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Masanori Kawada
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SSW Tag Team Moves

on January 31st 2018, 6:42 am
Unofficial thread for people to just spitball tag team moves they and a partner (or two for trios) COULD do in matches. Could also help writers if they want a tag team move or two for matches.


Masanori Kawada
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Re: SSW Tag Team Moves

on January 31st 2018, 7:03 am
With Candice Blair
- Dynamite Candy! (Kawada lifts an opponent up with the Fisherman Suplex transition into the Oklahoma Slam position, allowing Candice to deliver a shoot kick (Candy Kick) to the side of the opponents head before Kawada drops them down for the K-Dynamite (Emerald Flowsion) [Finish]
- Candice Blair does a moonsault off Kawada's Shoulders [Signature]
- Kawada assists an Avalanche Frankenstiener off his shoulders for Candice


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Re: SSW Tag Team Moves

on March 26th 2018, 2:07 pm

Give our writing team some ideas.
Falke Halstenberg
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Re: SSW Tag Team Moves

on March 26th 2018, 2:42 pm
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'Super God Silencer' (CM Nas hits a Superman Punch and Kerry Keller hits a Rolling Elbow at the same time or in quick succession)

'Altitude Sickness' (Double Spike Brainbuster from CM Nas and Kerry Keller) 

I'll update later with more Smile
CM Nas
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Re: SSW Tag Team Moves

on April 12th 2018, 6:07 am
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CM Nas and Aria Jaxon: Electric Chair Drop (Nas) and Blockbuster (Aria)

CM Nas and Saul Omen: Reverse STO (Saul) and Enzu Diving Dropkick (Nas)

CM Nas and John Doe: German Suplex (Doe) and Jumping Neckbreaker (Nas)

CM Nas and Gronk: Release Flapjack Toss (Gronk) caught into a Double Knee Facebreaker (Nas)

CM Nas and Kerry Keller: Running Yakuza Kick (Nas) Dragon or Tiger Suplex (Keller)

CM Nas and Kilimanjaro: Samoan Drop (Kilimanjaro) Rolling Neckbreaker (Nas)

CM Nas and Khmaoch Sângkât: Brainbuster (Khmaoch) and Roundhouse Kick (Nas)
Aria Jaxon
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Re: SSW Tag Team Moves

on April 12th 2018, 4:32 pm
With CM Nas:
--Stereo fujiwara armbars.
--Aria connects with a leaping Lariat takedown on an opponent held in a bearhug by Nas.
--While Nas has an opponent trapped in a grounded straightjacket choke, Aria hits a low dropkick.
--Simultaneous running single-leg high knee and legsweep, from Nas and Aria respectively.
--Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker dropped into a pendulum backbreaker submission from Nas, followed by a stomp to the opponent's chest from Aria.

With Saul Omen:
--Gory bomb from Saul dropped into a cutter from Aria.
--Back suplex from Saul dropped into a one-armed neckbreaker slam from Aria.
--Simultaneous penalty kicks to a seated/kneeling opponent.

With Kerry Keller:
--Slingshot sitout facebuster from Aria to an opponent held in a wheelbarrow hold by Kerry.
--Superkick from Aria to an opponent being held in position for a bridging German or belly-to-back suplex by Kerry.

With Gronk:
--Diving moonsault double-knee drop from Aria off Gronk's shoulders.
--Assisted top rope senton, with Gronk THROWING ARIA FAR AS SHIT. 

With John Doe:
--Flapjack from John dropped into a reverse STO from Aria.
--Simultaneous chop block and discus elbow smash from Aria and John, respectively.

With Khmaoch Sangkat:
--Powerbomb from Khmaoch, dropped into in a double-knee backbreaker from Aria.
--Aria connects with a running front dropkick on an opponent who falls/staggers backward into Khmaoch's clutches for a sleeper hold.

With Maelstrom:
--Slingshot release reverse powerbomb from Maelstrom to an opponent who's caught mid-execution with a diving bulldog from Aria.
--Rolling fireman's carry from Maelstrom, followed by a springboard moonsault from Aria.

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Masanori Kawada
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Re: SSW Tag Team Moves

on April 12th 2018, 11:14 pm
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with Jaydane Pendragon:
- Justice Razor (Spear of Justice (Kawada) and Hitchens’ Razor Spinning Wheel Kick (Pendragon) combination)
- Rydeen Bomb (Kawada) and Lungblower (Pendragon) combination
- N20 Cutter (Kawada) followed by Joyeuse (Pendragon)

with The Apparition:
- The Phantasm (Apparition) Texas Smash (Kawada) combination

with Jun Nobunaga:
-  Fireman's Carry Single Knee Gutbuster (Kawada) and Single Leg Dropkick (Nobunaga)

with Belle Kingsley:
- Diving Hurricanrana (Kingsley) to an opponent in the Electric Chair position (Kawada)

with King Tora IV:
- Super TORA Elbow (Tora) and Spear of Justice (Kawada) combination

with Ash Bouyer
- Webslung (Bouyer) and Justice Lock (Kawada) combination

with Vanessa Santiago:
- Cuban Missile Crisis (Santiago) and K-Dynamite (Kawada) combination


Vanessa Santiago
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Re: SSW Tag Team Moves

on June 13th 2018, 11:11 pm
With Jaydayne Pendragon:
--Stereo spinning backfists, to one or multiple opponents.
--Stereo roundhouse kicks, to either side of a kneeling opponent's head.

With Masanori Kawada:
--Pop-up by Kawada into a roundhouse kick to the opponent's midsection.
--Vertical suplex lift by Kawada, followed by a roundhouse kick to an opponent's head by Vanessa, followed by a brainbuster by Kawada.

With The Apparition:
--European uppercut to the back of an opponent's head from The Apparition, then Vanessa connects with a discus elbow smash to the opponent's face.

With Belle Kingsley:
--Running one-handed bulldog from Belle onto Vanessa's knee.
--Irish whip by Belle into a spinning heel kick from Vanessa.

With Steven Cassidy:
--Double arm-wringer followed by stereo back kicks to an opponent's midsection.
--Springboard high knee to an opponent draped on the top rope by Steven, followed by a running knee strike from Vanessa.

With Shinati Mizarki:
--Giant swing from Mizarki, followed by a running single-leg dropkick from Vanessa.
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Re: SSW Tag Team Moves

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