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Steven Cassidy Empty Steven Cassidy

on January 12th 2018, 9:27 pm
Steven Cassidy Tumblr_p7925kvwZ71rmv1vdo2_400

Wrestling Name: Steven Cassidy
Current Nicknames: Raionhāto 
Height: 5'10
Weight: 190
Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas
Picbase: Johnny Gargano

Disposition/Alignment: Pure Babyface

Gimmick: The last time we saw Steven Cassidy was back in late January in tag team action. He was representing his former stable, Ronin, with his partner and mentor, Koji Senju, as they took on Phantom Troupe's John Doe and Saul Omen. In the end, Steven and Koji came up short and after the bell rang, things only went south. Doe brutally attacked both Steven and Koji to send a message to Shoot Nation's Masanori Kawada. An act so heinous, it ended Koji's career and almost ended Steven's as well. Steven would spend a few weeks in a hospital to recover from his undisclosed injuries and after that, he completed his physical therapy. Once he was given the green light to resume in-ring activities, his eagerness to return to SSW was met with doubt and guilt. He began to doubt/question if his body would be able to hold up long term while pursuing his childhood dream, as well as if he had enough talent to make it to the next level. He had guilt from thinking what happened to Koji was his fault and views himself as some kind of bad luck charm because of it. But after a few months off to clear his head, he realized that was a silly way to think and he could no longer blame himself for the past and finally move on. For the past month, Steven has been training with Shoot Nation's Young Lions in order to improve as an all-around wrestler and not just be some "spot monkey" as some referred to him as before. Steven is still green/inexperienced, but he will only get better with time. Or at least we can hope. 

Theme Music: "Right Back At It Again" by A Day to Remember 

What are your character’s motivations for competing: To just live his dream as a professional wrestler
Tendency to Cheat: Never

Favorite Match Types: Ladder, Iron Man
Least Favorite Match Types: Handicap
Favorite Weapon: None. He doesn't believe in using weapons. 

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
1. Jumping Neckbreaker
2. Deadlift Turnbuckle Suplex
3. Cannonball Senton
4. Moonsault
5. Springboard Clothesline
6. Enzuigiri
7. Suicide Dive
8. European Uppercut
9. Lariat
10. Tornado DDT
11. Headscissors Takedown
12. Springboard Crossbody
13. Baseball Slide
14. Ankle Lock
15. Dropkick

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. Kick Flurry (multiple shoot kicks to both sides of an opponent, ended with a roundhouse kick)
2. Lawn Dart (running throwing snake eyes)
3. Superkick
4. Slingshot Spear
5. Falcon Arrow

Finishing Moves:
1. Checkmate (vertical suplex lifted and dropped into a double knee backbreaker)

2. Wishful Sinking (over the shoulder crossface chickenwing)

3. Kiss The Ring (Pumphandle reverse STO. Adopted from his mentor, Koji Senju)
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