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on May 25th 2018, 11:59 pmDamien Walker
Supremacy/Promo No. 1
“Where We Stand”


“This is what I’ll be defending at Supremacy…”

*Damien held the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship in his hands, since the day the match was announced, he’d been constantly thinking about the match at Supremacy. If there was ever a match that could finally change his fortunes in SSW around, it would be the upcoming Fatal 4-Way tag match.*

“ not exactly proud of how things have currently gone for me in Strong Style Wrestling. Don’t get me wrong, it could be going a whole lot worse. It’s not like I’ve lost ALL of my matches so far. Yet, it’s still not good enough. I’m clearly not winning enough. The absolute last thing I want, is to be seen as a liability for the Ronin. I need to prove that I’m capable of pulling my own weight here. I’m not just gonna sit idly by and let people who don’t know what they’re talking about; accuse me of being nothing more than a simple “accessory” to Tarah. Fuck that. I’m not in SSW to just be a “bit player”, while everyone else around me wins matches and championships. I know that I’ve got what it takes to finally turn my string of bad luck around. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t still be here. I wouldn’t even bother accepting Atem’s offer to help defend these Freebird Tag Team Championships. I could have just quit and fucked off back to the States, but I’m not really interested in doing that. Why? Simple. I’ve got something to prove. Not to anyone in specific, not to anyone else who’s in this match and not even to the fans who’ve gone out of their way to voice their support. I’m here to prove to MYSELF, that I’ve got what it takes to leave Supremacy as one-half of the Tag Team Champions.”

“I’ve got to admit though, it’s not gonna be a walk in the park for either me or Atem. We’re facing against three particularly stacked teams. Each one both representing the other three factions of SSW and featuring some of their top talent. The One True Pairing, Saul Omen & CM Nas and Belle Kingsley & Masanori Kawada are all going to be stepping into the ring with us. Should I be intimidated? Should I be scared? Should I be afraid that we’re gonna lose the titles to any of those teams? Well, I’m not. Letting my nerves get to me isn’t gonna help us win and quite frankly, I’m actually feeling pretty damn confident about my chances at victory. Let’s see, why don’t we start with the first team that’s on my mind? Belle Kingsley and Masanori Kawada. Let me start this off by saying this. I’M NOT KERRY KELLER! I mean, for fuck’s sake. How did I get mistaken for THAT guy of all people?! How am I supposed to take someone seriously if they can’t even be fucking bothered to know who I am?! Also, who cares that nobody’s got us as their favorites? Is that supposed to deter me from challenging these belts? I’ve been bet against before, I’m fine with being bet against again and again. It’s nothing new to me.”

“Next, we’ve the One True Pairing. It says something that even though I’m teaming with a guy like Atem, I still think he’s not quite as weird as these two are. I don’t know. Something about them just seems kind of off-putting to me. You see, that’s the problem with Tres Comas. Everyone there is either completely delusional, an egotistical asshole or a combination of both. There is VERY little middle ground.”

“Finally, we’ve got both CM Nas and Saul Omen. The “favorites” of this match. Suddenly, just because they managed to steal a victory out from under us, that somehow means that they’re better than us. I don’t get it. It’s strange to me that some dude like Saul, who just sits there rambling on and on while using words that nobody else uses in normal conversation. Acting like he’s “deep” and “mystical”, even though he cheats just like every other asshole in PT." 

"Fuck the haters, we’re walking out with those belts."
on May 25th 2018, 11:52 pmThe One True Pairing

A video starts to play. Static and white noise brushed on the screen every ten seconds, caused mostly by its poor quality. It was from an old video tape. A few seconds more and it picked up a clear image.


Two children are seen playing in the backyard. One was a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes started to run away from his playmate, a girl with black hair and brown eyes.


She was much shorter than the boy, but she did her best to catch up to him. The boy hid behind a small shed, in an attempt to hide from his playmate, but Sakura always had a sharp vision, so she knew exactly where he was even when he's a long distance from him. 

Young Sakura: I know where you are, Cash! 

Sakura made sure to slowly and sneakily peep from the shed to surprise Cassius. 

Young Sakura: GOTCHA! 

But there was nothing. Sakura looked left and right... minutes had gone by, but her dear Cassius was nowhere to be found. 

Young Sakura: Cassius? Cassius? 

Sakura almost shed a tear. She didn't know where Cassius was. Did he get hurt? Did he leave her? A dozen thoughts come to her mind... how is she going to tell his parents that their son disappeared before her eyes? 

Young Cassius: Come find me, Sakura!

Sakura hears a playful voice, and her face lighted up and she stopped crying. She proceeded to investigate. This was it. She was not giving up. Not until she finds her Cassius. She the tries to detect where the voice was coming from. Inside? She opens a small door from the shed and her eyes suddenly glow with happiness! Cash was there the whole time!

Young Cassius: SAKURA!

Young Sakura: CASH! 

He hid from her because he knew she'd miss him. It made him happy how crazy and emotional Sakura got when he's not around for even a second. It was seen in his eyes as he hugs Sakura back. They were so young and naive... but that's what's precious about these little moments. You never know when it will hit you, and they were lucky to have found each other early in their lives. A woman's light laugh is heard in the background, Sakura's parent who was taking the video as she looks at the kids with adoration. Little did she know that she is looking at the very definition of love.

Sakura wears high heels and a small golden dress. It was Cash's favorite color next to green. She had a little make up on as she walks by an empty street, right under the spotlight. It looked dangerous, especially for a girl her size... but Sakura, who has fought seven opponents in total, and injured two of them in a street fight, fears nothing. 

Sakura Corleone: Cassius? Cassius?

Cassius was right behind her. He wore an Italian suit with shiny black leather shoes to match it.

Cassius Corleone: I'm here, my love!

Sakura Corleone: Are you ready for this? 

Cassius Corleone: I'm ready for anything as long as I'm with my Cherry Blossom!

Sakura and Cassius walk down the dark, empty dangerous-looking alley where they meet two people who are visibly shaking in fear. It was an interviewer who wore a Yellow button-up shirt and slacks, and her camera man who is pretty much only in his grey shirt and worn out jeans. This interviewer is called Becky, a rookie reporter from Strong Style Wrestling HQ, hoping to hit the jackpot by getting an exclusive interview with The One True Pairing.

Interviewer Becky: Umm... 

Becky didn't think it would be THIS exclusive though. Sakura could see that Becky has that look in her eyes.. where she feels like she's going to die tonight. Sakura liked it.

Sakura Corleone: Is there a problem? 

Interviewer Becky: Why are we meeting here instead of the SSW Headquarters for a real sit-down interview? You know... with witnesses? 

Sakura Corleone: Because you said you would be fine meeting us anywhere we wish.

Cassius Corleone: And a dark alley where you can get mugged any time gives off this super-serious vibe. 

Interviewer Becky: Erm... whatever. Let's just get this on. Mac, start recording. 

Cameraman Mac points the camera to the three, enough to see all of them in one shot. Sakura was standing beside Cassius, and Interviewer Becky is across them both. 

Interviewer Becky lightly places her hand on Cassius shoulder as she moves closer to him to have a better shot for Cameraman Mac. Sakura, with a sharp observation skill, of course does not miss a beat as she looks at Interviewer Becky with disgust on her face. 

Interviewer Becky: There has been some concerns that you two have not been taking this SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship match seriously as opposed to the other teams because of your.. behaviors. Any comments on that? 

Cassius Corleone: Sakura and I are very serious about winning the Freebird Tag Team Championships... Can't you see how serious this atmosphere is right now? 

Cameraman Mac: It smells like a dead person here.


Cassius Corleone: It's alright, he's right. It does seem a little... outside of the box, but you see, Sakura and I always visit nice places every day of the week that we wanted to try something different... Somewhere we don't often go to. 

Interviewer Becky: Often? 

Cassius Corleone cuts her off.

Cassius Corleone: BUT YOU SEE... My Cherry Blossom and I could afford to take tours around the world and spend vast sums of money all the time without a single worry in our minds. And the common misconception is that we don't take our jobs seriously, when that's far from the case. The One True Pairing take all of this seriously, we train together so we look our best whether in and out of the ring... but we simply know a broken dream and a lost cause when we see them. Saul Omen is the very definition of that. His mere existence is a reminder for criminals and thieves who were not raised right by their parents, for the sex offenders and the domestic abusers who just want to know how it is to feel as they drug up their dates and beat up their significant other, and lastly, for every woman who come out of the Neon lights after their night of dancing on a pole for men who wishes there was any meaning in the things they do. That's the demographic a man like Saul Omen caters to as they blame the darkness and the pain of their past for the very reason why they they are incapable of having fulfilled lives... Blame others before you blame yourself. Such an old tune, but admit it or not, this is the ultimate truth for people who have nothing of value. And the One True Pairing simply cannot relate to his every insignificant buzz every time he opens his mouth. The One True Pairing intends to show these cretins that their lives would be better if they were us, but they will have to sulk in their miserable circumstances because there is only ONE One True Pairing to fill these expensive shoes. Saul Omen thinks that he's too good to imitate us? Oh, I'd be glad to see him try to be Cassius Corleone! As a matter of fact, I INVITE HIM to put on those golden robes and sunglasses, I invite him to get a brand new waifu body pillow with Sakura's face on it and I believe... no, I guarantee you that he is going to wish it were a permanent change of identity the moment he realizes that he has to go back to cater to his self-loathing nature. Isn't that right, My Cherry Blossom? 

Sakura Corleone: I don't doubt it. You can dance around with your factions and hype up that little spark that you have that's struggling to light itself. But The One True Pairing will always shine brighter among these mindless flock. And at Supremacy, Cash and Sakura shine the brightest once they capture the SSW Freeweight Championships. And after we have those titles locked in our grasps... No one else gets to take them. The One True Pairing will reign with Gold forever!

Interviewer Becky: Thank you so much, Cassius and Sakura. I think I have everything I need. 

Interviewer Becky, as formality, takes Cassius hand and shakes it. Sakura looks at her again.

Cassius Corleone: Is something wrong, Sakura? 

Sakura Corleone: I don't like the way Interviewer Becky is looking at you. She has been trying to get her hands on you for the past 10 minutes! Batting her eyes, brushing up against you, holding your arm... in front of your wife too. This fucking snake.

Interviewer Becky: But I wasnt -- 

Cassius could see that Interviewer Becky means well. He wanted to explain it that way to his lovely wife, but Sakura's jealousy has always been his drug of choice, his ultimate high. The way Sakura acted crazy made him feel so lucky, and his way of helping his wife is by feeding her craziness.

Cassius Corleone: You're absolutely right, my Sakura. I HAVE been noticing that!

Interviewer Becky: Well, that's not true... I didn't mean anything by it, I swear! But... It's getting late anyway... Mac and I still have to edit this video and.. 

Interviewer Becky signals Camera Mac to leave as soon as possible, and just whe Mac was about to turn off his Camera, the video caught Sakura suddenly pulling Interviewer Becky's hair from behind. And the she proceeds to attack her, throwing punches at her face while she is down on the concrete floor. Mac drops his Camera, and moments later, Cassius picks it up and catches more footage of Sakura assaulting a now-bloody Interviewer Becky. Cassius chuckles and turns off the Camera. 

And then there was static. 

on May 25th 2018, 11:18 pmMasanori Kawada

Versus Ronin, Tres Comas Club & Phantom Troupe; Freebird Tag Team Championships.
Entry: 1 -- Word Count: 2,082

The skies above Aichi are dark, the very faint detail of clouds passing by the ever-radiant moon. As it's light pierces through the dark clouds, we also see the lights from below that make up the Aichi prefecture, illuminating and expelling some of the darkness directly above its skyline. From a balcony overlooking the city, Masanori Kawada is lost in the inner-workings of his mind, pondering on the philosophies that have driven him the past decade of his career. His face was stern, focused, before he begins to vocalise his thoughts. "What defines failure in the eyes of man? Is it the inability to accomplish the short-term goal in your first attempt? Is it consistently having obstacles that persist to stand in your way from achieving the long-term goal? Or perhaps it's seeing less deserving people walk away with the rewards you fight ever so hard to obtain for yourself or for the people who fight beside you? For the longest time, these are the definitions of failure people have labelled the Shoot Nation. This is the image they paint the Shoot Nation story within one, broad stroke. This is something they are adamant about because they see the setback, often because of desperate attempts to halt the momentum that we build, and they feel just because we have been slowed down means we are on the brink of stopping completely. Oh, but how wrong those people are. Failure is the feeling of complacency in mediocrity; the acceptance of defeat and choosing to let it weigh you down. When you look at Shoot Nation, the individuals or the unit as a whole, you'll not find a single member on their hands and knees in defeat. No, you see men and women who are ready to jump back into the crossfire because nothing can prevent them from achieving the goals we want to achieve. No blindsided attacks. No cheap methods of winning titles. Nothing can damper the burning spirits that keep the Shoot Nation one of, if not the strongest unit in SSW today!" Kawada turns towards the camera that loomed over his shoulder, his eyes no longer the cold steel they had always been, instead there was a passion in them, a burning one that illuminated his eyes with a spark previously unseen from th Everlasting Hero, a youthful spark that has ignited in his soul. "Defeat has always been one of my biggest motivators, to find the silver lining whenever a dark cloud looms. To have made it that far into the Heaven's Arena Tournament and then to have tasted defeat just short of the finals, lesser men would be discouraged. Belle Kingsley and I though, we seem to be taking it in stride. To find a victory in defeat, that is the very essence of strength, and that is what make the Shoot Nation faction such a strong unit. Look at the final four of that very tournament, see that three of the four names were Shoot Nation members, you see driven individuals. I dawn blue to show the cool-headed justice I represent, the symbol of the unbias and non-personal leniency towards the justice I deliver. But since coming to the SSW, I have been bleeding the red that makes the Shoot Nation. These are ties that run deeper than any other faction in the fold, because each and every member of this faction believes in the message, believe in the honor and fights with the valor that make the faction such an indestructible force. And with the ever-going war of the factions, it has become a war of the strongest unities. And when I look at the other three factions in play, I don't see a single unity that can even contend with that of Shoot Nation."

All-Might takes a brief moment to look out to the bright city lights before continuing. "Take for example the Tres Comas Club; a grenade of a faction with the pin already pulled, doomed to implode onto itself. Look at who they contend on the card for tomorrow night, and you will see they are more fixated on a war amongst themselves. The only thing that ties them all together is the sin of greed; the collective and not the individual that bears the name. They have already begun their butting of heads over the most trivial of things, but they have done one smart thing despite all of that. They have put their best foot forward; the only real chance they had at even contending for the Freebird Championships. The self-proclaimed One True Pairing. Sakura and Cassius Corleone, the only two members of that faction who don't have a blade pulled on the throats of their stablemates, the only two have any chance of coexisting in a battle of unities. And what a unity love is, right? Love is a beautiful thing, I don't want to meet someone who could deny that, as it is one of the strongest ties one can have with another. Love keeps people united, keeps them fighting oppression, fighting for the love they share with another. There are many wars love can win; but inside that ring tomorrow night, you will find no winnable war on love alone. The coexistence may be second to none, but love also makes people blind to an ugly truth. Sometimes, love can't triumph just for the sake of it. Love-sick puppies in the middle of a rabidious dogs are a little out of their element, although they may escape unscathed, they have an abysmal chance of making it out as the strongest dogs in the fight. At the recent house show, they got the upper hand on Belle and myself for the most part due to our nagging injuries and exhaust from the Heavens Arena Tour and tournament matches and, if it weren't for the Phantom Troupe scum that I will address in a moment, perhaps they could have defeated us. Perhaps they couldn't. There are a lot of variables, and rightfully so, they are the dark horse team of this match. I wouldn't count them out, their bond is the only one that can rival that of the Shoot Nations, but Belle and I have experience as teammates under our belt to play the contender to rival a bond such as love in the ring."

"Then, there is the ragtag faction of Ronin, who are currently the holders of the gold we seek to claim. It was miraculous to say the least when such a faction could walk away with the gold despite what ties them together, rather a lack thereof. I will always give credit to Ms Tarah Nova for that, she was the glue that kept this faction together when surely it would have imploded in on itself by now much like Tres Comas Club. Although she can keep you together, she can't give you success by affiliation alone, eventually, you will have to find a chemistry of your own that works. When I look at Kerry Keller and Atem Octavian Amun-Ra, I couldn't see anything more than polar opposites that show no signs of chemistry. Ones in his own world, believing himself to be a harbinger of gods from the Egyptian mythology and the other has yet to find his own stride in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps this will present a surprising duo, one that exceeds all expectations, but from a war of words alone they are trailing far, far behind. Neither of them have even attempted to represent the faction in the prelude to this four corners match, neither of them being able to run with the ball that Tarah Nova placed into the palm of their hands, and they will surely drop it. Do I underestimate this team? If my many years in this industry has taught me anything, it's that great things can come from the most unexpected places, but for that to be a factor there needs to be a foundation to build off it. And the Ronin foundation can hardly support the individual, much less the collective. Though I will not count them out, they are far from the strongest presence that opposes the Shoot Nation tomorrow night, but they do bring the championship gold we will obtain to the fray."

"Finally, the ever-persistent thorn in the side of the Shoot Nation known as the Phantom Troupe. The ones that drew the first blood, the constant factor that has deprived the Shoot Nation of what it deserves; the championship glory that we are long overdue. As Saul Omen believes, surely because Doe has enabled it, the Phantom Troupe stands unrivalled, the great oppressors of the SSW. But all they have really done has enabled this image of great oppressors while they have been soaking in the glory of their borrowed time at the top of this company. And that time is slowly dwindling down, with Supremacy being the moment where the final grain of sand hits the bottom of the hourglass. The behemoth Gronk will fall to our courageous leader, to slay the monster like the hero he is to guarantee our shot at dethroning the queen who sits upon her throne of glass. The Apparition will wrestle the Heritage Championship away from Sangkat, Vanessa will expose the glass cannon that is your leader John Doe and then, the part that I am sure Belle and I will enjoy the most, putting to rest the phantom pain that has hindered the Shoot Nation for far too long. The self-glorified strongest who are by every definition cowards. That much was made clear by the very two men that the Phantom Troupe has pressed towards this match in Omen and Nas. Eliminating yourselves from the tournament for what? Some false sense of accomplishment? One that has backfired with not only one of the two men you attempted to remove post-humorously from the tournament, not only making it to the finals but will eventually slay the colossus that stands as your secret weapon, rendered defeated and the footnote that will only be the opening chapter in the comeuppance that Phantom Troupe have been written since the very beginning. The collective of Phantom Troupe has yet to truly earn any of their accolades for themselves, relying on the help of their comrades by hook or by crook to hold the gold but never truly stand in the eyes of the world as champions. That is why the faction is so opposed to the idea of heroes and a justice that will spell their undoing, because that will mean they truly have nothing left, standing on an ivory tower destined to come crumbling down. Omen, you can paint the picture however you want, but there is no denying the true narrative that is behind it. The Phantom Troupe can not only not think for themselves, but can't accomplish anything of their own merit. If you sleep peacefully at night despite that, you are far weaker men than you lead on. Because nothing the Phantom Troupe has done or can ever do will be able to stomp out the fire that keeps the Shoot Nation alive. You can steal hundreds of championships from under our noses, interfere in thousands of our matches, proclaim your dominance to millions of ears, but there will always be that one flaw that will keep any of that from mattering in the end. The Phantom Troupe cannot kill Shoot Nation. Championships don't make the men, men make the championships, and not a single title that is held in the Phantom Troupe camp makes that faction stronger, it just makes the championships glisten less. That is something that will not fall upon the Freebird Tag Team Championships, and in a domino effect, it will bring about prestige upon the others when they are wrestled out of incompetent hands and into the calloused hands of the men and women who deserve them. Villans find glory at the moment; heroes will find glory in the end."

"Belle Kingsley and myself have the world to prove tomorrow night, a harsh lesson for those who try to paint us as weak, who try and oppress us into being underneath their boot. We are a faction on the rise; individually we are strong, united we are unstoppable. That is the absolute justice that will stand tall in the culmination of Supremacy, championships in hand, doubts removed, phantoms silenced as their souls are put to rest."
on May 25th 2018, 11:14 pmJacob Senn
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Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

Famous words that relate to this moment in time with me as this stoned bastard child for New York that has revealed his degenerate ways has made it possible for me to return into a wrestling ring at Supremacy. Does this make you happy, Stark? Does it bring a smile on that face to see that Jacob Senn will return into a wrestling ring against you because of what you have done to him? I was determined to be a creator for this place to where the people that walked into the locker room would have somewhere to showcase the talent that wouldn’t be able to be seen by larger promotions, to let the talent grow and nourish under this umbrella of wrestling, but you’ve brought out a different manifestation of Jacob Senn that has been known throughout the wrestling hemisphere. The iconic figure of wrestling that has won championships all around the world, The Punisher that has went through all manners of brutality that this place could give you along with falling from heights that no average man could come back from, and the monster that has been rumored to make sure that those that fall against him… never recover from that fall again. This is the man that has been placed against you at Supremacy and you know something, you’ve done some of those same things according to your most recent words. The roads that we have taken have been similar and even though those roads were miles apart to where we didn’t even know one another, they still found a way to meet at the crossroads here at this moment to where you’ve done whatever you could to get me to compete against you. Sending out a crew of your “New York goons” to come out there and hijack my show, assaulting me during a championship match that I had taken part in with another promotion, all of this because you wanted the match that I denied you because you felt insulted by that denial. Like a spoiled rich kid that was told that he couldn’t have something for the first time in his life, you threw a tantrum about it to where someone finally was forced to give you want you wanted. What you believed you wanted, right? For what you want is a moment to establish yourself as the best wrestler on this roster. What you want on from this match is to let the entire wrestling world that you’re on the same level of competitor as me, but let me tell you something. You’ve never been on the same level as I have been on throughout my near-decade career as a wrestler. You may have been a world champion, you may have been inducted in some Hall of Fame, but as much as you don’t think that I know you… I do. You’ve undercutted your way to the top of the mountain and when you haven’t, you’ve been lazily coasting along with the potential that you do have in order to take what you want because even though you might have the talent to reach that next level to beat me, you’re still someone that has been unable to break that glass ceiling because of apathy. I know that people have told you that it has been because of the plants from your Bonsai Garden that you love to toke up to make your life easier to live through, but I don’t find that to be your problem. I find your apathetic nature to be the downfall of your entire career to where you have NEVER been able to reach the heights that I have been able to reach in the same amount of time. You might think when I say that I’m talking about accolades and championships, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the performances, I’m talking about the ability that I’ve been able to do, I’m talking about what I can do between those ropes is superior to everything that you’ve ever done in your pathetic existence as a wrestler. Now, you have the gall and audacity to stand there and tell me you want to go to war because I offended you? Because I hurt your feelings? I don’t care about your fragile ego that led you to do what you did to me, but I do care about what you’ve done to me.

Week in and week out, you’ve done everything you could to not only mock and humiliate me, but to physically harm me before our eventual collision to where I know that fear is inside of those eyes of yours. The fear that you will be the one lying on the canvas with the world watching you fail at having the spotlight that you crave so much has ruled you to where you’ve resorted to these tactics to be able to goad me into a match at Supremacy. Don’t worry, everything has been signed and made official to where no matter what, you will have this fabled match that you have desired. Supremacy will make the in-ring return of Jacob Senn for everyone to watch, but it will be to where you become the victim of that triumphant return from expulsion. If you believe that what you have done to me will go without consequence, to where you will be able to walk out with your head held high in pride, and me still be left standing to watch all of this happen before my very eyes, you’re playing yourself as a fool. I’m relentless and ruthless inside of that ring to where there is nothing sacred in that ring when I’m in the state that I’m in right now. I want you to bleed a waterfall of crimson blood that will cascade down your body while you are wincing in agony, your entire body broken and bruised from the abuse it will have to endure, and to watch that look of disbelief finally strike you when you watch my hand raise up in victory at your expense. All of this will be my desire when I enter the ring against you to deliver the just punishment that has been waiting for you because Stark, I want to see the look of disbelief that appears on your face when you realize that all of this was just to see yourself watch it all crumble before you. That is what drives me in this match and I crave that absolution to finally be mine to where I don’t have to sit here and listen to the complaints of offending you because I don’t want to stand in the ring with you. I’ll be freed from this curse of Stark being around me with that ganja grass stench and all of his goons that he wants to fly in with that Bonsai Garden money of his. I can finally return to what I came into this company to be and that’s the creator of the next generation of talent that will takes us into the future. With that said, Supremacy will be the night that I give Stark a farewell that he deserves because after this night, I will be shocked if he wants to pursue his career in this business even further. This is where it all ends because I will punish Stark for what he has done to me, resume making Strong Style Wrestling the best company in the world, and remain the one thing that will never change about Jacob Senn.

I will remain Iconic.
on May 25th 2018, 11:12 pmFalke Halstenberg
Supremacy Promo: “And With a Dash of Silence.”

*Kerry Keller once again sits in silence as he meditates. Candles lit around him as he focuses deeply on his chi*

Kerry: look at the benefits of silence, focus can happen in silence. And so shall victory. When I came into SSW…

*Kerry looks toward the camera seriously, pulling up a playing card with the joker symbol on it*

Kerry: I thought I was some grizzled veteran with something I needed to prove to everybody else in this God forsaken company. But the truth…

*Kerry blows one of the candles around him out, then moves the joker card next to a different candle*

Kerry: The truth was that the world would have to prove itself to me. I was a fool, I was an idiot, I thought the fans would be on my side. I was wrong… all of my hopes of returning to a warm welcome from the people, they vanished that night when Belle Kingsley choked me nearly unconscious in the middle of the ring.

*Kerry puts another candle out with his fingers, once again moving the joker card so that it is alight with one of the candles*

Kerry: And here I sit in a whirlwind of momentum, facing my biggest opportunity since that faithful night. And I know how much I've deserved this. Tarah… Tarah… Nova… let me get this straightened up with you… you are my friend. We share many aspects of lifestyle, but in the squared circle, I don't care who my friends and my enemies are anymore, the Troupe even knows I could go haywire at any possible minute. I am a ticking time bomb similar to what I used to be, I am the same man fixated on the same goal. Supremacy.

*Kerry puts another candle out and moves the joker card again*

Kerry: Jun… you're quite the… quite the card aren't you.. you think you can get into my head with your stupid body language shit? HUH? well why don't you think again on that one you fucker because you're not in my head in the slightest, I know how much of a threat you are, and that's none. You're a non-factor, a negative integer.

*Kerry chuckles a bit*

Kerry: Shinati… you play by the goddamn rules don't you? You think being a little goody two shoes is going to get you somewhere? You think that's what's gonna acquire and win you a title shot against a member of the phantom Troupe? You think you're so tough and brave huh… Im gonna snap you in two and forget you existed.

Kerry: I am different than I was… I won't allow you to walk all over me any longer, I won't allow you to proclaim me the weakest link of the Phantom Troupe any longer… the way I see it, at Supremacy... three members of all three factions down.

*Kerry burns the joker card to ashes in front of him*

Kerry: and I kill the man Kerry Keller used to be… Forever.

*Keller puts the last candle out*

Kerry: SHHHHHHH… be silent. 

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on May 25th 2018, 10:59 pmVanessa Santiago

The last number of weeks have proven just how different we really are, John Doe. Or rather, how different we were all along. And when I think about it that way, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I eventually left The Phantom Troupe. Given that I was a founding member, it could be easy for me to sit here now and say, “I can so easily tear down what I put in the effort to build”, but then, that would make me no better than you. While time away from your grasp granted me the clarity to know that the SSW landscape would be better off without the evil influence of The Phantom Troupe, I know that it’s not my place to get rid of it. I don’t need to get rid of it. The peace of mind I needed came with just walking away. In my time among your ranks, what I didn’t realize was that being a part of that faction made you feel like you owned people. You can say you don’t give a damn about the fact that I’m even still in this company, but the way you’ve been acting says otherwise. You’re obsessed with making me pay. You’ve got a one-track mind, it’s how you’ve always operated. Once upon a time, you fixated on Masanori Kawada, and he was the nemesis you couldn’t take your eyes off of. Now, for completely different reasons, it’s me. The Phantom Troupe truly is a weird case. For a group of people who are supposed to be cold and committed to causing chaos, but somewhere along the way, you decided there was room for...loyalty? Unity? Some leader you are. You don’t even know what your business model is. In any case, you’ve decided that I was never allowed to leave. It’s like a kid at daycare who doesn’t want anyone touching the toy they had in their hand before naptime. It’s no wonder things here eventually broke down. I’ve never been good with kids.

“I don’t make the same mistake twice”.

You only made one mistake -- refusing to let me move forward with Shoot Nation in peace. I’ll prove to you that I was never the one who made a mistake. I’m far from limited now. If anything, I’m spreading my wings more now than when I was with The Phantom Troupe. The height of my time there was taking part in the first triple threat match for the Jr. Heavyweight Championship. I might not have taken the pin there, but I still didn’t win. Now, months later, here I am with a singles match on a banner show against one of the men who fancies himself one of the foremost talents in SSW. It might be considered by some to be a step up. From tomorrow night forward, the true springboard for Vanessa Santiago will be heralded as Supremacy, the night when she stood up for herself against the wicked John Doe. Now that someone else has taken my place as the foremost woman of The Phantom Troupe, you think that I'm supposed to feel regret. To say that she "takes advantage" of her spot in The Phantom Troupe takes away from her ability and makes it seem as if she always needed you, but that's in the John Doe handbook, isn't it? You feel like you made everyone under your "employ". We were brothers in arms once. Contrary to what you think, you never molded me or changed me for the better, but just the same, you should know exactly what I'm made of. See, you can pretend as if my time away has given you amnesia, but you know how strongwilled I am. You know how difficult I am to keep down. You know that I never say die, and now, you've chosen to willingly be on the wrong side of that? Another mistake of yours to add to the tally, I suppose. I was always a lioness, and time spent away from your influence only sharpened my claws. Walking through the fires you've tried to fan has only made me stronger, and you'll see just how strong I truly am when you meet defeat at my hands. Step into the lioness' den, Doe. Don't act surprised when you're ripped limb from limb.
on May 25th 2018, 9:57 pmAria Jaxon


Aria’s bicycle superkick connected flush with Jaydayne’s face as she intercepted him mid-sprint, and she could’ve sworn she saw his eyes roll back into his head as she fell to her knees on the mat. She was starting to become fatigued now, the furious boos of the crowd being reduced to little more than a dull din in her ears, shutting her eyes tightly and trying for a couple seconds to correct her ragged breathing. Inwardly, Aria reminded herself to hurry the fuck up as she dragged herself to her feet and turned to stagger toward the corner, where she hurriedly pried Nas’ legs free from the top turnbuckle. His body hit the canvas with a muted thud, sounding even quieter as the jeers of the crowd prevailed, doing little to will their hero Jaydayne to his feet. Aria was back up to her feet first, stooping to try and pull the much-heavier Nas to his feet as well. It was loud enough in the arena that she was certain no cameras picked up what she said next.

Aria made sure that she was eye-level with Nas. “Get up, honey!” she implored through clenched teeth, sounding almost annoyed. “It’s gotta be one of us, remember?” Aria asked, just as Nas was getting to his feet. She nodded and he did the same. “We got this,” he assured her.


Aria’s mouth was agape and her heart dropped into her stomach as Nas hit the table outside with a sickening crash. The table splintered beneath his weight, and Rick’s eyes grew to the size of saucers, concern etched firmly on his face as she rushed to his charge’s side to check on him. This was it. The “one for all, all for one” shit was about to take a back seat, because now he was out of commission. Aria was all on her own, though the thought didn’t necessarily scare her. She wanted to leave the ring and check on him, but if she willingly squandered a chance at championship gold and put The Phantom Troupe’s plans for world domination on the backburner? He’d never forgive her. Not to mention, she couldn’t afford to give Pendragon a leg-up, she just couldn’t. The weight of her own dreams and her faction’s world championship now rested firmly on her shoulders -- and now she had to see if they were broad enough to shoulder the weight.


“Don’t let go,” Aria muttered to herself, her voice not even remotely audible over the noise bouncing off the arena walls. She was wrenching this hold for dear life, yanking on the limbs of Pendragon with the kimura/Fujiwara armbar combination, praying that it would work. If this didn’t end him, she didn’t know what would. She didn’t want to fathom what else she’d have to do. So she pulled, she wrenched, she strained with every bit of strength left in her body, waiting with bated breath as the referee picked his hand up. Pendragon’s hand hit the canvas with a thud one time, then another -- and then, a third.

It was over.

The disbelief was almost overwhelming at first, tears blurring her vision as was forced to come to grips with what had just happened. By hook or by crook, she was here, standing atop Strong Style Wrestling. She couldn’t fathom what it would take for anyone to remove her from the apex, either.


It’s nighttime in Toyota. The retractable roof of Toyota Stadium is open, presenting a wide open view of the moon and the huge expanse of the night sky stretching above. The seemingly-empty venue itself is eerily quiet and dark. And then…


Two well-timed claps cut through the silence, suddenly prompting the lights of Toyota Stadium to come alive, shining down on what will become the first home of Supremacy. In the center of the field used in the primarily soccer-centric venue is Aria Jaxon, the Puroresu Heavyweight Champion. She sits on a plushy, cushioned dark purple throne, the logo of The Phantom Troupe emblazoned on the back of it. She’s dressed in all black, coordinating jeans, stilettos, and a Phantom Troupe logo crop top adorning her petite frame. On top of her immaculately-curled waist-length purple hair is a crown with diamonds and amethysts. A knowing smile sits on the lips of the champion as she traces a manicured fingernail over the face of the coveted championship draped over her crossed legs.

“Fifty-five days ago, I started my excursion in Strong Style Wrestling. I ventured into unfamiliar territory, knowing that for all this place’s talk of honor and structure, that there was no leader. There was nobody steering this ship. For me, there was no long, arduous climb to the top. I didn’t have to slip and skin my knees on the way to the summit, having my hopes dashed over and over again. Fifty-five days ago didn’t just mark my first time stepping in an SSW ring. It marked the day my reign began. For the entirety of my time here, I’ve been a champion. Run that back, I’ve been THE champion. Years from now, when people are recounting how happy they are that I’m gone and thanking their lucky stars that they survived while I was running shit, one thing they won’t be able to take from me is the fact that I defined the lineage of this championship. I’ll always be the first, and I intend to extend this inaugural reign for as long as I possibly can -- however I possibly can. I’m nowhere close to being done. Complacency hasn’t set in at all. Once upon a time, when I didn’t know any better, I used to think the tightest that you ever clutched a championship was the first time it was placed into your hands, but I was foolish to think that. The truth is, even if you hang onto it for dear life, you only end up gripping it tighter and tighter as time wears on, because the challengers get bolder and bolder the longer you’ve got it. I’ve done the whole lengthy title reign thing before. I know how this story goes. I know that, even though Matias Navarro came out swinging -- and picked the wrong mark -- that he’s just the first in a long line of unfortunate men and women who will fall at my feet. I know that the longer I’m champion, the higher the stakes are. As time wears on, the bounty on my head will only grow. I look forward to all the hearts and wills my time as champion will continue to break, but for now? I’ll focus on you, Matias. The one who’s drawn my ire. The first one who couldn’t bring himself to stay in his lane, hopping the divider and running right in front of a speeding tractor-trailer. Just make sure Tomas is on standby when it’s all over to scrape you off the pavement, honey.”

“I wanna appreciate your brashness, I do. But, out of pettiness, I can’t, because said brashness is aimed in my direction. You’ve seized this window of opportunity and you intend to use it for all it’s worth. The Heaven’s Arena Cup determines the next challenger on the chopping block, but the first? Oh, that spot was wide open, and you knew that. The way you see it, you just think nobody else had the balls to step to me and put themselves in my crosshairs, but did you ever think that other people’s fears weren’t misplaced? Did you ever stop to think that everyone who sat on their asses backstage and decided it wasn’t worth it to try and put a stop to my reign had the right idea? They were all right to stand down, and you could’ve been right, too -- but you preferred to be brave. Fate doesn’t favor the brave, Matias; it favors the prepared, and I’m prepared to do anything it takes to remain the Puroresu Heavyweight Champion. Think about what I had to do to become champion in the first place. Ever since Exodus, people have cried foul saying I don’t deserve this title because of the cameos made by my fellow Phantom Troupe members, but what rules did I break? It was a triple threat match. Nas knew that when he got put into the match alongside me, and that’s why nobody hears him bitching about the outcome now. He knew what the stakes were, and he knows the title is safe in the hands of another Phantom Troupe member. Those whose hearts ache for Jaydayne should probably remember that nothing that happened was against the rules. And that’s what SSW is all about, right? Operating within the parameters? Well I did! Where’s my award? People are just mad that when I said I was gonna bend the rules as much as I possibly could, I wasn’t bullshitting. Don’t worry, Matias, you won’t have to worry about Gronk or anybody else piecing you up while the referee’s back is turned, because I’m a benevolent queen. Once again, I’ll be operating according to the SSW rulebook -- but that doesn’t mean things will go swimmingly for you. Brutalizing you with kicks to the face or yanking extremities outta their socket with submissions is still well within the rules, but you won’t feel any better than Pendragon did after I choked him to sleep. You’re taking a different route to disappointment than he did, but you’ll ultimately get there just the same. What got him into a world title match in the main event of this company’s first marquee event was good fortune. What’s getting you into the second one is your nerve and your potential. Said potential will be all you have left after I crush your championship hopes under the heel of my boot.”

“The most ruthless among us do what we have to do to get where we wanna be. As I’ve stated, when I say that, I mean it, and you meant it, too. As much as I rag on Tres Comas Club for being a bunch of sugar daddy-funded wannabe champions, what’s funny about all of this is that the money’s hasn’t been a defining factor for you this whole time you’ve been nipping at my red bottom heels. I mean sure, with a title comes a bigger paycheck, but you didn’t get paid to walk out there and interrupt my championship celebration. I don’t think Tomas got in your ear and demanded you turn your sights toward my title. You’re obviously not doing this for your stablemates, because we all know how you TCC boys feel about each other. At the end of the day, it’s about you and what you want. For the lucky ones, it means they can bask in the success they’ve carved out for themselves, but you? You’ll have no one to blame for this impending disappointment but yourself. You wanted to strike out on your own and prove you were above all the petty bullshit dragging down your teammates, and you’ve had one hell of a run. You came out swinging, beat me at untelevised events, and left me laid out at the end of the last Heaven’s Arena Tour show. You even got to touch the belt, as you said, that dreamy look in your eyes as you fantasized about a future where you actually got to keep it for yourself. Yeah, you caught me slipping. It was a mistake for me to have ever let you get your hands on it, but it’s a mistake I’m gonna rectify. After Supremacy, you think anyone’s gonna remember the one time Matias Navarro got to hold the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship up high? Nah. They’re gonna remember Aria Jaxon notching her first successful defense.”

“You’ve been taking your small victories where you could get them, and with each one, your confidence grew. It’s as inflated as it can possibly be, and I’m twenty-four hours from taking a pushpin to it and letting all the air out. You can come away with W’s at all the little mile markers on the road, whatever. Have fun with those. But when we step into that ring in front of 45,000 people with the most coveted prize in SSW on the line? That’s when it all changes. This ain’t another tag match or in-ring segment. You talked about my clutch gene, but to actually experience it isn’t something any sane competitor should really want. I dig down into my reserves in a way that nobody else can. When you’ve burned the candle on both ends, I’ll still have enough left in the tank to put you away. You’re new to this, Matias. When you say the top is where you belong, I can’t help but feel like you’re just wishing on a star. The top is where I’ve made my home. You knew who I was long before we were ever meant to share the same ring, and do you know why? Because I’m the best goddamn wrestler currently breathing. That makes an impact on people, whether they love me or hate me. If you’ve really studied up on me, you know where I’ve been and what I’ve done. You know I’ve got more main event classics to my name than Tomas has dollars in his bank account. You know sold-out stadiums with the lights turned up and the stakes sky-high are what molded me into the champion, into the queen you’re praying you’re able to knock off. This ain’t shit but a field trip for you. You’re a visitor here at these lofty heights, while this is where I’ve made my home. It won’t be too much longer before I kick you out.”

“Not too long ago, my outlook on many things was a lot different than it is now. Unlike you, Matias, I didn’t hate every day that I spent as the ultimate fan favorite. I did love it. I loved hearing the crowd chant my name and knowing people were passing all their hopes and dreams off on me. It all came with the package. They were byproducts of playing by the rules and doing everything the right way. That smile on my face wasn’t fake -- and neither is the one I wear now. It’s wild to think it was only a few months ago, too. I had just about everything that I have now -- the championship, the money, the main event status, all of it. But in spite of the fact that I was coloring inside the lines, I dealt with more suffering than I deserved. People still called me arrogant and fake, no matter how often I defaulted to doing the right thing. Those days are over. I’ve put myself first, and it’s been liberating -- and I know you know the feeling. The old Aria couldn’t have been able to stand the idea of shortening someone’s career for the sake of keeping her championship, but to the Aria of present-day, collateral damage racked up along the way is just part of the game. You believe I’ll circle back around to who I used to be, but I can’t imagine going back. And it certainly won’t happen before you and I have our match. When that bell rings, you’ll get what you’ve been asking for. Just you and I, with no frills, no friends, and no distractions. I’ll push you to have the best match of your career, and at the end of it, my hand will be raised. You don’t get the distinction of being the one who ends my reign before it truly gets started, Matias. You just get to be a statistic. The first one to come up short. Poor you.”

Aria grins broadly, hefting her championship up onto her shoulder. She glances over at it before settling back into the cushions of her throne.

“Long live The Queen...and long may she reign.”

on May 25th 2018, 9:09 pmJaydayne Pendragon

Even before I was a man, an empty shell ignorant of life’s true wonders, I had not once sought to obey man’s base desires to get counterfeit treasures. These carnal desires, these carnal sins, they are false idols that distract from reaching true heavenly heights and fill voids in people’s lives with only more emptiness. One is better without them, just as I once was. For much of my youth, I had nothing but discipline and the sword, I had those two things beat into me until I had reached a swordsman’s true state of nothingness that is heralded by all practitioners of the blade. I had thought that was all my life would be, until someone allowed me to have her both body and soul. Me, who has once thought relationships to be pointless affairs people partook in for meaningless bragging rights and to serve fleeting urges of the flesh, was lucky enough to be shown why bonds are made in this world. And once I understood the bliss of being bonded with another being, given that velvety touch that awoke a dormant life within me, I came to understand the true treasures to be found in all things. Women are not merely sexual items, true accomplishments are not merely trinkets, and true victory is not merely something recorded on a scoreboard.

These things do not exist in isolation. I believe when one opens their eyes to see the true beauty of companionship that they too gaze upon the truths of this world, at least catch glimpse of that heavenly hue. In reverse, those with their eyes closed to that beauty are destined to be blind, at best only able to catch sight of the shadowy silhouette of the marvels they miss, stuck in the hellscape they inhabit.

None exemplified this better than Gronk when he abducted Belle Kingsley after she rejected his advances, his misunderstanding of the worth of a woman bleeds into his cluelessness when it comes to comprehending all sorts of wonders in this world, be they why one joins into a faction with others or be they why one fights inside that ring with everything they have to accomplish something! Some might scream out, IS PENDRAGON GOING TO TURN INTO A WHITE KNIGHT RIGHT NOW? First of all no, I am the Hafu Samurai, a proper mixture is what I’m always thinking about. This isn’t solely about the plight of the fairer sex, but rather for the sake of all! Yes, it goes without saying that the women in this locker room and this world shouldn’t have to fear the idea that some big oaf will pick them off and carry them away without consent. Is that really what we need displayed in these troubling times? Morgan Freeman might be the next exposure. I myself fear for my fiancée in a world like this. But even boys and every single man out there suffers when the crazed concept of men pointlessly taking women by any means necessary is somehow comical or ideal! Gronk is every person who gets onto the internet getting the idea that a lover online can make up for the real thing. Gronk is every frat bro that spikes an unaware maiden’s drink. He is every megastar that regardless of money and fame, despite having families, still find themselves harassing women to appease their urges and because their wives were not people they loved in the first place. See, it doesn’t matter which rung of life you’re on, there are countless fools on all levels whose blindness leads them down such a pathetic path. And like I said, there is no isolation, the nature of these things are of the same ilk, the concept of Hollywood stars caught miserably clinging to any woman they can get their grubby hands on to fill the void is no different than any star found overdosed in their million dollar home. Just as Gronk disgraces the meaning of a lover by capturing a woman by force, he has sullied what it means to battle in that ring with his sloppy approach to wrestling, and his entire faction consistently smear what it means to be a champion by acting like merely having titles is good enough when you fight dishonorably.  Even the use of his moniker represents the decay of values and falsification I’m talking about.

Gronk, do you know what a titan used to be? Do you not know how sad it is that a petty beast can make use of such a name without anyone batting an eyelash?

Titans were fabled to come before even the gods man knew, just as man often gives gods the titles of father and mother today, gods sucked at the tit of titans and looked to them as parents in their absolute sovereignty over the world.  These days, titan just means a larger version of a giant, if people care to differentiate the concept of a titan and a giant in the first place. Just because of your size, you were handed down a watered down moniker people forgot the meaning of, just as they’ve forgotten what it means to be a man and a champion as they christen people with those names for simply having an attractive “partner” and having a chunk of gold. One thing that you will share with the actual titans is that once they were cast down they never truly were able to get up to reach Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus, merely another sacred ground like heaven, and if the true titans couldn’t climb their way up that holy land you can bet that surely a knockoff like you won’t make it either to claim what’s found in the arena of the gods! Heaven’s Arena Cup!

I know, based on your national patriotism and disdain for those of the East, your way of thinking that falsifies the term “supremacy” probably does not take kindly to a hafu, A HALF BREED, like me! A supremacist like yourself would never find fellowship with what you hate the most, but that is just fine with me! I want people to take note of how polarly opposite we are. I represent inclusion as a child of the East and the West, you represent keeping people apart and a hatred for what’s different. I am discipline and you are madness. Most striking to you, what people say behind that big back of yours and what you angrily think of at the back of that mind that of yours when you do take the time to produce thoughts, I’m a leader and you’re a henchman! You may have more brute force than anyone on this roster, but I am one with the saber, that means I’m precise and masterfully crafted from years of honing one’s skill. PIG, who knows nothing of being a nobleman, with my blade I will slaughter you before an altar to every person victimized by you and men like you. You heard me right, at Supremacy I burden the beast.

on May 25th 2018, 5:18 pmMatias Navarro
|With the biggest match of his career looming, you'd expect Matías to be in a gym training his ass off, or doing some kind of film study to increase his odds of winning. And maybe he does do that when the cameras aren't rolling because he doesn't want his strategies or techniques getting leaked. However, in this very moment, Matías is getting fitted for yet another suit to add to his never-ending collection. I guess you could say he shares the same addiction as one Barney Stinson. After a few more seconds the tailor is finished and Matías gives a nod of approval. The crisp dark green suit fits Matías like a glove. He steps down and sits in a nearby lounge for a cigar break. Tomás Aguilar, aka Matías manager/business partner that was appointed to him from one of the TCC investors, is already there, sitting comfortably. Matías sits down and admires his watch for a few seconds.|

Tomás: The time has finally co—

|Matías raises his hand, signaling for Tomás to stop speaking, which Tomás obeys, with no questions asked. You can see Tomás take a nervous gulp as he rubs his sweaty palms against the arms of the chair. Matías looks at Tomás and then into the camera.|

Matías: No, today I speak.  

|Usually Matías lets Tomás do most of the talking because well, that's what he's there for. And Matías doesn't normally sit back because he is shy or is self-conscious about his accent. It's most likely due to his laziness, so, therefore, Matías usually only talks when it comes to big matches or opponents that catch his eye. If he doesn't think you're worthy enough to talk about, then he'll just remain silent.|

Matías: Since April 14th, 2018 – the limits of my patience have been tested on a weekly basis. Whether it be dealing with Aria and her brainless bodyguard, Gronk or putting up with Tres Comas Club and its glaring lack of synergy – most of the time being a combination of the two. As you can imagine, dealing with such nuisances nonstop would cause even the calmest to go mad. They would start ripping their hair out strand by strand, or better yet, leave a few holes in a wall after unloading a plethora of punches in order to calm down. But not me. For the most part, I have remained as cool as a cucumber throughout this whole ordeal because I know that by putting up with all of this drama and toughing out these series of headaches, it'll be worth it in the end. So patience is bitter, yes, but its fruit is sweet – and so will be my victory at Supremacy. The date I mentioned earlier, that being April 14th, has a lot of significance behind it. For starters, it marked my very first day with Strong Style Wrestling, as well as the day I first challenged the "Queen" Aria Jaxon, for her SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship. And by doing so, it ruffled a lot of feathers and no, I am not just talking about the champion herself. The majority of the roster didn't appreciate how I supposedly cut to the front of the line, as if I don't deserve this opportunity that I essentially presented to myself. PAY YOUR DUES, THEY SAID!! HA!!! Look at me! I don't have to pay for shit! That's just one of the perks of being a part of Tres Comas Club. They take care of me – well, the investors do at least. But this chatter in the back has been deafening when it comes to my peers talking about yours truly. Their voices are like nails on a chalkboard. Nothing but a load of codswallop spew from their mouths as they go to their stablemates, crawl up onto their little soap boxes and express their fragile feelings and wrongful opinions about how it should be them facing Aria and not me! Talk is cheap ladies and gentleman – and I don't do cheap. Yes, unfortunate news for you, Aria, but I digress. I must admit that I was caught off guard by how this process shaped up. It was rather easy, really. You see when I challenged Aria for this match initially, a large part of me was expecting for the entire SSW roster to come out of the woodwork to follow suit and issue a challenge of their own. I mean she does hold the most prized possession in this industry, so it only made sense. But to my surprise, the floodgates never opened. There was no line of hungry men and women, just salivating and clamoring at the thought of becoming the next SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion!!!! Instead, it was just me out there. I was the only person willing to step up to the plate and hit this opportunity out of the fucking ballpark. You see I don't need some tournament to give me a shot at that title. Nah, that's too much waiting and I think I made it perfectly clear that I am not a patient man. Therefore, I'm not going to be like one of those precious angels from Shoot Nation and sit on my hands and bite my tongue and wait for an opportunity to plop right into my lap. FUCK THAT! I WANT TO BE CALLED SSW PURORESU HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION RIGHT NOW, NOT SIX MONTHS OR A YEAR DOWN THE ROAD! And when I want something, I tend to get it. That championship being no different. 

I know Aria won't make it easy for me. I know she will come out swinging, fighting tooth and nail to keep her prized possession from falling into my greedy little hands – and I wouldn't expect anything less. For she has proven time and time again that when the lights are at its brightest and the stage is at its biggest, she never fails to bring her best, making her one of the most clutch performers today – but she will quickly come to the realization that even her best won't be able to topple my performance this week. Maybe if she was facing a different opponent, or maybe if this was taking place on a certain rival company's turf, then sure. But unfortunately for Aria, Matías Navarro will be standing across from her in that ring, which spells disaster for her title reign. Or would you even call it her reign to begin with? It's more of The Phantom Troupe's reign since it was a collective effort at Exodus. Which means that Aria's crowning achievement here in SSW, comes with an asterisk. Believe me, I don't want to sit here and sing the same tune as others before me, as they make their desperate attempts to besmirch all you've done for SSW. Because even I, your biggest rival at the moment, can admit the good you've done for this company. I mean, since the second the ink dried on your SSW contract, it got plenty of people talking because you have that name recognition. Your brand alone manages to garner attention. Aria Jaxon brings in viewers and because she manages to pull in a bigger audience, she adds more money to the pot and that is something I certainly can respect because after all, money does make the world go round! And that right there is just one reason as to why I need to beat you this week. Beating you will only further legitimize my career. It will catapult my name into the discussion of the best wrestler today. I am not afraid to admit the truth. I am here for me, myself, and I. My motives aren't hidden, for they are out in the open in clear daylight for all to see and marvel at. What you see is what you get. And what you get when it comes Matias Navarro is the future face of this company. You see, while my stablemates are occupied with fighting for an inferior title in the Jr. Heavyweight Championship, I am fighting for something greater – that of course being the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship. Or what about how they are fighting for the right to be called the leader of Tres Comas Club? It's pointless at the end of the day. Having that job title is about as legit as Dwight Shrute's assistant to the regional manager. But while they are busy fighting for that cardboard throne, I am fighting to become the leader of Strong Style Wrestling as a whole. And once I add that championship around my waist, I will rule this place with an iron fist.  

Some say I am walking into a lion's den this week while I beg to differ. The only walking I'll be doing is in the park when I snatch that title from your grip with ease. That is of course if this match is truly one on one, which I have my doubts about. I'm sure you have some tricks up your sleeve. Some ideas and cheap tactics you'd like to see come to fruition. And I'm obviously not asking for you to reveal your hand here. Nah, instead I suggest you continue to hold those cards close to your vest. It'll be that much more entertaining when everything you worked so hard for goes POOF! Into thin air. Truth be told, I don't fear you, nor your group. And by publically saying that I think this is the part where I deliver some heroic speech and state how it is my goal to not only become the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion but to make The Phantom Troupe kingdom crumble at my feet as well. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. I am no hero. I don't wear a cape. I don't spin out of a phone booth and go on to save the day! Quite the opposite really. I am a horrible human being. Make no mistake about it. I will sink to the lowest of the low if it helps me get ahead in life. Just like I have no problem stepping over people, or better yet, backstabbing someone close to me if it benefits me in any way, shape, or form. After all, that is the Tres Comas Club way – hi Chase Vedder, how's it going? But in this battle of war or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, my inner demons are covered by the heinous acts that the Phantom Troupe dish out. Assaulting the likes of Brian Daniels and Vanessa Santiago. Or if we want to go back even further in time, before you and I even set foot on SSW soil, Steven Cassidy. Who? Exactly. John Doe erased that name from our memory. Excuse that small tangent. I just want to once again emphasize that I don't care about the havoc you wreak. In fact I will just turn a blind eye to it all. I mean, the Tres Comas Club investors don't pay me to to be nice or to rescue those who are deemed innocent in the crossfire. They want results. They want championships and that is exactly what I'll give them in the very near future. 

I have everything mapped out in my head. All of the possible scenarios, the outcomes, you name it, I've thought about it. And that's what I enjoy about SSW - the downtime. The schedule we work is light compared to other places I have been in. And since I have this extra time, I dedicate it to thinking, as well as reminiscing about the events that have led us to this point. The time Gronk assaulted me when my back was turned. The time you kneed me in the groin. You've done it all but throw sand in my eyes. Those were the lows, sure. But there have also been highs when I have laid you out on a few different occasions and each time, I got to raise the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship, foreshadowing what will transpire come Supremacy. 

And that right there was your biggest mistake – letting me touch that title. I already wanted it beforehand because it intrigued me in the sense that it can't be bought. I could reach into my deep pockets and toss thousands your way, which is an obvious upgrade from the ones you used to stuff in your bra, but I digress. The point is, when someone tells me I can't have something, it makes me want it more. The craving only intensifies. The want becomes a need. And I need the Puroresu Heavyweight title to add to my collection of the finest things in life. And to do it, I obviously have to beat the champion, Aria Jaxon. And when I look into the eyes of our current champion, I don't know who the real Aria is. I mean before you made your arrival to SSW, you were all about justice. You were all about doing things the right way. You set a good example for all the children out there. A role model the parents didn't have to worry about negatively influencing their little bundles of joy. You went from having a heart of gold to a cold black one. Maybe it's not even existent who knows. But as I talk about this new version of Aria and the overall transformation you went through - dare I say you remind me of myself? Now, I wouldn't go as far as saying we are cut from the same cloth, because we aren't. We are two completely different people from two completely different backgrounds. But the one comparison I'd like to shed some light on is we both used to have the fans eat out of the of our hand. I can't speak for you, but when I was seen as some "fan favorite", it was all an act. I hated pandering to them. I hated every god damn second. I hated sporting that fake smile. I hated giving them high fives as I made my way to the ring, knowing those hands haven't been washed in weeks, if not months. But most of all, I hated crediting them for my success. Uttering bullshit lines like I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, when it's the exact opposite. They wouldn't be sitting in those stands if it wasn't for the star power I had or the entertainment I provided. But believe it or not, this isn't about me. This is about you. This is about you from a year ago, or whatever the exact time frame was when you got all the cheers. I think you loved every second of it and deep down, you miss that reaction. You miss being greeted by those smiling faces. Seeing a sea of your merch out in the crowd. So, therefore, I believe this cold-blooded version of Aria is just a phase. Give it a year and I see you aligning with Shoot Nation. And I know that when it comes time for you to respond to my words, you will SHOOT that theory down, no pun intended. 

At this point, I think everything that needed to be said, has been said. I suppose I could go more in-depth about why I firmly believe I will take your championship come tomorrow night, but we both know you won't want to hear it and my words would only fall deaf ears as a result. Just like you can hype yourself up all you want by guaranteeing yourself a victory and then taking it to Twitter to do your whole AND STILL hashtag. I won't believe it for a second, so therefore it will be no use. Both of our minds are made up and we will continue to stick to our guns - very well then. 

Goodbye for now Aria - and goodbye to your short-lived reign as SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion!
on May 25th 2018, 4:23 pmJohn Doe

You stood there, a founding member of The Phantom Troupe, and turned your back on us all. Was it for the betterment of yourself? Could you not handle the hard decision making that came along with your duty to The Troupe? You couldn't handle looking down on everyone else - so instead you stooped as low as Shoot Nation. Your head is always looking up at us now. We're on top of this company and ruling it easily. There's no authority role nor contracted employee that can tell us otherwise. And now you're presenting yourself in a trial to plea for yourself. The crimes you committed are only justified with the public humiliation that comes along with your defeat. It is only fitting that I make an example of the stray sheep. You degraded yourself from being a lioness to a wandering sheep without a shepherd. You sought out guidance in Shoot Nation in hopes to find yourself again, but for what cost? Your life? I wish I could proudly take that and everything you built yourself up as in this company, but you barely did anything for yourself. You make unwise decisions that end up leaving you in the gutter to rot for the rest of time. Your life, your career, your presence in Strong Style Wrestling means very little to me. I have no care for a traitor, but here I stand - giving you the grand opportunity to prove you weren't wrong for leaving us. You can take your best swing at my neck, but it will be your only swing. I do not make the same mistake twice. I set this spectacle up for all to see. I put you on display and now it's time to take you down. You're a worn out relic that only is useful to worn out traditions. If you so wish to bury your reputation underneath the ashes of Shoot Nation, so be it. You'll see a world you could've have conquered, but now you'll bare witness to a world where you have no power in. You could have had everything by staying loyal to The Phantom Troupe. You could have ruled like a queen, but thankfully it wasn't that hard to find a superior woman to take your place. Unlike Vanessa Santiago - Aria Jaxon has not taken for granted the power of The Phantom Troupe. She utilizes it every single day by reigning supreme as SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion.

What have you done for yourself since disappearing and then reappearing on the wrong side? You waited, and waited, and waited, just to show up in the enemy forces, and it cost you dearly. Your crimes would not go unnoticed and they certainly weren't going to go unpunished. You need to be taught the difficult lesson in life. You need to be shown the consequences of your poorly timed actions. I've gone out of my way to do this. I'm giving you this platform and of course like the bottom feeder you are - you leeched yourself onto it. You knew this could be your one and only chance of breaking out of your shell without The Phantom Troupe there to support you. It's simple right? You do kill The Phantom Troupe leader. That's the only way you're walking out of Supremacy with an ounce of life left within you. You have to rip me apart, limb from limb, and put my head on a spike. I know you'll very well try, but it will be a poor attempt. Your strength has a limit, while mine does not. You've limited yourself by being under Shoot Nation's wing, while The Phantom Troupe continues to expand their horizons. I almost feel disgust how shackled you've become. I almost feel pity for how pathetic you are. I almost feel sorrow for how behind you are. I once saw potential in a woman with unlimited power, but now I just see a shade of what could've been. I see a distant memory of the young woman that was heading in the right direction, but took a wrong turn, and ended up nowhere. You aimlessly wander in every direction to find solace in the ultimate decision you made. I can see the conflict within your mind. You tell yourself everyday that Shoot Nation was the right decision, but the slip up of - "Was it?" - continues to haunt you. It will forever haunt you. I will never let you take a sip out of our glory ever again. You will sit on the sidelines and continue to watch the rise of The Phantom Troupe. You will be left behind, like the rest of these factions. You're the sheep without a shepherd. You wandered into the lion's den and we took you for our own. We raised you, nurtured you, fed you, but in the end - you were only being groomed to be feasted upon.
on May 25th 2018, 3:53 pmStark
We might be two months late on the button, but it’s finally here, my “dream match” with Jacob Senn himself. For him though, it’s probably more of a nightmare than anything. My man Senn over here thought that after getting unceremoniously dumped by EAW he could just hang up his boots, tie up his suit, and march on over here to Japan and run the show. Jacob Senn can’t wrestle, he’s an executive! He’s a diplomat! He’s just here for the greater good, for a greater SSW! Bull - fucking - shit. Power? In Jacob Senn’s hands? Anyone who’s ever taken a peek behind the curtain of this industry knows exactly just what Jacob Senn does with power in his hands, and let me tell you, it’s nothing good. No though, this motherfucker really said no when I challenged him to a match. All he wants to do is be the ‘greatest Chairman for the greatest company’ or whatever the fuck he’s saying, spouting greatest eight times a sentence like Donald fucking Trump. Both of these dudes are likely from the South. Don’t think that I buy for a second that you’re actually from Chicago.

I gotta let you know, I just don’t take no for an answer. That might have come out wrong, but in the world of wrestling - when it comes to making challenges to bitches like yourself - male bitches, of course, solely in the context of professional wrestling, when I want a match, I’m going to make it happen. I’ve spent the past five years of my career “doing it for the fans!” like a fucking moron and all it’s gotten me was a half decent reign with the EAW National Elite Championship and fired from that same company for sticking to my guts. At least when I challenged you on Dynasty, you gave me kind of a maybe - I mean, I still had to beat the challenge out of you then, just like I had to this time. Was saying yes really that hard? Am I not worth a match with the Almighty Jacob Sean? That level of disrespect really irritates me, actually, I’d go as far as to say that it offends me. Who the fuck do you think you are to turn down a match with me? Now as far as I can see, EAW was your everything when it comes to professional wrestling. What you probably don’t know about me is that my career goes way back past that. I came into the company around the same time as The Pizza Boy with even more momentum than he did off the bat. If I didn’t have personal issues dragging me down, I’d be as big of a star - maybe even bigger, than he was.

And that’s the thing, I know for a fucking fact that you’d lace your boots up in a heartbeat if The Pizza Boy challenged you, but you had the gall to turn me down. You turned me into this. We could’ve just squared up and put on that five-star dream match we were supposed to have at Reckless Wiring in the first place, but you just had to fucking. say. no. And that’s why we’re here now, Jacob Senn, preparing to not just put on a match, but to go to war. That’s what you’ve turned this into - a war. Ironic too, that you backing out of a battle turned me into this monster, ready to wage war not only against you but this entire damn company if I have to, if that’s what it takes to take you down. Before I wanted to beat you to prove a point. I was fighting for honor and for my pride. I don’t give a shit about any of that anymore. Fuck my honor. Fuck my pride. I want your blood spilled on the mat. I want your bones to be broken. I want your spirit crushed, your legacy tainted. I’ll achieve these things by my own hand.

That’s the other thing you don’t know about me, considering the most extreme match I’ve wrestled in EAW was an Ultimate X match. I’ve gone to wars much worse than this. In cages, in cells, with glass, with fire, I’ve fallen from heights that I shouldn’t have survived, I’ve taken shots to the head that should have killed me. I let the ganja turn me into a pacifist but I think it’s a testament to what a low-life bitch you are for me to get this mad, this bent out of shape over a match. There’s a reason I’m not going for the World Title, Senn. I’ve been World Champion. Now that we’re in SSW, whether it was EAW for you or WSE for me, that shit is worth the same amount of value. I’m not a rookie to you anymore like how it was in EAW. We’re legends of the same caliber. Doesn’t matter where we made our names, what it matters is that we made them at all. I’ve accomplished just as much as you have, I’m in the same kind of Hall of Fame you are, so again, my question is, WHY do you disrespect me? Why do you think you’re above having a match with me?

You can lie to yourself and say you’ve done it all. You can lie to yourself and say you’ve already bookended your career. You can lie and say that you don’t need anything more than SSW. I mean hell, you’ve faced and defeated all the legends! RoV! Lannister! Brian Daniels! But there’s one you’re missing. One you wouldn’t even have thought of. One you’ve made the deep mistake of overlooking, and for that you’re going to pay. You wanna be the Chairman so bad? I’m going to make it so that you can do just that for the rest of your life, in a fucking wheelchair. The mission has changed, man. I’m not just going to beat you, Jacob Senn, I’m going to destroy you. The future is here; there’s only room for one more legend in this land, and after Supremacy, it’s going to be me.
on May 25th 2018, 3:50 pmKhmoach Sangkat

Over the past week a question has been asked in one form or another time and again. It has been an enduring topic of conversation among fans and pundits alike, even my peers in the locker room. “Why did Khmaoch Sȃngkȃt change his mind?”, they murmur. Did I feel threatened from the beginning? Has The Apparition forced my hand? Has he done enough to make me believe that he truly merits the opportunity that now lies before him? In a sense, the idle repetition of these queries is of my own construction. The moment that I decided to accept the challenge I already had a simple enough answer. The breath did not leave my lips, however. The words of my thoughts were not ready to roll from my tongue until only now. You see, I was busy meditating on my own questions…


There is none.



Was Kawada really so naive?

Was Santiago when she turned her back on us?

Is The Apparition?

Am I expected to stand here and lionize the names of myself, Masanori Kawada, and The Apparition for what we are doing in our twilight years. There are few old men willing to run their creaking frames through searing flames of a young man’s game as we do. Is that to our merit? Are we to say that we are any more worthy because of it? Ascended paragons of diligence and bravery whose valour defies the very frightful ravages of time itself. Pah! Any man who humours that fairy story is a man who merits nothing. And we? We are less than nothing. If one could step inside our hearts, they would see not pristine lakes of sublime serenity but turbulent seas boiling over the coals of our searing anguish. A maelstrom of regret, worthlessness, anger, fears of the end, nightmares in the dark. This is not a dignified existence as some would have you believe. We are not by merit nor even, truth be told, by choice. The unbearable weight of our attachments pull us down like the currents. Down into the eye of the maelstrom. Down to the depths where even death offers no escape for souls.

[Khmaoch Sȃngkȃt raises the SSW Heritage Championship up to the camera.]

Look at it. The Firstborn. The Ancestor. A beginning which has no end. Look. Watch how it glimmers even in the low light.  Be taken in by it’s charms. Mark on it’s virginal purity in the face of the horrors which it has borne witness to. That is right. You already have.It was for the allure of this object that the crowds first came and so SSW was born into the world. A sublime act of seduction. Or was it rape? For some of us it feels like we were compelled beyond any meaningful choice. I wonder, can I say that I hold this Championship… or is it more accurate to say that it has a hold over me. The same way it had a hold over all those souls those months ago  when it main-evented the very first SSW event. The same way that it has a hold over the very Spirit of Justice. The same way that it has a hold over the Gods of the Nile. The way it has a hold over all manner of apparitions past and present. But this is not my privilege. This is not paradise. This is my prison, a purgatory for souls.

There is no merit in attachment

When one speaks of “merit” they are only calling the first name of arrogance. Is it not true that enlightened souls have no purpose for merit? They are beyond the temptations of desire and free to pass on into the aether. For the rest of us, we live paying the price for what we are. That is all. This cult of merit and honour that pervades puroresu shows that there are still many who need to be educated about how the world works. Let us look at this from another angle. Imagine if you will a corpse lying forgotten in a ditch, his family never knowing his fate. Imagine a young contender, his moment stolen by a road traffic injury before he even had a chance. Now children with bone cancer. A fly caught in the spider’s web. Tell me where deserving enters this conversation. Whom amongst these examples had earned every bit of their fate? If indeed there is a karmic system by which the universe allocates our lots, then it’s gifts are only dukkha for sins committed in a past life, one that we cruelly do not recall nor identify with. I do not understand what evils I must have commited to suffer the life that I have but I do know one thing for certain…

There is no merit in being a victim.

To my mind, it is better to stand as the face of terror than to fall another faceless casualty. Kawada unfortunately did not understand this. He knew the stipulation. He understood the risks. And yet he felt compelled to martyr himself in order to uphold the mere image of himself as a lone hero standing against the odds. He paid the price for his own compulsions as Atem Octavian Amun Ra did and indeed as we all do. He just doesn’t choose to accept that fact. But what of the compulsions of my next challenger? Is he at least more savvy regarding their nature? It is hard to say anything for certain. On one hand he has donned the mask and erased his past so as to stand here free of the laments of history. Yet, like Kawada perhaps this reinvention belies how closely his obsessions and regrets of the past truly sit to his heart. He has sought to evoke my father, against my actions. This, a man whose name, let alone will, he does not know. And yet it is difficult for me not to brush his words aside as an attempt at mind games. He has no past and is bound to it. He decries deception and manipulates with his words. He claims my title but merits nothing. He ought not be here, but here The Apparition appears. He is as he says a contradiction, a hypocrite… albeit a knowing one. Perhaps in this knowledge he stands taller than those who came before him. Perhaps he truly means to go beyond the brink where they had not. To enter into my world with neither a life to fight for nor a death for which to prepare but to simply be… or not, whichever the case is. The kind of apparition my opponent has in mind is one suspended between the states of being and not being. Ephemeral. Neither here nor there. But fundamentally unbound. Free to haunt the places he could not reach in more concrete days. Is this what it takes to receive more concrete results?

There is no merit in denial

Yet even in these terms he speaks of himself as a flawed concept. I know better than anybody when I say that a ghost is not merely a spirit trapped between two worlds. An apparition is neither very mysterious nor beyond categorization. A ghost is merely a soul who does not merit a new life and so has learned to hang tight to the one he is meant to be leaving.  That is all that I am. There are no two ways about it. There is no contradiction here. This business is not one for old men but just as Kawada was compelled to accept martyrdom, just as Amun Ra is compelled to suffer the interminable drought of the desert… I am compelled to hold this championship by Any. Means. Necessary. You have seen what I would do for this. You have seen the blood I am willing to spill. And don’t be mistaken, I am aware that there are all manner of men willing to suffer to stand where I am now. But this is what sets me apart. At Supremacy you will see that I will not suffer under any circumstances to be made a victim. And I will not suffer for anyone to get the better of me even once without reprisal. Even if it only was the one time on a house show in a tag match. As for The Apparition’s chances of walking out as SSW Heritage Champion… As if it needs to be said:

The thought does not merit consideration

Merit is just another attachment dragging at your ankles. Freedom is the blowing out of a candle. You step now into the dark… And the Ghost Pushes You Down.



on May 24th 2018, 10:57 pmSaul Omen
The Song of Saul Omen: Chapter VIII

[The darkened skies of the night are revealed to where the only sources of light are the twinkling stars that are cast overhead and the dancing blaze of the roaring fire that has been made. A shadow of a man has manifested from the bonfire to where behind his shadow, tendrils of a beast can be seen behind him to where he doesn’t even fret, but almost welcomes it as it envelops him. A quick rush of the camera turns to where we see the sinister and stoic gaze of Saul Omen burning a hole into the camera before he turns his head, pulling his head with a huff coming from his nostrils, to where he brushes off the soot that has been left onto his black suit.]

Saul Omen: Do you see this beautiful world of ours? The ocean of darkness in the skies that is cascaded by the diamonds of starlight that shine down below our world, but it wasn’t created from a magnanimous being of divinity that basked in the light. The creation of this universe of ours was birthed from the womb of darkness with an explosion of cataclysmic proportions that brought life to this universe of ours… and Death was brought into this world to begin the balance that life has been founded upon. That’s what this universe has utilized as a foundation for the entire creation of life on this world to where life brings that reason to the world and Death brings forth the next age of life. This is what you can find between myself and the fellow Horsemen that will bring forth the apocalypse for the journey that these other alliances will make at Supremacy, CM Nas. We bring forth a balance into this world to where CM Nas has breathed life into the wrestling world, has brought a resurgence to it to where the world is forced to watch him as he walks down the ramp with all these pieces of gold on his shoulders, representing the fruit of his labors throughout his lifetime here. However, I do not represent life… I honor Death. The death of men that has made bold ambitions that will never see that dream realized, people that have devoted themselves to becoming a perfect pairing to watch it all crumble before their eyes, and a band of heroes that will find themselves humiliated once more at the expense of the villains that seek to eradicate are the ones that shall meet that cold embrace by my hands with CM Nas bringing forth rejuvenation into those Freebird Tag Team Championships by putting an end to those that would try to upend the balance that we are bound to create in this world. The Phantom Troupe are the ones that will inherit this world at the expense of these heathens and heretics that are foolish enough to challenge those that will serve the great deity of Death and his acolyte that will honor him with the broken bodies and the anguished souls that will be laid across the ring at Supremacy. These mortals do not know the torment that awaits them as for in this Four Corners match, there will be no escape from their fates being sealed with CM Nas and I raising those championships in the air to where we shall dominate Strong Style Wrestling entirely!

[Saul Omen smirks in pride to where he turns around to stare into the flames that have been behind him, crouching down to where he dances his hand close to the searing heat, before he pulls it back to stare at the camera again.]

Saul Omen: Belle Kingsley, do you actually believe that you will be able to overturn the dominance that The Phantom Troupe has been able to keep upon the entire Shoot Nation faction? Do you believe that Shoot Nation will be able to stand victorious when Phantom Troupe stands in front of their path to redemption? The world knows that Gronk will be able to demolish through your leader to receive The Heaven’s Arena Cup, they know that Khmaoch Sangkat will run right through The Apparition to retain his SSW Heritage Championship, everyone has already written Matias Navarro off from claiming the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship from Aria Jaxon, and it just brings forth the simple conclusion that they know Shoot Nation will fall in this faction war to The Phantom Troupe once again for the Freebird Tag Team Championships! How do you intend to break this curse that has descended upon the heroes of valor and courage that should be victorious against the criminals that have been the bane of their existence? From your own words, it would seem that would be the manufactured discontent that will surface from me because of the exposure that has been gifted upon the members of our faction like Aria Jaxon and CM Nas who have claimed championships to their name. I don’t know what the inner workings of this heroic faction of yours might feel when one of their members succeed in this business, but when one of The Phantom Troupe has laid claim to a championship… the entire Phantom Troupe prevails. We’re a collection of not just renegades that act how we see fit to in this company, but we are much more. Champions, assailants, thieves, all things that you despise us for because we stand unrivaled because of it. Masanori Kawada can tell you the fate that you have in store for you because I was there when I watched him squirm in agony as we exposed his weakness, I was there when Jaydayne Pendragon met heartbreak in knowing that he will NEVER be the first-ever SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion, and I will be there when Shoot Nation has been left wanting in regards to the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships. Belle, you’ve proven already that this ideal of a hero that Shoot Nation loves to allow the audience to believe in is nothing more than a fantasy through the way that you attempt to plant the seeds of discontent through this entire faction. Believing that without a championship to rest on my shoulder like my compatriots have, envy would corrupt my soul. The truth is that I don’t envy our brothers and sisters of Phantom Troupe that have been able to stand as champions, but I gaze upon them with pride and in knowing that I will soon be able to join them when victory is assured in this tag team match at Supremacy. This faction that has been created has a common bond in the mission that we have in making sure that not only are the heroes of this company exposed as the charlatans that have been preaching a fairy tale to people that will never see the light of day, but to represent what this company should be standing for. It shouldn’t be for the heroics, it shouldn’t be for the money, it shouldn’t be to make everyone feel special, but it should be for the best to stand out and The Phantom Troupe is the pinnacle of that representation of success. We hold the two top championships of this company, another person holds the top titles in almost every company he has walked into, and we’ve laid waste to this entire roster to have left them laying. You, Belle, and your partner are nothing more than victims when this match happens at Supremacy. Once we claim those belts as our own, Shoot Nation can do what it does best since day one. They can cry in the corner about their losses, courtesy of The Phantom Troupe.

[Saul Omen laughs at the image that has been implanted into his mind of the whining that will ensue from Shoot Nation when they are met with failure again, still staring within the fire, as he stands up and looks up into the air.]

Saul Omen: However, Shoot Nation will not be the only faction that will be left in sorrow from the events that will unfold at Supremacy. The faction that currently has the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships in their possession will be met with a disappointment that they probably won’t be able to live with when those men fail their faction in Ronin when we snatch the precious gold away from them. The moment when Atem Octavian Amun-Ra has finally reached the apex of his expedition of gold, the moment when Damien Walker can finally carry that spotlight upon him, they will both be met with resounding and unequivocal disaster that will set them back in their faction from EVER being able to represent them on a stage like this again! The calamity that shall be brought unto their house after they fail to retain those championships, for Ronin to watch these men have those titles stripped away from them, it will leave them in humiliation and what shall we do about it? Laugh. I hold no sympathy for what these two men are about to endure because unlike if the leader of Ronin decided to defend these titles alone to where she would have been forced into the situation, these men volunteered to be in this slaughter. Even though their pride won’t let them see what is to come like the cows that come into the slaughterhouse to where they are reduced to meat for man to feast upon, they shall be feasted upon by the ravenous beast known as The Phantom Troupe. They have the writing written above them in “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” and as if they were heroic spirits of Shoot Nation, they’ve boldly pressed forward into the battlefield of hellacious torture that has been laid out before them. That’s why when I stand across from the stage that has been set, I won’t bear any compassion towards them and the situation that they have placed themselves into. They shall be handled swiftly and left in the dust to where The Phantom Troupe shall be left standing in glory at the end of it, cradling those championships in the air, all while they are forced to retreat backstage and look Tarah Nova in the face with disappointment for allowing them to represent her while she chases singles glory for them. This match won’t be a night where Ronin establishes themselves as the dominant faction that will be able to handle any challenge that comes before them, because they can’t. A faction filled with the outcasts of society can’t be able to withstand the might that The Phantom Troupe will be able to present, they just attempt to duplicate it. Atem, I’ve been watching you and this light of Ra that you want to bring to the world with this championship that you’ve inherited, I intend to smother it with the darkness that has been born from my deity known as Death… or known to you as Anubis. Damien, you might hope and pray that you will be able to snatch this spotlight to where you can make Ronin proud of you, but all that you shall be left with is the bitter disappointment that will continue to plague Ronin when they stand against a fighter from Phantom Troupe. Simply put, Supremacy serves as the end of the reign of Ronin. Atem, Damien, prepare to be MUMMI--

[Saul Omen feels a hand press against his shoulder to where he is interrupted, irritated because of that, to where he turns around to where he sees a robed figure with a skull sigil on the hood that delivers him something: a golden robe that looks similar to the one that Cassius Corleone usually dons along with a matching gown in the same vein as Sakura Corleone to where Saul looks up perplexed by this.]

Saul Omen: What’s this?

Hooded Figure: The garbs of The Corl--

Saul Omen: I know what these are. What I’m asking is why are you bringing these to me?

Hooded Figure: I thought you could use these considering how they mocked you.

Saul Omen: Get th-- Actually, leave them with me.

[Saul Omen grabs the robes from the hooded figure before he scurried away as Saul turned his attention around to look at the twin pair of robes that were delivered to him before looking back towards the camera.]

Saul Omen: Imitation is flattery and as much flattery as you might want to show, I don’t intend to gift you with the same courtesy.

[Saul Omen tosses the robes into the large bonfire that was before him, the flames of the inferno raising higher to scorch the robes into smoldering ash, to where he keeps staring at the remains on the flame before looking up to the camera.]

Saul Omen: Did you think that I was going to return the favor? Did you think that I was going to sit here with a golden robe, throw on a pair of shades, and talk about my Japanese wife for an attempt to make these people laugh? Just the thought of even standing here doing a cosplay like the both of you makes my stomach toss, turn, and do flips of nauseation because it is beneath me to disrespect myself to wear these rags. I do need to taunt and mock you in the manner in which you have decided to make a mockery out of me because what you’ve done is shown how much of a threat I am to your chances of being SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions, but you need to know that I don’t feel the same about you. Believing that what happened in our last encounter changes that feeling of your ineptitude, that’s more of a joke than what happened for you to make yourselves walk out with a victory at the event. You know and I know that this “One True Pairing” won because of pure absolute luck that had been turned over into their favor, but that won’t be happening again at Supremacy. No, because the chaotic nature that this Four Corners Match will present to us is just the arena that I need to secure the championships for The Phantom Troupe. Our universe was birthed from the same chaos that will be awaiting us in this war, an eruption of life with the planets and stars rupturing the void of darkness existed, to bring forth all this splendor that surrounds us under the sky of night. At Supremacy, CM Nas will bring that resurgence of life into the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship as he has done with multiple promotions that have gifted him with championship gold to make him The Championship Hoarder that he is. In the opposite side of the balance, I’m the man that will bring death upon those that will hope to snatch the belts away from us as they take that climb to make the challenge. I’m the one that shall be a plague upon those that will look to usurp us from our throne of glory, ruin to those that hope to remove us from the seat of excellence, and make sure that they never forget the words that will ring true when they are struck in the face with my mighty boot to lose all hope. For that is what The Corleones are to these people that will sit in the audience, they are hope that in their mediocre lives they will find someone to share in that mediocrity with, just as this “One True Pairing” has. Cassius was able to find someone to stand by their side and walk through his life of mediocrity with him in Sakura, and will be the ultimate downfall in their match at Supremacy. All the love that they have for each other, all the luck that could be on their side, all the hope that they bring into the lives of unimportant people that with lackluster desires, they will be shattered and destroyed at my hands when I deliver them to Death. Just as your robes burn in this fire, your graven image that these people cling upon will be eradicated from this match. For you will choose to find someone to stand beside you through it all, but what happens when Death takes that person away from you? What happens when they are here and they leave you alone? That’s what you will have to deal when The Phantom Troupe establishes our Supremacy to where I take one of you out of this match on the path to claiming the SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions!

[Saul Omen turns around and rolls his head around to where his skin starts to darken to where he finally turns around to show that his skin has darkened to black, his color of his eyes changed to red with his soulless black pupils, before he pulls the camera to where his voice has even changed to a deeper tone.]

Saul Omen: We shall claim our tribute. We shall claim our prize. We shall make sure that world remembers for we are Death. Memento Mori.

[Saul Omen throws the camera into the blazing flames of the bonfire to where you could hear the crackling of the fire. The camera starts to squeal as static starts to come and the melting plastic starts to cover the screen until it completely turns black.]
on May 24th 2018, 4:46 pmThe One True Pairing

It was just a small space but it was all they really needed. There was a single seat where a woman in her mid-30s is sitting down with a clip board on her lap. Sakura hated this room, and Sakura hated the woman. She hated that god-awful hair that is wrapped in a bun. She hated those thin-framed glasses over her head that she's not even using. Why does this lady even have those glasses if she can see and write perfectly fine without them? She dislikes places like these -- a funny character asking about her in an attempt to scoop up her brain to examine it, thinking they know who she is and everything about her -- it makes her blood boil. But Sakura always knew how to hide her emotions to people... most of the time. The only person she could never lie to was Cash. 

Woman: Sakura...

Sakura brings out a polite smile. She was so disgusted by this woman but the more she cooperates, the sooner she is out of here.

Sakura Corleone: Doctor Greta?

Dr. Greta: Do you know why you're here?

Sakura Corleone: Why yes, I have to be here cause the court orders it... for some reason. 

Sakura has a half smile on her face. 

Dr. Greta: And do you know why YOU'RE here?

Sakura held on to Cassius' hand tight, who has been sitting next to Sakura with a smug look on his face. She didn't like the way the doctor was looking at him, so she moves closer to him... ensuring that this wench knows that she shouldn't cross any line. 

Sakura Corleone: I think he already knows why he's here. It's a very bad idea to be looking at my husband like that, Dr. Greta, especially in my presence. 

Dr. Greta had a slight shock on her face from the way Sakura's expression changed. She had that darling smile on her face, but now she has a different stare, an uneasy reaction from just her peeping a word to Cassius. Cassius then kisses her cheek to calm her down, and she smiles again. 

Cassius Corleone: It's alight, my Cherry Blossom. She's here to "help" us, whatever that means. 

Cassius puts his arm around Sakura's waist as they're sitting. 

Cassius Corleone: Doc, I have a lot of admiration for what you do, really. You get inside the minds of poor souls in need of direction, blending their brain and re-arranging it to your design completely planting an invisible chip in their brain so they would do your bidding... 

Dr. Greta: That's not what I do... I don't manipulate people, I help them with their troubles.

Cassius and Sakura laugh.

Sakura Corleone: You don't have to keep it formal here, Doc. I've seen Hannibal, the TV show and all of its movies. I know exactly what your kind does. You can't control a conversation and it seems like you have no earthly idea how to go about this, but I know what the intentions are. It's the same... it's always the same..

Cassius Corleone: It really is impressive, Doc, but you are looking at The One True Pairing here... The most perfect, most physically fit and most emotionally adjusted couple you will ever get the pleasure of meeting. Do we seem like all the other worn out couples that are broken and falling apart that we need a "Couples Therapy"? Nah, nah. This is wrong, and uncalled for!

Dr. Greta: You don't have to be falling apart to need a couple's therapy. You two simply display signs of an unhealthy relationship, which is why the two of you are here. 

Sakura Corleone: There is not a single sign of us being in an unhealthy relationship! 

Dr. Greta: Prove it then. What happened last week? 

Sakura Corleone: Last week?

Dr. Greta: Yes, last week. 

Sakura Corleone: Hmm.. Last week.

Sakura seems like she is literally looking up at her thought bubble, wondering all of what she did last week. 

Sakura Corleone: Last Monday, Cassius and I were at the beach! We made sandwiches, we stared at the clouds, we went for a swim, shared a milkshake... it was a very nice day!

Dr. Greta: That's very nice, Sakura... but I'm referring to what happened that caused you to be summoned by the court. 

Cassius Corleone: I think this poorly dressed lady is referring to Thursday afternoon. 

Sakura's head fast forwarded to Thursday. It seemed like a normal day to her. Sakura and Cassius were working out at the gym. She was practicing her hits on a punching bag while Cassius was a few feet away from her lifting weights. He was so beautiful in her eyes -- he was sweating as he sits lifting a 75 lbs weight set. One on each hand. And then a woman came by... she stopped to take a drink of her bottle where Cassius was working out.

Dr. Greta: And you assaulted this woman for no reason?

Sakura Corleone: Do you take me for a crazed bitch? That lady had it coming! She had a funny look on her face and started talking to Cassius! MY Cassius! HOW DARE SHE? You don't stop by and ask my man to help you out with your "rounds" and get to walk out without a broken face to pay for it!

Dr. Greta: And you agree with her actions, Cassius? 

Cassius Corleone: Agree? AGREE? Do you think I agree with this? I took pictures of it as it was happening! Look, lady, I know you're almost turning 40 and never had a man come anywhere near you in the past decade, but this is Sakura that we're talking about. Sakura is a prize... no, a treasure. And I would have happily done the same thing if some douchebag were to come at her. Whether it be at the gym, at the park, at a restaurant, next to a dumpster or inside that ring at SSW!

Dr. Greta: SSW? 

Sakura Corleone: Strong Style Wrestling? 

Dr. Greta: I don't follow wrestling, but as far as I know, you two are supposed to be professionals. I think the trouble here is, you can't separate your professional life from your personal life... so I would say that women will always come to Cassius, but shouldn't it be your choice to express it calmly than attack her because you're a wrestler?

Sakura Corleone: Hold up there, lady. So are you saying that you decided to take on this Couple's Therapy with the One True Pairing... but you don't know a goddamn thing about us? Your presence is offensive. 

Sakura knew she was about to have some fun. This doctor... "Therapist" whatever the hell she calls herself, didn't know a damn thing she was talking about. Sakura always hated this -- incompetent fools who think they could outsmart her and put her dreams off the track but they're blind. They're all blind from the truth. They try their best to dig in and find the root cause of her crazy actions when it's always been visible with the OTP what it is. It was love. Sakura wipes away her smile completely, replacing it with an arrogant smirk. She suddenly jumps up into a standing position on the couch as she looks at the Doctor with her crazed eyes. Cassius looks on amused.

Sakura Corleone: This isn't about jealousy, or the fear of losing Cash. It's about assuring that I will always be the woman for him. I can't help it. Anytime someone looks at him funny or flirtaciously, I want to rip their hearts out of their chest and crush them with my boot. Anytime I see our opponents come near him when he's the legal man in a tag team action, I want to step in and ignore the rules so I can beat them to death for him. Cassius thinks I'm a treasure? Well, he is a masterpiece. I don't act out from rage or anger, I do it because I like it. I do it because it makes him happy... Wouldn't you say that's a win-win situation? 

Cassius Corleone: Why, yes my Cherry Blossom.. it is.

Sakura Corleone: The pressure must be on because the One True Pairing is one step closer to the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships, but I have never felt so safe and sure. It feels like this night was made for us, that we have the titles on lock before we even began the game. That little "incident" at the gym was merely a violent fit. But don't be fooled! It's not how I really am... because I can do much worse than that. A surge of hype rushes from my brain to my body... I act up and I can't stop myself. But why would I want to? Why on earth would I keep the violent thoughts away? People have these simple solutions like therapy where they drown you in medication until you are completely normal, when I feel best when I do things my way... Do you know who needs therapy though? Saul Omen. His sinister "I want to rape you" face is more than enough to give that away. This talk about pain and death and suffering is the same old spiel said in a thousand different ways and the only thing that suffers are my ears hearing him talk endlessly about how I will lose my Cassius in his hands. You need to lock that man in an asylum, not because he thinks highly of himself for an ordinary man, but because he is a pessimistic fuck who couldn't deliver what he promised. Two weeks ago, he promised our heads on a silver platter. He promised the feeling of mourning that would come after the loss of a partner, but by the end of it all, he was the one who couldn't keep it together. You speak so much about inflicting lasting pain, I'd only assume you'd be good at it. And after the dance in the ring, I have concluded that the only thing Saul Omen is good at is flipping his emo hair and putting on gothic make up as his everyday look. And no one stands up to say something because no one is honest enough to say what they feel. Well let me say it: Saul Omen is garbage, he strikes no fear to anyone, he just stinks up the place with his mere presence. He couldn't even lead a single tag team, what makes you think his dumb faction would be behind him through this? 

Sakura lets her knees land on the couch, kneeling down on it, as she was tired from standing. She looks at Cassius who is next to her and she slowly crawls to him before she sits on his lap, with both her legs hanging from the side of his thigh. It made her smile looking at Cassius' face as she puts her arm around his shoulder. 

Sakura Corleone: But the One True Pairing... they know exactly what they want. We are honest about are intentions, aren't we? Saul Omen wants to believe that he has the upper hand because this so-called darkness, but Cassius and I can do much better than that. We are each other's light, and to us, nothing else in this world is more important. Saul Omen can set the world on fire right before our eyes in an attempt to display what power he possesses, but Sakura will gladly throw him into the flames and let him burn with the rest of the world. Only One True Pairing matters. Saul Omen's life has no meaning to me, and I can bet you a suitcase of money that CM Nas' life has no meaning to him too. Then again, CM Nas' life has no meaning to everyone. That guy is nothing but a lost cause. What kind of man would threaten The One True Pairing by using his position of Power? Shouldn't he be using his fists to prove a point? Oh, wait... He tried to. And Failed. Really hard. No one measures up to the wonder of the One True Pairing, and he realized it too late. He dares to cut us off and hold our "paychecks" over our heads like we can't afford to buy this company overall? What an idiot. This is why I have NEVER heard of CM Nas. He can be the World Heavyweight Champion of the Playboy Mansion and that doesn't make him as important as he hypes himself up to be. CM Nas to me is and will always be an abomination. CM Nas will always be an insipid, insecure little simpleton who will talk so highly about beating us, giving all he's got, but in the end wondering how his best was never enough. He can tryyy to fire us, if he even can. He can threaten us all he wants but I AM The Yandere Goddess, Sakura Corleone, and I will remain where I'm standing because I know that CM Nas wouldn't have to guts to do it, just like he wouldn't have the guts to come forth and win the Freebird Tag Team Championships so long as One True Pairing is here to take it! SO GO AHEAD, FIGHT ME! I CAN TAKE BOTH OF YOU!

Cassius Corleone: Hey hey hey, my love. I'm the one who does the work here. 

Sakura Corleone: Oh, no... my Cassius. I insist I beat the living hell out of them and the rest of our --

Cassius suddenly kisses Sakura's lips, which made her silent as she was feeling overjoyed in her heart. She loved every moment of it. She didn't want to pull away but she had to finish her point. She looks at Dr. Greta again, who was about to say something. 

Dr. Greta: See, this THIS is not okay. I think you two are dangerous together and should be kept apart. 

Sakura Corleone: What did you just say? 

Dr. Greta: Wouldn't it be nice to see how you two are without the other? 

Sakura walks over to Dr. Greta. She jumps from the couch and to the coffee table between them, as she slowly walks and meets her face to face. 

Sakura Corleone: Lady, we are about to become Tag Team Champions. And do you know what that means? It means we are going to beat the living hell out of four other factions AND their mothers if we need to. The thought of being away from Cassius is not something you'd want to take responsibility for, just because you wanted to experiment. So here's what you'll do..

Sakura's eyes widens. 

Sakura Corleone: You are going to write in that paper that everything went well and it was all a misunderstanding. I am going to walk out of here and you're going to report that this has been a healthy session and we don't need another day to deal with you. And if you so much as make a single peep about how "unstable" we are, or that I need some time apart with Cassius, I swear, much like those fools who are about to make the big mistake of coming at us this Saturday... 

Sakura has noticed Dr. Greta's shock and her psychotic look turned into an innocent smile in a matter of seconds

Sakura Corleone: I'll bury you.

Sakura feels Cassius' warm hand touching hers. She looks at him with delight. 

Cassius Corleone: I think the nice lady is done for the day, my love. It's time to go. 

Sakura Corleone: Yes, my love! I think that went well!

Sakura and Cassius walk out of the room with their hands holding and fingers intertwined, leaving Dr. Greta still in a state of shock unable to say a word. 

Sakura Corleone: I think that went well!

The One True Pairing proceed to have their normal conversation. They are so madly in love, that nothing and no one else matters to them. They are just Sakura and Cassius. Cassius and Sakura. Together forever. And absolutely no one can take that away.

on May 24th 2018, 2:50 pmThe One True Pairing

[The shining light of a bright sun casts its brilliant, voluptuous shine through the stained glass windows in the halls of a cathedral in an unknown location. As the day goes on, clouds begin to swiftly take over the sky, as if a dark aura has arisen, consuming everything in its path. The dark clouds swallow the bright, happy sun, turning everything into a gloomy darkness. The halls of the cathedral change along with it, without any lights on throughout it, it becomes a pitch-black darkness within. The sounds of moving can be heard as the camera presumably shows off the pulpit of the church. In the center of it all, two dark, sinister beings sit together.]

Cash: I…. Cannot…. See a fucking thing.

[The sounds of moving around are heard throughout the dark, presumably lovely-looking church]

Sakura: That’s alright, I don’t mind. It’s kind of like an advanced version of 7 minutes in Heaven now. What am I touching?

Cash: Wait, you’re touching me? I thought I was touching you…

Cameraman: … I think you’re both touching me. I’m sorry, I didn’t--

[The cameraman can be heard falling over in the pitch-black darkness of the scary, gloomy cathedral]

Cash: Someone get us a Goddamn lighter! What is this?! Why isn’t there any lights?! And the weather said it was supposed to be sunny all day! Partly cloudly! It’s dark as shit in here!

Sakura: I don’t know how much weather people get paid, but it’s too much!

[Someone can be heard fumbling around with an object in the darkness before a lighter is finally lit, revealing the face of Cassius Corleone with over-the-top dark makeup on his face while he sits across from Sakura. Both of them dressed in suits of midnight cloth. The shadows nearby dance as most everything else is still consumed by the darkness of the church. Cash takes a moment to gather his sinister composure, breathing in and exhaling very slowly as his angry expression slowly shifts into a look of depression]

Cash: …. Now….. Is the Winter….. Of our discontent.

Sakura: And it’s nearly Summer, so you know we’re not fucking around.

Cash: Our souls have become one with the darkness. It was the only way that we could step upon this battlefield and meet a man as edgy as Saul Omen as equals. Otherwise, his darkness would surely conquer us and send us spiraling down into a pit of despair, never to be seen or heard from again. This was the only way to counteract his imminent abyss. Sakura and I had to call upon the shadows and find solace in the dark. And I know what you are thinking...

[Cash overdramatically looks towards the camera with his dark makeup on as Sakura gasps at how dark her beloved husband has become]

Cash: You are thinking that, logically, anyone over the age of five is likely to not be afraid of the dark. You are thinking that, logically, someone no longer in middle school is likely to have left their goth phase that they utilized to torment both their self-esteem and their parents alike. You would be wrong. So very wrong. You see, darkness is and always will be in fashion, for it is a necessary evil. It is something we will all have to confront eventually in our lives. We can run from it all that we’d like. We can pretend that we’re supposed to grow up and be normal human beings and contribute to society and not act like pretentious douchebags, but that is simply the way you have been wrongfully taught as you grew up and gained more and more common sense over time. It is all of you that are going down a destructive path that leads you to nowhere but pain and suffering. Suffering and pain. Half-pain, half-suffering, half-darkness.

[Cash motions to flip his hair, even though it is currently too short to flip and currently spiked. It does not stop him. His darkness is too powerful, as he flips his hair again. Sakura flips her hair as well. Both Sakura and Cash simultaneous flip their hair together to summon an accurate amount of darkness in the pitch-black church]

Cash: You would think that a mere two weeks ago when Sakura and myself almost literally killed a man by the name of Saul Omen - a man filled with more darkness than anyone else. A man that has allowed darkness to completely fill this hole inside of him that he’s had for as long as he could remember. A hole that no man could ever fill up for him - darkness filled it and so much of it has seeped out that it’s turned him into the edgelord we’ve come to know and fear on this very day. You could think that when we planted him into the ground with our boots simultaneously with so much impact that it left a mascara imprint on the canvas after his face kissed it - surely the first kiss he’s ever had. You would think that when we emphatically humiliated him before every fan in attendance, every peer in the locker room, and every one of the millions of fans watching at home… You would THINK… That we would simply cut our losses, celebrate our victory, and go home. Nay… NAY….


Cash: NAY! INSTEAD WE WERE THE ONES TO TAKE OVER THE DARKNESS! WE ABSORBED HIS DARK AURA! We curbstomped him into the fucking ground with so much force that all of his edginess clung to us, and we have accepted it! Saul Omen, you now know of our power! You now know who exactly you are dealing with and why we are the One True Pairing of this company! Of ALL of Soulmate Style Wrestling! Of all of professional wrestling itself! We are become darkness, destroyer of Worlds!

Sakura: And instead of hiding away and cutting ourselves, we’ll show ourselves everywhere we go and cut all of YOU! God I can’t wait! I can’t! It’s too much!

[Cash puts a hand on his beloved Sakura’s shoulder, as they both flip their hair again and look at the camera]

Cash: Patience, my Bride of the Dark. We will damn them all to Heck soon enough. We will make them pay for their sins. Not just Saul Omen. But his boyfriend, CM Nas, as well. Not just him, but Belle Kingsley too. Not just--

Sakura: Belle who? Is that a girl?

Cash: I honestly can’t tell, my love.

Sakura: I’ll make sure she doesn’t survive, just in case.

Cash: I expect nothing less.

[Cash and Sakura give each other an evil kiss in the dark before Cash turns back to the camera, focusing all of his dark aura back at it]

Cash: All of them. Each and every one of them. I don’t need to name them, even if I did know what their names are. It doesn’t matter, and it never has. More importantly, it never will. Would you like to know what matters? What matters is what has always mattered, even while all of you were wasting your days here before we showed up. What matters is Cash and Sakura Corleone. What matters is the One True Pairing. What matters is that we take each and every one of you, and beat you into a coma in front of your fans, friends, and loved ones, because THAT is the only proper way to send a message to anyone else who decides it’s a wise move to fuck with us. We are the darkness. We are the hoarder of gold. We are EVERYTHING each and every single one of you insignificant fucking ants think you are. Everything you represent - it belongs to us, and it always has. This isn’t new. This isn’t a new order taking over. It’s always been the law. It’s always been the nature of your life and you just didn’t know it until now! Now you know! Now you can embrace it just like we’ve embraced our newfound darkness! Just like we’re going to embrace our beautiful gold! But no gold is quite as beautiful as my Cherry Blossom, Sakura!

Sakura: Aww.

Cash: And that’s why you people will never succeed as long as we’re around. It’s never enough. We’re never full. We’re always starving for more, and we will rip you people apart without hesitation to get what we want to satiate that hunger! Darkness won’t fucking consume you, WE WILL! So come Supremacy… What an appropriate name… We will take the gold, just like we were born to do…. And we will prove our Supremacy. A supremacy we both had the moment Sakura and I were brought into this World. And you know what? I’m not a big fan of this darkness. You can have it. All of you. Each and every single one of you fucking losers can go retreat to the darkness and hide away from the One True Pairing, because that’s ALL that will be left for you when this is said and done!

[Cash overdramatically blows out the lighter as Sakura can be heard laughing]

Sakura: Back to advanced 7 Minutes in Heaven...

[Unknown sounds can be heard within the scary darkness as the camera presumably eventually fades to black, even though it’s already black. It eventually ends]

on May 23rd 2018, 10:00 pmThe Apparition
*The scene cuts in to a modest Japanese motel room, overlooking the industrial wonderland that is Toyota, Aichi. While the late afternoon’s sun shines drearily to illuminate the third-story room, the real focus comes immediately to an unusual relic*
*As The Apparition sits in a well-used, yet very sturdy wooden chair, he leans against an equally worn desk hoisting up the hotel’s old school CRT television set, as the attached DVD player begins to play as The Apparition presses a contextually large, obnoxious and worn-out ‘Play’ button*
*As the DVD begins, the first scene shown is from an SSW event from months prior, as the familiar appearances of Masanori Kawada and Khmaoch Sângkât finish the battle where the latter was first crowned Heritage Champion. In the now infamous bout, Kawada lands his K-Dynamite finisher, and looks certain to win, before the lights go out. As John Doe emerges from the darkness, and nails The Apparition’s stablemate with two Killing Joke’s. Khmaoch takes advantage and secures the pinfall and the title*
*The Apparition then presses the pause button as Doe and Sângkât celebrate their ill-gotten victory. He proceeds to turn around to the camera, and breaks out a wry smile as he reflects on this robbery*
I will be the first to admit that I can very regularly be a hypocrite. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but when my words don’t match up with my heart, it is very disconcerting to me.
Since my return, I have gone on about how I have wanted to reinvent myself as a performer. That my history doesn’t matter, and I use this mask to get myself a new lease on life by starting with nothing. I try to genuinely live these words, but then something happens. I hear people not give me the credit I feel like I deserve, and it makes me want to go that much further to prove them all wrong.
When you place a relative rookie with not much to his name up against a wily veteran, unless the new kid is an athletic freak, you always go for the veteran. I will be the first to admit that I am not the athlete that I was 5 years ago, even if I still do move well. So why should it bother me when I hear that Khmaoch Sângkât is the most dominant champion in SSW, and that I am looking to overcome the odds to defeat him? By all means, that sentiment is correct. Sângkât is a known quantity, and I am an upstart trying to make a name for myself. Everyone knows I am not green around the gills, but compared to me, Sângkât is a legend. He should be commended for the success and longevity of his career, and given his dues, because God knows he has earned them.
Or has he? Obviously Khmaoch has defended his title against a yammering madman before I made my debut for this company, and he did that cleanly, but when he had a rematch with my upperclassman “All Might”…
*The Apparition has the DVD run again, this time showing Khmaoch getting pinned by Kawada after being planted by another K-Dynamite just a week later*
It is funny is a mundane kind of way, really. I may call myself ‘The Apparition’, but if SSW commentators and social media is to be believe, perhaps Khmaoch is the real apparition. He seems like he is there, and a force to be reckoned with, but is he? After his match with Kawada, his legacy as a champion is already built on sand. And he proved that the second I stepped up to challenge him, because he backed away quite quickly until I no longer gave him a choice.
Since day one of my time in this company, I have come in and just kept on winning. Matias Navarro, Miltiades, Racer Smiles, Masakazu, Judas II…Khmaoch Sângkât. Since Strong Style Wrestling made its glorious return, I came and I immediately made my mark by beating some of the best the company has to offer. I know I still have so much left to prove, but we all knew that Khmaoch had to face someone at Supremacy. Yes, maybe he could have picked someone else who he has more respect for, but to him I was a constant thorn in his side, boldly declaring myself worthy to compete against him for the best part of two months. Why did he only accept my challenge at zero hour, when no-one else had tried stepping up? Did he maybe hope that somebody else would stand up against him, or did he see something in me…And was he afraid of it?
I will not doubt for a second that Khmaoch has seen things that I hope to never see. He witnessed unimaginable horror, and as a result, it stripped away all of his honour. As he stands with a collection of miscreants and deviants, he holds the belt proudly, despite not winning it under his own power. And his power is still immense. I will not doubt that for a second. Still, and all, though, when I first saw the SSW Heritage Champion honour the dear, deceased Mr. Sângkât…Well, I don’t mean to talk ill about the dead, but if my father ever got wind of me putting his name to a belt I won in a match where I should have for all intents and purposes lost…Well, he wouldn’t have been happy with me sullying his name by bringing him into my barely earned self-indulgence.
I usually don’t like getting personal, but I have to ask, Khmaoch. The way you are now. The person you are after all you have experienced. Being the ruthless hammer of the Phantom Troupe, working as a mercenary whom specialises in cheap shots and underhanded tactics. Would your father be proud of you? Would he accept that you are a survivor and be happy that you got to survive an ordeal that many others didn’t? Or would he see you using your new lease of life, and be disappointed that you used it to do nothing but destroy and annihilate, just like those who took his life?
You stared into the abyss, Khmaoch. You stared, and you blinked. And after fighting monsters, you became a monster.
And yet despite all of that, only a fool would fail to admit that Khmaoch is a dangerous force, and should be odds-on favourite to unseat me, just as he did to Atum-Ra. I can’t just assume that because Khmaoch paled to Kawada a couple of months ago, that I will simply outshine him in the same way. Who am I compared to Masanori Kawada? Hell, who am I compared to Khmaoch Sângkât? It is hard for me to accept my hypocrisy, because deep down, I know I was always good at this. Hell, sometimes I was great, but now? Now I am nothing. I am just a faceless, nameless man proving that my previous ranks don’t matter, and what really drives me as a competitor is being able to strive for something bigger than myself. To become not just a man, but a symbol. Someone who isn’t burdened by my past, because no-one is to know what my past is. To break free of the shackles of my own humanity, while my opponent is burdened by his own actions and the actions of others.
People often wonder why I chose the name ‘The Apparition’, and that is because despite the fact that I hate it, by my nature I am a hypocrite. Just like an apparition is simultaneously present and non-present, I am human but I am a symbol. I am an experienced fighter but I am a rookie. I demand respect but I deserve none. I respect the strength of Khmaoch Sângkât but I mock him for his weakness. I will be the next SSW Heritage Champion, but I have no true heritage of my own.
With all of this said and done, all that is left is a golden opportunity for me to prove my worth. In another instance of my hypocrisy, I may have pressed the reset button on my entire career, but I am still a fairly impatient person. With this new lease of life that I now have, I want to make the most of it, and I want to make the most of it fast. So Khmaoch, I implore you to give me your best. Go into that dark space we all know you have deep inside, and bring out all of the demons you have deep inside to try to take me down.
Bring anything less…And I promise you that it will haunt you forever.
on May 22nd 2018, 2:54 amMiltiades
(Miltiades make his way to a cave. Guards posted by the entrance as Miltiades’s banner is flying over it. Miltiades stops in front of it before the guards verify it is him. He steps into the cave and follows a trail that leads down into a barren canyon. Within it stands an altar, covered with his trophies. It sits under the banner of Miltiades. Miltiades holds the bag of tacks that he used on Chase)

All my victories. They lie before me as a reminder. Not of who I have vanquished, not of who I embarrassed, but of who tried to stop me and therefore became martyrs for a cause that no one else followed. Chase Vedder, the Three men of Ronin, they all fell before me and all they had to do was heed the word of a man who does nothing but give others a chance to run or realize I am not the man to be trifled with. And in my time here, I’ve grown an army, an army for Tres Comas Club, people that I thought fit to become part of our band, part of the cause, but really the people in charge aren’t even fit for such. I always say that I don’t care about leadership and I don’t care who rules over who as long as they themselves don’t make it a pain in my ass of my goal. But even then, even then people don’t want to heed to the words of a member of their respective group. They took it at face value, and they know now, that no matter who wins I’m still in this for myself. Because that’s what the group promised me. Money is an afterthought, money is in the background because what can a man do with Money that Power can’t. Power is that one inkling that makes Money valuable, Power is the one thing that surpasses the value and even dictates how well you’ll make it in the world. And that’s all I want, and that’s exactly what I’ll show here at the event aptly known as Supremacy.

(Miltiades puts the bag on the Alter and marks it with the date of the match. He takes a lantern that sits on the alter and flashes it all around. Around him are other alters with other memorabilia he’s attained from over the years. From the first match he’s won in his career, to the first ever strap he’s held. Even different items like karate belts and boxing gloves adorn the alters, all from the life of Miltiades.)

Because here I will break away from the infighting, I will make people realize that Tres Comas isn’t two people measuring dicks, but it is what we make of it. We don’t need leaders, we need free will, we need that itch to branch out and drive our own destinies. I’m not saying we can lose sight of what our investors want of Tres Comas, but that we don’t need men who don’t know what they want to do with their lives dictate how we’ll get there. We can do what we want, and we’ll do what we want, because that’s what makes us the best. We shouldn’t have to be driven by leaders who want to have the spotlight on themselves, no we should be working to make Tres Comas the most feared group here. A faction that wants to fight itself, a faction that doesn’t think for itself, a faction that make members fall under one banner isn’t what we should be. GREED and Virgo, they want to be leaders, but what makes you think they care about what their members think of how to make Tres Comas Club the most revered and powerful faction in Strong Style Wrestling. If you can’t answer that for yourself then you need to look at it again, and then look at what I preach. I don’t want to be leader to tell you what to do, I want to be leader, and show you that you are an individual that can think and can do whatever he pleases as long as it’s for the good of making Tres Comas Club the faction with power. We all need to realize that. Because what we do is because of our investors. Those people wanting money won’t get shit if our investors pull, and those people wanting other things aside from that won’t prosper either. This infighting, this dick measuring, this shit that Virgo and GREED are doing is nothing but hurting the Investor’s eyes on Tres Comas, but if we were to make that switch, if we were to show the investors that we aren’t to be fucked with, then they could be more lenient with their money, and we could run this show. That’s all I want, Power. Absolute strength over every other faction, and a target on my back, because what other way to know you’re in power if you have everyone gunning for you. And to do that I must win this match.

(Miltiades walks around the room showing off more trophies, before stopping at the beginning of it all. His first championship, his first accomplishment. He looks at it and then throws it away. He makes room, room for the future. He looks around and starts discarding other trophies, he needs to burn the past, he needs to embrace the future.)

The past is something I always looked at and revered, but now the future is now, and the future starts with my victory at Supremacy. Now I face a man who wants to continue his mission, his mission to eradicate hatred. And you know good on you Shaun, you know what you want, and I know you’re going to try and do anything to get that goal realized. However, I must say the way to that goal is going to have to take a detour. I commend you for it, but it puts you on a direct path to me, and that’s not the way to go. You have an aspiration that I’m all for but really it’s not going to do you any good in the long run. You see me as a product of this hatred after all the things I did to my dear old brother at arm Chase. Well it was to put him out of his misery and get him to think more of what he wants out of Tres Comas. But I can tell you don’t care, you think low of me, but honestly, I’m fine with that, because I need you to know one thing. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, because this wasn’t a move motivated by hatred but by that of power. Hatred leaves you blind, hatred leaves you not thinking, but to get my word, to get my intentions heard, I had to do it. I thought about it long and hard, I thought about it and it was the only way. Chase, became a martyr for a cause that he will be a part of in the future, whether he knows it or not. Shaun, you need to realize that the world isn’t all black and white, it isn’t all about love and hatred, some times it’s about culling the weak and then showing them the truth of power, and what it could get them in the future. Tres Comas has lost it’s way, Tres Comas has seen money as it’s only motive, but they need to realize that Tres Comas can grow in different ways, and that it’s only motivation doesn’t have to be Money. But I get it, Chase did trust his brothers at arms, but he didn’t see me as such. He wanted me to prove that I had Tres Comas in my heart and I wanted to do right by it. However, he just didn’t see that him asking me that would’ve lead to his hospitalization. A right oversight by him. But you Shaun, you may not even be listening to me, but I want you to know this one thing. You need to take your legs and put them in reverse. You don’t need this match, you need to run, and go in another direction, another way that you can still continue your quest. Because if you keep following me, you’re going to have to put it on hold there. And I commend you of your quest but if you get in my way, I don’t mind being the one thing that derails it. I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. There is no pride in my words, there is no hatred, there is only the driving force of power. And I’m going to enlighten you in what I see and what I can do. It’s only a matter of time, my friend.

(Miltiades writes down in one of the newly empty spaces the name of Shaun Till, and the date of Supremacy. He pats it down, imagining the trophy he can take from this. And right next to it is a space for the Junior Heavyweight Title, the belt he’s so confident he’s going to win. He makes his way out of the cave. At the entrance the guards still stand and he salutes them. He walks down the path from where he came and the camera fades to black.)
on May 19th 2018, 10:50 pmAndré Virgo
Vol. (1)ne

(André Virgo stands on a beach looking out at the setting sun through sunglasses. He’s wearing a white dress shirt and black pants that are rolled up just below the knee.)

Look out at the ocean and you can feel the weight of the universe.
Every crashing wave hitting the sand. You’re looking into an entire world. A world full of life. A world of animals. Animals that fight and even more animals fighting over the scraps left over from the aftermath. If a fish can’t win a fight against another fish… it’s over. IF you can’t win a fight you will be eaten alive, or at least live long enough through the process to feel the pain of being ripped to shreds by your kin, and whatever’s left will be there for the feeders to pick away at until you’re gone. Not even a memory to be left behind. The ecosystem will go on without you and you’ll only be one of the countless to be devoured by the world.

Humanity fights for glory. We fight out of passion. We fight for dominance. In the wild you fight for survival. Supremacy is about the survival of André… Vir… Go… My championship. My role as leader. Both on the line and without them... what am I? What has André Virgo accomplished besides those titles? Is this is do or die? All or nothing? Many say so. If I lose there are no excuses. At the end of the day the wind will blow where it needs to. This championship rests on my shoulder with the weight of Tres Comas Club because this is where that weight is meant to rest and that is not an accident. I built myself to be strong enough to support this. I made decisions to put myself in this position and I’m more than good enough to hold onto it.

BANG wasn’t good enough to beat me on his own. That’s why when it came time to face me head on he vanished. Contrary to popular belief, before his disappearance there was no disrespect between BANG and I. If there was he wouldn’t have hand picked me to be the first contender for the SSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Our rivalry was not the petty infighting that you’ve decided to instigate, it was competition for the good of Tres Comas Club.

However, BANG deserted Tres Comas Club. I was the only one who stayed to pick up the pieces… Yet this is the thanks I get!? You can claim controversy over my reign as Jr. Heavyweight Champion but to say that my role as leader is unearned is nothing more than a vain attempt at turning my faction against me! Who else would be leader in BANG’s absence? I was the final founding member left standing and you think you have any right to come into Tres Comas Club claiming to know what’s best for it!? Who the hell do you think you are? I’m the leader of Tres Comas! I’m the Jr. Heavyweight Champion! You? You’re nothing, and that’s for a reason.

All you’ve proven is that you’re the one who’s unfit to lead this Club. You care more about your own success than anyone in our locker room. Your ego is too big to put our members before yourself and that’s why it’s my responsibility to keep Tres Comas Club out of your control. I’m here to make my members stronger, not to break them down for my own glory. I don’t favor the position I’m in, having to put a star of my own faction in his place, but once you’ve been humiliated I don’t want you to forget who asked for this.

You know what the difference is between you and I? You see the gold around my waist and the cross I bear with my bare hands and you get jealous. Not jealous of my position but jealous of the respect it EARNS me. I’m not striding through things like you think, I’m in a position where I am expected to work harder than everybody else in Tres Comas Club, and as far as I’m concerned, everyone in SSW. I see it as my responsibility to elevate the Jr. Heavyweight Championship to the top of the world while you want to hold it hoping it will do that work for you. These things I have aren’t unearned, and I know that’s not something you want to accept. Why would anyone want to accept that the reason they don’t have what I have is simply because they are not as worthy as myself? Why would someone who puts so much value in titles and material possessions be able to see that André Virgo embodies more greatness than they could ever hope to, and he does it with or without his resume?

You don’t give a damn about me, about Tres Comas Club, and you sure as hell don’t give a damn about this belt. You only care about yourself. You are more than willing to destroy something great just to put yourself on a pedestal even at the price of destroying pedestal itself, which is exactly why you will never amount to anything. You’re imbalanced and selfish, you have no concern for anything, even the things you put so much value into. Even if you manage to beat me at Supremacy and take everything I have, none of it will mean a thing in your possession to the point where me having nothing will carry more honor, more prestige, than you having everything that symbolizes my success.

That vibe your getting? That I’m in this for the money, the fifteen minutes of fame? That’s no vibe honey, nuh-uh-uh. That’s what we call projection. We all know your motivations and baby, you just seemed to describe them under my name. Hm. Disappointingly uninspired. Not even self aware enough to look in the mirror and see how transparent such a tactic actually is. Honestly I was expecting more from you. I was expecting an opportunity at Supremacy to silence not just you but all of my critics. Your smear campaign has very negatively impacted my reputation and despite your belief that I have some sort of insecurity because of it I have not paid a single concern to it. The reason why is because you are merely the first of many subordinates that will step up to the plate expecting to establish dominance against the Alpha of Tres Comas Club, and you will be the first in that line of many who I will put in their place. But here I was expecting more from a member of Tres Comas Club. You haven’t even overthrown me and already your facade is starting to crack under the pressure. This is the man who thinks he’s capable of supporting the weight that I carry on my shoulders as leader of TCC? The member who dares to call me a boy or even entertain the idea that I am a “man” that he can even begin to understand? This situation you’ve put yourself in is pitifully pathetic…

Your destiny, as you describe it? This impossible goal? It’s not realistic for someone like you. You claim to know my inadequacies but you would be much better off to see your own. It’s a shame that you are so thick skulled that you couldn’t take even a moment to learn from your leader so maybe I could possibly guide you off of this path of self destruction. But it seems now that you’re past saving. You won’t beat me and take my crowned jewels in Toyota, but if you do I assure that it will not be the first move towards your lifelong quest unless that quest involves burning out before anyone even bothers to say your name.

You could have had it too. I could have made you a king. Let you be apart of something greater than yourself. But instead, you decide to bite the hand that feeds you. Not only bite that hand but now you plan to feast on the body and success of the body attached to that hand. So why does it matter right? You’ll eat today. Right? But what about tomorrow. What about moving forward? You may feel like a big dog now but what happens when you get to the bigger dogs? You won’t grow to be a threat to them as long as you’re starving. But why am I wasting my breathe? You’re not changing your mind. You genuinely believe that what you’re doing is going to bring you everything you’ve ever wanted. Only once I beat you will you see the error of your ways, and if I fail then I will not have failed myself. I will have failed you and the rest of Tres Comas Club, which is why you’re not walking away victorious.

In the meantime you’ll sit on your throne of pride and paint a fictional caricature of myself hoping to convince yourself that I’m just the first stepping stone on your righteous path to greatness. This “man” who hides behind golden fences hoping that nobody sees him for who he really is. Well I’m right here, and I’m no man. I am…



on May 18th 2018, 11:29 pmShinati Mizarki
>>The following dialogue takes place in the Victorian Era style home of Shinati Mizarki. His own living room to be exact, which has a pristine; oriental feel to it upon entry, from the beige coloured walls, which have various designs of dragons (whether they be mint coloured or wine coloured) upon the walls, and a chandelier hanging from a steel chain; dangling freely from the ceiling. 

The item we are most interested in though, is a corn nylon 'lawn' chair, that is positioned atop a candy/porcelain cotton rug in the dead centre of the room --- for seated atop of it; attired in a Sangria kimono, azure jeans and jet black casual sneakers, is Shinati himself, still bearing the scars, the agony of the attack that took place on what was *supposed* to be a victorious debut for him, at the hands of two of his foes in the upcoming number one contender's match for the Heritage championship, in Jun Nobunaga and Kerry Keller, which resulted in King Tora IV being pinned by Racer Smiles during the tag match. As always, everything has been translated for your viewing pleasure.<<

"I'm sorry for letting Shoot Nation and King Tora IV down. For *not* being able to get the vengeance they deserved. For *not* being able to show Jun that when you stab friends, or people who thought of you as such, in the back that there *are* repercussions. That you can't just get away with shunning what you once claimed to stand for, in order to savour fancy with your 'new circle'. With people, who partake in the destruction of the very fibre of this industry; this nation's ethics."

>>Pausing, he allows himself a deep inhale, knowing that even though *technically* Tora was the one who got pinned, it was solely because he was unable to prevent the count from occurring. That *he* was unable to 'make the save' as some people like to call it, and that hurts more than the outcome itself. More than the actual attack on him does.<<

"I should have known that Kerry and Jun would have focused in on me, especially after you put your faith in *me* to be the representative of our faction in this fatal four way.. Especially after the encounter we had, when Kerry and Jun, along with myself, each came out to formalise the proceedings --- to affirm that *we* each would be the ones elected to stand forth; carry the pride, the honour of our factions upon our shoulders and be the next one to challenge for the Heritage championship --- a title that itself, represents prestige and history within the spirit of this sport."

>>Those words sinking in, Shinati allows himself to thinking about how important it is that *he* is the one to claim the championship opportunity --- how the Heritage championship, stands aligned with everything that Shoot Nation represents. Everything that they hold dear to their hearts, from the moment they were anointed as the custodians of Japan's honours and traditions, both inside and outside of the ring.<<

"Yet when they did that, they made sure that I realised that any 'honeymoon' I might have been feeling --- not that one was there anyway, I know that wrestling is more than just achieving my dream and being here, has turned into fuel. Into motivation to ensure that they learn that when you spit in the face of what we uphold, then everything becomes fair game. 

It becomes attrition oriented, each of us fighting for what we stand for --- or fighting among thieves in the case of Kerry and Jun, both of whom might as well stand under the same banner due to their own deeds. They both want to make wrestling into their own entertainment commodity, they both wish for the spirit of wrestling to be left behind as the soul is stripped away. As its heart, is ripped from its chest; we all are left to watch, helpless to prevent its occurrence."

>>His face contorting into a look of disdain, Shinati shudders at the thought of his last statement becoming reality. Of the Phantom Troupe and Tres Comas Club 'winning' the war that has been taking place. A war, that commenced long before his arrival.<<

"That's *why* Shoot Nation are here --- that's why *I'm* here. We *are* the last barrier between wrestling being violated; stripped of its own morality and turned into a plaything for millionaires to use at their own beck and call. For thugs, to destroy from the inside out. For gajins and faux-citizens to walk in and claim hold of our customs; traditions that our forefathers forged, and turn them into nothing more than dust. Desecrate them, as if they *never* existed. Wrestling is something that needs to be respected, a culture, that is sacred within our hearts --- and if that means I must become a martyr inside of the ring in order to serve as its guardian, then I will be the happiest martyr in death."

>>His eyes beginning to burn, he allows himself time to gather his thoughts, to 'cool himself down' from the intensity that flows through his veins. Intensity, born from a lust to make sure that wrestling is respected. That it once again, is cherished as the oracle that it was always meant to be. The oracle that it has *always* been to him --- ever since those nights with his father. He lets out a gentle sigh, pondering the fact that there *is* a forth party in this match too --- the party that *actually* initiated this challenge.<<

"Tarah --- you're right about me. I *am* new, I am inexperienced in regards to this ring, compared to yourself. Compared to Jun. Compared to Kerry. But that *doesn't* make me any less of a threat. That doesn't mean you can just dismiss me; think that because I am inexperienced, that I don't understand what it means to be given an opportunity. To have a door opened, that would usually be reserved for those who have cut their teeth in this business *more* than I. Because I *do*. 

And I am eternally grateful that Shoot Nation gave me this door; enabled me to be the one to set foot in the ring alongside an honorary like yourself. I respect you more than the other two --- both professionally and personally. Ronin are the ones most aligned with what we in Shoot Nation wish to achieve; the honour and tradition we wish to uphold."

>>Cutting himself off, he shudders as he thinks about the next words that are about to flow from his lips.<<

"But, and I must thank Kerry and Jun for this, no matter how much they sicken me, I have learned that sometimes --- you must be willing to embrace tactics that you would otherwise deny if you are to acquire a victory. If you are to pursue the message that you wish to send. That all 'respect' I might have, must go out the window the moment we set foot in that ring together. I also know that anything less than all I have, would be disrespectful to you; to the fans who wish to see us leave our spirits; leave our bodies in the ring, and a disgrace to those who came before. So, yes, you *will* be getting everything I have in this match --- It's the *only* way that this can be done justice. It's the only way that this will be honourable."

>>Pausing, he hears the words of his father ring within his head, as he slightly bows his head. He knows that he was brought up *not* to lay even a single finger on a woman in violence, but this week is an exemption. This week, is the first time he will be forced to test that teaching.<<

"Just like it would be disrespectful to you if I were to take it easy because of your gender. I know that we *shouldn't* lay our hands upon women, I know women are supposed to be shrines to be respected and admired, but this is your wish --- so I am bound to obey it. I am bound, to treat you with the same contempt that I shall be treating Kerry and Jun."

>>His head still bowed, he feels himself slightly lifting his hands up to his chin, in a sort of prayer, as a whisper leaves his lips.<<

"I'm sorry father. Please forgive me for this sin."

>>Clearing his voice, his tone returns to its normal level.<<

"Just like Apparition shall be bringing honour and prestige to the Heritage title when he claims it from Sangrat, I shall be the force behind its retention within our honour, when I become the next challenger. When I stand tall, vanquishing the honourable Tarah Nova and the scum Kerry and Jun --- for it is what *must* occur."

>>It is with those words, that our filming ends, the setting fading into black.<<
on May 18th 2018, 8:00 pmBelle Kingsley
My journey at winning the Heaven's Arena Cup went to dust thanks to the behemoth, Gronk. Gotta admit it - it stings a bit because I believed that I poured my heart and soul into this tournament. For me to fall one match before the finals were something that took awhile for me to adjust. There goes that saying when another door closes, another one opens. Well, I think that is what happened to me. As the door closed on my chances of winning the tournament, another one opened with an opportunity to team with my fellow Shoot Nation brethren, Masanori Kawada as we both challenge against The Phantom Troupe’s Saul Omen and CM Nas; Tres Comas Club’s One True Pairing, Cash and Sakura Corleone and Ronin, the SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions, Kerry Keller and Atem Octavian Amun-Ra. Once again, Strong Style Wrestling takes the concept of pinning these four teams against each other for the amusement and entertainment of the fans. You know what? I like that. I consider this another opportunity to prove why Shoot Nation is the faction that everyone needs to look out for. We dominated the Heaven's Arena Cup. ¾ members were from Shoot Nation. In this match, Shoot Nation is being represented by a man and woman who were super hungry at reaching the finals, but instead, they are joining forces together to dethrone Ronin and take those tag titles for ourselves.

First, you have what you would call the biggest threats of the entire match - The Phantom Troupe’s Saul Omen and CM Nas. This is a group that full embraces of being a renegade. I mean, one of the men in this match left a specific company with their own championship that he had won twenty-seven days earlier. There was buzz that he sacrificed everything in that company - financial security, a job and he was willing to throw all of that away? For what? To show his talents to Japan? To prove that he can make it anywhere? Well, how’s he doing with that? As for Saul Omen, what has he done that is anything of importance? This may be my lack of research on the matter, but I don’t recall him doing anything eventful despite being overshadowed by Aria Jaxon and CM Nas. Saul had the look of a future champion. He has the skills of a future champion, but why isn’t he champion? Is it because The Phantom Troupe has hoarded most of the championships? Is it because they don’t want to end up like another Tres Comas Club and have tension within the group. In a way, that’s smart. On the other hand, I could see seeds already planting. I’m not saying that Shoot Nation is the vision of the perfect stable. We have had our own share of arguments, but it has made the group stronger. It has made us more focused and determined to accomplish our goals. Is that something The Phantom Troupe has outside of their egos? Is that what they have outside the cocky attitudes? I don’t seem them backing it up that much in the ring, but in the aftermath, sure? But, Supremacy may be their shot to back up everything that they’ve been claiming.

Second, you have what you would call the wildcards of the entire match - Tres Comas Club or One True Pairing’s Cash and Sakura Corleone. This was a match back in the House Show that we were not successful in winning; however, they weren’t successful at all. In a sense, this leaves a mystery for Supremacy about which of these teams can walk out victorious which I am way more than okay with. Besides CM Nas and Saul Omen, we are the only ones with experience and with an idea of what we can do in order to take down One True Pairing - or whatever name you are planning to use. There is a part of me that wants to take this entire group seriously, but I just can't do that at all. I mean, who is your leader? Where did you come from? What have the two of you done that makes us want to take you seriously? There is no doubt that you are talented in the ring, but your personalities are just a huge blind spot in what makes One True Pairing, One True Pairing. Personally, I cannot take you seriously at all. You remind me of one of those annoying couples that no one likes. I mean, I think Ronin and The Phantom Troupe can both attest to that. In a way, I think you both know that and tend to use that to your advantage. In a way, it might be one of the smartest things that anyone can do in this match. If only you can win the match by annoying your competition to death. If that was the case, then you two would be the winners for sure. I just find it so amusing how everything is falling apart, yet you remain the One True Pairing. Tres Comas Club could use some advice on being a united unit, but it might be too late for that.

Third, you have what you would call the champions of the entire match - Ronin. Kerry Keller and Atem Octavian Amun-Ra. I look at the two of you and I think there are not many people that think you have what it takes to win this match. In a sense, the two of you are being underestimated. Sure, you have your favorites in the match such as The Phantom Troupe due to their domination over SSW. You might have your favorites such as the One True Pairing, who think the might get away with this match due to their chemistry being the best out of any of the participants in the match, but who is betting on Ronin? Who are placing their bets on making sure that Ronin walks away with all of the gold? No one. As much as you have an established leader in Tarah Nova, but she’s not good enough to lead her team to victory. She is the entire reason why Ronin have those belts. She is the reason why those belts are on your shoulders. The two of you are only having them due to the Freebird rules. Bless the freebird rules because, without them, you would have not a single championship upon your shoulders. I’m not going to be the one to say that you shouldn’t have a chance to retain your championship. I am all in for challengers getting their chance to fight for the titles, but I question how much Kerry and Atem will function as a team? Are they going to be anything like Tarah and Pierro when they won those titles? Are they going to be a united force enough for them to retain in this match? Or will they watch as those titles slip away from their grasps and onto the grasps of Belle Kingsley and Masanori Kawada?

In the words of Masanori, Brace Yourselves because you are not going to know what Shoot Nation is going to hit you with. The days of being underestimated are over. The days of being the one stable with no ounce of gold upon their shoulder are about to be over. The days of Ronin holding those belts are about to be over. Shoot Nation will rise to the occasion and prevail.
on May 18th 2018, 4:13 pmTarah Nova

Courtesy Call---Supremacy!
Promo Number One

“There's a rumble in the floor. So get prepared for war. When it hits, it'll knock you to the ground while it shakes up everything around. But survival is a must, so will you stand with us? Can you feel it? Make it real and Make me feel it I think it might wash away tonight. Awakened from this never ending fight, it takes more than meets the eye. This war we're fighting is not just writing: Hey-o, here comes the danger up in this club. When we get started man, we ain't gonna stop. We gonna turn it out, 'till it gets too hot. Everybody sing: Hey-o Tell 'em turn it up 'till they can't no more. Let's get this thing shakin' like a disco ball. This is your last warning, a courtesy call.”

user posted image

The scene opens up to small hotel room. The TV was on but muted, both sides of the bed unmade, clothes thrown around the room and in the middle of it all stood Tarah Nova close to the wall by the window. A smile gracing her lips as soft chuckle left them. She was on the phone, texting away. The camera zoomed in more on her as it catches a glimpse of  her the person she was texting and how worried they were about her working the ring so fast after Hardcore Havoc. Another BING popped off and the words appeared on her screen: ‘Pls you finally have time from the Kids. Go relax & we will be back in a few hours ily bby.’ One last smile appeared before she shut her phone off:

“He's Right. I should be relaxing. I should be in bed, trying to sleep off the pain that I went through on Mother’s Day last Sunday but this my job. I wrestle---even when I’m broken, cut up or bruised from head to toe. I still come in and do my job. Just like the night I first appeared here...” Tarah finally looks up at the camera, “Yeah, My first night in Strong Style Wrestling, I LEAD Ronin to the Tag Team Championships. I showed everyone that this era of strong style is for the Misfits, The Freaks and the Outcasts. I proved to each and every fan, co-worker and even the owner of this company that my faction is much more than meets the eye.  See, people only see us as the faction that you can just dump The Unwanted but you're all wrong. Since the day I became Leader of Ronin, I promised each member of this family that we made together that I would leave them to Victory and I have been doing just that. So after showing people that Ronin is a threat, I believe it is my turn to grab the gold for myself. To become the number one Contender for the SSW Heritage Championship. A Championship that I've been dying to hold since I stepped foot in SSW and I promise all three of you boys, as a woman of my word, I will not stop fighting until I am the number one Contender for this Championship. See, I don't care who you guys are or what faction you stand for. I don't care what sideways comments you can throw at me or what you truly think of me or my team. Frankly, I've heard them all before and trust me when I say every comment you throw at me won't faze me one bit. Again, I have been in this game for a decade now and it will take more than saying things like ‘I've been riding the coattails of my boyfriends to get ahead in this company’ to annoy me." Tarah rolls her eyes, her smile still on her lips as she look at back at the camera. "Speaking of that comment, I guess I'll start with you, Kerry dear. Yeah, I thought that comment was real cute coming from you. So tell me how long did it take you to come up with that one? 5 minutes? 10? Or were you holding on it for a while now? Ah, Fuck it. It don't matter how long it took you to come up with it; all that matters is that it truly made me rip a stitch. Oh yes, I laughed long and hard at it because I have been hearing that comment since he and I got together. But it wasn't for men, no. It was from women because we both know they are the most petty creatures in this world today. And do you wanna know what I asked them when they would try to get under my skin with comments like that?” Tarah smirked, staring right at the camera, “Kerry, I asked them how does a one time Vixens champion, one-time specialist champion, Hall of Famer and now current Tag Team Champion ride the coattails of her boyfriend when two out of the three titles that she just listed she won before getting with him? I mean some please que in the Jeopardy music because it might take this man a while to think of an answer. I kid. I kid because the answer is simple, really. I didn't ride his coattails to the top of any company that I have been in. Hell, I had my name written down in history books already before he and I became the power couple that we are today. I mean truly, people have known the name TARAH NOVA for very long time and for you to come waltzing in, trying to make it seem like I've needed him the claim my spot in the wrestling ring. Wow, and I thought Chase Vedder came up with stupid tactics." The Ronin leader shakes her head, "Kerry, the only one out of the two of us that is riding anyone's coattails is you. You are the one that continues to fail each and every week in your matches; putting people over time and time again while your teammates such as Gronk, the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion: Aria Jaxon and of course, My Man who is the OWA Heavyweight Champion/The Best Champion Alive: CM Nas.  Three of your teammates that have done more than you have and hell, if I wanted to be a real bitch right now; I would list each and every other Phantom Troupe member above you because they are doing something for the team. You though? You are becoming just another Kil, the teammate of yours that I outsmarted in 5 seconds flat. You are becoming dead weight and if you keep it up, I promise you that you will be the next to be killed off in Phantom Troupe by either my hands, another faction member’s or by your own teammates. So think about that before you speak and tell me I'm wrong...but till then, I have others to speak about."

Tarah leans back again the wall she is staying by, thinking for a moment, "And I guess another would be Jun Nobunaga: A simple traitor of Shoot Nation. Ya know, It's funny how hypocritical you are, Jun, my boy. One week you speak so gently and so apologetic to you teammates and how you wouldn't want to be like Tre Comas Club or Phantom Troupe but than the following next week you have joined TCC, attacking former stablemates alongside Phantom Troupe scum." She rolls her neck slowly, "God, men like you give me pains. You switch sides at a flip of a coin and make it hard to trust people in this business. Hell, people like you and Kerry are reasons why there are wars between factions while Ronin sits on the sidelines, watching with popcorn in our laps as we wait to see who kills each other first. Truthfully, I'm waiting for one of you to piss off Shoot Nation enough to where they stab first. That or wait till TCC kills itself from the inside out. Either way my money's down on one of those options. Anyway, my point is, no matter what flavor of the week your faction is; when we meet up at Supremacy, Jun, you're not taking this opportunity from me. I have waited a long time to hold a singles championship and I'm not going to let you or you're ex Shoot Nation Friend, Shinati Mizarki walk out of here as winners. I mean we already established that Kerry isn't touching it but you two might be a threat. Maybe."

Slowly Tarah pushes herself off the wall and slowly looks at the camera.

"Now speaking of Shoot Nation Friend and Sir Shinati Mizarki, I’m glad you are in the match. See, outta all of the factions in SSW, Shoot Nation is the only one that actually gets along with Ronin...somewhat. I mean at least I know some of them do. In fact, I hold a lot of respect for one of your fellow members, Masanori Kawada, for pushing me to my limit and showing respect in the ring. So a part of me semi hopes that you would do the same but the other part? The other part of me hopes that you bring everything you have in you to this match. I mean it's only your second match in SSW and for that I feel like you don't have enough experience to be in this but then again, like I said when you first walked out to take this challenge; I saw the fire in your eyes. You want a fight and you came looking for one but I promise you that no matter how hard you fight, you will not be walking out as number one contender. You are only a small fraction of a threat to me because simply, you are new and I haven't seen you enough in ring to know what I’m up against. That and like I said, you have a spit fire to you but...that can be put out quickly if your not too careful. With that being said, I warn you now, Mizarki: If you show me respect, I'll show you some back. And if you stay out of my way, I'll stay out of yours, alright?"

Another beep comes from Nova's phone which makes her look down at it before looking back at the camera, "In the end, my words are short and sweet but to the point and my point is this: you can fire at me with every finisher and signature you have under your belts. You can drag me through the ringer so many times over but no matter what you boys bring to the table to use against me, I will bring it ten times heavier. I might be small and light as a feather but I don't need strength to take all of you down. I will use my wits to do so and if I need to use blunt force..." Nova's smile turns into a smirk in a matter of seconds, "...Then so be it. With that all said and done, I’ll see you boys in the ring. NOVA OUT." With that, she walks passed the camera, placing her phone back to ear. The camera fades out to black, ending the scene.


on May 18th 2018, 12:48 amGREED貪欲
Destiny has finally arrived. Twenty seven long years where emptiness preceded the loneliness and disappointment of not being able to live up to what seemingly was an impossible goal. Since the dawn of the man, the possession of both the material and the mental happiness you can only achieve without he material is the paradox that no one has quite been able to solve. You have the men who leave one for the other yet still live their entire lives unfulfilled. How? I will never understand. From the day I was born, even years before I could put the feelings into words, I just knew inside me that nothing would ever be enough to satisfy me. That sadness overwhelmed my childhood, knowing that my goals were beyond my capabilities - fortunately, time is merely something you have to wait out for the cost of immortality… And fate does always catch up with you. Fate doesn’t discriminate, fate merely chooses - rather, fate assigns each and every one of us to an inescapable path - each person’s path different from the next, but the one commonality between them all is that they have just two endings -  success or failure, and whichever ending you stumble upon defines your entire existence. Fate didn’t just assign this path to me, it cursed me with it.  Do you think I want this, Andre? To live each and every day with this empty hole in my existence, not knowing what to fill it with. Not money, not fame, not victory, not championships… there’s not one thing will ever make me happy, and in the end… That’s exactly what keeps me going. If true happiness and fulfillment is something that I’ll never achieve, then I’ll just have to take everything else.

It’s a shame that it had to be you, because believe it or not I was once a fan until Andre Virgo. That is, of course, until you just happened to stumble across the biggest opportunity of your life, one you most definitely didn’t earn. Now that’s besides the point because clearly Brian Daniels agrees with that enough to the extent where he made you put up both of your undeserved accolades against me. You’re a boy trying to fit into a man’s shoes and with the state that Tres Comas Club is in right now, you’ve proven you’re an unsuitable leader. I’m not walking out like BANG did, Andre. No one’s coming to throw in the towel for me. There is no other outcome here other than me ripping everything out of your hands and making it mine. People can see light on the rear of their failures but for me there isn’t - just more of the void I’ve had to live in with the reality I face every day - that my ultimate goal is just one notch short of impossible, yet I have no power but to do everything I can to achieve it. Despite the progress I’ve made, nothing has been of enough substance yet to satisfy me. Nothing… until I saw BANG pass down the leadership of the Tres Comas Club and the SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship. Then, there I saw it - an opportunity. An opportunity to - maybe - begin to fill that void left by my indomitable greed. For me, after all I’ve done in order to try and find fulfillment in the only, twisted way that I can… maybe is a worthwhile enough of an incentive to give it my all.

Regardless, I can’t act like this isn’t a good opportunity to add to my resources. It’s not like having the support of a few capable allies and the title of SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship would hurt my cause at all. The Tres Comas Club is in shambles right now. We went from being the most enigmatic and quietly powerful stable in this company to now being it’s laughingstock. You’ve failed as a leader, destroying this faction. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing we learn is that investors are starting to pull out, causing the Club to fall apart altogether. Frankly, Andre, I’m saving you from yourself. I’m saving you from the disappointment of having to go down as the man who destroyed what could have been a legendary stable because he just wasn’t competent enough of a leader. I’m saving you from peaking too early as a hand-me-down Junior Heavyweight Champion. Most importantly, I’m saving the SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship, and securing the future and prosperity of the Tres Comas Club. I dream a lot bigger than you do, Andre, and that’s exactly why I have the vision necessary and the talent at hand to take Tres Comas Club to greater heights than you ever could.

I know what kind of man you are, Andre. You’re just too full of yourself to see the bigger picture and you’re none the wiser to the fact that the little window you look out of to see your goals is nothing more than a fraction of what I’m aiming to do in this company - no, in this world. Your flashiness and proclivity to blind your opponents with the dazzle and glamour of who you are have been an effective tool up until now in gaining the appreciation and love of the crowd. I’m sure those perks translate well backstage in regard to the trust management has for you, because as far as I can see, no one deserves to hold a championship that they didn’t win in the ring, let alone parade around with it like you legitimately deserve respect and admiration for being nothing more than a literal paper champion. Seriously, I don’t think you understand the fact that you were simply at the right place at the right time, or else there’s no way you’d be holding that belt right now.

Look, I get that this is a dog-eat-dog world, and to be the top guy, you need to believe that you are. I can tell humility isn’t your strong suit, not to mention that your lack of it is eventually going to be your downfall. The question now is whether or not you’re going to take me as seriously as you need to when you’re standing across from me in the ring. Understand that your theatrics and melodrama are going to have no effect on me. I’ve seen stranger characters than you in my life, and honestly, I’ve seen more convincing acts. Fake it ‘till you make it seems to be your motto, but winging it has only taken you so far, to the point where since you’ve become the Junior Heavyweight Champion, everything around you - your Tres Comas Club included - has deteriorated, continuing to do so until your legacy is nothing more than dust. You think you’re going to walk us into the spotlight, Andre? You’re about to lead us into complete and utter irrelevancy and for the sake of MY career, for the sake of MY goal, you need to be stopped, and right now it looks like I’m the only person who’s going to get that done.

The vibe I’m getting you from is that you’re just in this for your fifteen minutes of fame. You’re here for the money - to say you’re the champion, but not truly be one, and that’s why you don’t deserve the things you have. I deserve the things you have, or else I wouldn’t feel so strongly as I do towards this cause. This feels larger than me, certainly larger than you - which is exactly why I feel that my almost supernatural greed is more than just the miswiring in my brain that I thought it was. It’s fate, Virgo, and yours is to lose everything you have to me. All except for that big, useless ego - you can keep that. Joking around isn’t an option. Taking things lightly isn’t an option. Losing simply is not an option - but it is going to be your only one.

This is where you need to ask yourself - what defines Andre Virgo? If the answer to that question is the SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship or the leadership of the Tres Comas Club, then in addition to those, I’ll also be ripping away your very soul and claiming it as my own. Is there anything more to the man? Clearly there must have been something BANG saw in you to entrust you with the leadership of the Club, but I’m not seeing it. Every appearance you make, you show off your disgusting lack of humility with nothing of substance to back it up. I’m not a virtuous man by any means, I thrive on the thrill of sin - my driving force in life is one the seven deadly sins themselves. Still, despite how much trust we put into ourselves in our reckless abandon of virtue, to be still be of sound enough mind to accomplish our goals, we all have limits chaining us down. Me, I’m trying to break mine, slowly and carefully, piece by piece, until I become the limitless man finally capable of satisfying my limitless greed.

Now, where I’m excessively methodical, you’re equally foolishly brazen. You overstep where you can tread Virgo. I’m not like your average fool in the Tres Comas Club. I’m not one of the sheep you’ve been able to seduce and lead out to your cursed pasture. You have no idea what you’re about to step in the ring with. It’s not a stretch to say that up until Supremacy, I’ve been holding back. You think you scared me off with that chair? It was simply in my best interests not to engage in a fight that wouldn’t get me anything. Unlike you, primitive passion doesn’t drive my decisions. I’m sure your insecurity as a leader pushes you to do everything in your power to make yourself look like the man you’re pretending to be, but all you end up doing is exposing your inadequacies, and trust me, I’ve picked up on every single one of them. You may consider me a coward for avoiding that fight, but you’ll have no other choice than to call me a winner at Supremacy.

I’m sure you have some surprises up your sleeve, but you’re about to a see a side of GREED you didn’t know was there. I’ve heard the criticism. It’s time to put all that to rest. It’s time to make the first major move in my lifelong quest. It’s time to start building the foundation of the fulfillment I’ve been lacking my entire life. The satisfaction… Well, I won’t know what it feels like until what you have is all mine. To complete my destiny, I’ve taken on this impossible task, but one day, all will be mine. And first… will be that crown on your head that you were never meant to wear. The SSW Junior Heavyweight Championship, the Tres Comas Club, Andre Virgo’s unconscionable
pride - ALL, will belong to GREED.
on May 12th 2018, 12:00 amDamien Walker
SSW Heaven’s Arena Tour: 5/12/2018-Promo 1
*The phone camera cuts on to Damien Walker pacing around the living room of his Tokyo apartment. Seemingly, in contemplation of something.*

“It’d be utterly foolish to not acknowledge and ignore the fact that the last two weeks or so haven’t exactly been...kind to the Ronin. We had 3 members in the second round of the Heaven’s Arena Cup, and all of them ended up losing their respective matches.Last week, the three same stablemates who appeared in the second round and lost, competed in a 6-man tag team match against TCC and lost again! Yet somehow, I managed to win my match against Shinati Mizark and chalk one up for the freaks. I could easily just rant and rave about how unfairly things have been turning out of us and how we’re nothing but the victims of circumstance but does that really fix anything?”

*Damien shrugged his shoulders*

“Probably not.”

“Instead of concerning myself about how everything in the past went bad for us, I’m going to go ahead and focus on what’s going to be happening tomorrow night. Where I’m facing “The Silencer” Kerry Keller, a member of the Phantom Troupe. A man who considers himself to be “tough” and his outlook entirely shaped by his life on the mean streets of Lansing. *Damien sighed in disappointment* You know, in a way you remind me a lot of myself and my own upbringing. Too bad you roll with a bunch of douchebags. I’m gonna win tomorrow.

Bet on it.

*Damien walks towards the camera*

Peace. The Fuck. Out.

*The camera feed cuts out*
on May 11th 2018, 11:59 pmGronk
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Belle Kingsley is a queen
And I like the way she looks in those jeans
You're not like the rest of these weeaboos
So Gronk has chosen you to woo
For one night only, we must fight
But afterwards I'll treat you right
I love your blonde hair
So you best prepare for this spear

I must pin you for the three count
Don't worry, this time it's not a mount
For you are a lady and should be treated as such
But behind closed doors, you won't resist this touch
Oh yes, you'll get these hands
All over your curvy waistband

You'll get the meaning of Gronk Smash
So you best brace that a$$
Piero was a creepo
But Gronk will make you scream "OH OH OH"

We will avenge Pearl Habor one day at a time
Because you're getting Gronk in his prime
They don't call Gronk "The Mad Titan" without reason
Japan must pay for their high treason

Together we can take on these chinks
If you say no, you should go see a shrink
We go together like peanut butter and jelly
Just you wait until I put a kid in your belly
I have the guns
And you have the buns
Gronk shall be your king
Come on, this is more than just a fling

I'll go on and win the Heaven's Cup
While your body is plastered as Gronk's pinup
Gronk can go about smashing faces
While touching all your bases
These asians need to be taught a lesson
They should have stayed in their hentai dungeons
But you, Belle, are an angel
Hopefully one that's not opposed to ana--

Tonight, I am to impress
Perhaps, I'll even see you out of that dress
I'll get that one-two-three
And maybe one day get down on one knee
All you have to say is, "I do"
So Gronk can forever be your boo

Nevermind that, one step at a time
I'm just counting down the days until you're mine
We can take it slow, we don't have to screw
Just know, one day, Gronk is going all the way with you

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on May 11th 2018, 11:59 pmFalke Halstenberg
SSW Promo/Statement:

*The camera once again focuses on to Kerry Keller in his study, meditating. The room only lit by candlelight. His eyes open slowly and he sends a piercing stare into the camera.*

Keller: The Ronin… a ragtag group of misfits led by a certain Tarah Nova. I have reason to believe that this Damien Walker may be an important key to your success Ronin. But no matter, I will do what I believe my Phantom Troupe cohorts expect me to do… destroy, conquer, achieve, emerge victorious once again and continue building my momentum. You see, after losing to Belle Kingsley in the first round of a tournament I should have won, I felt it was time to change my attitude as one step forward into changing my luck in SSW. And my my, has it seemed to work so far. Two weeks ago I laid Avery Knight into the dirt in quick fashion, which may have been the quickest match in SSW history. I'm not looking to end this match quick Mr. Walker, I'm looking to send a message to anyone who actually thought that I, or anyone, was the weak link of the Phantom Troupe, as that concept doesn't exist. You see, unlike every other faction in this company, the Troupe doesn't work where somebody is strongest and somebody is weakest, we are all to be feared and respected as the most dominant force in all of wrestling. As much as I think ending this match quickly will do for establishing this fear and respect, I feel sending a statement may be important too. Who knows? Maybe as a favor to my friend Tarah I'll put you out of your misery quickly as to not embarrass you Ronin too much. But I may also send you back to whatever shed in Ohio from which you came in pieces.

*Keller smiles sinisterly in the candlelight*

Keller: I heard you can take a decent amount of pain, Damien. But what happens when that threshold is finally crossed? What happens when you really cannot take the pain anymore? I'm sure we may just find out tomorrow, now won't we?

*Kerry begins to put out each candle with only his fingers, all four of them surrounding him, starting from the left*

Keller: Shhhh, be silent.

*The camera fades to static as well as the Phantom Troupe logo in the background*
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