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Welcome to SSW! Empty Welcome to SSW!

on January 9th 2018, 4:35 am
I'd like to welcome you all to Strong Style Wrestling! I'm here to give a rundown of some brief rules, how we're running things, and so on:

First off, I'll start with how our weekly shows are going to work. We're going to have two weekly shows a month. This is to cater toward those with a heavy or time consuming schedule. It also assists anyone that doesn't want to treat this hobby as a chore. When we don't have shows the two weeks of that month - they will be replaced by house shows. You will not have to put any effort on the promo page for these shows. You can use that week to take a break, write your own interviews, or do whatever you want. The results are to just further storylines most of the time. These results will not affect your kayfabe win-loss record.

Second off, promo limits. I know promoing can be a real workload for people. As you can already tell with the promo page that I have set up. I have promoing limits for each individual show and how we judge them. We're not trying to limit the amount ofpromos, but instead bring out the greatest quality. I always felt that promoing too many times can often lead to repetition and drag on.

Now that those two major subjects are out of the way, here's some other things you should know:

We will not have brands, nor will we ever have brands. Our shows will often be based upon tours that are currently happening within the company. This company is also mainly taken place in Japan. We may or may not go on tours to other countries in the future.

House shows will be descriptively quick resulted.

We likely will never have a Discord server. It can often at times be a toxic place where people get into senseless arguments. If we ever do make one, it'd be temporary for possible live shows.

You're allowed to change your picture bases the week after Domination and Wrestle Spirit.

We'll also transition that into: NO LIVE WEEKLY SHOWS OR SUPER SHOWS. If anything, we might just have the occasional PPV or Major PPV live in a temporary Discord server.

SSW will not separate the genders. It will have intergender matches and treat everyone as equals.

We will also not tolerate any drama on the forums. We want to keep this place fun as possible. If you seek out drama against anyone, actions will be taken against you accordingly.

Our matches will usually have thirty or sixty minute time limits, unless specified otherwise. There are twenty second count outs. Your character can also lose titles through disqualifications and count outs. This is in-character inspiration for wrestlers to wrestle by the book. If you can't already tell, this e-federation is heavily influenced by New Japan Pro Wrestling.

We're also using the storytelling of matches to progress feuds and storylines. We will have angles and occasional segments, but we're trying to stick to a certain code.

I hope you all enjoy your stay here. If you have any further questions or comments, do send a private message to anyone on the board.
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