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Maximus Grier
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Maximus Grier

on January 11th 2018, 9:11 am

"Jigsaw" "The Devil Who Wears Prada"

Wrestling Name: Maximus Grier
Picture Base: Marty Scurll
Current Nicknames: Jigsaw, The Devil Who Wears Prada
Height: 5’, 8’’
Weight: 195 lbs
Hometown: Billed from Sacramento, California. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Disposition/Alignment: Tweener - Maximus’ only allegiance is to himself and his own agenda. His brand is all that matters to him, and to obtain glory for it is his main priority. In his eyes, the only sides are his, and theirs. You either stand in his way or help him achieve his goals.

Gimmick: Cold, calculating, and unforgiving - Maximus Grier is the word “business” personified. His horrible childhood has led him a life of standing alone and building himself up to be greater than what he was destined to be. From rags to riches, Maximus is a man who cares only for his success and his underlying goal to win and demolish to further his ideals. He knows the secret tricks to every great business: lying, manipulation, deceit, and money; all of which has helped him thus far. He knows how to manipulate an individual to the point where they will do what you force them to do. He instills fear within you with a threat then reels you back in with an offer; a strategy that has worked for him time after time, again and again. He has learned throughout his life that there isn’t such a thing as a “friend” - only individuals who choose to help him in his quest; tools, if you will, to help him achieve his goals. He won't care as long as you're not standing in his road to everlasting glory. Arrogance is prominent within him but for a good reason. The empire he has built for himself is impressive, built from the failures of his past and to built further by the carcasses of his fallen foes. But even then, he won’t stop until he has absolutely everything tangible that will give him power beyond comprehension.

He will NEVER stop.

Theme Music: "Long Live the Chief" by Jidenna

Special Entrance: "Long Live the Chief" by Jidenna blasts through the speakers of the arena, which causes the lights to dim. As soon the hook of the song ends, Maximus Grier comes out through the curtains wearing his usual attire and eyeing the crowd intently. He walks to the ring with swagger and confidence before sliding into the ring and opening his umbrella to reveal the Tres Comas Club logo spead across, along with text underneath saying "presented by Maximus Inc". He then removes his fur coat and places the umbrella outside and sits in the corner, waiting for his opponent.

Special Entrance [Tag Team entrance with Jishin Oshiro]: "Long Live the Chief" by Jidenna plays as Maximus Grier steps out wearing his usual attire, along with the Jigsaw mask, while Jishin Oshiro trails not to far behind him, wearing purple and black ring gear. The two men roll into the ring as Maximus opens his umbrella to reveal the Tres Comas Club logo, while Jishin stands behind him, spreading his arms wide.

In-Ring Attire: Simple wrestling tights with his logo on he front, and the letter “M” on the back. Classic wrestling knee pads with elegant designs and combat boots that have white paint splatters. Alternate variation includes colors matching and the logo of the Tres Comas Club. Colors vary from purple/yellow and black/white.

Entrance Attire: For entrances, Maximus wears a silver fur designer coat that he brings with into matches.  He also wears a specially-designed “Jigsaw” mask based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.
[X] On occasion he will wear a plague doctor mask and a top hat to go with it, along with his MAXIMUS INC. branded umbrella.

Segment Attire: Three-piece silver designer suit with either a purple or golden tie to follow it, along with rose-tinted sunglasses. On other occasions, he will be wearing a casual shirt with the Tres Comas Club or Maximus Incorporated logo.

Maximus desires to become one of, if not the most influential individual in the history of the entire world. He has money, fame, a million-dollar company, and power, but he wants something that only so few can achieve, and that is the recognition from all; he wants to be forever remembered, his name everlasting in the halls of history and a legacy that will be unlike any other, and those steps begin with Strong Style Wrestling.

Tendency to Cheat: If Needed

Wrestling Debut: January 2017; American independent scene

Favorite Match Types: Submission match, Iron man match; any match where he can systematically break down his opponents with submission maneuvers.

Favorite Weapon: Umbrella with the "MAXIMUS INC." logo

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
- Knife-edged chop
- Stiff forearm smash
- Shoot Kick
- European Uppercut
- Tiger Knee to the jaw
- Suplex variations
- DDT variations
- Lariat
- Snap Suplex into the corner
- Standing Double Foot Stomp
- Yakuza Kick
- Half and Half Suplex
- Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker
- Fujiwara Armbar
- Rolling Kneebar
- Indian Deathlock

- Inverted Frankensteiner [X]
- Superkick

- Sharpshooter
- Armbar
- Chikara Special [X]
- Running European Uppercut in the corner followed by a leaping Enziguri

Signature Moves:
1. 'Pyramid Scheme' – Springboard Tornado Satellite DDT using the ropes for momentum

2. ‘Dead Cat Bounce’ – Rolling Cutter [X]

3. 'Hostile Takeover' - Crossface Chickenwing

4. Superkick from the Apron [X]

5. 'Vulture's Harvest' - Backbreaker/STO Combination [X]

Finishing Moves:
1. ‘Acid Test' – Running Knee Smash to the back of the head
[X] can also be done in the corner [X]

2. 'Reverse Bear Trap' – Jim Breaks Armbar [X]

When desperate, Maximus will stomp on the opponent's head
[X] before finishing them off by pulling the arm all the way back with his leg. [X]

3. 'Poison Pill' - Brainbuster dropped onto a knee


Maxwell William Grier was born on April Fools’ Day, 1993, deep within the hellish gutters of Cincinnati Ohio. His father was 35 year-old meat butcherer Jonathan Ford and the second child of 32 year-old Carol Grier. He is the estranged younger brother of fellow professional wrestler, Lars Grier. Growing up was difficult for Maxwell, as his family struggled to survive each day, barely getting by with checks from the government, leaving him most nights hungry and exhausted. While his brother resorted to illegal activities in order to make money, Maxwell never tried despite the thought crossing his mind. Working at minimum-wage jobs and struggling to get through each day, his life almost seemed to pick up during his teenage years. Obtaining good grades in school, becoming an exceptional student and being taken to various competitions across the country. However. just as his life began to built itself up, it crumbled once the news broke out that his mother, Carol Grier had died at age 45 from leukemia. It was here where Maxwell began to contemplate his existence, and even harbored suicidal thoughts. His depression grew as much as he grew away from his family, until one night where he seemed to have reached his breaking point, until it turned into determination and an epiphany: He will not let this be the hill he dies on. From this day onwards, Maxwell strived to grow and become better, so he could have a life that he never experienced as a child.

Maxwell left home at age 17, and began a new life; a life that would lead him to opportunities that he only dreamed of as a youngling. After he graduated from New York University and earned a Master's Degree in Economics, Grier moved to Sacramento, California where he began his own start-up company: Maximus Incorporated. Selling items of wealth, class, taste - this was everything he ever dreamed of. Gone are the hellish days as a struggling child, Maximus was living the life. Since his fame, he has appeared on numerous magazines, television shows, has made connections with some of the most powerful people in the world, but only so few know that it was not a clean road to where he stands now. It was a path paved with betrayals, lies, and manipulation that has changed Maximus in ways he could never imagine. As a young, wealthy businessman, Maximus looks to put away his dark past, rebrand himself and build a legacy as one of, if not the most influential person in all of human history. With companies like REVOLT! Pro Combat and Strong Style Wrestling, Maximus has the chance to start that legacy, one step at a time.

In December 2017, Maximus was approached by Mark Antony Montana, manager of BANG and the founder of what is now known as Tres Comas Club. Having seen Grier's work in the independent scene throughout the year, Montana was impressed and offered Maximus to become one of the founding members of the Tres Comas Club, which Grier accepted. Their views allied with each other, both being business partners with their own fair amount of wealth, as Maximus saw this as an opportunity to push the Maximus Incorporated brand worldwide. With his name value, he wishes to bring prosperity to Tres Comas Club, working side-by-side with Montana in order to make sure that the pay is good, and the gold grander, beyond the wildest imagination.

- Maximus is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo. He trained in the martial arts as preparation for his professional wrestling career.

- He is a submission specialist and mostly a technical wrestler, who more often than not will attempt to wear his opponent down using deadly submissions. On occasion, however, he will dish out a high-flying move but he prefers to be grounded and attack his opponent with a combination of submission as well as strong style puroresu.

- Maximus will often be escorted throughout the arena by a group of two or more bodyguards, with the only exception of matches as Maximus will be accompanied by his second-in-command, Jishin Oshiro.

For writers: Character References - Billy Russo from Punisher, Hannibal Lecter from Hannibal, Verbal Kint from The Usual Suspects

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Maximus Grier
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Re: Maximus Grier

on January 15th 2018, 10:12 pm
Changed picbase.
Maximus Grier
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Re: Maximus Grier

on January 19th 2018, 9:22 pm
Bio updated, added some history with the Tres Comas Club.
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Re: Maximus Grier

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