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on February 2nd 2018, 2:05 pm
Character Name: The Enigmatic Creature

Nickname / Other Call Names: "The Bandit (Of Professional 

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Height: 6 feet 1 Inches

Weight: 217 lbs

Alignment: Neutral

Throughout his years in the business TEC has never really had an alignment. TEC will fight for what he believes in rather it results in being booed or cheered by the fans.

In-Ring Style: Hybrid wrestling
A style that combines all pre-existing styles creating a state-of-the-art sophisticated discipline consisting of every form of combat that goes down in the ring. Hybrid Wrestling is an intense and evolving combat sport in which competitors wrestle and fight without any boundaries such as disqualification or count out stoppage. This theory was developed in January of 2000 by Court Bauer for his Major League Wrestling promotion.

Bio: In 2017, TEC used his knowledge and ability in order to make claim as an elite level talent in the professional wrestling industry. In a year where gold couldn’t escape his grasp, he capitalized on every opportunity that was thrown his way in companies such as MAXOUT Wrestling, New Born Wrestling, Extreme Wrestling Generations, Bionic Championship Wrestling, Dark Rebellion Wrestling, making major headlines and adding to his resume in each company. In 2018 the now larger than life persona continues his reign of absolute dominance over the entire business, and welcoming all the heroes of this begotten form of combat with bloody arms and maniacal intentions.

Extremely hard-hitting striker
Can adapt to any style of wrestling
Mastermind of the wrestling ring (has back-up plans for his back-up plans and is great at manipulating people)
Clutch Player (seems to always win when it counts)
Ruthless (has a history of beating an opponent senseless or using any means he can to win.)

Tends to take unnecessary risk
Tends to be caught by flash pins

Attire: Hudson Biker Jeans w/ suspenders. Black Leather Boots (e.g. Corey Graves NXT attire)

Theme song: “Down ” - Thousand Foot Krtnch

Pic Base: Jeff Hardy

Entrance: "Down" blasts threw the speakers as the light start to flicker a variation of green, black and yellow colors. Out comes TEC, he usually interacts with his fan base on the way to the ring. Once in the ring he poses for the fans one more time and throws his signature shirt to the audience.

Favorite moves:
1. Spinning Backfist
2. Rip-Cord Discus Lariat
3. "Facetime" (Double footstomp to a downward facing opponent)
4. Cornered Clothesline / Bulldog Combonation
5. Pele Kick
6. Brainbuster (At times rolled through and turned into "A Moment of Clarity")
7. "Fly By Night" (Corckscrew Sasuke Special)
8. "Carpe Diem” (Suicide Dive Forearm)
9. "Boot Party" (Applying a single-wrist clutch to a face-down opponent, TEC continuously stomps their head, pulling them back up with the hold still locked on)
10. Crufix Buckle Bomb 
11. "The Midnight Hour" (Glimmering Warlock)
12. Russian Legsweep
13. Snap Suplex
14. Michinoku Driver #2
15. Tiger Suplex
16. Stinger Splash

OMG Moments:
Avalanche Northern Lights Suplex w/ pin
Project Conclusion from a high structure

Signature move(s):

"Denouement” (This is used in big matches or to send a major statement. A Canadian Destroyer)
“Swan Song” (Ranhei)
"Depravity" (Pull-Foward Neckbreaker)
“FTI (Short for Fuck The Industry, Waistlock Slap To Face)

“Sentenced To Infamy” – Joker Driver (Main Finisher)

“A Moment of Clarity” (Anaconda Vice)

“Project: Conclusion” - Swanton Bomb

"Midnight Misery" (Swinging Underhook Facebuster) Used as a finisher in 2017, now a uber move and should be used in big matches only

Recent Accomplishments: (Mid 2017-2018)
1 -Time and first ever MAXOUT Champion
1 -Time and first ever MAXOUT Elite Champion
1 Time (Extreme Generations Championship) WPW Champion
EWG Superstar of the year
1-Time BTW Tag Team Champion (w/ Sphinx Payne)
1-Time LZW Tag Team Champion (w/ Josh Collins)
1-Time LZW X-Division Championship
1-Time XOW Pure Champion
1-Time BCW Supreme Champion
2-Time BCW Warriors Champion
Obtained NBW New Breed Championship Greed n Glory Briefcase
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