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on July 27th 2018, 7:27 pmMatias Navarro
I can’t believe my eyes ... Matías is actually training for his upcoming match? Usually, he exerts little to no energy when it comes to his preparation. But this time is different. He’s in Tomás’ gym, striking a punching bag with his taped fists. Each strike gets quicker and louder. After a few moments, Matías wraps up his training. He grabs a towel and wipes the sweat from his forehead and the back of his neck. He goes to sit down on a massage chair as an employee brings him a cigar. Very high class. As for Tomás, he is nowhere to be found.|

My patience is wearing thin. It has been for weeks, if not months. And let me tell you, I’m so sick and tired of this same song and dance. I’m so sick of my Tres Comas Club “brethren” constantly going at each other’s throats because they have the temper of a spoiled seven-year-old brat who wanted a pony for her birthday but got a golden retriever instead. IM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED!!! Nothing will change, that has become clear. Same old same old, rinse and repeat. And I’ve come to terms with the fact that this “collective unit” will make zero progress as a group. I mean our differences have been well documented by now so it should come to no surprise, really. It’s not like the drama came out of left field. Instead, it’s been right under our noses this entire time. In case you haven’t realized, TCC is not a dominate group like The Phantom Troupe. TCC is not a group of perfect little angels who are all best friends and have weekly sleepovers where they trade their deepest darkest secrets while braiding each other’s hair like Shoot Nation. Just like TCC doesn’t share the common bond of being society’s rebels, fuck-ups, and leftovers that the world will not grieve for when they are placed six feet under because nothing of value was lost, like Ronin’s members. No, TCC is a collection of individuals that were brought together with the sole purpose of further stuffing the pockets of its investors. We are all puppets when it comes to the grand scheme of things and this is me cutting my strings off. We put our bodies, careers, and lives on the line so they can reap the benefits by adding an extra buck or two. And that’s why I have slowed down a bit. That’s why my passion has been overshadowed by my “laziness”, as some would say when personally, I would swap the word laziness with intelligence. It’s much more fitting and accurate. Because let me tell you right here and now that if anyone is going to make money off of my name, IT’S GOING TO BE ME!!! I’m in this for myself. I know that isn’t the politically correct answer to give but then again, when has the Tres Comas Club ever been politically correct? Or hell, just correct?! When it comes to TCC, just about everything is wrong. The decisions, the leaders - all wrong. But when I finally hold the SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship above my head and claim it as my own? That will be right. That will be long overdue. And that will be justice served. 

And when I do win that championship, I don’t want the second job title that comes with it. That, of course, being the leader of the Tres Comas Club. I don’t want that shit. I don’t want that embarrassment, that train wreck anywhere near my name. I just want to be referred to as your champion and that is it. I don’t need that extra stress. I didn't sign up to be a babysitter. I don’t want to have to do the impossible task of trying to get those lame ducks in a row. NO FUCK THAT! The only reason why I associate myself with those curtain jerkers is because of the money. Call me a fucking whore, I don’t care. This has always been about the money for me because unlike most people here, I realize that when it comes to being a professional wrestler, it comes with a short shelf life. You can’t do this forever. You’ll be lucky if you’re still doing this in your early forties. And I for one don’t plan on being in this declining business when I’m at that age. Which is why I don’t just define myself as a wrestler. I’m a goddamn businessman, an entrepreneur. I am smart with my money. I’ve made moves. I’ve made great investments that are paying off. I know the right people. People that will help my money grow at a steady rate and who the fuck knows, I might just buy Strong Style Wrestling for the hell of it down the road and rid this company of its deadweight - which just so happens to be most of Tres Comas Club. That and Ronin. Nobody in their right mind cares about Ronin. 

But even I can admit that not all hope is lost when it comes to Tres Comas Club. It still has me. And it still has the One True Pairing and Miltiades - the only three members that still add some value to this company not named Matías Navarro. Unfortunately, I have to face one of them this week because there must be some rule in the official SSW Rulebook that states TCC members must always be at odds. As if we are children on a playground, sitting in a sandbox, fighting over a shiny toy and fair warning, I’m not above throwing sand in your eyes to get what I want, but I digress. Let me state the obvious for a second. My opponents, Miltiades and Greed, they’ve already had their chances to win the Junior Heavyweight Championship. They’ve already had a crack at Andre Virgo. And the both of them failed when it came to capturing that title. They squandered their opportunities. And because of this, they need to take a backseat. To be more precise, they need to take a backseat TO ME! Now, I’m fully aware that my win-loss record isn’t spotless either. I’m not perfect, for I know that I have lost a championship opportunity of my own. The only reason why I’m saying this now is because I know that one of my opponents, if not both, will bring it up, in a desperate attempt to besmirch my reputation. And that’s fine. I might not have won the Puroresu Heavyweight title, but at the end of the day, I still reaped the big paycheck from it and I still main evented a pay-per-view, something the two of you can only dream of doing. And I must admit, for the longest time, not winning that title didn’t phase me. Not one bit. It didn’t make me crack nor did I lose any sleep over it. The next day I woke up and I lived my life just like any other day because the world moves on, with or without you. Just like Tres Comas Club moves on with or without you. Look at BANG for proof. Sure he’s just now coming back after being out of action for months, but TCC didn’t shut down in his absence. Just like we didn’t bat an eye when Miltiades did what he thought was best for this group when he retired Chase Vedder. All things considered, it was the right move. Trimming the fat is a must. He was slowing us down. He had to go. And you made it happen. Huh, maybe you are the right guy to lead this group after all, Miltiades? I mean if it’s down to you, Virgo, Greed, and BANG - the only four that have any desire to lead these power hungry misfits, myself included, then I would choose you. Besides I have already explained as to why I want no part in running the day to day operations of this mess of a group. It’s all yours. Scrub the filth away. But do you know what isn’t yours, Miltiades? The Junior Heavyweight Championship. No, you see, that is about to be mine. It has my name all over it, so move along, shoo! Nothing to see here! After all, you should focus more on gaining leadership over TCC, for that is something obtainable for you, that is actually within your reach. 

You asked me why I want the Junior Heavyweight Championship and it’s rather simple really. That title represents power. It represents that you are one of the best in the world. At least, that’s what it was originally designed. Since Virgo got his greasy fingerprints all over it, it has diminished in value. It isn’t sought after. Notice how none of the other alliances even remotely try to take it. That title is an afterthought at this point. A piece of junk metal. And it is that way because the man holding it is an afterthought himself. See, it’s true, I have no desire to lead this club, I’ve said that time and time again - but then again, with me just holding that title, adding prestige to it, making it worth something - it would give this Club something it’s never had before - hope. It’ll give us better days. Who knows, it might change things? Maybe if we had a credible singles champion representing us, the rest would stop running in circles, trying to chase their tails, and actually progress forward. Maybe we wouldn’t be such an embarrassment. Maybe we would be treated with respect. Maybe we would be taken seriously instead of being laughed at because we are simply incapable of putting our differences aside. However, with that said, I can’t guarantee any of this if I become champion. I can’t guarantee change or sunnier days, but it’s a possibility, it’s a maybe when we already know the answer with Virgo holding the title - and that’s us backpedaling until we all fall off a cliff. Again, I respect you, Miltiades. And I look forward to facing you in the middle of that ring, but perhaps I am even more eager to face Greed. Because you see, you aren’t the only one who dislikes him, Miltiades. At first, I was going to say I hate his guts, but I don’t feel that strongly about him one way or another. I just know I dislike him more than I like him. Especially after he decided to cost me my match against The Apparition a few weeks back and because of that, he must now pay the hefty fine of ever crossing me. Matías forgives, but he never forgets. And soon the entire world will forget all about Virgo’s time as Junior Heavyweight Champion and BANG’s triumph return. All of it will be overshadowed - BY ME!!! Look into my eyes! I am winning at Domination and I will win the Junior Heavyweight Championship soon after. It’s set in stone.
on July 27th 2018, 5:28 pmShinati Mizarki
"The more things change, the more they stay the same,". 

This statement couldn't be any more true when it comes to me; my consistent 'promise' of change - only to find myself failing to actually enact said change, for one reason or another. Admirably fighting; valiantly attempting to find *some* way to rid myself of this curse. 

This inability to acquire what many would tout as a signature one on one victory, only to come short when the time comes to pass. Just like I did last week against Falke. Yes, he *did* low blow me; he *did* weasel his way to the victory in the first place, but that is my fault. My mistake, for allowing it to get to the point where he was able to do that. To where he was in a position to steal my moment from me. And I really cannot look back upon that now.

I failed, again 

And now, I must team with Steven Cassidy against Falke and some "distortion world" prophet, Maelstrom. Two people, who are lost within their own delusions; believing that they can actually win in a fight that is fair. That is just. Where they have to actually *wrestle* instead of resorting to tactics of desperation in order to come out on top. I know, I said I wouldn't dwell too much on it any more, but it hurts. It hurts for people to think that I *need* someone else out there, in order to 'leech' off their win. Even though that alone, neglects the fact that we are a *tag team* for a reason. 

As Cassidy also said, we within the Shoot Nation banner have loyalty. We trust one another and *know* that we'll have the other's backs when it is called for us to. Even then, that's *not* what I want to be known most for. I don't just want to be seen as the token 'tag team participant' of Shoot Nation. The one who does well in this sort of climate, but cannot transition it over to one on one bouts. But I have to admit - if someone were to look at my career right now, that is what they would see. They'd be *right* in seeing it that way too, which is what hurts more than anything else - which is what makes all my time meditating; all my time spent within the dojo back home, feel more and more as if it means nothing. 

As if I am just wasting it all; allowing myself to *still* be frozen by the moment inside of the ring. Something that I thought I would have been over by now. Something, that many had told me would vanish within the span of my first month within the confines of the ring - yet I now understand that *isn't* the case. That I had allowed that presumption to linger; cause me to lose sight of what the *true* goal is. Of just what, I have been entrusted to commit.

**We have a proposition for you, Shinati**

Those words were found on a letterhead addressed to me earlier today. My mum was the one who had informed me it had been sent, but she wouldn't tell me where it was from. Or even *who* had sent the message. Just that she had found it on the doorstep; wrapped neatly with a bow and my name scribbled atop of it in Kanji. 

I mean, I'm not gonna complain about receiving a letter from anyone - after all, *any* person who has an interest in me; an interest in the message I preach each and every moment I'm in the ring must hold some sort of benefit in return, right? Otherwise, why would they choose *me*?

Yet is it truly *right* for me to hold claim to the cause? To the banner of 'Shoot Nation', when I'm barely able to stand upon my own two feet? When I am seen as nothing more than an anchor; a weight, holding them down from bringing about the end of the Phantom Troupe's tyranny over wrestling? The suffocation, of the culture; the traditions that we swore we would *save*? 

That is how much this losing reign has gotten to me. How much, I feel like it might be best if I cast away; allow the rest of Shoot Nation to make the stand without me.

For it might be the *only* way the stand is made at all

I *need* this week. I need to get my receipt on Falke - more than anything, I need it for myself. To show that even in a confined setting, that my choice to embark upon this route was *correct*. That it wasn't merely a way for me to blindly say that I had 'lived my dream' when all is said and done. 

When the time is called, for me to be judged. Steven, I know you wish to once more, show Maelstrom that he is the *only* being that is distorted; I wish for that to be the case too. So, he is yours. As long as you enrich me with Falke. As long as you allow Falke to become the catalyst for my ascent. Just as he should have become last week. Just let me have him; I *promise* this time, I will make it right. I will finish, that should have been dealt last week.

Scanning the letter up and down, I realise that whoever had penned this, knows about my struggles. Knows about the fact that my beginnings within the SSW realm, haven't always gone the way I wished for them too - but that they still had their offer on the table. That they wished, to enable the flame inside of me, to be brought into the forefront.

To shine brighter than I had allowed it to.

I have to admit, I smiled as I read through it. Each word, causing me to find a sense of belief. A sense of hope arise - hope, that hasn't been there ever since I walked through the doors of SSW, the ink barely dried atop my contract. 

**We want *you* to come under our wings**

What did they mean by this? Did they mean they wanted to be my 'mentor'? That they wanted to help me find myself. Just like Naki did when I went to him last week? Or was this just a way to try and lure me in? Mum told me to be wary of those who bore 'sheep's clothing' and claimed to bare gifts like this, for they might merely wish for me to become their marionette. She'd seen it in the business world - she knew from father's own promotion; the dynamics within it, that it could *easily* be the same in this realm.

Yet at the same time, this is an opportunity. A chance for me to elevate myself; to *truly* claim the banner of Shoot Nation. And not just be another name. A 'token' who is merely a part of the cause by association. 

**We await your reply**

Accompanied after that, was a single address. One, in the heart of Hiroshima, which is where they wished for my reply to be mailed to - or for me to visit in person, if I wished to know anything more than the simple 'Kagiro' that had been left on the bottom. A name, that is *very* unfamiliar to me. But that only piques my interest further - it is what gravitates me even more towards the message.

This week, is do or die for me. It means more, than just a mere match. A mere message - it is about *finally* setting it all straight. It is about making sure that I find my way. That I redeem, what happened against Falke; ensure that this time, he cannot evade the Architecture of his end. 

So it has been written

So has it been told.

Steven, I'm ready to play my part - together, let's make sure we put the Troupe to bed.
on July 27th 2018, 4:19 pmAria Jaxon

The room -- if it can even be called that -- is huge, nondescript, and mostly dark. It’s also eerily silent for what seems like forever, and then -- CLICK.

A clicking sound cuts through the silence, and suddenly, a spotlight beams down from the ceiling of this space. Standing in the path of the spotlight Falke Halstenberg, the newest recruit of The Phantom Troupe. Another click emanates, and another spotlight casts its glow down below, now bringing Maelstrom into view. A third spotlight cutting on makes Saul Omen visible. After him, a hoodie-clad, Omega Heavyweight Championship-toting CM Nas can be seen once the fourth spotlight is alight. At this point, it’s seen that there’s a large gap between Nas and Saul that is left dark. A fifth spotlight casts light over the menacing-looking Khmaoch Sangkat, who has the Heritage Championship draped over his shoulder. The sixth spotlight then cuts through the darkness, illuminating the massive Gronk. The majority of The Phantom Troupe’s ranks form an imposing sight, though one member is noticeably absent. They stand there in silence, their facial expressions ranging from Nas’ shit-eating smirk to Khmaoch’s sinister, almost-disheartening smile to Saul’s cold glare.

Now, a seventh clicking sound shines down smack dab in the middle of the proverbial iron curtain of The Phantom Troupe, and that is where Aria Jaxon stands with the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship held in place over her shoulder by a manicured hand. She smiles broadly, glancing at the men to the left and the right of her before she speaks.

“You want so badly to be different, Jaydayne. You wanna learn from the mistakes of the two men who fell before you. You want redemption not just for Exodus, but for every time my cohorts have smacked yours around like you owed us money. You’re different, though not for the reasons you wish to be. Your motivations are different, but the outcome of this won’t be. It’ll be a bitter pill to swallow, the fact that you can have the entire world at your back, the fact that you battled through an entire tournament to get to me, the fact that you’ve branded yourself a hero -- just to meet your most soul-crushing defeat yet at the hands of someone you were never capable of beating in the first place.”

Aria pauses for a second, pointing up at the spotlight above her head. “I’ve said many times before that the brightest lights and the highest stakes have always felt welcoming to me. Some competitors crack beneath them, but for me, I have always been able to thrive when the pressure is turned up. Still, I can admit that the pressure I’d been accustomed to had undergone something of a plateau effect, at least here in Strong Style Wrestling. With my two previous challengers, they were very similar. Two men, convinced that they had my number -- one because he thought he’d picked the perfect spot as the first challenger on the chopping block, the other through some convoluted belief that he knew me -- threw their entire being into stepping up to the plate and swearing up and down that they would prematurely end the reign of this company’s inaugural Puroresu Heavyweight Champion. And with those proclamations, men who had never truly been in favor with the fans found themselves as the default “good guys” in the equation. Matias Navarro had flat-out said he hated the idea of being passed off as a hero to the people sitting in the crowd, but when he was the lesser of two evils pitted against the Evil Queen? Oh, those mindless drones welcomed him with open arms. Drake Jaeger, a level ten cultural appropriator who used to run around with a literal harem of Japanese girls, followed me to a different continent to chase a grudge -- and, consequently, he thought, to chase gold.”

She chuckles to herself, shaking her head. “But it didn’t work out that way, did it?”

“Let’s be honest, people haven’t exactly been chomping at the bit to challenge me. I expected the victims to come in droves, and instead, they’ve only trickled in. For the men who have wanted to unseat me, I’ve asked them to take a step back and question why they find themselves in the brain-dead minority of people who seem to wanna get put on their asses by me. They’ve said it’s cowardice on the part of the rest of the locker room, and that could be partially true. I like to think it’s self-preservation, though. My detractors can say I’m a pampered monarch who hides behind fortified walls built by her Phantom Troupe brothers, but the fact is that Aria Jaxon is worth her weight in literal, SSW-sanctioned gold. I’m the best wrestler on God’s green earth, but that’s not all that makes me special. I know how to play the game. My skills in the ring alone make me dangerous enough, but the fact that I know how and when to pick my spots? That makes it even more of a foregone conclusion that I’ll eviscerate anyone who’s stupid enough to think they can turn me into an easy mark. Since I’ve been champion, I’ve said that I would do whatever it took to remain in this spot, and at no point during my reign have I wavered from that. With all that I’ve taken on now, I can’t ever back down from that manner of thinking.”

“Like I said, Jaydayne, you’re different, and so am I. We’ve both changed since Exodus. Your changes have more to do with the fact that you feel like you have more of an incentive to beat me now, and all that enthusiasm is just adorable, even if it’ll eventually get your heart broken. For me, my shoulders are carrying a bigger burden than ever before. I’m not just this company’s top champion anymore. I now lead the faction I’m in, and a lot of people have pointed to this as a potential point of weakness for The Phantom Troupe. Defending my championship now is about more than the simple notion that titles equal power. Now, it’s about leading by example. It’s about showing that The Phantom Troupe has a stranglehold on this company in every manner possible -- from the displays of violence keeping all you lowly lames in place to having every available bargaining chip possible around the waist of someone in this faction’s ranks. Cheesy as this is gonna sound, I get it now. So much of you chasing me does boiling down to you being a glutton for punishment, but now I understand that you just wanna lead the charge and show all of Shoot Nation just what their leader is truly capable of. The men in Phantom Troupe with me, they’re all grown, they can all think for themselves, they can handle their own business, but knowing that doesn’t do anything to really take away from the fact that I, on some level, feel responsible for them. How I conduct myself as a leader and how long I hang onto this championship have so much to do with how we as a faction are perceived. People may hate us, but when we’re dripping in gold, they have no choice but to admit that we’re the best. That’s part of what I live for; the pained expressions as people admit through clenched teeth that Phantom Troupe is the absolute apex of SSW. I never had any shortage of motivations to remain champion, but leading this faction has given me a brand new reason to fight. This is no longer just about me. It’s about my faction, too. And so when you look to depose The Queen from the throne she’s defended with an iron fist, you also look to dent the collective armor of The Phantom Troupe. These are both cardinal sins, as far as I’m concerned, and you’ll pay for them dearly.”

Aria punctuates her last remarks by clutching her championship a bit tighter.

“I think it’s in the nature of every hero has to paint every trial they face as an epic story, or I guess they don’t feel whole. You’ve taken to the idea of likening our story to one with cameos from gods like Hercules, and it’s stupid. If that’s what gets you amped up enough to feel like you can take me, go ahead, but I’ll have you know that it’s still ridiculous. I’m not a god, and you’re not wielding a god-killer. I’m definitely not Medusa, and you’re not the first idiot to call for my head. We’re flesh and blood mortals, Jaydayne, but still, you’re far from the fact to recognize the fact that facing me is a giant undertaking. The Queen bleeds. She registers pain. But she pushes through all of those things to overcome every invader who tries to snatch the kingdom keys from her hands, and this is where you stop being different. A mythical gorgon isn’t the one grinding your championship dreams to dust under the heel of her boot. Just a woman who seems to always be a step ahead of you. A woman who’s very much looking forward to reacquainting the self-styled hero with just how mortal he really is.”

She grins, her tone of voice taking on more levity now, and sounding noticeably more condescending.

“Since the night I claimed this title, people who hated me have been screaming about a day of salvation that’ll never come. Being free from the reign of the tyrannical Queen and the squad of winners she’s got behind her? It’s the stuff of fairytales, and I’m closing the chapter on the fantasy you’ve been living in since you won the Heaven’s Arena Cup. There is no version of this story where you write the ending. I’ve always had the pen, dear Jaydayne, and if I have to jam it right into your heart and write out the story of my next successful defense in your blood? You can bet your ass I’ll do it. People like me are the ones who write the stories, Jaydayne, and my story as Puroresu Heavyweight Champion is nowhere close to being finished. You’ll be a footnote in this novel; a hero who was always trying his damndest to save everyone else and never could save himself from the woman who was his kryptonite. That happy ending you were waiting for? It’s never coming. I’ll make sure of that. There’s no hope for you…”

At that moment, Nas claps his hands twice and the entire row of spotlights goes out, the space once again being plunged into the dark. Aria is unable to stifle a laugh as she speaks once more.

“Only darkness.”

The sinister laughs of all seven Phantom Troupe members begin to echo in the darkness, but one remark cuts through them all --

“Long live The Queen -- and long may she reign.”
on July 27th 2018, 4:11 pmCM Nas
The Conquering Messiah.

The Best Wrestler Alive.

The true Alpha and Omega of the Wrestling World.

The God of Destruction.

CM Nas...a one of a kind man. Someone who truly tells the zero to hero story greater than any other in history. A man who went from having absolutely nothing and literally no one...and over time, slowly but surely developed the admiration and trust of so so many. But many people question CM Nas’ career choices since joining Strong Style Wrestling and the Omega Wrestling Association. Why is Nas acting so differently than he did before? Why is he not the same bright, outgoing personality? The obnoxious, overconfident optimist who always said Never Back Down from any challenge. Where did that young man go? Why was he replaced by this jaded, brooding shell of a man? This man who goes against everything the former Nasir stood for. He has absolutely no issue cheating to get ahead. He will abuse the rules all he can to get his way. Allow me to just clarify, if you actually believe that I am not the same man...that I still do not have that same drive, those same aspirations deep within me, then you are so clueless that you do not even deserve to have an opinion about this subject whatsoever. I’m still the exact same damn’s just that my perspective and my motives are slightly different from what they were formerly. I still want the same end goal, and that is to unite the world of wrestling under one roof and make it far greater than the way I originally found it. For you see the generation before me was so egocentric that if anything, their decade long stranglehold on the business has HARMED it more than anything else. I’ve already dealt with one of those pests in the form of Brian Daniels. But there are still a few left that need to be taken behind the shed if you would. But that’s not the point of this. The point is my role is to be the flag bearer and the bridge between the current generation of talent and the next. Just look at what I am doing in OWA. I have revolutionized the way E-Feds operate on a fundamental level for the greater! My influence is arguably limitless. It’s just the matter of deciding what I find to be important enough to warrant my full attention and what does not. You see when you have as many responsibilities as CM Nas possesses, the time comes to decide what is or is not as prevalent of an issue to handle on the immediate. Essentially I push a lot of things to the back burner because I have so much on my plate to begin with. That’s where The One True Pairing comes in. The reason I tried and went full force against the likes of Brian Daniels, Stark, and now Miltiades and not against the pair of you simply because you are not entertaining enough to me and quite frankly not worth my full undivided attention. I don’t care about you or what you have to say. You fail to realize that I’m not just another one of these guys who gets all upset in their feelings when you make your adorable little jokes about them. I don’t have time for such childish games. I have a business to support as the literal backbone of! Brian Daniels, Jacob Senn, The Omega Heavyweight Championship, hell even Stark and Miltiades are bigger deals to me and my attention span than the pair of you. You’re the SSW “Lovebird” Tag Team Champions, SO WHAT! Big deal. Guess what, I am the Omega Heavyweight Champ, and you scoff at that like it’s just some pet name I handed myself. But it’s the very title I fended your stablemate from and will do once again at Boiling Point. An event created by me, further showing off the scope of my influence on the wrestling world. But then as far as dealing with others go, I have slapped around men like Jacob Senn, Stark, and Scott Oasis in the past, men whose legacies eclipse that of anything the two of you have or will achieve anytime soon. 

Now I say all of that about not being particularly interested in taking you two on, and don’t get it twisted. That does not mean I won’t that I got most of the other more important matters out of the way of course. It just means that you two needed to be patient and wait your turn. In the end you two are too young in this industry to understand something like that. Because neither of you have any remote clue what it feels like to be in MY position. To carry all the weight of the world the way I do. To have to concern yourself with all the things that run through my mind on a daily basis. I am responsible for more people’s livelihoods and existences than you could possibly fathom. So for you two to speak so ignorantly of me is….well it’s just that, it is goddamn ignorant! But that is A-Okay! Because the Conquering Messiah will show you two the path. Follow The Prophet’s word as if they are your one true gospel and he will teach you all there is to know about your fates. Because you see I am still the same man I was back then. I may look a little different. I may act a little different on the surface level. I may even sound a little different. But I want the same thing in the end. I am much more ruthless and relentless than ever before as far as all the things I will do to achieve said goal however. Making me far more dangerous than I ever was in the past. But that begs the question. Why put any bit of my time and energy into entertaining the two of you in the first place? It has no direct influence on what I want. But that’s just the thing my friends, I used the word  “direct”. Indirectly, it has everything to do with what I want. As the Champion of Wrestling and The Best Alive, it is my job to have the absolute greatest matches possible with any and everyone I come into contact with. When people ask you, The One True Pairing, who was your greatest opponent in your careers when it’s all said in done much later. You will say. CM Nas and by proxy, Saul Omen as well. And that is no disrespect to Saul Omen, but I am sure he more than understands. He does not claim to be The Best, but I do. Then comes why we need to win. It is to further establish Phantom Troupe’s dominance over the world! The reach I have on the word to continue to speak my holy word must be expanded as much as possible at any cost. So in the end Cassius and Sakura. It’s not truly about you two...but about something far greater than the two of you. That is what you fail to recognize. You are blinded by your pride, greed, and ignorance. But that is just fine once again, because you two will make the perfect examples for those to see and learn to not follow the same road of. In the end you can carry around little funko pops of me, making me say hyperboles about my feelings towards Saul Omen. You can claim I am nothing more than a paper champion. You can claim whatever phony fetishes I supposedly possess. But it all means NOTHING in the end! It’s just window dressing. It’s all talk to hype up what truly matters more so than anything else. The actual conflict. The match. In the end this is very simple. I don’t hate either of you. I have no true problems with either of you. I just want those championships because of what they will bring with them. The gold itself is honestly whatever. You have the tag titles, and I want them. Nothing more, nothing less. And real cute. I must say. Trying to insult my moniker. Bravo, I hope you feel oh so big and bad. Calling me a bust and all. Trust me. The only championship I truly want before calling it quits here in Strong Style Wrestling is HONESTLY The Puroresu Heavyweight Title. Once I am in line for that, then I’ll give this place my full focus. Until then, I don’t care as much. Tag Champion of the world? Been there done that. It’s not as big of a deal as you think ya know. The last place I worked actually, I was Undisputed Tag Champs in my main roster debut against the longest reigning tag champs in the HISTORY of that promotion. So yeah. It’s not as big as you think. Just like YOU are not as big as you think. Neither of you are a true titan of the industry like ME! So when stacked against such a true giant of our world who actually has turned your way, I wonder what you will do. I surely hope you do NOT cave in from the sheer pressure. Because that will surely mean The destruction of the One True Pairing.

on July 27th 2018, 3:10 pmScott Oasis
We’re about to witness the death of a monster.

If you can even call him that. For months Gronk has been viewed as this destructive giant, tormenting the Strong Style Wrestling roster. He’s been the Phantom Troupe’s ace in the hole; the threatening big man that plods down to the ring and saves the day. So many wrestlers and audiences alike lose their mind when he makes his way down the aisle as if he’s this untouchable force that will take down anything in his path. But what really is he? What type of man is Gronk actually? Because that is what he is. Just a man. Not the intimidating figure you all have tricked yourselves into believing he is. A stupid man. A foolish man. A man who doesn’t even deserve half of the reputation that he has. A man who is nothing more than a fraud! He’s not the biggest beast in SSW, he’s not one of the world’s most dangerous men like those clowns on commentary try their damndest to make him out to be. No! That’s a batshit crazy label to give a man of his low level. Gronk is an untalented halfwit who just happened to be graced with his size, size which has allowed him to thrive in a land full of fun sized karate masters and pencil necked gaijins despite his lack of abilities.

Given the competition he surrounds himself with of course he seems like a big deal but if you were to fix up the playing field and put someone of actual quality in front of him the shortcomings he has would become more and more apparent. Look at how the Heaven’s Arena cup turned out. Jaydayne Pendragon is below average at best and is about three times smaller defeated Gronk to beat him in a tournament that every betting man swore belonged to him! Gronk was beaten in a matter of five minutes and unlike my situation it was no fluke it was quick and decisive! Seeing a damn near seven foot, three hundred pound man going evenly back and forth with a weakling barely hitting two hundred pounds is almost unbelievable. It would be one thing if you dominated him and at the last second he got one over on you but with the way that match was going he had you on the ropes for a good sixty to seventy percent of it. It was embarrassing match to watch back! It was seeing that event where I knew right then and there that Gronk and I were not in the same category no matter how much wrestling fans and the boys in the back were trying to force that narrative.

He was actually the man that forced my hand more than anyone when it came to how I made my debut - running down that ramp and assaulting Jay. I did that to show Gronk how it was done, to let him know what a real monster looks like! I laid that poor excuse for a man out since Gronk was too incompetent to do so! Look at how I did it too! Such ease! With no problem at all. Phantom Troupe’s heavy could never relate to that. I wanted to let the people know that Gronk couldn’t even lace my boots and that same motive is what brings us together at Domination as well. So many wrestling analysts have spent their time these past few months comparing us to each other. I can’t tell you how many times I’d be having interviews in America and people would be telling me about you and how you’re killing it in Japan, how perhaps I should be worried about you overtaking my lane. This match is gonna dead those assumptions once and for all. I’m about to upset everyone who was dumb enough to put their eggs in the Gronk basket when I expose him for who he is. He can’t hide behind his faults with lesser competition this time. He’s against a legend, a world champion, a hall of fame talent. Every flaw he has, every mistake he makes, everything wrong with this man will not be going under my radar. Now we’re in for a role reversal. Gronk thinks he bullies people in the ring? He think he beats people down? I wonder how he’ll feel when I bully him. When I beat him down. When I have him leaving the arena in an ambulance like he’s done to so many others. When he’s on his back bleeding and looking up at the lights with me standing up triumphantly the people of Japan will finally know who they should truly fear. I run the locker room. I run SSW. And soon enough I will run the entire world of professional wrestling. Taking out Gronk is just one step in the global expansion of the Big Oasis Brand.
on July 27th 2018, 2:21 pmThe One True Pairing

(Cassius and Sakura Corleone are shown walking through a building as Cassius films he and Sakura with his smartphone. He makes sure to get both of them in the frame as they continue walking - Cassius dressed in an expensive suit while Sakura wears a beautifully-crafted white and pink dress. Behind them, their personal security team is shown carrying several bags.)

Cassius: If you’re wondering why it looks like we’re in a bit of as a rush, it’s because we are.

Sakura: Back to Japan we go…

Cassius: Going there - you know, the novelty wears off pretty quick. I mean MAYBE if you’re some cretin that loves his anime and manga and video games - MAYBE it’s a neat little place to visit, but when you’ve been there more than once, you get numb to the so-called “beauty” of it. It’s like any other place.

Sakura: And I swear to God if another asshole just assumes that I know Japanese, I’m gonna kick him right in his watashi wa teeth!

Cassius: It’s really just a chore to have to fly out to this country, especially when we would much rather spend our time in our own little World back at our home that’s, well, nicer than the entire country of Japan really.

Sakura: That’s alright though, as long as I’m with my Cassius, I’ll go to the most disgusting cesspool countries in a heartbeat!

(Cassius and Sakura kiss while they continue walking.)

Cassius: And the funny thing is, becoming a chore is exactly how you could describe our time here in this company. Sure, at first it was neat and all. We got to show up, easily conquer its barren tag team division made up of losers who don’t know the first Goddamn thing about being a cohesive unit, and then taking their Championships. It’s been a nice ride to take this company for everything it’s got without even trying - rebuilding it in our own vision and renaming it Soulmate Style Wrestling while we are its World Champions as your Lovebird Tag Team Champs. That was a blast… You know, for a bit.

Sakura: Usually it was the plane ride that would put me to sleep, but now it’s just being there in general. At least we’re facing Nas and Saul again - those two speaking help me make sure I’m well rested.

Cassius: I couldn’t have said it better myself. All of this has become nothing more than a chore to us. This isn’t the good time that it used to be. The novelty of this company wore off within WEEKS, and now? Now we’re just bothering to show up to remind them all exactly why we’re the best and will never be dethroned. It’s like two deities stepping down from the heavens to make an example out of some commoner that’s evoked their wrath. It’s as simple as that, really. Nothing more to it. We show up to some filthy place like Shizouka, Japan simply because we have no desire to forfeit our Championships and move on to some place else far more worth our time. This company has proven time and time again that they have nothing worthy of our time to offer the One True Pairing. Can I say we’re surprised? No, not really. Not in the slightest, in fact. It was inevitable. The moment we stepped onto Japan’s soil and drove our flag into this entire company to show that it belongs to us, we knew just how things would go. We knew it would only be a matter of time before we were just recycling through its greatest hits, and here we are! Saul Omen and CM Nas: Part 50! Here they come! Saul convincing himself he can carry his team to a victory for once in their pathetic careers! Nas forgetting that he exists in this company! In fact, he’d be better off being the one to stop showing up, because even when does walk his carcass out to the ring, he still doesn’t show! He still drags his team down! Saul still convinces himself he can pull off the win! Jesus Christ, you people are pathetic!

(Sakura puts a hand on Cassius’ shoulder.)

Sakura: Calm down, my Cassius, save that fire for me. Those two don’t deserve you actually trying.

Cassius: You’re right. You’re absolutely right, my Cherry Blossom. They don’t. They don’t deserve any of that. They stopped deserving the best of OTP the moment they proved they weren’t good enough to oppose us a long time ago. Yet, they’ve got another shot at our gold without an ounce of reason, and why? Simply because this company has no one better to step up to the plate. I was wrong, it’s not Saul and Nas that are pathetic. They’re just two assholes desperate to be successful in our Soulmate Style Wrestling. The pathetic ones are the people who run this company and believe these “challengers” are worth our precious time. We could be spending the night having a nice dinner in our home instead of showing up to put down the dogs they’ve got lined up for us. It’s all become nothing but a miserable task for us to do, and you know, it gets a little tiring. It hasn’t just become a chore to show up in Japan and do what OTP does best. It’s become a chore to have to humiliate two guys like Saul Omen and CM Nas. If you guys want a little bit of advice, Sakura and I would personally suggest you two just start attacking each other and make far better use of your time. You don’t stand a chance against us. Not in the slightest. That’s not bullying or intimidation tactics - that is an absolute fact. You two might be the sloppiest team we have ever has the displeasure of competing with, and that is because you are no team. You never were. You’re just two guys exploiting the rules of this gold for your own selfish little desires. Your faction knows you can’t get the job done. This company knows you can’t get the job done. Most importantly, YOU know you can’t get the job done. Take a look at this…

(Cassius turns the phone to look directly at the private jet they’re approaching before turning the camera back towards he and Sakura.)

Cassius: You know what that is? That’s the difference between you and us. It’s not just about money. There’s a distinct reason why you people hoard gold and sit in your creepy little churches. It’s because you don’t have this. You don’t have the luxury to enjoy your miserable existences, so you have to compensate for them any way you can. We have all the gold we could ever want. We don’t need to prove how edgy and deep we are. The only thing OTP has ever had to prove is that we’re the best in that ring, and we do that every single time. You people find your ways to underestimate us because we love each other and make one another our entire focus, but if you believe for one second you can just show up in OUR World and dethrone the greatest tag team on the planet, you’ve got a rude awakening coming your way. It’s no surprise that we’re the Champions and you’re the challengers. You all compete in this company’s “tag team division” because you just want to be Champions. What a joke. What an absolute joke. That’s why this is just a chore by this point. That’s why there’s no value in it, and I think you well know anyone from Tres Comas Club doesn’t bother with things that have no value, so I’m going to make this as crystal clear as I possibly can… This is going to be our last chore. You, Nas. You, Omen. The both of you - we’re done here. We know you don’t have much to your names, but spare what you have to buy a fucking clue for once in your lives. Your faction is as pathetic as you are. Turn your attention to your so-called “World Champion” and take her gold if you want it so bad, because you will never take these from us. Not a chance. You’re just two dogs chasing a car that’s faster, better, and more valuable than you will ever be. So yeah, we’ll show up in Japan yet again. We’ll retain our gold, yet again. We’ll make examples out of the two of you, yet again. We’ll fly back to our home away from all of this bullshit, yet again. And we’ll be back here for the next makeshift team that thinks they have what it takes to beat us, yet again. Maybe we’re the ones practicing the definition of insanity here, because it feels like it’s an endless loop by this point. But hey, this company may be just a chore, but being the best - there’s always value in that, isn’t there? We’re done here.

(Sakura grins and waves as Cassius smirks before turning off the phone.)

on July 27th 2018, 11:53 amMiltiades
(The aides run in terror, the recruits dare not look into his eye. He walks around not looking at anyone but the tents, and his focus on what lies in them. Newer meat, newer minds to meld, new spirits to be broken. Taunting them won’t work this time. Taunting them will just let them think they have a chance. It’s time to show them they were outclassed from the beginning. And he did just that, as soon as it was marked, he attacked, and laid into the recruit. The next person he maimed until he gave up. The next one quit as soon as the match started, but Miltiades punished him for his fear. They couldn’t win, even when they thought they’d let him. He chewed them out, and berated them, Fenrir soon took him aside and tried and failed to talk sense. Soon he left to his tent.)

The more I try to taunt the more they think they have a chance. The more I try to pity them, the more they think they’re above me, the more I try to level with them, the more they think they’re the same. But that’s the fatal mistake they always make, they always try to keep certain that I am the same as them, which in fact I am not. I am great, I am the one people want nay need to be. This is because what I am is a leader. I am the example that people put on paper to show that what I do is relevant and in remembrance of a great era. The New Generation, the Era of Excellence, and the Age of Miltiades. People frame me as one who is full of himself, one who may or may not have had stuff handed to him and it makes you think about what I can do. Because you people, you wish to see me as a normal man, a man who you could get behind his imperfections but it hurts you to think that I’m just too perfect. In fact I’m the perfect example of what Tres Comas needs. You see I’m about letting everyone do what they want as long as it’s in line with what Tres Comas represents. Power, Money, and the right of excellence that all our member radiate. Everyone of them has a chance to represent the best faction, the one that they need to be and should already be in.

(Miltiades looks at the maps all of which have X’s on them indicating places that have been searched but with no luck on finding his objective. He obsesses over each location before going to the rolled paper next to him. On it are pictures, bios, and reasons for conviction. Each of Navarro and GREED, his two opponents at Domination.)

And for me to show you people that I’m the leader Tres Comas needs I need to beat my brothers in arms once more, further cementing my place above all. Let’s start with GREED, the man who’s been nothing but more of a pain to me than that of Virgo. It was once a war of GREED vs Virgo but now with him being the last thing that always tries to come in front of me a glory he always pops up. I had Virgo where I wanted him, I had him and his belt in my possession, but GREED and Jaywalker wanted to get involved, they wanted to see up close and personal that I won, but in doing so showed that they must be involved in EVERYTHING, no matter the consequences. I do blame them for my loss, I do blame them for how Tres Comas has been run, I do blame them for squandering every opportunity because they want to be watching like a Hawk. But really I also blame them for all the transgressions that have happened, and will see to it that Tres Comas has a new leader. And to do that I need to take that title off of Virgo because he won’t listen to reason. I also need to beat Navarro and GREED because they have just become collateral at this point. GREED, your name symbolizes all that you’ve done and that you’re going to do with Tres Comas and to have that within this group is just a parasitic situation in which we have to develop into a better alternative. We’ll root out the disease, we’ll outs the worm, and we’ll cleanse it all within a matter of days. It will be glorious as it is poetic. And honestly that’s all I have to say to you right now, if I waste more of my breath, then I’ll give you the satisfaction of being heard.

Navarro, you and I have only met once in the ring, but as teammates. I have no qualms against you but I got to ask, what makes you think this was your best alternative. You had shot to the ranks of the Puroresu Championship and the one loss against Aria seems to have brought you down to your luck. And it’s a sad sight that this is how you think you can get right in the world especially knowing that there is no such thing that is going to happen. Navarro there a few people I respect in Tres Comas mostly due to the fact that the others can switch on a dime, and I respect you, and I know you’re doing this because you believe it is the only way. And in some cases you are right, it is the only way, but not for you. You see it’s my only way to get Leadership within Tres Comas, it’s my only way to show people that Tres Comas is fine and will live to see it’s greatness flow through SSW, and it’s the only way to show the other factions that the in-fighting will stop. But with that said since it is my only way, you should know that I’m going to stop at nothing to get it no matter who is in my way. Navarro you need to realize this and drop it, because if you don’t I’m not gonna be responsible for the pain I have to unleash on you.
on July 27th 2018, 2:29 amKhmoach Sangkat
Do you know what happens when we die?

What will greet you on the day you finally slip beyond the veil? And what is this “you” that is greeted? What does one really take with them across to the other side? Well… We can start to rule out some of the obvious things. Over the course of our lives we collect many things that belong here and not there. Our riches, our property, our possessions… Even our accolades, our reputations, the ways we are to be remembered; these things are all left behind in trust with the living. That is what we call “Heritage”, after all. But it does not end here. A body does not belong to the spirit, it too is borrowed. It too is just a collection of molecules taken for a time from the earth, and to the earth the body will inevitably return. We leave our flesh behind and with it all the clever mechanisms it bore to facilitate our temporaneous survival. All light and colour fades to black in lifeless eyes. And only silence falls on a dead man’s ears. Even the very seat of intellect is a throne that must be abdicated. Thoughts. Opinions. Ideals. All of these strange little notions that people become attached to and start to identify with to extent of believing they are what makes you… Well… You. Even these are only borrowed in life. Indeed, a man can surrender his ideals and damage his intellect without his heart stopping after all.

I have been taught that one thing alone follows us as we slip our shells. Having suffered the ravages of the past’s hungry ghosts, and having looked death in its coal black eyes too many times to count, I now know this is true. When we die we do not take the aspects of the body, nor the content of the mind but only the quality of the soul at the moment of death. When somebody passes on with no regrets… No purpose left undone… Free of attachments to constrict them… When they breathe their last breath in their own bed, in their own home, in a house that has been set perfectly in order… And bathed in the love and compassion of the family surrounds them, this is the ideal. When this happens the dead take this peace with them into the void. They find a place where there are no bodily urges and sensualities to disrupt this peace, nor glimmering lights to cause distraction, nor volition, nor distinctions, nor cruel ruminations to break peace into discord. The spirit finds but one thing here:

Unbounded Peace floating in limitless eternity.

Free of all barriers.

Bliss upon bliss, multiplying freely as it lifts the spirit toward infinity.

This we call “Heaven”.

Yet, not all deaths are such a peaceful slumber. Some are not ready for death but die suddenly and unprepared in a chaotic flash of violence. Plans unfulfilled. Dreams swallowed by nightmare. Others die alone and in the street. Their families know neither where they are not what has happened. So it is they lie exposed to the elements and with no company but the filth eating vermin that flock to the corpse. For some, such as my Father, death comes as all of the above. Awash with pain, fear, loneliness, regret, anger, thwarted ambition… The circumstances of one’s death can be the very well of anguish and dukkha. When this happens the dead take this suffering with them into the void. They find a place with no warmth nor pleasure to disrupt the ache, nor glimmering lights to cause distraction, nor volition, nor distinctions, nor a merciful means to talk down the storm within themselves and breach torment with gratitude. The spirit finds but one thing here:

Unbounded Suffering unleashed in a vast uncaring void.

Free of all restraints.

Pain upon pain, multiplying freely as it weighs the spirit down in agony.

This we call “Hell”.

Perhaps now we can understand a little of what we are getting ourselves into, right Tarah? When you step into the ring with the Phantom Menace at Domination, it will not be any ordinary title bout but a Deathmatch. Nothing is forbidden. All is permitted. We are each given free license to carry the other to the very jowls of death and the gates of hell if that is what it takes to leave the ring as a Champion. This is your chosen battlefield. These are the stakes you are prepared to accept. Death… Unlike all the challengers who have come before you, you are willing to main, to destroy, to kill an old man like me for the most precious thing in his life. I won’t judge. It is only human nature to wait upon another’s death, coveting the spoils of their demise. We may properly call it a number of names properly: Greed, Acquisitiveness, Intemperance, Desire… But let us each insist that your ambition is worthy and legitimate, let us call it “Heritage”. It is little different to my yearning for the inheritance which the Gods of Death deprived me all of those years ago. Ambition, the all-consuming hunger, and the compulsion to stoop to whatever levels necessary to achieve my goals brought me here. They are the reasons why I have survived for so long as Champion while the dreams of others died violently at my feet.

Now the same brings to have your turn. You come to forcefully rip the entreaties of my legacy and Heritage into your own hands and to cast me out of my life as SSW’s longest serving Champion. Your weapons are youth, tenacity, and cruelty. All vicious and valuable tools. However, your hopes perhaps hang on something else entirely… The ghosts of my past. I have seen nightmare and reality blur lines. And been drenched when the clouds cried tears of blood. Suffered staggering loss and unimaginable fear. Pain lumbered upon pain under the soul-shattering weight of agony. Yes. It is almost like I have already had my violent death. I have experienced “Hell”. And perhaps you have rightly come to the conclusion that this can leave no man unscathed. But if your plan is merely to set up the conditions to reopen these old wounds then your lack of understanding is telling. See nobody walks through hell and out again within a lifetime. Breaking me down is not so easy as bringing me back to some traumatic event in the past because I haven’t left behind my suffering. I exist in a Living Hell and it is even here that I have built my throne.

If you believe yourself to be worthy of the Heritage that I have built then this is your chance to try on the shoes you suppose to fill as Heritage Champion.You see, all that this stipulation has accomplished is the opportunity for you to feel what my Hell is like. A deathmatch ends only in one way… A crimson flash chaos and violence… A nightmare come reality where a broken body lies alone… Awash with pain, fear, loneliness, regret, anger, thwarted ambition. This match does not merely grant you the weapons to help make me suffer. It removes all the barriers and limitations which stem the tide of blood and prevents suffering from devouring the whole. When you enter the ring at Domination, you will find but one thing there:

Unbounded Suffering unleashed in a vast uncaring void.

Free of all restraints.

Pain upon pain, multiplying freely as it weighs the spirit down in agony.

This we call “Hell”.

This is the curse which I entrust to you.

The gloves are off and the veil is split wide open. Welcome Tarah Nova to your Living Hell. The ghost pushes you down into a world of infinite suffering. For salvation is not walking through the flames unscathed. It is extinction. The very blowing out of a candle. A returning to the blissful unconsciousness of the void. And for us, that is not enough.
on July 27th 2018, 2:28 amSteven Cassidy
With everything I’ve been through up to this point, whether it be the hardships or setbacks, I was finally able to find peace. I was ready to move on. I was ready to leave the past in the past and finally look in front of me instead of nervously checking behind me. For once, my future wasn’t looking bleak. For once, I was eagerly looking forward to the grand opportunities that were awaiting me, whether they were right around the corner or down the road. Opportunities that I would earn through hard work and skill, rather than taking shortcuts to achieve, like a certain group around these parts. So like I said, after weeks of bitterness and anger, I was okay with letting go of past events, including what happened to Koji - “was” being the keyword. Last week was a painful reminder that there is unfinished business. That nothing has been resolved - not even close. This war between The Phantom Troupe and Shoot Nation will only end when one’s side is completely washed away from SSW and its history. And I have come to terms with that. I know what I have gotten myself into and I WILL NOT run away from it like a coward with my tail tucked between my legs. I will be at the forefront. I’ll be in trenches battling, chipping away until The Phantom Troupe has been defeated for once and for all. I know we can do it. I have all the confidence in the world that we will come out on top - perhaps not unscathed, but victorious, which is all that matters. Because when I look at PT, I see vulnerability. A once well-oiled machine, is now struggling to stay afloat and will soon sink to the depths of the deep blue sea due to its cheap spare parts not holding up. Just look around. The creator of this beast has been laid to waste. And at Domination, the beast of Phantom Troupe, that of course being Gronk, could fall at the hands of The Ice Man, and he might never truly recover. And it doesn’t end there. No, we are just getting started! As a sweetener, we will witness the end to a reign that should have never come to fruition in the first place - if you haven't already guessed, I am talking about Aria’s time as the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion. She will in fact lose it to Jaydayne, which is long overdue really. And I have no doubts in my mind that you will represent this company exceptionally well as its true face and as its true champion. But before all that happens, I know for a fact that Shinati and I will take care of business in our tag match as we have revenge weighing heavily on our hearts and minds. After what happened to us last week? We will beat The Phantom Troupe and we will do it in convincing fashion. There is no other choice or alternative. They did this to themselves and now they are about to face the severe consequences for their actions. 

Earlier I said The Phantom Troupe are using a bunch of spare parts to try to fix the gaps and cracks in their foundation. Guys like Maelstrom and Falke are those parts. They are the duct tape trying to cover the bullet holes that Shoot Nation has left. I look at you two and I see two individuals that - actually no, I’m getting ahead of myself. You aren’t even individuals. You don’t think on your own, nor do you act on your own. You follow Aria’s command like the two lapdogs you are. But I must admit that you fit in quite well with your Phantom Troupe brethren. Like a glove, really. Cheaply attacking those that upset you, whether it be through their words or actions is a tactic that’s been instilled in you. It’s the Phantom Troupe way, after all. You see, I have been on the receiving end of those cowardly attacks twice. The first time, it led me to a hospital and I wasn’t able to leave for weeks. The second time? Just a few scratches because I have become immune to your BS methods. Which also proves my point that the Phantom Troupe no longer has to be feared because I firmly believe that Shoot Nation outranks them talent wise. We also have something called loyalty. Which sure, is something the Phantom Troupe also has, but theirs is only temporary. When the going gets tough and you guys finally face some adversity, you won’t know what to do with yourselves because you’re so custom to having your way. And when you start getting told no and get shut down, you will all act differently. And some of you won’t be able to accept the fact that your SSW career will be trending downwards. Of course it’s not your fault. You’re the backbone of The Phantom Troupe. A key piece to the puzzle. An irreplaceable soldier to the regime. All of which you tell yourself so you can feel comfort and content when you place your head on your pillow at night. But you know more than anyone that you are a bunch of snakes, laying in the weeds, concocting the perfect exit strategy for one of your allies because you know that if it isn’t them, it’s you on the chopping block. You’ll become paranoid. You’ll try to grow eyes in the back of your head to either soften the blow that's coming or to counter it. Maybe this is just me talking out of my ass. Maybe I’m trying to use the oldest trick in the book where I drive a wedge between you two ... or maybe, just maybe, I’m speaking the truth? Only time will tell. 

Until the inevitable implosion, I have you two to wrestle. Something I am quite looking forward to. I have already had the pleasure of competing against one of you, that of course, being you, Maelstrom. And the week leading up to that match, I was never given the chance to refute your claims. But today is different and right now, if you don't mind, I am going to give myself the floor. Mind you, it might be sort of difficult to remain impartial because we know how that match ended .. with you tapping out. So here we go. Maelstrom, I never expected you to know Koji. I went out of my way to explain that originally. Because of the men and women you associate yourself with, his name was never household known. His SSW career was never given the chance to lift off the ground. I know how talented he was. His loyal fans that followed his career knew he was smooth like butter inside that squared circle. His talent would have most likely translated to Shoot Nation's style. But I also know nothing is a sure thing in this business. Because who knows, maybe his time here would have never panned out the way he or I would have hoped. Maybe he would have struggled mightily on a weekly basis ... or maybe he would have racked up win after win and who knows, he might have held SSW gold? But unfortunately, that's a bunch of what ifs. We will never know the truth. We will never see his career play out here .. and it's all because of Phantom Troupe. The same group that tried to end me. So it isn't just about what happened to Koji ... it is also about me, which might sound selfish, but it's true nonetheless. Plus, you should know all about this, since you and Falke tried to put me back on the shelf when I am just now getting reacclimated with this very company. So to say this is personal to me, would be an understatement. 

I get it though, Maelstrom. I get your frustration. I get that your career also hasn't gone the way you would have hoped, starting out 0-2 I believe. Against two "underdogs" nonetheless, in Finnegan Wakefield and myself and because of us, your mystique is gone. But I know that in your eyes, you don't see those as real losses ... you said it yourself. You relish in the fact you have caused your opponents a great deal of pain and agony. That's fine I guess because with your cold start, you have to take what you can get. You have to settle for moral victories because you can't get real ones and this week will be no different. I know you are getting desperate to get your first tally in the win column, to get that monkey off your back but I hate to break it to you, it isn't coming this week. Who knows if that time ever comes? Nothing in this world is guaranteed, after all, including your world of distortion. And then there is your partner, Falke. In all honesty, I don't know much about you, other than the fact you are rather new and you decided it was okay to kick my partner in the groin last week to help you get the win. Bravo, what a great first impression you made! So to get a better understanding of who you are and what you stand for, I went back to what you said last week and I sifted through your words. And there is something you said that stuck with me. Something along the lines of, "Uniqueness isn't what gets you through a match against someone, skill does." And sure, you showed some skill last week, I will give you that but skill wasn't the main reason as to why you won ... that would be the cheap tactics you relied on to shut the door on Shinati. But hey,  it is what it is because I know you will disagree with that accurate assessment, stating that no, it was your god given talent that was the difference maker and you know what? That's fine. Believe it or not, I am not here to argue with you. In fact, I am not sure why I am even going out of my way to address you specifically because you my "friend", are quite delusional. You think you are the most well-rounded wrestler in all of SSW. That your strength is unmatched and the same goes for your speed and technicality. I don't even have a proper rebuttal for that. Instead, I just want to roll my eyes and let out a deep sight. So with that said, it has become abundantly clear that there is no reasoning with you. In fact, there is no reasoning with the Phantom Troupe as a whole. So I'm done for now. See you out there.

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on July 27th 2018, 1:11 amStark
Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

Famous words that relate to this moment in time with me as this stoned bastard child for New York that has revealed his degenerate ways has made it possible for me to return into a wrestling ring at Supremacy. Does this make you happy, Stark? Does it bring a smile on that face to see that Jacob Senn will return into a wrestling ring against you because of what you have done to him? I was determined to be a creator for this place to where the people that walked into the locker room would have somewhere to showcase the talent that wouldn’t be able to be seen by larger promotions, to let the talent grow and nourish under this umbrella of wrestling, but you’ve brought out a different manifestation of Jacob Senn that has been known throughout the wrestling hemisphere. The iconic figure of wrestling that has won championships all around the world, The Punisher that has went through all manners of brutality that this place could give you along with falling from heights that no average man could come back from, and the monster that has been rumored to make sure that those that fall against him… never recover from that fall again. This is the man that has been placed against you at Supremacy and you know something, you’ve done some of those same things according to your most recent words. The roads that we have taken have been similar and even though those roads were miles apart to where we didn’t even know one another, they still found a way to meet at the crossroads here at this moment to where you’ve done whatever you could to get me to compete against you. Sending out a crew of your “New York goons” to come out there and hijack my show, assaulting me during a championship match that I had taken part in with another promotion, all of this because you wanted the match that I denied you because you felt insulted by that denial. Like a spoiled rich kid that was told that he couldn’t have something for the first time in his life, you threw a tantrum about it to where someone finally was forced to give you want you wanted. What you believed you wanted, right? For what you want is a moment to establish yourself as the best wrestler on this roster. What you want on from this match is to let the entire wrestling world that you’re on the same level of competitor as me, but let me tell you something. You’ve never been on the same level as I have been on throughout my near-decade career as a wrestler. You may have been a world champion, you may have been inducted in some Hall of Fame, but as much as you don’t think that I know you… I do. You’ve undercutted your way to the top of the mountain and when you haven’t, you’ve been lazily coasting along with the potential that you do have in order to take what you want because even though you might have the talent to reach that next level to beat me, you’re still someone that has been unable to break that glass ceiling because of apathy. I know that people have told you that it has been because of the plants from your Bonsai Garden that you love to toke up to make your life easier to live through, but I don’t find that to be your problem. I find your apathetic nature to be the downfall of your entire career to where you have NEVER been able to reach the heights that I have been able to reach in the same amount of time. You might think when I say that I’m talking about accolades and championships, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the performances, I’m talking about the ability that I’ve been able to do, I’m talking about what I can do between those ropes is superior to everything that you’ve ever done in your pathetic existence as a wrestler. Now, you have the gall and audacity to stand there and tell me you want to go to war because I offended you? Because I hurt your feelings? I don’t care about your fragile ego that led you to do what you did to me, but I do care about what you’ve done to me.

Week in and week out, you’ve done everything you could to not only mock and humiliate me, but to physically harm me before our eventual collision to where I know that fear is inside of those eyes of yours. The fear that you will be the one lying on the canvas with the world watching you fail at having the spotlight that you crave so much has ruled you to where you’ve resorted to these tactics to be able to goad me into a match at Supremacy. Don’t worry, everything has been signed and made official to where no matter what, you will have this fabled match that you have desired. Supremacy will make the in-ring return of Jacob Senn for everyone to watch, but it will be to where you become the victim of that triumphant return from expulsion. If you believe that what you have done to me will go without consequence, to where you will be able to walk out with your head held high in pride, and me still be left standing to watch all of this happen before my very eyes, you’re playing yourself as a fool. I’m relentless and ruthless inside of that ring to where there is nothing sacred in that ring when I’m in the state that I’m in right now. I want you to bleed a waterfall of crimson blood that will cascade down your body while you are wincing in agony, your entire body broken and bruised from the abuse it will have to endure, and to watch that look of disbelief finally strike you when you watch my hand raise up in victory at your expense. All of this will be my desire when I enter the ring against you to deliver the just punishment that has been waiting for you because Stark, I want to see the look of disbelief that appears on your face when you realize that all of this was just to see yourself watch it all crumble before you. That is what drives me in this match and I crave that absolution to finally be mine to where I don’t have to sit here and listen to the complaints of offending you because I don’t want to stand in the ring with you. I’ll be freed from this curse of Stark being around me with that ganja grass stench and all of his goons that he wants to fly in with that Bonsai Garden money of his. I can finally return to what I came into this company to be and that’s the creator of the next generation of talent that will takes us into the future. With that said, Supremacy will be the night that I give Stark a farewell that he deserves because after this night, I will be shocked if he wants to pursue his career in this business even further. This is where it all ends because I will punish Stark for what he has done to me, resume making Strong Style Wrestling the best company in the world, and remain the one thing that will never change about Jacob Senn.

I will remain Iconic.
on July 27th 2018, 12:23 amThe Apparition
We live in a world of comforting illusions. The cool can brush down their leather jackets and new pair of Yeezys and think they are God’s gift to women. The intellectuals can thorough their brows and think they are the next Socrates. Tough guys are able to flex their muscles and think they are the hardest thing the world has ever seen. In a world where we are all the heroes of our own stories, those who end up buying into their delusions usually end up one of two ways. They are able to will themselves into becoming what they believe themselves to be, or like Icarus they fly too close to the sun and get burned.
Kai Stevens, I am the sun. You’ve done well for yourself so far, and you are beginning to fly. I will not be the start of your journey, nor will I be the end of it. Unlike you, I have been around long enough to understand my limitations. Losing to me will not break your career. Hell, given how I have performed on the big stage so far, I don’t even know if beating me will make it. What I will be, however, is your first real test, to see whether or not you are flying on wings of paper and wax. I will test your mettle and see what you are really made of.
If we just focus on you as a person, you are really nothing but a brat. I will be perfectly honest here. When I see you, I see pretty much every young wrestler I have ever encountered in my decade in the industry. Hell, rewind more years than I want to admit, and you basically have a paler version of me when I was your age. As I said last week. People like yourself and Kikyo. You want to pound your chests, and let everyone know that you are here. I can respect that, honestly. It doesn’t mean I have to like it.
When you hit a certain age, you kind of get annoyed with the shit that you yourself used to do. The wisdom of age and experience does lead to a lot of hypocrisy. Still, I suppose this is the advantage of me wearing this mask. Anything I used to do and be guilty of can’t be used against me. That does make it very easy for me to get up on my high horse and be critical of supposed petulant whelps like Kai Stevens. Nonetheless, I do believe that everyone should be appropriately judged by their own actions and merits, and yet my role is not that of a righteous judge, made to punish the wicked. At the end of the day, I am just another man trying to make ends meet, while trying to satisfy my desire for survival and a sense of meaning in this crazy world.
My problem is that Kai will try to challenge that, which is something that I simply can’t abide by. When I say I have seen people like Kai, yes. Punks like him are a dime a dozen. But while the Navarro’s of the world will embellish everyone regarding their self-assigned importance, and Kikyo will struggle to remove herself from her parent’s shadow, Kai will be looking for blood. As someone who is very fond of his own blood and would rather it stay within my own body, this naturally comes as a bit of a problem for me. I see the eyes of Kai Stevens. They aren’t the eyes of a failed cage fighter, or a self-righteous pontificator, or an English major who realised that he didn’t pick the best subject to specialise in and still be guaranteed gainful employment. He has the eyes of a warrior, but also the eyes of a savage and a sadist. But worse than that. One who knows what he is doing, and one who wants to guarantee victory by any means necessary.
So where does that leave me? Well, even if Kai knows every dirty trick in the book, I have the advantage of having written the book. This is your classic match-up of youthful exuberance, up against the confidence of a veteran who has been there before. The suppose hero up against the supposed villain, and the man who fights for blood up against the man who fights for meaning. The man who fights for something greater than himself. May the weaker man be the stronger man’s stepping stone to bigger and better things. And I will be honest with you all right here…After losing to Sangkat and the Corleones…I am hungrier than I have been in a long time for victory, and if I can achieve that at the expense of a disrespectful up-and-comer who doesn’t quite know his place…Well, that’s all so much the better for me.
on July 26th 2018, 10:45 pmJacob Senn
[A television is shown playing with words echoing from what was from Stark while the camera zoomed out. Once the video stopped, the face of Jacob Senn is shown as he sits in a chair inside of a hotel room in Shizouka with a perplexed look on his face. Left in a state of confusion and bewilderment, Jacob rested his chin on his hand as he looked at the video wondering what he could even say at this.]

Jacob Senn: Are you kidding me with this shit? All of this bluster and pride coming from him about this match and becoming Chairman of this company and he does what? He reads a synopsis from an episode of a children’s cartoon to make light of the matter at hand. He decides to transform this war between us into a little joke for his own personal amusement, but I don’t find this to be a laughing matter. I have risked my position as the Chairman of this fledgling company to make sure that I put down this scourge on my roster once and for all. I’ve risked everything to put down a man that has cost me not only my own personal conquests in other federations, but has attempted to end my own career through the savage brutality that he has shown at Supremacy. However, this is all quite the joke for you. Something for you to laugh at and mock as you walk into these Three Stages of Hell with all the confidence in the world. Is that what you would have yourself be for this match? A man with the confidence surrounding him that he walks in with the full intention of being known as the victor at the end of the night? Believe that you’re playing this mental game of chess that will infuriate me to the point where this match will have turned into your favor? If that is your plan, then you have chosen the wrong path to be able to do so. These words that you have made in an attempt to infuriate me, frustrate me because you haven’t take this match to the same severity that I have taken this, it might have work as an incendiary statement… but one that will scorch you in the process where you won’t be able to fight any longer in any wrestling capacity when I’m finished with you. All of this has gone to show that the opinions of people around the world about you in this business were right that you’re not king of the wrestling circuit or a master of the craft… you’re a joker for the court to point and laugh at. You’ve proven that Supremacy was nothing but a fluke, a happenstance of fate that decided to turn towards your favor, and that you’re not the man that you’ve made yourself out to be. You’re no legend with a decade of experience strapped underneath his belt worthy of praise or acclaim from the audience that watches you, you’re not a seasoned veteran of the ring that needs to be commended for the efforts and battles that he has given to this industry, but you’re a comedic stooge that wastes his time with marijuana and jokes like this to make everyone point and laugh not with him, but at his expense. I know why you have all those goons that want to stand by your side because you provide them with all the weed they could ever want and the laughs that they can have at your expense. What a sad existence it must be to the point where you wish you were the man that I was. You wished you were honored like I was in this circle for being the most dedicated to this sport while you find it so easy to just… walk away. That’s the difference between you and I, Stark. That’s the reason that you will fail to be able to stand a chance against me at Domination and while I will be just that when the time comes: dominant. This man will serve as a moment that will not just be a penance for what you’ve put me through in these past few months, but it will be an omen for what is to come for those in the future. Once everything has been said and done, the match has been called and the bell tolls to signify the end, one thing will be left certain.

I will be the last man that gives the jester his laugh.
on July 26th 2018, 4:10 pmThe One True Pairing

The scene opens with two Funko Pops made to look like Cash and Sakura Corleone, out of their boxes and in Sakura’s hands. Sakura comfortably sits on her bed, laughing and giggling over the conversations she was having with herself, as she controls the two, making them speak to each other like a child controls two Barbie dolls with her own voiceover. It’s like dubbing a foreign soap opera, re-enacting Sakura’s nicest dreams her imaginative head could think of.

Sakura Doll: (Sakura’s Normal Voice): Oh My Cassius. I had such a nice time today going shopping with you! I just love spending time with you more than anything! There is nothing that can make this night even better!

Cassius Doll: (Sakura’s “Manly” Voice) Well, my Cherry Blossom, the fact that I get to spend every day with you is already a gift in itself that I would never trade for anything else. But there IS something that I could think of that could make this night better!

Sakura Doll: (Sakura’s Normal Voice) Ooohh what is it?

Sakura tilts the Cash Funko Pop. She couldn’t exactly make him get on one knee.

Cassius Doll: (Sakura’s “Manly” Voice) Will you marry me?

Sakura Doll: (Sakura’s Normal Voice) YES! A thousand times yes!

Sakura then brings in an Andre Virgo one next. She makes it stand across the two dolls. They are getting married, after all, she might as well send in the most fabulous-looking “priest” to officiate, this also serves as a favor for always costing OTP their win when they have Tag Team matches and he’s the one scheduled to be their partner. Sakura put a small square tissue over Sakura’s head, acting as a veil.

Andre Virgo Doll: (Sakura’s fabulous voice) Today we celebrate the Unity of a man and woman who love each other very much. If anyone here present knows of any reason why this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace!

It was silent for a moment until Sakura Corleone bashes her fist on the bed symbolizing an earthquake. Enter Saul Omen and CM Nas figure, which look like they have been stomped on and dragged on the dirt, but Sakura still uses them for this moment.

Saul Omen Doll: (Sakura’s Sad Voice) I think they shouldn’t marry…

Sakura and Cash Dolls: (Just sakura) WHAT?

Saul Omen Doll (Sakura’s Sad Voice) It’s obvious that this romance and obsession isn’t going to last long. They are not only making a lifelong commitment to each other, but they are also chaining themselves into the system. I, Saul Omen, am not going to allow two conformists that are fully dependent on each other to unite, and even in the long run partnerships like this eventually break. I am here to make sure things will change. CM Nas and I have been training together, and working together… we have watched videos of them, we have stalked them from their windows, and we know their weakness.

CM Nas Doll: (Sakura’s “Autistic” Voice) And I’m secretly in love with Saul Omen.

Saul Omen Doll (Sakura’s Sad Voice) You what?

CM Nas Doll: (Sakura’s “Autistic” Voice) What? I said nothing!

Sakura Doll: (Sakura’s Normal Voice, now Angry) WHEN WILL YOU TWO EVER STOP? Can’t you see that my Cassius and I are happy with the way things are now? You two are always set on ruining everything just because you couldn’t get the SSW Lovebird Tag Team Championship, but to go as far as to ruin the sweet moment of our wedding day? That’s really startin’ to piss me off! You come at us, and threaten us… only to make fools of yourselves when you’re scheduled for a match and fail to get the upper hand in any given time that you face us. You make promises that things will be different next time, and yet you still come up short and get the same Goddamn result... You continuously make a complete and utter embarrassment of yourselves and your mothers, you make the Phantom Troupe look incompetent by representing them, and then you wonder why my Cassius and I think that you’re nothing but a laughingstock. I get it, you have stuck for each other many many times. You come to the ring and show how brave and powerful you are so when a threat comes for your precious fragile World Champion, you make it so that the gold sticks to your faction. But that’s the thing, you always help out. You act as a lackey and a bodyguard to all threats, and there is a reason for that. You don’t have the actual skills to be the one to lead the stage! My Cassius and I do! We are cheesy and romantic, yeah you can rip our hearts off for being that way… but that is all for one reason; Love. We love each other with every breath we take, and no matter who you pit us against, that same love conquers everything! You speak as if it’s something we just made up, like it’s a false sense of security that we convince ourselves of, but the results of our actions paint a much different picture and you’re too drawn to your own ego, too protected by this shield around your head to even see it clearly. You have beaten up many people before us, and I won’t take that away from you despite the fact that it doesn’t matter cause they’re not the One True Pairing, but this only occurs when you are on the sidelines, because that’s where you belong... when you are actually on the stage reaching for the gold with this delusional trash CM Nas as your partner, the same approach will not work for us! It will not work for the SSW Lovebird Tag Team Champions! Why can’t you put it through your thick skull that the One True Pairing will never be intimidated by numbers? Why can’t you see that there are no “Good guys” or “Villains” in this world that can shake us? We have defeated all the other factions to win these titles, to begin with INCLUDING YOU AND NAS! We have beaten all those who come after our title and I’m sure you hate to admit it but we have proven that Cassius and Sakura Corleone have the strength and the resilience of a thousand soldiers with firepower, and we can easily pluck you out and eliminate you every time you march forth and lust after our gold. NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! GO HOME TO YOUR MOTHER’S BASEMENT! GO BACK TO YOUR GODDAMN CULT!

Saul Omen Doll: (Sakura’s Sad Voice) NEVER! CM NAS! UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!

Sakura makes the CM Nas Funko Pop stand beside Saul Omen while the Cassius one stands beside Sakura.


Sakura then shakes Saul Omen and CM Nas while she has the make-believe machine guns, “held” by Cassius and Sakura shoot them, before Sakura lets go of the Saul and Nas figures, making them “drop dead”

Sakura Corleone: Another VICTORY for the One True Pairing! Another tale of conquering for the Love Bird Tag Team Champions! And this will be no different at Domination! Many have tried and failed, and some of those failures never learn their lesson. We are stronger and better than any other teams and factions that try to come after us. Let the bruise on your faces and the cracked bone in your bodies be a reminder that so long as the One True Pairing exists, they will remain possessive not only of each other but of the Tag Team Championships… and they intend on keeping this for a long time. To have and to hold.

For better, for worse.

For richer, for poorer.

In sickness and in health.

‘Til death do us part.

Only thing is, we are never going to die. We will be the One True Pairing. We will stand as the best. Together. Forever.

on July 26th 2018, 12:12 amSaul Omen
The Song of Saul Omen: Chapter XI

[The sounds of a church organ plays in the background with the sounds of a lively congregation praising and hollering in the background. Various preachers are shown on the screen with the screams of their sermons being shoved down the throats of the followers that listen, slamming their bibles on the pedestal as they preach, and everyone’s hands in the air. Finally, the words are echoes throughout from a preacher that reads from the Bible itself from an all-too familiar passage.]

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the-- 

[A sound interrupts the preacher with what could only be described as a mixture between a record scratch, static, and a snarl of a beast. Once the video clears, it turns up with a black-and-white coloration to the screen with a gathering of candles laid out before a person that sits with his legs crossed. As the camera pans up to reveal who it is, it shows a candle placed upon the hands of this man as it is shown to be Saul Omen. Holding this candle in his hand, he looks forward with a solemn expression on his face.] 

Saul Omen: People of the Christian faith cling upon those words to guide them on the journeys that prove to be the most arduous and challenging. They hope that their bearded man in the sky shall be the strength and courage that they have to be able to face the evils that stand before them or the trials that look to cease their success before it can begin. The world has brought those challenges onto my doorstep themselves with The One True Pairing standing in my path once again at the chance to hold championship gold in my hands, but I can already see that pride has been gleaming on their faces. They find there to be no challenges left, no trials that will be able to test them in Strong Style Wrestling, however they will find that CM Nas and myself will prove that our past with them was just a mistake. They will learn that their victory at Supremacy over us was simply because of the swarm of flesh that was surrounding the ring, they will learn that their latest victory was nothing more than chance playing into their favor, and they shall learn the true definition of Domination when The Phantom Troupe strengthens their stranglehold on Strong Style Wrestling with the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship in their possession. The rod and staff shall not bring forth comfort onto the lovebirds whose fire of passion burns bright through the halls of these arenas in Japan, there shall only be pain and anguish as they are delivered their lashings for the incessant arrogance that they have become emboldened with. The One True Pairing believes that I’m unable to secure the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship and that fate will allow them to rejoice in idyllic romance as those championship to render us humiliated with their victory, but this is where the fantasy shall be brought towards an end. Everything eventually meets its end and the demise of The One True Pairing comes at the hands of The Phantom Troupe. As we have seen the demise of rivals that believed that they could oust the villains of Strong Style Wrestling, the romantic pair shall soon join those. Jaydayne Pendragon suffered at my hand when he failed to be the inaugural SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion, Koji Senju has been eradicated and forgotten about because of me, and Steven Cassidy has been left to deal with the torture of his mentor because of me to name a few men that have suffered the wrath of The Reaper himself and there shall be two more names added onto that list in the lovers as a douse that flame of passion in one swift kick.

[Saul gives a smile of confidence before he uses his twin fingers to douse the flickering flame of the candle to leave the screen into darkness. In transition, scenes are shown of Saul training for the eventual war that will happen at Domination. Striking on bean bags with punches and kicks, the scene transforms to show Saul dressed in his usual midnight suit as he tightens the crimson tie that he wears with it.]

Saul Omen: These serpents of lies that want to spout falsehood to create a shield for themselves from the events that shall unfold inside of Shizouka Stadium will come to know that their fortress of deception has a weakened foundation. No fantasies or tales of delusion shall shape this war into their favor like they believe it shall for in this fight, there is no salvation to bring them hope on this day. The only thing that awaits The One True Pairing will be the humiliation of watching their empire of romance and treachery be reduced to ash and the agony that follows with it from the assault that CM Nas and I shall deliver unto them. No other souls to be able to be your saviors in your time of need, no twist of fate to be able the change the course into your favor in this battle, the reality of bitter defeat is the only result that awaits you when are met with the namesake of this event from us. For what you have failed to realize is that I have lived a life of brutal dedication to not only my faith in Death itself, but the determination to train my body into the perfect vessel to wage wars and battle for its cause. I have trained until calluses have formed upon my legs and knuckles to deliver the blunt strikes against the bodies of man to force them to fall, I have made each strike that I have cast and each prayer to Death that I have made to bring me one step closer to the pinnacle of earning the title of champion upon this land, and I will have become made another stride towards being the vessel of perfection for Death itself. I have spent my entire natural and earthly existence developing techniques, sitting and sparring with the greatest tacticians of this sport that I scoured the planet to find, and I have mastered them to the point of being the most dangerous force that Strong Style Wrestling has ever bore witness to. My ascension from another soldier to be embraced by the dark wings of Death unto the chosen Shinigami that I desire to be for him shall be made at the destruction of The One True Pairing. You believe that your past actions and conquests shall determine the reality that shall be manufactured by my own two hands, but I assure that this romantic union of yours will hold no bearing onto the destination that this road will take me down upon. No amount of love that you have for one another will quell the vicious aggression that awaits you when forced to stare across that ring towards me, there is no cheat or con that you could play that will bring the salvation that you seek for those championships to remain in your possession, for we have witnessed your tricks firsthand and there will be nothing that you can do to surprise us. You have been studied by us, inside of that ring and outside of that ring, and at the end of the night… there will be only one duo that remains as the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship. After that, I shall finally be welcomed into the house of Death for eternity. Cassius Corleone… Sakura Corleone… Shizouka Stadium will be host to the Domination that awaits you from The Phantom Troupe and you shall be left with the lasting echo of these words to bring a form of solace over the humiliation you endure.

Memento Mori.
on July 25th 2018, 8:28 pmJaydayne Pendragon

⚔️ In the traditional seiza seated position, a masked Jaydayne Pendragon, is in the usual dojo candle lit, with his sheathed sword upon a golden pillow. All this mirroring his first video in Strong Style Wrestling. However, his breaks the pose to put his right hand on his left shoulder, and his head slumps lower. ⚔️

It all comes down to a moment like this. All the people that have put their trust in me, all the battles I’ve fought until now, and every value I’ve tried to represent, I’ve carried them all the way to this contest to make something of it all. People still ask me if fighting the Phantom Troupe and going about life this way was worth it…they don’t understand, I can’t just stop waging this Red Strife! It being a hard fight only makes it more impossible for me to let it go. How can I tell my fellow Shoot Nation members to keep going, if in hard times I can’t!? And I feel like I’ve told people a thousand times, I have a growing family looking to me as an example, someone fighting a greater battle, and children of my own I’d like to have one day. I wouldn’t be up to the task of being proper future older brother in law in my situation, let alone a husband or father, if I broke down here. I have to win this war; my world even came all the way here to see me do it.
⚔️From the shadows, a woman covers him in a velvety embrace from behind and rests her head on his shoulder, smiling serenely at the camera. While displaying a similar class as Pendragon does, she displays a more ethereal and playful presence, as opposed to his resolute grit. The fact someone of his demeanor allows her to remain and how she begins rolling her head back and forth on his shoulder as if they’re comfortable, is enough signs to obviously indicate it’s his fiancée. She whispers into his ear as he raises his head. ⚔️

Renee: Très bien, cheri. Montre as eu la qualité d’un monsieur qui peut s’appelé mon homme.
⚔️She removes his mask and Pendragon stares into the camera. ⚔️
Renee: Now these are the eyes of the man I’ll marry! But first, he better bring home the championship! Big cold gold for me, or big cold couch for him! Ahahaha, kidding I’m not that mean, you don’t have any couches here anyways. So, you’ll just sleep on one of those Japanese mats you use around here, in a different room, even if you only get me in person every few months here!
Pendragon(sighing, but loosening up now): Again, thank you for coming, Ren.
Renee: Oh stop it already, it’s not a problem. I always wanted to visit Japan, it’s really is a beautiful country.
Pendragon: I just know it’s a tough visit for you, between training at the Grotto and checking in on your brother..
Renee: All of which I wouldn’t have the funds for if you weren’t doing your work here to support us. Besides, you way too cute, you big cornball! All this stuff, naming your sword after me, the over the top gold pillow, telling people all our business. Are you trying to have my name dragged through the mud? Imagine the tabloids; a poor guy doing so far and being all romantic, and some mysterious frosty princess won’t even show to give him support for his big day!? Take into account a girl’s appearances! The harder you work, the harder I have to show I’m there for you, or people will start talking.
Pendragon: Sorry…you know I was raised to show absolute discipline and passion into anything I do in life. Of course, proving I’m worthy of you would be no different. A woman like you shouldn’t have to settle for less.
Renee:  Awwwww, you’re always so sweet, aren’t you? You’re the perfect role model, my baby brother is your second biggest fan, know you keep his spirits high even if he’s in a hospital across the world. But all that doesn’t mean I’ll be any easier on you in the next training session. You can manipulate your shoulder being hurt as symbolism for holding the world on them all you want, if that makes you feel better, but you still have to toughen up big boy!
Pendragon(Joking): Hold on now, I’m like this from my match with Sangkat!
Renee: Oh please, you were going to pretend like that match didn’t even happen! I see you boo.
Pendragon: What match? You know I think I’m so dazzled by you being here that I’m a bit tongue tied and might just say about any nonsensical thing.
Renee: Uh huh.
Pendragon: That or whatever you hit me over the head with this morning, have you lost it? I don’t remember them teaching using foreign objects at the Wrestling Grotto. Such a shame to a prestigious wrestling school.
Renee: First off, I’ve been there way longer than you’ve ever been, Mr. special I have a personalized red carpet J-Dynasty express course!
Pendragon: Well I was already a trained combatant, the scouts just had me sharpen some parts of my game before signing to SSW.
Renee: Secondly, it was just my leg. I caught you off guard. Gronk, Scott Oasis, you’ve been dealing with too many lumbering Neanderthals, you have to be ready for someone craftier like Aria. That’s why you’re even more lucky to have me than usual, I’m about her size, and no one else you know but me has the black girl magic you’re up against. (Begins nudging him in jest) Now go on, thank me again for helping you out!
Pendragon: You’re right, she’s a completely different animal than those guys. I tell you she’s half the size, but ten times as nefarious, and completely devoid of conscience.
Renee: Oh I know girls like her, straight up trifling.
Pendragon: Here in Japan they call her a nure-onna.
Ever since I won the Heaven’s Arena Cup by beating the Mad Titan, I’ve felt in tune with the Gods, Zeus in particular…
Renee: Yes, we know Mr. thunderbolt, but we’re happy to see you enjoy yourself so much. (Whispering: Better not go around actually acting like that adulterer.)
Pendragon: But Zeus also had a famous son, and when you bring in other faiths, in the land of gods the father and the son become interchangeable……
Renee: Can he make a wild jump that like? Well he just did! (She begins just nodding whenever her fiancé says something emphatic.)
Pendragon: And now there’s a lot of confusion between Hercules and Perseus, but the fact remains that in their story there may be a great number of beasts that tower above others and become stuff of legend…but amongst all those creatures, not the Manticore, not the Hydra, but instead the great gorgon Medusa stands as their most renowned enemy.
It’s no different here Aria, forget all my other great trials and fabled foes, the main journey that will be spoken of for all my career will be the one where I went out and slayed the Medusa of Strong Style Wrestling! When I hold your severed head within my hand, the world will rejoice knowing that the nure-onna, the Medusa, is no more. For too long, have all the snakes of the Phantom Troupe clung on top of you and bit at anyone who came near you for the prize. For too long, has anyone who looked you in the eye been forced to have their entire careers turned to stone and kept in limbo as if your advancement is all that matters in this company.  Now it’s your time to pay, your time to know what it feels like to be treated as less than human inside that ring! With John Doe gone, you’re the last one left, the last figure nourishing the rest of the pond scum that hide behind your skirt and count on you to be the breadwinner of an entire faction that survive off the crumbs of fame you provide to them! They’ve protected you, because they know that a cesspool is the perfect place for all types of vermin to find themselves at the top of the food chain, and a cesspool is all that those overly pampered hands of yours can build for this company! Well it all ends at Domination, where what dominates in this company will finally be grit, honour, and prestige! I tell you twice for good measure Aria, because you’ve never understood the words: grit, honour, and prestige!
⚔️Pendragon begins to get up on one knee while waving his finger in the sky. ⚔️

Listen Aria!
With all the power that has been bestowed upon me by the Heaven’s Arena, with the Rakurai, I will strike you down with unbridled fury!
Renee: Oh girl, you got this Asian boy going off like some black preacher! Go on my man, preach!
Pendragon: The people of Strong Style Wrestling cry out in anguish! They cry out in despair! They cry out in disappointment! They cry out for healing! They cry out for a champion! And so, they shall find one! So has it been written in the ink of Pendragon upon the holy Heaven’s Arena text, right there at the end of Aria’ Jaxon’s chapter!
⚔️Full of energy Pendragon grabs his fiancée and tells her he’s bringing the title home before going in for a kiss and the camera goes black. ⚔️
on July 25th 2018, 3:09 pmThe One True Pairing



(Several outside shots are shown of the luxurious mansion owned by Cassius and Sakura Corleone - featuring their expensive cars, fountains, statues, and hedges shaped to look like Saul Omen that manually cut themselves. The camera eagerly enters through the front doors of the mansion as Cassius and Sakura are shown waiting - Cassius dressed up in a red suit while Sakura is wearing another beautiful pink dress. Their Lovebird Tag Team Championships connected to each other as they rest around the couple’s shoulders.)

Sakura: WELCOME!

Cassius: Are they just allowed to come bursting through the door like that? Is that how this works?

Sakura: Oh calm down, my Cassius! They’re just excited! Who wouldn’t be this excited to come see us?!

Cassius: I suppose you’re right, my Cherry Blossom. OTP has taken over the wrestling World by storm. Do you know how many devout fans we’ve had struck with fire hoses since we first signed on the dotted line and put this company on the map?

Sakura: If I had a nickel for every girl I’ve beaten within an inch of their lives for trying to get even an autograph from my Cassius, I’d be even richer than I am now!

(Cassius and Sakura laugh at that before they kiss. Cassius looks back to the camera.)

Cassius: I suppose you’re all ready to see our lovely casa here. What are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

(Cassius and Sakura are shown walking through their mansion’s hallways with their arms locked and their Lovebird Tag Team Championships still around them.)

Cassius: I swear, sometimes it’s like we live in a labyrinth.

Sakura: I get lost in this place at least three times a week, but my love for Cassius ALWAYS guides me right back to him! And the GPS tracker I have on him.

Cassius: What was that?

Sakura: Nothing, my love! You’re wonderful!

(Cassius visibly checks the back of his neck while they continue to walk.)

Sakura: I swear we’ve passed the same room four times by now…

Cassius: That’s alright. If anything, we should use this as a learning experience, don’t you think?

Sakura: Hmm, what do you mean?

Cassius: Well, think about it. What’s the definition of “insanity”?

Sakura: The state of being mentally ill?

Cassius: Well, yeah, but a different definition.

Sakura: Extreme foolishness or irrationality?

Cassius: I think you’re being a bit too literal, my Cherry Blossom. I mean the definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing again, and again, and again - expecting a different result.

Sakura: Ohh, I see!

Cassius: And who does that remind you of?

Sakura: Literally everyone who’s ever challenged us, my love!

Cassius: Well, yeah, but specifically Saul Omen and CM Nas this time around. How many times have we been here with them? What is this, the fifth time by now? Sixth? I’ve lost track. We keep going around and around and around, wasting our precious time. You know, right now we could be on a beach together at least relaxing, because clearly this company is all out of ideas and can’t think of a single potential threat to throw in our way. Instead, we’ve got the same old song and dance of Saul and Nas knocking at the door of a fortress with the same flimsy shield and rubber sword. I just gotta know how many times is enough? How many times do we have to absolutely humiliate them in every possible way before they get it through their skulls that they aren’t on our level? How did they get a shot at us again? Ohh right, they beat Brian Daniels and Stark. Forget that we beat them yet again right after that. No, go ahead and erase that from your memories. Nobody’s counting that! They certainly aren’t! They’ll lick their wounds, took a forget-me-now, and pretend this is their first shot, regardless of all the bullet holes already here. It gets tiring, ya know? It really does. Having to be so damn good and put people in their place is tough work. Especially when they don’t get a Goddamn clue and keep getting back up long after they lost every battle, let alone any WAR. What’s their deal? Saul Omen is clearly into being punished, but what about Nas?

Sakura: Oh! Oh! I know! His real identity! CM Nas! He’s “Concussed Masochist” Nas! A man with a fetish for taking punishment, but ironically the punishment he’s taken makes him forget he ever took any, so he comes back again, and again, and again! That’s the definition of “insanity”!

Cassius: Brilliant! Beautiful AND smart, she’s got it all!

Sakura: Oh stop it!

(Cassius and Sakura kiss again as they enter a nearby room.)

Cassius: Ah, here we are. Welcome to our living room. Here is where we…

(Cassius stops himself, thinking about something as Sakura looks at him.)

Sakura: Are you alright?

Cassius: You know… Hmm… Well, all this talk of Nas and Saul… It’s got me thinking. You know what? I think there’s a room we’ve got that would be far more beneficial to see. Follow us.

(Cassius and Sakura are once again shown walking through the halls of their mansion.)

Cassius: You know, as much as it disgusts me to waste OTP’s precious time on two men who haven’t earned a contest against us in the slightest, and will no doubt continue to lose to us again and again… I do believe there’s a silver lining to be had here. In fact, I think it could be a very… Educational experience for everyone. See, before when we had to force ourselves to muddle through another easy win over these two, we obviously didn’t put much thought into it. They were just two idiots in our way. They served no purpose. They had no value to them. They could have been literally anyone else and the result would have remained the same. HOWEVER… I think maybe we should rethink that strategy. I think we should take a closer look at our dear challengers. We did take a look into Saul Omen’s dark, edgy soul before, didn’t we?

(Sakura flips her hair with an angsty look on her face.)

Cassius: Exactly. I think this time around, and given these circumstances, it’s only right that we put the spotlight on Nas for once. I mean, the poor guy doesn’t have much going for him. He’s proven to be perhaps the biggest bust I have ever witnessed in my entire life. A man that I’ve been told has all the talent in the World! Accolades upon accolades, they say! He’s been up against the biggest Legends in our business! He himself you could even call a Legend! Yet, we beat him. And then we beat him again. And then again. Yet here he is! He refuses to die! He won’t falter! His will remains intact! But… Well… I mean, let’s be honest. By this point, can we really try to take a guy seriously who thinks he’s some kind of “Championship Hoarder”? Is that his thing? Is that REALLY the moniker he decided to stick by after everything we’ve done to him? There is absolutely nothing in the World that he has ever touched that means anything. So he’s the Champion of this company! He’s the Champion of THAT company! He’s got THIS Title! THAT Title! Impressive! So, so impressive! Give him a big round of applause, everyone!

(Cassius and Sakura stop in front of an unmarked door, clapping together as they look at the camera.)

Cassius: Give yourself a big pat on the back, Nas. You have managed to be so successful… In other companies. You have managed to become a LEGEND…. In other companies. But here? Here… I’m not so sure. Do you feel like a Legend? Do you feel like the guy that’s hoarded all this gold, stood toe to toe with the best in the business, and overcome insurmountable odds? To the two of us, you look like just some guy. Nobody special. Nothing to bring to the table. Maybe you’ve just been a big fish swimming in a small pond this whole time, and you just can’t cut it in the ocean with the real sharks. You carry those Titles around with you, but not a single one reads the initials “SSW” on them, because you aren’t good enough. You don’t get to call yourself a Championship ANYTHING without a Championship that means shit here! It’s no wonder why you’re this desperate. No wonder why you waste your time running into a wall that’s never going down. You don’t know any better. That’s alright. Let OTP help you out…

(Sakura opens the door, revealing a massive trophy room filled with trophies, Championship, and other gold accolades.)

Cassius: I guess you can call us hoarders too. This is the One True Trophy Room, and it is everything you wish you could ever have, Nas. Gold as far as the eye can see. We’ve been to our own companies, and we’ve dominated every single one of them, because that’s what we do. See, we’re not all just hype and talk like you. We back it up every single time, without failure. We’re the BEST in this business. The greatest tag team this industry has ever witnessed, and you spit in our face by even trying to contend with us! I want you to look around, Nas! Look at this room!

(Sakura starts pushing various trophies and Championships off of shelves with a look of glee on her face.)

Cassius: THAT’S what we think of these! They don’t matter! They have nothing to do with this company! They have nothing to do with Domination! They have nothing to do with ANYTHING! Nobody gives a SHIT about your gold you’ve hoarded, because you haven’t hoarded anything from the only company that matters! That’s why you’re such a pathetic loser! You want to see gold?

(Cassius and Sakura hold up their Lovebird Tag Team Championships, posing together with them.)

Cassius: This is the only gold that has any meaning. Not a World Championship. Not a Heritage Championship. Certainly not any Championship you’ve got around your waist. I want you to experience a feeling unfamiliar to you at Domination. The feeling of not getting what you wanted, despite how much talent you think you have. All the things you’ve done elsewhere will all be for nothing, because you couldn’t get past us, and you never will. And as for your buddy Saul...

(Cassius and Sakura look at each other, trying not to laugh before they look back at the camera.)

Cassius: Well, I’d take you all to our basement with the lights off to get a more accurate depiction of Saul Omen’s World, but I don’t think we want to join in on the insanity by doing this over and over again. Saul proved he can’t get the job done anymore than Nas could. Your little Troupe may run with gold, but they’re nothing compared to us. Nothing compared to the One True Pairing. Nothing compared to Tres Comas Club. We run this place, Tag Team or not. These Championships are the only World Championship that matters, and we’ll prove that yet again. Your insanity comes to a GRINDING halt at Domination. When this is said and done, there ain’t gonna be any starting over. No, no, no. Not anymore. No more trying again. No more challenging OTP. No more Tag Team Championship shots! You don’t deserve them! You never did! You deserve exactly what you’ll get when we beat your asses yet again, and for the last - EMPHATICALLY LAST - time. Soak it up while you can, because we’ve got better things to do than entertain the notion that you two misfit assholes are anything even remotely like a tag team. Now here’s the last part of the house we’d love to show you.

(Cassius gestures to something offscreen before several men in suits with black sunglasses on and stoic expressions appear.)

Cassius: These are the One True Henchmen. Men, feel free to show this gentleman the door. I think we’re done here.

(The frightened cameraman behind the camera is suddenly picked up as Sakura begins to tuck on Cassius’ sleeve.)

Sakura: Cassius! Can we please follow? I love kicking them while they’re being dragged away! Pleaaasseee?

Cassius: …. Oh you know I can’t say no to that. Come on.

Sakura: YAY!

(Cassius and Sakura follow behind as the camera fades to black.)

on July 24th 2018, 11:53 pmBelle Kingsley
I have to admit - my run in SSW has not been the best. Most of the time, I have been faced with losing scenarios. I have been faced in situations that are impossible for me to win in. I kept trying to be optimistic. This optimism led me to become a semi-finalist in the Heavens Arena Cup. This was something not many people had faith in me in accomplishing. I go from being a fantasy bracket breaker to losing two Freebird Tag Team Championships matches against One True Pairing. With two different partners, I was not able to get the job done by myself. It felt like I was in a losing war with myself despite having a partner next to me. It seemed like no matter what I did, it was not going to be good enough to get the well-needed momentum that I need during my time in SSW. There was always going to be something or someone better than me. I can admit - I can get a little heated. I can sometimes let the negativity get the best out of me. I have been known to let my frustrations out at times, but to me, it feels like the only way I can convey my emotions. It is the only way that I feel I can have my voice out in the open. Two weeks ago, I stood out in the middle of that ring and I did what I should have done a while ago. I spoke my entire heart out. The SSW fans finally witnessed what Belle Kingsley was thinking. People began to realize that there is a lot more to this bubbly blonde than met the eye. This is a woman who has dreamed of being a champion. At the moment, her dream was to be a champion in Strong Style Wrestling. The two chances she got at trying to become champion, she’s failed. Despite having two great partners by my side, I was not able to get the job done. It stings thinking about that. It makes me realize that I could be the problem all along. Perhaps, I am not meant to be a champion. Perhaps, this is something that I am going to need to accept.

At Domination, we have a woman by the name of Kikyo Himura who is using this match as a tactic to kick someone when they’re already down. I’ve seen it before in professional wrestling. This must be one of the first times that I see someone trying to use that against me. Kikyo tried using this tactic on Vanessa Santiago a while back if I can recall. She tried to knock down the woman after she had lost to John Doe at Supremacy a few months back. By the looks of things, Kikyo has a type to go after and it’s people who have nothing to lose in this company. Kikyo goes after those that she thinks that she can take advantage of, but how has that worked for her? How has that played in her favor? If I can recall, I haven’t seen this tactic be effective on her. If I was her, I would go for another strategy in how she could get a win on an FPV stage. Instead, she results in these dirty tricks and I can assure her that they will not work with me. I look at Kikyo Himura and I see a woman who is so hellbent on trying to get a well-needed victory that she is willing to fight ANYONE that can possibly give her that. Why target me though? Why target Belle Kingsley? I’ll tell you why. She doesn’t consider me a threat. She doesn’t consider me someone that she should take seriously. From the moment she interrupted me on the stage, I can tell she doesn’t think of me in the same regard as she does herself. She claims of me being a woman who relies on people to help solve her problems? From Supremacy to Budokai Tenkaichi, I have given my equal part in pulling my efforts in trying to win the SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions. With each match presented to me, I have given 100% to the cause onhand. Just because I was met with a loss does not mean that I did not do my all to make sure the result was different. Do I wish the result was different at those two events? Of course, but nothing I say is going to change that. At Domination, this is going to be one of the few moments where I don’t have a partner by my side and I am perfectly fine with that. I’m not panicking. I’m not afraid of going into this match with Kikyo. To me, I’ve seen this scenario before. Vanessa has told me all about her and I get it, I don't know what she’s really like until I met her in the ring, but I’m still angry. I’m still angry at Kikyo. By the looks of things, it seems like she got what she wanted - she got underneath my skin. The last thing I gotta do is be wrapped around her finger. It’s not going to be like that at all in the ring. I’m not this pathetic woman that she envisions me of being. I’m not someone who needs to rely on my partners to be successful. Before SSW, I was an individual. It was not until I came into Shoot Nation where I learned to work in a united force. When thinking of Domination, this match is going to be in dedication to my Shoot Nation family. This match is going to be in dedication to the fans that have stuck by me since day one. This match is going to be in the dedication of anyone who has ever doubted themselves in the past. This will be solid proof that everything can see bad at first, but one victory can change all of that. I’m very keen on getting my well-needed victory and kicking Kikyo’s ass is going to be a nice bonus.
on July 24th 2018, 1:49 pmStark
King Ramses is the ghost of a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt. He appears in the episode, King Ramses' Curse. He brings about three plagues on the Bagge family in order to retrieve an ancient slab that was stolen from his tomb. Eustace, realizing that the stone tablet is worth a fortune, refuses to give it back despite being plagued by the ghostly Pharaoh's curse.

During the whole episode, King Ramses repeats over and over "Return the slab!" while Eustace repeats "What's your offer?", trying to strike a deal with Ramses so he can get some money. When the second curse starts, a record player hiding behind a huge rock outside the house starts playing awful disco music and the characters start screaming and cover their ears. The repetitive lyrics are "The man in gauze, the man in gauze, King Ramses! The man in gauze, the man in gauze, he's no Santa Claus!"

Ramses is the ghost of a pharaoh whose tomb is disturbed when two criminals looted a stone tablet. He first confronts the two grave robbers who hid the slab next to the Bagges' water pump, sending a swarm of locusts to devour them. When Courage finds the relic, Eustace is initially uninterested, but immediately clings to the slab when he realizes it's worth a million dollars. A researcher bribes Eustace for the return of the stolen slab, but he declines and shuts the door. The same night, Eustace, now obsessed with his future fortune, babbles about what he will buy with the million dollars. Loud noises are heard outside, as unbeknownst Eustace opens the door. King Ramses visits the farm and demands that the slab be returned. Even after being warned of suffering the mummy's curse and the insistence of Muriel to give it back, Eustace refuses. King Ramses then unleashes a water plague, which is one of the three listed on the slab. He floods the house, but Courage opens a massive drain in the basement of the house. Once again, Eustace declined the second request of returning the slab. The next plague is loud music on a phonograph. Courage locates the source and destroys it with a bat. Insisting on breaking the Bagges' spirit, King Ramses for a final time requests the return of his slab. In the midst of the third plague, Eustace bribes Ramses about the slab, telling him a million is as low as he'll go. He relents and Courage throws it out the window. But changes his mind quickly and claims the slab again. King Ramses appears, displeased, and Eustace taunts him for using up all his plagues. An infuriated Ramses raises his arms and calls a swarm of locusts onto Eustace. Afterwards, when the slab is finally returned to King Ramses crypt as announced by an archaeologist on television, a hieroglyph depicting a screaming Eustace is visible on it.

King Ramses is a somewhat stern and calm person, but quickly irritated. He shows great disdain to anyone who is directly responsible of stealing his slab from his tomb, and will quickly punish him/her for doing so. However, he does gives his victims he sees as innocent a chance to give up the slab, and will warn them what will happen to them if they refuse to do so. He was also shown to get annoyed or irrated if the person still refuses to give up the slab, implying that he does not like doing what he has to do in order to get what he wants back. It is also implied that he is able to use any of his plagues at will, even after using all of them in a short time, evidenced when Eustace, still refusing to give up the slab after surviving the 3 plagues, King Rames uses the locust plague again to get back the slab, much to Eustace`s surprise and horror.
on July 23rd 2018, 6:57 pmAndré Virgo

The one. True. Leader. BANG. The one
true Leader? My leadership has been called into question again and again and again. But it never comes back to me. It always comes back to you. BANG.

I struggled as leader of Tres Comas Club. I struggled to hold any respect in this faction. The constant disrespect from everyone involved. It turned out that the whole time it was just me against the world. But BANG, after the hiatus you and I were the only ones left. We were Tres Comas Club. Us and us alone. You knew that I respected you too much to want your position of leadership. I challenged your place as Junior Heavyweight Champion because I knew that I was the rightful heir to the title of champion. But your leadership, I never disrespected you enough to want to take that from you. Never. That was a respect that I didn’t get from the members who would come after. You put me in the worst possible position by not only walking out on me and everything we could have stood for. You failed me by walking out on our fight!

You’ve beaten me before, but you shouldn’t have. I’ve never beaten you, but I should have. If you were willing to be a fighting champion like I’ve had to be since that night then maybe I wouldn’t have to scratch and claw to be seen as equal to the rest of Tres Comas Club even when I’m the one wearing the crown! Maybe then I wouldn’t have had this faction crumble in my hands as I struggled to make it great! Maybe then the SSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship would have had credibility from the moment it was in my grasp rather than once I beat my brothers turned rivals!

All of this while not even acknowledging that it should have been me to hold this belt first. Not you. You and Montana put me at the bottom of the hill while you sat on the top, then once I climbed up to the top there was nothing there to conquer and I couldn’t enjoy the view.

You might not believe me BANG, but I looked up to you. I looked up to your aura and your fight. I saw a leader in you, the only man worthy of such a position. I thought that until you abandoned us. You’re not a leader and you’re definitely not a champion. I was always destined to beat you and here you’ve been brought to me by the universe to fulfill that destiny.

Oh prestigious leader… BANG. Heheh, Domination is exactly what I’m going to put you through. You’ve been away for quite some time now. In SSW? This is my ring, my kingdom, my crown and no matter who wants to call themself the leader Tres Comas Club is my faction! I build my house on this hill and you come crawling back to the top to stake your claim on my castle? I look at you and what I see is not a champion. Soft and weak. Couldn’t beat me on his own before and won’t be beating me now. Tres Comas Club has no place for traitors and deserters, and I have no patience for them. You chose to be my enemy, and for that you will fall.

I have the stars, the nebulas, and the galaxy. You have a stuffed toy and the nostalgia of a one hit wonder. People have been looking at my crown and having the audacity to take about birthrights. Like I haven’t earned this or I have no right to it. Let me explain to everyone what a champion is. A champion is a person who wins. A champion is someone who fights off all challengers. Many challenge, none have conquered. You say I challenged and did not conquer? Watch Domination and see what my conquest would have looked like when I eradicate a now washed up champion back to the hole he scurried away to when he was faced with the task of defending himself against…



on July 20th 2018, 11:59 pmMaelstrom
[In the deepest, darkest inner sanctum of his Distortion World, Maelstrom sits with a glass of wine, watching some films of recent SSW matches, getting an idea of what he faces. A young woman arrives bearing a piece of paper, fearfully presenting it for Maelstrom's signature, which he gives without giving the girl as much as a glance.]

(In his native Japanese) There are many wonders of silence. You learn about yourself. You learn about the environment around you. And you learn about the people around you, their thoughts, their dreams, their aspiraitons. Their shortcomings, their flaws, their character. All of it is exposed, for better or worse. There are many in Strong Style Wrestling who adore talking. It's a pasttime for them, just as pointless as a group of children playing baseball. While the world of professional wrestling requires me to speak, I speak on my own time. Things such as press conferences and promotion don't matter to me. Words are currency that must be rationed out carefully. I speak when the impact will be strongest felt. My words carry the gravitas that so many here try to have but fail to possess. 

I know nothing of Koji Senji. The name is as worthless to me as the servants who dwell in Distortion World. They exist only as a matter of convenience, nothing more. Once they cease to be useful to me, I swallow them whole. The name Koji Senji is as poigniant to me as rancid feces. I hope that Senji-senshu doesn't take this as an insult, because it's not: I give people of lower statue even lesser thought. 
Maelstrom arrived to Strong Style Wrestling after all of these incidents played out. I have joined Phantom Troupe, but in all honesty I care nothing about your vendetta. While you hate John Doe, and for very noble reasons in the eyes of most, John Doe entrusted me with something precious. Something that will not only ensure that Darkness will rule professional wrestling forever, but will surely hasten the arrival of my Distortion World. He entrusted me with the future of Phantom Troupe, making sure that it stays true to the course and aspirations he intended. For me, this is an honor and duty that cannot be forsaken. 

This does not mean I will attempt to usurp power or try to steer direction  of Leadership in The Phantom Troupe. It already has a well-crafted hierarchy of the most fearsome warriors in the world, and my place is simply to maintain order and balance. And that means that when I am assigned tasks, I complete them. This did not happen when I faced Finnegan Wakefield for his championship belt a short time ago. He experienced Distortion World....but survived it. When I recovered from that battle, I spent some time away from my fellows of the Phantom Troupe. I had to meditate. 

People say that I lost. People will say that I failed.
I did nothing of the sort. 

Finnegan Wakefield was the first of many, the first of so many, who experienced what true torment and pain was like. He survived Distortion World once, but there will be so many to fall into the abyss of my creation and suffer unimaginable horrors before they pledge fealty to me. 

I won in the end....because I announced my arrival to all who dwell on this miserable rock. 

Cassidy amuses me. He has spent so much time training, so much anger and hatred to destroy the man who anointed me as a caretaker of the Phantom Troupe. All of his pathetic scurrying about with Young Lions, all of his most treasured memories of his sensei...and what does it get him? What has he done but return to the crushing embrace of Distortion World? For a man who declares that he lives not in the past but in the future, he speaks a great deal about the past. 

Your past is not of any concern to me, but it does give me a great deal of understanding about who you are and how you will fight me. You think that I underestimate you. I do not. While your training does not impress me, your desire to be as merciless as you can be does. I am interested to see if you can survive Distortion World, which is even stronger now than when Finnegan Wakefield managed to survive it. 

Why do you think that I have anger, that i have frustrations to take out? I have none of this. All I have is the desire to uphold what the Phantom Troupe is about and making sure that you fail to advance. You misunderstand my goal, my view of this world too. It's not about ME taking control of everything. While I do plan on using every bit of force in my body to bring my beautifully dark world of destruction into being, it's for the greater good of all. Mortal men and women like you don't understand what it means to truly be free. Free to sin. Free to destroy. Free to disrupt. So many of you stay in your own bubbles, so afraid of the shadows around you. Like those others around me, I don't live to conform to your rules. I refuse to stay in a box. My power doesn't exist to be contained. It exists to spread like a virus, infecting all until everything that exists is in my image. 

Distortion World is about CREATION in the end, but something must be destroyed in order for something to be created. This wine that you see in my glass. Grapes and other elements had to be destroyed or distorted to create this. The glass. The clothing that we wear. Everything that you mortals have in your lives comes from DESTROYING to CREATE something else. And yet, ironically enough, you babble on about how horrible I am for wanting to CREATE my beautiful world by destroying yours. It's an amusing level of self-righteousness. So much hypocrisy. So much of a lack of shame that you appeal for sympathy by talking about how hard you have trained. 

I don't find you merely disgusting. I find you entertaining. 

You demand respect from me, pleading not to be underestimated, but you dare call a God such as myself a "Lowlife". I think in the coming times you will find out that I am far from a lowlife. You will find that it will be extremely difficult to roll me out of the ring in victory as you lay in the ring, beaten, victimized again. The Phantom Troupe has already taken so much from you. Your friend's career, months off of your own time lost to the void of rehabilitation and so-called "self-reflection". the old man says so many times.....
We only want everything.

This time, I will make sure to do a much better job of crushing you than my predecessors did. Apparently you did not learn enough from your first encounter with Phantom Troupe that you need another. WHen I am finished with you, you will be beaten physically for sure. But my goal, my endgame, is to make sure that you are so broken that you join your friend in retirement. IF you choose to remain in the ring, you remain at your own peril. Your body, the ship of your very soul, is not strong enough, not sea-worthy to stand in the Sea of Destruction and survive. 

I want you to remember all of your training, all of the sweat and blood and sacrifice you poured into your return. I want you to come at me with all the anger and frustration that you had reserved for John Doe...only to realize that even with all of your anger and hatred that your power is meaningless in the face of the storm. You have memories of all that has been done to you, I know. But now, Maelstrom will grant you new, even more painful, vivid ones, and you will know what true suffering and hardship is at long last. You will be silenced for good this time, be it either the breaking of your small body or the shattering of your very soul, Maelstrom will finish the job that John Doe and the rest of the Phantom Troupe began. 

[Maelstrom strokes his beard with one hand before lifting his glass, drinking from it heartily before setting it down, the view shifting behind him.]

We are not on the same level, Cassidy. And if you believe that you truly have nothing left to be taken from you, you will learn quite differently once you meet me in the ring. 

(in English)

WELCOME TO........
on July 20th 2018, 11:58 pmKikyo Himura.

Those were some... truly touching words. I mean, I nearly shed a tear thinking about those words, Apparition. It's going to be a true joy to break and bend you in ways thought unfathomable. Not only will my boys be with me, but my mother will be watching from the crowd as well. So, it'll be a real treat to allow her to watch me prove why I am the biggest commodity around this company. As filthy as majority of you people are, I stick around because let's face it? Without me, you people would have no one in the spotlight. Including those so called champions you have right now.

I find it truly laughable that you even believe you can speak to me in such a way. You seem to know exactly who I am, but you have no idea what I am truly capable of. Between you and Belt... Beast... Bull? I can't recall her name, but either way, you're both disgusting, gaijin losers who don't deserve to share the same ring as me. Let alone breathe the same air as me. At the end of the night, there is only one way this match will end... One way or another, you will be the fallen one. Even if I have to pull a few tricks from up my sleeve. I'll do whatever it takes to prove to you and everyone else why I am The Eternal Scarlet Flame of SSW. Nothing and no one can stop me on my path to greatness and glory.

To me, you're just another face in the crowd who has too much to say with not enough action to his words. But, I suppose we shall see who comes out on top. Like I said, I'm not one for too many words... But, I promise you... No. I swear to you, that you will regret ever disrespecting me. I wish you the best of luck, Apparition... You will truly need it come this week. I cannot wait to embarrass you and become a winner. One step closer on my path to glory, fame and fortune.
on July 20th 2018, 11:52 pmVanessa Santiago

The Strong Style Wrestling Dojo is crowded, and it would almost be fair to say that the assortment of noises hanging heavy in the air would make it difficult for someone to hear themselves think. The sound of bodies hitting the mat as trainees took bumps, stern instructions of trainers shouted in Japanese, all kinds of otherwise-indistinct background chatter, they were all there, but Vanessa felt as if she couldn’t hear any of it. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that anyone who’d wrestled for any length of time had “trained ears”, for lack of a better way of putting it. You got accustomed to tuning out any of the unnecessary shit and honing into whatever zone you needed to in order to get the most out of your training. And oh, did she intend to get the most out of her training today.

The gap between her last televised match and the one awaiting her now was longer than she would’ve liked it to be. In her last outing, she’d defeated the very unworthy and very much in over her head Kikyo Himura -- and consequently been attacked by the Ronin urchin after the bell in a clear example of what good sportsmanship didn’t look like. The appearance on night one of Budokai Tenkaichi -- when she and Steven celebrated with honorary Shoot Nation member Finnegan Wakefield after his successful championship defense -- was something of a buffer. But of course, it wasn’t nearly enough for her. The last time she’d stepped in the ring for all to see, her victory had been a foregone conclusion, and she took pride in that. She did not, however, take pride in having been knocked down the way that she was. This week, she intended to have it all. Not only would Vanessa’s hand be raised in victory, but she would also look like a winner when all was said and done -- walking away of her own volition, with her head held high.

Vanessa pressed her back against one of the walls of the Dojo, out of the way of most of the hustle and bustle. She slid down until she was seated on the hardwood floor, picking at the sweaty gray Miami Dolphins logo tank top she wore. Simple black leggings and knee pads clung to her legs and her black wrestling boots were on her feet. Her dyed dark blonde hair was mussed after training and sat in a messy bun atop her head. As she begins to unwrap the tape around her wrists, Santiago begins to speak.

“For the last number of weeks, I feel like I’ve had to atone for my last match. That might sound like a strange thing to say, given that I won my last match, but at the risk of sounding incredibly cliche -- winning isn’t everything. On paper, I came away with another important victory, and in any other situation, that would be paramount. If Strong Style Wrestling was actually run in the clinical, honor-bound way that Shoot Nation has tried to instill, then I wouldn’t even be mentioning that second-generation placeholder who I faced weeks back. She was outwrestled, plain and simple. I am a world class competitor, and she was never going to be able to keep up. The final bell should be the end of it all, but leave it to Ronin filth to deviate from that and hit the winner when their back is turned.”

“I know there are some people who see Shoot Nation as being foolish. Unrealistically optimistic about the landscape of this company. Boring, even. But allow me to clear something up -- I don’t discourage individuality. My main gripe with my last opponent, with my opponent this week, or with Ronin as a whole isn’t that they march to the beat of their own drum. It’s that they allow complacency to take hold, and they write it off as being laissez-faire and cool. It’s that they remain lazy and unmotivated in all of their pursuits in this company, and when they actually do look for a second as if they belong among this elite collection of athletes, they manage to take the next available opportunity to remind us all of the fact that their fake edginess and mentality of rebelling for the sake of rebelling is really little more than a crutch, and has done the faction as a whole more harm than good.”

“Damien Walker, I’m aware that at one point, people had no choice but to look to you when they were running down a shortlist of who the “important” wrestlers in this company were. You proudly shouldered the burden of helping to defend the Freebird Tag Team Championships. But after having them ripped from your faction in what will probably be remembered as near-record time, what have you done since? I’ll play devil’s advocate and ask a question I’m sure that you may be asking now -- “Who are you to ask that question?” I can’t make any bones about it; championship gold has eluded me thus far into my SSW tenure, but I know how to get there. The way to put yourself in line for championship opportunities and to advance up the ladder is to simply win. Nothing more, nothing less. Certainly not jumping your opponent after the bell, wielding primitive backyard wrestling weapons like barbed wire baseball bats, or any other bullshit that Ronin has absorbed into its collective M.O. You’re looking at the first woman this company signed. Not the sitting Puroresu Heavyweight Champion or any other woman walking this company’s halls, me. I helped lay the groundwork for what a wrestler in SSW was meant to be. I’ve fought for my freedom from a former leader who thought he owned me, and one day soon, I’ll fight for something that I can strap around my waist or hang over my shoulder. In the meantime, I’ll continue to do what I need to win as much as I need to in order to make that possible. Unfortunately for you, Kikyo didn’t soften me up. If she really took her victories where she could get them, she’d have done you a favor and taken me out completely. Here I am now, in fighting shape and ready to go 2-0 against the Ronin drones. I’ve never been more unimpressed with the lot of you than I am right now.”

“The concept of you being a “loose cannon” who’s supposedly difficult to prepare for or predict doesn’t scare me. As straightforward as my fighting style may be, as much as I hate to leave anything to chance, I dare say I was molded more by the chaotic nature of SSW than I was by my MMA training. You can learn submission and strikes almost anywhere, but to be able to adapt, to know to keep your head on a swivel? Only The School of Hard Knocks can teach you that, and SSW was as good of an institution of higher learning as anyone could hope for. You don’t worry me, Damien. Nothing you say to me will be anything I haven’t heard, and nothing you ultimately do will be brand new. I know the stock you’re made of, and it doesn’t put fear in my heart. Shoot Nation is on the brink of turning the tides and being able to steer this company in the direction it’s meant to go in, and I look forward to having the privilege of being able to say I played a role in it.”

For the first time, Vanessa's otherwise straight-faced expression cracks a bit as she allows a slight smile to crease her expression.

“But don’t just take my word for it, Damien. Come and meet me in the ring and find out what The General of Shoot Nation is made of. Come see what had your sister-in-arms so upset, and worse yet, come see what she couldn’t beat. This face will be the last thing you see before you’re choked unconscious. I promise to make it quick.”
on July 20th 2018, 11:47 pmDamien Walker
“A Misfit In Action”



“Wandering Souls…”

“It seems that every other faction in SSW loves to place labels upon us. Labels that aren’t necessarily inaccurate but are a bit too restrictive. You see, I didn’t join Ronin because I was an underachiever and a misfit. I joined...well, because I didn’t fit in with any other faction. Tres Comas Club is mostly filled with spoiled little rich kids who grew up and never learned how to humble themselves. Everybody in Phantom Troupe is either an asshole or have a fucking personality disorder, no exceptions. As for Shoot do I put this? Their whole schtick kind of rubs me the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the passion for “restoring honor and tradition” here in SSW, but I can’t help but feel that it’s somewhat insincere. At least, from some of their members.”

“To me, Shoot Nation is an idea that sounds nice and pleasant but isn’t actually practical, like world peace or cloning your pet. Perhaps I’m just being a cynic, but I notice that there’s a certain level of back-handedness and condescension in the way that they speak. Being an outright asshole is one thing, but running around with this holier-than-thou attitude and acting like you would “never stoop to the lows that TCC and PT have” while talking shit about the way that your only potential ally’s being run...just irritates the fuck out of me.”

“Vanessa...your dismissive attitude towards Ronin, calling us “middle-of-the-road underachievers”, perfectly encapsulates this problem. You call your fellow Shoot Nation stablemates your “brothers-in-arms”, but you’ve clearly shown the capacity to change allegiances when you felt “limited”. Who’s to say that you wouldn’t do the same thing again? Simply because you “feel limited”? Don’t give me that bullshit excuse of “I’m a different person now”, because I’ve heard that one way too many times already. People don’t change themselves...they hide themselves. They hide who they really are under a mask that’s meant to mislead and deceive. Then again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe, I’m just talking out of my ass...but you should already know what this business can do to certain people, shouldn’t you? When you’re truly dedicated to becoming the best, some will do whatever it takes to actually become it.”

“Your skills in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is certainly nothing to laugh at, nor is your innate ability to wear your opponents down. However, what will happen if I take our match...out of the ring? Out of your comfort zone? Who said that I’m going to necessarily “wrestle” you? I may have my moments but I’m not a complete idiot. Trying to wrestle someone like you? Well, it just wouldn’t go well for me...although I can definitely take a pretty nasty beating and keep on fighting if things don’t end up going quite as smoothly as I’d have probably liked. Ugh, but I’m getting off topic. You may be a formidable competitor and the first woman who was signed to SSW, but I’m not intimidated. I’ve jumped into barbed wire, been thrown through tables, lit on fire and received far too many chair shots to the head. The time for being scared has passed by a long-ass time ago. The time to prove that I’m more than just a mere “misfit”, an "underachiever" and a "wandering soul" is now."

"Peace. The Fuck. Out."
on July 20th 2018, 11:23 pmFalke Halstenberg
SSW Promo #1: “The Regime”

(Word Count: 1,137)

*Falke is seen kneeling in front of a flag of the Phantom Troupe logo. He stares at it reverantly, respect beaming from his every pore and a smile plastered on his face at the sight of the insignia*

Falke: I have… Been welcomed… *he rises to his feet* into the Phantom Troupe, with open arms. I have promised… that as a man with unmatched pride in his skill and technical acumen, that I will not disappoint who have given me this chance. In my short time as a phantom troupe cohort, I have learned one thing for near certain… the biggest enemy of ours may just be the Shoot Nation. *Falke begins slipping on a singular black leather glove, it looks to possibly be German military issue* Doesn't surprise me, considering our intentions are pretty much opposite. We desire to take the world of wrestling by storm through dominance and force all of the other factions into submission. I am absolutely right on board with this concept, and naturally lend myself to the ideal. I am superior… superior to my competition in every single way. But I won't just say it, I'll break down exactly why for all the idiots that may not understand.

*Falke, still with only one gloved hand, saunters out of the room he was in and into what seems like an office. He pulls a globe from a desk and points at it. Sneering slightly*

Falke: This, people is where i hail from.. the beautiful land of Germany. *Falke’s hand points at the country on the globe* a place heralded as one of the most dominant in sporting history. 2014 world cup? Germany. Leaders in Canoeing and Equestrian gold medals in all of Olympic history? Germany. 4 wrestling Olympic gold medals and 12 silver? That would be Germany. Dominance, you see, only comes naturally to a man of my status and athleticism. I showed that last week when I stomped Jack Ryland or whatever his name is’ head in, I will show it again against Shinati Mizarki tomorrow night. The Phantom Troupe… as well as Falke Halstenberg… cannot! Will not! Be stopped!

*Falke sets the globe down, putting his other glove onto his hand*

Falke: Shoot Nation… Shinati Mizarki… you stand for a traditional style of Japanese wrestling. You demand respect and honor toward not only your heritage but toward the fans that fill the seats when you perform, no? *Falke swipes below his nose with his thumb, then chuckles a bit* You truly are from a bygone era aren't you? But you're unique, I'll give you that. Uniquness isn't what gets you through a match against somebody, skill does, and while you may say I am green compared to you especially in the context of strong style wrestling, I must point out that you have but a small sample of what it is exactly I can do to another human being.. I have a lot more than that, and I've been studying it all, wondering and waiting to see the point where you destroy yourself in whatever strategy it is you decide to employ to take me down. Will you use your strength? Bad idea, will you use your experience? I don't know how that will give you an edge over me. Technicality and speed? Well I just win there don't I? And if something doesn't go the way I'd like it to, I can just call on my faction for help. Unlike the Shoot Nation, I've learned that the Phantom Troupe are a band of common mind. We help each other and yet still rival each other. It really is an enigma the way the Phantom Troupe operates is it not? But I love every single second of it. It's exactly what I got into wrestling for, having a big group to back me up when a fight turns foul. A band of Brothers to turn to when help is needed yet rivals that keep me learning the sport and on my toes so that I don't get complacent. I have still yet much to prove Shinati… and they say a man with much to prove is a dangerous man indeed. I will show you why they say that tomorrow. You seem to have spoken on me… and how funny it is that you had so little to say, and that what you did have to say made you look so stupid.

*Falke paces with his hand upon his chin, then glares at the camera*

Falke: it looks like you're on a losing streak Shinati, a downward curve that you hope to get out of by defeating me tomorrow. You promise that you've opened a door that has been awaiting you for a very long time, you say that you traveled to some temple in Yokohama that your father brought you to when you were six. I see all of this and I wonder… what is supposed to make me think you can defeat me? You're unsure of yourself, it seems. After all of those losses, you have not only lost your matches but the confidence in yourself. The thing that ultimately drives man whether they care about the audience or not ends up being but one very simple concept; the thrill of victory. Go without it for long enough and you'll end up exactly where you are now, tasting the bottom of the barrel and trying to climb your way back up before you drown like the pathetic scum that you are. I am here to smack you back down, possibly even lower into that barrel. Because I know that it will make the fans sad to see you lose and to see me win… and I know that the thrill of victory shall be within my palms at last.. for the second time of many I will taste the throes of heaven and drink from the cup of gold. And Shinati Mizarki will wind up the one once again sitting at the bottom, wondering what went wrong… well there'd be only one answer to that shall you ask it.

*Falke sweeps a bit of his hair back and grins very cockily, adjusting one of his gloves*

Falke: This is what happens when a foolish mortal attempts to defeat a God. I am a God of wrestling and will not be degraded to losing or giving a fall to someone like you who is so obviously inferior. The punishment for your ignorance, insolence, and angering me is quite clear. I expect you to know what is coming Shinati, but even if you do… you will be all but powerless to stop it from happening. It is time for SSW to welcome it's new regime… Shinati… you will be the second to bow to it.

on July 20th 2018, 11:13 pmScott Oasis
(We are given a first person view of a hotel hallway as the camera man walks straight down the path, looking around the area and scanning the room numbers for one in particular. The man walks all of the way to the end of the hall, happening upon the last door. The camera moves along with the person behind it's eyes, observing the door closely. The camera man believes this to be the room he is looking for as we can hear a sharp exhale from him before he chooses to knock on the door and take a few steps back. The man waits silently, a feeling of nervous present in the scene as he hears the rumblings going on in the room. An annoyed grunt can be heard and foot steps getting close to the door. Finally it is opened as we are greeted by an angry looking Scott Oasis who appears different than he usually does. He is out of his street clothes and is currently wearing a towel around his waist.)

Scott Oasis: What the fuck do you want?

Camera Man: Oh uhhh...w-w-well

Scott Oasis: "W-w-w" SPIT IT OUT!

Camera Man: I am a media representative for SSW looking to get some comments from you in regards to your upcoming appearance?

Scott Oasis: Well you sure picked a bad fucking time I tell you what! How did they even let you up here? Who gave you the go-ahead? It was Sebastian wasn't he, he sent you up here! Ugh....stupid idiot always trying to help with my PR. You're an SSW rep you said? You strolled up here and interrupted my important business because you want my thoughts on my match against Senza Faccia? Ok, I'll humor you. I'm going to give you your precious comments and I'm going to make them real short and sweet for you pal. My thoughts on this match: a total layup. Eassssyyyy winnn. Senza is a no name ham and egger with zero credibility and zero wins. He's no threat to me, he wasn't even a threat to that weirdo over on Kingdom last week and that dude's WAY below my level. All it took was one move to put him away in five seconds. One move. He couldn't even muster up a kickout after a good five seconds of offense. Pitiful. The man's a complete wuss with no fight which is to be expected with anyone being exported from a country like France. He's in the ring against me to fill a role and that's to be a sacrifice for the Ice Man. He's a way for Strong Style Wrestling to show off their man attraction and that is yours truly! He's nothing more than a human prop, an appetizer before I move on to bigger shows and bigger things like Domination! I'm not worried about him and you bozos shouldn't be worried about him either, the match is not even about him really, he might as well not be there, it's not like you'll have time to remember his name or recognize his face once I pulverize him into the dirt within a matter of moments. Don't think Mr. Miyagi getting lucky and pulling one over me a few weeks ago means I'm falling off. My run in Japan is far from over - it's just beginning! My job is not done! I will run through all of these tomato cans you put in my way until SSW finally provides some real competition. Good enough for you? Now if you excuse me, I must return to my wife. You got the footage you needed so get the fuck away from my door you little creep.

(Scott Oasis slams the door on the camera man's face and happily returns to his room.)

"I'm back babe! I'm gonna drink this Coors and then it's time for another go you hear me!?"
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