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Maximus Grier
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Jishin Oshiro

on January 20th 2018, 8:12 pm


Wrestling Name: Jishin Oshiro
Picture Base: EVIL
Current Nicknames: Shizen Saigai
Height: 5’, 10’’
Weight: 233 lbs
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan

Disposition/Alignment: Tweener - whatever Maximus' alignment is, Jishin joins along with it.

Gimmick: Jishin Oshiro is a young man born in Kyoto, Japan, who has had what he considers as a mediocre life. Sure, he had friends, family, academic success, but it all turned numb for him, that he couldn't care less. The one thing that ever kept his interest and his spirits up was watching Japanese puroresu, and seeing all of his favorites duking it out on the television screen. After graduating University, Jishin desired to become a professional wrestler, even going to some tryouts, however no company would accept him to join due to there always being someone better than him. This drove Oshiro to spite against what he once loved, leaving his dreams and turning to work at jobs that paid well, but never truly satisfied him. That was, until one day when Jishin was approached by Maximus Grier - CEO of Maximus Incorporated and professional wrestler, who offered him a chance to be apart of his crusade. With nowhere to go except for what was in front of him, Oshiro took the olive branch and has remained as Grier's bodyguard and second-in-command for the majority of his career.

As of the present day, Jishin Oshiro works under Maximus Grier and will always accompany Maximus ringside to his matches, as well as acting as his translator. On special occasions, if the time calls for it, he will work with Grier within a tag team, however he will more often than not be a bodyguard for his boss, protecting him at all cost.

Special Entrance [Tag Team entrance with Maximus Grier]: "Long Live the Chief" by Jidenna plays as Maximus Grier steps out wearing his usual attire, along with the Jigsaw mask, while Jishin Oshiro trails not to far behind him, wearing purple and black ring gear. The two men roll into the ring as Maximus opens his umbrella to reveal the Tres Comas Club logo, while Jishin stands behind him, spreading his arms wide.

Segment Attire: Blue striped designer suit with a black polo underneath, along with dark purple shades.

It is Jishin's duty to defend and protect Maximus from any harm, as his bodyguard and second-in-command. Grier gave him an opportunity to be apart of something greater than himself, which he took. Now, as he stands alongside his boss, he wants to make sure that the presence of Maximus Incorporated is felt here on Japanese shores, and to obliterate all who stand in his way.

Tendency to Cheat: If Needed

Finishing Move:

- Bodyguard of Maximus Grier.

- Will always accompany Grier to the ring, as well as backstage.

- On very special occasions, Jishin can be booked with Maximus to be a tag team, but this rarely happens.

- He also acts as Maximus' Japanese-to-English translator for post-match press conferences and promos in the ring.

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Masanori Kawada
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Re: Jishin Oshiro

on January 20th 2018, 11:14 pm
Making such a good picbase an NPC. It is a sad day for SSW, therefore the world of efedding.


Maximus Grier
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Re: Jishin Oshiro

on January 20th 2018, 11:34 pm
Masanori Kawada wrote:Making such a good picbase an NPC. It is a sad day for SSW, therefore the world of efedding.

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Re: Jishin Oshiro

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