kikyo. No offense, Kikyo. I've been there. You too can easily turn it around, but I digress. The point is, this match, whether you want to admit it or not, is a dream match for most of the fans. It is certainly one of mine. Because you are a measuring stick. And being 4-0 in this tournament, may be impressive and is nothing to scoff at, but facing you? The outcome will show the world if I am legit or not. If I am the next big thing in all of wrestling, or if all my success was built on the back of Lady Luck. But as for you? I don't know. I can't speak for you or put words in your mouth. But if I had to bet, I would say this is just another match to you. Another day at the office. Another opponent you will be able to cut down. To go through, like a hot knife through butter. Because you are the favorite in this match, I realize that. You were and still are, the favorite to win this entire thing and get another crack at Jaydayne. Some act as if it's set in stone. So yes, all along, you were expected to be in the position you find yourself in, Aria. And that is sitting in the driver's seat. But I am here to change all of that. That sure, you are in fact in the driver's seat - but this week you are going to drive off a cliff. A lot rides on this match - because whoever wins this, will most likely come out of the A Block. And I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that's me! 

I have come so far, Aria, you have no idea. All the hours I spent rehabbing my injuries at the hands of John Doe. All the hours I spent training with Shoot Nation's Young Lions. All the times I was alone in the dark, constantly doubting myself - thinking a comeback was never in the cards for me - that I would find myself in a cubicle, working a 'normal' 9 to 5 for the rest of my life, daydreaming about what ifs and left with regrets. But here I stand! And for those reasons, I can't lose. I! CANNOT! LOSE! I have worked too hard for this and I am not going to let you get in my way. I don't care if you are the favorite and that I am the underdog. Speaking of which, personally, I am sick of that label. Sick of being called the underdog in every match I find myself in. No matter the opponent, I am the underdog. But thankfully, that is all going to change soon enough. People will no longer see me in that light after I claim a huge victory this week. Steven the underdog will be no more. He will be replaced by Steven - the top dog!"
Kai Stevens
SSW Promos 0RD4o5V_zps8btbmyfr
SSW Promos DWHmLjz
the devil’s bleeding crown

----For those who hold grudges or keep score, it often seems that the opportunity to say “I told you so,” is an opportunity too good to pass on. In competitive sports, especially in combat sports, it appears that holding grudges and keeping score is an incredibly common occurrence. As such, men like the new SSW Heritage Champion Kai Stevens tend to enjoy voicing the aforementioned phrase.
----It is the night before the A Block competes inside the squared circle once more, marking the Envoy of the End’s first match in Strong Style Wrestling as its newest Champion. The Inevitable has already made his way to Osaka, where he now finds himself standing on a bank of sand that touches the lapsing sea with a softness that dulls the rage, soothes the senses, and calms the mind.
----However, judging by the facial expression adorning Kai’s unamused visage, none of these effects have much influence on the Prodigy of Ronin. His feet are unburdened by shoes, nor by socks. He sports a pair of black Nike shorts with a white swoosh, a black t-shirt with his ‘THE END IS NIGH’ catchphrase written in steel blue across the front, a black pair of Aviators, and a black headband. With a swift movement, Kai removes the glasses and gazes out upon the sea with an ominous grin. It is here that his resentful rhetoric escapes his lips.
----They say that water is the strongest force of nature on the planet, he begins. But as I proved at Event Horizon, it is not water… But fate... The Inevitable. Prior to my defeat of Khmaoch Sângkât, I warned anyone who would listen. I told them that it was Inevitable I’d be walking out of Event Horizon as the Heritage Champion, and, well… It seems that ya’ just can’t. Fight. Fate.
----Stevens snickers evilly here for a moment before flicking his eyes up to the horizon. There, his eyes glide back and forth, side to side, so as to truly perceive the vastness of the body of water before him. After the moment passes, he swallows and wets his lips, continuing with his diatribe.
----And since fate seems inclined to facilitate my ascension, he elaborates. That, for all intents and purposes, ya’ can’t fight Kai Stevens. And now that I’ve followed through YET AGAIN on what I’ve promised to do, taking the Heritage Championship from that geriatric fuck, I… I find myself not content. I’m not complacent, as I expected to be after winning the strap, but… I think I figured it out.
----Y’see, the Heritage Championship, it… It’s a part of me, yes. But the Void it… It still gnaws away at me. And unfortunately for Kikyo Himura? That means that it doesn’t matter that she wanted oh so desperately to impress me, to prove her value to Ronin... All because she knew as well as everybody else did that it was Inevitable I’d be crowned the Leader of our faction. I’m gonna’ fuck her up all the same.
----Some will question it, he continues. They’ll remark on the possibility of weakening my troops. Y’know what? I find far more value in proving a point to those troops. By showing them firsthand what happens when you get in my way, I will teach them just how quickly they should get their ass in line... Because as long as I lead this faction, it’s my way-- no highway option.
----Kai grins confidently before scratching at his beard with his left hand. He breathes slowly and deeply while peering out on the water and dropping his hand to his side, where he forces it into his pocket. After nodding his head, the Prodigy of Ronin allows his eyes to drift around the natural spectacle before him and continues his tirade.
----Which means that as long as I have any say in it, he adds. People like Himura, who ride the coattails of better individuals without truly adding much in the way of their own value when it comes time to pay the piper? They will pay, whether that’s their due or with their life.
----And this… This show of force, it… It will send a message to the bottom bitches in the Tres Comas Club, in the Phantom Troupe, in Shoot Nation, and even in Ronin... That Kai Stevens is NOT the person with whom to fuck. With how easily I’ve run straight through each and every faction this company’s got to offer, this message is more or less just a reiteration.
----From day one here in SSW I’ve beaten everyone there is to beat, continues the Cowboy Killer. I’ve embarrassed everyone there is to embarrass, and above all else? Above all else I’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kai Stevens is the future of this business, and now that I’ve got the Heritage Championship, Kai Stevens is the PRESENT.
----Kai turns and steps up the sand and onto the grass behind it. He pauses here and turns back around to look out on the nature once more. It seems that the movement of the water captivates his focus, but the words that escape his lips with vitriolic malice beg to differ.
----Fate seems to name me its Champion, he explains. First Ronin, then the Heritage Championship, soon the Best in the World Series, then the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship, and then? Then it truly, finally, mercifully, is the end for all of you.
----This Series, it… Whether it’s Steven Cassidy’s bitch ass or Aria Jaxon’s, I’m going to take this Block whether they like it or not. Hell, if I were in the other Block I would have clinched the whole fuckin’ thing already. I don’t care if you’re a Champion, if you’re a nobody, an afterthought like Kikyo Himura… It doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day? At the end of the day, the only person who has what it takes, the ONLY person willing to GIVE what it takes to win this tournament, to be the Champion this company, this industry fears? It’s me.
----Which means, he furthers. Which means that for anyone who naïvely still holds aspirations for this title, this tournament... For Ronin’s time anywhere aside from the THRONE... And for their being a time when ANYONE could even dare question my role as the undisputed Leader of Ronin? The end is nigh.
----With this, Stevens turns on his heels and stomps out of frame, leaving the viewer to watch the serenity of the locale for a moment. As we fade to black, we are left with one question:
----Is the force that is Kai Stevens as strong as he thinks?


Christopher Sabertooth
on October 12th 2018, 2:20 amChristopher Sabertooth
Road To Civil War

“Natalie... You have to go pick up my suit. I called them up and they say it’s ready.” Said Chris as he walks up to his assistant.

“Got it Mr. Sabertooth. Anything else I can do for you?” Asked Natalie.

“What’s my schedule looking like today?” Asked Chris.

“You don’t have any fan meetups or interviews today. I got plenty of Podcast invitations for you if you’re interested.” Said Natalie looking into her phone.

“Podcasts? I am not doing any podcasts today. Rocky is pretty busy with his work too so I guess I have today to myself. Better get training. You may leave now…” Said Chris as he walks away.


After the Gym Training.

Chris Sabertooth walks out to a man standing outside the gym waiting for him with a microphone and camera.

“What do you want?” Asked Chris.

“Chri…. Mr. Sabertooth. This is Rob from XYZ Sports. Really liked your match against Gabe Reno last week. And a great performance at Event Horizon too. So, we wanted to know how are you training for your match against Gareth Cason come Civil War?” Asked Rob.

“What was your name again? Todd?” Asked Chris hysterically.

“Rob... Mr. Sabertooth.” replied Rob seriously.

“So… Rob. You want to get the inside scoop? You want to know about my work ethic eh? What else do you want to know? How seriously am I taking this match? Well… To answer all of your questions. I have been putting in a whole lot of work for the past few weeks. I am not going to lie when I say I had been taking it a bit easy for a while but that’s how it is… There’s hasn’t been anybody who made me want go all out. It’s been easy… A calk-walk like I always say. But… I will give credit to where credit is due. Gareth Cason demands my attention. He is a man who has been defending his championship more than anybody else. He’s a workhorse and even I cannot deny that. Now, he may have everyone believe that I am not ready for him. I can see why he had this misunderstanding. See…. Week in week out Gareth Cason has these long ass matches that paint the picture that he can go on for much longer. Yeah… it’s been a while since I have had a long match here. Especially on the weekly shows. But that’s not my fault. I am just that damn good that I don’t even have to try hard enough. I just end up winning! So, maybe that’s why Gareth thinks that he has an  advantage over me. I heard Brandon Maxwell talk about how Gareth’s MMA background and his striking ability is too much for anybody to deal with. He talked about how he has an almost perfect win-loss record. ‘ALMOST’ being the keyword here. As far as I know, garetha te the pin from Virgo few weeks ago. You know who beat Andre Virgo at a FPV though? ME. You know who is yet to be pinned or submitted in a OWA ring? ME! So, if there’s someone who should be worried… It’s Gareth Cason. I already know that I am capable enough to beat him. But he’s trying to fool himself into believing that he has a chance against me at Civil War. Give me a break… I know it’s not going to be easy. Even for a prodigy like me. So, I will give him credit for that. But if he even thinks for a second that his HISTORIC title reign will get yet another successful title defense to it… Then he is delusional. Gareth Cason may be tough… He may be ‘Legit Dangerous’ as he loves to say. But I am Christopher Sabertooth. The Present… The Future…. The only REAL wrestler left in this industry. And Gareth Cason is going to learn it the hard way. The ‘lose your title’ kind of way. Any more questions?” Asked Chris as he proceeds to drink his protein shake.

Well… I was wondering if we could get a sneak peak into your training regime anyti-” Said Rob but he gets cut off by Chris.

“Does Gareth Cason have you on his payroll? Why do you think I will agree to reveal my secrets to you of all people?! So…. If you don’t have a good question left for me, you can get the fuck outta here.” Said Chris as he begins to walk away.

“Wait… Mr. Sabertooth. I apologize for asking to know about your training regime. We at XYZ sports are just looking for inside scoops for our subscribers... But I understand your point. One last question if you wouldn’t mind. This week at the Best In The World Show for SSW in Japan, you will be facing Belle Kingsley. The former number one contender to Jaydayne Pendragon’s SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship. What are your strategies for facing against such a accomplished wrestler as Belle?” Asked Rob.

“Okay Rob… Last question you say? Fine. You want to know about my plans against my opponent for the week, Belle Kingsley. What did you call her? An accomplished wrestler? I don’t know if you were watching Event Horizon clearly but what exactly has Belle Kingsley accomplished? I destroyed Matthew like I promised to do. See…. For the most part, I keep my promises. Unless I have promised to go gentle on somebody. Cause… That’s not going to happen. The point being… I kept my promise for Event Horizon by doing what I said I would. Belle Kingsley made a promise to all the people who love to cheer for her. Heck… She made a promise to herself to walk out of Event Horizon as the NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!! But… It didn’t happen. Nothing against Belle though. She put her heart into that match. She gave it her all! Sadly, it wasn’t good enough... KOBE!” Said Chris as he tosses his empty cup of Protein Shake into the trash can at the corner.

“I am good at everything! Phew… Where was I? Ah yes…  Jaydayne still holds on to that championship. So, Belle Kingsley just disappointed all her fans. And above all… She disappointed herself. But don’t you worry! She’ll come back stronger than ever and pull herself back to the top of the ladder! SIKE! Sadly for her…. She faces the best wrestler on this goddamn planet! Usually, I am not too excited to see what Jacob Senn has for me on a weekly basis. Honestly, it’s starting to get a bit too easy. But this week…This week is different! I have the loser from the main event of Event Horizon for myself! This is a great opportunity for me to show that I am better than the rest of the SSW locker room. I already know that… And people with any sense or understanding of this business already know that. But for the marks that cheer on for Belle Kingsley like she’s your savior. Bitch please! I am going to show everyone why I am their favorites worst enemy. Belle Kingsley is a disappointment. She is a loser. And she’ll stay that way after I am done with her this week. She doesn’t stand a chance against me… So, maybe she should cherish this moment. Her last hurrah in the spotlight as she continues her way down the spiral to the bottom of the ladder. You had your shot Belle… And you blew it. Time is money…. So all I ask from you Belle Kingsley, is to not waste my time this weekend. I am going to hit you with the Broken Tooth. Maybe I will hit the ClimaX. And then I will probably make you tap out to the Crescent Moon. Choose your poison! See… I am a great guy. People don’t give me enough credit for all the good I have done for this business. Nevertheless…. Thank you for your time Rob. Now get the fuck out.” Said Chris.

“Mr. Sabertooth….Wait! One last question! One last question!” Screamed Rob as he follows Chris to his car.

“WHAT?! You had your chance! How many ‘last questions’ do you have?! People these days don’t understand what ‘last’ means anymore. What is it then? I give you 30 seconds… Starting now!” Said Chris as he checks his watch for the time.

“Where does your allegiance lie come Civil War? OWA or SSW?” Asked Rob looking scared of what Chris might say.

“Rob… That’s not a bad question. See, I bring out the best in people. You already are asking better questions after spending what… 10 minutes? 10 minutes with me. Where does my allegiance lie? OWA was where I made my triumphant return to wrestling… So, it does hold some sentimental value deep down. But…. Jaywalker did pay me the big bucks to side with the Tres Comas Club and in turn, SSW. OWA or SSW? Yeah, I know. My allegiance lies with the OWA Television Championship come Civil War. So, whether it be OWA or SSW. It doesn’t matter to me because I WILL be walking out of Civil War, a champion. Does that answer your question? Frankly Rob…. I don’t care. Goodbye.” Said Chris as he sits inside his Limo.

Fade to 6lack.
The One True Pairing
on September 29th 2018, 12:00 amThe One True Pairing
SSW Promos FXIi9g4

The scene opens to the view of the sky. The camera speeds through the clouds and the sound of the strong wind is heard on the background. The view reaches the flying private jet with a custom printing of the words “One True Pairing Air” on its skin over its black exterior painting.

The scene then cuts to the inside of the jet where Cassius and Sakura Corleone sit beside each other, as their servant, a man wearing a black suit and black sunglasses, hand them their drinks. It was just another day for the OneTrue Pairing after a week of traveling and seeing the world, they relax holding hands and smiling at each other. Sakura then looks out the window.

Sakura Corleone: Look, Cassius! I see Japan over there! Everything looks so beautiful! Oh, I never get sick of this sight whenever we leave from L.A. There’s buildings and trees and waters… If I could stay here with you and not face those sub-human wastes that call themselves “people”, I would live for that for the rest of my life!

Cassius Corleone: I’m glad you’re enjoying the view, my Cherry Blossom. But you know we can’t stay up here. Sooner or later, our most high presence is needed to take a trip down there with the rest of the commoners. They need to witness and acknowledge the fact that there are beings far higher than any of them combined in the One True Pairing. It’s the only way they ever have any meaning in their mediocre lives. They see us and they rise in inspiration to be better at what they do, but then a minute later, they bow their heads down in disappointment knowing they can never be better than us. Time and time again, I have stated this, and it seems that people have a hard time understanding the impact that we have in this World and the what would happen if Gods are vengeful enough to want to exercise their power.

Sakura Corleone: They’re stupid, Cassius, and that’s why none of their lives matter! This is why we chase them and toy with them until we are satisfied with the damage we have done and will continue to do. But hey, at least when we win back the Lovebird Tag Team Championships, we can give them a reminder that our love is much stronger than any of these manchildren and this fickle glass they call “teamwork” within their factions! This is why people are so jealous of us, they want even the smallest fraction of what we have… but never, not even on their best day can they measure up. Army after army that was sent onto us and they have fallen, the Phantom Heroes’ horses included, and they the defenses they had not only crumbled but were completely bulldozed the first five hundred times they went after us. And… that guy… Steve… something.

Cassius Corleone: Steve Jobs? Steve Austin? Oh! Steven Cassidy! I think you faced him, my love?

Sakura Corleone: My Cassius, do you honestly believe that I know names and faces around here when I don’t fight with you by my side? The past month already felt like I have been sucked into a black hole to no return, and with my opponents I only see blank faces attached to bodies that are not worthy of my time. I really wish I could see him as a big deal like he wishes to be. I wish that I could actually acknowledge the fact that any day that I fight without my Cassius against no-name wastes of space actually counts as a fight I live to win, but I can’t! He can win all of the tournament in the world all he wants, and he is still a piece of garbage that nobody cares about. He could pick up wins against various opponents, and he is still just a name on the list with nothing special to bring to the table, an ordinary performer striving to be extraordinary but lacks presence that would turn heads and stare in awe, looking at the very idea that he may be something special. No faction wants to be represented by that abomination.  No one believes that he’s on the road to any Championship, and I can bet any damn soul that even after the fact that he has a decent standing in a tournament, that the One True Pairing is still are the star amongst the crowd, the team that is believed to win back the gold they should have not lost, to begin with. That’s love, bitch.

A clap follows. Cassius and Sakura share a sudden high-five.

Cassius Corleone: Very well said, my Sakura. Nothing separates his name from the likes of Saul Omen… and CM Nas who both already have Goddamn stupid names to begin with. Men like these are in comfort of the idea that the One True Pairing is done, all because we were separated in the Best of the World Series, or at least that’s the idea that Saul Omen wants to convince himself. He sleeps soundly at night to the idea that their actions did not result into fatal consequences and that no one would be coming after them after the fact that The One True Pairing has faced a boulder on their way. But that’s where a shallow, blubbering idiot like him is wrong. The distance made The One True Pairing want and crave each other more. The time spent apart only made us want fight stronger once we were back together, as it should always be. Oh, the look on Saul Omen’s face when he was thanking the Gods in the heavens that the One True Pairing was kept occupied by irrelevant names and scattered points that did us no favor, and kept away from the titles that should have been ours from the start. Saul Omen expected me to go the distance and do more by myself than with my Cherry Blossom. But here’s the problem -- I am not a deranged simpleton like him.. You have seen how the circumstances have kept a bar of glass between the One True Pairing ant the Lovebird Tag Team Championships, but I broke that glass until it shattered from my fists the moment I humiliated Tattoo-face Pendragon to defeat he never forgets. Money and power could give us the world but the ease of fighting for our Gold and our craving for your misery will forever be priceless, and you will see that in motion at Event Horizon.

Sakura Corleone: This is the problem with these parasites, my love. They never realize that we are the ones who are truly in control.

Cassius Corleone: It’s alright, my Cherry Blossom. The One True Pairing will forever be the stars of the company, a self-sustaining machine that is already a hundred levels above humanity just the fact that we are here. While the rest of them NEED the gold to keep their heads above the water, they need the titles to cover up the fact that they live a miserable existence.

Sakura Corleone: How pitiful. It’s all they have. And we’re going to take it... Because we can.

Sakura and Cassus share a sweet kiss. Both still overflowing with happiness and excitement for the upcoming event. There is nothing sweeter than two lovebirds sharing this moment. And they intend to make the most of it, as they look forward to that one special night that they take back their Gold.
April Song
on September 28th 2018, 11:52 pmApril Song
What do I have to fight for?

Let's be honest....this tournament that we have been going through, The Best in the World series, it's been rough for me. The one win I do have is against one of my Ronin brethren. All the losses have been against men who are considered some of the top caliber in our sport today. I admittedly was not prepared for the Apparition. I make no excuse for that. That's not the match that keeps me up at night. The ones that do make things a bit more difficult for me to swallow are the Cassius and Scott Oasis losses. Here I was, outweighed and out muscled by these two high profile guys and I had a chance to beat them both.

I couldn't finish the job.

I know why Senn made our match, and it wasn't just to have you prance your rainbow haired ass to the ring, pick up an easy paycheck then sauntering back to the locker room. He made this match because he knows, with his own two fucking eyes, that I can push you in ways that some of the men here can't. While your record against me so far is indeed spotless, you would be extremely ill-advised to consider me a lamb going to slaughter. You may beat me in the ring 100 times but I'm never going to be anyone's sacrificial bull.

This match is one that I really have to win. Not to get my name out there, not to score a much-needed win for Ronin as it feels like our team is drifting further and further apart into disarray. I need this one for me. This tournament has dragged on for an obscenely long amount of time and it's made me suffer physically and emotionally. But every hard-fought loss can be dealt with. Every match I view as an opportunity to show boys and girls alike that I can grapple with the best of them.

But you, that's not enough for you. You want to twist the knife a little bit, rub my nose in it so to speak? Every week I lose, every week you come out and insult me or hide in the locker room, no better than some Twitter keyboard warrior insulting me, giving me hell.

You're right on a lot of fronts. I am an underachiever. Maybe I should have a talk with my leader and try to steer Ronin away from the direction its been heading in of late. You have indeed earned everything that you have acquired in your career. I've been in the ring with you as a partner and and as an opponent. I know more about you than anyone that's competed against you in Strong Style Wrestling.

I know that you can be beaten. I've seen it.

You're a leader of a strong group, but more and more the proud prodigy I was proud to lose to in a fair fight is being replaced with a disgusting, hollow, cheap idiot of a woman. Your arrogance is blinding you, sweetheart, and even back in the STATES you couldn't keep your hands off of me, keeping a title out of my hands in another organization. I respected that. Karma's a real bitch and I admit that I deserved mine for what I did to you earlier this year.
But it's just not enough for you to keep a title out of my grasp.

You want to try to humiliate me, break me completely. Let me tell you loud and clear, that's not happening. I think my biggest problem when I see you across the ring from me is that I see what you used to be, what I felt you were. You see, you were an inspiration to me. That sounds funny considering I'm almost a decade your senior, but you started in wrestling a bit before me. In a way, I admired you and held you in high regard. But more and more you're turning into someone that it makes me feel disgusted to have ever had respect for. The Phantom Troupe. The way you treat the other factions here. The ways you have gone about trying to exterminate anyone who objected to what you and your people did. seems like I have a bit of a conflict on my hands, doesn't it? How do I do what I know I can do in the ring and stay emotionally unattached. It seems that lately I get more and more emotional in my damn matches. I get....a little too excited. A little too angry. One thing that I've decided to do is treat you just like another opponent.

That's not meant with any disrespect in mind before you flick your weave around with a scoff, Violet. That's meant to give respect to everyone I face .I can't look at you as someone I used to halfway consider a friend or a role model. I have to look at you as just another obstacle to overcome. You're right, you have a lot more at stake in this contest than I do. If you win, it's just a routine day at the office for you. It's just another victory notch on your belt. For me, it would catapult me directly into the forefront of Strong Style Wrestling, hell wrestling in general. Making YOU of all people tap out, which I know is an extremely difficult task from firsthand experience, would be something like looking for a charge to start your car and getting a lightning bolt from Zeus on Mt Olympus.

Going down swinging is not an option anymore. Hanging around is not an option anymore. Being HAPPY TO BE HERE IS NOT A FUCKING OPTION ANYMORE. I'm sick of people like you and Cassius and Oasis and even the people who make the matches in SSW treating me as if I'm some charity case. NO ONE ON THIS ROSTER HAS PUT MORE PEOPLE TO SLEEP IN THE CRUSHING EMBRACE OF A SUBMISSION HOLD AS I HAVE! I am proud to be in Ronin, but I AM DAMN PROUDER TO BE APRIL SONG.

Everyone wants to know, "April, we know how things go with you. You get cold for a little while in your career, but there always comes a time when you get red hot. When you start to turn things up a notch and get on fire. Where is the fire right now? Can you get hot again?"


When we step across the ring, there is more than this David vs Goliath story you want to portray at play here. This is one of the best wrestlers in the world facing one of the most skilled submission artists on the planet trying to find her way. This is a match with a lot of history, a lot of bad blood, and features two people who have trouble finishing what they start it would appear. Both of us have had chances to cripple the other and have failed. I’m sorry to disappoint you, love, but I’m not one with a fix on current pop culture.

I do like westerns though. Have you ever seen Hang Em High? It’s with Clint Eastwood. I’ll spare you a long synopsis but it’s about a man who was wrongfully lynched by a posse.He survives and is then made a Marshal by a judge who gives him near-free reign to hunt down those people to bring them to justice. In one of the scenes where he encounters one of his attackers, the poor bastard looks like he’s seen a ghost.

Clint lifted a bandanna to show off his neck, still scarred from the attack, and told them “When you hang a man, you better look at em!”

You’ve basically tried to hang me. Not physically, but definitely in terms of reputation and psychologically. You’re going to have to stand in the ring and face me….and I don’t need a Sheriff's badge or Senn’s Blessing or the Crowe’s Nest or a sneak attack from behind to do what I need to do. All I need is for that bell to ring and for you to be there. It’s high time that someone pulled you off your high horse and I’m just the girl to do it.

And once you’re off said high horse, I’m putting your smug Rainbow Brite lookin’ ass to sleep.
The Apparition
on September 28th 2018, 10:48 pmThe Apparition
It might take a million years to happen, but eventually the persistent river will erode right through the stalwart mountain ranges. As it cuts its way through, just like a certain Canuck superstar managed to cut his way through the man mountain who ironically carries the name of a body of water himself, the rivers path continues crawling every forward. But because of the river’s very nature, once it dedicates itself to its singular task, the inevitable begins to happen. The river develops tunnel vision, and loses sight of what lies beyond its banks.
It is not even 48 hours until Event Horizon kicks off, and in his vibrant and semi-luxury hotel room in Nagoya, The Apparition is still trying to get as much information as he can out of his three upcoming opponents. Damien Walker he was familiar with. He knew he would have to face him in a few weeks as part of the Best in the World Series, so he was on top of him and his edge lord shtick. Penance was of course difficult to miss. He had no real success in SSW to speak of, but you tend to notice the giant clown walking backstage.
But Miles Taylor…In the immortal words of the world’s greatest dolly cart thrower, who the fook is that guy? SSW archive footage helped The Apparition of course, but as he watched the footage, he immediately started to feel bad about the blindness caused by his single-mindedness. When he heard that he was going to face Taylor, the name sounded familiar, but he had no face to match with it. He actually thought he was going to be facing that long-haired loud-mouth Tres Comas Club had recently signed up. He was someone who immediately caught the eye, particularly as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed individual in a company dominated by Japanese people. The Apparition’s assumption that Miles was in the TCC also made sense. After all, it would make sense for someone like Penance to be a part of the Phantom Troupe. He certainly fit that bill. Although from his past, he also remembered that Jaywalker used to be quite close to another much thinner sociopath who dressed as a clown, so maybe the offer that the Clown Prince of Crime was given was made out of nostalgia.
Well, none of that stuff really mattered now. All he knew was that the guy he just assumed was one of the Phantom Troupe’s Young Lions was indeed a wrestler in his own right, and a rather good one. He had all of Walker’s striking ability, but without any of the puppy fat to back up his hits. The Apparition was pleasantly surprised. Not by his metaphors, of course. If he wanted to use Rocky as a metaphor, Apollo was the fighter in his absolute prime who was on the top of his game. The titular Balboa was the old veteran who had recently emerged onto the world’s stage and brought his careers to new heights, who eventually defeated the arrogant Drago. Or maybe Stallone just looked really old, and Weathers youthful. As far as the Saskatchewan native was concerned, any sports movie outside of Goon wasn’t good enough to be worth remembering in full. In any case, bad metaphors aside, this was going to be turning out into a much more competitive match than the Apparition was anticipating, and he couldn’t wait to see what would happen.
If nothing else, this sombre realisation of his own arrogance was a wake-up call to the current leader of the B Block. He might have a World Championship challenge under his belt, but what really matters is what was in front of him. Virgo or Militiades didn’t matter. Pendragon didn’t matter. Kingsley and Cash Corleone didn’t matter, and whoever ended up winning the A Block for BITW didn’t matter.
All that mattered was those three men. The killer clown. The counter-culture renegade. The steely-eyed brawler. As The Apparition began to focus, he knew that this was not a match where he could dominate merely as ‘The Forgotten One’. After all, he was the man in the contest with the target on his back. He was the hot hand, and the other three were the hungry dogs looking to achieve their dues, and the respect they deserved. He was the known quantity, up against people who had something to prove. This would normally terrify The Apparition, but for some reason he felt excited to prove himself. Maybe he was developing a deserved sense of hubris after winning so many matches in a row. Maybe he was just an idiot who didn’t understand the fate that was going to be ahead of him.
In any case, all that was ahead of The Apparition was three men, who all had to try their best to stop his momentum. The Apparition knew he didn’t even need to be pinned to lose. That didn’t matter to him, though. The Forgotten One was finally beginning to find himself after months of toiling, so now it was time to show the world exactly what he was made of.
Miles Taylor
on September 28th 2018, 10:13 pmMiles Taylor
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It always had to happen this way. I’ve been put in triple threats, and I’ve won them. Obviously, I’ve been in a bunch of singles matches, and I’ve never lost those either. In every single bout I’ve had in this company so far, I’ve represented Phantom Troupe, and I’ve done so with near perfect result. So, when I learned just what kind of match I had to become number one contender for the SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship…it just…it just made sense. It’s no news to anybody that, aside from my stablemates, I’m not exactly well liked around here. And you know what, I get it – I get why. When every time you step in that ring, you borderline murder somebody’s spirit? When every time you wrestle, you make someone wonder just where in their life they went wrong that led them to the moment I tortured every fiber of their being on national television? You’re not exactly gonna make friends. But CM Nas, Saul Omen, Aria Jaxon…all of Phantom Troupe, they took a chance on me. They gave me an opportunity to join their ranks right out of the gate, and now tonight, I represent them, and I do so with the knowledge that I’m soon bringing even more gold to the faction.

But while I’m the man in the match representing Phantom Troupe, it appears that we’ve got somebody from every stable in this fight. First up, we have Damien Walker – the man that interrupted me when I requested this opportunity, and is in this race purely because he ran his fucking mouth. Walker, there’s a part of me that doesn’t even want to address you. I mean, Ronin? Really? To be honest, I’m surprised you borderline cavemen could even stop dragging your clubs and painting on walls long enough to put someone up for this contendership. But man, for someone who claims to be a ‘loose cannon’, you sure took the most straight up, honest, by-the-books method of getting here. Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention, but my tenure here so far? It’s been exposing falsehoods like yourself. Penance believes himself to be a monster, and I slayed him. Christopher Sabretooth believes that his alter ego, Havoc, is a driving force behind his success and yet, I crushed that presence within him. Miltiades still, to this day, believes himself to be some sort of descendant of a king, yet he was vanquished by my own right hand. Men who hide behind charades have been falling victim to me for months now, Damien, and this Saturday at Event Horizon, that’s not gonna change. You, just like your leader, and just like every other garbage failure in your band of misfits are gonna take this loss and every loss from now until the end of time. Then, once you fail to earn this title shot, you all are free to continue burning in the dumpster fire of irrelevance that is Ronin. But hey, if you piss me off enough? I’m won’t hesitate to make the concept of you being burned alive more than metaphorical.

Up next is Penance, who, quite frankly, I feel like I almost can’t even talk about anymore at this point. We’ve faced each other in a triple threat, and alongside Pequeno Asesino, he failed to beat me. Don’t worry about that, Penny, because many a men have done just that - fail to win over Miles Taylor. That being said, for being the creature of fear you claim yourself to be, you haven’t exactly been terrorizing Strong Style Wrestling all that much, have you? You walk to the ring and I don’t exactly see the competitors, let alone even the fans, shaking in their boots. Whatever aura you had about yourself? I’ve already killed it. Buried it. AND PISSED ON IT’S GRAVE. Prior to being inserted into this match you were nothing, and after I defeat you yet again, you will continue to be nothing. In a way, you’re the most curious addition to this match, simply because - why? Why, for any reason, would Tres Comma Club choose you to be its representative? I had to think on it for a while, and then? Then it finally clicked - you’re the fall guy. You’re not gonna win this fatal four way match, because you were never supposed to. Andre Virgo, he’s one of the golden boys of the TCC. You? You’re a placeholder. Not only are you nothing to me, you’re nothing to your own stable, and that alone speaks volumes more than I ever could about how meaningless you are to this roster. Maybe, finally, after this loss? You’ll take the hint and crawl back to whatever hole you came from, and for the sake of everyone else who’s tired of pretending to give a damn about you, you stay there.

And lastly...The Apparition. The man...or, whatever you believe yourself to be...representing Shoot Nation. It’s only fitting that yet another man who hides behind a mask makes up the final participant in this match, since I seem to keep running into you clowns in almost every bout I’ve had thus far. But you? You hold a special role in this contest - you represent hope. You’re the feel good story, you’re the ol’ vet looking to get his sea legs back and capture a victory, hoping to revitalize a once promising career! It’s a feel good tale, one as old as time, and one almost as old as the man who’s starring in it - but like most stories in the real world, this one doesn’t have a sugar coated happy ending. I don’t see a once respected competitor in Shoot Nation’s corner, no. I see Old Yellar. I see the man who doesn’t understand it’s time to hang it up, to quit, and since he doesn’t want to back out himself? I have to put him down. It’s only fitting this is a fatal four way match, because Apparition, this match is gonna be the fatal blow to anything resembling a career you have left. And maybe, once this match is over, you can go tell your Shoot Nation buddies that being the stand up, Superman-esque, black and white, goodie-two-shoes guys isn’t gonna cut it. Maybe then, you can all develop an edge, each grow a set of balls, man the fuck up, and get something done for once. Because right now? You guys aren’t cutting it, and I’ll be a son of a bitch if you make me, with the streak I’ve had, be the first example. If I knock you down, Apparition? Take my advice: stay down. We’ve all seen Rocky IV: if you step up to my Ivan Drago, I’ll waste no time in making you my Apollo Creed. I’ll gut an old man in the middle of that ring. Test me, you washed up prick.

This opportunity? It’s make or break for all four of us involved...but I’M the one that’s gonna make it. There’s not a chance in hell that I’m gonna

Saul Omen
on September 28th 2018, 8:43 pmSaul Omen
The Song of Saul Omen: Chapter XV

[The night has taken over the city of Nagoya, Japan with the lights of the city shining like a beacon in the sky for the entire world to behold. Various numbers of people walking through the streets like ants marching towards their hills until one person has a different aura about him. A darkness showered over him as he makes his way through the route as the camera peers over his shoulder to look towards the destination of his path: The Nagoya Dome. Suddenly, the camera moves around to reveal the face of Saul Omen, walking through the streets without a care in the world, cradling the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship on his shoulder before he looks on to the dome himself.]

Saul Omen: All souls are on the quest to connect. Camaraderie, communion, family, friendship, love, all of these are the desires of the human race to possess to bring that connection in their lives to complete the quest that they have been searching for. This quest that has been laid into the very foundation of the genesis of the human race, no soul is exempt from this attraction towards the allure that they believe that this connection will bring them. They believe that this connection will bring forth the fulfillment within their life that they covert with all intention. However, how much are they willing to fight to keep that fulfillment within their grasp? Concerning the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship scenario that has been left behind, we have seen the lengths that The One True Pairing will go to retrieve the golden bonds of their relationship that they allowed to let slip through their fingers. We saw what Shoot Nation would do to be known as the tag team champions by the way that Steven Cassidy threw caution into the wind to make sure that his partner would be able to finish the job. However, that wasn't the case. None of the opposition has been able to achieve these feats and capture the prestigious prize that The Phantom Troupe has claimed for themselves. They have all been attempting to make sure that the spotlight has been wrapped around them, but what they fail to realize is that none of it matters until Event Horizon. The night where CM Nas and myself put these SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship on the line once again inside of a ladder match, that will be the proving moment of who is deserving of the championship to be in their possession. The moment that was supposed to happen last week was ruined by the infiltrating lovebirds that couldn’t handle the fact that a tag team championship match was happening without them. Jealousy fueled them into the rage that had consumed them to the point of committing such a heinous action that most have considered themselves to be above, much like Steven Cassidy did the same in that very same match. The emotions that are so fickle that the sight of one small thing could switch someone that is known as a calm hero amongst the people or a devious foe with an intellect that I could personally respect, it all washes away the blood red tide of wrath that has broken through the self-created dam that they have made to contain it within. It’s funny that these teams decide to wear their hearts so close upon their sleeves and that The Phantom Troupe, the rogues and villains of this tale that everyone wants to spin in Strong Style Wrestling, has this match already won before it even starts.

[Saul Omen reaches within his jacket pocket before he pulls out what seems to be a sole chess piece… a black knight as he strokes his finger across the mane of the wooden horse head. A smirk dons upon his face before he raises it towards the camera to allow them to sight of it even clearer than before to see every little etch and carving upon the woodwork of the piece.]

Saul Omen: Like a game of chess, you need to know your opponent before you meet them in a war with all the stakes on the line. I know the triggers and ticks that brings that raw emotions out of each and every single one of you. Steven, you said yourself that just the mere mention of my name was enough to bring out the violent intentions that you have. You crave vengeance and I want to you to take pleasure in the suffering that you want me to experience because you’re right in the fact that once you do, you’ll be no better than the monster that took your precious Koji Senju out of this company and into retirement. I want to see the precious hero of this generation, the one that brings hope and inspiration into the audience that stands in attendance, allowing his base nature to be freed and transformed into the monster that he hates. I want you to look into that mirror and suffer at the man you’ve become and that, it is one of the greatest delights that I shall be able to experience. For your connection that you seek, it is from the people. The friendship and family that they have towards you is what you seek and once I bring forth this transformation of the darkest desires that you harbor inside of you, that connection will be stripped away from you and leave you heartbroken into the new Steven Cassidy. As for the former SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions, their connection is one created out of the love they have for one another. They created this love that they believe is stronger than everything that has happened, but what happens when that love has been tested in the way that The One True Pairing has been tested? Sakura Corleone has been a genuine failure in regard for The Best In The World Series and the only reason that she has been able to have any traction in Strong Style Wrestling comes from the man that she has anchored herself upon in Cassius Corleone. Cassius is a man that has been able to showcase his own singles spotlight in The Best In The World Series, but he has been held back by the weight around his ankles known as Sakura Corleone. Instead of being in the main event of Event Horizon to compete for the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship as he was due by defeating Jaydayne Pendragon, he traded his opportunity to be the man that was in the spotlight of this company to drag the woman he professed his love towards up the ladder to reclaim their lost treasure. The bitterness that must be harbored inside of your heart, the disappointment you must shield behind the mask of admiration that you want to have for your “Cherry Blossom”, all of it will be released when you are met with the humiliation of knowing that The One True Pairing is no longer the greatest tag team of Strong Style Wrestling. What about the embarrassment that Sakura must feel in knowing that her record hasn’t been something that she believes is reflective of the relationship of The One True Pairing? Every moment has been leading up to this night where we wage war upon one another with ladders for the right be known as champion and I will relish in exposing and using every one of those weaknesses to my advantage. Once CM Nas and I walk out of this arena with the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships still under the possession of The Phantom Troupe, the world shall be left with the sole memory of these words echoed through their brains.

Memento Mori.

[Saul Omen returns the chess piece back into his jacket pocket before he situates the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship on his shoulder before he makes his stride towards The Nagoya Dome, leaving the camera and the person holding it behind, all with the dark aura that has been surrounding him following him like a shadow in this night lit with the fluorescent lighting of Nagoya.]
Aria Jaxon
on September 28th 2018, 7:57 pmAria Jaxon

I was torn.

Now, for anybody who’s ready to rejoice thinking that I’m about to say some uncharacteristic shit, fuck you. The point of contention isn’t whether or not I can win this match. When is a lack of confidence EVER an issue for me? Nah, the outcome isn’t what’s up in the air. That’s not what’s gotten under my skin. In a way, the fact that this match was made is what irritates me. You had Senn sitting there, puffing his chest out and talking about how much he respects my abilities as a wrestler -- as he fucking should -- and knowing that it was the right thing to give me a match at Event Horizon. After all, deep down, I’m sure that even he knows that you can’t let a marquee event pass around here without having me on the show. He gives me this slot, and he doesn’t usher a real, genuine challenge in my direction. He doesn’t have me facing someone who’s actually worthy of standing in the ring with me. He insulted me twice over, first by using this match as a means of “placating” me, and secondly by thinking that I, of alllllllll the fucking people in this promotion, should be the one saddled with having to deal with April Song this weekend. I know what he’s trying to do. Throw the underachiever in there with the prodigy and watch the late bloomer rise to the occasion. Oh, what a star-making turn it’ll be for The Killer Bee!

It makes me sick.

I’m nobody’s springboard. I didn’t make my career off of just existing in close proximity to people who have name value. I’ve EARNED every single accolade I have to my name, whether anyone likes it or not. I’ve blazed my own trail and taken control of my own destiny, and what our boss tried to do was hand April Song a front of the line pass. I suppose I see the logic in it, but that doesn’t mean I like it. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and anyone with a brain can see that Ronin is collectively the weakest link of the proverbial SSW chain. The faction’s in a state of disarray now, and while a kinder person would probably feel secondhand embarrassment, I just find it hilarious. See, April, if you actually applied yourself, even someone like you could easily take the reigns of a ragtag group like the one you “proudly” -- by your own admission -- fly the flag of. I guess for a second, I wanted to fantasize that you actually had the guts to step up to the forefront and try to steer the ship. At least then, this match could have some sort of vaguely cool “leader vs. leader” weight attached to it. That’s already happened, though. I’ve already put your leader flat on his ass, and now I get to deal with one of the grunts behind him. It’s a nonsensical situation to be in, and that’s why I hate it. The idea that this company’s first-ever world champion is now stuck playing ring general duty against someone who’s not fit to lace my boots even on my worst day is enough to make me wanna put my fist through a wall. Those feelings of annoyance were what I focused on initially.

And then, I snapped out of it.

The fact that there are better things I could be doing with my time doesn’t change, but that’s no reason for me to look at this as a glass-half-empty scenario. If nothing else, April, you’re a tune-up for me, and those aren’t TOO wrong. If there’s anything I love, it’s a guaranteed victory, and that’s what’s being gift-wrapped for me here. And before you come at me with some shit about how you love challenges, slow your roll. For something to be a challenge, it means that the amount of push-back you’re gonna put into it will actually mean something. There is NO VERSION of this where you defeat me. You can’t even disagree, can you? I mean, historically, think about it. In the past, when you’ve thrown everything at me, it was still never enough to beat me. And the lone modicum of victory you can hang onto, wasn’t exactly a sanctioned match. Crime doesn’t exactly pay, either, because how have things gone for each of us since March? I’ve been thriving, and it seems that everything old is new again, because here you are -- looking at me and trying to convince me that you’re good enough to beat me. Those championships and tournaments you wanted to win, how has all of that worked out for you, baby girl? I know this is gonna suck for you to hear, but this “purple-haired bitch” -- just like the one with hot pink hair and electric blue hair -- has ALWAYS been too much for April Song to contend with. I don’t know what Senn saw in you to make him feel like making this match was a good idea, and I don’t actually give a single fuck. What you’re walking into is a company-sanctioned ass beating. While you’re scrambling of ways to try to make me believe that you actually present a threat in this situation, it should already be painfully apparent that I’m not sweating you. You’re a lamb being led to slaughter. And by the time you realize it’s too late, the bolt gun is already gonna be pressed to your forehead.

I don’t know if you keep up with pop culture, April, but the fact that we’re dealing with each other kinda reminds me of the back-and-forth between Eminem and MGK. Just like you hit your ceiling when you briefly managed to keep a certain “special” championship around your waist, MGK hit his peak back when people actually were fooled into thinking he was good. And when he drew Eminem’s ire, Em knew that he’d somehow be holding an L just by wasting his breath to respond to MGK. No matter how badly I beat you, no matter how quickly I put you away, no matter how emphatic of a statement I make by beating someone everyone knows I can beat, on some level, I have to deal with the fact that facing you is a bad look. It’s a mismatch. I’m at peace with it, though.

“You mention me, millions of views, attention in news. I mention you, lose-lose for me, win-win for you.”

You don’t have anything at all to lose here. When you get put in the dirt, hey, at least you were able to go toe-to-toe with me, right? Folks are gonna give you props for being able to hang. There’s no telling how much you’d be able to milk the win for on the off chance you were actually able to make that happen. You’re in an ideal position, April, and I hope you remember that after you lose. I hope you cling to whatever optimistic “I went down swinging” bullshit helps you sleep at night. Just because this is a waste of my time doesn’t mean I’ve conceded from being the same competitive ass bitch I’ve always been. I don’t like taking L’s, so I won’t. ESPECIALLY not against someone that I’m better than in every conceivable way. You took this invitation to soar wayyyyyy above your paygrade, Miss Killer Bee, and at Event Horizon, I’m gonna show you why you shouldn’t have. 
Steven Cassidy
on September 28th 2018, 5:14 pmSteven Cassidy
((Steven is sitting in his hotel room, thinking about his upcoming match at Event Horizon, as well as what transpired last week. We saw a different side to him last Saturday. An aggressive side and it ended up costing Shoot Nation's chances of gaining tag team gold. Steven has a face of guilt. Knowing if he was able to keep his emotions in check, odds are, Steven and Shinati would be the current SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions. Since then, his friends have kept telling him that everyone makes mistakes, in an attempt to help him get out of this funk, to move on, but he is struggling to do so. It isn't easy for him to just move on, especially when he screwed up mightly. Maybe speaking in front of this camera will help him get it off his chest and feel better.))

"We had it. We had the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships in our grasps, and I royally screwed up. I made a costly mistake - a mistake that has been eating away at me since the very moment our match ended last week. And with the aftermath, I can't even look Shinati in the eye because I know that I let him down. That I let Shoot Nation down. That I let the fans down. The list goes on and on. But, I don't expect any of you to feel sorry for me. This isn't me trying to garner your sympathy. I screwed up. I realize that. Some people in my position would probably try to pass the blame onto someone else - to pass the buck. To point fingers at the person nearest to them, but not me. I owe up to my mistakes. And last week was one giant mistake. And now, I could say that it's up to me to correct that mistake, to right that wrong - and maybe that's true, but I will also need Shinati's help. I will need his talent in order to win those tag titles this weekend. Because I can't do this all on my own. I can't play hero ball, so to speak. If I try to win this all on my own and make up for last week, I will lose. I will embarrass myself for the second week in a row. And I am not looking to shoulder all the pressure that comes with this match. I am a team player, as is Shinati. I trust him. I trust him to do his part. I know that if I am struggling, he will be there to bail me out and vice versa. I mean sure, we haven't been teaming as long as the other teams. Especially the former Freebird Tag Team Champs. Their bond can't be matched. Their love can't be duplicated. They are willing to die for one another. Because even though they may be part of Tres Comas Club, the One True Pairing comes first. The titles the six of us are fighting for tomorrow night, are the titles they want the most. They are the number one prize they are fighting for. The reason why they are here. Can the same be said about the remaining four of us? Truthfully speaking, I don't think so. Especially when it comes to the current tag champs, CM Nas and Saul Omen. Just like the rest of Phantom Troupe, they just want as much gold as possible. It doesn't matter what title they are holding, as long as they have one. I think that goes without saying since one of them even goes by the moniker, 'The Championship Hoarder.'

Then there is us. The unique pairing of Shinati and Steven. A dynamic duo that some believe isn't so dynamic to begin with. Mostly talking about my opponents there. But I can kind of understand where they are coming from. It's as if we were just thrown into this title match after we picked up a random tag team victory a few months back. Proving the tag team scene needs some improvement. Some more teams. That is by no means a shot at SSW, or I guess Jacob Senn to be more precise, and how he puts the shows together because in just about every company, there is usually only two teams that actually care about the tag division and that is it. Sure, makeshift teams are created every so often, but they leave shortly after because the tag titles just don't motivate them enough to stay for the long haul and they would rather wear world title gold around their waist. And that's fine. So with that said, people just assume that if we lose this match, that we will never try to capture the Freedbird Tag Titles again, and I don't think that's the case. I believe this team of ours is special and we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. And when it comes to what's on my mind, it is in fact the tag titles. I know most are saying that's BS. That I have the BITW Series to think about and that may be true, but I live in the now. I don't just look at the future and ignore the present. No, I am going to unwrap that present this Saturday and it will be the SSW Freebird Championships! Just what I wanted!

We are in this match for a reason, whether our opponents want to admit it or not. And no, it's not just for one of us to take the pin. I get it, you guys aren't taking us seriously, especially OTP. I don't know about Shinati, but I am used to that feeling. It makes me feel right at home. I am used to people not taking me seriously. As if I am a dead man walking into every match I am about to compete in. I have a chip on my shoulder because of it. I have been doubted every single week in the BITW Series and every week I walk away with a W against the most talented wrestlers this world has to offer - yes, that includes Sakura. So when Cassius goes on his whole spiel about not knowing I exist or barely remembering my name so he had to write it on his hand or read it off his teleprompter, I find it hard to believe. Because I know how much he loves her. I mean, he shoves it down our throats every time he films a message of his. So I am willing to bet that you watch every single one of her matches, as you anxiously root her on. At least, I would hope so. It would only make sense, which would mean you watched me beat your lovely wife. And this week, you will get to watch the same thing happen, just from up close. I could say more about the two of you, but I am going to take a wild guess and say you don't care? Yep? Right on the money! So I am not going to waste my breath any further on OTP. As for the current champs, Saul and CM. I already said a lot about you guys, seeing as how we just faced off. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think I heard a single peep from CM last week? If that's true, I will just move onto Saul. I must confess that a few weeks ago, I lied. I told the world that I was over what you and John Doe did to Koji all those months ago, but clearly, I am not. You are a trigger. Just your presence alone triggers those memories I have tried to keep buried away. But your name makes them resurface. And it's all I can think about and that scares me. Because I have always prided myself on being a calm competitor, as I let my opponents fight with their burning passion of anger and use it against them. But last week, the script was flipped, and it was I who had hate in my heart. It was I who failed to keep his eye on the prize. It was I who tried to end your career right then and there. That's not what I'm about. I'm not the kind of guy who wants to injure my opponent to the point he can't put food on the table for months. There is no honor in that. And if all I wanted to do was hurt others, I would be in The Phantom Troupe. What I did last week, made me sick. It made me feel like I was a part of PT. I don't want to experience that feeling again. I don't want to lose control. I don't - I don't want to lose myself, like so many others have before me. This business, it's cutthroat. And often times, it shapes and forms you into something you never thought you could become. I'm not interested in that. I'm not interested in changing - for the worse. I don't want to end up like you, Saul. Or you, CM. I want to be Steven Cassidy and I want to stay Steven Cassidy! I want to prove that I am good enough. And hopefully, I prove that come tomorrow night. So Shinati - let's do this! 

For Shoot Nation!"
Kai Stevens
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SSW Promos DWHmLjz
you were the king, now you’re unconscious

----When defining an event horizon, it is often equated with a point of no return.  For many at Strong Style Wrestling’s Event Horizon, this is exactly what they are facing.  For Kai Stevens and his bid for Khmaoch Sângkât’s SSW Heritage Championship, this is indubitably true.
----This rematch between the two members of the Best in the World Series Tournament’s A Block has been promoted for weeks leading into Event Horizon.  That being said, both superstars took very different paths to reach this point, and it is illustrated in their demeanors in the build towards the event.
----To further promote the Championship Match, a video is uploaded to the official Strong Style Wrestling YouTube account.  You find that it contains a black thumbnail and the title reads ‘YOU WERE THE KING, NOW YOU’RE UNCONSCIOUS’.  This piques your interest, and you click on it with little to no hesitation.  The theater mode view of an automatically 1080p video usurps your browser window, though you click on the full screen option and it instead commandeers your entire screen.
----We open on a slow-motion replay of Khmaoch Sângkât hoisting the Heritage Championship over his head as Champion for the first time January Twenty-First of this year, Masanori Kawada incapacitated on the mat in the background.  As his arm reaches its peak, the color fades from the footage and a graining siren calls out, directly preceding a sampling of Charlize Theron’s dialogue from Ridley Scott’s two-thousand twelve science fiction film Prometheus.
----A king has his reign, she says softly, a loud horn reminiscent of the bass in Hans Zimmer’s Inception soundtrack sounding out immediately afterward.
----The package cuts to footage stained with the proverbial crimson of blood from the August Fourth installment of the Best in the World Series with that same graining siren as before.
----And then he dies, offers Theron’s voice ominously.
----This sampling of her dialogue from the film accompanies the footage of Kai Stevens delivering his Apocalypse Now finishing strike to Sângkât in slow motion, the color fading with a second sounding of the aforementioned horn.  We then cut to the climax of that same show, where Kai hoists the Heritage Championship over his head for the first time in sync with a third instance of that graining siren.
----It’s inevitable, concludes Theron.
----The third horn introduces an anthemic and high-energy orchestral piece with the bass deep, heavy, and loud, which accompanies footage of Stevens and Sângkât’s respective journeys to Event Horizon throughout the Best in the World Series over the past two months.
----As the music crescendos to a head, a chorus of voices rising up simultaneously, the final image of the video package depicts Stevens glaring down resentfully at the unconscious body of the Heritage Champion from the last time the two crossed paths.  The coloring flickers, fades, and the package fades to black.  
----Without warning a bright white spotlight on a man seemingly seated in the center of the enveloping black.  The lighting is only focused on his torso, illuminating a black dress shirt with the top few buttons undone and narrowed eyes that can only belong to one Kai Stevens.  One can make out the faint outline of ring ropes behind him, making it a reasonable assumption that Stevens is seated on a stool in the ring in the empty Nagoya Dome in the days leading into Event Horizon.
----The Inevitable snickers ominously and furrows his brow, sneering into the camera as he allows his vitriolic rhetoric to escape his lips, the arrogance creeping in like the cold sneaking in through the openings of a winter coat.
----Y’see, the thing about heritage, he begins venomously.  Is that it usually has to do with legacy.  And the thing about legacy is, well…  In this business, legacies are made in between the ropes, in the ring.  Now where I come from?  My heritage?  We’re relentless in the pursuit of our vision.  Go back a generation.  Hell, go back two or three and you’ll see for yourself.  I come from workers.  I come from men with callouses on their hands, blood on their knees, and dirt in their wounds.  I come from people who are hardwired to earn everything they have.  They don’t accept handouts.  They don’t…  Don’t care for your praises.  We don’t rest on our laurels, but laurels we have aplenty...  My father, his father, and his father before that, they…  They left me a legacy.
----Their legacy wasn’t forged between the ropes, admits Kai.  Nor crafted in any ring…  I was demanded to be Atlas from birth, carrying the weight of their legacy atop my shoulders like I carry Ronin...  Like I carry this company...  Like I’m going to carry the Heritage Championship.  And their legacy?  Was composed in the pit of their chests-- their hearts...  And in the sweat of their brow.  And that legacy is to be the one who sets their sights on something they want, something they need, they crave, and they do the work necessary to get it.
----Stevens smirks forebodingly as the tail end of his utterances invoke an emphasized pause.  During this pause, he swallows, scratches at his stubble, and wets his lips.  Drawing a deep breath in through his nostrils, the Envoy of the End continues his diatribe with a calculation in the pacing of his speech.
----But as we rapidly approach Event Horizon, he caveats with a contemplative furrowing of his brows and a drifting of his eyes off the camera for a moment.  I’ve been burdened by thought.  Y’see, I conducted a, uh, a moral self-inventory, and I discovered that…  That it isn’t just the legacy of generation after generation of my blood that I carry with me into this match…  It isn’t just my blood legacy that I must protect, strengthen, and Champion...  I, too, represent the legacy of Brian Church.
----Anyone who knows the history of this business knows the legacy of my mentor and knows the weight it must possess.  He hand-picked me to carry on his legacy, and ever since?  Ever since I’ve dominated every company I’ve set foot in with the same malice, the same violence, the same resent as Brian before me.  Here in Strong Style Wrestling, it’s been no different.
----Almost a decade ago, Brian ran this industry with a deathgrip unlike anyone ever had in the business.  He did it by force, but he did it with cunning...  With calculation.  Y’see, Khmaoch, there was a method to his madness.  Every drop of blood he spilled, it had a purpose.  Every bone that he snapped, every Champion that he tapped, he never did a damn thing without a damn good reason.  In a way, it makes everything he did that much sicker.  And here in this industry, carrying the weight of Brian’s legacy atop my shoulders?  I’ve come to learn that Darwin was close-- but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  It isn’t survival of the fittest, Sângkât.  It’s survival of the sickest.
----And I don’t have to tell you about how sick I am, Champ, he continues disdainfully.  You learned for yourself what my least twisted gameplan is capable of, and if I was able to beat you as handedly as I did with my least sick gameplan, I implore you to take a moment to think about the fight I’m bringin’ to your fucking doorstep at Event Horizon...  Because I can promise you right now, chief: I will bathe in your blood and taste in your torment before I take that Heritage Championship by force from your cold, dead hands.  You have no fucking clue what you’ve got coming to you.
----Stevens’s calculated demeanor fades into that of an arrogant grin.  However, sooner than later the grin shifts into a sneer and his brow furrows disgustedly.  With a tone that can only be described as equal parts judgmental and vindictive, the Inevitable lifts his right fist and extends his index finger, wagging it towards the camera to accompany his imperious speech.
----All this thinking that I’ve been doing about my heritage, Champ, it got me thinking about yours, he snickers evilly.  When they’re burying you six feet under the ground next week after I’ve killed you, what will you be remembered for?
----Will it be for your reign as SSW Heritage Champion?  Will it be for your years in the industry?  What is your legacy, Khmaoch?  Since the ink met paper and I signed my SSW contract back in June, I’ve observed.  Like a predator stalking its prey, I’ve spent the last three or so months learning the movements, the habits, the dark secrets of each and every person I might have to dispatch in between these ropes he says, gesturing to the ropes on either side of him.  I figured out what makes you all tick.  But in doing so, in making these observations?  I discovered something about you, Champ.  I learned something about the legacy you’re leaving in your place when I bring an end to your reign, career, and life at Event Horizon.
----Do ya’ wanna’ know what it is?  Y’see, Sângkât, through, for all intents and purposes, hunting you, I’ve come to learn that you are one of the single biggest hypocrites I’ve ever had the displeasure of observing.  You talk of honor like you know the first thing about it, yet you turn around and dishonor this company, dishonor this business, and dishonor that SSW Heritage Championship every time you open your mouth and, more importantly?  Every time you step in the ring.
----So what does that mean for your legacy? questions Kai rhetorically, his eyes narrowing.  If you ask me (and don’t take that as me giving even a modicum of a fuck whether or not you’re asking me), you’ve got everything twisted all ass-backwards in that thick skull of yours.  And if you’re asking me, I’d also tell you that I can’t wait to kick that thick skull in.  You talk about the Phantom Troupe as if they’re the pinnacle of this industry, as if their aspirations for greatness are more than mere delusions of grandeur…  And you have the mendacity and audacity to claim that you’re a man of honor, that the Phantom Troupe are men and women of honor, all the while refusing to sacrifice for the Greater Good, for what you want, what you need.
----As veins bulge from Kai’s neck and temple, he undoes the cuffs of his sleeves and rolls them up to the elbow with a twitching upper lip and furrowed brow.  The rage bubbles up beneath the surface when he flicks his eyes ominously up to the camera once more, prepared to continue his verbal skewering of the SSW Heritage Champion’s legacy.
----Which means that your win over Kawada to win that title in the first place, begins Kai.  Was for naught.  Your defenses against the bottom feeding old guard of Ronin Atem Octavian Amun-Ra and Tarah Nova, against the Apparition, they mean nothing.  The only legacy you’re leaving behind when I bring about your unceremonious and permanent end, Champ?  Is that you were the stepping stone that Kai Stevens used to catapult into his meteoric ascension into the upper echelon of the annals of history.
----In other words, Sângkât, when I take that strap from you at Event Horizon, nobody will remember your then-two hundred and fifty-two days as Champion.  They won’t remember how you won it, how you defended it, or anything you did while you were Champion.  Hell, I’m not even Champion yet and I’m already a better Champion than you EVER WERE!
----They’re only going to remember you in terms of your relationship to my reign.  They’re only going to remember you as the pothole on my road towards being Champion.  So your legacy?  You’ve taken your heritage, your bloodborne, inherent, intrinsic background in Strong Style and you’ve tainted it irreparably.  You’ve embarrassed your ancestors.  You’ve humiliated them and disappointed them to such a degree that they’re probably rolling in their graves right about now…  Like you will be soon enough.  At this point, Champ?  I’m sure your heritage would rather you just give up.  You’ve dishonored the Phantom Troupe, your family, your heritage...  And as long as I have anything to say about it?  The punishment for dishonor is death.
----You think of yourself as a king, don’t you, Khmaoch? inquires Kai with a sneer and narrowed eyes.  You think of yourself as an ambassador for this business, for Strong Style, for the Phantom Troupe, do you not?  Representative of all the ideals and tenets within?  If so, consider this trial by combat, and the king’s justice?  It will be me delivering it as I take your fucking throne by force and kick the crown and the head it encumbers OFF YOUR FUCKING SHOULDERS.
----Kai’s skin reddens in a splotchy manner, a physical manifestation of the rage brewing in the blood that boils as it courses through his veins.  He feels his skin swelling from this very embodiment of anger and blinks, swallowing almost audibly.
----Drawing a deep breath through his nostrils, he closes his eyes and holds the air in his expanded lungs, his chest pushed outward.  As he exhales through his mouth, his chest narrowing to its normal size, his eyes snap open in a foreboding fashion and he bows his head forward slightly.  From here, he peers up at the camera ominously, an evil snicker softly escaping his lips before he continues.
----To wear the SSW Heritage Championship, the Envoy of the End efforts to explain.  You should represent your heritage proudly, openly, and above all else well.  You should make those that came before you proud.  You should be giving down a legacy to those who follow after you not only not less but greater than it was given unto you.  But you’re not leaving much of a legacy at all, now are you?
----In essence, Sângkât, for your heritage?  For your legacy?  Event Horizon is the end of the line.  But for you I offer no Book of Revelations ending…  Because this?  This is the Book of Kai Stevens...  And we’re killing you off, Champ.  And it is not your God, your heritage, or your Phantom Troupe who is killing you off.  It isn’t some omniscient narrator.  It’s me.  Which means that it’s going to be sick.  It’s going to be twisted.  And above all else, Khmaoch?  It’s Inevitable.
----They say that a king has his reign and then he dies, that it’s Inevitable, he continues arrogantly.  Well that inevitability has come calling, Champ.  It’s time to pay the piper.  It’s my time now, Khmaoch.  It’s not only the odds and the clock that you’re facing anymore…  It’s me.  It’s your end.  And like it is for your reign, like it is for your time wasting mine?  And like it is for your time being a sad excuse for a man, one of dishonor?  The end is nigh.
----Stevens smirks ominously and bows his head forward, peering up with malice aforethought and a foreboding evil in his gaze before the color fades from the frame much like it did in the video package that opened the scene.  As it fades to black, a soft voice repeats her portent and leaves the viewers with a gnawing sensation in the pit of their stomachs.
----It’s inevitable.


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Christopher Sabertooth
on September 28th 2018, 2:49 pmChristopher Sabertooth

Christopher Sabertooth is seen walking backstage after his match with Vanessa Santiago.

“Saber!” screamed multiple Japanese media correspondents waiting to get the word with the talent before the big show, Event Horizon.

“Not this again….” Said Chris to himself before slowly walking towards the reporters.

今夜は素晴らしい勝利。EVENT HORIZON の計画は何ですか?asked one interviewer.

“Where’s the translator? But seriously… You don’t expect me to talk to all these people without a translator. Fuck’s sake… I knew Jacob Senn was a cheap bastard but this is the least he can do for a talent like me. Anyway…. I am going off the buzz words. Event Horizon. I am sure you saw my performance tonight. Vanessa Santiago was very confident in her demands. She wanted to make me pay for taking away her opportunity to be on Event Horizon but we all saw how that turned out for her. But no hard feelings. I honestly don’t care who I face on a weekly basis. I don’t hold a grudge against them… It’s not my fault that Jessykah happened to be the one I faced when I was looking to make a statement. It’s not my problem what happens to my opponents in that ring. I am only doing my job and I am showing everybody. Whether its in America or here in Japan… I am the BEST wrestler in the world. Tonight, was cake-walk for me. And I don’t expect that lunatic to be much of a challenge at Event Horizon. Next question.” Said Chris looking at the crowd of interviewers.

“Chris… Matthew had some harsh words to say to you… What is your response?” Asked the other interviewer.

“Don’t call me Chr—You speak English? Why didn’t you say anything when I asked for a translator?! You know what… I don’t care. What did you ask? Did I care about the things that idiot had to say about me? Simply put. NO. He made a mistake by going after me at Domination. He tried to steal my moment. He tried to take away the spotlight from me. And what happened next… Right after I revealed my intentions to align with the Tres Comas Club, we took Matthew down just like he did to me. But I hit way harder than he ever could. And what happened next? He doesn’t show up on TV and starts doing his ERROR 404 NOT FOUND bullshit. I think he hit him on his a little too hard because man… He’s a lunatic now. Event Horizon is supposed to be my night. The day I show everybody here why I got the big bucks to be here in the first place. The reason why Jacob Senn personally announced my debut in front of a live PPV audience instead of some random tour. Why Jaywalker chose me to be the future of Tres Comas CLub and not my contemporaries in Andre Virgo, Miltiades and the other lot, who can’t get enough of fighting between each other. I made my intentions clear from the day I stepped in here. I didn’t have a personal agenda to join TCC apart from the money. And let me tell you.. It’s more than what Matthew will ever see. You following me? If you understand what I am saying, Nod your head.” Asked Sabertooth as few of the interviews nod while other stare at him cluelessly as they record the interview.

“Man… It must be hard for you all not speak American. Cause you know… We are the best country in the world. The same can be said about the wrestling too. No offense. Not that you are going to understand me to take offense anyway. “ Said Chris as he chuckles.

“So where were we? Oh yeah.. America is great and you all should come whenever you can afford it. But the main question was to address what Matthew had to say about me. What did he call me? Generic. Really? That’s the best you can come up with. Oh, so I am generic. Funny enough coming from a Terminator/Matrix tribute act. If you think my motivations are generic for even a second then you have absolutely no idea about this business or who I really am. That’ll be shocking considering how big of a deal my debut was and his wasn’t. He doesn’t know about my struggles. He doesn’t know what I had to do to get here so he has no authority to ever question my intentions. He has no right to call me Generic. What has he done in this business? The first time he showed up on TV, everybody’s reaction was ‘Who the fuck is this guy?’. But this man has the audacity to ruin my moment? Are we forgetting what I did to your SSW Junior Heavyweight Champion at Burning Sky. Or is American Television to costly for your cheap asses to watch the show? He made the same mistake Matthew did. He questioned my authority. He questioned my claims of being the best in the fucking world and know he won’t look me in the eye. Oh by the way, I know TCC is all about in-fighting and all, but that’s what I did to somebody from my faction. Now, Jaywalker has told me clearly that I don’t need to care about the faction warfare as long as people know what lines to not cross. I am the ACE of TCC. So, when Matthew decided to ruin the moment for the FUTURE of TCC. He bit off way more than he could chew. “ Said Chris as he looks around to the clueless Japanese reporters just staring blankly into Chris. But Chris continues anyway.

“The only reason people still talk about him right now is because he decided to blindside ME. Matthew and his neo noir bullshit doesn’t make him any better of a wrestler. There’s a reason why he’s  even on the card and that’s ME. I could have take him out like I took Jessykah out. And I made short work of Vanessa Santiago ending her dreams of being on the show. He’s just a pawn in this game. The game that I run! After Event Horizon… Nobody will even talk about Matthew. I am giving him a career only to destroy it. Yeah, I just quoted Eminem. So, it’s clear. I don’t care what he thinks about me. I don’t care what he thinks he’s capable of. Because so far… All we have seen him do is cheap shot me and then run away for the past few weeks. And he had the audacity to distract me during my match against Miles. You know why Miles is heading towards the title picture? Not because of the momentum he has been gaining over the past few weeks gaining victories over nobodies in this business. His accomplishments is limited to stealing the victory from me. And I handled that problem at Olympus. Matthew thinks he can get away with what he did, and that is hysterical to me. Remember the beating I gave him few weeks ago? Yeah? That’s nothing compared to what I have planned for him this weekend when I finally get my hands on that idiot. If he regretted going against me before… Boy, he’s going to regret being born after Event Horizon. Now, you can call it hubris. I don’t care. Don’t confuse my confidence for overcompensation for anything. I back my words up, day in, day out. So, everyone out here looking to get one word with the great Christopher Sabertooth. I am going to do you all a favor and ask a question. What’s next for Christopher Sabertooth after he destroys Matthew at Event Horizon? Simple, I am going to make sure everybody in this locker room regret sticking their uninvited nose into my business. I am going to make an example out of Matthew this Saturday. It’s not going to be easy to watch. For all the kids watching at home this Saturday, cover your eyes. Because I am going to kick Matthew’s fucking head off.” Said Sabertooth standing up.

“Any questions? Yeah? I don’t care because I am fucking done.” Said Sabertooth as he drops the mic and kicks the background poster down before walking away.


Later that week. September 27th, Las Vegas.

Rocky Hollywood is seen seated by Sabertooth in a Limo.

“Man… You got a busy week ahead of you.” Said Rocky.

“Yeah. I really needed tonight. Because I have a flight to catch right after Olympus is done.” Said Chris.

“Hey. Which is why you called me. I am your plug remember? We are going to party like there’s no tomorrow. Because tomorrow…. You gotta work. And the day after that.” Said Rocky.

“Work? Man, I still wouldn’t call it work. I am having a good time week in and week out. Tomorrow, I make sure Gareth Cason knows about my intentions to take his precious title away from him. And after that…. It’s cakewalk.” Said Chris with a smirk on his face.

“Oh yeah! You are going to be exhausted when you reach Japan. Who are you facing again? That idiot Matthias?” Asked Rocky.

“Close… Matthew. You remember him don’t you?” Asked Chris.

“The guy who ruined your debut? Yeah, I remember him. Hey… I love Japan! If you want me in your corner this weekend, let me know.” Said Rocky.

“You don’t need to. This shit is going to be easy. Don’t waste your time for what? A 5-10 minute match? That’s all I need. Unless, I am planning to absolutely wreck this man. Which I might… Regardless of how I plan to handle this situation. There’s absolutely no need for backup. This man better be hoping the entire Ronin squad show up to stand beside him but that won’t matter anyway.” Said Chris confidently as he takes out a beer from the mini fridge in the Limo.

“That’s good to know. I just heard from Natalie, that you have been training hard all week, so I thought it would be more of a challenge.”Said Rocky trying to pry information out of Chris.

“Oh, I have been training. But it’s not for the match… Not exactly. So, I have been thinking of adding more to my arsenal for a while. You remember when I used to use ClimaX? The Double Knee Facebreaker?” Asked Chris with a grin plastered over his face.

“Double knee Facebreaker? I have never seen you use a double knee facebreaker. In fact, I don’t know if that move suits you.” Said Rocky.

“Well, you might be right. Naah. It’s a cool move. Another one of those out of nowhere kind. I am going to keep spamming it on Matthew till he’s a bloody mess. This is going to be great!” Said Chris enthusiastically.

“That’s pretty sadistic man…. But hey, that’s your job.” Said Rocky taking out a beer from the fridge.

“Cheers to that! And Matthew. “ Said Chris as they clink their bottles.

El Fin
Belle Kingsley
on September 27th 2018, 9:49 pmBelle Kingsley
There are those words.

“Belle is owed her due”...but not at the expense of Jaydayne Pendragon. This is what I got from Jaydanye’s video. He is not denying the fact that I am owed my due. There is no denying that I am one of the hardest working women in the back. I am the first one to arrive in the dojo. I am the last one to leave the dojo. I am a woman who has poured her heart and soul each time she enters the ring. I am a woman who gives it her all. People are going to say that my all “wasn’t good enough”. It is such a depressing feeling to look at the crowd of men, women, and children and know that I let them down. The heartbroken look on their faces rips me apart and makes me feel like a failure. The more that I think about it, the more I begin to acknowledge that I am a failure. I have made multiple promises that I would get the job done. I have made promises that I could not keep and it makes me feel like a liar. I feel like I have been lying to these fans who come and see me lose. It has come to the point where I don’t think I am good enough to be in Shoot Nation. I know I was picked by Brian Daniels to be part of this faction, but as my SSW run has progressed, it has become difficult to see why I belong in Shoot Nation. With Jaydayne, he is able to look at his fiancee and know that she is proud of him. He can look at his family and know that they are proud of him. He can look at the fans and they are proud of him. They see a bit of themselves when they see Jaydayne. The fans can relate to him. They relate to his struggles. They relate to his successes. These fans cannot relate to a woman who constantly fails. My family should be ashamed of me. They should be ashamed of their daughter and sister and how she can’t manage to win when it counts. Event Horizon is the one place where I am blessed with the opportunity to prove to these fans that they are not wasting their time in investing in me. It is the opportunity to prove to Jaydayne and the rest of Shoot Nation that I am not a disgrace to the faction. It is an opportunity to prove to myself that I am not a failure. I am not a liar. I am a woman who will rise to the occasion and leave Nagoya with the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship.

I can see the concern of my fellow Shoot Nation brother and sisters. The close bond in this faction could be in jeopardy. Me winning the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship could cause tension within this united faction. I have heard rumblings in the back that we might be as divided is the Tres Comas Club. I am aware that we have our critics who would love nothing, but to see us be divided. Here’s the thing: I don’t want tension in Shoot Nation despite the result which can come by the end of the weekend. Jaydayne and I have a mutual respect for one another. I am not going to lie and say that Jaydayne is a bad leader. He’s a fantastic leader. He has his way of having the rest of us listen and look to him as an example of being successful around here. In a company dominated by factions such as the Phantom Troupe and Tres Comas Club, he has been a prime example of how you don’t need to sell your soul to the devil to get what you want. That if you stick by your morals, you can succeed. I have doubted about that for the longest time. I kept wondering if I have to stoop low enough to get the amount of success as the two other factions. By seeing Jaydayne dethrone Aria Jaxon, it has given me hope that I would gain the same success that he has. In SSW, there can only be one champion. Jaydayne is spot on with that comment. I want to be that champion. Jaydayne would love nothing more than to retain and prove that his victory over Aria was no fluke. There is a part of me that wants him to succeed. I don’t hate Jaydayne as champion and he has done a great job with bringing prestige to the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship. There is that other part of me who wants to make the rest of Shoot Nation proud of me. I want the fans to look at me as an inspiration. I want them to look and me and not see a loser.  I don’t see this match as Jaydayne and I facing for the power of Shoot Nation. This is not about power at all. We are not going to be another Tres Comas Club. Jaydanye and I have similar values. We value Japanese wrestling. We value on being the best wrestlers in the world.

At Event Horizon, I plan to prove that I am one of the best in Strong Style Wrestling. I plan to prove my worth to Shoot Nation and the fans. Most importantly, I plan to take my place as Puroresu Heavyweight Champion.
The One True Pairing
on September 27th 2018, 1:51 pmThe One True Pairing
SSW Promos FXIi9g4
SSW Promos One_True_Logo_10-2

The camera follows Sakura Corleone, who was sweating and panting. She catches her breath and her heart begins to race as she rushes from one hallway to another. She wears her “OTP” tee and a pair of pink shorts, matching her pink hair. For so long, she seemed melancholy and depressed, like Saul Omen on a regular day except the need to cut himself, but now her eyes light up for something is about to change.

Sakura Corleone: CASSIUS!

Cassius appears from another corner of the hallway, just as excited as she is.

Cassius Corleone: SAKURA!

Cassius and Sakura run towards each other, and as soon as they were close, Sakura leaps onto Cassius’ arms and he happily catches her. She was smothered in his tight loving embrace as he spins her around while hugging her, like lovers that haven’t seen each other for years.

Sakura Corleone: Oh, I’ve missed you, Cassius! I’ve missed you so much! The time we have spent apart almost killed me! I never want to let you out of my sight again!

Cassius Corleone: I know, my love, I know. But I just had to take that phone call. Usually, I would ignore anything else for my sweet Cherry Blossom but this time it was very very important. I had to ensure that the stage is all set and that we are going to not miss our chance to take back our Lovebird Tag Team Championships!

Sakura Corleone: Oh, I love the sound of that! You and me. Champions again. For so long I have been a dead soul just facing match after match with no reason nor purpose, and absolutely no explanation as to why we are not getting our rematch right away, but finally we have this moment even if it’s a tedious climb to the top.

Cassius Corleone: Funny that you’ve mentioned that because our match literally is going to be in a Ladder Match.

Sakura’s heart beats faster in excitement, and Cassius can feel it as he still has his arms wrapped around her, and they are very close to each other. Sakura lets loose the embrace and speaks directly to the camera from a distance.

Sakura Corleone: I am picturing it now, my Cassius! The One True Pairing takes back their gold as they reach the very end of the ladder! We will reclaim our gold after we had just slaughtered all the rest of this vomit and piss disguising themselves as wrestlers, those who believe they measure up to the greatness and excellence of the One True Pairing. Week after week, after week, it’s been different names and faces with the same bland sets of skills, like they had every right to snatch me away from my home and let me live in such a disgusting environment while the Saul Omen and CM Nas avoided the same ordeal because they didn’t want to face a huge deal of embarrassment, being exposed to competition and to the One True Pairing knowing that they only won against us not out of this non-existent skill but because of luck. And just like your entire life after you’ve had drunken sex with a girl who gave you her “consent” while passed out, you are not getting lucky again! Where is the Tag Team Division that you promised to improve and flourish when you became the Champion? Instead of doing any kind of work that would elevate The Phantom Troupe, you became invisible to everyone, afraid to defend your titles, afraid to face your enemies, and afraid of being exposed for the incompetent imbeciles that you truly are. But I am not surprised that you were allowed to do that, it’s not like there are any standards with how the authority figures pick the wrestlers they reward! You could be the laziest, most dormant, pieces of rags that stand as an embarrassment not only to your faction but to this world as a wrestler, and they could still put you on World title matches with no problem! While Cassius and I, who have worked hard since day one and displayed our dominance in the best way we can, get thrown in tournaments and meaningless matches, and they never took into consideration that we deserve a rematch right away due to the circumstances. Time and time again we have proven that we deserve the titles and the right to call ourselves the King and Queen of Soulmate Style Wrestling, while people like Saul Omen and CM Nas, they have proven nothing! We have to sit through every moment of CM Nas’ lazy performance, we have to endure Saul Omen’s mating cry while he calls on his cult followers. But of course, my Cassius always tells me to not dwell on past events, life moves forward! I will keep smiling and I will keep marching to the battlefield because that’s what my Cassius wants from me! Once upon a time, you have slipped through the cracks and beat us after the many times we have already beaten you for the same title, and now we stand on the stage where we deserve to be, and I am here to tell you that you live on borrowed time with those titles. We are going to play the game that we have been good at for so long, and it’s our turn to transform one tiny mishap into a record-breaking win when the One True Pairing becomes SSW’s Two-time Freebird Tag Team Champions.

Sakura Corleone leans on Cassius’ shoulder.

Sakura Corleone: Time moves at different speeds, they say, and the past two months have been the longest moments of my life. Any time I have to fight without my Cassius by my side feels like the hands of the clock are choking and suffocating me. You don’t know how that feels. You can’t possibly know because you go on with your lives being followers and doing what you’re told when you’re told… that’s what your factions are for: So you could follow each other like idiots as if one person’s career has a direct effect on yours when you could just admit to yourselves that you’re nothing but goons and sidekicks whose purpose is to aid those that stand higher than you. No one and nothing is higher than The One True Pairing in stature and level. We fight for each other and win for each other, surely as we are made for each other. Time will work the same way as soon as we get our hands on the titles this Saturday, the seconds will stop… We will savor every moment of our title win, and you will sulk in so much physical and emotional pain, it would feel like it’s forever.

Sakura giggles as she grabs Cassius’ hand and begins to walk off with him as the camera follows them.

Sakura Corleone: Let’s go home, my love!

Cassius Corleone: Already called our driver.

Sakura and Cassius continue their conversation. They are husband and wife, and best friends that will stick together in joy and in sorrow, and that will never change. The need for each other. The emotional connection. And their synced minds. No other team or couple could top that. They are and forever will be the very definition of Soulmates.
The One True Pairing
on September 27th 2018, 1:35 pmThe One True Pairing
SSW Promos FXIi9g4

SSW Promos One_True_Logo_10

Cassius: Ah, there we go.

The sound of the limo’s engine is all that’s heard as the camera begins recording, showing Cassius Corleone - dressed in his usual expensive suit - sitting next to his dear wife, Sakura - still in her OTP t-shirt and pink shorts as she clings tightly to Cassius’ side.

Cassius: Now most would use their phone to record something like this, but most people were raised to do the absolute bare minimum to get by. My Cherry Blossom and I have never had to worry about anything ever being “too much”. In fact, we’ve only ever had to worry about things simply being not enough. It’s never been enough for us to just show up and completely dominate this pathetic “Tag Team Division” in this pathetic company. And it goes well beyond that too, because my Cherry Blossom and I have lived our entire lives never settling for anything less than the best. Isn’t that right, my love?

Sakura: Of course, my Cassius. We were given everything we needed to simply be better than these commoners in every way.

Cassius smirks before kissing Sakura. He turns back to the camera while she continues to admire him.

Cassius: I couldn’t agree more. While the rest of these people were being told that being a professional wrestler was absurd and they spent all the money they had to their names to even be trained, we were encouraged the moment we made our decision, and given the absolute best training that money can buy. While these no-names floundered around this industry with nothing to cling to until this company decided to lower their expectations enough to sign them, we were allowed the opportunity to sign to literally any place we wanted to go, and we blessed this company by coming here. And even in the smallest aspects of life, we simply had a better hand to deal with. We simply did it all better. Even now, while you people would have to record yourselves on a cheap phone in the back of an uber, we sit here comfortably in this beautiful limo and a camera that makes us look like the stars we are, and always have been.

Sakura: I can’t wait to come home, my love. It’s been so long that we’ve been away from each other - this company always asks so much of us.

Cassius: I know, my Cherry Blossom. We’ll be home soon enough, and we can enjoy ourselves in a place we actually want to be, if only for a day or so. See, that’s another thing about it. While Saul Omen and CM Nas and… Steven Cassidy? Shinati Mizarki? I should be given an Award for remembering the names of you people.

Sakura: You have such a good memory, my Cassius!

Cassius: While all of them are probably already in Japan, spending their time training their collective asses off and desperately thinking of a way that they’ll be the team to climb up a Ladder and retrieve OUR Lovebird Tag Team Championships, we’ll be sitting at home until we reluctantly have to make our way to Japan, and beat them within an inch of their lives. “Slow and steady wins the race” they say, and it couldn’t ring more true than right here in this very moment. My Cherry Blossom and I - we don’t sweat you commoners. We don’t worry about what’s coming our way when we step inside that ring against four different opponents in such a high-octane, competitive contest. We’ll enjoy one another in our beautiful home back in LA, and when we’re good and ready, we’ll hop on our jet, and we’ll come to visit you and - if only for one day - put Japan on the map with our presence. It’s not a matter of arrogance or anything like that. We are this company’s STARS, and this is simply what stars do. While the Nas’ and Omens of the World become just a common occurrence in Japan, we appear only when we’re good and ready, and we appear to win. We appear as a dominant force that can’t be stopped, no matter how hard you rack your little minds to try. You people were always built to fail the very moment you were brought into this World by whatever idiot knocked up whatever whore who put you here and gave you such a terrible fucking way to spend your existence. Each and every single one of you could have done something better with your lives, but instead you’ll spend every waking moment under our feet as the welcome mats to our kingdom. When OTP shows up, your ratings go up. When OTP shows up, all of your Japanese fans and all of the marks anywhere else in the World throw their money at their computers and watch, and they’ll tell themselves it’s because they want to see us lose, but they know deep down in their heart of hearts that it’s not what they truly want, and it’s not even what YOU people want. You need us. You need OTP more than you could ever imagine, because we make this place tolerable. Without us, it would be a chaotic fray of no-names and freaks that couldn’t make the cut in bigger oceans of this industry.

Sakura: But don’t forget, my Cassius! Saul Omen is a tough, edgy guy! CM Nas is the Championship Hoarder! Steven Cassidy and Shinati Mizarki… exist! And they’re gonna have us in a LADDER MATCH!

Cassius: Oh my God… You’re right, Sakura… What should we do?

Sakura and Cassius look at one another with serious expressions, moments before they both erupt into laughter.

Limo Driver: Is everything okay, Mr and Mrs. Corleone?

Sakura: Shut up, Ranjit!

Limo Driver: My name’s not--

Cassius: She said shut up, Ranjit! Your name is whatever we Goddamn say it is! Put up the partition and leave us alone!

Limo Driver: Putting up the partition…

Cassius: I can just see it now. Saul Omen is somewhere in the bowels of a building just cackling away while he facetimes Nas about how they’ve finally got OTP cornered with this Ladder Match. Steven Cassidy and Shinati Mizarki are gossiping with each other while they shine Jaydayne’s boots together, going on about how they’ve got such a HUGE opportunity to both become Tag Team Champions AND to take out OTP! Wow! We’re so scared! You people just don’t get it. You just don’t, do you? You honestly think we’re stuck in this Ladder Match with YOU? No, no, no - you’re stuck in here with US! I can’t even BEGIN to describe how long OTP has been waiting to beat the everloving shit out of Omen and Nas to take back OUR Championships, and you not only give us an extra team to destroy, but you make it a LADDER MATCH? Are you people out of your Goddamn minds? My Cherry Blossom and I THRIVE off of maiming and destroying the poor pieces of garbage that pollute our World, and right now each and every single one of you are littering our path to taking back our rightful places on top of this company. I beat the ass of the so-called best wrestler in this entire company to get this shot! Who the fuck are ANY of you to us? All this Ladder Match has done is inspire us. It’s inspired OTP to go beyond what we could have done. We COULD have simply humiliated you people and taken back OUR Championships, but no… No, that’s not good enough anymore. You deserve something better. All of you. You deserve to hurt. You deserve to be tortured. You deserve to be unable to physically leave Japan on your own two feet. When this is all said and done, we’ll be coming home with our gold, and we’ll be riding the high of destroying not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR careers. We can’t wait. Taking OUR Lovebird Tag Team Championships back is sweet, but breaking all four of you in a Ladder Match? I can’t think of a greater aphrodisiac. We’ll be seeing you very soon.

Cassius turns to Sakura, kissing her as they whisper to one another while he grabs a remote to turn off the camera.
André Virgo
on September 27th 2018, 12:17 amAndré Virgo
(The lights are dim in a Japanese jazz café. The hole in a wall shop is closed for a special guest who is scanning the wall of vinyls while his two stocky bodyguards stand by. Mr. Virgo is dressed in a pinstripe purple suit and headband with an eye that covers his forehead. The SSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship sits around his waist between his waistcoat and blazer. André pulls a record with a red cover reading “Scenery” as a member of the staff, a middle aged man, brings him a steaming cup of tea. They trade items.)

Man: Ahh, Ryo Fukui. Fine choice. If you’re ever in Sapporo I recommend visiting the Slowboat jazz club.

André: I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.

(André and the man exchange casual bows. As the man walks behind the bar André finds a seat at a table. He takes a sip of his tea as the piano in “It Could Happen To You” fills the café.)

I’ve become enlightened over the past week. As I look over the last several months I realized I could have been doing this differently. I’m a champion in this company, with very little company in that circle. I have also been the leader of Tres Comas Club for much of my run as champion. The wealthiest and most generous faction as far as payment goes. But I have been living my life quite modestly this whole time. Material possessions mean very little in the grand scheme of things, but they do make it easier. I’ve started hiring professionals to take care of things for me. I have these two with me at all times I am not in a wrestling ring. I have a top attorney in the US right now negotiating my standing with OWA. And of course, I can redistribute my wealth to kind people who let me sit in their shops and appreciate culture. I see my future being very bright. I’m on the horizon of a new path for my journey. But Miltiades is under the impression that he will take that away from me. My championship, my leadership. Well, maybe he can have it. If he wants these things he needs to beat me which is of course out of the question, but we are past the Fall solstice. A time of death. Things come to an end. Maybe it’s time for the Phoenix to burst into ash to find himself reborn.

Hmph. Heheh, HAHAHA! What an idea! Miltiades I’m sorry to say it but you’re wasting your time. I’ve already beaten you once before for this very prize. I don’t plan on losing to you now. You’ve been impressive in getting your name out there and becoming a star, but you just aren’t on the level of something like me. I remember when that batty bastard sent me over here to showcase my talent. “Make him a star” he told Brian Daniels. Well look at me now. I’m not just a star, I’m a constellation. Virgo sits in the sky among the heavens shining in the minds of mortals until the end of time. I truly am the greatest performer in the world, whether the simple minded can wrap their head around it or not.

It’s kind that you to have yet another opportunity at my Championship. It’s kinder that you are offered leadership of Tres Comas Club. But not so kind that you’re being set up for humiliation once again, and this time once you lose you will be exiled from the faction that I dragged up from the dirt to make into something great. A thankless task, but I get enough love as it is.

(André Virgo pulls out a blank check, fills it out and leaves it on the table before bowing to the shop owners and exiting the café with his guards.)
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