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Belle Kingsley. Empty Belle Kingsley.

on March 25th 2018, 9:11 pm
B E L L E | K I N G S L E Y.

Belle Kingsley. 2fcGz2zLtsCamcdRyW2bijzHkMKckSLPNgRVSY56oxsF0F8s1Pw-XiMu5fZ4kfoIdzu3s1CQWf9vEqwfPE5lJNcZB8-pr3oEmbzw_de8zG1qT7M5PK-uKBSanhUakE3Xwxn2JHWK

Wrestling Name: Belle Kingsley.
Government Name: Mirabelle Holly Paxton.
Birthday: Feburary 2, 1996.
Picture Base: Candice LeRae.
Current Nicknames: “The Belle of the Ball.”
Height: Five feet, two inches.
Weight: One-hundred and twenty pounds.
Hometown: Cardiff, Wales.
Current Location: Newark, New Jersey/Tokyo, Japan.

Disposition/Alignment: Compassionate, fearless, modest, take no shit face. Neutral Face.
Segment Attire: Still, essentially what her pic base wears. She'll usually opt for casual tee shirts and crop tops and jeans or shorts and Chuck Taylors.

Theme Music: “Party Girl” -- McFly.
Entrance Description: TBA.

What are your character’s motivations for competing?: Earning respect from the wrestlers and fans. She is always a people pleaser who never wants to cause any conflicts in the stable she is in. She constantly tries to look for the good in people, but sometimes bits her in the ass.
Tendency to Cheat: Never.

Wrestling Debut: 2013.
Favorite Match Types: No Disqualification, because it allows her with unlimited possibilities to use any weapon as she wishes in any insane fashion. This is a match where she can be considered unpredictable in.
Least Favorite Match Types: Battle Royals. She finds that people take advantage of her due to her size and will antagonize to get rid of her first.
Favorite Weapon: Kendo stick.
In-Ring Achievements: None, yet.

Common Moves: 
001. Corkscrew somersault leg drop
002. Diving clothesline
003. Enzuigiri, from the ring apron
004. Front missile dropkick
005. Handspring back elbow
006. Japanese arm drag
007. Multiple hurricanrana variations:
008. Slingshot guillotine leg drop
009. Springboard moonsault
010. Springboard senton bomb
011. Suicide dive
012. Suicide somersault plancha

Signature Moves: 
001.Fateful Fall (Handspring cutter)
002. Fever Dream (Front-flip DDT)

Finishing Moves:
001. Force Choke (Tilt-a-whirl dropped into a gogoplata)
002. Kingsley's Crowning (Imploding 450-degree splash)
003. The Belle Curve (Diving moonsault double-foot stomp)


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