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Jessykah von Schwarzburg

on August 9th 2018, 9:58 pm
|♠| Jessykah von Schwarzburg |♠| The Queen of Spades |♠|

Wrestling Name: Jessykah von Schwarzburg
Picture Base: Shayna Baszler
Current Nicknames: The Queen of Spades
Height: 5'ft 7'in
Weight: 135 lbs
Hometown: Germantown, Illinois

Disposition/Alignment: A Ruthless Heel

Gimmick: Jessykah von Schwarzburg is a natural born killer. She has one simple motto that she lives by, and that is that only the strong survive. She is the product of growing up in a bad environment, having to survive in the said environment, having a bad attitude, and being a legitimate fighter. She was named Queen of Spades due to her formerly being the highest ranked female MMA fighter and for being able to play "card tricks" both in the octagon and out as well. She does not take shit from no one and has no hesitation to get into a fight if needed. She believes wrestling, especially women's, should be more realistic and be based on skill and talent instead of looks, something she vocalizes a lot about women's wrestling.

Entrance Attire: A Black and White Venum Sleeveless Hoodie with The Queen of Spades written on the back, Black Venum Tempest Fightshorts, Black Venum Sports Bra, and Black and White Nike Freeks Wrestling Shoes

Ring Attire: Black Venum Tempest Fightshorts, Black Venum Sports Bra, and Black and White Nike Freeks Wrestling Shoes

Theme Music: The Ace of Spades by Motorhead

Special Entrance: As The Ace of Spades begins to blast through the arena Jessykah comes out and begins to box hop. She then takes both of her hands and blows a kiss towards The Queen's Army, the name of her fans, moving her hands back to the center to make a Spade before breaking it and begin to Shadowbox before heading down the ring. She walks down towards the ramp with a cockiness all the while she is dead starring her opponent. Once, in the ring, she gets in her opponent's face and waits for the match to begin.

What are your character’s motivations for competing? She is looking for better competition and she wants the thrill of the kill back in her life especially since getting blackballed from several MMA promotions. She also wants to prove that women's wrestling is no longer about looks, but about skill and talent and show that women are just as tough as men.

What is the tendency to Cheat? Never

Favorite Match Types [Optional]: Last Man Standing, Iron Man, and Submission

Least Favorite Match Types [Optional]: Hardcore and Tag Team

Common Strikes
1. Headbutt
2. Multiple Elbow Strikes
3. Multiple Forearm Strikes
4. Multiple Knee Strikes
5. Multiple Kicks
6. Multiple Punches
7. Multiple Lariats
8. Multiple Clothesline
9. Multiple Open Palm Strikes
10. Multiple Chops

Common Holds
1. Multiple Crossfaces
-Double Underhook
2. Full Nelson
3. Half Nelson
4. Multiple Armbars and Armlocks
-Kimura Lock
-Coil Lock
5. Bow and Arrow
6. Three-Quater Nelson
7. Ankle Lock
8. Figure-Four Leglock
9. Knee Bar
10. Achilles Lock
11. Calf Slicer
12. Bicep Slicer
13. Figure Four Headlock
14. Guillotine Choke
15. Cobra Clutch
16. Dragon Sleeper
17. Gogoplato
18. Multiple Facelocks
19. Grounded Octopus Stretch
20. Anaconda Vise

Common Throws
1. Multiple Takedowns
-Double Underhook
-Double Leg
2. Over-the-Shoulder Arm Drag
3. Multiple Backbreakers
-Double Underhook
-Cobra Clutch
-Full Nelson
-Half Nelson
4. Multiple Slams
-Cobra Clutch
-Full Nelson
-Half Nelson
-Double Underhook
5. Shinbreaker
6. Shoulder Breaker
7. Drop Toe Hold
8. Multiple Neckbreakers
-Inverted Facelock
9. Multiple STOs
-Front Facelock
10. Multiple Suplexes
-Cobra Clutch
-Northern Lights
-Three-Quater Nelson
-Half Nelson
11. Multiple Powerbombs
-Double Underhook
12. Armbreaker
13. Legbreaker

Signature Moves
1. Queen's Driver (Over-the-Shoulder Belly-to-Back Piledriver*)
2. Rhine Valley Driver (Wrist Clutch Death Valley Driver*)
3. Schwarz Adler Driver (Falcon Arrow**)
4. Schwarzburg Driver (Michinoku Driver**)

Finishing Moves
1. The Queen's Choke (Arm Triangle Choke*)
2. Die Schwarz Tod (Rear Naked Choke**)
UF) Schwarze Adler Flugel (Double Chickenwing Facebuster transitioned into a Cross-Legged Double Chicken Wing Hold)

- Belly-to-Back Suplex can be Leg-Hook
- Tiger can be Wrist-Lock as well as Bridging
- Dragon, German, and Northern Lights can be bridging
- Her style of wrestling is heavily based on Catch, Submission, and Shoot
- She is very aggressive in the ring
- She is a Southpaw
- * and ** indicate that the move flows into the finisher
- Butterfly Suplex can be transitioned into a Cross Armbar
- Full Nelson, Half Nelson, Cobra Clutch, and Dragon Sleeper can be done with a Body Scissor

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Re: Jessykah von Schwarzburg

on August 10th 2018, 3:44 pm
I would like to personally welcome you into Strong Style Wrestling! If you have any questions or concerns about the site, please message me or any of the staff and we will assist you as soon as possible. Also, if you would like to join our Discord to be able to keep up with the live shows that we do and talk with some of the roster, you're more than welcome to join as it is on the left side of the site!

Right now, you have been placed as a Free Agent. You will be placed into one of the four factions once we have found the one that will fit to your character description along with storyline factors and their need for new blood. Hopefully, you'll enjoy your time with us here!

(Credit to the amazing Brody Sparks for the signature!)
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Re: Jessykah von Schwarzburg

Yesterday at 6:48 pm
Update: Changed some things around, cleaned it up a bit and refined the moveset.
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Re: Jessykah von Schwarzburg

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