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on January 14th 2018, 6:25 pmGuest
(The camera fades into scene to a Strong Style Wrestling presented press conference. A empty chair sits behind a table, and behind it a banner showcasing the SSW logo. You can hear whispers and murmurs from reporters and those in attendance as a Japanese Producer steps out from behind the curtain. He holds a microphone in one hands and notes in the other; he looks out at those who have attended, which seems to be a full house from what we can see from the camera.)

Producer: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for joining this press conference presented by Strong Style Wrestling. There is no doubt that there are questions that you have been all waiting to ask, but haven't had the opportunity with the recent introduction for the company that we had seeing it was more about what SSW as a company was going to showcase and the championships that would define this company. I ask you all to be patient, we will try to answer as many questions as possible. Today, you have the chance to speak to one of the wrestlers that spoke at the inaugural press conference a few days ago. While we weren't particularly too fond of the things we said, being one of our more experienced talents, he's one fitting of this role. So, please welcome at this time - Tetsuya Ishimori.

(“Through Rain and Snow” hits as Tetsuya Ishimori casually makes his way through the curtain. The producer extends his hand, but Tetsuya brushes past it and takes a seat. He leans back in the chair and kicks his feet up onto the table as he turns his head towards the producer.)

Ishimori: You can leave.

(The producer looks at Tetsuya confused.)

Producer: I'm here to run this event; to make sure that this all goes to plan.

Ishimori: No, all you're going to do is waste time and I'm not particularly in the mood to stay here long. It makes my life so much easier if you're gone.

(The producer turns around and drop his head; he slowly walks off the stage as Tetsuya laughs. He turns his attention to those out in attendance.)

Ishimori: Who’s first.

(Ishimori scouts the crowd as a man finally makes his way to his feet.)

Reporter: Mr. Ishimori, sir - over here. Firstly, I'd like to wish you congratulations on signing with Strong Style Wrestling--

Ishimori: Like it’s some form of accomplishment.

(Tetsuya shakes his head as the reporter stumbles over his words before finally regaining his composure.)

Reporter: It's unfortunate that you feel that way - but, what do you plan to accomplish here in SSW?

Ishimori: I plan to become everything that I know I am. The same things that people like you always said I held the potential to become.

Reporter: Being? World Champion?

Ishimori: Becoming World Champion means nothing to me; I simply plan on becoming the biggest star in Japan.

Reporter: With your failures in the past - can you actually achieve that goal? You have opportunities to become just that elsewhere and were unsuccessful - how does SSW change any of that?

(The hint of a smile crosses the face of Ishimori.)

Ishimori: They said if you listen to the right people; smile at those who are willing to spend their hard earn money on this profession, that in the long run it will help you become a star. They like to believe that this business is built on respect and honor; they love “fighting spirit” - forcing ourselves to push our bodies further than we should on a constant basis. But, all of that does nothing. You play their games; do everything that they want you to do. You try your very best to become a star through their methods. It's all fine until those methods don't work. The people that touted that you had the potential to become the biggest name that Japan had to offer, suddenly begin to say that you don't have what it takes. The things that once impressed them no longer does you any justice. It breaks you down. You question everything that you've been working towards and you find yourself standing at a crossroad. You can continue trying to do things their way and continue failing, or - you can understand the real power they hold over you. The power people like you hold over us. You understand that you don't hold any power. You realise that you never needed the people that turned their back on you, and in fact, it was them who needed you. Now, I'll do things my way.

Reporter: That way being?

Ishimori: Tranquilo.

(Ishimori begins to scout around the room again as the next reporter gets to their feet.)

Reporter: It's been announced that you will participate in a match to determine who will go onto a triple threat to crown the first Jr. Heavyweight Champion. What are your thoughts heading into that, and also who you'll be facing?

Ishimori: Who am I facing?

Reporter: Vanessa Santiago.

Ishimori: Oh, right. I don't care. I'm not going to sit here and talk about how badly I want to be crowned the first Jr. Heavyweight Champion. I don't want to be the champion. I'll win the championship simply because I can.

Reporter: And your opponent?

(Ishimori digs into his pocket before pulling out a scrunched up piece of paper.)

Ishimori: I was told that it would be smart to prepare some notes on this woman who thinks she's a man. She has a “legitimate” combat background--

(Ishimori shakes his head and throws the paper over his shoulder.)

Ishimori: I'm not wasting my time on it. I understand that they thought it would be a great idea to open up the doors to whoever wanted to compete in this company. I know that there are a lot of people pushing for equal rights, but this isn't competition. This is a lamb being lead to its slaughter before it had even been given the chance to walk.

Reporter: Isn't that the kind of attitude that can cause you to take someone too lightly?

Ishimori: Who said I was taking her lightly?

Reporter: Those words seemed like--

Ishimori: Just because I don't see her as a threat doesn't mean that I'm taking her lightly. I'm certainly not going to allow her to kick my legs out from under me the moment I walk through the doors of the company, am I?

(The reporter goes to take a seat, but stops himself before asking one last question.)

Reporter: I just wanted to ask one last question; we saw the spark of something between you and Brian Daniels at the press conference a few days ago - what was that about?

Ishimori: I'm done here.

Reporter: But, Mr. Ishimori - the question-

Ishimori: I've said everything that I want to say. I said that I didn't intend to be here long and I've given you more time than I was going to. Be grateful I gave you this at all.

(Ishimori gets back to his feet and begins to make his leave as the producer makes his way back out from behind the curtain.)

Producer: Ladies and gentlemen, this brings an end to the proceedings. I'd like to thank you on behalf of Strong Style Wrestling and would like to ask you to tune into the inaugural show to see Tetsuya Ishimori and more compete. Goodnight.

(The camera fades to black while shuffling is heard as everyone gets back to their feet.)
Saul Omen
on January 14th 2018, 6:58 amSaul Omen
The Song of Saul Omen: Chapter I

[Just as the birth of the universe began, the birth of Shinigami in Strong Style Wrestling begins with only two aspects: silence and darkness. In a moment of revelation, a crimson tone takes over to where a lone man standing in a suit colored in shadows standing inside of what could be considered hallowed ground. Evident through the stained glass windows that surrounded him to paint the floor with the light of the sun, the lit candles with wax cascading down like rain through the heat of the flames, the colossal door crafted from the finest of wood to stand as a gateway to the heart of the divine, it would be deduced that he had been inside of a church of Gothic architecture. As the man situated the tie that was wrapped around his neck, a dark aura in the form of smoke hummed around him before he turned around, shrouded beneath the darkness with the light only revealing enough to reveal the face of the man in black. Saul Omen. A stare of grave intent was donned on his face with the crimson tone still made around the entire setting except for this black spot that stood out among the red.]

Saul Omen: I am not a hero or a villain, not saint nor sinner, I am only a humble servant of the sacred deity that has allowed me to be drenched in their gifts. This deity that I have pledged my life to, delivered my entire soul unto to serve as a vessel of violence onto those that dare to trespass on their dominion, it has given me passage to enter a domain riddled with sin that shall be purged in their name. I have traveled the world, stood against the greatest of warriors inside of arenas more dangerous than this new den of beasts that I walk towards, and each one has grown to make me stronger. However, what does drive me to be in this business that everyone has been clamoring towards? Fame? I don’t desire the voices from sheep that follow blindly towards the next charismatic phrase that has been utter or the proud song sung by the blind fools that are hopeless in their aspirations. Money? I had enough money that I could live comfortably in, I’m content with the meager living that I had, as long as my god was pleased with the line of worship that I gave unto it. Gold? What meaning does gold have towards me, a useless plaque to hold on my shoulder or waist as a weight to burden me, a burden that I don’t hope to hold unless commanded to by the most divine. None of that has been the reason that I have been employed by Strong Style Wrestling, when my name of infamy reached across the seas to these foreign lands of Japan, to where scouts would watch the carnage that I laid into a sacrifice saw the potential of something they could stand behind. The reason that I’m here is because the omnipotent force that I worship has mandated me to do so, decreed for me to draft my signature onto the contract to arrive here under the Strong Style Wrestling banner, in the pursuit of exploring the landscape for exquisite and lavish souls to serve unto him as a tribute. The tributes of the dark underground to where rules have been abandoned, the street fights that left men lying in a pool of their own blood and other fluids, brawls from the pubs with shattered glass and the wretched stench of booze were king, their souls became bland and vanilla to his taste. A repetition of the same men that coasted through careers, men of pride that saw themselves as indestructible and the best in the world, souls ruined with greed and lust that were stained like the livers of the drunkards that became offended at the sheer sight of my deity’s greatest servant, it grew tiresome. He requires souls with a bit of flavor marinated into them, something that allows them to stand out of a sea of mediocrity that he has become accustomed to, and he heard that this was the temple of perfection when it came to be the residence of the greatest collection of fighters. My god was pleased and commanded me to sign my name onto this contract at the moment’s notice and that’s why when I introduce the world to what their apostle can create as tribute unto their name, the blessing I shall be rewarded with shall be… extravagant.

[Saul give a bestial snarl and sniff, shuttering in ecstasy with a hum escaping his lips, as you can suddenly see a darkness start to emit and paint his skin. It suddenly starts to die down once he opens his eyes again, clearing his throat and controlling himself, as he returns to the gaze that he gave prior to that moment of weakness.]

Saul Omen: The question I have been left with for days leading onto weeks since the signing of my contract to Strong Style Wrestling has been who would be the first tribute to fall onto the glory of my deity? Who did the powers that be decide would be the first to be sacrificed to my god? Luck would have it that there would be a man of immense pride that has been chosen. A pride that can be marked has blasphemous for the fact that he has proclaimed himself to be a god, one that has been marked as folly by this devout disciple of the one true deity, and that we meet in gratitude to those who have been brought to this decision. This heretic that has walked onto this stage with the boisterous claim to be a god walking among mortals, he doesn’t know the truth about what gods are, as his eyes have yet to be seen the Stygian void where they slumber. He is oblivious to what lurks in the abyss because he has been captivated by the allure of championship, the scent of cash, and the song of controversy that has tainted his soul with the disgusting rot of greed. My god is not worried about the filth that has soiled your soul, for that shall be purged out of you before he feasts upon the golden grace that does dwell within you, for you must have a sliver left to make it to this house of violent worship that has enlisted us. This poor soul has been given the name of Levi Maximus and with that, I will speak directly to Levi. He’s the soul that has been chosen to stand before me in combat, he’s the chosen tribute to be gifted upon to my deity, and he shall be the one that hears my song without a choice being made from him. Levi, hubris has caused the great fall of many men. For pride is a form of idolatry in which you make yourself the object of worship. You worship yourself to where you are the god that generates the blessings in which you reap, but you have to pay tribute to the one true supreme being for allowing breath to continue to fill through your lungs or your heart to continue to beat. For one moment that his wrath decides that it wants to be incurred onto you or the time has arrived when your name has been written into his book, all of it will cease and you will fall to him. Pride is the invisible dragnet that captures even the most confident of mortals and Levi, I’ve been shown that you have been known as the most brash of them all. The deity has been pleased to hear that because it makes it where the carnage that I will be made to inflict upon you, the ruins I create from your shambled corpse shall be the graven image of glory unto their name, and reward me with gifts that shall exceed all that I have attained before! Words straight from the voice of the deity itself! Once I make my debut into the land of Japan, walk into the Yokohama Arena for the very first time to stand against you, the world will experience my deity in a world that he has never been introduced into prior to this. My deity, my shining light in the darkness of this disgusting plane of existence, my god… Death.

[Saul closes his eyes once more and lifts his hands up in a sign of prayer, muttering to himself a prayer directed to his god of Death, before he bends his head down in respect. He raises himself up to look ahead, at this moment with a smile on his face, showing a true malevolence hiding behind those eyes of his.]

Saul Omen: Death holds the world in the palm of his hand and as his mortal vessel, the bridge between his domain and ours, I allow him to show his will through the brutality in that arena. There’s no escape from this fate as death will always be certain, Levi. Your death has only been preordained to you by the deity itself.

[The smile of malevolence quickly turns back into the stare of grave intent to where Saul Omen turns his back away to walk towards the great wooden doors of the Gothic church that he dwelled in. He used both of his hands to push on this gigantic doors, cracking open to let in the rays of light, as the light devours everything before returning to darkness.]
on January 13th 2018, 5:03 amStark
How can I expect you to comprehend that which cannot be comprehended? What can I expect you to understand, when even I don’t know what exactly happened? My… experience. That’s all that seems to be there for me right now. I wouldn’t let anyone simplify it down to a mere tale of fiction. Nor would I let anyone claim that it is the truth. Whether or not it was just a product of my mind is irrelevant - to me, I saw it. I looked it in the eyes. I felt its presence. When people speak of communicating with gods and deities, I now understand what they mean. Irregardless of the validity of the story, it is no less impactful on the individual’s mind and soul than if it was all a fabrication. Yet ask yourself this, what do I gain out of making this up? What do I gain from you believing in this experience of mine? I’m a pragmatic man. While I’ve never cared what people truly thought of me, there’s one thing I have always been proud to not be - a liar. While the line between good and evil is drawn by a subjective brush, morality a concept that can only be viewed through the subjective eye, I have always found there to be a special place in Hell for men who are not of their word - for men who the lack the moral convictions to be honest to the world. Now I know, there is much to gain by going down the path of treachery and selfishness. It is one that all man considers - the good man, however, does not go down it.

It takes willpower to deny the rewards of that path. Glory, fame, riches, and women. The greediest most rotten part of our soul is sated by these materialistic rewards. We focus not on what makes us whole, rather on that which makes us better, better than who, though, is anybody’s guess. That is what makes the businessman’s mind though. That insatiable, infinite lust to obtain that which belongs to everyone else. No, not even that. It doesn’t stop there. Your kind is not simply content with ruining humankind. Do you understand what the your ideology does to this world, Maximus Grier? I tried to avoid saying your name, first to deny you the satisfaction of me acknowledging your existence, and then to spite your selfish nature that I personally blame for the suffering in this world - you and the other thousands of you bastards - but since you’re the only one I get to lay my hands on and personally harm, I’ll settle for you, Grier. Allow me to ascertain my situation, by going with the notion that my experience with the dragon is what my mentor claimed it to be - the truth. As absurd as it sounds, as made-up folklore bullshit-like as it may sound, just humor me. Because Grier, at its core, life comes down to is this; there are more things about our existence that we don’t know than things that we do know. There are no guarantees or certainties, nor are there any impossibilities. Just because something is beyond the realm of things I know to be true, does not mean it’s false. So while my experience was improbable, you just never know.

And perhaps then, if it is the case that the dragon chose me, as my mentor put it, the next question I need to ask is why? I am neither righteous or worthy, as far as I think. I’m just a normal man like all others, a servant to life, and a guest in this house known as Earth. There have been millions like me in the past, millions like me now, and millions more to come in the future. Life is so cyclic that nobody, not even the most remarkable people of this time, can ever truly be considered special in the grand scheme of things. So do you understand Maximus, how much this means to me? At the end of the day, all I want to do is leave this world a better place than it was before I arrived here. If I had the powers of a cosmic deity, I would do everything I’d ever wanted to in order to help the world. But I am no God - but that doesn’t make me feel powerless. In fact, it’s just more motivation for me to push my human limits. I wasn’t the smartest kid, so I went with my capabilities and followed my dreams of becoming a professional wrestler. Maybe I’m not curing cancer in a lab, and that’s fine. If I can inspire just one person in a crowd on any given night, that’s enough of a victory for me.

Like I said, I am no more righteous than any other man. I still have those same material ambitions to a lesser degree. I want to be champion, I want the recognition, but as the best, of my own merit. To you, Grier, I may just be a rambling fool. I know you won’t understand these things, not because you’re not capable of it, but because you haven’t experienced what I have. It wasn’t just a dream. I felt it. Not in a lucid sense, but in the physical tangible… I felt the heat of the flames engulfing me. I felt the comfort and awe of being in the presence of a god damn dragon! You want to know why as a rational, non-believing man, I can truly choose to believe in the reality that a dragon came to me and showed me the way? It’s because above all, the most overwhelming feeling I felt in the presence of the dragon… was reaffirmation. Reaffirmation that the ideals I have in my life are the right ones to follow. Reaffirmation that the path I chose for myself was the right one to take. In the face of - what I thought in the moment - was imminent death, I found myself at my core. And that made me stronger. That’s when I knew without a doubt that it was time to end my excursion and find my home in Strong Style Wrestling.

This coming Saturday is my first opportunity to prove myself here in the Land of the Rising Sun. After a year training in my Dojo, it’s finally time for me to make my mark in this industry. When you’re not living in conflict with yourself like you are Maximus, this is effortless. There is nothing within myself that I must fight, no distractions to my mission - I’m going in with everything I have in the biggest match of my career to date. Despite your flaws, despite your nasty attitude towards life, there is potential in you Maximus. You built yourself an empire on lies, manipulation, and deceit. You’ll find that the easier an empire is built, the easier it is to tear it down to nothing. Every great empire falls, Maximus - my question for you is this; how will you rebuild everything you lose when your empire burns by the fire of the Dragon Reborn?
André Virgo
on January 13th 2018, 12:51 amAndré Virgo

You might not know my name but after January 20th you will never forget the name of

André!.. Vir!.. Go!..

Because I am not like any man, woman, or being that you have ever experienced. I am an experience! I am a spectacle who turns heads when I am simply walking down the street. When you gasp in disbelief I am that Stolen Breathe. My name is André Virgo and I am here to win.

“But André. Everyone is here to win.”

I know I know I know! That’s exactly why I’m here, because winning in the same old places against the same tired old opponents gets a person nowhere. I’m here for the challenge… For the honor of competing in the home of the most athletic, competitive, professional wrestling in the world! For three and a half years I got in my car every week and drove around the United States beating guys in community centers, banquet halls, and bars. I astonished and mystified crowds across the country. Hoping for a challenge, someone who might be so bold as to one up me but no! I continued to dominate and win and succeed and like a drug every hit I was getting less and less distance into the atmosphere. I’d win championships with no prestige and tournaments that nobody has ever heard of. I was a whale in a koi pond!

I was walking up a flight of stairs in the dark and stumbling to find I had run out of steps. Yet I’d look up and see the lights and glamor of the federations above me just out of reach. I’d go to tryouts and wow the room only for them to tell me that they don’t have a place for me on their roster, but the truth is I’d embarrass every bit of “talent” they had in that joke of a developmental brand. I’d have the crowds swooning for me harder than any of their golden boys. I was willing and able to learn and put in all of the work needed to be the biggest thing any of them had ever seen but it doesn’t matter what you can do if you never have the opportunity to do it! So I walked out of their to go back to my underwhelming existence of bookers putting forgettable names across from mine on their marquees. That was until I got a call from a mentor of mine.

He told me how a friend of his had called him and invited him to work for his new wrestling company and that he was turning it down because of his current commitments. At first this sounded like nothing but a humble brag, but then he said the reason he called me was that he didn’t want to leave them with nothing. He told me to come here and work under Brian Daniels and be the star that he always knew I could be.

Now I’m here! I see the lights, the camera, and on January 20th I will be the action! I left behind nowhere to be on a world class stage and compete against world class competitors and my smile is spread from ear to ear! André Virgo has arrived!

The aesthetic.

The fashion.

The emotion.

It is here and I have decided to be so generous as to share it with every single one of you! Don’t be afraid to shed a tear if your emotions get the best of you, that’s a normal reaction to

André!.. Vir!.. Go!..

If your feet feel too weak to stand but your heart feels compelled to do so anyways that is only natural in the presence of

André!.. Vir!.. Go!..

There is nothing to be ashamed of because I am simply out of this world. I exist beyond the dimensions of mortal understanding and that’s clearly understood by my gracious employer as I am scheduled on January 20th not to face a man… but a sound!


Well, Mr. BANG, there is so much for me to learn about you. Maybe even from you. You may even put me in a position where I am fighting an uphill battle as you expose to everyone the effects of being unchallenged for so long and Mr. BANG I’d be happy to let that happen if it wasn’t for a small problem. Which by small I mean big. Massive even. The problem is I don’t exactly care to lose to you. I don’t see myself letting you or anyone else take me out. I know there may be some desire to initiate me into this new level of competition that I’ve been sheltered from by beating me and breaking me down to be built back up but quite honestly there’s nothing to break down. I’m spectacular as I am and over time I will only get more spectacular. So I don’t plan on losing next Saturday. I actually plan on taking the pen from my cap and writing my name into history myself by becoming the first ever SSW Jr. Heavyweight Champion!

Mr. BANG, I have high hopes for you. Believe me I do. I can see your beautiful soul, the light of your spirit is peeking through. Your skin is so clear and your stride so crisp, so effortless. But there can only be one first SSW Jr. Heavyweight Champion, and his name will be

André!.. Vir!.. Go!..
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