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on March 29th 2018, 10:19 am
Wrestling Name: Endeavor
Picture Base: Jeff Hardy (with facepaint)

Current Nicknames: “The Hanged Man”, “The Black Rain”
Height: 6’, 3’’
Weight: 225 lbs
Hometown: Troy, New York

Disposition/Alignment: Face
Gimmick: A wily, battle-hardened veteran of the indies who is ready to show the world that he still has it.  Endeavor has fought some of the hardest battles outside of the ring: divorce, drug abuse, prison, mental health issues.  But he is determined to fight on and show the spirit that never gives up and instead gives his all.

Theme Music: 'Bullets' by Creed

Special Entrance: to be added at a later date

What are your character’s motivations for competing? To prove that the troubles that followed him in his early career have not cast a shadow over his entire legacy.  Though he may not be as quick as he was in his younger years, Endeavor has the wisdom and cunning to go with his drive to reach the top of SSW.
Tendency to Cheat: Rarely.

Wrestling Debut: Professionally: 2001. Has wrestled in backyard promotions since 1998.
Favorite Match Types: Cage, Ladder, Hardcore.  Endeavor has yet to meet a gimmick match that he doesn’t like.
Least Favorite Match Types: Ironman.  He won’t give up, no matter what, but he just doesn’t have the stamina he had in his youth.
Favorite Weapon: baseball bat

Common Moves:
1. 'Chi Thrust' (a double palm thrust to the face or chest, sometimes as a discus variation)
2. various kicks (spinning heel, roundhouse, spinning mule, shoot, enziguri, gammenguri)
3. falling neckbreaker (sometimes to a rope hung opponent)
4. double foot stomp (done in various ways to various body parts, while Endeavor is standing or flying from the ropes to an opponent who is standing, on their hands and knees, or on the mat)
5. DDT (snap spiked or tornado variations)
6. reverse STO (into the turnbuckles or rope hung variations)
7. leaping lariat
8. flying top rope elbow drop
9. snap driving STO
10. spinning back fist
11. running dropkick (often to a cornered opponent)
12. leapfrog bulldog
13. suicide dive
14. sit-out jawbreaker
15. standing shooting star press

Signature Moves:
1. 'Hangman’s Noose' standing rear naked choke, commonly used to set up either a Limit Break or the Hangman’s Clutch
2. 'CTR' or 'Call the Rainfall' spinning headlock lariat into a backbreaker (Hirooki Goto’s GTR)
3. 'Fliest Nihilist' corkscrew moonsault body block (Jeff Hardy’s Whisper in the Wind)
4. 'Head Trauma’ vertical suplex dropped into a knee strike to the face
5. 'Second Wind' an out-of-nowhere cutter, generally used as a turning point in the match

Finishing Moves:
1. 'Limit Break' With the opponent incapacitated on their knees, Endeavor levels a finger at the back of their head like a gun, and then bounces off the ropes, hitting one of the following moves:
-Apocalypse Now: single leg dropkick to the back of the head
-Light of Judgement: discus lariat to the back of the neck
-Final Heaven: somersault cutter
Against particularly resilient foes, after hitting one Limit Break Endeavor will shout ‘DOUBLE TAP!’, lift the opponent back to their knees, and hit a second Limit Break.  In particularly high stakes matches, Endeavor will shout ‘EMPTY THE CLIP!’ and hit all three Limits Breaks consecutively, pulling the opponent back up after each one until their head is a pile of jelly.  This functions as his Ultimate Finisher.
2. ‘Hangman’s Clutch' rear naked choke with bodyscissors
3. 'Reckless Endeavor' corkscrew 450 splash; this used to be Endeavor’s finisher when he was first breaking out as a suicidal high flier.  It’s used on very, very rare occassion.

Endeavor has loved wrestling from a very young age.  He and some other kids from his neighborhood did what you’re not supposed to do and  trained themselves in their backyards, learning the dangerous world of professional wrestling with no formal teacher.  Endeavor was something special, taking to wrestling like a fish to water. At the age of 14, he started wrestling in guerrilla backyard leagues, performing death-defying stunts with routine ease.  By 17, he had debuted professionally (lying about his age in the process) and begun on his long and tumultuous journey. Success came at first. He was a hot act with an exciting style. Money and fame came to him, but so did a large ego, drugs, and lots of sex.  Demons began to show, both in his personal life and professional. His darker side came to the forefront. By 20, he was married and had a daughter. By 21, he was divorced with an alimony payment. By 23, he already had an extensive legal record filled with drug possession, DUI, and public disruption charges.  At 26, he was finally sentenced to 10 years in prison and that’s where his life finally turned. Through rehab and the desire to turn over a new leaf, Endeavor gave up the habit and set himself on the right path. Out early due to good behavior, he seeks to prove that the wrongs of the past are behind him. He still wrestles with an aggressive edge, and there is still a darkness that lurks beneath the surface, but he’s here to show that he has mastered his demons and not the other way around.

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Re: Endeavor

on March 31st 2018, 9:10 pm
Welcome to SSW, my friend but more importantly...

"You're all prisoners. What you call sanity, it's just a prison in your minds that stops you from seeing that you're just tiny little cogs, in a giant absurd machine. Wake up! Why be a cog? Be free, like us. Just remember, smile. Oh! Time to go, but don't worry, we'll be back very soon. Hang onto your hats, folks, cause' you ain't seen nothing yet!"

--- Jerome Valeska.
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Re: Endeavor

on March 31st 2018, 11:50 pm
EXQUISITE!!!! Another fine addition to the Ronin camp!
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Re: Endeavor

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