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on September 1st 2018, 2:28 amMatthew.
System starting...

Ghost Protocol: Activated.
Khmoach Sangkat
on August 31st 2018, 11:48 pmKhmoach Sangkat
Have you ever stuck your hand in the water with a piranha?

They have this terrible reputation. It is said a shoal of the fish can strip a cattle to its bones in less than a minute. But I’m not talking about about wading into a feeding frenzy with chum tied to your bollocks. All I am asking is if you have seen what happens when you net one of these knife-toothed little terrors, get it all alone, and then slowly dip your hand into the tank. How many fingers do you lose? Who wants to guess? 1? 2? 3 and a half with a little gnawed bone hanging off? Nothing quite so dramatic. It turns out that these vicious bloodthirsty monsters start to become anxious when you isolate them. They timidly swim away and hide at the very edge of the tank. Heaven’s forbid you change the scenery with an unfamiliar ornament or have the lighting on too bright. Piranhas become easily stressed, you know. And so it is with so many so-called warriors. Bold as lions. Brazen as brass… Just as long as they are nestled deep amongst their band of brothers. All too often someone talks big during these interviews and press conferences in the run up to a match. Then on the night they find themselves without an advocate or a manager in the ring alongside them. Their allies are busy with their own preparations. Perhaps the crowd themselves start to quieten into indifference. A fierce warrior finds themself alone in the world. A lump starts to form in the back of the throat. The light is too bright. The surroundings unfamiliar. What happened to the promises of the past week? The guarantees of savagery. The vows to rend flesh from sinew and bone. What I see when I step foot in the ring is seldom so dramatic.

It makes me laugh really. The finger is so often pointed at the Phantom Troupe. The question so often asked despite the answer remaining exactly the same:

How might Khmaoch Sȃngkȃt defend the Heritage Championship if not for the interference of John Doe or the rest of the Troupe?

With Dominance.

How will The Phantom Troupe continue without the leadership of John Doe?

With Dominance.

How will The Phantom Troupe hope to challenge the greatest tag team in SSW?

With Dominance.

I have even been asked what is on my mind ahead a future Best In The World Series match against my comrade, Aria Jaxon. Simple… Dominance. Dominance. Dominance. You might be my dearest friend or the blood of my blood, drinking partner who seeks my company or protege who seeks my advice, the closest thing I have to family or all of the above… I will stop at nothing to dominate you if that is what it takes to achieve my goals. Aria understands this. Falke understands this. The entire Phantom Troupe understands this quite intimately because we all share the same ethos in this regard. Pure, naked ambition is the guiding principle upon which our collective is built. It is by our ambitions that we acknowledge and respect each other as individuals. To fight for love and friendship would make our relationship as competitors problematic. But for us, we are not troubled by such things. It is normal. And to show any weakness in the face of the circumstances would be a disrespect unfitting of a member of The Phantom Troupe in and of itself. Because of our shared values, we can cooperate without becoming reliant. And we can stand alone without becoming anxious or afraid. Those of you who do not understand keep asking the question. When our answers remain the same, you resort to playground insults. A scourge. An infection. What was the newest variation on a theme? Ah… Parasites, you called us. Now turn and face the mirror.

If a tapeworm was ever reincarnated in the human form, it is my opponent this week, Sakura Corleone. The One True Pairing have boasted of being the greatest tag team to grace this green earth. I will meet you halfway. Though you were, of course, found wanting by the dominance of the Phantom Troupe, The One True Pairing had an air of competence about them that has been lacking in most tag teams. But after losing your titles and being entered into the Best In The World Series as individual competitors Sakura has been sorely exposed. Without Cassius there to support you and bail you out, you have begun to look hapless, ill adjusted, or even, dare I say it, faint-hearted. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. In your case it is as though you have lost heart altogether. Two feeble losses from two, soon to be three. Rather than doubling down on your resolve, what I see is a little girl throwing her toys out of the pram and refusing to participate. Blowing everything off as meaningless. Wins and losses don’t matter. Nothing matters anymore until you and Cassius are reunited as partners, you sulk. You finally have your chance to shine with the spotlight all to yourself and instead you hide behind a picture of Cassius. How pathetic. No ambition. No existence at all of your own. All you do is latch on and live vicariously through Cash rather than your own name valuable. And this one should call me the parasite… It is you who is nothing but a leech. No… Less that that. The leech has teeth of its own, isn’t it so? A leech knows how to draw blood. The only thing that Sakura Corleone is capable of doing alone is bleeding her heart out. Isn’t it? Sakura, you are more like a tumour.  A useless, swollen lump of meat. A benign waste of space if we are to put it kindly. But to be candid, I have seen evidence enough that you are plenty malignant - a cancer which spreads over and oppresses the very body which gives it life. It is not enough to say you are useless without Cassius. Having your dead weight cut away from him for this tournament for this tournament is the very best thing that could have happened for his career. Without you joined at his hip, Cassius’ stock in this business has risen tenfold. Cash defeated the Puroresu Heavyweight Champion. Cash is money. By all accounts, Cash has earned his right to challenge for the greatest prize in SSW at Event Horizon. The world is at his feet. He just needs to pick it up.

But he won’t. Even with the parasite removed the poison still remains. Your mere whisper in his ear sees him drop any ambitions of his own and actively damage his own career and for what? A cheap lay? I cannot respect that. To set one’s desires in life so low is a waste of life itself. It is not manly nor wise. It’s weak. It’s a blemish. A bloody, pus-filled abscess which remains, poisoning the body even after the cyst has been cut out. Love and fellowship is a beautiful thing when interests align. The One True Pairing are reliant to the point of weakness. Torn apart, the world is cold and unfamiliar. You are anxious. You are scared of change. You just want for everything to return to exactly how it was before. And that is why you will never move forward. You will never overcome. You’ll never dominate just like the Phantom Troupe does.

For Liberation is not a tight embrace but a release from all bondage.

Not a fiery passion but the blowing out of a candle.

When your arms are bound by the chains of your own attachments,

Then the ghost pushes you down.
Masanori Kawada
on August 31st 2018, 10:59 pmMasanori Kawada
"It still amazes me that my old aching heart can still pump some new blood after all that has transpired the last few months. By now, a lesser man in my shoes would have keeled over, accepted that they were fighting an endless, winless battle against an enemy that just keeps growing and getting stronger with every passing day. But yet, I am still here. I am still here, fighting against young competition, fighting against the endless swarm of Phantom Troupe scum and still standing on my own two feet. The fact that I still fight against the advantage of numbers and youth is a testament that I am exactly what the Phantom Troupe have doubted me as being since the very first day I made my presence felt in Strong Style Wrestling; a testament that I am, in fact, the Everlasting Hero. My progress has been hindered, legs cut out from beneath me, attacked from all fronts without a shred of honor or respect but despite all of that, I still stand as mighty as the day I returned. All that has changed is my patience, my tolerance to let this misjustice go unpunished and without retaliation. I have no more patience. I have no more tolerance to show even an ounce of chivalry against the rogues that don't possess any form of chivalry themselves. There is only so much one can obtain by turning the other cheek, and I have been for the past several months, including against the likes of John Doe who tried making the twilight years of my professional wrestling career a living hell. But let me be completely transparent; what has turning the other cheek obtained? For both myself and the Shoot Nation in this on-going war with the faction? Nothing. All it has done was serve as a distraction that prevented me from having that golden watch run at the top of this company and the longer I divulge in the games of these spoiled brats. This series, to determine the next in line for the Puroresu Heavyweight Champion of the world, to determine the very best in the world, is my chance to overcome the months of ongoing frustration and achieve the career-long dream that has been escaping my clutches. Because I am unknowing of how much longer this heart of mine can keep beating at a rate where I can maintane myself as a formidable competitor against the more youthful. With the last few embers that still burn, I will fight through this tournament with the last ounch of fire I can forge to keep this motor running at it's full force!. No discrimination, no distinction, the strong arm of justice will overpower all that contest against it in my quest to become the best. Even my fellow members of Shoot Nation that become my rivals through the round robin system will find themselves on the opposite side of my burning ambitions.

Steven Cassidy, I hope you will harbor no ill will or sense of betrayal for any lack of pull in the force behind my fists tomorrow night. Because I will make it no secret; I respect you, kid. From the very moment this company openned, even when we were in opposing factions as you were assigned to Ronin, I saw a passionate kid in this buisness trying to make a name for himself. And I still have some guilt over what followed. I still feel guilty over the events that put you in harms way of the Phantom Troupe when John Doe was trying to break my image through the misery of others. And it was through his mission to kill the hero that you found yourself in the Troupes crosshairs. Although I was able to interviene before they could do more damage, you still found yourself damaged because of their vendetta against me. So I don't think I am deserving of any form of thanks or praise for allowing you to be caught in the cross fire of our rivalry. But you have guts. You had the guts to not take that event laying down and requested a spot within the Shoot Nation to help us fight against our oppressors, and I admired that, still do to this day. Since, you have been a valuable member of the faction, proving that you belong within our ranks and that you are a formidable fighter that is more than capable of fending for yourself. So when I saw this match on the list of potential encounters for me during this tournament, I felt like this was a proving grounds of sorts. Not just for you to prove you can hang in the ring with veterans decades your senior, but that I can still contest against those that are decades my junior. And your showings thus far in the tournament only further gives me something to prove when we stand across the ring from each other, as men with similar ambitions to fight our leader for the Puroresu Championship against our faction leader. We stand on equal footing, facing each other for two points that can bring us closer to achieving that goal. And rightfully so, neither of us will be holding anything in reserve when it comes to obtaining them -- neither of us will give anything less than our most to take that extra step forward.

You have all the tools to make it to that spot some day, Steven, I can see that becoming more and more true every match you have. But tommorow night, you will have to prove that you have the tools to topple me. That is a task that I will not make easy for you. Your match with Shinati Mizarki from two weeks ago was competitive, showed the fire in the youth of the Shoot Nation, but tomorrow night I hope to not only draw more from you than that, but take you above and beyond your limits before scoring the two points needed to catch back up in this series. It is what I need to do to prove that the aboslute justice still holds strong following the eviction of John Doe, that it wasn't just a flash in the pan moment that I can hang my cap on once my time has come and gone. If you want a defining moment, Steven, you will get it against the Everlasting Hero, we will define you as the bright future of this company but the justice of All-Might will shine brighter, even if it is for one more day. Cassidy, my friend..."

Kai Stevens
SSW Promos - Page 3 0RD4o5V_zps8btbmyfr
SSW Promos - Page 3 DWHmLjz
blood on my name

BITW Series Ranking: #3 (A Block)
BITW Series Record: 1-1

----We open on a rather candid Kai Stevens, who is in the processing of returning to his seat before a camera within his own hotel room here in Japan.  He glares angrily into the camera once he does sit, sporting a pair of black Nike shorts with a white swoosh, a pair of black and white Nike Elite calf socks, and a his official merchandise t-shirt, depicting the shape of a man in white with a steel blue trim impaling a massive white whale with a large harpoon that has prompted a crimson cascade of ‘blood’ from the whale’s wound.  It, too, has the words ‘FROM HELL’S HEART, I STAB AT THEE’ written across it in white letters surrounded with steel blue accents.  He wears an unamused facial expression and his rather immediate and blunt force delivery of his words reflects the lack of amusement.
----You and I, begins Kai.  We’re nothing alike.  I said before that you can keep wishing you were me, but I can’t in good conscience allow you to say shit like you did without consequence.  I’ve decided to draw the line.
----Y’see, Shinati, I don’t find it all that respectful to utter the names of unequal examples in the same breath in the way you so willingly and so liberally have uttered yours with mine.  You’re DAMN lucky you managed to kiss my ass enough to make me willing to not come bring this fight to your doorstep this fucking second, Shinati.
----How DARE you say I am or did anythingjust like you’.  How DARE you.  We are NOT in the same boat, you son of a bitch, and if we were?  I’d be PLUNGING my FUCKIN’ FIST THROUGH YOUR CHEST LIKE THE HARPOON AHAB WIELDED!  I literally have it tattooed on my fucking flesh, Shinati.  ‘From Hell’s heart’...  ‘I stab at thee’.  And if you EVER have the audacity...  The mendacity to believe that some fire inside you is your guiding light?
----Let’s get something straight, he continues. Shall we?  You don’t know fucking fire, Shinati.  But me?  I do.  It claimed my childhood home…  Claimed my grandfather’s life...  And this past Sunday it claimed a Phoenix in a New Age Deathmatch.  When you and I get in the ring for this match, though, Shinati?  I’m gonna’ take your fire and-- no, I’m not going to extinguish it.  I’m going to shove it down your fucking throat with each and every suicidal comparison between us you’ve made.  And now?
----Now I’m gonna’ do it with the FAT FUCKIN’ GRIN ON MY FACE.  You wanna’ tell me you’re gonna’ execute me?  Let me tell ya’ how that would go, okay, guy?  I am the Envoy of the End, Shinati.  The Inevitable.  What I say?  It happens.  Everything I warn that’s to come?  It FUCKING HAPPENS, Shinati.  And truth be told, I am the single most lethal athlete this industry has EVER SEEN!
----So no, he furthers.  You’re not gonna’ execute me, Shinati.  What you are gonna’ do, though?  Is beg for your life…  Beg for mercy from me, Shinati.  And I’ll look down at you, at the desperate and helpless pleading for relent, and do you know what I’m gonna’ look you dead in the eye, say to you, and then kick your fucking skull in?  No.
----The Cowboy Killer shakes his head in a resentful disdain, seeming as if he were ready to leap through the camera and strangle Shinati Mizarki with his bare hands.  His additional statements seem to echo this observation as they are possessed with a malicious vitriol.
----At first, he explains.  At first I wanted to watch as the color drained from your eyes when I took this win from you.  At first.  But now?  Now that you’ve offended me so greatly?  I’m more inclined to just cave your GOD DAMNED skull in.  And y’know what, Shinati?  At caving God damned skulls in?  I’m the Best in the World.
----With this, Kai reaches forward and clicks a button on the side of the camera, bringing our segment to a close.  As Kai’s ultimate rhetoric hangs in the air like he does while flipping forward for his Katabasis finishing maneuver, one question remains.
----How does Kai Stevens handle being offended?


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Shinati Mizarki
on August 31st 2018, 9:07 pmShinati Mizarki
Kai Stevens.

A man, who I have faced before. A man, who has defeated me fair and square in the middle of the ring before. As much as I wanna say it was a 'fluke', or that he won't be able to do it again this time around, I truly cannot. No, not because I'm not confident in myself, but rather - I'm not one to discredit a fair victory. I'm not gonna deny that he was the better man the last time we faced off, because if I did that I would be lying. To everyone. Whether that be the fans or myself; I've never been one to lie. I know how dangerous he can be in the ring. I know that he has Brian Church there at ringside, ready to cheer him on. Give him the edge he needs to go out there and take the win - something, that he has done more often than not during his time here. 

I respect that. 

I credit him for doing so, but when it comes to the Best in the world series, he is just like me. Coming off a loss; looking for a way to fight back. To find the momentum, that he had once grasped. 

Just like me. 

We're "in the same boat" as people would like to call it. Each of us needing this win to make sure that our name is still in the running. Still in the forefront, when it comes to acquiring the world title shot we desire. When it comes to *proving* that we are the "next in line" to the throne. Just like everybody else in this tournament is aiming for. 

Yes, some can say that I have a "safety net". A "security blanket" if you will, in the form of the tag team title shot I have alongside my best friend and Shoot Nation comrade Steven Cassidy, but that is not the focus right now. As I have said before, I don't merely wish to be known as a tag team specialist. As somebody who is seen as 'leeching off others' - even if that is the falsest statement in the world, but rather: I want to be able to show what I can do in the ring in my own right. How I, along with the rest of Shoot Nation, aim to uphold and maintain everything that has brought wrestling to where we stand today. 

After all, that is what needs to be. That is what wrestling; the fans truly deserve. That is what I wish to give them. That hasn't changed. I haven't strayed from that cause - no matter what somebody like Kai might think. No matter what motivates him. What cause he is willing to peddle, for this time, I *know* where I truly stand. I know just what it is, I am fighting for. I'm not as 'lost' as I was the last time we set foot between those ropes Kai. To you, that *should* be dangerous. That should cause you to realise that the Shinati you fought back then, isn't going to be the one standing before you this week. 


This time, I'm willing to go to any limits necessary. Any means that are required, in order to walk out on top. In order to send a message to not just the One True Pairing and CM Nas/Saul Omen for what awaits them come Event Horizon but to the rest of the Best in the world series competitors that I'm not the pushover you assumed. That I'm not just the 'prey' in this situation, but rather: I am the shark.

I am the one who the moment he smells blood, will attack it with a viciousness that is unparalleled. That will *not* relent, until the foe is vanquished. Until the light, has left them lost within their own shadow. Wondering, just where it all began to spiral downwards for them. Realising and understanding, just what I mean, when I claim the throne. The title, of the Architect. Of the one, who shall bring about their very end.  

It's something that I had forgotten about myself. Something, that *they* told me to channel when they called me. When they informed me, that I would be granted a meeting with them on Wednesday next week, deep in the heart of Tokyo. A meeting, that should at least *finally* allow me to see just who they are. Just why, they have come for *me*. Just what, they wish to extract. Do they wish for me to truly tap into the Architect within? The fire, that lingers as I strive to find myself? To find, the formula I have craved? Or are they just like the rest? Do they merely want to see me crash and burn? 

That hasn't become even clearer, despite them sending another video earlier this week to me. One, that despite their claims of providing answers, only served to ask more questions. Even if it did answer the question of just *who* they are. At least they revealed their name was Kayuri and that they had been requested by a 'higher being' to call me forth. To bring me, under their wing. I still don't know who that 'higher power' is, though Kayuri did state that "When the time is ripe, all shall be revealed". 

When that is, I don't know. Nor do I need to know. I trust that if the temples align; if it is meant to be the passage I roam, that it shall all fall into place. That the cloud, shall drift into the sky - enabling me to finally find out just what it is I have forever desired. Just what it is, that they wish for me to become. Just like Dad told me. Have faith and let the fire within guide you towards the light. 

Just as he did. 

Just as mum did. 

I can't fail them. 

I can't let all their effort, go up in a plume of smoke. 

I won't fail them. I wouldn't be able to look them in the eye if I did. If I was the one, who was crowned as the decadence of the Mizarki family name. If I was the one, to tear apart all the fabric they have created. If I was to go against, all that they raised me to be. Unlike Kai. Unlike those who claim that they understand honour, when all they are doing - is tearing apart the core. Going against, all that honour truly stands for. Revealing that just like those who oppose the freedoms. The customs that we stand for, they only wish to fuel their own passage. They wish only to watch the world burn at their very feet. 

One by one, they shall fall. 

Left to stand, with the pit of agony; the mire of regret, that they created. Beginning with Kai. For that is what they desire. That is what has been called to pass - just as it was for Kikyo, this is my chance to burn. This is my chance to make the statement that if I am to fall, then you're coming just as far down as I am, Kai. Even if that means I have to sacrifice my entire body in order to make it so. Even if that means, I have to break my own spirit. I'm willing to do just that, if it attains the desired result. That is, me standing atop your body - leading you to your end. For if you don't stand for Shoot Nation, you must be served to the mire. 

For you, I shall be your executioner.
Steven Cassidy
on August 31st 2018, 8:08 pmSteven Cassidy
((After getting his second consecutive win in the BITW Series, Steven is still...well, Steven. He hasn’t let the sudden success get to his head. He’s still focused and stoic. Knowing that sure, stringing together a few victories is nice and all, but this is a marathon, not a race. Meaning, he’s aware that he still has plenty of stiff competition to face, especially this week. Plus, by being 2-0 at the moment, being tied for the lead when it comes to the A Block, he has a giant target on his back. He needs to keep his head on a swivel because if there’s anything that SSW has taught him, anything can happen at any time. As for the following scene, it’s nothing too fancy. Just Steven chilling backstage, getting ready for his training session to help him prepare for tomorrow’s match, as he tapes his wrists.))

“So this is what momentum feels like? At least, that’s what I think this sensation I’m experiencing is? I don’t know, this is new territory for me. I’m not used to having win streaks or main eventing shows. There was a time I never thought I could accomplish either of those things, but here we are. And now that I’ve gotten a taste of it all, I crave for more. One win wasn’t enough. Just like two wins isn’t going to cut it. I need more...and I know that I am capable of more. But, I know that being 2-0 in this tournament is such a small sample size. Just like I know that I still have my fair share of skeptics shouting FLUKE VICTORIES at the top of their lungs and that's fair. But tomorrow night I have a chance to prove that I am not just some flash in a pan. Or your typical underdog that bites off more than he can chew and chokes when the lights are at their brightest. I am here to prove my worth to not just my Shoot Nation family, but to SSW as a whole. You see for far too long I have been viewed as the runt of the litter. Not even a man, but a little boy trying to succeed in a world infested with monsters and titans and warriors. All of which have more experience than me. Probably more talent, too. Yet I have something that most people lack here. Especially when it comes to the Phantom Troupe and Tres Comas Club ... and that's heart. I know, that's a cliche answer to give. But having heart, having the sheer will and determination to be the best, refusing to give up even in the hardest of times and the darkest of hours, it gives you an advantage, as well as an edge. Look at our current SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion for proof. He made it to the top the right way, such as not cutting corners, unlike the previous champ. See, I am not fueled by money or an oversized ego. Just like I don't have to rely on cheap tactics to get ahead in life. What drives me, is my desire to improve as a wrestler and person each and every day. And Shoot Nation helps me when it comes to both of those areas. They will help prevent me from becoming something I am not. Meaning they will keep me in check if they feel like I am getting a little too full of myself. And I need that. I need that guidance to help me stay on course, instead of getting distracted and stray off into the distance. I have my eye on the prize. Actually, two prizes, really. The first one is, of course, this tournament. I obviously want to stay undefeated in the BITW series because that would mean that in the end, I am challenging for the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Spirit!!! 

((Steven pauses for a second, thinking about what that would mean to him if that thought ever becomes a reality. It would be a dream come true, most definitely.))

"But that's the end goal. The same goal that the other fifteen hungry competitors have. It's still too far away to think about anyways. Besides, I am in the now. I am living in the moment and what's right around the corner. For instance, tomorrow, I once again find myself fighting against one of my allies in Masanori Kawada. Last time it was a few weeks ago against Shinati in a main event match that tore the roof off. What an honor it was to share the ring with such a great talent. And speaking of Shinati, it appears that the both of us are going to be fighting for some gold at Event Horizon. To be more specific, the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships. And I would go more in-depth about it, but I will have plenty to say regarding that title match when Event Horizon week arrives. Because first I have some other important business to take care of. Against the man I mentioned earlier in Masanori. A man that I owe a huge thank you to. You see, if it wasn't for Masanori, I probably wouldn't be here today. Yeah, my career would have ended at the hands of John Doe and Saul Omen. Something I wouldn't be able to stomach if it did indeed go down the way they intended it to. I wouldn't want to give them that satisfaction. And you stopped it and I once again thank you for that. And I say thank you, not for just saving my career and perhaps my life, but for welcoming me into Shoot Nation with open arms, as well. The tranistion from Ronin to Shoot Nation was seamless"

"Although, it's kind of ironic when you think about it. How I outlasted John Doe here in SSW. All because of you, Masanori. But...yes, there is a but, it was bittersweet for me to see him go. On the one hand, just like most, I am glad he is no more. That toxic presence of his needed to go before he would go on to end more careers besides Koji. But on the other hand, I wanted to do the job. Because for so long I have been meaning to get my hands on him. For all he's done to me, such as the damage he has caused in my life, he needed to get a dose of his own medicine.  Because of him I almost lost everything. Because of him I still walk with a slight limp. Because of him, I was filled with hatred and anger. I had thoughts, Masanori. Dark thoughts of taking a steel chair and bashing it over his skull until it turned to mush. I could go into more details but you get the gist. I needed closure, Masanori. And for the longest time, I thought to unlock that closure and to finally move on, I would have to do what he did to me. To put him in a hospital bed for months. Actually no, months wouldn't have been good enough for someone like him. Make it years, if not decades! But then I realized, I was going about this the wrong way. Because if I did all of that, I might as well don the purple and black color scheme and become one of the Phantom Troupe scumbags. I wouldn't have been any better than him if I decided to commit such a heinous act. So in a way, in my heart of hearts, even though it was tough to let this grudge go, I am beyond glad to never see his face in this company again. That the dark cloud no longer hovers above my head."

"I was so hellbent on getting my revenge against the Phantom Troupe, that I stopped caring about what happened in my career. I became obsessed. I pushed my goals aside in hopes of inflicting pain on each and every last one of them. But after some time off, I cleared my mind. I have gotten in my ducks in a row and realized what is important and what isn't. That I can't change what happened in the past. I can only use those past events and learn from them. Like a true student of the game. And what's important to me is winning this match to increase my odds of winning the whole thing, as well as securing tag team gold for Shoot Nation at Event Horizon. I guess what I am getting at is I want a defining moment. Something I can hang my hat on and be proud of what I have accomplished. Moments such as when you defeated John Doe and sent him packing. Moments such as Jaydayne finally winning world title gold here. Something he should have done a long time ago if it wasn't guessed it, The Phantom Troupe. Just like the Phantom Troupe is the reason for why you aren't 2-0 as well in this BITW series. That's just what they do. They pride themselves on ruining lives and careers, it's despicable. I wouldn't even be surprised if they decide to intervene in this match so it creates a clearer path for Aria to the finals. Food for thought. But wasting time on what-ifs isn't productive. And I must block those thoughts outta my mind. Because since I will have my hands full with you, Masanori, I can't afford to look over my shoulder to make sure no one is making a run in. After all, you are easily one of the most talented on the ros-, no, no, you are one of the most talented in the world, no question. I caught myself there. I was going to say one of the most talented on the roster, which sure, is true, but that doesn't do you enough justice, Mr. Absoulte Justice. As for this match, I am expecting a barn burner. An instant classic. A match that many will look back at and recognize it as one of the best to ever happen in an SSW ring. So yes, this will be a challenge, but I am up for it. See you out there, Masanori."
Masanori Kawada
on August 31st 2018, 7:30 pmMasanori Kawada
You're a Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas.
Kai Stevens
on August 31st 2018, 4:48 pmKai Stevens
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second sucks

BITW Series Ranking: #3 (A Block)
BITW Series Record: 1-1

----Jenny Fleiss urges us to Embrace failure, citing that missteps and roadblocks are inevitable but are ultimately an opportunity to learn, pivot, and go after your goals with new perspective.  But what exactly does it mean to embrace failure?  And further, what does learning and pivoting from these aforementioned missteps and roadblocks properly entail?
----If one is embracing their failure in the vein of Jenny Fleiss’s assertions, are they looking upon it fondly?  Are they looking upon it with gratuity?  Or is there another manner by which to embrace failure?  Should we even accept Fleiss’s contention?
----If we are to accept her dogma as an efficient guiding principle, Kai Stevens surely intends on pivoting from his loss against the former SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion in Aria Jaxon.  But as long as the wrestling world has known the Envoy of the End, viewing things (let alone accepting them) from another perspective is not something he’s been known to be capable of.  And, to deepen this skepticism, Brian Church has proven himself throughout his time as Stevens’s mentor and manager to not be embracing of failure on Kai’s part.
----However, when we find the Cowboy Killer he is noticeably sans the World’s Final Prophet, it seems as if Kai’s rage, his malice aforethought, his ominous degree of suppressed wrath is coursing through his veins with newfound fervor.  He stands in a dimly lit room with a dark red punching bag hanging from a thick chain attached to the ceiling and not much else.  He is difficult to make out in the poor lighting, but the cameraman adjusts the focus to get the most out of it and finds him striking the punching bag with furious speed.  He dons a pair of black Nike Pro Combat compression pants, a black pair of Nike shorts with a white swoosh, a black headband, and black tape around his wrists (including the thumb joints and entire hands) and ankles.
----Two weeks ago I lost, he spits with obvious disdain.  I lost to Aria Jaxon.  I’m not the kinda’ guy to lie-- never have been.  And y’know what?  I’m man enough to admit I lost.  But…  Here’s the thing.
----Now that I got that loss out of the way, I’m free to make like the twenty twelve regular season Denver Broncos and run the gauntlet.  Y’see, I’ve reviewed the film.  I’ve watched every match I’ve had in this company, in OWA, in ALPHA Wrestling…  Every single match I’ve had in my career I’ve studied and scrutinized until my eyes started fucking bleeding.  And now that I’ve had a chance to go back and watch what happened, what went wrong against Aria Jaxon, what went right against her-- all of it?
----I’ve found that I know exactly what I need to change so that I never lose to someone as beneath me as Aria Jaxon EVER again.  What I need to adapt to so that I can do what I did to Shinati Mizarki last time but ten times fucking worse.  Y’see, they say that I…  That I snap sometimes during my matches.  They say that I’m like A Man Possessed.  That the pressure, the void inside of me?  The one that forces unto me an insatiable hunger, a craving?  A bloodlust?
----Well against Aria Jaxon, he continues with a poisonous tone.  I didn’t.  I Iwasn’t.  That pressure?  The Void?  The hunger?  It’s only grown stronger.  It’s only grown more stark and utterly horrifying.  It has set my teeth on edge.  And I personally gauran-FUCKING-tee that against Shinati Mizarki-- WHO I’VE ALREADY FUCKIN’ BEATEN?!  I’m gonna’ SINK THOSE SAME FUCKING TEETH IN!
----As Stevens gutturally stabs with his last series of phrase, he fires rapid lefts and rights into the punching bag, clenching his aforementioned teeth and grunting with fury and exertion while doing so.  When he finally stops and the wave of the Dark Passenger’s possession of his body (or the Void, as he calls it) subsides, he takes deep breaths in and out and flicks his eyes over to the camera.
----Let me make something CRYSTAL fucking clear to you, Shinati, says the Inevitable with a twitching upper lip.  You don’t belong here.  Almost two months ago I pinned you in the middle of the ring and I did it with ease.  So I’m gonna’ need you to explain to me how the FUCK you think you even belong in the DISCUSSION!
----I clearly most not have kicked enough sense into your ugly mug when we last met or something, Shinati.  If you show your stupid fuckin’ face in my ring tomorrow night, buddy, I swear to GOD I’m gonna’ change the way it looks.  I’m gonna’ do to you what I should have done to that bitch Aria Jaxon...  I’m gonna’ fill the Void.
----And who better to apply what I’ve learned from my loss to that sanctimonious witch, elaborates the Envoy of the End.  Than someone who I’ve already beaten?  Someone who I’ve…  I’ve already martyred.  Someone who I’ve already had the pleasure of being able to say ’I told you so’ to.
----It just so happens that that unlucky shitstain is you, Shinati.  It just so happens...  That I’ve tired of even contemplating respecting your dedication to your cause.  Which means that I’m going to take your cause…  Puroresu, he says venomously.  And I’m gonna’ SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR GOD DAMNED THROAT!  I’m gonna’ show you why I look down on the Shoot Nation...  Why I don’t believe there’s a SINGLE FUCKIN’ ONE OF YOU who has what it takes to step to Kai Stevens.  Not a one.  And I know there isn’t a single one of you frauds that has what it takes to call themselves the Best in the World.  And tomorrow night?  Tomorrow night I’m gonna’ prove it once and for all when I break you in half...  When I strangle every last molecule of oxygen out of you…  When I kick your teeth out the BACK OF YOUR SKULL!
----Stevens turns his attention to the bag with a curled upper lip in abhorrent contempt, glaring at it and growling.  He snarls as he pumps a frenzy of fists into the bag before he shakes his head, wipes sweat off his brow with his left forearm, and flicks his eyes to the camera.  Wetting his lips, he continues with malice and foreboding in his tone.
----What exactly have you done since I beat your ass within an inch of your life? questions Stevens rhetorically.  Since I humiliated you back in July, I’ve run through the Shoot Nation...  Made Belle Kingsley and the Apparition look like day one rookies.  Beaten the SSW Heritage Champion to a pulp and become the Number One Contender.  Been heralded as the New Age leader of the Ronin, in Tarah Nova’s absence.  Been un-FUCKING-stoppable, Shinati.  But you?
----All you’ve done is EMBARRASS yourself.  All you’ve done is prove time and time again that you DON’T BELONG HERE.  You let your fucking friendship with your opponent cost you the win the last time you showed your ugly mug in the ring…  And you had the AUDACITY to say that you aspire to be the World fuckin’ Champion?
----You’ve got the balls to talk about…  About threatening people?  About…  About finally arriving?  I gotta’ say, I’m confused.  Y’see, I know for a GOD DAMNED FACT that you?  You’re the least threatening person I’ve faced here in Strong Style Wrestling.  And if you make the grave error of threatening me?  I’ll fuckin’ butcher you, you talentless piece of shit.
----As far as your arrival is concerned, furthers Stevens.  As far as your attainment of glory is concerned?  If it were just me that’s standing between you and that, then you’re royally fucked, guy.  But since your lack of talent and pathetic level of competence in the ring play a role in your INEVITABLE dying alone and full of regret and emptiness?  You’re not just royally fucked...  You’re dead and buried...  You just don’t know it yet.
----Kai fires a few more frenzied and violent strikes into the bag before turning towards the camera and squaring his shoulders.  Once he has done so, he smirks evilly at the camera and clenches his jaw, inhaling slowly in hopes of suppressing his Void.  Veins bulge from his neck and temple, illustrating that his repressing of his wrathful demeanor is rigorous.
----I learned from my first loss here in Japan, says Stevens with a hate-fueled tone.  I learned that IT DOESN’T FUCKIN’ MATTER IF I LOSE...  Because at the end of the day, I AM the Best in the World.  At the end of the day, Shinati?  I am better than you...  I am better than Shoot Nation…  And I sure as FUCK am better than Aria Jaxon.  When I’m standing tall at Clash of Dragons as the winner of this tournament, Shinati?  You will be the FURTHEST thing from my mind.  Because you?  You’re nothing.  You’re not even worth the dirt that I walk on…  So keep wishing you were me, Shinati…  And I’ll keep making you have to.
----All this means, Shinati?  Is that for your aspirations in this tournament?  For my time losing in this tournament?  And for your fucking career?  The end is nigh.
----With this, Stevens twists around and fires a vicious right hook into the bag.  As he readies to drive another flurry of fists, a door opens somewhere in the room outside of the frame.
----It’s time, says a voice that can only belong to his mentor, Brian Church.  Let’s go.
----Stevens nods his head and fires a final, ultimate series of rights and lefts into the bag.  He shakes his head disdainfully at the camera and swaggers out of frame, allowing our scene to fade to black with a few questions looming dangerously overhead.
----Has Kai embraced his failure?  Does he even view it as a failure?  Or has he merely skipped to the pivot from it in order to emerge victorious in his second match again Shinati Mizarki?
----Whatever the answers turn out to be, it is clear that Kai Stevens has macabre plans in store for the rest of the competitors he is to face in the remainder of the Best in the World Series.

Aria Jaxon
on August 31st 2018, 3:34 pmAria Jaxon

You don’t get to my level of greatness without being able to simultaneously being able to balance the trials of the present with the concerns of the future. And honestly, given the fact that I’m facing not one, but TWO pieces of Ronin trash both this weekend and at Event Horizon, words like “trials” and “concerns” are way too generous. In any case, I sit here unbothered. I stand here now undefeated in competition in my block -- and I do mean MY block -- in The Best in the World Series, a record that I’ll no doubt extend when I put Kikyo Himura on her ass. I’ve never believed all that bullshit about how this tournament is “anyone’s game” or how you should sweat every person in your path, because the cold, hard reality of it is that not everyone is worth it. That’s where Kikyo falls. The fact that I’m walking into this match fully expecting to dispatch of her quickly isn’t sheer arrogance on my part. It’s realism. And as this tournament continues to march on, as the pretenders are called out and many have to contend with the fact that they never had a chance in hell to begin with, the ability to be realistic has to prevail.

The only special thing about Kikyo Himura is the last name she inherited. Or at least...that’s what I found out when I Googled her. I didn’t even know she was on SSW’s payroll before that. I had no idea who she was. However, Kikyo, I know that you know exactly who I am. I know that you know where I’ve been and what I’ve done. And you can choose to disregard my tenure and my accolades, if you wish. If you remember only one thing, I hope it sits in the forefront of your mind what I did to your leader, Kai Stevens. He now can claim the not at all coveted mantle of the leader of Ronin, and it really is a matter of the blind leading the blind. The least he could’ve done was put his best foot forward and not set a completely shitty example on his first night on the job. My match against him was billed as “leader vs. leader” on paper, but he’s a head honcho in name only. When I went out there and laid him out, I did what a leader is supposed to do. I won my match to improve my standing in this block to ultimately bring the title of Best in the World and the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship to the only faction in this company that matters. Still, he’s apparently supposed to be the best that Ronin has to offer, and if that’s the case, it leaves me unimpressed for a couple of different reasons. I’ve already beaten the apex of your faction, Kikyo. I chopped off the head of the totem pole, and now I’m dealing with a little worker bee who’s completely failed in her quest to actually become someone in this company. You get smacked around by basic bitches like Santiago and Kingsley, and yet the glint in your eye still tells me that you think your luck will be better with me.

That’s the thing about luck, though. Not only does it rarely favor you when you need it most, but those who rely solely on it are the weakest, most pathetic people alive.

If nothing else, Kikyo, at least you can say I’m doing you a solid by ensuring that you stay in familiar territory. You know all about what it is to lose. You know the sting of failure all too well, so tell me, is it completely wrong to ensure that you don’t stray from the path you know best? All you’ve done since day one was get lost in the shuffle, and this won’t be the night that changes for you. I can’t promise this loss will be easier to stomach than any of the others, but I can promise I’ll make it quick. Thank me later.
Christopher Sabertooth
on August 31st 2018, 2:14 pmChristopher Sabertooth
A Warm Welcome

Kyoto, Japan: August 29th 2018
Christopher is seen walking around Kyoto Imperial Palace as a guide shows him around the monument and its history. Chris is accompanied by some of his friends and his assistant Natalie.
“1868 you say? So, Kyoto was the capital for a very long time before the Imperial Family moved to Tokyo. I did know that because I pay attention in History classes.” Said Chris.
“You had Japanese History back in America?” Asked the guide in somewhat broken English.
“Nah. I am just playing with you. We don’t care enough. But I must say… That Japan is absolutely breath-taking. It’s wonderful how the Japanese culture drives this nation and its people. It’s all about respect eh?” Asked Sabertooth.
“Hai...” Said the Guide as he moved along to the next part of the tour.
“Well, I like that. I am all about the respect too. All about people respecting me for how I great I am.” Said Chris as he chuckled and walked along with the Guide and he others.
“You like Japan?” Asked the guide.
“Ah yes… Japan is alright. But it’s better now since I am here. Don’t you agree?” Asked Chris jokingly as the Guide simply nodded, not completely understanding the question.
“There is a language barrier that I need to overcome though. Natalie… How good was your Japanese again?” Asked Chris.
“I can manage a few sentences. But …” Said Natalie but Chris interrupts her.
“Hey… I understand that it’s not fair for me to expect you to be proficient at Japanese but that’s what you’re hired for. I want you to learn this language as fast as you can because this place is going to become a weekend home for us. I have been for the past 2-3 weeks now and I am liking the way Jacob Senn has been treating me. OWA is always going to be my home but SSW is now part of the weekly routine. We are in this for the long run, Natalie. I always wanted to wrestle here and I did have a few occasional tours from other promotions to Japan before. But wrestling here on a full-time basis at a Japanese promotion? I didn’t expect to do that when I returned back to wrestling. But after watching Budokai Tenkaichi… I knew this was my chance to strike it off my bucket list. And being in a close working relationship with OWA was a plus. So, when Jacob Senn offered me the lucrative deal to join SSW… I knew the time was right and so I made the move. So, it is up to you now to make my stay here at Japan as comfortable and smooth as it can be. I mean, that’s what I pay you for. So… think before you make excuses.” Said Chris. Natalie just nodded and didn’t say a word as everyone moved back to the Tour Bus.
Back in the Hotel:
Chris is seen staring out of the window.
“Beautiful isn’t it? Tomorrow I leave for Osaka…. For the big A Block Best In The World tour. Best in the World. I would commend Jacob Senn for putting on such a tournament with all these talented people all around but it offends me that a tournament with my name on it doesn’t feature me. But debuting at Domination and shocking the entire world of professional wrestling was pretty good too. And Jacob Senn didn’t low ball me with the compensation he is providing for all my efforts. It’s a hefty price and to be honest, probably one of the main reasons why I even came here. I am a businessman and to me, a deal like that in a promotion like Strong Style Wrestling sounds like the best thing to do for my own brand. The Christopher Sabertooth brand that I have worked so hard to establish over all these years. And what is better than expanding to an entirely newer market? And as good as this deal is to me… It is even better deal for Strong Style Wrestling because frankly, they really needed me to save this company. I am not going to be that new guy who joins a company and already takes a dig at it… No. SSW is good. As a matter of fact, it’s great. But it’s not good enough. Which is why Jacob Senn jumped on the opportunity to have me on the show and I don’t blame the man. And so far, he has done well to keep me interested. But then… There’s that guy. What was his name again? Matthew? First of all, Who the fuck are you? If you failed to listen closely to what your boss aid before unveiling me as the newest roster addition… I am the future of this company. Not some nobody off the streets like yourself. You can attack me from behind and probably one up me in that way but last week we found out that you’re not the only one who can do that.
At Domination, you ruined my moment and my induction into Tres Comas Club. Now, I won’t lie to you and say that I wasn’t always sure about which faction I pledge my allegiance to. To me, it didn’t really matter. Because wherever I went, was automatically going to become the number one faction in this fucking company and that’s exactly what has happened. Phantom Troupe needed Christopher Sabertooth. Shoot Nation needed Christopher Sabertooth. Ronin needed Christopher Sabertooth but I can’t stand that bitch, Tarah Nova so that wasn’t even on the table for discussion. And Tres Comas Club certainly needed Christopher Sabertooth. Let me tell you that they all made offers. Everybody did. They all wanted me to elevate them to the next level so the ball was in my court and I ran with it. I chose TCC not because of the people in it… But in fact, for the offer made to me. Jaywalker came to me and he was very honest with me. He let me know all the details and frankly, he gave me an offer I couldn’t resist. And voila! The choice was made.” Said Chris as he opened the window and took a cigar out of his pocket. He lit the Cigar and puffed on it as he continued to talk.
“After last week and the one before that… I could see the regret in your emotions, Matthew. You chose me to make an impact on your own debut. Heck, Isaac Thornton tried to do that in OWA but that didn’t work out in his favour either. But I can understand why you decided to attack me and rob me from my moment. Christopher Sabertooth is a brand that everybody recognizes. When Jacob Senn revealed me as the new signee, everybody watching were shocked and glued to their TV screens or couldn’t believe what they were seeing. That’s what I do. I bring eyes to the product and I bring unmatched talent and skill like nobody else that puts asses on seats. It was a simple business decision to make for Jacob and I see why he did it. And when a nobody like you wants to get their face out there…. What do they do? They always choose the biggest target because this is their opportunity to be somebody. To make a name in this business…. And I respect that. We all gotta start somewhere. But Matthew… You fucked up. You did choose the biggest target but no you are about to be exposed to a large audience anticipating something from you after you laid me out at Domination… They want to know if this guy is any good and they’re about to be disappointed because there’s nobody in this business who can lace my boots. André Virgo…. A member of the Tres Comas Club. The same club as myself did think that he was better than me. He was proud to be an SSW wrestler and he looked down upon everybody else just because he has that SSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship around his waist. But at Burning Sky, not only did I defeat this man and make him eat his own words…. I beat his ass like it was nobody’s business. And this is somebody from the same faction as me. All of that was just because André Virgo thought that he was better than me. So, you can only imagine what will I do to the person who blindsided me on a very important moment for my career. Matthew… You have no idea for what’s coming to you. The past few weeks were just the tester. You haven’t seen anything of what I am capable of. And at Event Horizon, you are in for a rude awakening. But enough about the idiot that nobody knows about.
Let’s talk some immediate plans for my career here at SSW. I am not going to lie, it didn’t exactly start the way I expected it to and Miles Taylor didn’t get one up on me regardless of how it panned out and how death awaits Matthew at Event Horizon, I am not going to make any excuses. Good on you, Miles. You can use hold on to that accomplishment for the rest of your life because you are probably not outdoing that anytime soon. But this week… I am out to make a point. I needed somebody to make an example out of before I get my hands-on Matthew because the Japanese crowd, even though they are well aware about who I am and what I am capable of, need a hands on with the Christopher Sabertooth experience. So, I told Senn to give me whatever you have got. And he gave me Rei Kagura. Goddess of Beauty? My ass… I give you about a 5 and a half. 6 on a good day. There’s no way this bitch can outwrestle me like that was ever a doubt. But if you want to cheat… Go ahead by all means! I have been in the ring with the dirtiest players in the game and still walked out with my hands raised in victory. I don’t care who you look Rei. I don’t care how good you really think you are. Like I said before, I am out there to make a point and you just happen to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time. I am sorry if I ruin that pretty face of yours after our match and destroy your hopes and dreams of being a model or an actor someday… I don’t know, whatever you like to be because a wrestler doesn’t seem like one. But let’s be honest, you probably never had a chance anyway.” Said Chris as he took a long puff from his Cigar. He admires the view from his hotel for a while before continuing to speak.
“My goal is not any different to what it is in OWA. I want to do what is best for myself and my brand and I will have gold around my waist, one way or the other. I already beat Virgo so I might as well take his title. Or I can take Jaydayne Pendragon’s championship instead. Or maybe the scary looking Khamoch Sangkat’s Heritage Championship… I probably butchered your name but not that it matters. So, Rei… As much as I would love to not ruin your career, I really need to make an example out of somebody and you happen to be the one I face. I apologize for what awaits you this Saturday… Not really though. Fuck you and everybody else. Japan… Strong Style Wrestling. Your messiah has arrived. Christopher Fucking Sabertooth. You will remember that name for times to come.” Said Chris as he takes one final puff of his Cigar as the scene ends.
The One True Pairing
on August 31st 2018, 12:37 amThe One True Pairing
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Oh no!

She is trying, but her lack of care continues to intervene. Sakura Corleone has lost two in a row, and she continues to feel nothing. She is strong and she continues to make herself strong, but finding a purpose or a point for this godforsaken tournament prevents her from fighting her best. Her head is in the ring, but her heart is searching for something else. Singles competition. Matches without Cassius. This is new to her. Trial and error, she always says. And no matter how bad things have gotten, she remains optimistic. Cassius would want her to keep giving her all, and that’s exactly what she will do!

“Another week, another challenge. Why can’t you people just die already so I can live happily ever after with my Cassius? All of you. You sicken and disgust me to the core, and I am surprised that despite the lack of flavorful competition, anyone still even bothers being this trainwreck of a tournament!”

Sakura Corleone finds herself sitting on a table with her ring gear on... She speaks the words with her head slightly tilted to the side in wonder, as she looks at the camera. She then sits up properly and stretches her arms upward, and continues to speak with a smile on her face.

“But I do congratulate my Cassius for moving forward and not letting our Championship loss prevent him from doing his best, but not me… I can’t do it. I can’t walk in the ring and just pretend that everything is okay when I need my Cassius with me all the time! I can’t live without him. I can’t breathe without him. And the toxicity that I have gotten from Steven Cassidy and Masanori Kawada just piled on and on, and it wants to crack me open. But no matter how many times you try to break my spirit, so long as my Cassius exists and is waiting for me at home, I will not blink an eye. The road to this tournament is tedious as they can be, and it bores me to death that I have to go through this work against worthless no-names and goons who you could barely call wrestlers, it makes me sick to my stomach that I have to face these cretins when all I want to do is win back the Lovebird Tag Team Championships against those who neither earned nor deserved it! Every second that they hold the titles slowly and surely degrade its worth, and I refuse to stand idly by and watch them turn our gold into a laughingstock, the same way the Phantom Troupe has turned every title they’ve held into a worthless piece of tin! Any gold, any honor they win turns into an embarrassing mess with a slowly diminishing worth, and you could deny it all you want but it will always be true. I don’t like giving my opinions on anything that has nothing to do with The One True Pairing or Sakura Corleone, you know me! But it’s not my fault that I have to go through one of their own again this week Khamoch Sangkat. It had to be him. It had to be the Heritage Champion. It had to be someone who reminds me too much of how pathetic cancerous ringworms have the ability to hold up Championships despite being the epitome of incompetence for the fact alone that he belongs with the rest of those parasites! But it doesn’t matter. Two losses in and I still have a fight in me. My Cassius. My sweet precious darling Cassius and his tremendous work in his block truly inspires me to become the best version of myself, and watching him succeed makes me want to do more! It makes me want to open my eyes and face the world, and actually earn points on this tournament.”

Sakura sighs.

“Points that mean nothing. Points that don’t do me favors. Points that I’ll earn in the way as I count the weeks or months until The One True Pairing takes their titles again. Every week I fall, but another day comes and I am ready to rise again, All for my Cassius. All for the name of the One True Pairing. All you can do... is watch it happen.”

Sakura looks away and stands up, leaving with those last words. Some folks see this as Karma… but all Sakura can see is an opportunity. The chance to fight another day. The screech of an opening door to everything she desires, and she will waste no second stepping in to take everything.
André Virgo
on August 24th 2018, 11:58 pmAndré Virgo
You love spinning in circles, don't you? You repeat the same talking points I throw at you to try to wager something heavy against me, but these little short-armed jabs you're convincing yourself are haymakers just like hit feathers. I love EAW, but I took my talents to REVOLT! Pro Combat? Would you make the same argument against Mr. DEDEDE, or EAW's very creator who was the lead investor in REVOLT! and put it on the map, the man himself, CM Banks? Think about what you just said for a moment, Cam*. You're arguing that I was disloyal for joining REVOLT! when it was thrust into the mainstream by the same visionary who made EAW the number one wrestling company in the world. I hear your words and I immediately know I'm listenining to propaganda, vocal cancer, half-baked half-truths. You hear my words and you know I mean them with conviction. You're just saying shit to say shit. Either that, or you're dumb, misinformed, or intentionally spreading disinformation -- maybe the whole trifecta. I never "left" EAW. In fact, just before I signed my contract with REVOLT, I competed at EAW's Shrine event and scored a victory over Theron Nikolas. It's funny how you conveniently forget to mention that, as if I jumped ship or something. REVOLT! was built by EAW's creators and drew in some of its foremost figures, but you want to spread this fake narrative like it was enemy territory? Typical for your kind. I was a phonecall away from EAW whenever they needed me, but the fact of the matter is that the majority of its brass wasn't interested. It takes two to tango, but go ahead, revise the facts since it seems like that's what you're best at. Since you won't address the elephant in the room, I'll do your homework for you. It's very obvious to anyone watching that the complexion of EAW has dramatically changed from what it was at this time just a year ago. Con artists were exposed and eschewed, either forcibly or of their own volition, and they revealed their true colors. Before REVOLT! had even merged with EAW, I had come back to this company, cost Jamie O'Hara his record-breaking World Heavyweight Championship reign, and then deaded his career at Pain for Pride 11, permanently hammering the nails in that coffin. No idea how that's in any way analogous to guys quitting EAW of their own choice, mocking the company, and taking fake versions of its championships elsewhere, changing their names to corny shit like "CM Nas" they were probably fed by inbred manchildren like Brian Daniels and Jacob Senn, but if there's one thing I can expect from you it's a logical fallacy. Another thing I found hilarious is your comparison of Astraea Jordan and Aria Jaxon when literally the only thing the two have in common is their ethnicity. I guess when you don't know chicken shit from chicken salad all you can do is simplify them down to their race and ignore their unique defining features. Leave it up to the person who thinks I'm literally comparing the defectors to Jeffrey Dahmer and the 9/11 perpetrators rather than using extreme figures of speech to illustrate a point to a sense-disinclined damsel in distress who was NEVER the star in any competitive women's division EAW's ever had. Sounds about right.

In 2011 it was the whore Heart Break Gal, 2012 it was Cleopatra, and from 2013 to 2015 nobody gave a fraction of a fuck about the women's division and you started being celebrated for sticking around when every other vixen had left. That's it, Cam*. You weren't celebrated because of your talent or ability. The only asset you've ever brought to EAW is your presence itself. You were the woman to beat by default, because there were NO other women to beat at all. You're proud of that? I was out there swimming in shark-infested waters while your punk ass was struggling to keep her head above water in a shallow pond, dabbling in the lakes and sometimes rivers of EAW's male division, achieving a modicum of success, but hardly ever anything noteworthy. Your greatest moments of prominence in EAW history, much like your long-time promiscuous vaginal-warts contemporary the Heart Break Gal, came when you piggybacked off male superstars. Guys like Heart Break Boy, Dark Demon, Mr. DEDEDE, and last but not least the man whose career I buried this past Pain for Pride, Jamie O'Hara. At no point on your own have you ever been unquestionably the best in any class in EAW history, Cam*. Maybe that's why you stuck around? Now that all of your clown-ass friends jumped ship and those maladjusted fucks are using OVW as a host for their depression and SSW as a host to live out their fantasies and squint their eyes real hard whilst claiming they're "white-passing Asians," at last you have a chance in EAW to stand alone at the top of the totem. Only, this is the moment you realize you were never actually that talented to begin with, and even in an era of fresh-faced newcomers you're still the same middle-of-the-pack, garden-variety, tongue-tied fake bitch you always were. Lurking behind shadowy bushes and meekly flapping your gums like the fake-confident, stunted, anxiety-marred chameleon you've always been isn't a recipe for success, after all, but against me it is a recipe for disaster.

I know bird-brained talking vaginas like Daisy Thrash, Azumi Goto, Heart Break Gal, and so many more of the rotten pieces of shit I personally would enjoy real-life decking are going to be cheering you on HARD this Saturday at Revolution, and it's their voice of approval for you that's going to inspire me thousandfold to send you tumbling back down to the rat's nest with Dark Demon and Jamie O'Hara in complete and utter rejection. You constantly saying I take everything too seriously while talking up your loyalty to this company just makes me want to fuck you up at Revolution that much more. You think because your bare-minimum ass didn't leave when this roster's dead weight were boarding the first train out of EAW that you deserve respect? Yeah, Cam*, you're a real rebel! You went against the grain! Hahahahahahaha, no. You don't get brownie points for demonstrating basic human decency. Maybe if you actually spoke out against them at the time instead of sympathizing with them -- yes, sympathizing -- you'd have a point, but of course in reality you were completely silent. How do I know you're sympathizing? You've said a whole hell of a lot more to me than you have about any of them. Your words are as see-through as your fine-people-on-both-sides head-ass mentality. Anything less than condemnation is sympathy as far as I'm concerned, and it doesn't matter if I'm "still hung up" on what most people consider a bygone issue, because I don't forgive and I certainly will never forget. I suppose if EAW had actually met its end at the hands of the snakes you still fraternize with, you'd give a shit? Nah, you'd be peddling this same bullshit you are now, saying it isn't that "big of a deal" and how you can just "move on with your life," maybe become a housewife and live in the hills with O'Hara and all of his bones I broke two months ago. Roam freely backstage with my clique? Now they aren't in hiding? Cam* -- and look in these eyes when I'm speaking, rat -- have I EVER been a person to "hide" his opinion? No, if anything, I've been the complete opposite. My mouth has gotten me in trouble on more than one occasion. It's why EAW's former staff didn't want to bring me back. It's why all of my detractors in that staff are in other companies now or somewhere in the mountains, because I defeated them. As I ready myself to completely obliterate you at Revolution in tribute to everyone that never turned their back on EAW, I would like you to send a few messages to YOUR clique because I know you're probably in constant contact with them:

Robbie V, if you'd like to exchange addresses so that I can personally fuck you up when the cameras aren't on, I'd be more than glad to oblige you. That's real. Cuck.

Matt Miles, while your career became an afterthought after Shock Value 2016 when I won my unprecedented seventh World Championship, it should be of some solace that I am also fucking the girl of your dreams. Simp.

Heart Break Gal, I just wanted to apologize to Robbie V on your behalf before I slump him for that loose vagina. I know your lazy fat ass doesn't do kegels. Whore.

Nathan Fiora, Keelan Cetinich, Finnegan Wakefield, Carlos Rosso, Brian Daniels, Jacob Senn, Azumi Goto, and the rest of you? Stay praying on my downfall. However bad it ever gets for me, I'll rest easily knowing I don't refer to people of color as "the coloreds" like Nate, I'm not a nice guy perpetually begging for some ass he'll never get like Keelan, I'm not a psychologically stunted manbaby whose girlfriends cucked him for his personality disorders and shrimp dick that looks limp even when it's hard... Pause. I don't drown my *gasp* crippling depression! in video games like Brian Daniels and Jacob Senn, and I sure as hell don't fantasize about touching kids like Carlos. Tell that fatass to get Squidward off his gut while you're at it. All of you fucking dishonest clowns, stay mad. The Hall of Shame has first class-reservations for all you treasonous scumbags, with its lovely host Cameron Ella Ava* at the forefront. Instead of eggshells, you'll be walking on dirt, in your natural element.

Why am I mentioning all of those people, Cam? Because despite the fact that you're still around, you're no different than any of them. The IRONY of you saying this isn't a high school when you seem to jump from one Twilight romance to the next like clockwork. Your in circle literally entirely consists of people who treat this side of the wrestling business like high school, which is as big a factor as any in why they're gone. You question how I could focus on winning any match when my mind seems to be entirely occupied by my anger for them. Now I know damn well your ass watched Pain for Pride, or maybe the tears welling up in your eyes as I destroyed Jamie O'Hara obscured your vision so much you didn't realize the extent of what had happened. I told O'Hara exactly what I told you. I'm a real hitter. It was my anger at Pain for Pride, my RAGE, that empowered me to kick out of everything Jamie O'Hara threw at me and emerge from that dogfight looking like a man tailor-made for a heavyweight fight. I never waver from the course and always keep the same energy. Can you say the same about yourself? You told me to listen to myself when I used examples of murderers, but with all the fucked-up twisted shit you tolerate from the crowd you hang around, it's a wonder if they actually committed literal murder if you'd try to find a way to defend them. "B-b-but they were asking for it! You killed someone in an act of self-defense, so why is it not okay when they kill strangers in cold blood?" Fuck your whataboutism. I will never forgive you for enabling people that not only used EAW for their own benefit and then took a shit all over it when the time was convenient, but for THINKING, just THINKING, that they could get one over on me. "Imp is sad!" "Imp is disgusting!" Nah, I'm not sad or disgusting. I'm happy and thriving. My anger manifests itself in healthy and productive ways, like this Saturday at Revolution when I dismantle Cameron Ella Ava. I reserve that anger for the people who truly deserve it. You have this perception like I walk into gas stations looking to pick fights with anybody and everybody, when the reality is I only bare the fangs at the intruders, those that have sullied the ground upon which I walk, and that means you, Cam*. You genuinely believe I'm kissing the higher-ups' ass? If I wanted an eighth World Heavyweight Championship reign, I could pull the right strings and immediately reassert myself in that fold. I don't want nor do I need shit from anybody. When HBG was here, SHE was the one getting slighted for linking up with a main event talent to enhance her own career. I don't need to ally myself with anybody or anything to be booked prominently. I speak soulfully and from the heart. If anything, constantly making a scene with people like you who are still in EAW would make me LESS likely to get championship opportunities. You exist in a world where two-plus-two equals five.

It's an upset if you beat me? But I thought you were The Goddess! I thought you were breaking gender barriers and shaking shit up! Is it an upset if you beat me because I'm the odds-on favorite, or is it an upset if you beat me because you yourself don't believe you can beat me? You asked how I'm going to beat you when my focus has strayed far from the action. My focus IS on the action. Everything that I'm talking about, everybody that I'm speaking about, reflects on you. You say you're not fighting for those people, but it doesn't matter to me because I KNOW you're a liar. A con artist. At Revolution, "very fine people on both sides" is going to turn into a one-sided slaughter courtesy of EAW's realest. Maybe you can dry your tears in Jamie's arms afterward.
Saul Omen
on August 24th 2018, 11:56 pmSaul Omen
The Song of Saul Omen: Chapter XIII

[Scenes are shown of the recent glory that the current reigning SSW Junior Heavyweight Champion André Virgo over the rest of his Tres Comas Club brethren for the championship that he has coveted so much. The images pan out from a television screen as it comes back towards the inside of a room with Saul Omen sitting by himself. He stares with a cold look on his face, cradling the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship on his shoulder, as he dons a black suit with a red tie. He raises his gaze up to where it would almost be as if he was talking right into the face of the champion as he peers a sinister grin on his face.]

Saul Omen: I’ve been waiting for this moment, Virgo. For you see, I have been able to attain tag team glory with The Phantom Troupe and assist every person within my faction in the name of the deity that I serve in Death, but I have yet to be able to branch out and find my own success in his name… until now. This opportunity that stands before me doesn’t just hold a chance to prove that The One True Pairing are weak for simply being aligned with the men stricken with avarice and greed in Tres Comas Club, but that I deserve an opportunity to be known as a future contender to the championship that you covet so much that no real challengers can step up and compete against you for that championship. This match is a stepping stone towards the future glory that my belief shall have, the triumph that shall come to be through more actions of pure devotion to the word that my deity delivers unto me, and it might come as a revelation towards you to know that this family that you desire to impress and lead with the SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship… it might not be the home that you seek. There might be another home that could use the talents that you possess, another faction that could make sure that The Stolen Breath steals more than just the breaths of the crowd, but steals whatever he desires in this entire company! A brotherhood that is about improving upon those who join them and bringing a demise that is feared upon all others is what you could be, but that’s if you truly embrace the dark and violent delights that you harbor inside you. I saw it and the world saw it on your first television championship retention against Racer Smiles, Virgo. We saw it in your eyes the darkness that lies beneath that charismatic aura that you use to mask the vile nature that you have inside of you. Whenever we meet inside of the ring, I hope that I can bring more of that violence out of you. I hope to rip away more of from the flesh prison that you have kept that nature of yours inside of, using whatever means necessary through my own vicious onslaught that shall leave you broken at the end of the night, and bring out this beast that we had a slight preview of when you defended the SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship. This is a match that I have been excited to have been able to be gifted with and Jacob Senn has surely blessed me with this opportunity to prove that I not only deserve a chance to be the SSW Junior Heavyweight Champion along with the SSW Freebird Tag Team Champion, but that you deserve something more than what the Tres Comas Club has been offering you. Money? Gold? Glory? Those can be found through all of the factions that Strong Style Wrestling has to offer. However, what you desire most is respect and the fear that comes from that respect. Do you believe that Shoot Nation, Ronin, or Tres Comas Club have that respect? No. There’s only one faction in this company that has the respect from the manner in which they have left all others lying in broken husks, misshapen by the violence that has deformed them into a disjointed sack of flesh, and you know exactly what faction that will be. I know that this match will have the result that you don’t wish for, but think of it as a learning moment and like I said prior, one that delivers a revelation upon you that will all be worth it in the end. The revelation that Tres Comas Club has been holding you back and you will never have the respect you seek under its banner. Our path is the only true path to attain that and when I leave you lying on that canvas, the echoing thought that rings through your mind that I have left in many minds before you, it will be what brings you to the point of embracing the darkness inside of you. Those words that will bring you to that breaking point will be…

Memento Mori.
April Song
on August 24th 2018, 11:41 pmApril Song
Life Finds A Way

(April Song vs Scott Oasis, B Block match)

[The last few weeks have been rough on April, but she has shown up and settled down in her usual hotel lobby spot to post a video on social media to address her fans and her opponent for the week: Scott Oasis. Instead of her usual all black wear, she’s sporting a pair of jeans, sneakers and a low cut grey and red tank top with the Jurassic Park franchise logo on it. She’s still sporting a few bruises from her recent matches in both Japan and back in her native United States, but has a smirk on her face.]

I have a confession to make...I’m a bit of a bitch to people. When I was in this one particular place, there were a lot of things that happened that I’m not proud of. I’m not talking about losses or anything like that. I’m talking about some of the things I did. The people I attacked, the crap me and my friends pulled. After nearly being killed by a pair of losers who stuck their noses where it didn’t belong, I left that place and my friends behind. They are doing alright from what I’ve been told, but It’s been a bit start and stop for me. I get wins here and there, but so far I’ve struggled here in Strong Style wrestling. Not because of a hectic schedule. Not because I underestimate anybody or any of that other crap like my opponent would happily spew out for you all.

I just wasn’t good enough on that day.

The people in Ronin brought me in to help them turn things back around and so far, I’ve let them down. Alas, however, that’s not where my woes end. Back in the states, I’ve had my second championship match of the year end with me getting knocked out during a sneak attack. The first one cost me the women’s world championship of one of the largest promotions in the world. At least I knew who did that before i even came to...and I’m actually kind of grateful that we may never cross paths again. Some very violent, very unfortunate things may happen if we ever share a room again. I didn’t deserve THAT from this particular person.

This second time though, it’s basically karma that had come back to bite me in the rear end. Aria Jaxon, the same woman who I basically left for dead and helped injure once, rose from dead and made her presence felt, giving me a concussion to prove her point. Now...this particular time, I’m sure I deserved it. And I’m not saying that to butter up to the leader of the Phantom Troupe or any of that crap. I deserved what I got. I took a title from her, albeit via her forfeiting it. She took a title from me. I consider that ledger closed from the time being, but if fate is kind to me and I get to run into Ms. Jaxon in a match here or over in America, I’ll be sure to leave no doubt that I never needed anybody's help to take her down.

And let's not even get started talking about the pathetic performance I had in my first match of the Best in the World series. The Apparition kicked my ass. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just me looking like an idiot, but I made the whole of Ronin look bad just by associating with me because of that. But, again, I have no excuse for what happened. I lost to someone who was better that day and I’ll own up to it.

The prospects shouldn’t look that much brighter tomorrow, right? I wrestle Scott Oasis. THE Scott Oasis. The roidy, MMA fighter, batshit insane pro wrestler. He’s been a champion many places. He’s probably got a good foot on me and probably 100 pounds at least on me. He should probably squash me like a fucking bug in the middle of the ring. I should be scared, right?

Well, I’m not.

As I’ve told any of the meatheads who stepped to me here or anywhere else, I’ve wrestled bigger, stronger, and certainly smarter. Can I beat him in a match straight up with just submission skills alone? Probably not. Despite that, I’m a firm believer of one of my favorite quotes in the history of movies, from Jurassic Park:

“Life finds a way.”

Does this mean I just try to play for a draw or egg the big lug to the point that he gets himself DQed and I pick up points. Or maybe I just say screw it and use whatever means I can to try to beat him, even if it involves doing some things that my comrades in Ronin may find somewhat objectionable. I haven’t quite decided yet. It’s funny though, big bad Oasis doesn’t take me seriously at all. He sees one loss here, one loss there, but seems to forget being a Tag Team Champion, a Specialists Champion in “that place”, having the most submission victories in the history of “That place” in a calendar year, and owning quite a vicious streak. Yes, the rumors of me going to the gym are true, Oasis! But not because I feel I need to train any harder for you than I do for anyone else. I go there because I’m dedicated to what I do. I go because this opportunity, the Best In The World series, was ALL I wanted from that place….but they didn’t give it to me. They sat me behind a microphone to do commentary even though I had proven myself and had been a champion at the time.

Strong Style Wrestling gave me a chance, and honestly thank God that it is not a one and done situation. Even though I lost last week and stumbled out of the gate, even though I am in a bad spot my tournament is not over. There are still plenty of opportunities to get this plane back in the air and soar to a brighter tomorrow. You see, Scott, I left everything that I knew and understood behind. My friends, who had become like family. My position as one of the top contenders in “that place”. I gave up money. I gave up a lot to be here. I still give a lot to be here, flying from my home to shows across America and then back here to Japan to compete. You left because you couldn’t cut the mustard against some smelly street rat. You left because you had achieved all that you could. You had reached your maximum altitude. You want to know why I left? I left to soar even higher than you or Aria or anyone else ever could.

I think I need to remind you that this is a WRESTLING match though, Scotty. You more or less called me easy, called me stress relief, and said something about beating something up. Look, big guy, I know I’m quite attractive and Korean but we’re meeting in a WRESTLING RING, not a MASSAGE PARLOR. The ring isn’t a place to let out stress. You go to the ring to compete, you go there to win. You beat the crap out of that poor Bella girl and I’m well aware of how strong you are and how dangerous you are. I’m starting to wonder if you’ve completely failed to realize how dangerous I am. I don’t need to do a lot of fancy power moves or flippy shit to beat you or anyone. All I need is for you to let your guard down for one second, one poorly defended part of your body….and you will tap out. Period.

You mistake inconsistency with complete mediocrity. Admittedly I run hot and cold in the ring, but I have made a career of beating people who take me for granted and mistake me for a basic bitch. This isn’t the first time that I’ve been faced with adversity, hopelessly long odds. You think I’m going to tremble in fear of you? I’ve been all over the world as a pilot in war zones, steppes and desert wastelands, seeing people DIE around me as I had to find a way to survive. Even in the ring, for far less important stakes, I’ve been knocked down. Every time, every single time, I have risen up and kept going. I will fall down, but I always rise back up to my feet.  Plenty of people before you ran off at the mouth about how mediocre I am and how I achieve nothing and how I’m this and that….and they lost. Hell, I made my name ignoring the noise from a certain maid and making her tap out over and over and over again after constantly screaming about how mediocre I was and how I bullied her.

Guess what? You’re going to lose too, I’m going to get myself on the board for this tournament and I’m going to leave you wondering about how you could beat someone as big and strong as Gronk but couldn’t be a “small, mediocre” woman like me.

I’ll get the win and as for your “Happy Ending”.....

You’re gonna have to use your hands on your own self to relieve that stress, Godzilla. The only place my hands and arms are going are around your neck to choke the life out of you and make you pass out. They didn’t give you a tomato can to open up and feast on. They gave you the preeminent submission artist on the planet. And although it’s very unlikely, even to me, that you don’t get your hand raised this week, I hold onto the hope. I hold onto that mantra. I hold onto the idea that you, in all your infinite stupidity, will do something stupid and give me an opening. I believe that you can be frustrated because I know as accomplished as you are and as big as you are you loathe the idea that a woman can make you work hard to achieve a victory.

Life is going to find a way, Oasis, and I’m going to kick that ugly ass smirk off your 75 pound head.

That’s all.
Jaydayne Pendragon
on August 24th 2018, 11:05 pmJaydayne Pendragon
Everyone remembers the moments they’ve waited all their lives for coming to fruition, for these are the tales that people retell for rest of their lives, be it outwardly to others or to themselves in self satisfaction. I remember such times, the day my eyes first laid sight on the most beautiful woman in the world that’d one day be my fiancée, that moment I signed my Strong Style Wrestling contract in Pendragon ink, that instance in time where I reached the peak of Mount Olympus to become the master of the Rakurai through climbing up to Heaven’s Arena, and of course that forever immortalized occasion when I became the Puroresu Heavyweight Champion!
But what about those times surrounding those moments? I speak not of the general hardships people speak of when they mention the struggles they went through to get to their place on top or to decry that those who are with them now weren’t there for them when they were “on their grind.” No, I bring attention to those days people would prefer to forget. That night before your big day, where you were so excited that you forgot to call a parent or friend that you’ve spoken to each and every night for years, when they thus worry about you when you are fixated on greater pastures. That day after you’ve won the lottery, and you don’t call in to work to tell them you won’t be there that day, not there ever again. What do those passing moments say about a person? I think back to the fact that I lost both my matches before and after winning this championship, and I self reflect with what might be the faults in my character. I realize I had refused to engage with what I considered simply to be Aria Jaxon’s caretaker and spoke through him towards her. I realize I was much more interested in soaking in my championship victory and going out there to say how I’d find the next person to have a shot at my title than I was in dealing with a man I didn’t consider part of my division as a singles competitor. It all makes me think back to a quote I once heard, the lion may be a mighty beast, but pride always lifts his gaze to the horizon, never seeing in the grass…the viper. If such can be said of the lion’s pride, what can be said of the nobility of the dragon that lives by dignified airs?
This cannot continue. I must ingrain it in my mind, to be too dignified is undignified, to be too prideful is shameful. A samurai must never look down on an opponent they will clash blades with, disrespect is but one of many paths towards the Ronin.
This week I am faced with a woman who commands that respect I need to always give, a fellow member of Shoot Nation in Belle Kingsley. She is known as the Belle of the Ball. She is silk hiding steel. I have seen many warriors come and go, but none are as unrelenting as her. No matter what occurs in this company I have seen her remain steadfast in her devotion to the craft and she has always represented our faction with greater honour than I could ask of anyone. It amazes me she feels the need to prove herself worthy of being here, but that speaks to her character that has stayed in touch with humility and the fact that you can never forget that you must show what you have in each and every fight you have in that ring. Far from someone I ever think of kicking out of Shoot Nation, home to any individual willing to take a seat at our table of knights who have sworn to represent honour and martial arts in this company, I see her as an inspiration to all women AND men amongst our ranks today and in the future. The inspiration she brings to girls around the world goes without saying, but how can any man, let alone a man of Shoot Nation, witness a woman take on foes three times her size like Oasis and Gronk without a fire being lit in their own hearts? None of us are allowed to give up when she doesn’t. In my days toiling in the dirt, as all Shoot Nation members have in our hard times here, I would glance to my side to see her clawing her way through everything no matter how much it hurt and I’d find passion in myself anew.
Out of that dirt, it was great to take a look to my side again and see you there to celebrate with me after I won the prize, Belle. You wouldn’t know what it meant to have you and the rest of the Shoot Nation family come out to support after I claimed what had been kept from us for so long.
In this family, we fight. I’ve fought Kawada-sama. Cassidy and Shinati have fought. Unlike others in the business who believe in-fighting might bred contempt or dull one’s sword, we bring the best out of each other inside that ring! I know that you will bring out things in me that I’ve never had to use, I know that I’ll hit you as hard as I can and you’ll strike back at me as unwavering as you always are.  If any foolish short-sightedness still exists within me, you’ll be the one to smack it out of me. Of course, I fight to win. I wouldn’t be able to call myself a leader if I wasn’t, the rest of you wouldn’t have it. With a figurative sword, you’d rightfully dispose of any head that dares take up the head spot of Shoot Nation if said head didn’t have the hunger to represent us properly. Remember this Belle, we are the Shinsengumi of this company, chosen to regulate and bring about justice in this company! The founder Brian Daniels had chosen Shoot Nation to be the symbol of Strong Style Wrestling! Glory is our right, fret not the when, for it is inevitable for you to have your time with all the prestige in the world at your fingertips.  You’re constantly getting better, and I know you want your mettle tested, thus so it shall be…that in that ring iron shall sharpen iron with every clash in the heat battle!
And in time, we’ll forge the blades we need.
Miles Taylor
on August 24th 2018, 11:00 pmMiles Taylor
Royalty. That’s bold, Millie – making a claim like that, it takes some guts. What a lineage you’d be attached to…if only it were true. But it isn’t, Miltiades: this idea you have of coming from the royal line? It’s fake. It’s made up. You’ve distanced yourself from reality, which is why I finally understand why Jacob Senn made this match for this week. You need a wake up call, and the boss man was smart enough to know I was the man for the job. Because here’s the thing, you being some descendant of a king? It’s wrong. It’s a fantasy you live in…but I don’t resent you for it. See, I too, live in a fantasy. Granted, my fantasy is a little different than yours. See, in my fantasy, you still have the guts to make the claim that you’re some sort of royal heir. However, those guts you have? I spill ‘em. They pour out onto the floor, I rip into your stomach with my bare hands, and I wipe my hands on the walls as I watch you fade away. This coming Saturday, Miltiades, luck isn’t on your side – your ancient royal ancestors, as fake as they are, aren’t watching down on you with a smile – they’re turning their eyes from you, from the earth, as your blood spills on the battlefield. There will be no blessings, no remorse from those who came before you, just the scars that will line your body once our match is finished.
The worst part of this? This anger isn’t even really directed at you, Miltiades. You’re just the man who’s unlucky enough to be in my way after Jacob Senn almost gave me what I wanted – until Damien Walker showed up, ran his mouth, and is not riding the coattails of MY opportunity. So if you want to blame someone for your mangled body, if you wanna blame someone for the punishment that will be inflicted on your bones, if you wanna blame someone for the carcass you’ll be at the end of our bout, blame your fucking boss. I’m just doing my job, it’s business – he’s the one you should be angry with.
In reality, my purpose couldn’t be any more clear – prove I’m the best. Miltiades, you’ve been beating people and proving you’re one of the best for a while now. That’s where this delusion comes from, right? The fact that not only do you have this odd belief system about your lineage, but the fact you have the ability of a champion to gain victory after victory. In your mind it has to be true, because the results have been the same – you’ve risen to the top. Granted, you’ve never captured either the OWA Heavyweight Championship…or the OWA World Championship…OR the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship…but then again, I failed to capture the OWA Television Championship. However, I took Gareth Cason to his absolute limit. While he may have picked up the win, he’s never gonna be the same man. Cason, as much as he wants to run his mouth just like you, can claim that I was just another conquest, but Tarah Nova is not facing the Gareth Cason that won the Television Championship. Tarah Nova is facing an altered man, the exact same way that anyone who faces you after our match will be facing an altered Miltiades.
You believe you’re the best…in the exact same way I believe-no…in the exact same way I know I’m the best. But as we’ve established, many of your beliefs are delusions – I’M the man who’s beliefs have been proven true. Ask Penance, ask Pequeno Asesino, ask Christopher Sabretooth, ask Jamal King, Judas, Zak Zero – I’m the best these companies have. Don’t believe me? Give just a couple minutes of your time in the ring, and you’ll believe me. You’ll also believe in God, because I’m gonna beat you so close to death, you’re gonna meet the man. See you Saturday, your higness.
Falke Halstenberg
on August 24th 2018, 10:21 pmFalke Halstenberg
SSW Promo #1: “The Masked Man”

*Falke Halstenberg is having tea on the patio of a very nice place in Japan. He seems to also be reading a book as well, staring intently as he licks his thumb and turns the page. He smiles toward the camera*

Falke: I told you, Walker. You and the Ronin stood no chance against me. Once again, I have proven myself correct in battle. As a former catch wrestler, my strategizing ability surely employed me to take down and defeat my opponent in a bout that certainly didn't mirror Hackenscmidt Versus Gotch in importance, but got me two points in the tournament. You see, as I said in my words to Damien, this tournament is my opportunity to prove my undoubtable worth to the management conglomerate of Strong Style Wrestling, and in that, state my case for an opportunity against the leader of Shoot Nation and current acting Strong Style Wrestling Champion, Jaydayne Pendragon. But for me to defeat the leader of Shoot Nation, I'd likely have to work my way up the ranks for it to be as fun as I'd like it to be, no?

*Falke puts a hand to his chin in a perplexed manner, as if confused or deep in thought. Maybe both at the same time. He looks down at his book and finally sees it fit to put it down, but doesn't yet close it*

Falke: The Apparition… my… you had much to say to me did you not? You waxed wise about heroes and villains and then…. And then… you called a… a FRAUD!? You.. you called me a fraud, because of what I named one of my maneuvers? First of all, I have no earthly idea how this gives you the advantage in a WRESTLING match. Second of all, I am no fraud, I just choose to name moves things that are provocative in nature. It seems that lot worked as you have addressed the names of my maneuvers and through that jumped to more conclusions than a politician. You first called me a Nazi, then a fraud. This is severely getting out of hand is it not? You are accusing me of aggrandizing a political Outlook and group of people that slaughtered others? How funny that you accuse me of putting on a front, YOU, a man that sits behind a mask through that I cannot see your face. YOU, who are so exalted as to be a part of the most stereotypical Japanese and fake stable of them all… the Shoot Nation. You have so much to say compared to what you truly are, Apparition. Should an Apparition not be more silent? I'll confirm to you that my pride in my ancestry is second to none. I am a proud, proud German. It is time for you, The Apparition, to understand why many before you have bowed to the new Regime of Falke Halstenberg.

André Virgo
on August 24th 2018, 8:01 pmAndré Virgo
Saul Omen a hoe
Scott Oasis
on August 24th 2018, 6:18 pmScott Oasis
You want a statement from me? Fucking hell, I’m really not in the mood for this.

It’s been one shit storm of a month for me both professionally and personally, I’ll tell you what. And it seemed so promising too. There was a lot going on, so many good things coming my way….but with every satisfying high comes dramatic lows it seems. You all know the story. Even the Japanese audiences have surely seen the articles with the headlines reading things like  “Scott Oasis has gone crazy” or “Scott’s hit rock bottom in his career”! So much nonsense has been piling up with me back in the states and to say it has been a pain to deal with would be an understatement. Everything going on back home has been complete hell and it’s not only been bad for my pride but a bad look for me and my my status; for the brand that I have been building for years. Investors in my merchandise, management in OWA, fans of me, even my own family - they have all acted like I’ve fallen off the wagon. The faith in me is not there, they just think I’m so broken down lunatic obsessed with an issue I need to move on from. I’m viewed as not being at the top form that I once was; too unhinged to work with is what I was told a week ago! I’m a disgraced athlete in my home country, which to the uninformed would appear so odd because here in Japan I’m a whole other animal. I’m a star here who comes in, beats people up and heads home. I’m a monster who needs no support, no stable to provide run ins, only himself and his bare hands to run the land around here!

My performances in Japan versus my performances back home is a contrast that is hard to ignore. The stark differences are apparent when you look at every appearance I’ve had here in the past thirty days next to my past thirty days of appearances in the OWA. I beat Gronk in SSW in convincing fashion, cool his jets and show he’s human, then I fly out back to America and I lose my tag partner the next night. Fast forward to two weeks ago with the beginning of my block in the Best in The World Series. I beat Belle Kingsley, not a single shred of doubt on that result for anyone in the building. Everyone knew what to expect, they knew it was a lay up. I’m whooping ass on Strong Style’s program, standing triumphantly and getting my picture taken with all sorts of post match conferences and interviews…..but over in America I get suspended and banned from the very arena that only has a crowd in it because of names like mine on the billing. Why? Because of “unprofessional behavior”. I’ll admit that the way I approach things in SSW is different from OWA usually. I have a very short, focused set of goals in SSW that I take seriously and don’t stray away from. I’m here to be the best. I’m here to make money. I’m here to make the product look presentable and cut the fat that’s snuck onto the roster. Everything has to do with the sport whereas lately in America things have gone beyond wrestling. It’s things held even closer to me. Friendships, business, my own health, they’ve all been put at risk. I got vendettas back in the states with people have put my life into turmoil and I can’t even deal with them because I’m legally not allowed anywhere near them or even the show that they’re on!

Thanks to my primary company turning me away for the time being I’m stuck away from the ring more times than not with a lot of pent up aggression and frustrations I need to let out. All I can do is stew on them and let them build further and further. SSW is the only place where I can handle my inner conflicts. It’s the one place where I can confront the wrestling world! Do you understand where I’m going with this? This is where the personal, less wrestling focused side of Oasis starts to spill over from the USA to Japan. This is where you get unhinged, unprofessional Oasis rather than the tunnel visioned “Ice Man” with no emotion. I’m not going to be the same man I usually am but that’s not going to ruin me like some think it has in America. It’s only going to make me stronger in the ring. It’s going to make me a NIGHTMARE to my opposition. I’m getting on the plane to head to Japan and all I know is my next match: It aint about the business for me no more. It’s about inflicting as much pain as possible because I can. It’s about practice for when I get my hands around the throats of the bastards back in the U.S. It’s me telling Sebastian, telling the news, telling my wife - SCOTT OASIS IS FAR FROM FUCKING DONE. Yes, I’m on a bit of a short fuse right now but it’s for good reason. We’re heading into two full weeks of me being away from the ring. Two weeks of me on my own, up to my own devices. No outlet to release my anger. No way to properly communicate to the people talking down on me. The media wants to target me and think I’m fading out from pro wrestling? My enemies think I’m no longer a threat? Let me show them otherwise by being in their face with the beating I give my opponent. I’m fired up, I’m hateful and I’m going to make the whole world know it. So many thoughts in my head have been sitting there, festering, almost driving me up a wall! I want back out there, I need some action! I’m not entering a wrestling match this Saturday, I’m not even having a fight!

What’s coming up is about to be a therapy session and who I’m fighting is practically a stress ball. Every issue with the situations I’m in, with myself, with the people I’m dealing with that, all of that will be in my mind and be behind every punch I throw their way. My next trip to Japan has all the makings to qualify as attempted murder so I have no idea out of all the people in my bracket they could have given next they threw me April Song. How many times are you going to send these poor women my way? It’s really not a good idea if you’re looking for a competitive match and it is definitely not a good not for their health. Say I’m being arrogant, call me judgemental but we all saw what I did to Kingsley when I kicked off my run in the series. She got KILLED out there. It wasn’t even fair! The fact of the matter is if you put someone in front of me who is over a foot smaller and one hundred pounds lighter, anyone with half a brain could tell you that you’re dooming the poor sap from the start. It could be anyone, on of the best wrestlers in the world, it won’t stop anything. Especially with the mood I’m in and ESPECIALLY when the woman you give me is April Song. You’ve got to be kidding me giving me an opponent like that knowing what I plan on doing, knowing that I’ve been chomping at the bit to cave somebody’s fucking skull in. This is practically offering a sacrifice to me. You don’t give me a top talent, you didn’t give me some type of bruiser who could combat me, you don’t even give me an up and comer with some potential. No, you give me a girl with almost no wins to her name. You give me a girl whose name is commonly used as the punchline to a joke. This woman has been on mainstream television going on three years but hasn’t been taken seriously since about the first month and you throw think it’s okay to throw her into a bracket - let alone make ME her second match? She can’t even survive a match when you pit her against bums so I don’t know what result you were expecting with this. So many people want to put on rose colored glasses and be optimistic about this match surely. I’ve kept up on the internet and heard she’s been looking to make a comeback of sorts. She’s been hitting the gym! She’s been training! She’s going to take this seriously once again….but we’ve heard those lies from her before and every time she just gives the same mediocrity she always has and bombs out there in the ring! When has this sad bitch ever come through? April Song failing is so common nine times out of ten she can’t even be bothered to discuss her upcoming bouts because she knows she’s got no shot at winning. She’s been silent all week heading into this match so I suppose she’s keeping to the tradition. You want to be good so badly, April. I almost feel bad you had to hit a brick wall like this right when you promised you’d make an effort to improve. But it works out for me. Making an example out of the weak so I can do the same when I fly back to America. The sound of fist pounding flesh is something I’ve missed the past few days and it will be so satisfying to hear tomorrow. I’m going to savor the few moments you last against me. Having that thrill back. The easy points you give me will only serve as a bonus to what getting to bludgeon you will do for me mentally.
The One True Pairing
on August 24th 2018, 3:04 pmThe One True Pairing

SSW Promos - Page 3 PWXgn0MnqW1twMWV4c-bDo8jrC78lZ4eDc73OS3ZRoGDmIdHhNsGWMzzRAZMhIyD7maogea6bRseni3bAseQk-EsCJLGg8G3UEuibDqIhIuwuMkw1Szqa5W2ptQBH0CG-5yuLArl

Need I say more?

Anyone who feels the need to disagree, please, by all means, step forward. I’d absolutely LOVE for anyone to get off their ass and dispute things by now, because right at this very moment your precious “World Champion” is licking his wounds and preparing for a new match on his grand tour through the Best In The World Series. If this company had any balls, they’d cancel the entire thing right now because I just proved beyond a shadow of a Goddamn doubt that there is such a thing as an undisputed force in here, and that worthless piece of tinfoil Jaydayne carries around his waist isn’t it! The best in this company and in this industry and in this WORLD is what you make of it, and before I stepped inside the ring with the Puroresu World Champion, people clamored to him about how he proved he’s the absolute best of the best. Well, I just beat the “absolute best of the best”, and I did it with every ounce of confidence in me that I would. In fact, I didn’t stop there, did I? No, I made sure I left a scar on his fragile little ego. I want him to ass a new line of paint to his face as a reminder of what I did to him, because I didn’t need to take away his Title to humiliate him. I didn’t need to end his career to prove a point. All I had to do was beat his ass right there in the middle of that ring - no arguments, no complaints, no flaws. There’s not a soul on this EARTH that can claim I didn’t beat the so-called very best that this company had to offer, and I did it without even intending to pursue him for a Title shot. I told him to his face and I’ll tell it to the face of some nobody like Damien Walker that the only thing I want is what my Cherry Blossom wants, and what WE want is OUR Lovebird Tag Team Championships.

I spat in your World Champion’s face and beat him in his own game when everyone was so certain I would crumble under the pressure of competing on my own, but that’s where you’re wrong and that’s where you’re all ALWAYS wrong. See, I never competed in that ring on my own. Not for even a second. I was always there in that ring with my Cherry Blossom, Sakura. Even when we’re not even in the same arena - Hell, we could be on opposite sides of the World - and we’ll still be right there beside one another to support each other, because THAT is what makes us the absolute best in this company, bar none! THAT is what makes us the true dominant force, beyond any stupid fucking faction and beyond any Championship! THE premiere Champion isn’t what this company deems as its World Title, it’s whatever piece of gold The One True Pairing carries with them, and very soon it will be our Lovebird Tag Team Championships for the second time! I don’t know or give a shit who carries them right now, because they will come home to us one way or another, and we’ll continue to make a mockery out of this pointless Tournament all along the way to show to each and every single one of you people how worthless you truly are when it all comes down to it, because you’re reaching out for something that isn’t there. There’s no grand World Title shot coming your way, because the World Title isn’t the World Title anymore. It’s just a trinket that Jaydayne carries around. If the Title had been on the line, he wouldn’t possess it anymore, and that’s a fact. I didn’t want his gold, and I didn’t want him. I want our Championships. I want to take it all back.

And we will. We’ll take it all back, and until we get there, we’ll continue to do our busy work that this company put in front of us with this Tournament. I’ll run down whoever Damien Walker is just like I did to Jaydayne, and I’ll make it even more abundantly clear just how out of your league my Cherry Blossom and I are. This isn’t something you can stop. It’s already set in motion. All you can do is hope to slow down our momentum for even a second, but you know that isn’t gonna happen. While you’re all wasting your pathetic existences desperately clinging to even one or two points in this Tournament, we’ll be dominating the way the One True Pairing only can, and we’ll do it in spades this time. No more playing around. We’ll take it all back, and we will NEVER let it go, and the World won’t be talking about Jaydayne or Aria Jaxon, and they sure as shit won’t be talking about Damien Walker. They’ll be talking about Sakura and Cassius Corleone. They’ll be talking about the One True Pairing. They’ll be talking about the Lovebird Tag Team Championships. And all of you, just like this Tournament, will become obsolete. Just a relic of the past, like this company would be if it didn’t have the support of Tres Comas Club and the One True Pairing.
The Apparition
on August 24th 2018, 9:13 amThe Apparition
Thursday the 23rd of August
Kobe Sambo Hall
As the usual hustle and bustle of Thursday night shopping rumbles in the background, the Kobe Sambo Hall in the always busy Chuo Ward sits silent. So silent, it warps the background noise of the traffic around it, both foot and road alike.
In the main conference room, famous for hosting wrestling events and martial arts tournaments alike, only a sambo map can be seen in the empty room. Well, that and the 202 pound mound of cloth and flesh which lies hyperventilating on its surface. As sweat drips from the masked figure, as well as from the mat and, most disturbingly and unhygienicly, the floor beyond, only the hard yet controlled breathing of the solitary figure can be heard.
His breathing runs steady, yet somehow calm. Not close to being at peace, yet hosting greater clarity and understanding than he had before. The eyeholes coming from the mask facing straight towards the ceiling are engulfed by an almost never blinking retina. Through immense focus, it is almost as if the thoughts and feelings of the very identifiable figure burst to all who saw even the residual footage on display. His mind was racing at a million miles an hour, and only one thing was on his mind.
What is fear? Everyone has something they are afraid of. Snakes, spiders, heights, death, public speaking, rejection, clowns, bananas. Growing irrelevance.
Growing relevance.
False Evidence Actively Realised. As the forlorn figure laid in deep thought, the voice of a mentor he had not spoken to for years resonated in his mind. His teacher’s firm yet non-nonsense and raspy voice never waved, even if his soft Canadian accent easily opened him up to at least the appearance of doubt. Revered the world over during his time, yet never respected as one of the best, it was this teacher’s convictions that helped lead the Apparition to his own career peaks. The first lesson he was taught was never to fear anyone, nor to measure yourself up to them either in the affirmative or negative.
Even the Gronk’s and Scott Oasis’ in the worlds have their weaknesses. They are slow and proud to a fault in their size and audacity. Similarly, even the likes of Piero and Saul Omen had and have something going for them – They had both won championship gold in Strong Style Wrestling, a pursuit that the incognito Canuck wistfully staring off in the distance had failed to match.
Fear may be for the winter, but now that April had come and gone, it was time for SSW’s resident enigma to move forward. The Siren Song he was told to dread and revere had proved to be nothing to be a silly sea shanty that he easily overcame. But now Gregorian chants promising death and destruction were bearing down from a distance. This wasn’t just the efforts of a solitary warrior fighting the good fight. The familiar threat of the Phantom Troupe was posing to reassert itself, and this time it was coming through as a Blitzkrieg.
The entity known as Falke Halstenberg was almost as big of a contradiction as the supposed Forgotten One, who attempted to hide his face while gallivanting around in front of crowds of thousands and television audiences of millions. A man so proud of his German roots, who called his pinnacle move ‘D-Day’ seems very self-degrading for someone who was otherwise so self-aggrandising. But the Apparition understood what he was going for. Which was something that rather unnerved him.
It was common for professional wrestlers, particularly those who take valour in the jeers of the crowd, to wish to step over the line of common decency. Why else would any German call one of their bread-and-butter moves the “Fourth Reich”? Nazi imagry falls more in line with overweight Americans and their toupeed demagogues. Beyond everything else, who would like to remember their ancestor’s failings and shortcomings? Who would like to remember loss, where before there was only victory and prosperity?
That was what unnerved The Apparition beyond everything else. Since his return, the major losses he had faced seemed to skirt away all of his previous grandeur and prestige away, if only for himself.
Heroes and villains are only separated by arbitrary definitions and subjective intentions. Where the heroes care not for the banality of evil, villains care not for the bleating moralism of the uneducated masses. So what happens when evil engulfs the hearts of millions, and it is the supposed protagonist who preaches for social and economic regression? If they lose, history casts them aside as the antagonist, and those who were supposed to be so bad are the ones who are derided and cast aside. It is the same in every era of history, and in every conflict from the dawn of man. Might ultimately makes right, and no amount of grandstanding will prove otherwise.
Falke was a grandstander. In a lot of ways, all of the Phantom Troupe were, but Falke had that extra amount of German Pride which made him a particular bane of an audience who had ancestors massacred due to their Emperor’s misguided following of the ideals of Germanic perfection. So why mention D-Day? Well, that much was obvious to The Apparition. Falke Halstenberg could easily be named Falke Hackenberg, because at the end of the day he was a fraud. A man who promised so much, but lacked the convictions to actually support his ideals of his own braggadocios façade.
That wasn’t a criticism of him, of course. He was a wrestler. Every wrestler The Apparition had even known was putting up some front. Some even believed their own hype. But Falke…Falke was something different. The self-proclaimed Forgotten One could sense that much. There was legitimate rage there in not being able to match up with his lofty ideals in himself. But still enough confidence to support his understanding that he was better than most. But most of all, such insurmountable pride that would not allow him to stall and be defeated by self-doubt for one second. A pride that made The Apparition more than a little nervous, because of how much it reflected his own.
And yet, The Apparition could not help but face conflicting feelings. On one hand, nervousness about not being good enough. On the other, excitement of being able to prove himself as he made his way up through the Best in the World standings. The prospect of the joy he would experience in bringing misery to Halstenberg resonated through The Apparition’s very core, as he finally sat up. He yearned for but one feeling by the end of this leg of the Best in the World series and from his German counterpart. And that feeling is true…
Belle Kingsley
on August 23rd 2018, 6:30 pmBelle Kingsley
With that match against Scott Oasis, I was brought down from Earth after spending those past two weeks on Cloud 9. I wish I could have held onto that victory against Kikyo Himura just a tad longer, but Scott did not allow that to happen one bit. Instead, I was met with a loss. There are those that could have seen it coming. There are others who believed that I would be able to conquer this immovable object and prevail. I wanted to approach this match with Scott believing that I could. I wanted win this match and start this Best in the World Series with one victory underneath my belt. I accept this loss and move forward from it. I can move on from challenging the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion, Jaydayne Pendragon. I believe it is not too late to turn my bad luck around. I still have my sights going to Wrestle Spirit and this could be my ticket to that destination.

In my way this week, is a man who I respect a lot. He is our beloved leader in Shoot Nation, he is the current Puroresu Heavyweight Champion. He is someone who would love nothing more than to be able to pick his opponent at Wrestle Spirit. Jaydayne Pendragon is the champion for the reason. He was the one who dethroned the ruthless champion in Aria Jaxon. He is the winner of the Heavens Cup Arena. What’s another tournament for him to win? He’s done it once, so that should make things easier for him to win it again? People are looking at this main event and believing that Jaydayne could wipe the floor with me. People are doubting me and it’s nothing new at all. This will only motivate me. Defeating Jaydayne seems like an impossible task, but it can be done. Cassius Corleone defeated Jaydayne in his last match. He will most likely get a championship opportunity down the road, but what if Belle Kingsley pulls the upset of the century and defeats the leader of Shoot Nation? It would be quite an interesting scenario to experience. It is going to be something that much people believe that can happen, but these are the same people that never thought I’d get far in the Heavens Cup Arena Tournament. I managed to surprise people like that. Even through all the harsh losses I have faced for the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships, I haven’t been kicked out of Shoot Nation. It means a lot to me because each day is a fight for me to prove to my Shoot Nation family that I am deserving to be in this faction. These harsh losses and these fans have not turned their backs on me and that is appreciated. I am always the first and last person in that Dojo. I am constantly working on getting better. It’s sad when I don’t get these wonderful results. I looked at those factions and they’ve gotten championship reigns. For a while, I thought that I needed to be another way to get what I want. Do I need to be meaner? Do I need to stop bleeding red and bleed purple instead? When I say Jaydayne defeat Aria Jaxon for the Puroresu Heavyweight Champion, it gave me hope that Shoot Nation will get their moment in the spotlight. It’s happening slower than other stables, but it will happen. Despite the result I am met with in this match, I want to impress Jaydayne. I want to prove that I could potentially be considered for a contender if he manages to win this entire thing. I want to prove my worth to not only him, but to Shoot Nation. By taking our leader to the limit, it should be prove that Belle Kingsley is good enough to be here. I am good enough to stand toe-to-toe with any man that I stand in the ring with. I get it. I don’t win as much as I would love too, but that does not mean that I am not fighting with everything I have inside of me. There should be no concerns on whether Belle is going to give Jaydayne the fight he is looking for. She is going to give him the fight. As long as I can leave this match with making some sort of impression, then I did my job. Winning this match would be nice, but it will not be an easy feat, but Jaydayne better not look at me and think that I’m easy to defeat though. That should be the last thought that enters his mind.
Aria Jaxon
on August 17th 2018, 11:58 pmAria Jaxon

Ohhhhhh, look at you! All full of violent ass threats and so worked up that you can’t help all that anger in you from manifesting physically. It’s hilarious, really. Saying in one breath that I’m nobody, but having your actions betray you in the next. You’re an opponent to me, Kai Stevens. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m dealing with this in the most clinical manner possible, something I doubt you could understand. I mean, you’re supposed to be as cold-blooded as they come, right? Stomping out the opposition indiscriminately and moving onto the next challenge unbothered? But here you are -- veins popping out, eyes bulging, pulse quickening, voice cracking, all because of what I said. I have to admit, all of bravado of yours -- misplaced as it may ultimately turn out to be -- is actually kinda adorable. But in all that you said, after sifting through the generic angry white boy school shooter brand of vitriol, I didn’t hear anything new. Nothing was groundbreaking. You didn’t lob anything in my direction that hadn’t already been dressed up differently and fallen from the lips of someone else entirely, and yes, that includes the “nobodies” you say I’ve beaten during my time here. Probably the most hilarious thing of all was how you christened me a nobody too, as if I don’t have a leg to stand on in this company. As if people aren’t still in the process of figuring out just who the fuck you are while my clout, my identity, and my credibility are all engraved in fucking stone.

All the men I’ve beaten before you? What’s funny is that they weren’t always nobodies, but losing to me turned them into the afterthoughts you know now. They came to my doorstep as wrestlers brimming with promise, and left those matches broken. Where the fuck has your stablemate Drake even been since I put him on his ass? Matias hasn’t quite gotten his mojo back, either. That’s the Aria Jaxon effect, baby! That’s what happens when you don’t play your cards right against me. And speaking of cards, you think you’re holding them all, because you think you’ve got me all figured out. You don’t know shit about where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what I deserve, or what I can do. You seem to forget that you’re the one with everything to prove, sweet pea. YOU are the upstart. YOU are still finding your footing. YOU need a win over this “nobody” to give you the points you need and the clout you crave. You’ve allowed yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security by my outer appearance, which is the DUMBEST mistake someone in your position could possibly make. I get it, of all of the people who have ever walked around calling themselves the best in the business, none have ever looked quite like me. None have ever been five-foot-four, ridiculously beautiful, and have had their faces plastered on billboards and TV adverts. But that’s the world we live in -- one where I’m the best and where I spit on every stupid, outdated fucking convention that you wanna throw in my face. If you’re looking for pretty faces, I suggest you check Brazzers. But the woman who’s gonna kick your teeth down your throat is so much more than a glammed up exterior. You think the fact that I know how to play this game makes me any less worthy of standing in the spot I’m in? I’m fucking SMART. I pick my spots and I let my opponents dig their own graves half of the time. A combination of my looks and my methods are the things you’ve honed in on, and honestly? Well, I can’t say I’m shocked. I can’t lie and say I ever expected better, but that’s okay. The ONLY people who won’t see this loss coming are you and that little hanger-on who handles half of your speaking for you. We’ve both had less than flattering things to say about each other, Kai, despite the fact that one of us doesn’t really know the other, but you wanna know the truth? I don’t need to know everything about you. You can pinpoint all the things you think I’m wrong about, and I can do the same to you, but I don’t need to be able to pick Kai Stevens apart every night of the week. I just have to be right about your angry, presumptuous ass one time, and I know I can manage that. 
Khmoach Sangkat
on August 17th 2018, 11:41 pmKhmoach Sangkat
To be old and haggard in a young man’s race. To run on feet more leaden than you remember them to be and to command sinews that actively resist your will.  To be weighed under the baggage of a deep past. To be stuck in one’s ways in the face of the new dawn. To be left behind by the inevitable march of change. Is that what has become of me? Is this all that remains for SSW’s first and greatest Champion? The Phantom Troupe and its Night Terror emerged descended from the shadows for one simple reason:


For Wealth and for Pride. For Hate and Devotion. To fulfill past promises and to build a legacy for the future. I have achieved all of these things. For over 200 days, week in and week out, I have cast the shadow of my dominance over the entirety of this promotion. But for one moment… Three little rings of the bell and that is time called on my Everything. Is it? Despite myself, even I can understand where this anticipation for me to leave my Heritage to the next generation proceeds from. I know that I am not as lithe as I have always been. The niggles of old wounds are mounting. And now even what these calloused old hands have made will turn to spite them. All the prestige and the glamour and the and the chaos that these hands have wrought. They pile high ontop of eachother like a tower. Like a beacon drawing new blood from all over for the singular purpose of reaping what I have sown. Ravenous wolves circle to prove themselves as leaders of the pack. Challengers continue to pour in to claim my Championship. Youth bursts into full bloom to demand its due inheritance:

My Everything.

Right down to one’s biology, youth is so much more than just a strength and suppleness of muscle. The deer is fleet of foot and the songbird possesses breathes easy with powerful lungs but neither is in the least bit dangerous. But young boys… Young boys are, by design, predators in just about every sense of the word. Jacked up on hormones, adolescents lust for just about everything that life has to offer, as well as more than a few things that aren’t rightfully on the menu. That is I was surprised by Kai Stevens in the first round of this Best In The World Series. He simply displayed something that I have not experienced in so long. In my time I have forgotten more than he will likely ever learn, it was just dumb luck that one of those things were the difference on the night. You see, youth blazes a burning red. It brings the blood boiling into flame and ignites the passions. When I stepped into the ring with Kai Stevens, it was perhaps the first time in my entire SSW career that I met a challenger who refused to know any limitations. Forbearance is foreign to a Young Boy like him. He was like a moth towards the flame of of my menace. The Devil may care, but Stevens did not. He had but one motivation. Burn brightly even if it meant being burned to cinders. He came with all of the foolhardiness of youth and well… Even a broken clock is right twice a day. In one brief moment... One transient explosion wa sall it took and when the dust settled, I was the one out maneuvered.

Still... this is a marathon, not a sprint. Coming out of the gates strong is one thing but this will be a long tournament and besides… I predict that Kai Stevens will burn out sooner rather than later as Aria teaches that young boy a lesson. The thing about youth is that it fades with each passing day. Believe me, none of us are getting any younger. Passions still. Heat by its very nature disperses on the wind. And while Kai Stevens enjoys a hot run of form. Form is only temporary. Class is permanent. The truth is, to really go the distance and to attract everything that you desire into your clutches, the heat of passion is not enough. So many, young and old have entered an SSW ring buoyed by their own passion and love of this sport. But most don't make it. From Kawada, to The Apparition, to Tarah Nova, to The One True Pairing… Most haven't put a dent in The Phantom Troupe’s momentum. No amount of love or lust or passion could help them surmount us and for good reason. Ours are the coldest, blackest hearts of them all. And in me a cold heart, a calculating mind, and an unmatched degree of experience coalesces into an athlete truly capable of declaring himself Best In The World.

It is too late to claim that I will take every match.

But I WILL go the distance.


To be young and in a hurry burning out of steam in an old man’s game. That is the fate of Kai Stevens. And that is the fate of my opponent this week in Kikyo Himura. The Scarlet Flame flickers defiantly amidst the empty void. They say that old age is a time of limitations. A time when the beyond returns to a childlike and we should learn to once again become dependent, passing the reins to another younger and more capable to hold them. But youth too has its limitations. Sometimes the brightest sparks disappear in a flash. And the most blazing of glories disperses in but a moment. Leaving behind but ash as scarlet gives way to black. But three things are truly limitless, Kikyo. Not your youth. Not your powers. Not your potential. Not even the gulf between a decorated veteran such as I, and a worthless young girl like yourself. Three things:

The Void

The Human desire to touch The Ultimate

And my cold, calculate pursuit… Of Everything.
Kai Stevens
on August 17th 2018, 11:31 pmKai Stevens
SSW Promos - Page 3 0RD4o5V_zps8btbmyfr


bad company

----What does it mean to be the so-called Best in the World?  Is it even quantifiable?  Can it be measured?  Can there ever be a bonafide best considering how many variables and factors play a role in determining whether or not someone even deserves to be in the conversation?
----If you ask Coach Eric Taylor, he’d say that being the best, that success is not a goal, but a byproduct.  If you ask multiple philosophers, they might contend that it is, in fact, the pursuit of this recognition that determines whether or not someone can be the best.
----However, if you’d ask Kai Stevens and Brian Church their answer would be different at every conceivable level.  With the younger of these two individuals booked to compete against former SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion Aria Jaxon in the second round of the Best in the World Series, their answers to these postulations are pivotal to their self-awareness and their method of preparation in the context of their situation.
----We find these two men standing before a camera, Church donning a black suit with a dark red shirt, black tie, and gunmetal gray tie clip, and Stevens sporting his traditional entrance attire: a black sleeveless hoodie, black Aviators, black Nike trunks with a steel blue waistline, black knee pads, black wrestling boots with steel blue laces, tread, and trim, a black elbow pad on his right arm, a black Nike compression sleeve with elbow padding on left arm, black tape around both wrists, wrapping around the thumb joint, and a black headband.  However, as standard procedure might suggest, the most telling of either man’s attire is the prophetic and arrogant smirk on either face.
----Y’know, begins Stevens.  I was raised to never hit a woman.  Even if she deserved it.  Even if they could take it and even if they were hitting you first and you were just trying to defend yourself.  But I’d like to think I’m open minded.  I’m all for equity and equality between the sexes.  And y’know what?  A woman like Aria Jaxon?  She deserves it.  And being that she’s proven herself to be willing to fight anyone, regardless of their gender?  I find myself…  Without qualms about my upcoming match with her.
----Stevens smirks and scratches at his beard, though it is shorter than it has been at any point during his tenure in Strong Style Wrestling.  Wetting his lips and swallowing, he continues.
----This tournament, he explains.  This tournament is about determining who is the best in the world.  It’s not about who’s the best man or who’s the best woman...  It’s about who’s the best.  Period.  And if we’re to accept that as truth?  Then there’s no debate...  I’ve been the best since the day I first laced ‘em up.  And I’ve proved that time and time again here in Strong Style Wrestling.  If you don’t wanna’ take my word for it, then what about the numbers?  What about my not having lost -- NOT ONCE -- in this company?  What about my having embarrassed the SSW Heritage Champion two weeks ago?  What about the fact that I literally have, in my career, six times as many wins as losses?
----What about the fact that if Jaydane Pendragon could beat Aria Jaxon, adds Church.  Then I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone could?  Y’see, ladies and gentlemen, Aria Jaxon represents the weakest link of this company.  She represents the Phantom Troupe.  Whereas we?  We represent the future.  We represent the changing of the guard in this company, as we proved two weeks ago when we last humiliated the Phantom Troupe’s Heritage Champion.  Aria?  She’s a proponent of the old regime.  She perpetuates everything that is WRONG with Strong Style Wrestling and she does it with hubris.
----And I’m gonna’ take that hubris, supplies the Envoy of the End.  And I’m gonna’ shove it right back down Jaxon’s throat with the rest of the bullshit that seems to come flying out of her mouth uncontrollably week in and week out.  I’m gonna’ show her why she lost to Pendragon at Domination…  Why Sângkât lost to me two weeks ago.
----Neither of them truly know what it takes to be champion, the Dismembered Soul remarks with venom in his tone.  Something that I know better than ANYONE in the HISTORY of this business…  And something that Kai learned on day one.  If Aria had what it took to be a bonafide champion?  She wouldn’t have lost to Pendragon.  Hell, she wouldn’t have been defending the title against NOBODIES like Matias Navarro and Drake Jaeger.  That?  That is what separates the true champions from the pretenders like Jaxon.
----Whenever I was champion…  Whenever Kai’s been champion…  We’ve defended our titles against ALL COMERS...  But we made sure they earned it first.  We only ever defended our titles against people whose names people actually have a chance of remembering.  If it weren’t for Google, I’m not sure I’d ever have heard the names Matias Navarro and Drake Jaeger.  They, like Aria Jaxon?  Are nobodies.  And in this business?  If you’ve got that strap around your waist and you’re a FUCKING NOBODY?!  Then I don’t give a shit if you’re a man, woman, child, or otherwise...  We will put you in your place...  And in doing so?  We do what we did to Sângkât…  We expose you.  And, if we’re being honest here?  Aria Jaxon has hid, like the coward she is, behind the narratives…  Behind an ego that needs to be shattered with her jaw.
----How exactly can you claim to be the best in the world, interrupts Stevens.  When you’re not even the best in your faction?  If you’re not even the best in the country, let alone the world?  How, Aria, can you sit there with a straight face up on that pedestal you’ve placed yourself upon without ever having backed up your words with ACTION...  And call yourself the best?
----As Kai shakes his head disdainfully, Church smirks with malice aforethought and scratches at his stubble.  He nods his head and gestures towards the camera as he elaborates on the points brought up by Stevens.
----What I think my protégé is getting at, he says.  Is that like every other person he’s faced here in Strong Style Wrestling, you, Aria?  Are all bark and no bite.  You and every other sorry son of a bitch in this company LOVE to talk.  LOVE to just run your mouth and inflate your ego more and more and more.  I’ve never seen this many people own their own dick before…  But you, Jaxon?  Not only do you LOVE to just shoot the shit and then not actually do anything?  But you also love, it seems, to architect the pedestal Kai referred to.
----But y’know what?  You know how they say the bigger they are the harder they fall?  Well…  The bigger, the more arrogant, the more unfounded a pedestal like yours is?  The more gratifying TEARING IT THE FUCK DOWN WITH YOU ON IT IS!
----In this modern age of feminism, begins Kai.  We shouldn’t be tearing down women.  But you, Aria?  I’m not concerned about the ramifications of beating the shit out of you with the feminist movement.  Do you wanna’ know why?  It’s because in the ring?  In the ring there is no gender.  In the ring there is only the winner...  And the loser.  And if your track record of late is any indication?  If how narrowly you survived in the matches you did somehow manage to win is any indication?  We all know DAMN well who’s the loser in this equation.
----And for you to walk into this week ranked above me?  After I made your fellow Phantom look like an even bigger bottom bitch than you are?  The disrespect will be met with consequences, Aria.  Normally, I like to maintain a…  An internal locus of control.  But here?  Everything that happens for the rest of the tournament is your fault.  Your blood, and the blood of all the other members of our Block that I’ve yet to brutalize?  It’s all on your hands.  You brought this on YOURSELF, Aria…  I’m merely the medium through which you face justice.  I am the weapon that will be used to take you down, and you?  You’re just an overrated WANNABE who hasn’t given Brian or myself ANY REASON TO EVEN WORRY.
----Honestly, Aria, Church continues off of Kai.  I’d sooner have Kai take the week off than study your film and do you want to know why?  Because I’ve reviewed your film myself, and I gotta’ say…  I’m disappointed.  When Kai was officially announced as a participant of this tournament, we expected better competition.  Instead?
----Instead, after running roughshod through everybody in our path to this tournament, we’re given Sângkât?  We’re given you?  Truth be told, Aria, we don’t give a flying fuck about what you think of yourself, what management thinks of you, or what anyone thinks of you.  Because in the end, all their opinions are just that: opinion.  But Kai Stevens being better than you?  That’s just a fact.
----Indisputable, in fact, adds the Inevitable.  And that fact has gotten me thinking about some other facts about you and about our match that, if you subscribe to logic and simple math?  Statistically you’ve got no fucking chance of beating me.
----First thing’s first, Aria.  Not too long ago you were bitching and moaning about Pendragon.  You were ridiculing him for being different, and I’ve figured out exactly why.  Because you, Aria?  You’re projecting your own insecurities unto everyone around you.  You shat on that bottom feeder for being different because YOU?  You’re the same as everybody else.  You don’t stand out in any way other than your ego, and truth be told?  That’s been overdone for decades.
----What differentiates you from any of the other talentless, glorified models that try to make it in this business?  Surely you can’t believe it’s your capabilities in the ring?!  What separates you, Aria?  Why should anyone believe you’re the best in the world or even mediocre when all you do is prove week in and week out that you’re just another pretty face?  Why should anyone believe you’re worth watching on Saturday nights when you’ve done NOTHING to give them faith in the notion?
----Which brings me to the second fact, he furthers.  You’re fucking delusional.  For you to claim you’ve beaten better than me?  It’s an asinine remark if you take into account the fact that the ONLY person in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THIS BUSINESS that you could even debate is better than me is standing right next to me…  And since you’ve never beaten him and you’ve never beaten me?  And since you never will?  It’s just one delusion out of your mouth after another.
----It’s like…  It’s like you thinking you know me.  It’s like you thinking you know the first thing about me.  It’s like you thinking you’ve got this insight into how I operate, how my brain works.  Delusions.  Y’see, you can sit there and try to profess perspectives on what you believe I think, but when it comes right down to it?  You’re wrong about damn near everything.  You think…  You think that I think this will be easy?  Let’s get something straight here, Aria…  I don’t think it’ll be easy to beat you in this round of the tournament.  I know it’ll be.  And further?  The only thing easier than beating you, Aria?  Is you, yourself.
----And that, too, is fact, he continues.  Much like the fact that you’ve let so many external factors and variables influence your thought processes that…  That your vision is clouded.  So not only are you delusional, Aria, but you’re fucking blind, too.  And what’s saddest about that?  I’m struggling to decide which is sadder, between you not being able to see the shot that takes ya’ down in our match and the fact that you’re blind willfully.  Quite frankly, Aria?  I’m beginning to think you’re the bottom of aaaallllllllll the bottom bitches in this company.
----So call the Ronin the Island of Misfit Toys all you want.  Hell, declare me their leader, too, if that’s what you want.  But y’wanna’ know what?  I don’t give a fuck if you think I’m their leader or if even they do, because at the end of the day the Ronin don’t represent my interests, and guess what, Aria?  I don’t need the Ronin to fight my battles for me like you need the Troupe.  And as far as Misfit Toys go?  IF you don’t keep my GOD DAMNED NAME out of your FUCKING MOUTH, then I’m gonna’ misFIT MY FIST DOWN THAT SAME MOUTH, YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT!
----As Stevens’s demeanor reflects his A Man Possessed moniker, Church places the outside of his hand against Kai’s triceps in effort to instruct him nonverbally to regain his composure.  Disdainfully, the Cowboy Killer shakes his head and steps off to the side slightly, tilting his head back to try to steady his breathing.  Church takes this opportunity to speak, himself.
----Where I find you’ve made your gravest error, though, Aria, he begins.  Is in your belief that Kai is here to make a name for himself, to prove himself.  My protégé hasn’t ever had the need to do that.  Maybe you did when you were first starting, maybe you still do…  But Kai Stevens has already more than made a name for himself.  Hell, he’s done that here already.  Five wins and zero fucking losses?!  And the ONLY thing I can imagine Kai has any desire to prove?  Is that you are EXACTLY what we’ve found you to be…  A fraud and a coward.
----So hide behind your weak-ass threats to bring Kai to his knees all you want.  We all know that if anyone here is gonna’ be on their knees come Saturday night it’s you.  I mean, you’ve spent the majority of the last few years on your knees haven’t ya’?  How the FUCK else could you have deluded someone in management into thinking you deserved a shot at that Puroresu Heavyweight Championship?
----What it all boils back down to, Aria, he continues with vitriol.  Is that while you so very clearly and so very desperately need the support, backup, and help from your so-called family?  We don’t need ANYBODY ELSE.  Kai’s got my six and I’ve got his and the fact of the matter is that Kai Stevens is more naturally equipped, more hard-working, and more relentless in his efforts to be the best in the world that…  That you could have ALL of this company’s factions at your back and STILL you’d end up RIGHT BACK ON IT, where you seem to be more and more often.  So continue to perpetuate your own delusions of grandeur, that you’re the best in the world, or that ANYBODY gives even a modicum of a fuck about the Phantom Troupe.  It’ll make force-feeding you the FUCKING TRUTH that much more enjoyable.
----The Nassau County Killer steps up, squaring his shoulders to the camera so as to be as direct as possible.  He removes the Aviators from the bridge of his nose and glares hatefully into said camera, pointing an index finger extended from the very hand that clutches the glasses towards the camera, and presumably through it and towards Aria Jaxon, herself.
----You’ve had my name in your mouth all week, Aria, he snickers.  But my name carries more weight now than yours ever has or ever could, and you’ll come to learn that first-hand when my name is dragging your jaw to the floor so that I can STOMP your FUCKING HEAD IN.  Because that, Aria?  That is who I am.  Your assessment of the Ronin?  Could be factual, for all I know.  I don’t give a FUCK about the Ronin or any of the stupid-ass characteristics you attribute to ‘em.  Because Kai Stevens is one of a kind.
----Considering that you’re another dime-a-dozen bottom bitch?  I don’t expect you to even be able to fathom what one of a kind means.  But you will...  Because you’ve got a one of a kind ass-kicking coming your way, Aria.  It’s one that’s been a loooooong time coming for you.  A well-deserved and well-earned one…  The ONLY FUCKING THING YOU’VE ACTUALLY EARNED FOR YOURSELF IN YOUR ENTIRE MISERABLE LIFE!
----You wanna’ talk about the spotlight, Aria?  Lemme’ clarify something for ya’, since, as we’ve already noted, you’re fuckin’ blind.  You’re so obsessed with this idea of the limelight, of being the center of attention, but come Saturday?  I’m gonna’ BEAT YOUR FUCKING SKULL IN WITH THAT GOD DAMNED SPOTLIGHT...  And then all you’ll be able to be is the center of medical attention.
----Which means that for you, Aria, he continues with bloodlust in his tone and narrowed eyes to go with veins bulging from his neck and temple.  It means that I will no longer stand idly by as you continue to delude yourself and anyone around you into thinking you’re something you’re not, something better than you are.  It means that…  No matter how I was raised, no matter what I believe in?  You’re gonna’ get what’s coming to you on Saturday.  And I’ll even be nice and I’ll put it in a pretty package…  MY FUCKING FISTS!
----In essence, Jaxon?  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you are, or what you’ve done when you step into MY FUCKING RING.  Because at the end of a match with me?  EVERYBODY ends up in a PINE FUCKING BOX six feet under the ground.  Like I said before, Aria?  You’re no different.
----But I am here to release you.  I am here to lift the veil and show you the truth.  It just so happens that, unfortunately for you?  The truth is stark and utterly horrifying...  Much like what I’m going to do to you Saturday.  Really, Aria?  You can talk and talk and talk all you want.  You can parade around like your shit don’t stink, like you’re hot shit.  But at the end of the day?  When the sun has set and dust has settled?  I will stand tall over your LIFELESS FUCKING CARCASS because there is NO DEBATE that I am better than you.  For your aspirations in this tournament, Aria?  For your hopes and dreams of being recognized by your peers and family as being deserving of even being in the conversation of best in the world?  The end is nigh.
----With this, Kai smirks cockily and places the Aviators back on his face.  Turning on his heels, he and Church strut off into the distance and out of the frame with swagger, prepared fully for this second round of the Best in the World Series.  But in doing so, they leave a question unanswered that one can assume will only be revealed throughout the duration of the tournament.
----What does being the best truly mean?

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