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Slug Shakur

on January 24th 2018, 5:36 am

Wrestling Name: Slug Shakur
Picture Base: Rampage Jackson
Nicknames: Iron, The Last Neck Bender, Sushi Mane
--- Iron: His idol is Mike Tyson
--- The Last Neck Bender: Self given, nickname amuses him and he has a devastating move named after it
--- Sushi Mane: Also self given, he likes sushi and Gucci Mane.

Height: 6’, 1’’
Weight: 255
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Disposition/Alignment: Anti-Hero --- Jerk with a heart of gold.

Gimmick: A lot of famous muthafuckas said they were leaving the United States if Donald Trump was elected president. Amber Rose? Still getting red white and gooed. Miley Cyrus? Still partying in the USA. Even the honorable Jon Stewart claimed he was moving to another planet... but guess what? That nigga still on Earth. Slug Shakur on the other hand is a real man, and a real man keeps his word. Slug Shakur has been living in Japan for a total of 1 year, he has a nice job teaching Japanese children the English language, and in his spare time he's knocking out Roppongi residents whenever they get rowdy. Slug Shakur is a professionally trained kickboxer and has a long history in freestyle wrestling where he rose to national fame originally. Slug Shakur is known not only for his devastating body shots, but also his antics in and outside of the ring, nothing is considered too far for Slug Shakur (see notes). Strong Style Wrestling signing Slug Shakur is good publicity for him and also the upstarting company so negotiations went as planned. Slug has a heart of gold, the mind of a killer, and grenades for hands. 

Character Influences:
Samoa Joe
Mike Tyson
Rampage Jackson
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Gucci Mane
Samuel L. Jackson
Marshawn Lynch
Booker T

Theme Music: 'The Devil is a Lie by Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z

Special Entrance [Optional]: Soon

What are your character’s motivations for competing?
Slug Shakur has a genuine passion for competing, he loves a challenge. He gets enjoyment out of throwing people around, toying with emotions, and getting paid to do so. Slug Shakur also realizes there hasn't been a black world champion in Japan for over a decade so he is gunning for the crown.

Tendency to Cheat: If needed

Favorite Weapon: His sluggers (hands), and an occasional steel chain for dessert. 
Combat Sport Achievements [Optional]:  STRENGTH Grand Prix 2010 Finals Superfight Winner, 2009 Full-Contact Fighter of the Year, Longest Fight in STRENGTH History (35) minutes, STRENGTH USA Heavyweight Champion.

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
1. Multiple Turnbuckle Shoulder Thrusts
2. Lariat
3. Snap Suplex
4. Knee Drop
5. Running Knee
6. Spiked DDT
7. Calf Kick
8. Eye Poke
9. Gorilla Press Slam
10. Arm Drag to Turnbuckle
11. Running Elbow Smash
12. Headbutt
13. High Kicks to Arm
14. European Uppercut
15. Full Nelson Slam

Signature Moves:
Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
'Three Piece' - Two rapid punches to the ribs, followed with an uppercut to the jaw.
2. '
Avalanche Belly to Belly Suplex' - Will quickly grab opponent from the top turnbuckle
3. 'Neck Bender German Suplex' - The most reckless German Suplex you will ever see. Will be done towards ropes, turnbuckles, thrown outside the ring, anywhere. 
Neck Bender GIF:

Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)
1. 'POWDERBOMB' Slug Shakur describes it as a ring cracking powerbomb, turns his opponents into a fine powder.

2. 'SUSHI MANE PUNCH' Superman Punch with assisted leverage from turnbuckles. 

3. 'ARMED INTERVENTION' Armbar variations

UF. ---

--- Slug Shakur fights barefooted, he claims hasn't had feeling in his feet since 2009.
--- Slug Shakur is a huge showoff and will often put his hands down and purposely take hits from his opponents.
---  Slug Shakur has been known for antics such as hooking up with opponents loved ones, knocking out refs, and coming up with outrageous reasons for losing and or winning fights.
--- This isn't Slug Shakur's first time in Japan, he has fought here previously during his kickboxing days. He loves the culture and is always exploring what Japan has to offer.
--- Slug or Slugger can have multiple definitions, though, he was given the name by his late trainer. He notes that no way does it mean he's lazy or slow, for definitions see below
- A bullet
- A shot (of liquor)
- To punch or knock unconscious
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