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on April 28th 2018, 9:30 pmJun Nobunaga
Last week I united with The Apparition to fend off Tres Comas Club’s Matias Navarro and Miltiades! We proved why Shoot Nation is no laughing stock and are truly the fighters of Strong Style Wrestling! And now this week I take on one of my own stablemates, Ash Bouyer. A young man with great potential and a good heart. I can respect who he is now based on where he came from and the experiences he lived through. However that does not mean I will pull any punches from him now. That would be hypocritical as it would make us like Phantom Troupe or Tres Comas Club who abuse their numbers to their advantage and try to get ahead of their opponents by means other than their ability alone. While I do have respect for you as my fellow Shoot Nation member, you do have some personality traits that need to be fixed. You’re a bit on the arrogant side, and while it is perfectly reasonable to be confident in your own abilities, you sometimes get too big headed for your own good Asher. And...I’m sorry but, those boots are atrocious. I’m going to need to kick your face in until you learn that those have got to go. I do sincerely apologize for what I am going to have to do to you my good sir.
on April 28th 2018, 9:05 pmCM Nas
Hello ladies and gents, sorry to keep you waiting, but you can’t rush perfection. You also can not rush a perfectionist such as myself. Most certainly not one who possesses championship gold and reigns atop the entire world of wrestling...LITERALLY! I am a prime member of the most powerful faction in Japan’s greatest federation, I am the Omega Heavyweight Champion...the FIRST CHAMPION CROWNED IN OWA HISTORY! I am also the Azteca De Lucha Heavyweight Champion. And to top it all off, The Proving Ground Wrestling World Champion. Do you lot understand what that even means? I dominate our industry in Japan, America, Mexico, and the United Kingdom! NAME ONE OTHER BEING WALKING THE PLANET EARTH TODAY WHO CAN BOAST SOMETHING SIMILAR?! That is what makes me the Best. I face off in highly competitive matchups against the most talented individuals in every art form of wrestling in the world. From British Mat Grappling, to Lucha Libre, to Puroresu, and good ol’ american storytelling! I can do IT ALL...and I do it all better than anyone else that there is, was, or ever will BE! A mere mortal man could never pull off such a feet, hence why I am a deity. I destroy all competition in my path, which is why I am known worldwide as the God of Destruction! I have literally taken over our business! No one is more recognizable in Pro Wrestling in Spring 2018 than yours truly C! M! NAS! A little two timing Snake by the name of Vanessa Santiago proclaimed that I need a personal hype man backing me up to have any real standing amongst the top tiers here in Strong Style Wrestling. That is real cute, ya know that? I have been in this industry since 2010. Where were you in 2010 missy? Probably a freshman in highschool getting hit on by the same losers who jack off to pictures of you on the internet today. How could Shoot Nation possibly believe in you when you couldn’t even stay loyal to us here in Phantom Troupe? You foolish little worm. If you honestly think I need my good, longtime friend Rick Walton to verbally smack you down for me...then you clearly know nothing and would do best stepping out of the ring and being a valet instead. You’ve got all the right qualifications for that role to be fair. When I say I am the best. I mean the best at EVERYTHING THAT ENCOMPASSES THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN! THE BEST TALKER, THE BEST MAT WRESTLER, THE BEST STRIKER, THE BEST HIGH FLYER, EVEN AT 222 POUNDS THE BEST POWER GUY! I AM EVERYTHING THAT IS RIGHT ABOUT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING MODERN DAY! Meanwhile you’re just another pretty face who will fade into obscurity just as quickly as your looks will. I’m going to teach you how all of this works and cut you down to size in a matter of moments. So get your pen and paper out young lady, because class is in session! All you are at your core is a Young Girl who couldn’t help that Phantom Troupe evolved passed the point of needing you. With major players such as Myself, Aria Jaxon, Gronk, and Kerry Keller added to the fold, there was no room for poor little Vanessa, so she ran to the only place that would take her in, Shoot Nation. In their current state they’ll need as many numbers as they can possibly get. Whether it’s through two timers such as yourself and Jun Nobunaga...or even absolute pieces of filth like Captain Strong Style or that heely kid Ash Bouyer. In the end you don’t belong in the ring with us, because while we may be bad guys...we are up front with our intentions. YOU on the other hand are just using your position in Shoot Nation to stay relevant here in this promotion. With my divine eyes I see right through your motives and I expose you to my faithful followers! The only thing that will be broken is the bodies, minds, and spirits of all of you Shoot Nation Scum!

Speaking of which, The Apparition. I am a narcissist? No. Not one single, solitary bit. Statements like that are how I know this is going to be a cakewalk this week. You foolish mortals don’t even comprehend what you are dealing with this week! I am a God among men who swings his mighty divine blade of justice against those who oppose his will and desires to mold this world we all live within into a much grander environment for ALL! You Imbeciles representing Shoot Nation are just too narrow minded and short sighted to understand my goals and aspirations. At my core I am a kid who fought honorably and proudly for everything he now holds today, and defends it proudly every single day of his life. I am justified in every act I commit, because I know at the end of the day it will all lead to a better future for our entire industry with ME as the man responsible for it all! That is who CM Nas is Apparition. The reason I collect these world championships all across the globe is to spread my gospel to all on the Planet. My divine hand waves itself over all nations to create as many devout followers as possible. And if you refuse to believe, you will be doomed to damnation! It is as simple as that. And that is what Shoot Nation is today. They are stubborn fools who refuse to better themselves, and are accordingly punished for their actions each and every single miserable day of their existences. You bring up Masanori Kawada and what I did to him last week. So did Belle Kingsley I noticed. You lot question why I would willingly give up my position.’s not about winning the Cup for me. I have much greater and grander plans in the future that do not involve such a tournament. Put simply, unlike you losers I DON’T NEED TO WIN THAT CUP! Oh and believe me, I will get everything that IS coming to me in due time. I’m not concerned with the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship right now because it is in very capable hands right now. The hands of The Phantom Troupe! But best believe if one of you chumps from one of the other three factions do manage to somehow slip passed Aria Jaxon and usurp her as World Champ, I’ll be right there waiting to strike and take claim of it for The Phantom Troupe myself! All of these championships I win are for the great name of The Troupe! Because my fellow Brothers and my Sister within the faction all recognize the bleek state the industry is in just as I have. They see my plans for a positive change and they know I am doing what is right in the end. They support me, and I support them. That’s how this works. We fight for each other. All for one and one for all. So don’t try and get in my head and question their loyalty to me or my loyalty to them Apparition. You might want to check on OUR former stablemate Miss Santiago for that sort of double crossing shenanigans. Or better yet, focus on how you’ll actually be able to compete against me inside of that ring...oh wait YOU CAN’T! BECAUSE I AM THE BEST! You might as well put all your eggs into the basket of fighting for the Heritage Championship, because you have zero hope of winning against us now! Then we have who now? King TORA IV?! Who the hell is that afterthought? Yet another lame superhero type? I thought we had enough of that with Captain Strong Style and Masanori Kawada! Goddamnit...well I guess we’ll have to show him what true Divine Justice is now won’t we. It’s just sad the state Shoot Nation is in now isn’t it? The fact that they have to send THIS to fill out their trio just makes you realize how miserable the whole group itself is. Why don’t they just die already, quit being gluttons for punishment and accept the fate that has been set for you since day one! That fate is destruction by the hands of the God himself. C. M. Nas.

on April 28th 2018, 8:39 pmGuest
on April 28th 2018, 7:54 pmGronk
I couldn't wait. I'm bored already. The idea of Chase Vedder coming up with anything was a thought I dreaded, but that's only HALF the boredom that I felt watching Chase's first interview. So I'm just going to go off the assumption that Chase isn't going to respond. So here it goes.


Won't you look at that, this fake news affiliate didn't dare argue words with the Mad Titan himself. If he can't even trade words with Gronk, how does he expect to trade fists? OH YEAH, PROBABLY BECAUSE BOTH ARE A LOSING CAUSE.

Gronk is considered the most esteemed intellectual in the company of SSW. Most of that is due to being American of course. I honestly thought all you asians were the same, but it came to my attention that the Chinese and Japanese aren't the same. WELL, SUCKS FOR YOU. BECAUSE THE CHINESE ARE THE ONES GOOD AT MATH. I mean... now that I think about it, that doesn't exactly apply to you Chase, but uhhh, YEAH, YOUR EMPLOYER AND THEIR KIND AREN'T THE ONES GOOD AT MATH. Sympathize with that, jackass. You're a loser who won't try to combat Gronk at all. DUMB. Well, actually smart. Because your chances are flatter than these asian girl's asses. BUT DUMB.

You refuse to entertain me whatsoever. AND I WANT ENTERTAINED. I hope you like who you are Chase. Because you have a face only a mother can love. And maybe a desperate asian. But that's not saying much. I'm not sure what's worse. The idea of bagging your commie mother or a SSW fan. Oh well, I can't wait to see the faces of all your hentai followers when Gronk beats you to an atomic oblivion. Your fans will look at your corpse and just marvel at the destruction, with their weeb tears. " Chinka Cheecha (Translation: He died.) So Yung. Toto hekachi (Translation: So sad.)

Are you even from Indiana?!? WHO ARE THE COLTS? WHO ARE THE PACK... NO PACERS? Who is Leslie Knope? Ron Swanson??? You give Gronk nothing but silence, proving you're a PHONY. YOU'RE A SPY. AN AMERICAN SPY WHO IS JUST TRYING TO INCRIMINATE THE UNITED STATES' WAY OF LIFE. FREE. You can't have freedom because you're burdened by being in this forsaken country and their beany-little eyed consumers. These people are the scum of the earth. I can't wait for Kim Jung the 5th or 50th, whatever it is, to give America a reason to wipe ALL YOU OUT. IT'LL BE THE RECKONING WE ALL DESERVE. Gronk can finally sleep at night knowing he doesn't have to share the road with bad driving asians. A reckoning would be a mercy.

Gronk is SSW's reckoning. And you are just next in line, chinky sympathizer. I hate this culture and I hate fake news. Japan, Chase Vedder, and SSW all have that in common. You are in my way. Be like Hiroshima and DISAPPEAR. BECAUSE GRONK IS GOING ALLLLLLLLL THE WAY.

on April 28th 2018, 7:18 pmGronk
Here we go. HERE WE GO.

You know what they say, never trust somebody with two first names. Chase, check. Vedder... uhhh, check. But you know what else you can't trust? An American who spells the word "realize" with an 's'. I've just exposed you like donkey kong, Chase. You are a stupid commie spy who portrays himself as American. You think Gronk is just going to let that shit slide? HELL NO.

Chase even has his information all wacked out. See?!?! You just can't trust this guy. He must get his news from CNN because it is just FAKE NEWS! Gronk didn't help Aria Jaxon win her world champion, the Queen of Strong Style didn't need the Mad Titan. Hell, SSW wouldn't even let me in the arena that night. Something about an off-the-books suspension about calling the owner a Kamikaze Pilot from Pearl Harbor. Whatever. IT WASN'T MY FAULT. These god damn chinkys wouldn't accept my work visa in the proper time, of course I'm going to tell them exactly how I feel. Nonetheless, I'm here now Chase, and you can't fake this one.


Honestly, I can't wait to teach you a lesson, son. You're a FAKE real American, you BELONG here in SSW. You should affiliate yourself with this scum more often. I wish nothing but misery on you. I hope you marry a Japanese woman and you two have multiple children. And I hope your children grow up with the Asian culture, the narrow eyes and the yellow skin type misery. OH yeah, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Anyone but you and your hypothetical children, you swine flu. You ever see the movie Contagion? THE VIRUS STARTS IN JAPAN. I hope your hypothetical children start the epidemic with their half-asian half-fake-American full-on-commie stank. You're a phony, you're a weeb in the making. You are disgusting and I can't wait for you to feel bad about yourself by being made into "one of them". I can't wait for you to go to Japanese prison by bagging one of those simpson midgets and break their tailbone by simply giving them something other than the asian cock. Seriously, all these women here are like 4 foot nothing. So yeah, I hope you get so drunk enough to where you feel like bagging one of them and go to prison for being a commie. Then again, you could just be desperate enough. Imagine how desperate that guy Cash is, to have succumbed to an SSW-type woman back in the states???

Either way, I can't wait to just scream outside your trial: LOCK HIM UP. LOCK HIM UP. LOCK HIM UP!!!!

You and your stupid club disgust me. This Tres Comas? Like what the hell is a Tres? The hell is a Comas? USE AMERICAN WORDS, STUPID. At least Troupe reminds me of Troop. Like what the hell can I come up with out of Tres? Tray? Comas? Comma? You're a Trey full of Commas? Yeah, that's REAL cool there guy. That's just what I want, a tray full of punctuation. You should be REAL proud of yourself there, buddy. Then again, after everything you've said, I'm not in the least bit surprised. These god damn Pearl Harbor sympathizers and their logic, they'll take anything as a victory. But it isn't so fun is it, when the fight comes to your homeland?!?! You can have your surprise plane attacks. We don't consider Hawaii a real state anyway. It's just a vacation spot with people whose skin has been discolored due to volcano ash. Chase's hypothetical children's grandparents caused that. He's the enemy. He's the enemy of my friend who... is also my enemy? Who... is also the enemy... who?... YOU KNOW WHAT, WHATEVER. THIS IS THE TYPE OF FAKE NEWS CHASE IS TRYING TO BRAINWASH US ALL WITH. THIS IS HIS FAULT Chase can't get me like that. My intelligence is too amazing to let Chase get in my head. They call me the Broadstreet Bully, and it just looks like Vedder is next on the chopping block.

He probably considers himself as some type of Samurai or something, or whatever he and his traitorous kind portray themselves as. Stupid phony. Trying to lie to the public that I actually like this company or these Hiroshima mongoloids. I HATE THEM. THAT'S WHY I'M HERE. IT IS UP TO ME TO SHOW THE WORLD OF JAPAN WHY GRONK IS THE NATIONAL MASCOT FOR THE UNITED STATES. Japan is considered this great revolutionary country, one who the United States can trust. But the only reason you can trust them is because they know if they ever try to mess with the States again, they'll just be met with a third radioactive fallout. So of course they behave! OF COURSE THEY DO. OUT OF FEAR.

And that's what you'll do, Chase. You'll behave out of fear. Just like the rest of them. Coincidence that the bimbo creepo Piero has been silent since Gronk laid him out? NOPE. He now knows he can't spread his fake ideology and creepy anime, or else he's going to get got. And you, as the Holocaust-Pearl Harbor sympathizer you are, you'll fear Gronk too. You'll behave, you all behave sooner or later. I demand an apology, and if I don't get it Chase, well, you will just end up like that incest hentai dweeb Piero. Apologize for Bengazi spreading fake news, and just maybe, just maybe, you will have my mercy.

Gronk out. You have an hour to respond.
on April 28th 2018, 5:49 pmMatias Navarro
|The camera introduces the viewers to a room filled with smoke. The smoke belonging to Matias’ cigar. As the smoke settles a bit, the camera pans around the room. Matías is clearly in some VIP section, with massive TV’s showing the NFL Draft. There have to be a few hundred people there altogether. All chatting and exchanging money as they bet on who they think will be the next pick. But Matías isn’t worried about that as he finds himself surrounded by a plethora of attractive women. He’s clearly enjoying himself, as he always does. Out of the blue, Matías manager, Tomás Aguliar, pops in and tells the women to scram. You would think this would upset Matías, but he knows those women are a dime a dozen, so no worries. Tomás informs Matías that they need to promote his upcoming match. In response, Matías shrugs and says sure. Tomás lets out a deafening whistle, which manages to shut up the entire room as Tomás begins to speak.|

Tomás: What a bunch of barbarians, huh? I’m sure they would fit in quite nicely with the rest of The Phantom Troupe, judging by these past few weeks alone, but I digress. Look, I get it, people are passionate about different things in this world. For instance, I like cars and yachts and watches! But sports? It isn’t exactly my cup of tea. The world of gambling on the other hand? Guilty. And the same goes for my friend, Matías here. I mean, who doesn’t like making an extra buck or two? Well, by the looks of it, I’d say Jacob Senn and Brian Daniels because after glancing at some of … actually, no scratch that, let’s go with the vast majority, of the men and women they signed to SSW contracts, they’ll be lucky to break even! Which, have no fear, is actually a possibility with the star power that only Tres Comas Club can provide! So here we ar— actually, hold on for just one second! Hey! HEY! CAN YOU PLEASE MUTE THOSE TVs?! WE HAVE SOME BUSINESS TO TAKE CARE OF! Thanks! Like I said, I don’t care for sports, which obviously includes American football. I’m especially not a fan of the New England Patriots because I hear they have a player named Gronk! And just like the Gronk here in SSW, he seems to be all brawn and no brains! Something else they have in common is they both ride the coattails of a peer … whether it be Tom Brady or Aria Jaxon. But this draft event, I’ve watched it before. A few years ago, in fact, I somehow let my wife convince me to join her and her girlfriends to some bar. Yes, the things we do for love! But as they were talking about God knows what, I just looked up at the TV, similar to these, and I watched this exact event as I chugged drink after drink. But unfortunately, I couldn’t down enough because I could still hear them chirping, just badgering me about what’s going on in my life. The audacity, I know!  The reason why I even bring up this draft is that it reminds me of Strong Style Wrestling in a way. You see, these men have no say in where they go. And to the team they land on, they are expected to gel with their teammates right away. As if chemistry shouldn’t take any time to develop! So of course, it’s much easier said than done. Sometimes it never works out. Sometimes that player isn’t the answer. Or isn’t the remaining piece to the puzzle. This player turns out to be a bust. But make no mistake about it … Matías Navarro will be no bust. He’s a fucking game changer! And no, I’m not just talking about his impact on Tres Comas Club. I’m thinking bigger picture and I’m thinking Strong Style Wrestling as a whole. He has everything you would want as the face to represent an entire company. The wrestling ability? Check. The charisma? Check. The look? Check. He has it all. No, he has it all and then some! But … but, I know that some people have soured on Matías just a bit. After one damn week, no less! And unfortunately, the people I speak of, are mostly Tres Comas Club members. The so-called “leader” of this stable had even gone as far to say he embarrassed Tres Comas Club a few weeks back! Waaaait, whaaaat? Give me a second! My vision must be blurred! Let me rub my eyes to clear them! BECAUSE WE MUST NOT BE SEEING THE SAME SHIT! WHY?! Why is everyone on this god damn planet a glass half empty kind of person?! We always focus on the negative! ALL DOOM AND GLOOM! But not Matías. Look at him. Look! Look at the million dollar smile! No matter what’s going on, it’s always there and do you know why that is? Please, take a wild guess! I insist! No, it’s not just because he gets to wake up as Matías motherfucking Navarro every morning! It’s because he’s about to get paid! Trucks will be backing up to his crib to drop off the many sacks of money! Because come Supremacy, Matías will be getting that main event bonus and oh yeah, to top it off, he will also get to wear the most prestigious title in the world around his waist … that of course being, the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship! 

Tomás: This should thrill the members of Tres Comas Club! The more championships, the more power. The more power, the more cash. It’s simple math, really. Just think about it …  we already have the SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship! We should have the tag titles. And like I already pointed out, Matías has the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship on lock, come Supremacy. What’s not to like here? We are all on the same team! Team green right?! There is no need to have some silly inner conflict. I mean, we don’t want the other groups looking at us and thinking we have some frangible relationship that they can take advantage of! Because as of now, we aren’t some team or alliance. We are a bunch of star players thinking about individual accolades and not even wasting a single second of our day to think about how we can improve as the redoubtable, nonpareil unit that we are destined to become!  We need to become a tight-knit brotherhood. Right, Matías? Yeah, I’m looking at you. I’m not going to act like Matías is some angel. He will be the first to tell you that. Arguing with André on social media? Really? What are we five? And because of your questionable at best actions, you had to go to the “principal’s office”, isn’t that right? Have a little chat with the investors. Word on the street is they even fined you. Because at the end of the day, we must remember that André is the leader of Tres Comas Club. The investors, more specifically Mr. Montana, believe he is the right fit and who are we to argue? So with all of that said, let’s leave the past in past, all right? Matías is and will continue to be, a team player! You have my word! So as we turn over this new leaf, let’s just smooth things over quickly by having you, Matías, the Good Samaritan that you are, apologize to André! Go on!

|Tomás looks over at Matías, waiting for him to utter the words he’s sorry. He even gives him a little nudge with his elbow. But it seems Matías is in his own world as he examines the cigar in his hand. After a few seconds, Tomás finally gets his attention. Matías lets out a sigh before clenching his jaw in anger. He looks into the camera.|

Matías: I’m sorry…

Tomás: SEE?! TRES COMAS CLUB IS FINE! WE JUST DEBUNKED THE RUMORS OF THERE BEING A DIVIDE WITHIN THE GROUP! EVERYONE CAN REST EASY KNOWING THAT … that, André and Matías are basically best buds! And they will prove just that as they work together this week, to hand The Phantom Troupe a very much deserved loss! That’s right, the big bad Phantom Troupe is on the menu ladies and gentlemen, which is good because Matías is hungry. He’s hungry for revenge and he’s hungry ... no, STARVING for championship gold!!!! The latter will be accomplished in a few weeks, meanwhile the former is coming this weekend. 

Matías: Revenge? For what?

Tomás: For what they did to you a few weeks ago. 

Matías: See that’s the thing, I don’t hold grudges because life is too short for all of that bullshit. I don’t care about The Phantom Troupe. Just like I don’t care about the champion, Aria Jaxon either. I want that championship. That’s it. No need to make this complicated. What?! Why are you raising your eyebrows with that confused look on your face?! None of this is personal to me. This is business and in the business world, there is no room for hurt feelings. Unlike myself, I see all of the fans and the other factions in SSW are up in arms over The Phantom Troupe and how they conduct themselves. In my “humble” opinion, I think complaining about them cutting corners or for them coloring outside the lines is childish. It’s no different than crying over spilled milk. Your tears will fix nothing. Go get a rag and clean it up. What? Surprised by my relaxed attitude this evening? Am I supposed to have my blood boiling? SHOULD I BE SHOUTING IN FRONT OF THIS CAMERA TO GET ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION! No, if you have to yell to get your point across, you’re doing it wrong. I’m not about being someone I’m not. But if you want, I can play it up for the cameras. I can make some lazy threats towards John Doe and Aria Jaxon. I can talk all about how I’ll flip Doe upside down and use that five dollar haircut as a mop, because well, it is a mop, after all, to help soak up Aria’s blood off the canvas. I can even talk about how it’s my goal to end their careers this week! See? Just your typical genetic hogwash that the run-of-the-mill talents use. Tomorrow night, all I care about are two things. One, getting the victory. Simple right? And the other is getting paid for my efforts. That’s it! Plus, I can’t afford to get caught up in my feelings this week due to the fact I need Aria in one piece so we can have our match at Supremacy, whether she believes the match will be made official or not. I mean, if I were her,  I’d hope not too. We shall see how it all plays out. So that’s it. That’s all I have to say. I don’t have some clever closing remark nor do I need one. Cut the cameras off. My time has been wasted enough. 

|And just like that, the camera fades to black as Tomás seems a little visibly upset.|
on April 28th 2018, 5:02 pmJohn Doe
I've drawn the line in the sand, just to see the enemy purposely walk over it.

Time and time again.

Why don't they just concede?

Their willpower has been fortified to great lengths. I need to pierce through that blanket they wear as armor. I can't let history stay on a never ending cycle of "justice for all", because that simply does not exist. There's no justice in this world - no matter how hard you desperately search for it. You hope, pray, believe in what's right, but have not focused on all the wrongs. I embody everything what everyone believes is wrong. But how do I succeed ever so easily? If I don't represent justice, how do I keep a constant ten steps ahead of everyone else? I've allowed my teachings to be spread to a whole group that see this world for what it really is. The world could barely handle just one version of John Doe, just imagine it trying to contain an army full of John Does. From the dirt below us, from the water that surrounds us - we own it all. The Phantom Troupe has marked it's territory no matter where we are. You can try to overcome this fact, but the truth only remains. I would not allow the feeble minded participants of this world to rule it. And that's exactly what everyone outside this knowledge boundary have become; a participant of this world. They only participate, never to see break through the glass ceiling above them. It's so transparent, they'll never live long enough to see it. It's always been there, but often do people refuse to believe it. They're always thrilled about shattering one glass ceiling after the next, but how is this possible when you haven't left a mark on the first? You haven't left a mark on this world for anyone to remember you by. It's saddening to think that even a mere memory left behind would poison this world. The thought of any of these waste of spaces that cannot break their shackles is disgusting. The simple folk don't deserve their memory to be thought of. They deserve the fate that awaits them afterward. They deserve to be forgotten from history. And that's exactly what the majority of these participants for pathetic excuses for alliances deserve. Their leaders fail them, their motives are obsolete, and their existence is wasted. I don't despise them, I don't mourn them, I try not to care for them.

I try my very best to avoid their preaches. If I were to delve into their mindsets, I'd lose myself. I have to keep myself focused for the benefit of myself and The Phantom Troupe. Why bother involving myself with such pettiness? I have no quarrel with the filth that stand before me this week. They're easily considered bystanders that want to just be involved. You have a man, who wanted to make his debuting act a grand one. He had the audacity of believing his worth was that of our World Champion's. That turned out to be very false, when he wasn't aware with the fate that left him brutalized. Do you wish to share that same fate over and over again? Do you want to see your own reflection in pool of blood left behind by us? I say you should focus on regathering your own forces. Your partner --- or "leader" I should say can't even do that himself. Tres Comas Club is left in shambles, because of one man vanishing from the face of the planet. I can honestly say that wouldn't be the case in The Phantom Troupe. I've left strict orders behind if I were to ever lose myself or vanish, for another to take my stead. You will never see The Phantom Troupe's towers crumble before your very eyes. We would never stoop so low to have a civil war among ourselves. You need to do more than "prove" to your disloyal followers, Virgo. Don't be so forgiving, child, because that's the nature of the beast. You need to rip them limb from limb and then repair their broken minds, so that they see why you're there and they aren't. But how are you do this? You need to figure this out all on your own. Otherwise, they will continue to rebel against you. You'll see the forces split in half and revolt against one another. And if you cannot contain this mishap with one sweep, then you don't deserve to lead those people. You don't deserve to be the champion you claim to be. You'll be left behind, stranded with only desperation left to greet you with open arms. And I personally don't mind seeing any of these possibilities occur. I'll enjoy the chaos that ensues within your faction's personal vendetta against you. I'll enjoy every single second of it.

And I will certainly enjoy once again asserting The Phantom Troupe's dominance once more.
on April 27th 2018, 11:44 pmRacer Smiles

Purpose. Why do I come to this country? Why do I compete for this company? For money? Fame? This is a poor excuse for means to justify those ends. Purpose. Motivation. To prove that I am as strong as I say? I have nothing to prove. You can doubt my claims to be the strongest man in SSW, it won’t make them false. You can foolishly stand in the way of a freight train but your confidence won’t save you when it makes impact with your fragile body filled with nerves to make the crushing, hemorrhaging experience one of suffering before you lose everything you’ve ever fought for. Every inch you scratched and crawled will mean nothing. All the love you felt, all the people you’ll never see again, it won’t matter the confidence you had before reality set in and you realized what you let your hubris do. I invite my opponents to make this mistake. Question my strength. Question the fact that I could break you like a toothpick. It makes things easier for me. But my motivation isn’t to destroy the weak and ignorant. I seek a challenge.

I was eliminated from the Heaven’s Gate Tournament not because I was overpowered by the frail veteran who beat me. I was outsmarted. I should have been able to squeeze his eyes out of his head, but he managed to escape that faith. He didn’t stand in front of the train with open arms. He waited for his opportunity to slip past me and took it. The men who can slip away are the ones I want to fall by my hand. If you cannot offer me a challenge then I will treat you like every other fool who is destined to be dismembered by the Chief of Destruction. If you seek to offer a real challenge to me then I will know not to make the same mistakes I made with Endeavor. Playing with my food is so tempting but when the nerves are still intact and the limbs keep kicking, that luxury isn’t affordable. Had I had the foresight, the experience, to know that Endeavor was that capable of survival given the opportunity I would have never given him the opportunity. I would have taken him in my grasp when I had the chance and squeezed the fucking life out of the dirty corpse.

You Ronin are nothing but scum. Your obese vore monsters, dirty ex-cons, and don’t even get me started on that harlot you call a leader. You seem to see yourselves as honorable outlaws but the reality is every single one of you is a defective reject. Perhaps in this contest my Tres Comas members can prove more reliable than the past has allowed. Wins and losses mean nothing in the end. You might get away today but everyday you get away is just another day closer to your moment of judgement. Endeavor, Tarah Nova, even that freak Piero, you’re not as safe as you think. Let your faction members take your place this week, but let their demise serve as an example of what will happen when you inevitably find yourself in my crosshairs again.

Long. Live. The Chief.
on April 27th 2018, 8:03 pmSon of Ra

The Dragon who tries to lay siege to my kingdom...

The Dragon who is mightier than the Pen...

Jaydane Pendragon...We have done this BATTLE for AGES!!!

Before the dawn of this age, before the realm we live in was created we have battled. We have battled in the west, in the south, in the north...and now the east. You may look at me, as one of the standard bearers of the Ronin Camp...The leader of The Temple, and you see a man who has a past deep inside of him. You see yourself in the mirror who has a past deep within himself also. I INDULGE you good sir to look inside the mirror, inside of your eyes, and past the man you see in the reflection and see your soul. I IMPLORE you to see his vast history, to see how many lifetimes this battle between us has occurred in multiple homonculus shells of our spirits. For one time we had a CLASSIC battle where royals of old saw us, and examined the fact that we were two of a kind. As we ended up on different sides of that realm, we fought with valor and with VIGOR like no two men alike. OOOHHHHHH YYYYAAASSSSS I remember the next life in which our souls did this TWISTED TANGO on a battlefield. You were the victor there my Dragon, as you were there at the GENESIS of the lords of that realm, one of the oldest living beings there...I a younger and fierce warrior, who knew nothing of the true vile nature that realm had in store for my future. Ever the strategist, ever the lord you were my Dragon. It was as if nobody could stop your onslaught. As you stepped into every SHOWDOWN as if your DYNASTY depended on victory, you never faltered. Not once was there ever a scratch on your armor of IRON, and you used that to drive into the ground your own FOUNDATION of your kingdom. A dragon sitting on a throne was never thought of, a dragon ruling the kingdom instead of laying it to waste was the first of its kind. It was truly a TRAILBLAZING MOMENT IN TIME YYYAAASSSSS!!!!

But now my Dragon, I clip your wings...

And now my Dragon, your Pen is out of ink...

There are no need to waste more valuable time on stories from this historic past. Because now in this realm to the east, inside of this realm you see the present. You see the man standing before you not as you have seen a thousand years prior, you see the next evolution of the man who will become a God in this age. As the sun gets higher in the sky, I WELCOME you to take flight, just as Horus would fly over this vast kingdom and keep his eyes on everything in his surrounding areas. I welcome you to fly and try your plan of attack on me my Dragon, and you will soon see that the Sun has played a trick on you, that the Son of the Sun has fooled you in this life like you have never been fooled before. I stand here the man you will fight, and as you swoop in for a blazing inferno fire blast your deep within your belly, YOUR ATTACK WILL ONLY FUEL MY RAGE!!! And as this rage continues to seep through my body, as this rage continues to build inside of me. I shall focus it all on you my dragon. Just as another great Pharaoh has done in his lifetime, Ramses fought great wars on the battlefield of Kadesh, and he laid many a men to their own journeys to the Duat. And as there is no longer any kind of way to keep all that fire...all that rage...all of that DIVINE DEVASTATION inside of me. 


Burning everything around you my Dragon, destroying everything inside of its path just as my father would want done. A taste of the power within Ra, a small sample of what he is capable of. And using the power of Ra, THE LIGHT AND FIRE OF THE SUN ITSELF! I shall lay you to rest in this lifetime my old friend and foe. I shall make sure the burial rights are prepared for somebody with such PRESTIGE as you my Dragon. But do not think because I respect my foe, because I respect the fact that this battle will continue to the next life, in the next realm, until the final battle of them all...That I will not hold an ounce of my divine fury back. Because while you may be the legendary Dragon of the skies, whos body and soul has reached multiple lands and cultures. My heritage is that of Gods, not Dragons. So when we meet on the Battlefield of Kadesh you will learn this fact very well. A once proud PRINCE in the lands where the ice falls from the sky like rain, in the COLD of day and night you flew in this land, where the inhabitants themselves thought of you as a BANE of the existence of that land, where the people showed up in LEGIONS to dispute your claim to this heritage my Dragon. I was there as well, merely as one of the people at that moment because it was the will of my father. He had stripped me of my Godly presence so I may blend in naturally with the common folk of that realm, and when the revolt happened against you dear sir, I WAS APART OF THAT REVOLUTION TO STOP THE PLAGUE YOU WERE!!! I do not wish to keep you much longer with this stroll down our lane of memories, so I leave you with some ADVICE OF THE ANCIENTS my dear Dragon. Though the flash of lightning you see before your eyes may be white, it shall crash down to your earth in the reddest fire when it strikes its target. Meaning you may see something your way, but that does not mean that it is correct dear sir. Just like you, you see yourself in the mirror you have, and you shall see yourself as the victor in our contest of Dragons and Gods. You do not realize though that that is a lie, a bit of a mirage in my lands. Because what you see, is not the truth. Like the lightnings true color change, the outcome you seek will change also because of one fact my dear Dragon...THE PEN WILL NOT DEFEAT THE SWORD, AND THE DRAGONS SOUL WILL BE SEALED AWAY INSIDE OF ITS VERY OWN SARCOPHAGUS OF OBLIVION!!!!

on April 27th 2018, 10:18 amGuest
The following recording has been translated from Japanese for the viewing pleasure of Western audiences.

The scene opens in a dark room. There’s no source of light save for a single candle in the center with a shadowed figure sat cross-legged behind it. His nails and lips are painted black and his young face covered by the guise of a black and silver mask. His eyes are closed and his head resting against his praying hands. He looks up with a distant look in his eyes.

Judas: We in Japan are told stories from a young age about the Samurai and their loyalty to their masters. As a small child there was one story that caught my attention almost immediately. It’s name was “The Revenge of the Forty-Seven Rōnin”. The tale starts with the feudal lord of Akō Domain named Asano Naganori. He was appointed to the head of carpentry by Japan’s imperial court. Three years later he became one of the two officials to host the emissaries from the imperial court to the Shogunate. This was when he had his first meeting with a man who went by the name of Kira Yoshinaka. Yoshinaka was the head of ceremonial matters at the Shogunate, who instructed officials in the manner of hosting noble guests from Kyoto. After falling terrible ill almost a decade later, Asano Naganori was forced to temporarily retire from his position. After seven years he returned to his same office and by this point he and Kira Yoshinaka had grew to become rivals. Tensions quickly rose to a boiling point and in the April of that same year Asano made an attempt on Kira’s life… but despite drawing his sword and gaining a head-start on his now bitter enemy he failed. He was badly wounded and confronted by a shogun named Tsunayoshi. Tsunayoshi sentenced him to Seppuku which Asano accepted… but not before writing a poem:

"More than the cherry blossoms,
Inviting a wind to blow them away,
I am wondering what to do,
With the remaining springtime."

Judas hovers his hand over the flame, slowly edging closer and closer as he closes his eyes. The flame almost comes into contact with his bare palm before he freezes his hand in its place. He opens his eyes and his black-painted lips curl into a sinister grin.

Judas: This was not the part of the story that I was told. No, I learned this much later. The tale passed down to me failed to acknowledge what Asano had done and instead my parents and grandparents before them had decided to focus solely on the later actions of his Samurai. It is said that forty-seven Samurai --now Ronin-- of Asano’s three-hundred had taken it upon themselves to avenge the death of the man who gave them a home, gave them food to eat and water to drink, by planning to murder Kira themselves. Ōishi, their leader, personally made sure that Kira would let his guard down by acting brash, drinking and sleeping with women of the night. After a year and a half of planning the Ronin had intercepted Edo as merchants and workmen, becoming familiar with Kira’s home. After another six months, according to a carefully laid-out plan, they split up into two groups and attacked, armed with swords and bows. One group, led by Ōishi, was to attack the front gate; the other, led by his son, Ōishi Chikara, was to attack the house via the back gate. A drum would sound the simultaneous attack, and a whistle would signal that Kira was dead.

Of course, things never go exactly to plan.

Kira, in terror, took refuge in a closet in the veranda, along with his wife and female servants. When the Ronin finally got to his place of hiding he had disappeared. However, his bed was still warm and so they knew he could not be far. To cut this story short I will tell you that they found Kira and revealed they were the retainers of Asano Naganori. Kira, refusing to cooperate, would not commit Seppuku. Ōishi instead removed his head with a dagger and placed it on their lord’s grave. The forty-six remaining Ronin were then sentenced to Seppuku by the Shogunate and they did so willingly.

Candles flicker on throughout the room and it’s revealed that Judas is sat in a small shrine. Samurai swords have been placed around the room along with traditional armor and masked helmets.

How did you feel listening to this story? Hopeful? Proud? I’ll tell you how I felt. I felt like forty seven men wasted their lives because of blind loyalty to a dishonorable man who could not even do his own dirty work successfully. When I first heard the story I thought of those Ronin as heroes… but upon learning the truth of their master I realize that they were just as blind to the truth as everyone like me who was told their story. Ronin were supposed to be men of honor --and while they offered Kira an honorable death-- their actions leading up to this notorious event were anything but. Ronin were, as Samurai, men of honor and yet there was almost none found in this story… which I suppose makes my position here in the SSW faction rather fitting. There is no honor in a man who has been forged by betrayal and anyone who would tell you otherwise is just another snake in the grass waiting for you to turn your back on them. You see, I may be a Ronin by name but I am not a Ronin by practice. I fall under the umbrella given to those who are either not wanted by the other three factions or simply want to work on their lonesome and so I will the most of the opportunity that I have been given. I do not know the companions with whom I must travel with but it matters little. They are nothing more than stepping stones towards my ultimate goal of finally balancing the light and the dark held within me and everyone else.

There is one man who has managed to catch my attention, however, and his name is Miltiades.

I must admit that I do find it ironic that a man whose faction has been poisoned by treachery and disloyalty would dare question the unity of Ronin, Phantom Troupe or Shoot Nation. I do not care for the infighting of the children of Tres Comas Club. Their squabbles are nothing more than an opportunity for one of you to take advantage of and you’re all gnawing at the bit to do so. The bricks that have built Ronin may be misshapen, cracked or otherwise differentiating from each other but a house is a house, is it not? Then again, I would not expect a man who believes he was born into power to understand such things. You are entitled and spoiled and have never faced the true terrors of humanity. I know what it’s like to be on the other side and it is not for the faint of heart. You may think of yourself as an emperor but you are nothing more than another false prophet pumping toxic masculinity throughout the heart and veins of Tres Comas Club. Men like you, men who are driven by their want for power and wealth are nothing more than hollow shells hoping to bring themselves happiness through physical, tangible and manufactured means. You do not know what it is like to strive for something truly great. You’ve never take the necessary steps towards greatness and never proven yourself to be deserving. You may believe that you have but it is in that belief that you make the mistake of revealing that you have not. A wise man knows his journey is never over, even if it is one riddled with betrayal and misery.

Soon, you and everyone will understand why I am burdened with the name of Judas…

Judas pinches the wick of the candle sitting in the center of the room and all of the candles around him flicker off in an instant. Judas’ piercing orange eyes stare into the camera.

Judas: ...And you will fear me.

Judas' eyes slowly dim as the screen fades to black and the scene ends.
on April 26th 2018, 8:13 pmVanessa Santiago

Where those of you who are standing across from me are concerned, I was like you once.

What’s striking about me saying that is that it makes it sound as if I’m talking about some forgotten period of time, when I’m really only referring to the things that I said and did a few months ago. To think about how I conducted myself upon coming into SSW the first time around makes me shake my head, but typically, clarity usually comes about in one of two ways -- setting in after a long, drawn-out period of reflection or so suddenly that its force almost knocks you over. For me, I only needed to be removed from the whirlwind of SSW for a short amount of time to realize the error of my ways. At the start of this year, I suppose I was doing what I thought I had to do in order to succeed. I had never been on a stage like this one before, never had such grand opportunities and promises within my grasp. That’s perhaps what made the prospect of joining The Phantom Troupe so tantalizing. Why worry about earning things and conducting yourself with honor when you can run roughshod over a brand new landscape and plant your flag firmly in the ground before the real battles have even begun? Why let your ability speak for itself when you can use line-jumping, four-on-one beatdowns, and other nefarious tactics to pave the way for you? Those are the methods of a subpar, incapable competitor, and I can confidently stand here and say that I am neither of those things. SHOOT NATION IS NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS. I realize that now that I’m back in the fold.

When operations were temporarily suspended, I wasn’t one of those people that had a cushy, ready-made arrangement back home in the United States to fall back on. Sure, I could’ve signed elsewhere, but I hinged quite a bit on the hope that Strong Style Wrestling would live to fight another day. I wanted so badly to hone my craft in THIS company, on THIS stage. That was when it hit me -- clearly, I cared more about SSW than I’d ever let on before, so why ravage it? Why spit on all it stood for? I had to take a long, hard look in the mirror and think about the sort of legacy that I wanted to leave behind in this company. I promised myself that if its doors ever opened again, I would be the sort of wrestler this place deserved. So that’s exactly what I’ve become. I used to look at Shoot Nation as those with too little backbone to buck the system, but now I realize Shoot Nation is really the only faction in SSW fighting to defend this company’s core ideals. Ronin is cringeworthy and fake edgy just for the sake of being fake edgy, Tres Comas Club’s drones have no minds of their own and are steered toward their next challenge by dollar signs alone, and for The Phantom Troupe, I know better than most that their goal is complete domination -- and that they don’t care who they have to hurt to attain that. The problem with all of them is that all of the things they place their faith in? They all come and go. One day, the money of Tres Comas Club’s backers will dry up. One day, people will rightfully grow tired of Ronin’s boring shtick. And one day, The Phantom Troupe will have made too many enemies to be able to press on the way they have without anyone pushing back. As for Shoot Nation, allow me to state the obvious when I say that honor and dignity are renewable resources. One could argue that with my in-ring style and my background, on the surface, I was always a better fit for Shoot Nation to begin with. Now that I’ve got my head screwed on straight, I realize that I truly do belong amongst their ranks, and I have no qualms about walking into battle this week shoulder-to-shoulder with King TORA IV and The Apparition.

As for the men we’re facing, can you confidently say that same sense of self-assurance courses through your veins? No, not the garden variety Phantom Troupe ignorance that leads you to believe in yourselves no matter what. I’m talking about being able to totally and completely trust those in your faction with you. The whispers say there’s a traitor in your midst. That has to be looming in the front of the minds of Nas, Saul, and Khmaoch, and that’s only a shame because it might turn out that paranoia does some of our job for us. With all of their hollow victories to their name, Phantom Troupe likes to believe that they’ve got Shoot Nation’s number. I’m not conceding to any illusion of their superiority until they can beat any of us without the frills or smoke and mirrors. But again, I know exactly how you all operate, so perhaps I’m a little bit better equipped to deal with it than my stablemates are. When the voice of his father in the back of his head gets to be too much to bear, Khmaoch rains down brutality on all within arm’s reach, but I’m not scared. Saul brings along with him ominous stories of acquainting us unfortunate adversaries with the things his death cult taught him, but I’m not shaking in my boots. CM Nas has The Penguin follow him around and sing his praises from the rooftops, but that does nothing to take away from the fact that he’s as transparent and self-involved of a competitor as anyone’s ever seen. Those don’t sound like the cream of the crop to me, and isn’t that what you all say you are? I’m not looking at The Phantom Troupe through rose-colored glasses anymore. I see that faction and its ideals for exactly what they are, and I’ve never felt stronger. When I say that The Phantom Troupe is already overdue for its reckoning, it’s not blind altruism or stupidity. There’s a reason why Shoot Nation has always been in your crosshairs, and it’s because we’re the only faction truly capable of breaking you down. Every dirty tactic and every thrown match is just another crack in your facade. Shoot Nation will be the one to break it wide open.
on April 26th 2018, 8:56 amGuest
The scene fades in to an old box TV with a VCR placed underneath it. Both have been strapped down to a trolley. The television flickers on to brief static before rewinding to the start of the video tape inside the VCR. The Tres Comas Club logo fades onto the screen.

Narrator: The following service announcement has been paid for by Tres Comas Club.

The video then transitions to a man in a well-tailored suit pulling up in front of the camera in a golf cart at an empty parking lot. Despite the use of a shoddy recorder from the early 90s, it’s easy to tell that the man stepping out of the golf cart is Chase Vedder.

Chase: Hello! I’m Chase Vedder, Tres Comas Club member and the last of which remaining in the Heaven’s Arena Cup tournament. I’m here to talk to you about how you can make a claim for injuries in the workplace!

A sliding screen transition takes us to Chase standing in front of a green screen.

Chase: Have you bitten off more than you can chew and paid the price at the hands of Gronk? Perhaps, after believing that the leader --the only man in Tres Comas Club who’s actually holding a championship-- isn’t worthy of being the leader you got overconfident and dared to hotshot yourself ahead of the Heaven’s Arena tournament?

Chase steps and points to the top right corner of the screen. A recording of Matias Navarro being victimized by the Gronk Smash plays. Chase struggles to keep his composure as he chuckles to himself.

Chase: Ouch! That’s got to hurt. Let’s play it again from a different angle.

The Gronk Smash plays again from an angle different to what was shown on TV. This time we’re given a bird’s eye view and clearly see the look of fear on Matias Navarro’s face as he’s slammed to the mat. Chase laughs, taking pleasure in seeing his “compatriot” being manhandled.

Chase: Again, please.

The moment plays a third time and Chase continues to laugh to himself.

Chase: Again.

The Gronk Smash is shown once more and this time Chase claps to the screen, still chuckling.

Chase: Okay, I think you get the idea! Things like this happen in the wrestling workplace every day and you could be entitled to make a Gronk injury claim. If something like this has happened to you then you could be entitled to absolutely no monetary compensation and a free “get well soon” card personalized by me where I call you a wimpy little bitch. Just call 1-800-YOURE-A-BITCH to make your claim tod--

Another brief moment of static as the video fast-forwards through the rest of the commercial.

Chase: --haps you’ve made the mistake of calling yourself pound-for-pound the strongest man in SSW and been embarrassed by a fat, middle-aged Japanese man who had never won a match before? Maybe it was impossible for your egotistical mind to accept that you were at fault and instead pushed the blame onto your partner and you made the mistake of crossing him. Let’s see how that pans out for Racer Sm-- I mean “this anonymous victim”.

A recording of Racer Smiles being dropped on his head from Chase Vedder’s Lethal Weapon plays where the Gronk Smash had appeared previously. Chase lets out a full, belowing laugh this time as he admires the demise of Racer Smiles.

Chase: Let’s replay that-- actually, no. Someone enhance the video. Make it the entire background and put it on a loop for everyone to see clear as day that I’m the GOD. DAMN. MAN.

The crew behind the camera do as Chase says and soon enough the video has filled the screen and is on a constant loop, starting with Chase lifting Racer Smiles up and ending after he has been laid out, repeating over and over and over.

Chase: You see, if you find yourself in a similar predicament then you too could entitled to the same wrestling workplace injury claim. Once again, you could be entitled to absolutely no monetary compensation and a free “get well soon” card personalized by me where I call you a wimpy little bitch. Just call 1-800-YOURE-A-BITCH to make your claim. One final time: That’s 1-800-YOURE-A-BITCH. Thank you for your time.

A white flash and a sudden fade to black show that the TV has been turned off. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal a man in the same blue tailored suit that Chase Vedder was wearing in the video but the cameraman stops at his neckline. He begins speaking and it’s quickly revealed that the man stood there is, in fact, Chase Vedder himself.

Chase: Pretty funny, right? I certainly thought so. You see, at first I was pretty disappointed when I heard that Piero wouldn’t be making it past the first round because I really, REALLY wanted to teach that fat, old shitbag a lesson for his attempt to emasculate me in my debut but then that changed. Two weeks ago I got to see exactly why he lost. You’re just a beast of a man, aren’t you Gronk?! You came in and made your mark by helping Aria Jaxon win the SSW World Heavyweight Championship for Phantom Troupe and have laid waste to anyone who’s dared try and step up to her.

Chase is quiet for a moment, his face still not visible. He lifts a single finger as if he’s had a moment of clarity.

Chase: Hold on a second. That first part didn’t happen. I mean, I’ve been told for the past couple of weeks that, Gronk, you HATE Japanese people. And I don’t just mean you casually make racist remarks towards them as they pass by, no. No, no, no, you ENJOY beating up Japanese people and yet you weren’t there when a very obvious Japanese man in Jaydayne Pendragon. He has the eyes, the name, the broken Engrish and, Hell, he even has that weird ass Japanese facepaint! How much more Japanese can you get than that?! C-c-could it be that the Jap-hater Gronk actually sympathizes with the visually impaired? Despite all of the anti-Japanese comments and American flag parading maybe --just maybe-- “Captain America” has had his brainwaves intercepted by the JSDF.

Chase stops a second time, this time raising hand up to his chin and out of sight. He sighs.

Chase: No, that can’t be it. See, I don’t even think Gronk is smart enough to know what the JSDF is, let alone smart enough to have his miniscule amount of brainwaves intercepted. I suppose it’s possible he’s just that stupid, right? I feel like that’s the only feasible reason this bricks-for-brains mammoth didn’t beat up Jaydayne.

Chase takes another moment to think.

Chase: Yeah, that makes sense.

He shrugs his shoulders in acceptance.

Chase: The one thing I do hope that you can understand though, Gronkitis, is that while you may have been running roughshod around Strong Style Wrestling like you’re Godzirra and this is Tokyo, you are not Godzirra. You’re more like King Kong, actually. Here’s a literacy trick for you: If you move around the letters in “Gronk” you get “Kong r” and do you know what Kong r? KONG R DEAD. Right now you’re Kong, Aria Jaxon and her heavyweight championship are Ann Darrow and I’m the jet plane that’s going to shoot you in your ugly fucking face. You’re going to fall to your doom and then you know what’s gonna happen? I’m going to take her for myself.

He confidently places both splayed palms on his chest before realising what he just said.

Chase: --The title, I mean. Not Aria. Although I wouldn’t exactly turn her down if she wanted to come along with me too. Matias Navarro is nothing more than a distraction for the two of you and that was made painfully apparent those two short weeks ago. I’m the real threat here and I’m going to make sure Aria and the rest of Phantom Troupe realise that when I slay this big dumb gorilla. And, well, if my skillset alone somehow isn’t enough…

The camera pans up to reveal Chase Vedder’s face. He’s now sporting a platinum blonde dye-job.

Chase: I hear you’ve got a thing for blondes, Gronk.

Chase looks directly towards the camera, chuckling with a confident look in his eyes as the scene fades to black one final time.
on April 26th 2018, 2:36 amMiltiades
(Barracks upon barracks fill the camera’s view. It’s desolate, but the remnants of the inhabitants still haunt it. Fabric ripped from the roof, metal poles degrading from the rust, it’s as if hell on earth has happened, and this was the last stand. A man walks from out of a tent, the camera focuses on him and his movements. He caresses the steel as if he has a memory deep down with it, but really it’s out of pity that this once great place housed the greatest people in history. Once though, but now it’s just a shell of what used to be, what could’ve been, and what it never was. The figure speaks.)

To understand the whims of man you must first look at the structure in which they build upon. They roost, they wonder, and they believe that what they make must last for them to be truly happy. That’s why you’ve seen villages made of wood, fortresses made of steel, and kingdoms made of stone, everyone knew how to survive and that was to thrive on what they could attain. A king knows his strengths and that it could keep it’s weak out. But what does this have to do with this place? What does my talk have to do with where I am because as you can see, it’s seen better days? Well when a king wants his army to move he doesn’t do so by letting them go out one day and set up camp elsewhere, no he sends a few to barracks, where they train, they live, and they grow. Within these hollowed centers many soldiers strive to be the best, but only a few are able to do so. But that doesn’t mean the others are weak, no that just means they try and try until it kills them. They relied on each other, a brother to the next and a family as a whole they kept each other safe. But what happens when the people in power forget of the grunts, and commanders they left. Well as you can see here, it becomes a dangerous game to play. I can bet this barrack was that of a wonderment, that the feeling that flooded this place was that of a home, home to thousands upon thousands waiting for the chance to fight for the honor and glory of their home country. But alas they were forgotten about, they were left to fend for themselves and therefore became an afterthought. But that afterthought festered and became a scab of its former self. Commanders became deranged, Grunts became pawns, and bonds became nothing but shackles to the mentality.

(The man walks through each tent, beds strewn about yet shredded as the thing that came through left nothing unturned. Holes in the sheets, slices of mattress, and beds overturned showed that every crevice was searched as whatever it was wasted little time looking for what it wanted, but failed. Each tent looked the same but aside from the desecration it had a feel of being empty, as if the army left before whatever came by.)

It is within those confines people begin to wonder what they do if anything it all they can do. And that’s what we have here. We have people confined to their own personal labels, factions within a broken system that wants to show us that we are nothing but our primal instinct, or primal desire. Phantom Troupe, they want power, they want to be the ones that run the yard with politics, strength, and leaders as followers. Shoot Nation is relying on their strength to become the big dogs, the ones that can hit, take a hit, and give another with a double amount of strength behind it. Ronins are the wild cards, the followers without a true leader, but leaders of their own mind shackled to their imagination, their causes, and their own independence. And Tres Comas Club, well we know what really turns the world. Money the root of evil, but also the root of power within the world. We know that money can be the cause of every evil in history, but we also know that money is on the thing that can catapult to power. And if anything I’d say I’m less Tres Comas Club and more Me. But TCC can give me the one thing I desire, it can give me power, it can give me riches, and it can give me a platform in which people will know that where I stand is that of a man who knows where the hit nerves and what words pluck what. That is what it makes me and god dammit I’m going to take it. People can call Tres Comas Club sellouts or even people with no leader, because we are people with no leader. People want to lead but unless they can offer what I am here for, they are best not trying. Tres Comas falters from it but at it’s core it’s what I want, It’s power, it’s Strength, and it’s the ability to make the world rotate. This spat we are having people say is nothing compared to what we can dish out.

(Miltiades makes his way to the center of the camp. The Tents at the center look even more disfigured than the outside, as if the entity that came through knew that it would have better luck here than anything. But still what was around was nothing but emptiness, emptiness from people who uprooted their living, their belongings, and their lives. He begins to make his way out.)

Ronin, you thrive in this environment, the environment where you believe we are at each other’s throats, but in reality we are stronger than ever. People want to fight over a leader, let them, but in the end we know one thing, the more we have, the more we control, and the more we can rule over this place. Ronin, you may be a faction, you may seem to singularized, but in reality you have nothing common with each other. One wants to do something else, while another has another goal with those dissenting opinions that individuality you are destined to falter. I am with my Brothers at Arms, I stand with them because we have a goal of power, but you three, you three have different stories, different endings, and different ways on getting there, and to get there you must step over one another. You act like I’m speaking out of my ass, and at times I believe it too, but then I am reminded that what we have in front of us is exactly what war is. War is based on a cause you can rally behind. War is based on  faction of brothers you know has your back! War is based on letting your differences aside just to win! Tres Comas Club does not deal in absolutes, but we deal in winning wars, and winning battles. Ronin, without a stone to step on, you three have no standing to even say you are on par with what we are. Because we are Tres Comas, We are the Money, We are the Power, and We Will Run This Place!

(Miltiades makes it out of the camp, the tattered cloth blowing in the wind. The wind shrieks as the camera pans up to the flag that was left to signal who left. The Symbol of Ronin stands aloft a ruined camp, ruined by not an entity, but by the differences that consumed it from the inside. The Camera fades to black)
on April 26th 2018, 2:17 amThe Apparition
Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb” – Dark Helmet
I would like to consider myself an honest and no-nonsense kind of guy. As a performer, this has often held my back since I have refused to back down to the powers that be, but when it comes to inside the ring, it has always allowed me to gain good perspective on my opponents. And this is where I have to give both credit and condemnation to the Phantom Troupe. You are a group of arseholes, but damned if you don’t know how to work the system.
It’s always infuriating trying to be one of the so-called good guys, particularly when your antagonists are a unified force. When you’re going one-on-one, it’s not enough to be just better than your opponent, because once whoever you are facing removes their ego and are willing to do anything to win…Well, just look at who holds the Heritage and Puroresu Championships right now. Two people who were willing to be known as paper champions by letting others help them over the line. 
And honestly, I can’t fault them for that. It would be hypocritical for me to do so. I’ve spent enough time in my old career pulling every dirty trick in the book to win, so I can understand why people do it. But here is the thing in the end. And this goes to the entire Phantom Troupe. I understand how people like you operate, because as bad as you guys can be…I have done so much worse. I have blood on my hands like none of you can imagine. You think your oversized pseudo-racist is bad? People that big lack the imagination to truly be monsters. John Doe is just a shill who puts on a threatening face even if he does have the talent to back it up, but his nasty mix of an inferiority and a Napoleon complex makes him need to put on the mask of someone so much greater than he could ever hope to be. I can go through the whole laundry list of Phantom Troupe members and their quantifiable flaws, but for this week, only three matter. And the week after…Well, there is only one whom I truly have my eyes on.
CM Nas is almost a relief when it comes to dealing with the Phantom Troupe, because at least he is easy to understand. He is a narcissist, and has good reason to be one. That’s pretty simple for me to run my head around. As a former narcissist, I know one thing for sure. This whole industry is dominated by narcissists. Except Nas is a bit different. Nas is a man who is not honest with himself and his ambitions. He is arguably the strongest the Troupe has, and yet will be goaded away from potentially capturing SSW’s highest honour and a nice championship trophy because…Well, I can only guess. Did he think that Masanori Kawada was going to defeat him anyway, and his pride couldn’t let that happen unpunished? Did he not want to potentially stand up in competition against his stablemate Aria Jaxon? Or…Was he told to protect the brand and stand down from the Heaven’s Arena Cup? For a self-proclaimed Championship Hoarder, young Nasir does not seem to have much interest in hoarding that one particular title. And this is where I smell some blood in the water. Men who are dishonest with themselves don’t tend to go as far as they should. Unless the man known as CM Nas has been lying to us all for many weeks now about what type of man he is, his infamous disqualification loss against Kawada tells us at least one thing. He isn’t the man he wants us all to believe he is. Or he is, and someone is preventing him from being his true self. And a dishonest man is a weak man.
Saul Omen, I’ll just shoot straight with. Your moralistic mumbo jumbo doesn’t work on me, so you should leave the act for someone else. I know your shtick is about the duality of light and dark, and never the twain shall meet, and all of that lovely slightly creepy nonsense that has never impressed me much. At the end of the day, all you are is a less creepy version of The Dark Emperor.
Now that’s a name people haven’t heard in a while, is it?
My point is that you are not the first divine soothsayer who wishes to reap justice over the false heroes of this industry. You probably aren’t even the hundredth. You will come at us with your teeth bared and striking a menacing figure, then one day you will be hoisted by your own petard once you figure out that the world is a whole lot more grey than the black and white you want to paint it as. I know my flaws, and I know what I am. I also know what you are, and I’m sure you will be shocked and insulted to hear that honestly, we aren’t so different. We are just two people horrified by past experiences, so we put on the act of being tough guys, and do our best to fight our hardest so that maybe the rest of the world believes that we are just that. The only real difference is that I am straight forward about that part of my personality, while you are all about putting up smokescreens and pretending to be more than you are.
And finally…For my Cambodian friend Khmaoch…
I’m coming for that belt. Watch out, because you can’t depend on your friends from Phantom Troupe to help you retain this time around. But we can deal with the specifics later.
on April 25th 2018, 1:33 pmTarah Nova

DEVIL---Heaven's Arena Cup: Round Two
Promo Number One

“The silence, the silence! The blinding ultra violence! Knockin' at your door, Pacin' back and forth. What now? The whispers and the screams; The stereotypical, profiling ritual, vicious and obscene! So now you pack your bags, the party's such a drag. And everyone can tell that you're poisoning the well but there are no mistakes. Except what you create You need to know your place; 'Cause it's about to get heavy. It's about to be on! Yeah, I'm bangin' slingin' napalm! So nobody move 'Cause I was sent to warn you: The devil's in the next room.”

user posted image

The scene opens up to an empty locker room. It was nothing but silence to what seemed like forever...that is until loud laughing and shouting echoed from outside of the door. Suddenly, the locker room door swung open as Damien Walker and Avery Knight walked in followed by Endeavor and with Tarah closing the door behind them. The Leader watched Walker and Knight smiled and joked with one another as they relaxed after a two hour long training session before making her way to Endeavor, who sat in the corner of the room; eyes shut with an unlit cigarette hanging from his lips, “Those will kill you, yaknow.”

Endeavor peaked open his right eye to look at her before shutting it again, “Its a bad habit, trust me I know.” He slowly lifted his hand up, taking the cig from his lips and placed it behind his eye for safe keeping. “So why are you crackin’ jokes with the kids over there?” Tarah looked over at the other two as they packed their gym bags, still laughing.

“Not in the mood. I have the second round of the tournament match this week to think about. No time for jokes, have to focus on .” Tarah said plainly, sitting down next to the older man. He nodded his head, listening to her, “I know the feeling. I made it to Round Two as well, remember? Facing against Belle Kingsley.”

“Yeah, I remember. And Aten is going against Jaydayne Pendragon, Leader of Shoot Nation.” The Leader said as Ender opened his eyes finally to look at her. She was just looking at the ground, lost in thought. “Are you nervous?” He finally asked, snapping his Leader out of her thoughts: “Huh? No. I’m not nervous..Just thinking.”

He cocked an eyebrow at her, “About what?”

“This match coming up. I was so ready to go against...” Nova paused for a moment and laughed softly, shaking her head before looking up at him, “Wrestling is very unpredictable, my friend.” A smile appeared on the Hanged Man’s lips for only a moment, “You're preaching to the choir, sister.” He placed her tattooed hand on her shoulder, “And after what I saw in the ring from you since arriving here and joining Ronin. You have this in the bag, just wrestle.” With that Ender stood up from the bench as he removed his hand from her shoulder to grab his cig from his ear. Before Tarah could thank him, A rough voice spoke up:

“Ay, Endeavor! Bosslady, we’re going out to chill after training. You guys coming or what?” Damien said with Avery staying by him with a smile on her face. The Black Rain looked down at the Leader of Ronin who shakes her head, “I’ll pass tonight, but thanks guys.” Walker shrugged his shoulder, “Your lost, Boss. What about you, man?”

Endeavor looked back at him, “Yeah. I’ll go. Someone has to keep an eye on you two.” Damien rolled his eyes at the comment before he and Avery grabbed their gym bag and headed out the door. “You sure you don't wanna go?” Ender said looking back at Tarah, he bag now in his hand, “Yeah, I’m sure. I have to meet up with My Pain in the Ass and everything.” He nodded, chuckling at her. “Alright, next time though.”

“Of course, End. Later man.” He smiled at her for a second before he started to leave. As he hit the door, Tarah called out to him,  “Oh Ender, wait” He stopped, looking back at his Leader, “Keep Belle grounded. She's a big highflyer, so keep her on the ground and off the ropes as much as you can.”

The Hanged Man smiled again, “Thanks for the Tip, Nova. Later.” With that, the room was a party of one. Tarah sighed calmly, smiling before whipping out her phone and starting her Novacaine-Vlog:

"You know...When I say I'm going to do something, I'm going to fuckin do it. Plain and simple. There is no beating around the bush with me when it comes to wrestling. What you see is what you get and two weeks ago that big Behemoth known as Kilimanjaro... yeah, he got exactly what I said he would. He lost. He acted up and failed. Instead of thinking with his brain, if he had one at all, he thought with what was below his belt and he charged at me with everything he had but what happened after that? I was smart and I slid out of the way which made him run into the turnbuckle and I capitalized on that. I rolled him up and got a 1-2-3.” Tarah takes her other hand on her knee, her phone picking up the noise, "That bell rung out and it was goodbye round ONE and hello round TWO for me. My music hit, it was an end of the line for him and he learned that the moral of this story is you do not mess with one of the best in this company today. You do not underestimate the power of Tarah Jay Nova. And most importantly: You do not assume you have the power to defeat someone with a mind like mine because there is no way in hell you can," Tarah leans back against the a locker, a smirk gracing her lips finally, "And that's something everyone in Strong Style Wrestling will learn soon enough."

"But the past is the past and the present is now and I am going into round two against the Everlasting Hero himself, Masanori Kawada. Now before I begin must say this: I do to some degree respect you, Masanori. I probably respect you more than a lot of people in this company but with that being said; I will not back down this week. I'm not going to pull my punches and I’m not going to bow my head in honor and respect for you. No, I'm going to do what we both came here to do and that's wrestle. Ender was right. I just need to wrestle. I mean this is in my blood and no matter how much I respect my opponent, I am not going to let that get in my way of defeating them. No matter who they are." Shaking her head, Tarah chuckles softly "To be completely honest and all due respect, I am shocked that you advance between you and my Man from the first round. Honestly, I feel like if he didn't disqualify himself, it would be him and I against each other this week but in a way, I’m okay that it's not. See, you were the semi better one in that match and I give you props on taking a beating but let me make it perfectly clear that what he did to you with brass knuckles, is what I can do without them. Masanori, you might have fought against the Best Champion Alive last round but there is no one compared to the ShockCollar of Hardcore Wrestling. I am a whole different level of Wrestling Style. A wrestling Style I am hoping and praying you can fight against because I want a battle this week. Two weeks ago I got nothing but a roll up and I never got the show the true power that I hold. Frankly, that's what I want this week. I want to wrestle like only I can and I want to have a battle between those ropes and I don't care if you want to or not but in the end, it won't matter what you want. So don't look at me as a woman in that ring this week. Look at me as just another wrestler. See, I am nothing like my better half. When I wanna fight, I fight. I won't cheat to win or get my boys to help out. As the Leader of Ronin, I fight by myself. I don’t rely on anyone when it comes to wrestling in that ring. This is what I was born to do and I’m not going to let you or anyone else in this tournament stop me from winning it all. I came to win and I will do just that. For me, right now, this isn't about  ‘my stable is better than your stable’. In all fairness, Ronin has no bad blood between anyone here other than maybe TCC but that's a different story. No, in my eyes, Masanori, this is more between us than anything. So wrestle. Fight like your life is on the line because I'm telling you right now, as a woman of my word: I will not hold anything back this week. I want this win more than anything and I will use every trick that I have learned in over the decade that I have been wrestling to take you down a notch. That is my goal and I'm sticking to it. So till I hear from you."

The ShockCollar smirks once more at the camera of her phone, "Nova out." With that, Tarah hits the ‘End’ button, ending not only her video but the scene all together. Everything fades to black.


on April 24th 2018, 9:48 pmBelle Kingsley
Tap, tap, tap.

It was quite simple to get Kerry Keller where I wanted him to be. That was in the Force Choke. I am sorry, Kerry, but I have a tournament to win. Advancing was something that I did not think would be possible. I was up against a tough opponent and the thought of me progressing seemed unrealistic to me. It did not seem like something that would be a reality in my eyes. Yet, I dug deep. I found a way to survive and well, I was victorious. There is nothing much to it. Simple as one, two, three. By the looks of things now, I think Shoot Nation is three for three in this tournament. This makes things a billion times more exciting than it already is! In some people’s eyes, we were considered a stable who wouldn’t make it past the first round. Thanks to Shoot Nation, we were able to get rid of some Phantom Troupe members from disgracing this tournament. CM Nas was eliminated thanks to Masanori Kawada. Saul Omen was eliminated thanks to Jaydayne Pendragon. I eliminated Kerry Keller, even though he is a part of Ronin, but I still consider it a victory for Shoot Nation. However, it gets more challenging from here and that was something I was really aware of since the show ended two weeks ago. I’ve been reflecting on my next opponent for two weeks now and by the whispers of some people, I don’t think they believe in me to make it past Endeavor.

I don’t blame them.

When I think of Endeavor, I think of the words: eccentric, enigma, and no, I’m not just finding adjectives that start with the letter E. I think of someone who has been misunderstood at a point in his life. Even approaching SSW, there were not many people that were expecting him to make it past the first round. Even though I can find things that make Endeavor and me different, I can name a few things that make us similar. I think we are both approaching this tournament and having people underestimate us left and right. I noticed how some people thought it would be Racer Smiles in your position in the second round. I had people who had chosen Kerry Keller to be in the position I am. If it was up to the power of the people, we wouldn’t be standing here and this isn’t speculation. This is a fact. It’s also a fact that just like Shoot Nation, only three of your members are left standing--Tarah Nova, your “brother” Atem Octavian Amun-Ra and yourself. Out of the entire Ronin stable, people are not looking at you to win the entire thing. No, they’re looking at Atem. They’re looking at Tarah. In a way, that should light a fire underneath your butt and perform your heart out. Or, you can look at this and not care because why would anyone want to listen to Belle? What does Belle Kingsley have to say that is so noteworthy? To the eyes of most people, nothing. Nothing at all. I am approaching this match with no knowledge of you at all. I’m positive that it’s the same thing the other way around. In a way, that plays to our advantage because it allows us to be prepared for what the other has to dish out.

There is a part of me that admires you in a way, Endeavor. You are a man who has been through hell and back and still, you remain with the same attitude. Your story breaks my heart and there is no way I could have lived your life. There is no way I could go through one terrible thing that you went through. Besides all of that, I find some respect and admiration. You are a self-taught wrestler who learned his craft from backyard wrestling to the wrestling ring in Japan. You are someone who had the money and fame and yet, you found yourself victimized by all the drugs and sex. You went through a marriage, child, divorce, and prison and yet, you were able to change your life around. You were able to find the good in this world and get your foot back into a wrestling ring. That is admirable and inspiring. Just think about what if you were able to win this entire tournament? A wrestler who went through so much in his life was able to turn his life around and now, he is the Heavens Arena Cupholder! It would be such a cute and uplifting story to tell your kid one day. But unfortunately, that is not going to happen this weekend. As much as I hate to damper on a great story, I have to look forward to the semi-finals. After that, I can envision my moment of winning this tournament, but I can’t do that without defeating you first. You seem like a nice guy, but that’s not going to be enough for me to go easy on you this weekend.
on April 23rd 2018, 8:10 pmAndré Virgo

The noise tries to fill my thoughts like static to blur the image of my goal. My goals for both myself and my goals for Tres Comas Club. But my focus still remains clear and unmoved. I am responsible for the success of this group and all members, with exception to those who turn their back on us, are not above my forgiveness. Matias may have allowed himself to embarrass this faction before but this week is our chance at redeeming that error. There are so many people who want to question my leadership and question the status of Tres Comas Club but I am the leader of this club for a reason. I am the Alpha of Tres Comas and despite the vast amount of talent this club is home to, much of that talent is misguided and stubborn. Though in due time that will change. This week Matias Navarro will see, if he chooses to follow my direction, the strength that comes from my leadership when he finally topples his rivals in Phantom Troupe.

Aria Jaxon. John Doe. Whoever else they choose to bring to the ring with them, none can compare to what we bring to the table. Phantom Troupe acts as a gang of thugs who have no regard for the honor of this company. They are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Just take a look at two of their champions. Both CM Nas and Jaxon fled from their former place of employment to avoid losing their world championships and once they arrived in SSW they had to resort to underhanded tactics to bring the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship to their court. They did not beat Jaydayne Pendragon, they overwhelmed him by bending the rules. It’s almost admirable the determination they have at dominating the roster despite their underwhelming performances. But unfortunately for them Tres Comas is no Shoot Nation. Jaydayne Pendragon is a talented and respected competitor, but in the face of such tactics he’s not prepared even with the assistance of Kawada. Look at myself and Navarro. With the amount of talent between the two of us it’s surprising that Brian Daniels would even allow us on the same team. Some might argue the same for Jaxon and Doe but it doesn’t hold up once you pull back the curtain. Tres Comas Club is fine, but Phantom Troupe? It seems like they have problems of their own.

Tres Comas problems? They’re visible and will easily be solved. Once Supremacy comes I’ll break GREED so violently that he will have no choice but to bend the knee and show respect to his leader. Then, all other pieces will fall into place. But your Judas seems to be more sly, aren’t they John Doe? Your Judas may very well be the woman you’ve trusted to hold one of the most prestigious prizes in this sport in the name of your faction? The woman you’re expected to trust against Navarro and myself.

Quite frankly it’s hard to know what to expect from the Phantom Troupe at the moment. But I prepare for everything. At your weakest we will conquer. At your strongest we will conquer. We have been overlooked in favor of the guerilla tactics that your group chooses to resort to for too long already. Controversy over my position or not, my goal stays the same. We will walk in the spotlight forcing all other factions into irrelevance. It can’t be stopped, it’s simply my destiny to bring greatness to Tres Comas and no-one, may they be champion, leader, man or woman, can stop me as they struggle to contain their shallow escaping breaths in the presence of….




Behind all of the smoke and mystery, John Doe is just a man. Behind her golden prizes, Aria Jaxon is just an idol. Myself and my faction members, we’re only the best that money can buy. Everyone has a price, and with the funds of Tres Comas Club there’s not a price we can’t afford. So if Aria Jaxon and John Doe really were as good as people think wouldn’t they be in Tres Comas Club and not Phantom Troupe? I know you might say that money isn’t everything but if you honestly believe that then it just means you don’t know what it’s like not to have money. Money is everything. Even when I look into the depths of the universe and see that nothing matters it’s clear that the things our miniscule lives depend on are rooted in one singular thing. The root of Tres Comas Club is the root of life itself. From what I’ve seen, the root of Phantom Troupe?


No coward is any match for…



on April 14th 2018, 3:54 amMiltiades
The Heir

(The camera opens to a bright light. The view is of the sand dunes that cascade the place, spanning for miles and miles. The sun beats down on the dunes and the waves of heat come off of it. The camera pans to the left a man stands on top of a dune, his face covered by a cloth scarf and face wrap. He wears goggles over his eyes, and a khaki get up with a vest. He makes his way down the dune, the camera comes up to him.)

Thy Kingdom has come. Do you see in front of you the future. It is as bright as the sun we stand in, and it is as burning as the baking heat of the desert. What you see out here is as far as it’s spread, and what you can make out on the horizon is by far not even half it’s hold on the world. Strong Style Wrestling, that name means little to me because I have yet to step foot into the stronghold. Yet you know what that makes me excited. Because looking out here, looking at what could be given and what could be taken in the blink of the eye just means that I have nothing more than anything to give. I want it all, and I will have it all because that’s just what I come to do. I come to make people realize the splendor, the magnificence that is I, Miltiades. The name doesn’t ring a bell to many, and I don’t blame you. An old Greek General by that name used to have rule back then, but now the name, the title has it’s own person to help bring back prestige. Miltiades, Red Earth, and self-proclaimed Augustus of a NEW World. That’s who I am, that’s what you’re going to know me as, that’s what you’re going to proclaim as well when the end comes. You may not think so now, but so does everyone in the beginning. They don’t believe hype when they hear of it, they don’t believe anything that comes to mind to them because they are busy with the complacency of their lives. That rut they walk, that path they keep coming across is the same thing every day. Day in, day out, you have people walking, you have them scavenging, you have them lost. Lost and looking for a leader. Like the Canaanites who wandered the desert, just like lemmings who throw their lives away, these people will wither. They will continue doing what they do best and that’s be sheep in this world. And every sheep needs a good Shepherd. And you know what, Strong Style Wrestling is my herd. I am absolutely intrigued by the factions, because all I see are people who will catapult me to the top, and will try to take me down as well. And that’s great, that’s the energy I thrive. That’s the energy I want when it comes to making something a living hell.

(Miltiades walks past the camera and it follows him. Behind the camera was a vehicle that helped Miltiades make it this far in the desert. They drive, for a few minutes before seeing a city on the Horizon. Miltiades stops and gets out of the jeep just on the outskirts, where you could make out the skyline. Many skyscrapers, many buildings elegantly dotted the sky. Dubai, a world of increasing technological advances stood in front of them, and to Miltiades all it is, is another part of the world that continues to grow and yet pales in comparison to his reach.)

You see this, Dubai stands in front of you and from what you could see, you would never think of how big it is until you get into the heart. From here you could see everything. The span of the city all captured just in one eye view. That’s what’s in store of SSW, that’s what’s in store when I get power. You see my reach is ever expanding, my reach is every grasping, and when push comes to shove, my reach is all that it takes to make something mine. These factions are an extension of me. They are who I am, and who I can be. Ronin, Phantom Troupe, Shoot Nation, and my home faction Tres Comas Club. We are seen as the men who will do anything for money. While that’s true in some regard you need to look at it in a way that makes us all united. People always say money is the root of all evil, and assume we are evil. But people always say Money is Power, but never call us powerful. It is futile to have one without the other and when you realize this, you realize Money is power, and those who claim it, are powerful. I don’t know much of my faction mates, nor do I think I ever will. But all I know is that with them, power is all on our mind. Whether it be the inescapable grasp of greed, the ever-shadowing presence of power, or even the mind numbing alteration of excellence, we will work toward the goal of power. Shoot Nation, you stand in front of that mission and you stand as you always will and I don’t blame you. The very chilling anticipation of power is all around us. It’s just a matter of who will take it, and who will be taken by it. Apparition, you speak swift and soft and no doubt your actions are the opposite, loud and hurtful. I wouldn’t expect any less.

However let me tell you something. You lump me in with Tres Comas not by what I’ve said, but by what you think. I do think that my line makes me the next Augustus, but not through inbreeding like you say. But by earning it. My line, has shown me strength, it has shown me pride, and it has shown me that I my specimen is something of great importance. I have earned the right to call myself Augustus, I have earned the right to have you kneel before me, and I have earned the right to be given respect when I ask for it. You may not think, you may think I’m just another blow hard saying whatever he wants to get his point across. And while at this point you may be right, you are not right after it. Because unlike others you may have had the chance of facing, you’ve never actually met me, nor I you. And that’s exciting, that’s a challenge, and that’s another reason why I’m going to win. You fight with honor and I respect that, but I fight for chance because it makes me know and makes you see the true being I am at my core. That I am actually a person worth reverence, that I am a person worth remember, and that I am a person worth obeying. You may not obey me now, but you will soon. And I’ll be waiting for the apology of judging me before you even have the chance to meet me. And soon, so will others when you become the first example of what I can do to them.

(Miltiades gets in the jeep and heads toward Dubai. The dust picks up and throws sand in the camera and as the dust settles, the jeep is nowhere to scene. Fade to Black)
on April 14th 2018, 12:03 amGronk
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Surprise! It's past 12AM and Gronk has finally found the motivation to talk some sense into this weeabo Piero. You thought I was going to abide by some chinky company's rules?  HA. Don't you dare and comment on Gronk's choice to wait until the last minute. You think I give a damn about this weeb industry? Strong Style Wrestling needs to APPEASE MY schedule, not theirs. It's not my fault they conduct themselves in a wacko time zone. Damn commies. The Red Scare didn't work nor will this "deadline". While Piero was sucking on his chop sticks all week long, Gronk was respecting the American flag while eating American food, like pizza and tacos, preparing my body for the manifest dynasty to come. I'm not actually sure what that means but it sounds cool. I was talking to this one guy at the airport and he called me an "Imperialist junkie who has no care for human regard whatsoever." And I said to him, "Why thank you, about time one of you narrow-eyed weebs showed me respect."

Why can't Piero be like, uhhh, well I don't recall his name, but it just reminded me of the sound of your fork hitting the knife when cutting into a juicy, American-made steak. But yeah, why can't Piero be like him? Oh that's right, because he's a stupid commie who can't wait to get these boots shoved down his throat. I don't like to make idle threats, but Piero has already proven to be a tick to me. He's already trying to leech off of Gronk's social media following. Not my fault that "The Broad Street Bully" is more popular in Piero's home country. They want someone who doesn't remind them of their sick and hideous looking faces. They want a man, not a weeb. But Gronk's not exactly a man either, is he? Man, just talking in the third person sounds really cool, I should keep this going. Gronk is like a man tree, and well, this tree ain't moving. The only way this tree would move is if you dropped an atomic bomb, but then again Piero's kind is sort of triggered by such a statement.

All of Japan's women look at Gronk and they want him. I can't deny, some of them have the bodies of an hourglass, it's tempting. But I just have to say no unless they have a name I know my children can pronounce. Like why does Japanese culture have to be so difficult? What's so wrong with, "Hey, my name is Jessica. Would you and your tree trunk sized hands like to take me out to dinner?" NO. Instead, I'm met with "Kachiba Kongo fulufi fefifee, Houdini kungfu, my name is Kiki." The hell is a Kiki? Probably Piero's peasant, disfigured abomination-looking mum. Thing is, Piero's such a creepo he probably gets off on the idea. What a loser. He probably is thinking of a hentai script now. You're welcome for the idea, jackoff. Piero is literally the worse kind of person ever. He sucks. He knows he sucks. Gronk knows he sucks. That's all that matters.

Honestly, I should be seen as SSW's savior. I'm the 21st Century representation of Japan's reckoning. Like, I come to this barbarian country and try to help people live the right way. The Phantom Troupe is Gronk's prime opportunity to be the war machine to rectify Japan's ways. I have been decreed as Aria Jaxon's bodyguard, an esteemed honor no doubt. I take pride in helping her showcase America's superiority. I doubt Piero even knows what that means, HA! Anyway... yeah, I'm not sure why it's called the Phantom Troupe. Pretty sure it's Troop, but whatever. I'll just be the Phantom Troupe's... Troop. Top troop. Piero and anybody else from these fractions (wait, is it faction?) will just have to catch these hands. I'm not scared of any of them. Well, maybe other than Piero trying to do a reach around or whatever these people do in their hentai fantasies. I'll tell you this, he tries any of that gay weeb stuff on me, and he'll wish that the atomic fallout killed his entire kind all those years ago.

That's all I really have to say. Piero isn't worth the weight of words, really. He can't match Gronk physically, he can't match Gronk mentally, and he sure as hell isn't American. Too bad he isn't Syrian, would be a quick way to exterminate him. Oh well. Maybe next time. Gronk will just have to do it the hard way. What a loser, though.

GRONK IS GOING... ALLLLLLL THE WAY. Little weeabo creepo isn't going to stop this mad titan.
on April 13th 2018, 11:57 pmJaydayne Pendragon
⚔️Sitting the traditional seiza style, the masked Jaydayne Pendragon in the dark shyly reaches out for the hilt of the sword before him. At the mere touch of the sword Pendragon turns his head to the side in shame and retracts his hand. Turning his head back forward and putting his hands on his lap, Pendragon stares down at the sword, as he works up regaining his composure and pride. ⚔️

The world’s greatest and most re-enacted fiction, some might even call it the first, is the fiction that the world they live in began in triumph and saintly decorum. This is so that they can call back to bygone eras to tell the people how great things were and how great they can be again. They write their sacred texts, they build their statues, and places names in their hall of fames, all to tell people of these great fictions.

The world they say began with gods.

Explorers ventured out with nothing in their heart driving them other than the pure sense of adventure as they came across new land with people who welcomed them, and they answered back with kindness.

Founders believed that all men were created equal.

But the world was barren, explorers committed genocides, and founders had slaves. Even the noble samurai image I wear today was once synonymous with the ruling class and force used on the masses. And how many on this world have the lineage of someone like Genghis Khan? They say his genes are the most wide spread of any figure in history. It is safe to say, that despite fiction, history is truly one of dark times.

⚔️Pendragon nods.⚔️

But the world get’s better, no matter how many cynics are assembled to say otherwise, the world is truly in a better place than it once was, and little by little it shall continue to improve. We live longer lives, rape and murder are on the decline, and people who would have once been warring tribes against one another can come together as one. Even the institutions that once lied to us about their ideals can become in truth what they claimed to be, and we can make sure to honour those things despite their history because we make them into the systems that always should have been. Why? Because the human condition longs for brighter days, within the barren wasteland where primal savagery and the wicked thrive trampling on the earth, there exists a blooming spirit of a flower that refuses to wilt and die. It wages its own little war against the forces that chain down man and makes us unjust, IT FIGHTS AND IT FIGHTS, until it soaks up enough of what little nourishment there is for a righteous heart and changes the world around it! That’s the story I wish to re-enact, it isn’t the fiction that people like to tell because people don’t like to put in the work into the future and grit their teeth in hard times, but it is the true one of history! I am Pendragon, leader of Shoot Nation, and I have failed this company time and time again, just like humanity has failed people for countless generations. Yet, if humanity refused to give up and has gotten this far into creating a much more beautiful world, I won’t quit either! Not when I owe it to the mentor of Shoot Nation who had his efforts wasted when he fought to save a man like me, not when an entire team walks behind me despite my failures, and not when I have my own dignity to keep! So let them mock me as they will. Tell the tales of the man who had two championship opportunities, and lost them all. While they’re looking down at a man who has no lower to go, I will raise my head to the horizon, reaching out….yes….

From hell, I reach out for The Heaven’s Arena Cup!

⚔️Pendragon valiantly grips at the sword and becomes bestowed with new energy as he swiftly removes his mask and with his half painted face stares into the camera.⚔️

Saul Omen, you shall be the first to fall by my swung blade in this tournament! You and I agree with how the world began in darkness, but everything else that came out of your mouth shows just how incompatible our ways of life are! You see imperfection, you see the plight that has always existed in this world, and you cling to these dark relics like humanity should crawl on this earth like toddlers still stuck in those old ways, while I stand upright continuing the direction of steps of forward thinking men now behind me. You wish to purge your demons by serving some god of death while embracing wickedness……if such things as gods and demons existed, a wicked god and a demon would be one in the same, save these stories for lesser men interested in the mad rantings of a lunatic who can’t has lost the instinct to run before he is cut down! Though I have felt shame in my defeat, I feel pride in the fact that I stand up after the shame and continue the war that must be fought day in and day out! THE RED STRIFE! For your kind do not know any other salvation, you must be destroyed for your thirst for poisoned nourishment to ever come to an end. I am a non-believer, but I respect people’s right to religion. I even help facilitate the action of getting closer to one’s god when I lead them to their church. But where does one pray to a god of death? Death’s door of course, and his most devoted followers ought to walk right through it. In every religion, those closest to god are the most blessed, so in that ring let me be your pastor and end your wicked life for good as you return to the darkness blacker than any night.

And perhaps, you shall see your god there, and tell him the Phantom Troupe shall soon too be at his temple.

⚔️Pendragon unsheathes the blade as the screen cuts in half and to black. ⚔️
on April 13th 2018, 6:30 pmSon of Ra
(The sun is almost at its peak for the day, we see the camera fly over the Nile river, overlooking a vast estate with a certain eccentric Egyptian standing on the dock, awaiting a special guest. We see the Oracle sitting in a lounge chair in a small sundress and adorned with golden bracelets and a golden head dress with the eye of Ra in the center. She looks over at her Pharoh and begins to speak.)

Aurora: My king, why don;t you relax, our guest will be here did tell him which estate was ours correct?

Atem: I gave the boat man concrete information my Oracle, and he said in haste that he would be here, by the mid day sun he would be here...AH, WONDAHFUL HERE HE COMES NOW!

(We see a boat man in an old wooden raft, with a cloth sail and a single rutter in the back, as he guides the boat over towards the dock we see Endeavor sitting Indian style underneath a large leaf to shield him from the sun. Endeavor gets up and is helped off the raft to the dock and is met by Atem, wearing a white silk shirt with golden designs, and a pair of white silk pants to match and a pair of sandals. )


Endeavor: Yeah man, you invited me to your home like a week ago. And brother Seto? 

Atem: Ah yes my brother, you have always been forgetful...for many millenniums you have forgotten small things, but your name my dear brother? Are we getting FORGETFUL in our old age? Yaaassss?

Endeavor: I must be man, so you said you had something to discus? I flew all the way to Egypt bro...And why didn't I just get a driver?

Atem: Always drawn to the desert are we? No wonder father made that your home while I was allowed to rule here, in this VAST VILLA near the Nile! AHHHH YYYAAASSS my brother, the reason I had you to stop by. As you know we have a large contest ahead of us, this ARENA OF REEDS Tournament! And brother I have a very special gift for you, that I am sure you will recognize. SIR SOLOMUN...BRING ME THE ARTIFACT!!!

(Atem and Endeavor begin to walk towards a stone table with seats to match, with lovely silk and pillows to cover their hard exterior as Sir Solomun, a shorter grey haired gentleman in a leisure grey suit walks over with a staff and lays it upon the table gently. He looks to Atem and does a small bow, which Atem reciprocates as he walks away back to doing his chores. The Orcale, Aurora, brings herself off of her lounger and stands next to her Pharaoh as they admire the golden staff, with a ankh at the top inside of a saphire orb. Endeavor eyes it, as Atem insists he indulge and inspect the scepter, as Endeavor picks it up and examines it. Atem claps at the feat and then begins to speak.)

Atem: EXQUISITE MY BROTHER!!! YOU REMEMBER THE STAFF AS IF IT WERE 3,000 YEARS IN OUR PASTS!!! I am most glad you like it Seto, God of the desert and of all the calamity that it can cause when angered. I am glad you remember my brother-..

Endeavor: Uh...Atem, I remember a lot of things when I was younger...But I am having a hard time remembering 3.000 years into the past. 

Atem: It will come to you dear brother, do not worry. But yes this contest we are in, for the Ronin camp and for the Temple itself we must advance into the next round, for the battlefield of Kadesh awaits us all...AND I WILL MUMMIFY OUR COMPETITION FOR THINKING THEY WILL LAY ME TO REST!! Yaaasssss, I do feel as if you need to see our Oracle, yes she will explain all of the proper steps we need to take. While you have counsel with her, I will attend to a matter I need to.

(The Oracle of Atem, the lovely Aurora , takes Endeavor over to the lounger she has occupied and has sat him down in a seat as Sir Solomun brings over some mead for them to drink. She thanks him as he makes his leave passing by Atem, who stops him.)

Atem: Sir must do this favor for me post haste. I require you to prepare a travel package for me. Make sure that it has a large jacket with it...because unlike our old nemesis NAPOLEON BONHAPART...I WILL NOT LEAVE MY COAT BEFORE I CROSS INTO A LAND WHERE WINTER IS HERE ALWAYS!!!

Sir Solomun: Yes sir mister Amun, as you wish. 

(Sir Solomun gives Atem another quick bow and Atem again bows back, as Sir Solomun walks away Atem walks back over towards the dock..and looks out over the Nile. He looks towards the camera and begins to speak.)


I have studied you dear sir, I have studied what you are about. I know very well that YOU have something to say about this combat we are going to be in...But for some reason you stay silent as the night Egypt air. Flowing so softly, flowing in the shadows to await the sun to ressurect from its passage to fight the serpent that wants to eat us all. But you see my dear Krillin...THE SUN WILL NEVER RISE UPON YOU THE WAY YOU WANT! You shall stay in the shadows until the end of our little dance dear sir. And at the end of this we shall seperate...And you shall notice that in all the excitement of the music, the lights flashing around you, and the roar of  the  crowd around you that you are in the duat. I emplore you to make your family and your friends well informed dear sir, because you have no room left on our earthly plane, and we now have no reason to allow you access to the Field of Reeds...MYSELF, ALONG WITH BROTHER SETO SHALL ADVANCE INTO THIS TOURNAMENT AND WITH THE ADMIRATION, AND THE WISDOM OF MY ORACLE...I WILL MAKE SURE YOU ARE MUMMIFIED...MUMMIFIED...MUMMIFIED...MUMMIFIED...MUMMIFIED!!!!


(At that moment Atem looks behind him with his arms wide open still, seeing his Oracle and Endeavor standing before him as Sir Solomun is walking up with a large coat. Atem looks over at them all and turns back to the Camera and clicks his teeth once as the camera turns off. )
on April 13th 2018, 2:42 pmEndeavor
Is it really so strange to you to embrace being weird, being different?  Is that not what makes the world such a vibrant and fascinating place?  Shouldn’t we be trying to celebrate our differences and seek to understand each other?

Alright, maybe that last one was a bridge too far, wasn’t it, Smiley?  Let’s not call each other ‘snowflakes’ and sing Kumbayah together.  This is wrestling and we’re all here to fight.  Bad blood is just one ingredient in the recipe.  You don’t like me because I’m different?  Fine.  I don’t particularly like you because you’re the same.  There’s nothing about you that stands out.  You’re strong?  Whatever, so is Gronk and Kilimanjaro and half of the other wrestlers here.  You’re rich?  You are your entire faction.  Once you step into the ring, it doesn’t matter how many commas are in your bank account.  I don’t take pride in being a reject.  I take pride in surpassing expectations.  Coming into SSW, I know not much was expected of me, because of my background.  I don’t look the part of a highly skilled wrestler.  I’m not as quick as I was.  I’m not as strong as a lot of the roster.  My style is pretty horribly 90s.  I was probably seen as someone that might make for good enhancement talent, make the other guys look good, but ultimately burnout and fall in the end.  I feed off of those low expectations and aim to push the bar higher and higher up.  I’m going to shatter those expectations and make people believe that redemption is possible, make people believe that change can happen.

Look, I get it that Ronin doesn’t have the same appeal that the other factions do.  We don’t have the mystique of the Phantom Troupe.  We don’t have the money of Tres Comas Club.  We don’t have the steeped tradition and honor of Shoot Nation.  It’s easy to look at Ronin and think that we are all thrown in one group because we don’t conform to one of the other groups’ look.  And you know what, maybe that was true.  Maybe that’s what the original intention was for Ronin.  Just a catch-all term for the unwanted.  Then Tarah Nova arrived.  She got thrown into Ronin and said, ‘Screw it; let’s take over.’  Sure, uniting the disparate elements of Ronin isn’t easy.  There’s some like Masakazu who stay on the periphery.  And that’s fine.  But me, Tarah, Atem, Piero, and anyone else who wants to stick a thumb in the eye of the status quo and show off what misfits can do when they work together … we’re gonna make people believe in Ronin.  We’re going to tear the roof off of the shows that we perform in and we’re going to compete at the highest level for the highest stakes.

Smiley, I will apologize for generalizing about you and implying that you were American.  To be frank, though, the Canadian wrestling scene is much the same as the American one, though, so my comments stay relevant.  There is a western emphasis on individualism.  And that’s fine!  That’s part of what makes western wrestling so great with its varied range of colorful characters.  However, we’re not in the West.  The culture here is very different.  And despite the number of gaijin here in SSW, we’re all playing by a slightly different rulebook where teamwork is more of a boon than it used to be.  And Tres Comas will continue to lag behind until they begin to understand that.

But in our current match up, teamwork takes a backseat.  Our match up is going to be one on one.  I’d be quite disappointed if either of our stablemates interfered on Saturday.  No, if I beat you, I want it to be man to man, no bullshit.  You said that I’m going to need to look you in the eyes and back up everything that I say.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m going to beat some respect into you, teach you that the underdog is a man to be wary of.  Sure, you’re going to toss me around, beat me down, and probably think that you have everything tied up nicely for your win.  But that’s when I dig down deep and turn the tide and further prove what everyone else knows: Tres Comas is all style but no substance.  Egotistical assholes who can’t get it done in the ring.  You want to prove me wrong?  Step between the ropes and show that you’re not just a strong pair of biceps with a Napoleonic complex.  Show me that you’ve got the heart and guts to claw and scratch a victory when things aren’t going your way.  Because I’m going to do whatever it takes to advance in this tournament.  I will push my body to its limits and beyond to achieve victory, no matter faint that hope seems.

You call yourself a monster, Smiley.  I laugh at that.  Seriously, it seems like half the people here refer to themselves as monsters.  You think just because you’re strong and mean that it means that you’re a monster?  Please.  Shut up.  I’ve played at being the monster in the past.  I think it’s a phase that we all go through.  Channelling the pain that we’ve endured in the world and inflicting it on others.  Trying to destroy happiness or light or good or whatever.  It’s played out.  I’ve actually been the real monster back in the day.  And I’m not talking about the trendy monsters that seem to enjoy hurting people in the ring -although I’ve been that one too.  No, I’m talking about the real monsters.  The ones that hurt the people they love, the ones that draw others into their downward spiral of self-destruction.  The ones that act on impulse and never think of the ripples of effect that it will have on themselves and those they are close to.  I have been that monster.  So when I come up against someone that calls themself a ‘monster’, I know that I’ve been far worse, which makes them much less scary.  The harm they can inflict upon me is nothing compared to what I’ve done to myself and the ones that I love.  Puts things in perspective.  So if you were hoping that I’d begin quaking in my boots with your little assertion, well, I’m going to have to disappoint you there.  I’m not going to struggle against the monster.  I’m going to slay the small, insignificant monster that you are.

I’ve traveled far to many miles, left so many faces behind, to fail here.  I’ve come here to SSW to find myself, reignite the spark of my spirit that was once a blazing fire.  I’ve come to prove that when I return home to my daughter, that she can look at me and see more than just the absentee father that I was, more than the check that her mother receives in the mail every month.  I want her to see that her dad might not have been a good father, but that he’s a changed man.  He’s no longer fighting just for selfish reasons, but because he has passion and drive to achieve his goals.  He’s a man that can rise above his broken past and ascend to the heavens above.  He’s a man that can step into the ring no matter the monster that his opponent is or thinks that he is, and he can do it without blinking.  He can survive the adversity and continue fighting for his passion, claw and scratch his way to the top.  It doesn’t matter if I’m facing the mighty mite, Racer Smiles or the towering meathead Gronk or the proud warrior, Masanori Kawada or even the Queen herself, Aria Jaxon.  I will take them down, one by one.  I will prove that my fire outmatches theirs, that my drive and cunning will outperform them.  I will face them all and not back down.  If I lose, I will pick myself up, dust off the bruises, and return without reservation, smarter and deadlier than before.  Tarah Nova is the leader of Ronin, to be sure.  But I will lead by example too.  I will be a symbol of hope.

This tournament to you is just a chance to better yourself, Smiley.  It’s just a notch to put in your belt.  But to me, it is my road to redemption.

And you’re just a step along the way.
on April 13th 2018, 3:30 amMatias Navarro
$$$ The scene opens up to a nice restaurant. A restaurant owned by one of TCC’s investors. There is a SSW cameraman, filming Matias' manager, Tomás Aguilar aka Tres Comas Tomas, sitting at a table in the VIP area. He keeps looking at his watch, to check on the time. The cameraman notes that they are twenty minutes behind schedule. Asking where Matías is? Tomás tells him he’s on his way. Another thirty minutes go by and Matías finally shows up. He’s wearing a nice navy blue suit and shades that are worth thousands of dollars. He takes a seat next to Tomás as he slowly chews his gum. He leaves the shades on, because well, Matías is bit of a tool. The cameraman’s assistant tries to clip a microphone on Matías shirt, but swats it away because he doesn’t plan on speaking today. Tomás eyebrows raise, almost second guessing his decision to manage this guy. Tomás looks into the camera, while we can’t tell where Matías is looking, because of the eyewear. For all we know, he’s taking a nap. Yeah that sounds like something Matías would do. $$$

Tomás: To those fortunate enough to be tuning in right now … just know, you will remember this moment for the rest of your lives. You will remember where you were, what you were doing, and who you were with when you first saw Matías Navarro on Strong Style Wrestling programming. That’s right, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. Your eyes don’t deceive you! You don’t have to pinch yourself! This isn’t a dream. This is real life! The man sitting next to me isn’t some Matías Navarro hologram. It isn’t some doppelgänger either. THIS IS THE REAL MATÍAS NAVARRO! THE MAESTRO IN THE FLESH! ZOOM IN! MORE! MORE! LOOK! LOOK AT MY ARMS! LOOK AT THOSE GOOSEBUMPS! Now zoom out a little! Now look at my eyes! They are smiling with pure happiness! And let me tell you, if there was a camera behind me, it would capture the hair on the back of my neck standing up! The excitement that comes from Matías signing with SSW … it can’t be contained, whether it be my own or the fans watching this. THE EXCITEMENT WILL ONLY SPREAD! LIKE – LIKE WILDFIRE I TELL YOU! But to some, you know, those in the wrong … they see Matías spreading more like a cancer. Not by going from organ to organ or bone to bone – but by having this dark cloud like presence hovering over those in the locker room and just becoming a black hole every time he shows his face on SSW television. I know the past of Matías. I know the reputation that is stapled to his name. The past Matías rubbed people the wrong way, through his selfish actions and his vituperative words. So as you can imagine, there will be millions of people tuning in to SSW, hoping … no BEGGING, to watch Matías get his face caved in week after week, so they can finally rinse the bad taste he left in their mouths. 

Matías: But it will only get more sour over time. 

Tomás: Yes, yes it will after all the accolades you will collect during your time in SSW. Very much agreed. So you see, when it comes to Matías, you all paint this picture of him being this bad guy. And I’m here to tell you that have been using the wrong brush this entire time! Because I don’t see it. I don’t see what makes Matías so vile. But perhaps that’s the beauty of art, we all interpret it in different ways. For instance, when I look back at all Matías has done and become … I see inspiration seeping through the canvas. His life is the classic story of from rags to riches. Contrary to popular belief, Matías was never born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I don’t get where they got that idea from. They see Matías and they just automatically think he’s your typical snobby millionaire who had it easy since day one. Nope. Not true. But it’s nice to see Matías have a sense of humor on this whole thing by naming one of his signature moves the “Silver Spooonsault.” Just his way of poking fun at those of you who can’t take five seconds out of your wide open and unfulfilling schedules to do some research. Making assumptions about Matías is a dangerous game. Yet, you all play it. This is a game you cannot win. Do you not understand? But I get it. You get all of your information about your favorite wrestlers on some bullshit rumor mill  website. These “journalists” think of the most click bait titles so they can get more hits. The more clicks, the more money they stuff in their pockets. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t knock their hustle. All I’m saying is stop acting like what they say is pure gospel. That its 100% accurate, because it’s not. Notice how they never reveal their sources. It’s not because it’s confidential, but because they don’t have any sources to begin with. They just launch shit at a wall and see what sticks. Matías’ performance declined because he became lazy? Because all he ever cared about was the money? BS! All of it! Did it ever occur to you that there were other factors? Perhaps he was dealing with nagging injuries? Maybe he was dealing with personal stuff outside of this slimy world of professional wrestling? No, that couldn’t possibly be it! It has to do with Matías giving up on the fans! 

Matías: NO! THEY GAVE UP ON ME!!!!

Tomás: It’s like that shitty meme going around on all of the social media platforms. If you can’t love me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best. It’s from that one song, yes? See, you people had no problem rooting Matías on when he was winning. When he was winning championships everywhere he went. Becoming the main attraction that he is! But like most great sports athletes, he hit a bit of a rough patch. A slump, if you will. And when he was going through this, what did you do? You gave me a chorus of boos every time he walked out on that stage. You turned on him. YOU STABBED HIM IN THE BACK! And after a while, Matías healed from his injuries. He was ready to go! Ready to take this world by storm once more. But in the end, Matías made a business decision. He held back in his performances because you no longer deserved to see his absolute best. And you are all bitter because of that? YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELVES! But I digress, for that’s all in the past. Matías has turned over a new leaf. He’s now here in Strong Style Wrestling. A fresh start with a clean slate was all he ever needed and here it is. A toast, to new beginnings! You know what I love about SSW? It’s new. The concepts and values are refreshing. Being placed into groups, it’s interesting. It almost brings me back to my childhood school days. Being placed into groups to work on a project. And with each group, came a few different personalities. You had the leader/overachiever. You had those who did what they were told because they knew they had to pull their weight if they wanted to get the project done one time. And then there is the slacker. The boy or girl who just sits back and does nothing and in the end gets credit for something they never did. I’m guessing the popular belief is that Matías will be the latter. That he will be the slacker. But oh how wrong you would be. He’s ready to earn his keep. He knows that if he doesn’t perform, Tres Comas Club could send him packing and then he would have to face all these groups on his own. He wouldn’t survive. No one on this roster would be able to. You would be roadkill with all those vultures picking you apart. So long story short, Matías is a team player. Which means, Miltiades, if you’re listening to this, you don’t have to worry about Matías or his motives. He’s going to help you win. He doesn’t rank his individual success over Tres Comas Club’s, which I’m sure is refreshing to hear for the investors. 

Tomás: Tres Comas Club has some interesting characters. Virgo is the new supposed leader after taking BANG’s title. We have Chase and Racer butting heads after a “loss”. Every man is in for themselves, or at least that’s how it comes across as. This is no tight knit group like Shoot Nation or even the Phantom Troupe. If this lack of synergy continues, this club will be easy pickings for the others. That’s why Matías is extending an olive branch to other members in TCC. He’s not here to add even more drama. He’s here to mellow it out a bit. Matías will be the voice of reason. He’ll be the glue that will hold this club together, which at the moment is holding on by chewing gum and duct tape. Just give it some time. That’s all I have to say about that. Let’s switch gears, shall we? Let’s talk about why we are even here, talking in front of this camera. This week … MATÍAS HAS HIS DEBUT MATCH! In one corner, you have Shoot Nation! Jun Nobunaga and The Apparition! And in the other corner, you will have the winners, from Tres Comas Club! Matías Navarro and Miltiades! Three of the four making their debuts. This match is full of mystery … I like it! I like it a lot! Some may fear the unknown, while I open my arms and embrace it. But I’ll admit, it makes my job tougher. I’m here to first and foremost, promote this match. To sell the fans on this being must see, which is no easy task with all of those tournament matches. But I’ve been known to make chicken salad out of chicken shit in the past. But luckily for me, I don’t have to sell the fans on Matías. Just look at him. He screams star! He looks the part! And when he enters the ring this Saturday, he’ll show he isn’t just some run of the mill pretty boy. He’s ruthless! And he will do any and everything to ensure Tres Comas Club comes out victorious! As for our opponents, let’s just say it’s going to be a rough week for them. I almost feel sorry for them because I know they never asked for this matchup, but oh well, you play the cards you were dealt. And you were dealt a three seven off suit while you’re going up against pocket aces! Jun, I want to start with you. Yes, I will no longer beat around the bush. It’s time I talk about Matías’ opponents head on. First and foremost, I would just like to say thank you! Thank you for proving my point from earlier when I went on a little tangent about those who make assumptions. 

For example, you assumed that Matías would like nothing more than to walk out on this match and leave Miltiades to the wolves … actually no, comparing you and App to wolves isn’t accurate enough … you’re more like golden retriever puppies. But tell me, why would Matías leave a tag match? Since everyone keeps assuming that Matías is some self-centered prick, wouldn’t he love the concept of tag matches? When he needs a break, he just tags out! The pressure isn’t all on him. This match is tailor made for him! But no, that isn’t true. I already debunked those outlandish claims. Matías is a motherfucking warrior! No matter the match type and no matter the quality of opponent before him, he’ll give it his all, period. End of discussion. See? He has honor too! He’s one of the good guys! Buy his merch! Take a picture with him at 3 AM at the airport. He’ll love that. Matías is just so perfect and noble. He should be in Shoot Nation with the other special snowflakes. Barf! I don’t know about any of you listening to this, but I can’t stand Shoot Nation. I can’t stand this code of honor they think they live by. Acting because they don’t cheat the system or bend any rules, that they automatically become the fan favorites and that they are what we should all aspire to be. What a load of bullshit. If professional wrestling has taught me anything it’s that good guys finish last. Just ask your leader all about it when he was facing off against Aria and CM. Or hell, even TCC got a taste of our own medicine when Piero hit Chase with a low blow, gifting his Ronin buddies the tag titles. Evil wins. You should know this Jun. I mean you were a part of TCC in the beginning. At least you say so. I honestly don’t remember because SSW had to take a hiatus early on. Why? Because of many factors. One had to be Brian thinking the SSW roster wasn’t up to par so he had to search the world high and low for upgrades … kind of like you in TCC. You left the club? Cool. Trim the fat, I say. I mean after all, this club only got stronger by the addictions of Matías, Miltiades, Chase, and so on. We are better off, that much is true. I just find it odd how you went from Tres Comas Club to Shoot Nation in the span of two months or whether. You had a change of heart that quick? Again, I’m calling BS. I’m calling your bluff!  It was just a strategic move for merch sales and shit like that. Either that or you just don’t know who you are yet. You don’t know the true Jun! And if that’s the case, you chose the wrong group. The misfits go to Ronin.

What I don’t get is why should we value your opinion? You desperately try to besmirch everything that is Matías Navarro and what he chooses to stand for, saying shit like he doesn’t deserve to be here. That he should be blacklisted from professional wrestling because he has supposedly spat on this industry multiple times through some questionable actions. Nah, I disagree. I disagree because what you’re spewing isn’t facts. It’s nothing more than hogwash. You are no better than Matías … but you sure are worse. So do me a favor. Take that moral compass of yours and shove it up your ass. You’re fake. You have no identity. You will just float from one group to the next. At some point you will most likely turn on your Shoot Nation brethren and then what? Are we supposed to be shocked when it goes down? Put our hands on our face and scream like that kid from Home Alone? No. You turning would be no surprise. It’s already being anticipated … kind of like your demise this week. As for your partner, The Apparition. I’ll admit that your mask … it pisses Matías off. It gives him flashbacks to a few months ago, when a company in Mexico offered Matías a contract. 

The only catch was he would have to wear a mask. Why? Because they didn’t want the world to know that they hired the “shit stain of the lucha libre community”, as they put it, to be an active competitor on their roster. He obviously declined. Why? Because well, I think the world should know that there is a soon to be legend competing in that ring and not just some random. You can’t strip his identity away. His identity and face are worth millions. But here you are, wearing that mask and I’m sure Matías would like nothing more than to rip it off. Not because he’s curious to see the face underneath, but because he wants to see the blood trickling down your face. He wants to see the masterpiece he created with your vermilion blood. That’s all. Now, seeing as how many refer to you as The Forgotten one, it obviously gives the impression that you’ve been in this industry before. You aren’t some rookie or tyro. Just some veteran trying to relive his glory days. I saw that movie The Wrestler, too! It was depressing! But not as depressing as your attempt to add anything of significance to this match through your choice of words. A for effort I suppose. So just to be clear, you really think that you can pickup where you left off? Nah I don’t think so. When you taste that first punch to the mouth, you will quickly come to the realization that you can’t hang with the likes of Matías because you’ve missed a step. Just to be clear, I’m not banking on you missing a step and neither is the man sitting next to me. I think I can speak for Matías when I say he’s eager to see what you have to offer in the ring… yep, that’s it. Normally, someone would follow that up with some generic threat. Like, after the match you won’t be able to stand up on your own two feet and you’ll have to be stretchered out of the arena, but that’s not the case with us. To Matías, this is just another match. A warm up, if you will. To be frank, we are all about the bigger picture and this match? There is nothing big picture about it. We will win and people will forget about it a week later, which hey, is good news for you guys because with the fans having the attention span of a goldfish, they’ll quickly forget about your disappointing display out there. So with all of that said, I can't believe this, but you actually had the gall to say Tres Comas Club should fear you? YOU?!?!?!

Matías & Tomás: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 

Tomás: Look at that! You even made Matías laugh! Such a rare thing to see! Thank you for that! And thank you for your time. I bid you farewell. 

$$$ And just like that, the camera faces to black with Matías still chuckling $$$
on April 13th 2018, 12:00 amDamien Walker
SSW Heaven’s Arena Cup: Round One-Promo 1
*The camera cuts on to Damien Walker sitting on a chair in front of the camera, running his hand through his hair and loudly letting out an exasperated sigh.*

Y’know, I’ve been rather quiet. Up until this exact moment, I hadn’t yet taken the opportunity to truly speak and explain my thoughts regarding Strong Style Wrestling, my status as a member of Ronin, and my opponent. To put it simply, I’ve come here to expand my horizons. To wrestle in a company where some of the absolute best in the whole entire world call home. To prove to myself, above all else, that I can win championships and become one of the best.  Look, wrestling in the good ol’ U.S. of A. is fun and all, but to NOT take an opportunity to wrestle in Japan?  Well. *he chuckled to himself*  

I’d be a fuckin’ moron, wouldn’t I?

*he got up out of the chair and began slowly pacing around the room*

Now let’s see here. I’ve already gotten one victory since my debut in SSW over Candice Blair in a match that lasted barely less than 8 minutes. Nothing to sneeze at right? Yet my opponent for this Saturday, doesn’t exactly agree with that sentiment. No, in fact, Mr. Chase Vedder doesn’t seem to think much of anything regarding me. Perhaps he’s so confident due to the fact that he’s by far considered to be the favorite to win our match? Which I’d totally understand...IF the guy didn’t have almost the exact same record as I do.

I mean, am I missing something here?

This guy runs his mouth about things like my facial hair, my hairline, my...nicknames…?

*he stopped pacing, walked towards the camera, moved the chair closer to it and sat down again*

Chase, I’m gonna do you a favor. A BIG favor. I’m going to give you a piece of advice that may serve you well. *he leaned his face into the camera* You really ought to take me a little more seriously, if you want any hope of not getting your sorry ass kicked from pillar to goddamn post this Saturday. See, the problem with someone like you is that you think that you’re practically “destined” to make money, to be a star, to be the guy everyone else wants to be. How truly ironic it is that you chose to call another member of 3CC “a self-centered, arrogant, entitled, little bitch.” When all of those things and more could so easily be applied to yourself, Chase.

How does it feel being completely lacking in something called “self-awareness”?

*he finally leaned back against the chair*

You claim to be the “The Man” and “The Alpha Male”, but then have the nerve to mock my admittedly many nicknames. Any other nicknames you’ve got that strongly imply that you’re severely compensating for something? I mean, Christ. At least TRY to be somewhat subtle about it. Regardless Chase, you’re in for quite the nasty surprise when we get into that ring. For when the bell rings, it’ll be followed by me giving you an ass-kicking that your parents probably should’ve given you years ago so that you wouldn’t end up being such a flagrant douchebag.  

I’m all too thrilled to be given the golden opportunity to knock your ego down a couple pegs this Saturday, and prove to everybody who didn’t think I’d make it past the first round that they ended up placing their bets on the wrong fucking guy.

*Damien walks towards the camera*

Peace. The Fuck. Out.

*The camera feed cuts out*
on April 12th 2018, 10:01 pmGREED貪欲
Burden? You don’t know what a burden is, Masakazu. You would never understand what the very word means until you experience that I carry - that I have been carrying my entire life. I don’t know if I believe in predestiny, at least, not in the way that you do. You find yourself predestined for greatness on what merit? That you can lift a finger and make things happen outside the world of wrestling? Amusing. Very, very, amusing. You’re right in that there isn’t much we know about the man named Masakazu, but there is even less you know about me. Don’t let the little biography I gave to the interviewers for the SSW website as a bare-minimum formality let you shape your perception of me. I promise you that there is much, much more for the world to learn about who I am.

Choose a point and stick with it. There’s talk of destiny, then of a strong desire to prove to everyone who thinks they are better than you wrong, then you claim to have the same desire as me to claim everything you possibly can for yourself? Which one is it, Masakazu? Don’t let over-ambition be your downfall until you can prove that you are capable of living up to these expectations you’re putting out for yourself. Because as far as I can see Masakazu, you might just be one of the dime-a-dozen “next big things” that walk into this company and fade out faster than they can sign their contracts. Now of course, you could assume the same of me… But I’m sure you’ve picked up on the aura about me. It’s not for nothing, I’ll tell you that.

Unlike you, I don’t need an insurance policy. I don’t need a back-up plan, or someone else to have my back. I am my own insurance policy, because I always have and always will continue to achieve everything I have by myself, for myself, all to fulfill my destiny of being the preeminent personification of glory - and my greed is the driving factor that will take me there. That’s why GREED is a one man force, an intimidating one at that, and one that will not be undercut by a man who needs his hand held to the ring and back. I’m honestly taken aback by the pride you put into your declaration of the fact that you need the assistance and guidance of Watari. What kind of man can stand there with a straight face and say that they need the help of another to achieve their life’s goal? Your one life, Masakazu. Your one chance in existence to establish yourself in the legend and lore of mankind, and you opt to willingly put an asterisk next to your career?

Such weakness… I don’t know if it angers me or makes me pity you for being the fool that you are. When you split the effort you’re willing to put to make your convictions reality between two people, you’re only getting half the reward and… how in the world could you ever settle for half? So here, when you’re lecturing me about your destiny - I say, your destiny holds no merit. YOU hold no merit. You are a joke, painted such by your own words. Let me give you a little peek behind the curtain at the man that is GREED. There is no half for me. Getting help isn’t even an option, if I cannot claim what is mine for myself, by myself, then I am not the man I say I am, and I can admit that - unlike you, who can only stand there as a poser and dare pretend to be anywhere near my level. I’m not going to tell you to show me the respect that I deserve because I am going to force every last ounce of it out of you come Sunday, when you will realize that whatever you are can NOT be compared to who GREED is, do you understand me?

Clubs, factions, alliances, to hell with them. You can focus on where you think you belong as opposed to where you actually belong, debating that with your boyfriend, and I will continue to work and be the man you think you are. It really is poetic for me to make my debut against a man who is nothing more than the discount version of myself. Taking your ego away from you… I’ll consider that my first token of sacrifice to the devil on my back… And that is my burden, Masakazu - GREED.
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