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Saul Omen
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Saul Omen

on January 9th 2018, 7:01 am


Wrestling Name: Saul Omen

Picture Base: Finn Balor

Nicknames: The Reaper, The Soul Collector, Shinigami, inFamous, The Hound of Hell, The Horseman of Death

Age: 22

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 192 lbs

Hailing From: Stockholm, Sweden


Disposition/Alignment: Heel - Saul Omen will fight with nothing holding him back as the honor of his deity in Death is at stake with each match. Saul Omen doesn’t care about the respect of the audience, the honor of the tactics that he will resort to in order to achieve victory in his god’s name, only that glory and tributes towards him are met with his blessing.

Gimmick: Saul Omen was born into a family that was devout into a blood cult, his father the archpriest of this cult and his mother being a devout follower of the religion, forced his childhood to take a turn towards the unconventional. To them, Death was more than just the final destination of life, but it was an actual god that would deliver blessings unto them. The cult that he was born into believed that the deity of Death would bless them with vitality, strength, endurance, wisdom, and courage for the proper tribute. Having spent days upon prayer unto Death, Saul had came to realize that the cult was an affront for the devious and sadistic nature of his father’s own lust for women. The blood cult would be forced to dissolve, brought upon by the force of the law enforcement, but not before his mother was killed at the hands of his father as sacrifice right before his very eyes. Saul was left into an orphanage at the age of 13 to where he had spent his days doing the only thing that he knew he could do: pray for Death to give him the solace of vengeance upon his father.

After finally being able to find a home under a renown martial artist at the age of 14, Saul Omen was placed into training to teach him discipline and technique. Throughout his training with his new foster father, Saul would still pray each night for Death to take his father away and deliver the penance for his sins made in his name. Days turned into months, months turned into years, and Saul came to master martial arts with his foster parent along with a new philosophy in his life. With each fight and spar that he had taken part in, it would be like the very soul would transfer from their bodies and be transferred into his own, making him a stronger warrior to be able to serve the deity of Death. At the age of 19, Saul Omen’s prayers would finally be answers. During his prison sentence for the murder of his mother and countless other souls that had been taken by his hand, Death had gifted him with his devout prayers by claiming his father in a similar fashion of an inmate stabbing him to death multiple times. Pleased with this answer, Saul secured the belief that the training, his prayers, and the fighting he had done in his named pleased his god and thus, he continued his path to where he would challenge those who have sinned and make them pay penance for them.

The philosophy that Saul Omen has taken is very simple. Death can be accomplished in many forms as the release of the mortal coil is not the only form. The death of an ego, the shattering of the mind, the destruction of the spirit, the dismantling of the body, all things that his god in Death found as suitable tribute to where gifts would be bestowed upon him for them. For the shattering of the mind, wisdom was brought unto him. The destruction of the spirit brought courage of his own. The dismantling of a man’s body gave him strength and endurance. The death of an ego was able to give him a spark of vitality and confidence. However, the greatest tribute would be the blood of another as the soul was seen to dwell within the blood, but Saul vowed unto Death that he would never take a life to be able to gift him this tribute in respect of the lives that were taken from his father which included his own mother. If his god desired the blood of another, his fights would take a savage turn to where he would force blood to escape his opponent to point where it turned into a crimson mask. These tributes of blood would prove to deliver the greatest of rewards, granting Saul Omen all of the gifts of Death tenfold. An even greater reward would come from those that would have committed “Cardinal Sins” in their lives, as they would prove to provide a bounty most pleasant to his god, and allowing him to make any request that he wished from him. Saul Omen was also known to be a fan of the wrestling scene, knowing that it would prove as a great stage to be able to display his worship of his deity without disdain, watching the styles and people that were involved. In reaction to this, he came across the federation of Strong Style Wrestling, watching for the seven men that he will find to be egregious offenders of his philosophy. Nicknamed “Seven Deadly Sins”, he will have kept this list of names on his mind as he has marked them with a “Cardinal Sin” to represent the most heinous of their sins. A death of any nature towards one of these men would prove to be the most valuable towards his deity and grant him favor beyond reproach from them.

Knowing of this philosophy that he had made for himself, Saul Omen’s foster parent nicknamed him “The Soul Collector”, in light of noticing that his opponent’s defeats would prove to make his son a more formidable fighter. This name would catch the attention of promoters and managers attempting to make his name famous throughout the fight circuit, but most were turned down due to the disbelief they had of his god. Saul Omen, with the wisdom that he believed had been gifted upon him by Death, allowed him to handle his own promotion in the circuit. More names for him began to circle around the business due to the nature that he had not only fought, but the worship that he delivered in the ring. “The Hound of Hell” was cited because of the opponents that he would choose in men that audiences would find deserving of the penance that Saul would deliver. Men of pride, rumored adulterers, domestic abuse criminals, and many more were chosen by Saul to fight and were left lying in their own blood in the end of the fight. “The Reaper” and “The Horsemen of Death” would be names of were used in reverence towards him to where he had gained the respect of not only his peers or the audience, but to the opponents that knew of his reputation. Due to the reputation that followed him into the fight circuit of the independents, Saul had garnered infamy for being one of the most brutal and savage opponents in the ring, thus deemed “inFamous”. “Shinigami” was a name that was told to people by Saul himself as this was the title that he believes was given to him by Death himself was a reward for his unwavering loyalty throughout his troublesome years.

After years in the fighting circuit and a few matches on the wrestling stage on the indy scene at the age of 22, Saul Omen was introduced to talent scouts from Strong Style Wrestling that had noticed the way that he had fought. Presented with an offer that he simply couldn’t refuse, Saul decided to sign the contract and be employed under the company. He began his own training in the dojo presented to him, but had multiple issues with the intensity and stiff nature of his style, even for the Strong Style of Japanese tradition. This would only leave more impressions onto the staff of the company instead of forcing their hand to send him leaving out the door.


Theme Music: “Death March” by Motionless In White

Special Entrance: TBP


Wrestling Debut: 2017

Favorite Match Type: First Blood Match - Blood serves as the ultimate tribute for the deity that he worships, proven to be the very connection to the soul inside of a person’s body, thus a match with this scenario will prove to be his favorite.

Least Favorite Match Type: Battle Royal - As much as these prove to be a test of endurance, this match would yield the least amount of gifts from his god due to the nature of the over-the-top rope elimination rule.

Favorite Weapon: Any weapon wrapped around barbed-wire. It happens to bring out the most blood, he believes.

In-Ring Achievements: 1x SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship (July 28, 2018 - present)


As a gift from the first Phantom Troupe leader, John Doe, Saul Omen has inherited his trait of Mirror Force. These are moves that have been witnessed by him or performed on by him that has been stolen to be used by him against opponents.


Common Moves

Jumping knee lift
German suplex
Sling Blade
Triangle dropkick
Shotgun dropkick
Springboard moonsault
Springboard high knee strike
Pelé kick
Pelé knee
Rolling enziguri
Shoot kick
Thrust kick
Forearm strike
Elbow strike
Dragon suplex
Jumping cutter
Single leg dropkick
Penalty kick
European uppercut
Diving double foot stomp
Suicide somersault senton
Reverse frankensteiner
Reverse STO
Fujiwara armbar
Rear-naked choke
Exploder suplex
Imploding 450 Splash

Signature Moves

Sanguine Star - Corkscrew shooting star press

Nail In The Coffin - Lifting single underhook DDT

Jaws of Oblivion - Double underhook crossface

Death's Vow - Bicycle knee strike

Eternal Schism - Over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver onto the knee

Finishing Moves

Memento Mori - Reverse roundhouse kick

Song of Solomon - Somersault reverse DDT

Malefic Embrace - Brainbuster spun into a crossface chickenwing

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Saul Omen
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Re: Saul Omen

on March 23rd 2018, 10:10 pm
The Horseman of Death will make his return to this earthly plane!

(Credit to Tarah Nova for the awesome signature!)
Saul Omen
Phantom Troupe
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Re: Saul Omen

on March 27th 2018, 12:10 am
Updated signature with new name and added a new titantron!

(Credit to Tarah Nova for the awesome signature!)
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Re: Saul Omen

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