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Aria Jaxon
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on April 13th 2018, 1:22 am
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So, given where we all came from, given that we all know the story...this feels appropriate.

It's April 13th. Today would've been the 24th birthday of an absolute gem, a kind and selfless person, a literal angel on earth that many of us were all blessed to have gotten to know, Miss Mavis "Brody Sparks" Sterling. She brought love and light into our lives and it's easy to wish more than anything that she was still here. It also might be even easier to get caught up in all the sad emotions that may be stirred up today, but to be honest? She'd want us all to be happy. She'd want us to smile and remember all the great times we had with her, so please hold that close to your hearts. Not just today, but every day. A creative mind and a pure soul were taken from us all far too soon, but I know we all cherished the time we did have to spend with her. Happy birthday to an icon. None of us will ever, EVER forget you!

Now, to keep the good vibes going, if anybody wants to share anything below -- especially like funny memories, stories, anecdotes, gfx, whatever -- please do! Let's compile all the love we can for our girl!


on April 13th 2018, 1:57 am
I feel like I could go on and on about how much of a kind, generous and caring person was. She had such a grounded attitude and not a day went by where she didn't make at least one person laugh and that's a guarantee. We weren't very close for the majority of the time that I knew her. In fact, the first time we spoke over Skype I remember her telling me I sounded like an old man and she kept calling me an old pervert which in hindsight was actually really funny. It wasn't long after then that we started talking a lot more and right from the get go she told me I could tell her anything I wanted, ask her for any advice and vent to her whenever I needed. It takes a lot of kindness to be that friendly from the get-go. She helped me wrap my head around a lot of personal stuff and was always up-front with me with how I should handle a situation or if I was being a dumbass. 

I remember her telling me about how she lived in such a small town that almost everyone around her was related to her in some way or another and she used to struggle to find people to hang out with that weren't technically family. I remember her telling everyone that she'd heard through a connection she had through to WWE that Finn Balor had wasn't packing much in his nether regions fondly to this day. Whether or not she was given factual information didn't stop it from being hilarious when she came out with it out of the blue. I remember her legendary burial of Minns/CT for being a creep and telling him what she'd do if she got a hold of him. I won't mention it here for the sanctity of this thread but I teared up laughing.

She was such an honest and sweet person and her sudden passing definitely came far, far, far too soon. I do still have our Twitter DMs saved and I took a look back through them just recently. She was a huge Supercard fan and used to make her own custom cards all the time. Even though it was a small thing for me to do, our last conversation was from when I first got 2K18 and it came with a code for Supercard for custom skins and exclusive cards. Again, it was just a little thing but considering it was the last conversation we got to have, I'm at least glad I got to give her something that she was thankful for.

To a great writer, an even better friend and an absolute pleasure to work with: Happy 24th birthday, Brody.
Jacob Senn
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on April 13th 2018, 5:49 am
This is meant to be a happy occasion to where we should be celebrating another year with the person that we love, but this sweet angel in our lives is now living it up with some of the best that we could have. I miss her tremendously to no end. The late night conversations, the flirtatious comments that we made to each other because of how much we loved one another, and her being the rock to help me through the darkest times in my life that I'm still dealing with to this day. She made me feel like I had someone that loved me in the world, someone that cared for me past the general sense that a friend does, and that we would be together forever. Even though she might be gone, I still have those memories of us together to where we do stay together forever. I just wish the days would grow easier to where I could be able to deal with her loss and cope with it, not feeling as lonely as I do without her. Even with all the friends I have made, she was the one connection that made me feel whole.

I don't know if she ever realized how much she actually meant to me, but I remember all the times when Brian would pick on her about talking to other people and we'd tease her about it. Afterwards, we'd talk in the PMs about it with more flirtatious comments and lead to more conversations about the happenings in the past federation that we all came from, whatever we were watching at the time, the drama that was going down, our own personal lives, whatever we decided to talk about that day. I remember us talking about finally getting her to watch Game of Thrones and she was wishing evil upon The Lannister twins for what they do in the first season to Bran. I just wish that she was still here to where I could still spend late nights just talking about whatever was happening, however I know that she's probably doing better right now that I'm doing here. Brody was the greatest person that I've ever had the pleasure of being able to associate with. Her bright spirit and warm heart was something that was a treasure that will be hard to find a duplicate of in this world and I wish that she wasn't taken away so soon. However, with someone as iconic as her, we just make sure that her memory lives on with us. Being with her, it was the best moments of my life and I hope that she felt the same way about me. I'll always love her and miss her deeply.

She was the closest thing I could have to a soulmate and honestly, I'm happy just to have met her. Even with all of this, I hope that she'd be happy with me in the choices I've made for that's all I desire is her happiness wherever she is. I hope that when my time comes, I'll join her to where we can be happy together.
Falke Halstenberg
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on April 13th 2018, 7:05 am
R.I.P Brody 

And happy birthday, rest easy.
Tarah Nova
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on April 13th 2018, 7:52 am
Happy Birthday Sweet Brody baby. Not a day goes by that I or anyone else for that matter doesn't think about you and the way you lit up a server with just your mental comments. We truly miss you gurl, I know do. I miss laughing and joking about Senn and his John Deere tractor when or having each others back. I was so happy when that we were getting along so amazingly toward the end and I will always appreciate the fact that we gave each other Second Chances on being friends. I love and I miss you, Mavis and I can't wait to see you again and hear the all the tea you have on the other angels that you are saving just to tell us all. Till then, fly high Sparks, fly high. Coxo

"You're all prisoners. What you call sanity, it's just a prison in your minds that stops you from seeing that you're just tiny little cogs, in a giant absurd machine. Wake up! Why be a cog? Be free, like us. Just remember, smile. Oh! Time to go, but don't worry, we'll be back very soon. Hang onto your hats, folks, cause' you ain't seen nothing yet!"

--- Jerome Valeska.
Keelan Callihan
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on April 13th 2018, 8:10 am
With the differences these feds may have with one another, one thing we can all agree on is that Mavis was an absolute gem to be around. The most down-to-earth individual who would speak with an open mind. She was open to giving you legitimate criticism if she knew it would help you improve in the long run. I loved how unique she was. She was one of the funniest people I knew in e-feds and I am glad that I can call her my friend. I miss her dearly. I miss our endless banters and I miss her sexual references she would make about me and Finn's Australian accent. I miss the way she would make us all laugh. I miss how me and her would constantly mark out for The Iconic Duo. 

I just... fucking miss you, Brody. You'll always hold a special place in my heart and I hope you have found peace, my friend. Happy birthday.

Masanori Kawada
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on April 13th 2018, 8:21 am
All this time later, and I still can't believe she is no longer with us. I have so many fond memories of this lovely human being, probably far less compared to the people who have had the fortune to know her for longer, but still, I hold those memories fondly. We began talking over a thread, one that we posted voice clips using a third party site (which for the life of me I can't seem to find) and she complimented my accent. Such a small comment sprouted a friendship that would lead to her being the first person in this dumb little hobby of ours I opened up to, originally joining with an isolated and simply do my work and call it a day mentality. Chances are if Brody didn't get me out of my social shell, I wouldn't have the friends I have now in this hobby. Our friendship was odd, bordered flirtatious at times in a joking manner, but she helped me through a lot of times where I was frustrated. She was my first real friend here. My last memory of her was us jamming out to Deftones, which I think is very fitting and a memory I wouldn't exchange for anything.

The day I heard of her passing was from a discord message, one that I originally ignored as I was heading to a wedding. I gave it a glance before I went into the Chapple and my heart sank as I learnt the horrible news. I had to sit through the ceremony and reception with a sunken heart and a fake smile so I wouldn't concern anyone on this special day of family friends. During the reception, I stepped outside when I saw a few of us in a call and joined to see how this news was being handled. We were all sad, heartbroken, some of us even on the edge of tears (if not hiding the fact there were already tears). Won't pretend I wasn't one of the ones on that verge of tears when we drove home that night and I was looking out the window completely lost in the thought of coming back to efedding with a dear friend not being there with us the next day.

As long as I am in this hobby, perhaps even when I decide to go out and get a life, I think Brody will always be someone I think about. I miss her dearly, from her sexual fueled jokes that always got a pop out of me to her wilding out over drama. I don't believe in a life after death, but for the sake of Mavis Sterling, I hope there is one. Rest in peace, you angel. Happy Birthday, until we meet again.


André Virgo
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on April 13th 2018, 11:14 am
It sucks when someone you know through an online community is gone and you know they're never coming back. I've said before that me and Brody were never that close but I knew just from sharing a community with her what a positive and caring person she was. That especially comes through seeing and hearing how many people she made happier. Things will never be the same without Brody but I'm sure if she could see how we've evolved building a more positive community where we care about each other before fictional storylines she'd be overjoyed and proud of what her friends have been able to do. Some people have said it in a negative way but honestly, think about what Brody would say if she saw what you guys have done over the last month, she'd be happy to see how far we've all come.

Always remember her and keep being the people she knew we could be.
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