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on June 22nd 2018, 11:59 pmDamien Walker
Another Match, Another Day

This is getting fucking tiresome…

Week in, week out, I show up to wrestle and get sent to the back with absolutely nothing to show for it. To say that I’ve started becoming utterly fed up with the constant losing, would be a MASSIVE understatement. Something’s got to change. Whether it be my approach to the match, how I’m capitalizing on certain opportunities or if I’m just being aggressive enough. I can’t keep going like this, man. I. JUST. FUCKING. CAN’T. To think of everyone who’s labeled me as “just another member of Ronin” and nothing else. The possibility that they may have been completely right. TO HELL WITH THAT. I know what I’m capable of and I certainly don’t intend to allow these fuckwits to continue being right about me. It’s time to silence everyone who’s criticised me and prove why I’m still here in SSW.

I’ll admit, the bitter taste of having lost the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships still remains in the back of my mouth and I want to finally wash it out. Maybe, by winning this match...I’ll finally get back on track and get over this slump. Not to mention the fact that I’ll be facing Tres Comas Club again. Sadly, it’s not against the most ear-bleedingly irritating duo in all of SSW. Instead, it’s against these three pricks. All of whom, have managed to leave very little of an impression upon me, If I’m being completely honest. Am I supposed to give a shit that someone who’s barely even been relevant like Jun Nobunaga sold out himself out to TCC? Am I supposed to be impressed by some jackoff that’s constantly bragging about he’s so strong and manly? No, I’m not. Listen, Racer...if you’re going to try and “lead by example” then you’re doing a pretty piss-poor job of it. None of you have to be concerned about me, that’ll just play into my advantage.

They do say that ignorance is bliss after all.

Walker. OUT.
on June 22nd 2018, 11:49 pmShinati Mizarki
>>Shinati roams around the confines of what appears to be some sort of dojo, situated on the outskirts of Osaka. His eyes are locked in focus, watching with intent as two of the student of this particular dojo grapple in the centre of the ring. Preparing to commence a sparring session, just like Shinati himself had partaken in earlier. Although he is calm, a slight smile peers out from the right hand corner of his mouth as he turns his attention to us.<<

"This is my home away from home. This is where I come, to attain tranquillity. To realise just what I need to do, in order to continue forging my path within this industry. You see, I realised that I didn't have the best start. That I was allowing the pressure; the moment get to me and force me to deviate from what I had set out to do."

>>A soft sigh leaves his lips, as he pivots his body to fully face us. Revealing that he is attired in a black loose-fitting t-shirt, obsidian/slate wrestling tights and jet black knee high wrestling boots. Prepared, to once more engage in combat with the students, when his name is next called.<<

"I realised that even though I had been *saying* I was upholding the customs; the traditions on which this wrestling culture, that I really hadn't been. That my actions, were not validating the words that I was speaking. That I wasn't just letting myself down, or even the entire Shoot Nation faction down. I was letting the *fans* down. I was letting *my family* down, which is what hurt more than anything."

>>A tear beginning to roll down the right side of his cheek, Shinati allows a soft exhale to float into the air as he feels his breathing relax, his eyes slightly turning to the students who are still engaged in their sparring.<<

"Last week, was a step in the right direction. It was the first time I felt like I was truly finding myself inside of the ring. The first time I could really say I was fighting for the cause due to my actual actions, instead of merely my statements. The first time I felt like I flew the Shoot Nation flag with the pride; the respect that it deserved."

>>Smiling, he thinks about to what the Apparition told him when they went behind the curtain. About how all Shinati needed, was to have the belief in himself; everything else would fall into place, once he had that. Something that he could only respond with through a nod of the head, but he knew *exactly* what he meant with those words. And Shinati was starting to find that within himself, too. Pushing himself upwards, he walks towards the 'line', glancing at each student; particular watching as two new, fresh students enter the circle. Ready to spar.<<

"This week, I face Militades. The number one contender to the Junior Heavyweight championship; a man, who despite his affiliation with the abhorrent Tres Comas clubs, actually has a moral grounding behind him. He actually wishes to fight for the respect of this business, even if he is distorted by exactly *what* that respect entails. Even if he doesn't understand the cultures; the traditions that I fight to uphold. Why I elect to uphold them. To become the custodian of them, upon this 'new age'. "

>>Pausing, Shinati allows his words to sink in, as he bows his head.<<

"This week, he finds out that if he expects this to just be a tune up. If he thinks that sending a message to Virgo is the main aim for him, then he will sadly be mistaken. He will find himself realising that honour isn't just a word. That Puresu isn't just a mere 'style' of wrestling. But that it is a way of life. It is, what defines us as people; the ignorance to that, shall be what brings about his downfall. He might *think* he knows about me, but he will learn that he doesn't have an idea."

>>Softly laughing, the words pierce through the air, as the intensity begins to simmer within Shinati's eyes.<<

"This week, the passage to finding myself continues."

>>Shinati returns his focus to the sparring session as we fade into nothingness.<<
on June 22nd 2018, 11:32 pmVanessa Santiago

The scene opens to showcase a rather simple setting. Dusk has fallen over the city of Osaka. Twinkling lights dot the background of the bustling cityscape. Osaka Central Gymnasium is featured prominently, front and center in the shot. After a few moments, Vanessa Santiago walks into the frame, standing in front of the venue now looming behind her. She dons a tight red tank top with the Shoot Nation logo plastered across the front in black script. A couple inches of her toned stomach are visible, and black jeans sit firmly on her hips. She dons red Nike wedge heels. Her dark blonde hair is curled, sitting atop her head in a half-up, half-down Ariana Grande-esque style. Vanessa glances back at the arena briefly before turning back to face the camera once more, folding her arms across her chest as she prepares to speak.

“Of the conflicts I’ve found myself embroiled in since coming to SSW, this might be the weirdest one. When I came into the promotion as a founding member of The Phantom Troupe, we were in the business of picking fights with literally everyone. That was the group’s whole M.O.”

“And as for my conflict with John Doe? Oh, he’s a textbook control freak. Terrified of losing control, he couldn’t stand the idea of me joining Shoot Nation upon my return to SSW. He ran his group by clouding the vision of the members and assuring them that his way of chaos was the best way to live, but time away from the spotlight helped me to realize that wasn’t the case. I fought valiantly against him -- a fact that my new opponent conveniently glossed over -- and I came up short. John Doe was the better man that night, unfortunately. However, if I’m allowing myself to be pitifully optimistic for a second...what did I lose, other than a match? I fought for my freedom, and I was keeping that whether I won or lost. I’m still standing honorably beside my brothers-in-arms of Shoot Nation, eagerly awaiting all the new challenges that pop up on the horizon.”

Vanessa pauses for a beat before shaking her head.

“But I can assure you, Kikyo, you’re far from a challenge.”

“Recounting my experience with Doe, I’ve already dealt with one spoiled, petulant child, so I guess I’m well-equipped to deal with another. Maybe that’s what drew me out from the backstage area a couple of weeks ago. Seeing your entitled ass snatch the microphone from Saya, as if you were owed an opportunity to speak your mind made me roll my eyes. You marched around the ring shouting to kingdom come about how brilliant you are, how you should be at the forefront of this company, and how you’ve been ignored by everyone from the rest of the roster, to the fans, to those in charge. We don’t even know each other, but I feel like I’ve got my finger on the pulse when I say these are the words of a woman who was waiting for the world to be handed to her on a silver platter. A poor, naive girl who, for the first time in her life, found herself in a situation that her last name and clout acquired by her mother couldn’t get her what she wanted. For the first time in your life, Kikyo, nobody cares. For a woman truly confident in her abilities as a wrestler, that wouldn’t have fazed you. You would’ve been confident enough to let your talent do the talking, but I didn’t hear a woman who was conceding to letting her wrestling take her where she wanted to go. Really, I didn’t even hear a woman who was telling the world what to expect. You sounded like you were under the impression that if you shouted loudly enough and spoke with enough conviction in your voice that you’d be able to convince yourself that you weren’t full of shit. I didn’t buy it. It’d be nothing short of pathetic if you and I were in the same boat.”

“Your voice lost so much edge when I walked out to the ring to confront you and put an end to your little tirade. When I thought your act couldn’t slip any more notches, you went from tragic attempts at trying to inflate your ego to taking aim at the lowest hanging fruit pertaining to me. “John Doe’s sloppy seconds”, nice try. As I’ve already said, I gave him the fight of a lifetime. There is no shame in losing for me, because I can move on now and put the chapter of my career marked “The Phantom Troupe” behind me once and for all. I did so on a big stage as well, and where were you while this was going on? Surely a “mediocre talent” like me would be eclipsed by you! But no one even knew who you were when that was going on, and even now that you and I are preparing to have this match, are you willing to take any guesses as to how many people still don’t know and don’t care exactly who you are? Go on, try and introduce yourself without mentioning your mother or any contrived, unproven tales about just how good you think you are. I kicked you in your face and didn’t see a fraction of the fire you claim is burning inside you. You recoiled and looked horrified. Your reflexes weren’t fast enough to land a blow in return, but oh, your survival instincts kicked in right before I managed to trap you in The Takeover. You were exposed to only a fraction of what I could do, and yet you still want this fight. You were mere moments from being stuck in an excruciating submission maneuver, and something deep down inside you still thinks this match belongs to you. You must not be familiar with the woman you should be running from.”

“I was the first woman signed to this company. Eventually, SSW’s roster grew to encompass a world-class roster of talent, regardless of gender, but when you look at all the women now on this roster -- be sure to look in the mirror as well -- remember that I was the first. I participated in the first Jr. Heavyweight Championship match. I had the balls to take a step back, retool my entire way of doing things, and come back to this company better than ever. All of the wins and losses, the triumphs and the trials, I can’t say that I would change a single thing about my time here. My experiences have molded me into a formidable competitor. I’ve become one of the best all-around wrestlers on SSW’s retainer, and I don’t have any regrets about anything I endured to become this way. But you, Kikyo? Your biggest regret will be facing me and accepting this challenge. Best case scenario, this will humble you and perhaps make you realize that falling in line with a bunch of fake-edgy, nonchalant, middle-of-the-road underachievers like Ronin will never take you anywhere. Worst case scenario, you keep doing what you’re doing and remain the whiny brat that you are. In any case, I can’t worry too much about what your future entails, and you shouldn’t be worried about it, either. At least, not right now. Focus on this match -- and choke down a bitter pill when you realize that tomorrow night belongs to Vanessa Santiago.”

For the first time now, Vanessa’s arms hang loosely at her sides, and a hint of a smile finally pulls across her pouty lips as she turns and walks out of the shot.
on June 22nd 2018, 11:11 pmKikyo Himura.

So, last week I was rudely interrupted in my speech by someone named... Vanessa Santiago? I'm not entirely sure who she is, or who she believed herself to be when she interrupted me... But, the fact of the matter is that I do not take kindly to those who do not patiently wait their turn. I understand, she wanted to steal the spotlight that I rightfully earned. The spotlight I demanded after squandering the dreams of those put before me. She disrespected me the moment she came out flapping her gums, she disrespected me when she kicked me in the face. She is nothing but a disrespectful gaijin who knows nothing about the respect that was enforced into me since day one.

Vanessa... What you fail to realize is that you have no idea what I am truly capable of. You chose of your own free will to interrupt me last week because you envied that the attention was on me for more than five minutes. You envied that someone prettier than you... Someone with more talent than you was standing in the center of the ring and you were jealous. Jealous that the attention was on someone other than you. I get it, I would have been jealous if I weren't me either. Power, fame, fortune, talent and absolutely breathtaking and pleasing to the eyes. It's no wonder you chose to interrupt me.

But, it was a fatal mistake on your part. You chose to interrupt the wrong person, you chose to invoke anger out of the wrong person. Congratulations, you happened to bounce around through a few different factions around here. You couldn't find your footing, where as, I found my place almost immediately with the family I've been given. It's taken you one too many tries to find your footing and you're upset because I'm taking action and challenging people. Maybe you should be smarter, maybe you should take chances instead of having them handed to you. You're upset because I'm taking things into my own hands and throwing out my own challenges because that is how things work.

I was being given opponent who I deemed underwhelming because they were not up to my standards in talent. Around here, there are very few that can even be considered my equal. The only ones deemed worthy of even coming close are those that reside alongside me in Ronin. The rest of the imbeciles around here don't even come close... and that includes you, dear Vanessa. See, that's the thing you do not seem to understand. I did not come here to be just another face in the crowd. I did not come here to allow everyone else to be given chances, I came here to do whatever the hell I feel like. I came here to be challenged, to cement my name in the history books. I cam here to pave my own path and my own legacy. I came here to make a name for myself and unfortunately for you? That comes at your expense.

It truly pains me to be the one to knock you off of this pedestal you seem to place yourself upon. You got lucky. you took the first hit and you managed to catch me off my game. But, don't think for a second you will come even close to a victory once we step into that ring with one another. I will not allow you to be the one coming out with a victory, I will not allow you to humiliate me ever again. You will be the one to fall when that final bell rings. When you are left in a daze and wondering how exactly you managed to fail. It's simple, in the end? You just do not amount to everything I have built all on my own. I am well versed in several areas of fighting and even MMA styles. But, I don't think the same could ever be said for you.

You will never amount to the woman I am today and the woman I will grow into becoming as the years go by. I will have my name written in the history books and one day, I will hold gold within my grasp. But, the same cannot be said for you. It's like you said, you had to scratch and claw and blah blah blah just to get to where you are today. Yet, you complained when I issued a challenge of my own free will which is perfectly acceptable. If it were not acceptable, management would not have allowed me the chance to even do so. Regardless, there is only one outcome at the end of this ordeal: I suggest you back up every word you say and you truly show me why you are a challenge.
on June 22nd 2018, 10:24 pmSteven Cassidy
[The scene opens to Steven in an unknown room/location, watching his last match against Shaun Till on a projector screen as he jots down notes. He frequently pauses and rewinds as he observes every small detail. Before his injury, Steven would never prepare like this. In fact, he kind of went into his matches blind, crossing his fingers and hoping he would still be in one piece at the end. But during his time of recovery, he was able to study what he needed to improve on and became a student of the game ever since. After a few seconds, the match ends and he turns off the projector, followed by turning on the lights and talks to the camera he set up.]

I have worked so hard for that moment. After all the hours spent rehabbing my injuries, after all the blood, sweat, and tears I lost while training for my return with the Young Lions of Shoot Nation - I finally got my first tally in the win column. Getting my hand raised as the fans chanted my name and applauded my performance, it was rewarding. It was surreal. The reason being that after the injuries I sustained, I never thought I would get that moment to sort of redeem myself, to finally plant my feet in the winner's circle, even if it was just for this one time. But with that said, I am not going to let this one match or victory get to my head. I am not going to all of a sudden give in to my ego and act as if I am the greatest thing since sliced bread and demand that SSW management adds a few zeroes to my paycheck - nah. Instead, I must continue to work hard, to keep a level head, and keep my nose clean as I continue to grow as a wrestler and person. Make no mistake about it, I am not satisfied with just one win under my belt. In fact, after getting a small taste of what it's like to be a winner, I want more. I want seconds and thirds and hopefully, start a win streak of my own. The days of Steven Cassidy being a pushover are long gone. I am no longer a liability, but an asset and as each week passes, I will prove my worth to not only this company but to my alliance, Shoot Nation, as well. 

Some say my match against Shaun Till was just a warm-up, to help me get reacclimated to this profession, but I don't see it that way. Since beating Shaun, some of the fans, whether it be on social media or in person, have been extremely harsh on the guy because he's had a rough start to his SSW career. He has lost what, his first three matches? And people are already writing him off and I for one think that is unfair. I mean, I was in his position not too long ago. I was losing and I was losing badly. I had people laughing at my performances, or better yet, questioning what in the world Brian Daniels saw in me to offer me a contract in the first place. The thing is, sometimes it takes a few weeks or months or even years for a wrestler to find their groove. It goes for just about every athlete, really. Slumps happen, it's part of the business. And the determined ones always find a way to turn their luck around, me being no different. But I know some of you aren't buying it, that one win doesn't change anything and I am just fool's gold. And you know, I can't really argue that. Clearly, I disagree with that stance, but there is no proof or evidence to support my claims - not yet, at least. Besides, I am not here to tell you that you're wrong through my words. Instead, I will let my wrestling do that.

As for this week, in case you haven’t already heard, I am going up against “The Ice Man" himself, Scott Oasis. Perhaps the most dangerous and intimidating man in professional wrestling today. He has the size, the stature, the physicality, the athleticism – he has it all. He even has the resume to go along with it, meaning he doesn’t let that talent go to waste. He’s won world titles, he’s been inducted into hall of fames, and he’s ended careers just because he felt like it. Let me state the obvious for a second – this match, as well as this opponent, will be the toughest challenge I’ve faced in my young career so far, bar none, but its a challenge I welcome with open arms. Yes, you heard me correctly. I want this match. Not because I have some kind of death wish or because I’m one of those psychos who gets off to pain, but because I want to know how much I have improved as a competitor and there is no better way in finding out than facing an accomplished opponent such as “The Ice Man”. Plus, I want to face as many styles as possible to help me better prepare for future matches against opponents of similar offenses. Last time it was against the more flashy high-flyer in Shaun Till and this week it’s against the powerhouse grappler and striker, Scott Oasis. A nice change of pace I suppose as it keeps me on my toes. As for Scott himself, I have a bone to pick with you. It actually has nothing to do with what you said towards me. Such as the calling me Colin joke and I mean I could return the favor and say you look like a carbon copy of another Scott at your previous employer, but I’m not here for cheap laughs. Just like it has nothing to do with you going on and on about how you don’t know who I am. Because I don’t blame you. Your friend or manager or whatever his exact job title is, is correct. I’ve only had a handful of matches under my belt so far. And during those matches, I didn’t exactly set the world on fire and my name didn’t exactly become household known. This is my beginning. This is my starting point. In your fourth ever match, were you dripping in championship gold? Were you main eventing every week? I’m going to guess no. I see your resume and it’s impressive. But we both know you didn’t collect all those accolades or get that hall of fame ring in a one month span. You worked your ass off for it. You continued to scratch and claw until people took you seriously and eventually you won them over by putting your body on the line each and every time you set foot in that squared circle. I’m no icon or legend. I don’t have titles. I don’t have hall of fame rings. But hopefully one day that changes. Hopefully, I become a cornerstone of this very company, but for the time being, I’m not worried about what-ifs. 

What I’m focused on is you and only you. Like I said earlier, I have a bone to pick with you and it all started at Supremacy when you decided to make your presence known to the SSW fans when you attacked an exhausted Jaydayne Pendragon. I know you’re technically a free agent and all but with actions like that, you might as well sport some nice Barney purple MMA shorts because you would fit right in with the rest of the Phantom Troupe scum. To be blunt, you’re a coward, Scott. You’re 270 pounds and for what? You might be this unstoppable “badass” in OWA where you fight with shards of glass sticking into your skull and act as if it’s nothing, but here in SSW, you’ve been awfully careful. You pick and choose your spots. You decide to put your hands on Jaydayne after the fact he went to hell and back to win the Heaven’s Arena Cup and dethrone the big bad Gronk in the process. In your mind, you thought it was the perfect time to leave your mark by laying out the most talented man this company has to offer. Smart, or was it? The way I see it, the message you wanted to convey was sent unsuccessfully. You see, you preach about how there are no real men left in this business, that we are all just little boys trying to ruin the sport you fell in love with, even going as far as calling yourself “the gatekeeper” - and then you go ahead and do that? What was so manly about what you did at Supremacy? Or what was so manly about how you were going to help two Phantom Troupe members take out Jaydayne and Tarah a few weeks back until April Song evened the odds? Since when did Scott back down from a fight?! “I’m the last real man in wrestling” - as you walk away with your tail tucked between your legs. Like I said, you’re a coward. But you know what? I’ll stop there on this topic because Jaydayne has proven time and time again that he can fight his own battles and at Budokai Tenkaichi, it’ll be no different. Just know that you had it coming. As for this match, people obviously want to label this as your typical David vs. Goliath matchup. With the obvious size difference and all. And you know what? I’m fine with being the underdog. I’ve been the underdog my entire life, so why stop now? I mean I have nothing to lose. Most people aren’t expecting some inexperienced rookie who is only wrestling his fourth ever match defeat the world-beater that is you, Scott. But in this case, expect the unexpected.

You might not know my name today, Scott - but you will tomorrow. I promise.
on June 22nd 2018, 7:41 pmKai Stevens


let 'em burn

----Our scene opens on a rather large office with blinds drawn across elephantine windows lining two adjacent sides.  A beautifully crafted and maintained desk sits before the back wall with a closed MacBook on a fancy blotter on the desk.  On the left side of the desk beside a lamp is a framed photograph of a blonde woman and two young children smiling with a bearded man draping his arms around them in affection.  All along the wall behind and beside the desk are framed championship belts, diplomas, and awards of various shapes and forms.  
----Standing in the more open half of the office, upon immediate inspection, is none other than the Envoy of the End, Kai Stevens.  Despite having not competed in a wrestling ring since his house show victory in Union Battleground, with his last televised appearance occurring during a victory over the GWP World Heavyweight Champion, Blake Archer, on April 6th.  Despite having not competed in the squared circle for over two months, the former PWF World Heavyweight Champion seems spry, full of life, and well rested.  Knowing who Kai Stevens is and how he often seems to be a man possessed, especially when having as significant of a length of time between (what Stevens would call) combats as he has, this seems almost out of character.  As the UWA Hall of Famer Brian Church approaches behind Stevens, it becomes clear that Kai's demeanor has received influence from his mentor.
----The Inevitable dons a pair of black Nike shorts with white swooshes, black and white Nike Elite calf socks, a black t-shirt with the shape of a white whale being impaled with a white and blue harpoon by the shape of a muscular man in a blue shade.  The whale cascades a potent crimson color for its blood from the entry point of the harpoon, and in large white lettering with blue trim and a red glow surrounding the letters, it reads 'FROM HELL'S HEART, I STAB AT THEE', and a black beanie with the letters 'DEFWU' in white around the side.  His mentor sports a black suit with a white shirt, his tie a dark red and his tie clip almost a gun metal gray.  Both, however, wear smirks on their lightly bearded faces, the most telling piece of their attires.
----"They say that there's strength in numbers."  Church's words hang in the air like an over the top rope suicide plancha, dripping with malice and foreboding.  "And while I've spent a fair portion of my career leading a faction that makes what this company calls factions look like child's play...  I know this old adage to only be as true as it's made by the grit and ability of those individual numbers.  Y'see, when I was nearing the end of my in-ring career, wrestling circles around the facsimile Brian Churches of UWA with the Universal Championship around my waist, the New Age Plague was in its greatest form.  Chris Christ, James MacKay, Hailee Brooke...  At the time, you might've been able to convince me that there truly is strength in numbers.  But with hindsight being twenty-twenty as we all know, I can say that beyond a shadow of a doubt?  There isn't.  There's only strength in one number."
----"And that number is ONE,"  the Envoy of the End explains while radiating imperiousness.  "Because when it comes right down to it at the end of the day?  There's only one Kai Stevens.  In all my career, though it's not been that long, I've never been able to put my trust in any of these other pieces of shit that call themselves wrestlers -- or worse, sports entertainers -- and do you wanna' know why?  It's because to have my trust, you'd have to be capable of accomplishing things in the ring that I've only ever seen two people do...  And you're lookin' at BOTH OF 'EM!"
----Stevens chuckles confidently as Church nods in agreement beside him.  The Dismembered Soul adjusts his tie as his protégé lifts his hand to scratch at his stubble.  After taking a deep breath in through his nostrils, Kai wets his lips and continues to run his mouth. 
----"Which is why I've NEVER been much of a supporter of tag team matches.  While I could do it with honestly rather sad levels of ease, why should I carry the team to victory and allow undeserving dead weight to ride my coattails?  I was born and raised to believe that if you want something, you better earn it your damned self, otherwise you're shit outta' luck...  But some people?  Some people weren't raised properly."
----"Like one American Made Jack Ryland and his motley crew of bottom feeders,"  his mentor chimes in with a contemptuous narrowing of his eyes towards the camera.  "Three men whose demise at the hands of Kai Stevens this coming week will put the final nail in the coffin in the debate over strength in numbers."
----With Stevens having nodded along with Brian's rather on the nose connection between the Nassau County Killer's words and his own, the youthful New Yorker takes a moment to gather his thoughts and formulate his impending continuance of this duel diatribe.  When Church's words fire into your aural midsection, Kai's brows furrow softly and his arrogance lashes out from his rhetoric.
----"When I was informed I'd be forced to team with two people I've never met -- or heard of for that matter -- in my FIRST MATCH in SEVENTY GOD DAMN SEVEN DAYS?  As you can imagine, I was LIVID.  But y'know what?  I'm trying to change.  I'm trying to look at things from new perspectives, y'know?  And right now I'm lookin' at this like an opportunity to make a statement at the detriment of five wannabes instead of just three."
----With a nod of his head, the young competitor's advocate lifts his nearest arm and places a hand on Kai's shoulder.  Stevens's eyes flick in Church's direction as the Dismembered Soul steps forward, eyes the lens of the camera recording the segment with an ominous glimmer of disgust in his eyes, and smirks imperiously.  Narrowing his eyes, he addresses the five Kai had only just alluded to.
----"Y'see, we came here to Strong Style Wrestling because we wanted a fresh start,"  he says.  "But instead we've been treated to this bullshit.  The blatant disrespect is enough to push me to a point where I have half a mind to get back in the ring myself, even though I'd never find a doctor in the world to clear me.  But I, too, have tried to look at things from a different perspective, and as far as I'm concerned?  The disrespect's only gonna' make Kai Stevens into THAT much more of an animal."  Church snickers here, as if the proud owner of his very own, personal apex predator.  "And we've come here to rewrite the narrative that's been unduly applied to my protégé here over the past couple of months.  For whatever unfathomable reason, some CENSOREDing idiot wants to push this bullshit notion that the Envoy of the End was a flash in the pan.  They thought, he couldn't handle it in Union Battleground...  As if his first loss in over a calendar year changed Kai Stevens.  They got every single facet of reality wrong save for what amounts to half credit: That loss has changed Kai Stevens."
----Kai's brows flash a quizzical furrowing, but he pulls himself into a more stoic demeanor accented by confidence before one can truly draw any kind of conclusion.
----"Kai Stevens has seen what led to his loss.  He has seen each and every nuance after studying the film and working harder than ANY other professional wrestler -- let alone sports entertainer -- on the planet even has the phonetical will or the balls to even try to work.  And now?  Now he's hungry."
----"Insatiable," his protégé adds arrogantly.
----"Which means that it's nothing personal to the Tres Comas Club," Brian starts.  "But that means that you have the unfortunate inevitability of becoming the hors d’œuvres.  Fact of the matter is that up until we were told you'd be victims number one, two, and three, neither of us had ever even heard of you.  Which means that there's not even a snowball's chance in Hell that any of you offer much in the way of competition-- let alone in the way of a challenge.  Y'see, Kai Stevens need not heed the advice of those who say that there's strength in numbers to humiliate you three...  To eviscerate you three...  Or to break you down into submission before beating any glimmer of hope you might have left out of your STUPID CENSOREDing faces.  As far as I'm concerned?  If you're actually physically capable of walking back to the Tres Comas Club with your tails between your legs, then Kai didn't do his job."
----"But you better bet your ass I'm gonna' do my job," says the Revenant.
----Kai nods to Church briefly, who nods, wetting his lips and taking a half-step backwards, allowing Stevens to step into the foreground.  The Long Island native drags his fingers across his stubble with his right hand before wetting his lips, inhaling sharply through his nose, and speaking his nefarious thoughts into words.
----"And it all starts with Bitch-Made Jack Ryland.  I don't know you personally, and honestly?  I'm better off for it.  I wasn't even thirteen seconds into having to Google you before I'd found that I wanted to shove that silver spoon so far up your ass that I could use it to feed one half of my deadweight, Dr. Shrapnel, your teeth like they're cereal...  Which seems to me like something the guy'd be interested in.  Y'see, Jack, I don't like people like you.  I'm not one to generalize, usually, but I've never in my life had the pleasure of countenancing an entitled piece of shit.  Only the intense and undying rage of meeting one.  And you?  You strike me as someone who deserves a big ol' slap across the face.
----"People like you, who've been handed the most expensive trainers and facilities and privileges on the planet?  You might have this immense of instilled tactics and styles, you might have this expensively crafted -- by someone else -- physique, and you might have a powerful motivator like money and what OBVIOUSLY are deep rooted insecurities...  But, Jack?
----"You've never had that hunger.  You've never had that gnawing drive at the back of your mind at all God damned times, that tells you that you need to do whatever it takes to get what you want...  Because you've always had it handed to you.  You don't know a DAMN THING about what it means to EARN SOMETHING...  And for that?  For that I can never respect you.  Which means that when we're in the squared circle come tomorrow night?  I won't have any sympathy...  Not any pity...  And most importantly?  Not a single ounce of mercy.  And if your...  I guess pretty wife wants to try to stick her nose where it doesn't belong, she can at least hope she does it while you're still conscious enough to serve as a protective meat shield."
----"But me, Jack?"  he inquires rhetorically.  "Every single CENSOREDing thing I've had in my life I've EARNED.  I've fought tooth and nail and NEVER let my immeasurable talent make me complacent...  Never let my talent stop me from WORKING my GOD DAMNED ASS OFF!  They say that a sniper aims at himself by practicing non-attachment, and I'm not threatening you right now, Jack...  I'm WARNING you of the INEVITABLE...  I am gonna' be non-attached every step of the way as I rip your GOD DAMN HEAD!  OFF YOUR MOTHERCENSOREDING SHOULDERS!"
----Church's hand finds itself resting on Kai's shoulder once more, as if applying a nicotine patch to an ailing addict.  He steps forward as Kai tries his best to regain his composure, breathing heavily and angrily through his flared nostrils as his skin finally starts to return to its natural color from its reddened state moments prior.  Without Church here to guide and direct Kai towards composure, where might this volcanic passenger possessing Kai Stevens have taken him?
----"Y'see, Jack, from the day Kai Stevens was born till the day he goes in the ground, he's taken by force everything he's ever desired or needed.  He worked day in and day out for his scholarship to play sports collegiately.  He worked his way through college so that he could afford to even go to school.  He put his name in EVERYONE's mouths the second he stepped foot into the squared circle two years ago, all through his own hard work.  Sure, the unparalleled wealth of natural talent gave him a great foundation...  But he's never stopped building atop his own successes.  I personally watched as he earned not only the respect of every single person with the sense of sight and any Earthly understanding of this business...  But as he earned the respect of the only person in this entire business who knows how to make Kai Stevens into the GOD he's clearly meant to be...  Me.  I didn't give him my respect.  I didn't give him my tutelage.  Unlike you, Jack, he wasn't handed a damn thing...  He EARNED it...  He EARNED IT ALL."
----"But the ONLY thing you've earned, Jack?"  interrupts the subject of Church's words.  "Is me kicking your GOD DAMNED TEETH down your overused throat."
----As Kai's bearded face breaks into a cocky grin, Church snickers deviously.  He swallows and wets his lips as he undoes the buttons on his blazer.
----"And since you seem to only know or care about money, Jack?"  asks Kai's advocate, as he, in an ominously calm series of motions, removes the blazer and places it folded upon the back of a chair nearby.  He undoes his cuff links and begins to roll up his sleeves.  "Do me a favor and make the realization sooner than later that there's nothing in the world that's worth the cost of the kind of brutalization you're facing tomorrow night."
----"At least to you, Jack."
----"Which brings us to you, Racer,"  says Church as he loosens his tie and removes the tie clip.  "You don't think in terms of cost...  You think in terms of pounds and--"
----"He's from Canada."
----"You think in terms of kilograms and, I should hope from a former powerlifting champion, competition.  But what you evidently don't think in terms of?"
----"Any kind of logic whatsoever?"
----"You can be strong all you want, Chief.  You can be the strongest man in the world if you'd like.  Because strength?  We've seen strength.  Kai Stevens took down a Monster Among Men...  He took down a King of Canines...  He's taken down every Alpha just like he took down Omega.  So strength?  Strength doesn't scare either of us."
----"And besides, Racer...  If strength from those guys didn't scare me, how could strength from a guy that can't even ride the rollercoaster scare anyone?"
----Both Church and Stevens chuckle lightly with swagger before Church continues arrogantly.
----"Like Kai Stevens resenting silver spoon-wielding pieces of shit, I, too, resent a group of people, Racer.  I loathe -- entirely -- people whose chips on their shoulders are second in size only to their egos...  People like you.  And being that I know your kind of people are truly just little pissants mad at the world for being better than you, Kai Stevens is gonna' take my hate and turn it into pure, unadulterated violence."
----Stevens nods his head and steps forward, allowing Church to take his step backward, where he'll place his tie clip on the desk.  Kai, however, cocks his head to either side sharply, cracking his neck on both sides with enough volume that one can hear it rather clearly.  He rolls his shoulders back and goes through every knuckle on both hands, cracking them as well.  Once he's completed a finger or two, he wets his lips and gives utterance to further vitriol.
----"Anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm a die hard Denver Broncos fans...  Which means that I've grown accustomed to beating Chiefs.  And tomorrow night, bud?  You're gonna' come to learn EXACTLY how accustomed I truly have grown.  To tell the truth, while it might be Brian that resents your breed of pathetic pieces of shit, I will have NO PROBLEM putting you in the CENSOREDING GROUND!
----"I've been an athlete my entire life, my ENTIRE life.  Every single sport, everywhere I did it, everywhere I'd look I'd see pieces of shit like you, Racer.  People who- who clearly have to compensate for uh, for something...  Maybe it's your steroid-induced impotence or the fact that, impotent or not, you wouldn't know what to do with what little manhood you do have?  Or maybe it's that you strike me as one of those high-horse riding motherCENSOREDers...  Either way, Racer?  It's not just that I wouldn't have a problem with hanging you with your own intestines...  It's that the more I think about your ugly mug?  The more I think about how much you thirst for attention?  The more I want to disarticulate your stupid CENSOREDin' face and leave you splattered across the ring to the point that even Dr. Shrapnel would find himself nauseated."
----Softly snickering, Kai Stevens cracks a shit eating grin before glaring disdainfully into the lens of the camera, as if his eyes were burrowing straight into the core of Racer Smiles, himself.
----"Which brings me to the most important fact that I'm gonna' hammer into your brain, which, for you, is second in diminutiveness only to your masculinity," quips Kai Stevens.  "Is that, while you have this opinion of yours?  That the Ronin are rejects?  Never took into account Kai Stevens.  Because not only am I no reject, buddy?  I'm no Ronin.  Kai Stevens stands alone...  Head and shoulders above everybody else...  Who, themselves, are head and shoulders above you, although in a more literal sense.
----"And as far as I'm concerned?  I welcome you trying to, as you'd say, play with your prey, and you wanna' know why, Racer?  Because you had better PRAY that you don't have to get in the ring with me tomorrow night...  Or YOU will be the one who's prey.  If you're CENSOREDed in the head enough to get into the ring with Kai Stevens?  The next thing you'll find yourself in is a pine box six feet under the ground, which COINCIDENTALLY, Racer?  IS RIGHT ABOUT WHERE YOUR VALUE'S AT AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED!"
----Stevens shakes his head furiously, inhaling heavily as he does his best to regain his own composure.  He swallows and turns slightly away from the camera, an action that prompts Brian Church to step back into our foreground, where he chuckles almost cautiously before stabbing at the air forcefully with an index finger extended from his right fist.
----"Which brings up none other than Jun Nobunaga.  A man who reportedly thrives on the suffering of his opponents.  But when it comes right down to it?  It's misplaced anger that he harbors for the entire world for, like his partner tomorrow night in Racer Smiles?  Being better than him.  The only man who failed at fulfilling his dream of becoming an artist more than Adolf Hitler thinks that he, suddenly and almost arbitrarily, can be a professional wrestler?  Calling me skeptical would be an understatement.  Which doesn't even begin to touch on how you're just like both of your shitstain partners."
----"You've got the delusions of grandeur brought on by bullshit ideas and even more bullshit dreams fed to you by expensive trainers, just like Jack Ryland," elaborates Kai Stevens.  He shakes his head contemptuously before continuing.  "And you've got that chip on your shoulder that makes an elephant in the room look like a pissant of the same breed as each and every single one of you Tres Comas pieces of shit."
----"If it miraculously were not true prior to the arrival of Kai Stevens in Strong Style Wrestling," begins Church.  "If it miraculously were not true prior to the arrival of Kai Stevens in Strong Style Wrestling, Mr. Nobunaga?  Then it will undoubtedly be true tomorrow night that just like you failed at becoming an artist and achieving that dream?  You're gonna' fail in this business, too.  Remember that narrative I mentioned we were here to correct?  That narrative is emphatically applicable to you, however...  But as fact rather than spin.  If you, or anyone for that matter, consider your list of accomplishments in this industry as impressive in the least, then you, sir, are the DEFINITION of flash in a pan.  But the fact of the matter is this...  You, Mr. Nobunaga?  Are a FAILURE.  Bred of incompetence and as a true motherCENSOREDin' beta-male, you are nothing to me and even less to Kai Stevens.  As far as I'm concerned?  Kai Stevens is gonna' take your hopes and your dreams, and if he doesn't decide to break each and every one with all of your bones?  He's gonna' shove them down your throat with your TEETH!
----"And that art you love and long to one day be even remotely mediocre at," continues the XXXacutioner.  "Kai Stevens is going to make it on the canvas with the remains of you and your fellow Tres Comas swine.  For his paintbrush, Jack Ryland's femur.  For his palette?  Racer Smiles's shoulder blades...  And for his paint?  Every single ounce of your blood, with the addition of every single one of your tears."
----"It's not just because I haven't been able to implode anybody's skull in a couple months," adds the Aerial Arsonist.  He swallows and wets his lips before applying additional speech.  "And it's not just because I'm truly, in the deepest parts of my heart and soul, disgusted by you...  In fact?  In fact it's primarily because you three are jokes, and me?  I'm the motherCENSOREDing punchline."
----With this, Church takes a seat behind what is obviously his desk and grins confidently, interweaving his fingers between one another, his elbows resting on either side of his laptop on the blotter.  Stevens struts cockily to the desk, where he pulls the chair on the other side of the desk to the side, as if preparing to take a seat, himself.  He turns to the camera and drags his hand down his stubble before offering his final, guttural verbal skewering.
----"Which means that for each and every one of you?  And for each and every person SUICIDAL enough to get in my way?  For your way of life, your way of making a living, and for the ENTIRE balance of this company?  The end is nigh."
----With this ultimately potent phrase, Stevens takes his seat in the chair and pulls it in closer to the desk to embark upon a discussion with Church, presumably.  As our segment comes to a close, we find that for the Book of Kai Stevens, these three representatives of the Tres Comas Club may just be the prologue.


on June 22nd 2018, 2:17 pmMiltiades
(In the wind the banners fly over the camp. The smoke from the fires lit give off a signal of inhabitants, who all is there, you can not see. For they don’t gather in the view of single eye, but they all huddle nearby to listen to the announcements. The announcements of dispersion, who goes where, who after building bonds must leave to carry the mission to other locations, to spread the word of Trifecta. From the podium reading the list is Miltiades. After each name is called the people cheer knowing their comrades are going off to make a new settlement, one where their mission will reach others far and wide. Finally the assembly ends and Miltiades tells everyone to go their ways, leaving him still there pondering.)

Many of these men and women, they’re ready. Ready to lead, ready to learn, and ready to make sure those under them are willing to follow in their footsteps. Leaders are what we make here, but teachers, teachers are what we strive to be. Because what are we without teachers to hold us together like glue, making sure that we don’t go steadfast and lose our guidance. Teachers are those who hold us accountable for our mistakes. And hell Teachers are those that go through hell just showing how to live life. But that’s not what I am to these people. To these people I am a leader, and man with a goal they want theirs, and some of them they call me teacher, but that’s far from it. While I think it’s great they see me in such high regard, I am not a teacher, I am a conqueror. I take what is mine, and I show people how to do the same. I take what I want, and show people how to make others feel like they deserved it. I take everything and anything if only to progress in this world. And with that I show others how to make a name for themselves. The Trifecta, the pinnacle of this operation is that in which we spread our message. That fact that you need three traits to win this world or die trying. And with that I don’t teach, no I bestow that knowledge.

(Miltiades moves away from the podium and walks down the platform. As he journeys towards his tent, he mingles with the other soldier there celebrating the departure of their comrades. Soon the crowd thins out and Miltiades is able to make his way to his tent. There a map is rolled out with locations circled. He takes a marker and X’s out certain ones, claiming them as inhabited by the people he was sending out.)

And when I bestow that knowledge I soon send others to do the same with many other people who feel like they need it. But it’s not for everyone, many see me and my stylings as heretical, and try to stop it. But they don’t, no they soon realize the errors and let us do as we need to do, and soon they become a part of that movement. A movement similar to Tres Comas Club. Yes after a month long battle of leadership we now have a man who we can call a leader. Will I follow him into battle? If he asks. Will I let him dictate everything I do? Well if he wants a new enemy he’ll know not to do that. You see GREED, unlike his name suggests understand my time to rule, he won’t stand in my way as long as what I do benefits not only me but Tres Comas Club as well, and I’m happy to oblige. Because I want power, but TCC they work on recognition and fame, and then power. But with me, I can bring that third one into more light and give it more of a presence in the field. And I plan on doing that by becoming the next SSW JR. Heavyweight Champion. Virgo, he wants to rule by his own volition, and you know what let him, but him holding that title is stopping me from continuing what I need to do. And I’ll do it when the time comes, and it will be glorious. But until then I have to face a man from Shoot Nation, a man named Shinati Mizarki. Now Shinati is someone who looks intimidating, but as they say looks can be deceiving. And seeing as he is in Shoot Nation I already know so much about him. But he’s a bit different, he wants to uphold the Puroresu style, and that I commend him. But if I know one thing about strong strikers and it’s the tendency to rely on that their true strike. Shinati, I know you have yet to say anything and that might be because of your stoic nature, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not going to be enough. I mean I commend you that you want to uphold your style but versatility is strength. And I don’t see that versatile nature in Puroresu. It’s bland predictable, and I hope you aren’t the same. Because if you are, then well this is going to be a fun match where I just hopelessly dismantle everything you do. And I’m going to have fun in the process. So prove me wrong, or prove me right, either way Mizarki, you aren’t leaving that ring the victor.  
on June 22nd 2018, 10:09 amRacer Smiles

I’m a simple man. I assert my dominance over my opponents, prove time and time again that I’m the strongest man in SSW, I crush all who oppose Tres Comas Club. But this is starting to become repetitive. I didn’t become a powerlifting champion by lifting the same weight every session and I won’t become a champion in SSW by beating the same lot of losers every week. I’m getting to the point where I can take on multiple opponents on my own. To hell with the trios matches, why not just put me in handicap matches? Look at the pathetic excuses for men you send my way, some not even men. You give me lightweight competitors who don’t even match the weight of my warm up sets and find it surprising when I run them over?

Of course there are few exceptions but in my time in SSW I’ve spent a lot of time carrying Tres Comas Club over the finish line. In all honesty, Tres Comas Club is weak. So many parts crumbling down to make an otherwise unstoppable collection of talent breakable. How did our three champions manage to lose to Shoot Nation of all people? How many members of TCC have I personally had to pull out of sinkholes to preserve our image as the greatest faction in SSW? Sometimes unsuccessfully, might I add.

Not a single opponent I have this week is of any concern to me. My priorities lie in the betterment of my team. We’re becoming soft, money doesn’t buy strength which this group seems to be lacking. But as of right now, I’ll continue to lead by example and destroy any opposition to Tres Comas Club and if any of them care to retaliate to my blunt telling of the truth then they are free to do so, but it won’t change the inevitable.
on June 21st 2018, 8:17 pmThe One True Pairing
Sakura Corleone and Cassius Corleone are both seen walking down the streets of Tokyo, Japan, doing what they love the most -- smiling at each other, looking into each other's eyes, speaking with each other, holding hands, and all of the stuff they never get tired of doing on a daily basis. Sakura wears a simple white shirt with "OTP" printed on it and jeans with her cute brown boots to match, while Cassius wears a black long sleeve and black jeans and black Italian leather shoes. It was just a quiet afternoon and Sakura prefers it this way. Just looking at the sight of the restaurants and the coffee shops and the different stores, while Cassius is there to admire it with her.

Sakura Corleone: I have never been in this part of the city, Cassius! It's so pretty! Look at the cupcakes and the ladies in puppy outfits! 

Sakura stops by the dessert shop, there is a woman there in a fur costume handing out free samples of their tasty cupcakes. Cassius is right behind her looking at the tray of samples. 


It is a fact that they can buy anything in this world with cold hard cash any time of the day, but Sakura's excitement over getting free treats will never fail to amuse her husband. 

Cassius Corleone: Just tell me if you like something, my Cherry Blossom, and I'll get you a whole box of it! No, a whole truckload of it! No, I'll buy this entire dessert company! Just name it, my love! 

Sakura could see Cassius' wide smile, which she always found adorable.

Sakura Corleone: Oh, my Cassius, that's not necessary! 

Sakura turns to the lady in the doggy outfit.

Sakura Corleone: Can I have one, please Doggy lady?

The Doggy Lady politely smiles and presents the tray to Sakura. Sakura takes one piece of the mini-cupcake... chocolate flavored with sliced cherries on top. As soon as the dessert touched her tongue, she was in heaven. It was indescribably tasty, and she smiled and took another one to give Cassius, so he may experience the same kind of feeling of sweetness.

Sakura Corleone: Cassius... say "Aah!"

Cassius Corleone: Aah!

Cassius opens his mouth and Sakura Corleone in slow-mo puts the Choco-berry Mini-cupcake closer and closer to Cassius' mouth. She was excited for him to taste the sweet flavory goodness of the free cupcake, she may actually buy the entire company! 



Van Man 1: 我々はそれらを見つけた!(Subtitle: We found them!) 

Van Man 2:  いずれにしても両者を連れて来るように求められました。ただバンに入れて!(Subtitle: Put them in the van, we were asked to bring them both in!)

Cassius Corleone: LET GO OF US, YOU MONGRELS!

Van Man 1: これは素晴らしいものです... 彼女は私を噛んだ!(Subtitle: She is a feisty one ... she bit me!)


Cassius fights them off as did Sakura, but the need to not be separated in a dangerous situation, by their instinct, is priority. Sakura was able to fend off both of those who were holding her despite having a pitch black hood over her head, and Cassius succeeded in kicking away two of the "kidnappers"

But it all happened so fast. Three more people come out of the Van to help the five men who were getting beaten down. They have successfully put Sakura and Cassius inside the Van, and they drove off.

Sakura Corleone feels a knife against her skin, but she remains fearless. She could still hear Cassius next to her as she never let go of his hand from the very start. Their hands that were clasped were roped together... because it seems the "kidnappers" didn't know how else to confine them when they refuse to let go of each other. The blade of the knife runs through her arm, finally cutting through the rope around their hands, letting them go. He also takes off Sakura and Cassius' black hood over their faces, and they can see again.

Man: それらを見て、彼らはあまりにも愛らしいです。彼らはまた、タグチームのチャンピオンであり、世界でも最高の存在です。 (Subtitle: That's enough)

Van Man 1:  私は同意する、彼らは最高です。彼らが恋人であるので、時々私はとても嫉妬します。(Subtitle: Ok.)

Sakura was ready to unload. She was ready to wreak havoc and beat down those who dare ruin her date with Cassius. No matter how big and tough these henchmen are, and their ringleader... 

But Cash and Sakura watch the man and... He seemed like a weirdo with an emo look. He had black hair down to his neck and his bangs were already over his face. He looks like he never got any sleep for the past week or so, and he was extremely pale and sickly. Cash and Sakura could easily beat up the guy to get out of there, especially now that they're free. But they feel like they'd feel guilty if they did so...

Man: Sakura, あなたがここにいる理由を知りたいですか?(Subtitles: Do you want to know why you're here?)

Sakura Corleone: Huh?

Man: Oh, pardon me, I thought -- 

Sakura Corleone: I swear to god, people take one look at me and assume that I speak Japanese. I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN LA! I NEVER LEARNED JAPANESE! HOW IS THAT IMPOSSIBLE!

Man: Well, whatever, let me start over... I am Kenji, and I am justice. I am also a top detective not only in Japan but around the world, and you two have been brought in for questioning. From now until I've decided if there's anything you're guilty of, you may call me... K.

Cassius Corleone: Just like your name, this is stupid. I'm guessing this is also sanctioned and supported by the police and we can't exactly complain about getting dragged away from the streets during an important date.

K: Precisely, and the more you and your wife cooperate, the sooner we leave. Now, it was brought to my attention that you two are carrying firearms in Japan, which as you may know is illegal. Do you deny it? 

Cassius Corleone: What? Who would accuse us of such things!

Sakura Corleone: Literally everyone is hung up on that... This is starting to get sad. 

K: Mr. and Mrs. Corleone, answering with a Yes or a No would have sufficed but you chose to question the accusation further and look into the source. You are undeniably fishing for information on who the source is, thus allowing you to answer depending on whether the source is or isn't reliable... which now leads me to believe that there is at least 60% chance that the accusation is true.

Cassius Corleone: So... you're one of those. I believe Sakura might be better off testifying then! 

With just a simple eye contact, Sakura knew exactly what Cassius was thinking. This guy is a pretend-detective who thinks he can have all figured out just by one look. Some people truly are like that -- they believe they can read others, even ones they haven't met because more often than not, people tend to have the same kind of response from fear, and panic, and intimidation. But the trouble is... if you come across someone who is wired differently than others... she wasn't "normal" by its definition.

Sakura Corleone: Trust me, Detective, nobody takes this as seriously as we do. You see, the Corleones have been known as visionaries! We burst forth in the wrestling ring as we refuse to abide by the guidelines and rules of factions and team spirit because we have full confidence in each others' strength. We have our unique antics, and we put ourselves on display no matter what we do because we know that the world would die if they didn't see how perfect our lives are on a daily basis! They need this comfort, and they need this hope that their relationship with their significant others or their spouses or partners can be as good as ours, and all we do is deliver so they can live their stupid silly fantasies of succeeding as a team through us! But some people... they let their jealousy and insecurities get the best of them. Now if you're the King and Queen of Soulmate Style Wrestling, you would know that opponent after opponent would be pushing you away any chance they get for they can't stand the fact that they are never going to be as good as us! Belle Kingsley, The Apparition, they are no different than those people... we play a big part in their world and they would do anything to bring us down, but do you know what they mean to us? They are nothing but a smudge in our story that we have already long forgotten. So what do they do, they find all the loopholes, and accusations, and dirt they can to discredit us... well guess what? All Cassius and I have ever done is love each other! And that love overpowers this fickle thing they call "fighting spirit" because when Cassius is by my side, I am unstoppable... And anyone's fighting spirit means nothing when I wreak havoc in that ring. Detective K, we would never devalue your precious land by doing something illegal, but I regret to say we are guilty of something else... something much more fatal. 

K: What are you guilty of? 

Sakura Corleone: We are guilty of theft. 

K: Theft? But that's not even...

Sakura Corleone: YES! WE STEAL! We have stolen Shoot Nation's chances of becoming the SSW Lovebird Tag Team Champions, just as we have stolen the identity of the company we stand in and turned the unappealing "Strong Style Wrestling" and molded it into our image! We have stolen Belle Kingsley's spotlight, and we will continue to steal their hopes and dreams so long as they match ours! It's easy for these cretins in Shoot Nation to talk tough because they have finally done one right thing after 10 consecutive mistakes, but that one thing consists of a small forgettable victory which serves as a glimmer of light for their reassurance. But those who truly pay attention know where the real winners stand. And if you're too blind to see who holds the shining gold and who the perfect team is to keep it, then you really do have a warped sense of reality. 

K: I think you have strayed from your point, Mrs. Corleone.

Sakura Corleone: I promise, it all makes sense in the end! My point is, people will talk. They will say what they will about me and Cassius, but what you can say is different from what you can prove. We have proven that we are two people who draw strength from each other, and the only thing that we want right now is to go home and take a warm bath together. And the rest of the world? Shoot Nation? You? All of you have proven the same thing with your feeble attempts: Nothing. So can we go now? 

K: I guess... There really isn't anything more here...

Cassius and Sakura both suddenly walk away as quick as possible holding hands. Relieved that the stupid interrogation is over. They were guided by one of the guards out of the building and to the sunlight when it's just the two of them. 

Sakura Corleone: That's about the third time this week we were kidnapped by a detective, Cassius. You seriously need to get rid of that gun.

Cassius Corleone: Fine fine, I will. I didn't think they'd be THIS strict about it! 

Sakura Corleone: It's okay. We seriously need to get back to that dessert shop before they close. Uh... where was it again?

Cassius Corleone: I think... uhh... this way.

Cassius grabs Sakura's hand and they went a random direction, continuing their date and their adventures. Because no matter what struggle, no matter how difficult things get or how crazy the situation is, none of it would be enough to scare off or shock Cash and Sakura... they face the next day with the same confident smile, as they look upon each other's eyes with nothing but love. 

on June 20th 2018, 11:19 pmScott Oasis
(Our scene begins over in America - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to be exact. It is Sunday Night, backstage at the OWA Arena just moments after the Draft Show for Strong Style Wrestling’s sister promotion has gone off the air. Sebastian Monroe is pacing around the medical room, cellphone to his ear, conversing with sponsors while he waits for the arrival of his clients.)

Sebastian Monroe: Yeah I know what happened out there, I fucking saw it with my own eyes Tom! There’s no need to question his behavior, it was a bit wild but that’s what you should expect with him. Oasis takes his matches seriously and when he is in the mix anything can happen. He causes controversy man, he brings attention to everything he touches! That’s why he’s a superstar and that’s why you wanted to work with our brand in the first place! That man took a simple six man tag and made it the bloodiest, most action packed match in Kingdom’s short history. It was too crazy for TV! Too nuts to even continue! That’ll get the whole world talking and it’s definitely going to carry over to what he does next when he flies out for his latest match! Trust me when I say that Scott Oasis will be perfectly fine. The man is a machine, what they did is like a simple scratch to him. It’s nothing! Business will keep going as normal for him, he’s already booked over at SSW to give them some press - he’s still ready to break necks and he’s still in demand by every booker in the game. Nothing about tonight is anything for you to worry about, I swear so don’t even think about pulling out of our deal you hear….MEEEEEEE -- HOLY HELL!

(Scott Oasis steps into view, busting the door open as the EMTs that escorted him to the area back away in fear. They looked to help him into the room but Scott turns to them menacingly, letting them know for good that he does not need their assistance. With them having accepted Oasis can continue on his own and leaving him be, he turns around to meet with Sebastian Monroe, giving us a good look at his face. A gasp comes from Sebastian the sight, forcing him to mute his voice on the phone. The top of Scott Oasis’ head is torn up with shards of glass sticking through his hair from the encounter with Wolvesden. Blood is dripping down his forehead, pouring into his eyes and down his face. Scott Oasis rips off one of his black MMA gloves, wiping away at his face and putting his fingers through his hair to try and clean up; it’s to no avail as blood trickles right back down his forehead and his blonde hair has been stained a dark and dingy red for the time being. Sebastian Monroe stands by in shock looking at him.)

Sebastian Monroe: L….L-let me finish this call. Yes, I’m still here Tom, my mistake for going on mute it’s just I have to talk to Oasis right now. Yeah, he’s fine. Came here on his own two feet, no help needed. Told you the man’s not human. We’re gonna have him all set for his next appearance, he’ll be wearing your company’s logo on his gear as planned. I have to go now to talk the… plan. See you around.

(Sebastian Monroe turns off the phone and puts it in his pocket. His eyes are bulged out looking at Scott Oasis who casually stands around, feeling up his head wound and looking at the blood as if it is nothing. He finally locks eyes with Sebastian fully and is puzzled by his reaction.)

Scott Oasis: Fuck’s the matter with you? You’re acting like you’ve seen a ghost?

Sebastian Monroe: Oasis, just - GOOD LORD. YOUR HEAD! HOW THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN STANDING? Sit the hell down! Medics, get the glass out of his head, sew him up, get him a bandage, DO SOMETHING!

Scott Oasis: Why are you acting so scared? With how long you’ve been by my side you should know my history and where I come from. Nights like this are fun. They made me! I’ve been beaten up worse than this on a weekly basis before. I’m not some average joe in the back, I’m Scott Oasis. The anomaly, remember? You were just hyping me up to our partners? You’re looking at a man who was fighting with killers for a living, people with nothing to lose, people with their backs against the wall and who were desperate for a meal that night, just dying for a win so they had enough money to get through the day. People far more dangerous than the half the pussies they call pro wrestlers around here these days. I fought these, these….lunatics, these criminals, the absolute fucking scum of the earth with no holds barred. They beat me to the brink of death night after night. They hit me with things that make a glass mug look like light work. The war I had with Wolvesden tonight? A vacation compared to what I’m used to. Just another show; another match to add to the list. So for you to look at me and think me standing here like everything is fine is some miracle in my life - you must not know anything. You’re not paying attention.

Sebastian Monroe: Don’t get me wrong, I know how tough you are. You’re the toughest son of a bitch on the planet, but that GASH! I’m just thinking about your health here.

Scott Oasis: My health is fine. Think about the health of the Wolvesden when I get my hands on them and I can have a complete match. Matter of fact, think about the health of my next opponent because I’m looking for something to prove. I feel robbed. I wanted a rebound win from Game Over tonight and I would have got it if the match wasn’t stopped! After being denied the person after them for attempt number two is about to get it far more violently.  

Sebastian Monroe: That’s one of the main reasons why I need you taken care of Scottie, we’re flying out TONIGHT to begin our run in Japan! Strong Style Wrestling has a few dates for you on the schedule! First it’s Osaka for a leg of the Strong Survive Tour - the man you’re facing this week will be Steven Cassidy, then we’re gonna continue traveling with them into the following week for the cross show they’re doing with OWA: Budokai Tenkaichi! You got two big matches to go through that will allow you to get all of your anger out but another thing is all of the interviews and conferences you gotta do in between! We need you looking like MONEY for all of those!

Scott Oasis: Sebastian. Again. Calm down.

(Scott Oasis walks by Sebastian and takes a seat, shaking his head and smirking.)

Scott Oasis: Ahhh, some dates with Strong Style Wrestling you said? I suppose it’s about time I touched down there again after the chaos I caused. Heh. We definitely turned the wrestling world on its head when we walked out the way we did on our first night. Seeing the looks on those people’s faces when I came down the ramp you would have thought Godzilla hit the town again. All awe struck and frightened. For good reason, I completely shook their whole world. I just made my way to the ring unannounced and in a matter of seconds I had completely bulldozed the leader of Shoot Nation. Laid him out, completely ruining his celebration over that “Heaven’s Arena Cup” or whatever that stupid tournament nobody watched was about. I brought the man back to reality and humbled him. Put him back down to the level he belonged instead of the pedestal that irrelevant contest placed him upon. When I had his skull in my grasp, lifting him up off of the mat….so easily able to crush him….it was a feeling of power that has been missing for

some time. It was the part I missed about being in the ring. Hurting the weak. Hurling bodies across the ring like they were just garbage to be thrown away. I took someone who was viewed as a big deal in the small bubble that is SSW and showed him off for who he is. A wrestler who should be associated with mediocrity. A glorified team mascot opposed to a threatening individual. Someone who poses tough for the cameras and allows the commentators to tout his powerful striking style yet is no better than the young lions they keep around to carry the bags of the veterans. Skill wise he’s but a child in a grown man’s sport. Much like my opponent probably is, Colin Cassidy --

Sebastian Monroe: Steven Cassidy.

Scott Oasis: Whoever the fuck. Never heard of this bum in my life and I don’t think I’m going to have to remember any time soon. Now as I was saying, children in a grown man’s sport! That’s a term that can be applied to most of the “athletes” in SSW. OWA too. Wrestling in general for that matter. There’s an awful lot of posers that have come out to the forefront these past few months. All during my absence away from television. They must have felt reeeeaaall safe and got comfortable while I stepped away and started making moves from behind the scenes. Here they all are, coming out when the coast is clear like disgusting little cockroaches infesting the wrestling scene. Wrestling needs someone to keep people in check and maintain order. To lay down the law. For two years now that’s been my thankless job. And it’s a job I have learned can’t just be kept in America. It has to go worldwide. Though there’s a lot of things wrong with Japan I always believed they had my prized sport done justice. But even they aren’t up to standard these days. They need to be checked as well. I have to show that NOBODY was out of my reach. My apologies to Mr. Miyagi for what I did to him, but it needed to be done. He’s just the first of many on my hit list. Wrestling is in a sad state right now with who gets labeled as a top guy or a model wrestler and I need to fix that. I mean, look at who is being allowed to main event with me. Who is Cassidy and what has he done in pro wrestling? He’s had how many televised matches in SSW?

Sebastian Monroe: Uhhh….two or three tops?

Scott Oasis: And how many of ‘em has he won?

Sebastian Monroe: No idea. I know prior to the start of the month, last time Cassidy was seen he was BRUTALIZED.

Scott Oasis: Fantastic, a perpetual clown who for some reason finds his way to keep getting work. Where have I seen that before besides every locker room I’ve ever been in? I could find fifteen Steven Cassidy’s in the locker room I’m sitting in right here tonight! To be honest, I’m not even angry over the lack of a finish for my match now, I’m angry over the state of affairs going around in these companies. Every opponent I see these days further disappoints me. Be it Kenny Drake in OWA or Jaydane Pentagon…..Pendragon - I don’t give a shit - over in SSW. They’re all the same! Sad excuses for competition. Wrestler with no business having a lane in the sport! Now we have the guy I’m facing this week that’s barely got his feet wet anywhere and he gets to headline a SSW show with ME! The most decorated man associated with the company! A major act! A rare attraction! Not even the Americans could put a face to the name of this guy if they saw it on the card but he passes the test for such a spot! Just god damn, I have to let the people know that stuff like this won’t fly anymore. Steven Cassidy is D.O.A. you hear me? The kid is FOOD. I’m not allowing that punk to leave the ring without having to get scrapped off the canvas and STRETCHERED OUT. Time to let Strong Style Wrestling see a real man in action for the first time in a long time. What I did in that ring tonight is something has been MISSING for the masses and to SSW, it’s never been seen before.I plan on bringing that same energy, that same carnage to SSW! I’m introducing Japan to what the sport is built on, what’s a regular night for men like me. I plan on beating SSW into shape, one scrub at a time. The lengths I will go to are going to make this *points at head* seem like a mere paper cut. Get your shocked expressions and your gasps out now Sebastian because the war on modern wrestling has only begun. I’m not stopping this anytime soon. Shit, if it wasn’t for you I’d be busting heads with Bishop right this second! I’m raring to go here, let’s get Japan already!

(Scott Oasis motions to one of the medics.)

Scott Oasis: Aye, you! Yank these out, give me my stitches and send me on my way. I have a flight to catch! Hurry the hell up!

(The EMTs quickly rush to aid Oasis with his wounds as Sebastian moves to the side, shaken by how nonchalant Oasis is about the process. Scott Oasis does not flinch as the glass is extracted, staring at them being placed on the counter as we fade to black.)
on June 20th 2018, 6:42 pmThe Apparition
*Outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, now at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, The Apparition steps out of his business class flight, heeling over as soon as he takes a step on the tarmac*
Oh my God, what kind of idiots would do this every week? It’s one thing to stay in Daddy’s mansion, while putting out casual death threats with a weapon you can’t even get in Japan. But then to lose straight after? God, I am lucky I don’t have a match this week.
*Shaking himself off, The Apparition turns to the camera*
For someone who has always had problems getting along with the other children, I surprisingly work well with other people when it comes to fighting alongside with them in the ring. I’ve always been an adaptable fighter. As long as I don’t burn bridges, which I am less want to do these days, I feel like my style allows me to bring out the best of any partner I am teamed with. Since I first arrived to Strong Style Wrestling, I have been able to pull out a few impressive tag team victories, so I am thinking…After failing to unseat Old Man Time, maybe I can go after the Psychopath Wendy and Peter Pan.
But connections of the heart run strong. Even if the connection itself is rather creepy and unsettling. So, while I trust the rest of my Shoot Nation compatriots like brothers and sisters…I feel like I might need to go back to someone who I know I work well with. Someone who I have proven chemistry with. Someone who I used to dominate the tag team ranks with in my past life. I think it is time to bring a familiar face to Strong Style Wrestling…
*The camera fades out, before cutting to an impressive looking mansion in uptown Baton Rogue. The gates are adorned with large fleur-de-lis’, and the large yard has several golden tiger statues sprawled throughout. As The Apparition still groggy from his flight, approaches the gates to buzz himself in, he gestures for the camera crew to not come in, with a mischievous wink*
Don’t worry, guys. The payoff will be the only footage you need.
*A few minutes later The Apparition is escorted by two large security guards, ushering him off of the premises. Blood is lightly dripping out of the front of his mask, flowing from the nasal holes down*
*The Apparition aggressively shrugs off the guards as he exits the gate, but immediately runs over to the voice comm*
Well screw you too! You’re just the poor-man’s version of Donovan T anyway!
*As the security once again tries to eject The Apparition from the premises, they are a couple of steps slow as the Forgotten One backtracks out of their grasp. He waves them off as he walks down the street, now talking behind his shoulder to the following camera crew*
Alright. Slight draw back. Damn, he still packs a mean punch. But I have Plan B just a couple of blocks away.
So, as we know, I won’t be actually wrestling this week, and will be watching Belle Kingsley instead. …Wait, I mean…Well, you know what I mean. Anyway, as she goes against the only person in this company who is as edgy as Saul Omen, without any of the personality, I need to learn how to become a better teammate. Obviously nothing is in stone yet, but if Shoot Nation do become the Freebird Champions, I need to get all of the stablemates on side should we be called up to compete alongside one another.
Now people apparently like cheerful, upbeat personalities, and since I am basically going to be a glorified cheerleader this coming week, there is only one person who can help me train for this.
*The Apparition stops in front of a smaller mansion, but with this one blasting up-tempo music from its open doors. With no gate to protect the residence, The Apparition walks up the pathway straight to the blaring pop melody*
*Just as he was about to walk up the small staircase into the mansion, an elderly looking man dressed in bright sequins and tight yoga pants bursts out of the door, with a campy smile on his face. His tawny orange hair forms a wild mane around both his head and his increasingly prominent bald spot. He immediately runs down the stairs and grabs the much larger wrestler by his wrist, pulling him inside*
Look alive, big boy! We are going to take some of that butter off of your buns!
*The camera fades back out, then back in to The Apparition dressed in a similar sequin-themed outfit. His rather sizeable arms are revealed for the first time in his SSW career, as are half of his engorged thighs which are stripping his extended leotard of some of its sparkle and all of its elasticity*
Yeah…This isn’t happening.
*The Apparition walks away from the enthusiastic fitness instructor, who hasn’t even noticed as he begins to work out and bark instructions at the performer who is no longer behind him. As the Apparition walks back to the door and puts his usual bodysuit back on, he listlessly glares back at the camera*
So Mr. and Mrs. Corleone. This is my declaration of war. While your “Soulmate Style Wrestling” shtick is cute and all, even Helen Keller could see you two for what you really are. Spoiled brats who were never told no. You might have been born with a pair of silver spoons in your mouths, you don’t have what Belle and I have. Real fighting spirit. Because you don’t have something to fight for. You might have someone, as you do have each other, but people are fleeting. Ideals? They will stand the test of time, as we all rot away in the grave. Brace yourselves. Because your Soulmate Style is nothing compared to TRUE Strong. Style. Wrestling.
*The camera finally fades to black to end the transmission*
on June 20th 2018, 1:07 pmBelle Kingsley
Last week, Shoot Nation managed to get a victory over Tres Comas Club by pinning one-half of One True Cringe Pairing, Cassius Corleone. I gotta be quite honest, I was WAY surprised to see that happen. I was going into the match believing that Tres Comas would SOMEHOW pull off the victory, but The Apparition proves to be the tag team match wizard and helped us win the match! We got a victory over the SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions, that has to put us in front of the line for the titles, right? To me, that should because it’s not every day that you defeat the champions. Perhaps, SSW management is still not convinced about Shoot Nation and our united group. Perhaps, it is going to be up to Belle Kingsley to persuade them even more.

This week, I am facing Sakura Corleone or whatever her name is. A woman, who claims that I am “jealous” of her. To be honest, that just seems like a typical cop out for anyone that has nothing to say to the other side. I mean, what do I got to be jealous about? Why would I be jealous of an immature woman who has the wrong idea about who I am? I got into this company because I busted my ass. I did not “favors”. I didn’t need to flash anything to get ahead. You think the business works that way, Sakura? Then, you’re WAY out of touch with the world we live in. I didn’t make those comments to edge you out or phase you one bit. I don’t need to do that at all. All I did was speaking the minds of EVERYONE who hates the sight of you and your husband. The only highlight of your time in SSW was having your husband eat the cover and you holding him in your arms as you hysterically cry because someone managed to lose a match for once. But, you can look at everything as much of a joke as the two of you are. You can go along and cut your cheesy and unhumorous promos. The fact is that I’ll be the last one laughing as I get that well-needed victory over you, Sakura. You may not have been concerned about Shoot Nation two weeks ago, but you should be now because we are gunning for those titles. One way or another, we will get our match and we will take the titles we were inches away from. So go ahead, laugh, joke around because I’ll make sure to give you something to cry about.
on June 8th 2018, 11:49 pmAria Jaxon

I have to say, both of SSW’s marquee events so far -- headlined by yours truly -- have been pretty aptly named, in my case.

Before Exodus, I departed my previous employer amid controversy, but truly found my way to greener pastures, finally setting foot in Strong Style Wrestling and quickly cementing myself as its unchallenged queen.

At Supremacy, I cemented just that, overcoming somebody who got entirely too big for his britches to hang onto my coveted prize.

Masanori Kawada? Not so much. The night wasn’t too kind to the most self-righteous of SSW’s self-fashioned heroes, but what else is new? If nothing else, at least he’s accustomed to the disappointment. When he and Belle Kingsley failed to keep that frat boy lookalike and his mail-order bride from taking the Freebird Tag Team Championships to Tres Comas Club, the taste of the bitter pill he swallowed down was hardly foreign. If my change of heart makes me unworthy of being idolized, well...your lies don’t put you in any better standing. All you do is promise to bring change to this company and you swear you embody the core ideals of SSW, but you always end up falling flat on your face. Isn’t it fair to say a hero should be measured by the fruits of their heroic exploits? Their lives are defined by the lives they save and the hurdles they soar over. For you, Masanori Kawada, it’s fair to say that you possess the heart -- albeit the vanilla, impossibly naive heart -- of a hero, but what good is a hero if they don’t produce results? Anybody can preach the way you have. Anyone off the street can talk about how they love doing the right thing and vow to do away with supposed evil-doers, but if you don’t actually make good on those promises? Well, you’re not a hero anymore. You’re more like the old man in the Kryptonite music video; delusional, caught up in visions of grandeur, and probably, flabby and sick and running around in your underwear.

What makes it worse isn’t even that you’re on this ill-fated quest to “cleanse” the SSW landscape on your own. You got company, and lots of it. On paper, some people might say you’d make an ideal leader for Shoot Nation, given your veteran status and the fact that you probably embody everything a member of the faction should be, but have you even been able to string together two wins in a row? Has your tenure in SSW become known for anything other than losing when it counts the most? Say what you want about me, but I don’t write checks my mouth can’t cash. I sing my praises louder than anyone else ever could, yes, but when it comes down to it, I make good on every single promise that I make. When I said I would become this promotion’s inaugural Puroresu Heavyweight Champion, I did. When I said I would lay Matias Navarro out in order to remain champion, I did. With all of that being the case, when I say that I’m going to defeat you tomorrow night, who do you think you are to doubt me? You think you could do what your stablemate, Jaydayne Pendragon, couldn’t do? He couldn’t keep this company’s grandest prize from falling into my hands, and instead had to focus all of his energy on securing a guaranteed championship match for a later date. And no, while he hasn’t officially made his choice, we all know he’s coming for me. We all know he feels like he’s got unfinished business with me, but he’s convinced himself that when he circles back around, things will go his way. After all, I’m destined to fall, right? My title reign is built on a poisonous foundation, so only a mighty Shoot Nation protagonist can do away with the Evil Queen and save SSW from spending another day under the tyrannical rule of myself and the rest of The Phantom Troupe!


I’ve seen your future, Kawada, and I don’t know if it’s more influenced by your way of doing business or mine. But in any case, this match will follow a familiar course for both of us. For me, it’s another win, just another night on the job. Yet another match where I showcase just why I’m the single biggest threat on this company’s payroll. For you, you’ll have rallied the troops once again. You’ll have convinced all of your Shoot Nation friends that you’ll bring home a victory, a tick mark added to the W column that you collectively need so badly. You’ll draw on all of the crowd’s love for you, letting them amp you up and thinking it’ll give you that extra oomph when you need it most. But, this won’t be the night when Masanori Kawada soars higher than he ever has before. The sun is bright up here at the summit where I am, and it’s so blinding that you can’t tell that you’re about to fly into your glass ceiling. Determined to break through, you’ll fly into it at full force and still fail to break through. I’ve braced myself for impact, and I’m not anticipating anything that I can’t handle.
on June 8th 2018, 11:06 pmKikyo Himura.
I have remained quiet for the sole fact that I do not believe I need to speak in order to show my true skill. In my very humble opinion, actions speak louder than words. I have a very big legacy behind me from my mother and father, two Japanese legends in this business and in the MMA world as well. I am versed in many styles of fighting and even when I take a loss, I make it a point to prove that I am not one to be taken lightly. Since I have stepped foot into SSW, I have made it my goal to prove to everyone that while I may look cute and innocent... I am far from it. They say behind every cute face lies the darkest secrets and I am proof of just that. They say that cute faces tend to harbor the darkest powers and I am proof... of just that.

My mother is the legendary, Akari Himura, who has proven that she is more than capable of defeating any opponent placed before her. She was a ruthless woman who showed no mercy to those who stood in her path of gore and destruction. She did what was necessary to ensure she proved herself or to ensure she got the win in the end of it all. She had the mentality that she had to always prove herself even though her record was outstanding. Hardly any losses compared to her exceptionally phenomenal win record.

She was a true legend and I worship her more than words could ever say. She was the one person who pushed me to pick up my dream of becoming a Professional Wrestler in the end. In the end, my father did not want me to become a fighter in any sense of the word. He wanted me to get through school and become some kind of... house wife to a good Japanese man. But, that was not the life I wanted to live. I wanted something more... Something better than that.

My mother began training me when I was only eight years old, small things here and there in the beginning. But, when I grew older things began to get better, bigger than the small things she had been teaching me before. The older I got, the more brutal and brash the training became. It had gotten so bad that I would go home after training and she would tend to the wounds she had inflicted upon me in training. It was never that she didn't love me, it wasn't that she was trying to abuse me.

It was just to better me in the end, to make me stronger than anything else. To make me better, to discipline me and be sure that this was truly what I wanted. The pain she had inflicted upon me only made me hungrier in the end. It made me want to shed blood, sweat, tears and then some inside of a wrestling ring... and she allowed me her blessing at the end of it all. She allowed her only child the blessing to enter a world that others cannot even fathom darkness lay.

My mother retired last year due to the toll it was taking upon her. She felt she had accomplished everything she could inside of the MMA world and inside of the Professional Wrestling world. She did what she needed to do and she closed this chapter on her life... But, now? Now, she stands by my side and accompanies me during all of my matches. She is my biggest supporter and repeatedly reminds me that there is a reason why I continue to do this even when it feels as if I should give up.

I continue fighting because I am a Himura and it is in my blood to carry out my family's legacy as the only child of Akari and Miroku Himura. As the only child of both of them, it is my duty to do what I must so long as I am making my family proud. My father still does not approve of what I have chosen to do with my life, but that is exactly why I continue to fight... To prove to him that this decision was one I was going to make with or without his blessing.

In the end, I aim to prove that I am nothing to mess around with. I am versed in multiple styles of fighting and my move set has proven to be something deadly and fierce. While I may seem like I am an innocent cherry blossom, I am a ferocious venus fly trap who will entangle you within her grasp and go in for the kill. I will not hesitate to take down anyone who stands in my path of flames and in the end... Everyone will bow before me or turn to ash at the end of it all. In the end, everyone will remember the name of Kikyo Himura... The Scarlet Flame.
on June 8th 2018, 10:30 pmStark
The Phantom Troupe is unfair
Saul Omen is in there
Standing at the concession
Plotting his oppression

Who is this second rate Aren Mstislav rip-off little Swedish emo fuck looking like a reject from a Speed Metal band, just without any talent related to music and even less talent related to wrestling. Yeah The Phantom Troupe is really unfair for having you in their ranks and giving you the hope of being anything more than a glorified Team Rocket Grunt, going out there to do the dirty work that John Doe and Aria Jaxon don't want to from the top. You tonight, Nas tomorrow at Game Over, then both of y'all at some point in the future - one by one, I'm killing all of you ugly little Phantom Troupe goblins.
on June 8th 2018, 10:26 pmJaydayne Pendragon

⚔️At a local gym, very excited SSW personnel are on the hunt for the Heaven Arena Cup winner, Jaydayne Pendragon. Somehow, they were tipped off that he was at the establishment, probably a Phantom Troupe snitch. They catch the back of Pendragon doing pullups, but apparently his ultra instinct kicked in because as soon as they entered the room he let go and bolted out of the room.⚔️

Personnel: Where are you going?! Pendragon!

⚔️They give chase but lose him. They split up searching for him, until someone claims to find him in a dark room.⚔️

Personnel: …..What are you doing

Pendragon: I’m meditating, it is how one finds true oneness and becomes like water.

Personnel: …..Why did you avoid us just now?

Pendragon: I do not know what you are referring to. I’ve been in this state for the last ten hours, both clearing my soul through fasting and enriching my mind through concentration. This room is my personal dojo.

Personnel: Then what’s with the gym bag?

⚔️They open the lights and Pendragon’s gym bag is shown. Comically and out of place, Pendragon with a mask on is seated in a meditation position without a shirt and in shorts. He lets the moment hang for a second as if to win through will, before giving in to being caught. ⚔️

Pendragon: Okay, you got me.

Personnel: You know, all we want to do is take pictures, take the damn mask off, ⚔️Pendragon begins reaching for his mask. ⚔️️ and you better not have face paint under there! ⚔️️Pendragon stops and puts his hand down.⚔️️ Seriously?

Pendragon: Sorry, me don’t know how to take photoshoots. I am shy.

Personnel: Is that really why we can’t get photos of you? Let alone with all that stuff on your face off.

Pendragon: Where I come from, we did not participate in the culture of taking pictures of everything. I always feel abnormal.

Personnel: Do you know how badly you need more photos? You make it really difficult for the staff to get material to put you on SSW advertisement! Many people have had it with you! You have no idea what would happen to you if the graphic department got their hands on you!

Pendragon: ⚔️Barely able to contain a laugh and being ironic.⚔️I hope that I never meet them.

⚔️They all take a look at the camera and laugh, before they leave Pendragon alone. Pendragon signals for the camera to focus on his facial mask area to be less comical. ⚔️
But Nova-san, I am glad to meet you! I wanted to showcase that everyone has little quirks and inability to fit in sometimes, but that isn’t a reason why you of the Ronin cannot achieve greatness. True greatness. A greatness that strives for fighting for the heart of Strong Style Wrestling, and to make this place a better place for all of us. All Ronin needs is proper direction. After all, Ronin by definition are merely samurai without masters, wandering souls thought to be forgotten by the typical bushido code. You are their leader, just as I am the leader of Shoot Nation, YOU could be giving your members proper direction. I reach out samurai to samurai, Hafu to Ronin, could we not point our swords at the wicked that seek to rule this company through tyranny and corruption? You must see it, how Tres Comas Club and the Phantom Troupe have sullied our beloved company with every blow they’ve landed on the heart of this place meant to pump honour, how they’ve only found satisfaction in their self interest that chokes out the freedom that is meant to be for everyone? Not to mention like spoiled fruit, rot starts attracting flies, and they are the reason why people like Scott Oasis think his land is breeding ground for scum like him. Be it the disciplined or the freaks, there is no place for us in a land where the oppression of naked greed and dishonour are crowned king. Look at your people Nova-san! Your numbers are dwindling by the day. You Ronin think being wild and marching at the beat of your own drum is all it takes to live happily, but in the winter the lone wolf dies and the pack survives! Even you symbols of independence must come to understand why collectives exist, the rights of individuals never last if they don’t stand together! You Ronin should be helping us of Shoot Nation against these forces! Nova-san, I know you are stubborn and untameable, like all great women are, but do not fall into traps of macho inability to take and give a helping hand in times of urgency! I won the Heaven’s Arena Cup, throwing the mad titan Gronk off Mount Olympus, but even I know our work is far from over……The Red Strife wages on against all that wish to destroy what we can build! I can only hope in this bloody war, that I can inspire my Shoot Nation compatriots to fight on as I have, lead by example.

Iron sharpens iron, whether traditional or unconventional, we samurai both wield blades that will only make each other better when we clash! In that ring, in that dojo, we will witness how each other leads, and leadership will strengthen leadership. Of course, with all due respect I give you, I intend to win this battle. After battling and defeating the mentor of Shoot Nation in Kawada-sama, it would be disgraceful if I allowed attempting to build good terms be enough to throw me off my game. It would be a dishonour on your name if I didn’t take you seriously. So then know, the same lightning that came down on Gronk like Zeus’s thunderbolt upon the titans, will be what you are facing in this fierce contest. Can you survive the Rakurai? From the heavens and cracking the sky, your name put against mine has drawn it to you. Making your hair stand on end, a thunderclap slapping the taste out of your mouth, and robbing you of your other senses, there is no escape…….there is only the test of your mettle against it! Beasts and fine men alike have fallen victim to it, what would make you not be brought low from it too? My peer, I await to see what you can do within the upcoming storm.


on June 8th 2018, 9:22 pmMasanori Kawada

Versus Aria Jaxon
Entry: 1 -- Word Count: 613

Too worked this week. Neutral

"Supremacy only raised more questions then it revealed answers. Although we picked up the Heavens Arena Cup with Jaydanes victory over Gronk -- a victory I had no doubt in my mind he would achieve -- that night for the rest of the Shoot Nation was one of disappointment. Apparition; unable to capture the Heritage Championship. Mizarki; trumped by Ronin's leader Tarah Nova in solidifying the number 1 contenders position. Santiago; thwarted by the scoundrel John Doe. And, possibly the hardest pill to swallow, was the defeat of myself and Belle Kingsley, fingertips away from the Freebird Tag Team Championships. Although we claimed the prize we needed in the end, that doesn't mean we live through the glory of the individual. We shouldn't pat ourselves on the back when the majority of us couldn't find similar success that night. No. No, the thing we should take away most from Supremacy is that we as a collective need to push ourselves further; that we have to push past our own limitations and go that extra step beyond. With all due respect to Jaydane Pendragon; I refuse to play second fiddle. I refuse to be looked at as the lesser of two men, so I myself have to push myself further than I already have to be on the same level, if not a level above all who oppose the Shoot Nation. The Phantom Troupe being the ever-persistent example, with their appointed queen looking down as she sits on her throne of glass. I have an issue with people who see themselves as royalty, especially people who are entitled enough to believe that is how things must be and the people who have enabled that idea by handing them everything on a silver platter. Aria Jaxon since coming to SSW has been handed everything by her faction. For proof, look no further than the championship on her waist. That is by far the greatest injustice that currently plagues this company, the stain that besmirches the image of our livelihood. I don't deny that she is a formidable competitor, her career up to her signing to this very company has been nothing but a testament to that. But the glorified self-entitlement that has only grown from that formidability is what must be brought to justice. To her I have but only one question; how much is enough? How much is enough for one to look into the mirror and see the person they have become? Until they see how little they deserve the privileges they have? Until they realise that a rouge gallery can hand them everything, but can also take away the feeling of deserving anything? Finally, what would the past Aria Jaxon, the woman little girls looked up to and dressed up like, the woman who was a role model to girls and women everywhere, what would she say to the woman who stands here today? I don't believe you have asked these questions to yourself at all, Aria, and I doubt you took these questions into consideration when you signed your name on the dotted line and joined the faction you find yourself in. But this is no longer a case of forgive and forget. No, that option would be excursised far too late for forgiveness to lessen the prosecution that will come your way, and your encounter with the Everlasting Hero is but a sample of the justice that will soon come your way. Because I have a feeling Jaydane will use his Heaven Arena Cup oppertunity to correct this injustice, and I want to prove that I could very much do what he will enevitably do if our roles were reversed."

on June 8th 2018, 8:49 pmSaul Omen
The Song of Saul Omen: Chapter IX

[Scenes are shown of the battle that had taken place at Supremacy for the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships between all of the four warring factions of Strong Style Wrestling. However, a snarl of disdain and anger can be heard in the background right before the result of the war happens, where The One True Pairing claims victory and the tag team championships at the expense of CM Nas to where Saul Omen was unable to bring assistance in his dire time on need. Suddenly, the moment starts to replay where it fades out to show the scene playing on a dark theater setting to where the moment was being played through a projector, but the snarl that sounded like an enraged beast happened once more to where it was followed by a resonant voice while the camera showed rows of empty seats as it panned.]

Voice: You failed… The one thing that you were asked to do, the one treasure that we demanded that you claim from the ignorant cynics that denounce me, you failed to capture it. Tribute was demanded for the gifts that you were given and now, you have released that tribute of gold into the clutches of another. What do you have to say about that, Saul?

[The camera returns over towards the man himself, Saul Omen, looking at the view of the moment he lost the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships to The One True Pairing with disdain written upon his face. A burning scowl of hatred as he rubs his hand across his mouth with frustration before glancing back at the picture upon the screen.]

Saul Omen: I will correct this, you have my word. The world has already seen the glory of your works through the broken bodies that have been left by me in your name, they will understand that this moment will be forgotten through time. The One True Pairing, they were lucky and shall be dealt with at another time, but we have other ants that need to be disposed of. I want to remain focused on the vermin that decided to bring themselves into the equation when I intend to give an adequate tribute to resolve our loss of the treasure you seek. The vermin of Shoot Nation, the celebrated hero of Brian Daniels, and the recent rogue that has attempted to turn a new leaf in Stark… that’s who our violence should be placed upon.

[Saul winces as if in pain to where he hunches down, cradling the sides of his head to where you can see his hand tensing from it, as his face is hidden underneath the darkness and the chairs.]

Voice: The way that I see, you do as you are commanded. You bring your violence unto those that you have been told to do. All others are nothing, but these men have brought insult and shame unto us. You shall be allowed to show them why that shame cannot be tolerated and deliver the swiftest of justice in my name. Once this Shoot Nation and their allies are dealt with, the path towards claiming a treasure in my name shall be demanded.

[Saul gasps out as if he had been given the first gasp of air to where what looks to be dark patches onto his skin finally revert back to the natural skin color. He nodded his head before wiping his brow as he collected himself.]

Saul Omen: Stark… he’s the one that has been placed before us to make an example out of and rest assured, he shall be proud when he walks into that ring. Pride brought forth because of the recent discarding of the chairman that had denied him the credit that he felt he was due, to be held in the same regard of legend that has been stretched out through the ages of this sport, but we don’t find his victory to be all that impressive. Jacob Senn was a man born of weakness, born of overcoming said weakness with violence and pride himself, and has shown that he needs to remain behind the desk that he has been placed at. Stark might have proven be victorious against an aged husk like him, but he should know that this will be a battle that he shall hold no pride within its conclusion, just humiliation and agony. Stark, you have inserted yourself into a war that didn’t even include you. The Phantom Troupe left you the body of Jacob Senn, a man that we could have dealt with in the same regard that we did to Brian Daniels, but you were greedy. You made sure to insert yourself into the situation to and for what reason other than to be able to make the mistake of aligning with Shoot Nation? This war has belonged to The Phantom Troupe since the inception, the war has always been ours to win, and once you realize that when I bring redemption upon the humiliation The Phantom Troupe suffered… maybe you’ll realize that this war will never end in your favor with Shoot Nation. You shall be the sacrificial lamb that shall provide tribute for us from what happened at Supremacy, the tribute that shall redeem us from the failures that we have committed, and after your ego has been slain… the rest of the Shoot Nation shall fall beneath us. Brian Daniels, Masanori Kawada, Jaydayne Pendragon, Belle Kingsley, you name them… they shall fall before us. At the end of this, the world shall have the memory that even the greatest of heroes and those that attempt to join them in their vainglory are never immune to death. They will know the hallowed words of…

Memento Mori.
on June 8th 2018, 4:55 pmSteven Cassidy
[A video package of the returning Steven Cassidy plays. I would like to say it's a bunch of highlights, but there are none. The video emphasizes Steven's struggles in his short stint with SSW. Including his first match against Koji Senju (his Ronin stablemate), who later took Steven under his wing and mentored him. Then Jan. 28th, 2017 shows up on the screen and the generic cheesy music in the background is muted. We see John Doe attacking both Steven and Koji after their tag match. Steven had to watch as Doe ended Koji's career as Saul held him back. Next, we see Doe hit Steven with the Killing Joke, with a few replays showing the impact of the deadly move. Blood rushes down his face as medics surround him. This is the last image SSW fans saw of Steven - a bloody mess. Most thought we would never see Steven again, that he would do the "smart" thing and count his blessings in the sense that he can still function. But nope, Steven is back as he is sitting backstage, ready to address the audience with a message. Steven looks noticeably different. He has put on some lean muscle and actually grew a beard, which most people thought he was incapable of doing because he was basically just a boy the last time we saw him.]

Most of you don't remember who I am and I don't blame you. During my short time in SSW, I failed in more ways than one. For starters, I failed to leave a lasting impression. Which sure, would've been difficult to do because I was only here for a cup of coffee, but still, I could have shown something. Such as a snippet of potential or a bit of personality, but I did neither of those things. Instead, I let fear get in the way. I let fear dictate my career, my dream because if I was met face to face with rejection, I know I wouldn't be able to handle it. You see I was always the quiet kid growing up because I lacked confidence. And because I lacked confidence, I didn't like opening my mouth because I feared saying the wrong thing. That and because I tend to stumble over my words when I am under stress - something you heard the last time I was here. But the biggest thing I feared - and what kept me away even when I was cleared to return is The Phantom Troupe, more specifically, John Doe. If I still had my manager, Bruce Whitmore with me he would have slapped me upside the head just now for admitting such a truth - and yeah, it is a truth. But I guess I should further explain this fear because I don't fear John Doe the man. I have wrestled him once before and I cannot wait to get a second crack at him at some point in the future. To me, Doe is more of a symbol. Every time I look at him, I am unfortunately reminded of the time my friend - my only friend in this business really, was put down. And the hardest part was I couldn't do anything about it. No matter how badly I tried to scratch and claw from Saul's tight grip, I made zero progress. The energy I once had was drained from the match that took place just moments prior. Truth be told, if I could have switched places with Koji, I would have. No question about it. Because unlike me, Koji was accomplished. He had world title reigns, he main evented pay-per-views, he sold out merch like hotcakes. While I have nothing. And sure, there is a valid reason for that as I am still just a rookie while Koji was a crafty veteran. But that doesn't change the fact that I am still here with the feeling of emptiness. The two people that I associated myself with the most are now gone. Koji because of what happened to him at the hands of Doe and Bruce Whitmore, who decided that managing me was no longer worth his time because I was destined for a lifetime of failure, as he put it. From what I've shown up to this point, I don't blame him. The old Steven Cassidy was a lost cause. He was unsure of himself and he was scared of the unknown. But the Steven Cassidy you see today is different. The man looking into the camera lens has confidence, passion, and determination! I am starving for success and I am not letting anyone stop me from reaching that destination of success - including myself. 

In the past, I was in my head too much. Doubting what I am capable of and focusing on my weaknesses and limitations instead of the strengths I could build on. I am done with that way of thinking. I am done being a Negative Nancy. I am done being a Debbie Downer. I am done being a worrywart. This second chance is about redeeming myself. I can't fool around. I can't lurk in the background. I need to be at the forefront of the action. I need to prove that Brian Daniels was right when he first signed me. By doing so, I need to unlock my potential and finally use it - and it all starts tomorrow night when I take on Ronin's, Shaun Till. Make no mistake about it, this journey isn't a sprint, but a marathon - a process. Redeeming myself won't happen in one night, but it can be a building block. This week, I showcase my improvements, my growth as a professional wrestler. Unfortunately, this statement of mine will come at the expense of Ronin. That stable clearly has a special place in my heart. It's where I got my start and met my mentor. However, the Ronin I see today is a little different. There are some new faces, such as the leader of it all, Tarah Nova - someone I have the utmost respect for after keeping an eye on her career for quite some time. So to say a piece of me will always be a part of Ronin is a fair statement because that is where the outcasts/leftovers go. And that's what I am. But today, I bleed Shoot Nation. Which makes sense since the primary color is red, but I digress. The point is, Shoot Nation has welcomed me with open arms and it all began with Masanori Kawada when he attempted to save Koji and I back in January - while my Ronin Stablemates stayed backstage. But I don't fault them for that because that's just who Ronin was back then. Everyone was in it for themselves. However, Shoot Nation is the complete opposite. It is a tight-knit group and I for one love it. For the past few months I have trained alongside their young lions and I cannot wait to build relationships and trust with the Shoot Nation members as time progresses. But that is in the future and for now, I want to focus on the present and more specifically, my match against Shaun Till. Just like myself, since joining SSW, Shaun Till has had a tough go at things. Losing a few matches right off the bat can be a confidence and momentum killer, but it's nothing you can't recover from. Writing off Shaun this early would be a mistake. A mistake I won't commit. Underestimating your opponents is a dangerous game, a game I want no part of. When I look at Shaun, I see the potential, even when others don't after his performance at Supremacy. But one performance does not define you as a wrestler. You learn from your mistakes and you move on. Just like this is me finally moving on. Dwelling on the past is no longer a concern of mine. It's something I can't control, while my destiny? That's a completely different story. And my destiny to the top is right around the corner, in fact, it begins as soon as tomorrow night. Like I said, I am not letting anyone stop me this time, including you Shaun. This week I get a tally in the win column for a change. It's long overdue, really.
on June 8th 2018, 12:42 pmThe One True Pairing

The camera shakes as it turns on - showing a visibly annoyed Cassius Corleone standing in a hallway of the mansion he and Sakura share. The sound of someone moving around behind the camera can be heard as Cassius only grows angrier the more time passes.

Cash: Is it ready or is it ready? I don’t have time to wait on you.

Cameraman Mac: Uhm…. Yeah, I think… I think we’re good.

Cassius smiles and adjusts his suit, staring directly into the camera.

Cash: Welcome. Welcome to the brave new World you all now belong in. One ruled by the collective unit of YOUR Lovebird World Tag Team Champions, Cassius and Sakura Corleone. There’s so many people to thank and things to do, but my Cherry Blossom and I have always lived by the “time is money” philosophy in that we don’t waste time taking into account the things others have done for us throughout life, nor the things to come in the future that aren’t yet at our doorstep. Instead, we take a machete and cut through the thicket of bullshit to find what’s most important here when it all comes down to it, and that happens to be us. The ONLY World that means anything is the one The One True Pairing lives in. A World where the meager threats who come to challenge us are smacked down to the ground and put in the dirt where they belong, and come nowhere close to capturing a victory, let alone our gold. A World that doesn’t allow others in, but still forces its power onto this World you’ve all come to know and love. A World where you’ve all foolishly convinced yourselves that you are safe - that you can survive and even thrive so long as you work hard and stick to your morals and persevere. We are the ones who will strip that away from you, and emphatically. Do you know what that means? If you can’t keep up with my words, allow me to surgically slice through each and every single insignificant barrier you peasants put up that we break down with ease. The ones you build to keep people like us out. One of pride, and one of determination, and one of endurance, and one of tenacity, and one of will… And finally, one of desperation. Until you’ve got nothing left. Until you’re just naked before your peers and your fans and we leave you far less than the person you were when you decided to be the proud that challenged the throne.

Cassius smiles with a sadistic grin as he gestures for the camera to follow him. Cameraman Mac hesitantly obliges as they walk down the hallway.

Cash: I’m not going to bother naming any names. Tomorrow night, my Cherry Blossom and I are going to take three more stray dogs and put them into the ground. It doesn’t matter what their names are, and it never has. They don’t make tombstones for stray dogs, after all, so what does it really matter?

A loud sound is heard going off somewhere downstairs as Cassius reaches a door at the end of the hallway. He lets out a sigh of relief, looking very pleased before turning back to the camera. Cassius opens the door as he and Cameraman Mac descend down a flight of stairs.

Cash: My Cherry Blossom and I could have celebrated. I mean, we DID very much celebrate, but that celebration wasn’t exactly something we could go putting on camera, so instead we’ve got something special in mind. Something special just for our three precious victims. They don’t have names, but they do have one unified term that we’ve all come to know as “Shoot Nation”. And what really IS “Shoot Nation”? Well, here’s what The One True Pairing think it is. We think it’s a collective unit of poor, uneducated, unexceptional pieces of garbage that didn’t meet the requirements to be a part of Tres Comas Club, and so they banded together like the other freaks have, from a Phantom Troupe or a Ronin, and they built their delusion brick by brick. So much until it became a fortress of idiocy filled with people who convinced themselves that their fight matters. That their morals mean jack shit in this World. That they MEAN something. No. They mean less than nothing. Their ways mean less than the dirt they should be crawling in, and we will fucking rip apart their ways and dissect every single thing they hold dear until there’s nothing left but a beautiful carnage for us to finish playing with and move on to the next obstacle. Their old, broken down, lame fucking traditions will die with the rest of them while we live on - while Tres Comas Club thrives and while The One True Pairing stands on top of it all as the King…

A loud gunshot goes off as the camera shakes - frightened. Cassius smiles as he steps up to a focused Sakura Corleone, holding a large handgun at their home shooting range. Cassius gets behind Sakura, putting his hands on her waist and kissing her.

Cash: … And Queen of Soulmate Style.

Cassius holds Sakura as she smiles, the two of them whisper something to one another for several moments before Cassius looks back at the camera while Sakura points her handgun towards the shooting range.

Cash: You see, we’ve never been particular to your ways. Your fucking old, decrepit ways where you all take your precious puroresu and hold it so near and dear to your hearts. You know what you’ve done? You’ve all decided to dig down deep into the dirt and make a mess with your bare hands, and you dig, and you dig, and you dig… Until what do you find? Tell them what they find, my Cherry Blossom.

Sakura: Of course, my Cassius. They found nothing but an old time capsule filled with relics. Nobody cares about “Strong Style” anymore, my love, it’s all about our Soulmate Style.

Cassius kisses Sakura before turning his focus back towards the camera.

Cash: I couldn’t have said it better myself. You live in an age that died a long, long time ago. Each and every one of you. It’s not cute. It’s not endearing. It’s fucking pathetic, and you all should be incredibly ashamed of yourselves for even entertaining the NOTION that you could carry this cross towards salvation instead of your inevitable crucifixion! Unreal!

Sakura and Cassius laugh before kissing again.

Sakura: It’s alright, my Cassius, don’t mind them. After tomorrow, they’ll be in the past where they belong.

Cash: You’re so right, my Cherry Blossom, the past IS where they belong. It’s where they prefer to live, after all. I could go on and on about the people in their little group and specify what’s absolutely, repulsively fucking pathetic about each one, but why waste our breath? Why should WE be the ones to wag a finger and put these cretins on display for the World to see once we’ve humiliated? That isn’t our job. It never was. Our job is to sweep them out of the way, because in all honesty, they’re doing nothing but wasting space and filthying up our fucking ring. In case you three aren’t on the up and up, my Cherry Blossom and I recommend that you put in the tape of Supremacy and watch how the entire audience turns their backs on you and Ronin and the Phantom Troupe in favor of The One True Pairing, and that isn’t out of some sheer popularity contest. It’s out of MIGHT. It’s out of domination. It’s out of the fact that we are the most powerful alliance you have ever or will ever see in your entire Goddamn lives! It’s not boasting! It’s not throwing our weight around! It’s a cold, hard, fucking fact of life that you people just don’t want to accept, and you know what? That’s alright. You’ve all managed to successfully live in blissful ignorance for this long, so why stop now? Why the fuck would you stop now? Why would you even bother opening your eyes and accepting reality?!

Sakura: It’s alright, my love, don’t waste your time. They won’t learn. They never do.

Cash: You’re right again, my Cherry Blossom. They never do. They’re going to be stomped into the ground tomorrow night, and not even comprehend why. They don’t understand why they weren’t good enough. All that matters is that WE know. You and I are the only thing that matters in this World, and that’s exactly why we survive while they’re picked off one by one. They spend their pathetic existences looking for the appropriate hill to die on while The One True Pairing is immortal in every way. It’s why we are the Lovebird World Tag Team Champions. It’s why Shoot Nation has never, and will never taste this gold. It belongs to us by right. We took what belonged to us, and tomorrow night, we take what’s left of them. They’ll go back to the drawing board and wonder where they went wrong, but never grasp it. Their little faction will never get why they couldn’t get the job done against The One True Pairing, even when it’s looking them right in the face. Even when they don’t understand that they’re looking straight down the barrel of its gun...

Sakura grins as she aims the gun towards the shooting range.

Cash: You see, “Shoot Nation”, this is how WE shoot. We don’t play around with your fighting spirit bullshit. We don’t waste our time with your ways of using sheer willpower to break through the competition by force. We sure as shit ain’t using our precious time living and dying by an old, rusted sword. Time is money, after all, and who knows money better than us? Who knows money better than Tres Comas Club? You waste your existence shooting to win, but The One True Pairing…

Cassius kisses Sakura as she squeezes the trigger.

Cash: We shoot to kill.

The gun goes off as the camera turns towards the shooting range, revealing cutouts of The Apparition, Belle Kingsley, and Shinati Mizarki - all filled with several bullet holes.

on June 8th 2018, 2:43 amThe One True Pairing

Sakura scratches the side of her eye with the back of her hand as she wakes up from her sleep, feeling the comfortable blue satin blanket against her skin. It took time to find the strength to sit up, but she finally did it for this is another day she spends with her one true love Cassius. She looks beside her to the right, and he wasn't there.

Sakura Corleone: Cassius? Hmm.. He must have gotten up early.

Sakura then removes the blanket that was wrapped around her. She had nothing on but a pink shirt and white shorts, and she walks around barefoot feeling the rug touch the soles of her feet on the floor. She then stops at one table of the big room, and saw the picture of Cash and Sakura together in a frame as it stands for display. Next to it was the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship, which since then they have renamed the SSW LOVE-bird Tag Team Championships. She admired the sight of gold.

The smell of pancakes then teased Sakura's nostrils as soon as she opened the bedroom door. Cassius was just nearby and he always made the best pancakes with fresh cherries and whipped cream on top. Sakura with her small silent feet rushed to go downstairs and see Cassius. 

Sakura slowly peeks from the side of the wall, hoping that Cassius wouldn't detect her. Cassius wore his long-sleeved shirt and pants under a white apron. He was also wearing a chef's hat, which Sakura found very cute. She admired him from behind the wall division, and Cassius had no idea that he was being watched. Sakura then tip toes towards Cassius and hugs him tightly from behind as he was making the pancakes. 

Cassius Corleone: Good morning, my Cherry Blossom.

Sakura Corleone: Good morning! You're up early. 

Cassius Corleone: That, I am. You were sleeping so soundly and so cute, I didn't want to wake you, so I thought I'd make us your favorite. 

Cassius tosses the pancakes right out of the pan and catches it with a plate where the others were stacked, he placed the fresh cherries and added the whipped cream on top, exactly the way Sakura wanted it, all while she was tightly hugging him from behind. Sakura then let go as it was time to have some breakfast, she quietly sits down at the stool next to the kitchen counter and Cassius serves two plates of stacked pancakes for both of them.

Cassius Corleone: Today's a beautiful day, Sakura! Not only do I get to spend the day with my cherry blossom, but we also get to look forward to another blood bath on Saturday. 

Sakura's eyes widen with excitement.

Sakura Corleone: REALLY? We have a match? 

Cassius Corleone: Why, yes, my love. Giftwrapped with love and comes with separate body bags from the Shoot Nation. We win the Lovebird Tag Team Championships and officially proved that the One True Pairing is the only team or "Faction" worth thinking about, and not the rest of these social outcasts could stop us if they tried.

Sakura Corleone: Now after we have destroyed the inferior tag teams from other Factions, they decide to bring in more idiots to face us? Are they trying to kill the entire roster? Or do they just want to see us wrestle again no matter what to cost? 

Sakura keeps on browsing her phone to determine the team she is facing with Cassius.

Sakura Corleone: Oh hey! A familiar face! Isn't that the dumb whore who made herself look like an idiot during our match back at Supremacy? Isn't that the one who was tagged as the Office Slut not even a week after she started because that tub of lard Gronk was smashing her like crazy? I remember, I remember! It's Belle Kingsley! She is the same girl that called us the One True Cringe Pairing just because she couldn't rely on Masanori, but come on! It's hardly our fault that we are better, more likeable and more attractive than any of them combined! The fact that Belle Kingsley is so jealous of that is plain obvious. She is trying to edge us out. She is trying to be the superior pairing with Gronk. She is trying to make sure that all attention is on her, but she can't when the crowd is chanting OTP in her presence. Such a sad young career... pulling her thongs and lifting her skirt so people would notice her better and think for even two seconds that she has something that resembles a talent... She almost had the audience, she almost captured their attention enough to get her recognized as part of the Tag Team Match, but the One True Pairing rained on her parade and smudged her eyeliner into such a heart breaking defeat because no matter how you act, true fans recognize true wrestlers when they see them in the ring... And that's how The One True Pairing left an impression! 

Cassius Corleone: Sometimes you have to put bitter people in place, my love. Or else they start to tell their own twisted version of what happened. The only truth that the world should be concerned about is One True Pairing's victory.

Sakura Corleone: Very true, dealing with these people leave a sour taste in my mouth, but the spectacular pancakes that you've made this morning turns it into something sweet again!

Cassius Corleone: I'm glad you like it, my Sakura!

Sakura Corleone: From what they have all said, it seems like they don't plan on working as a team, but will do their best individually to take down the evil that is Tres Comas Club. Now I'm not going to defend TCC and what people like us represent, or justify our actions along with Andre Virgo... but these people seem to be more concerned about our acts and intentions than the fact that we deliver results. We placed our foot forward no matter how tough the situation gets, and we get hostility and hate... while they have done nothing but display their inadequacy, and they expect to get pity? No, no, no... Things don't work that way. Just because the results did not go the way you planned, doesn't mean that you have to cry foul. They need to take responsibility for their Faction's misgivings and incapabilities, and admit to themselves once and for all that no matter what they do or how many small victories they have gathered, they will always be beneath One True Pairing. Do you know what the real problem is? They never talk to each other! They just do their own thing and flap their lips to create meaningless words without assurance that their partners would have their back, so when the going gets tough and they are caught in a helpless situation, there is no one to save them because it is every man for himself. I look at Shinati Mizarki and it is what I see -- a lone wolf with intentions that the other two are not concerned with. Belle Kingsley or the Apparition won't care if they lost the match because of him, so long as it wasn't them that got fed to The One True Pairing! And all this talk about unity by The Apparition, it's all just blind belief without any true basis, because based on what I've seen, you all want different things. Sure the Shoot Nation has these priceless things like "honor" or "integrity", but they seem to forget that the honor and integrity that he speaks of is nothing but a figment... It can easily be broken into pieces for it is a fragile and delicate shard of illusion that people believe themselves to have but never do deep down. The Shoot Nation is full of flaws and missteps, and it is a very bad idea to be open about the things you're not good at to those who believe themselves to be perfect. And I am willing to bet that it's how The One True Pairing ensures victory once more. 

Cassius Corleone: To be honest with you, my Cherry Blossom, they all look the same to me... Let's kick their asses and prove why we are the best team that Strong Style Wrestling will ever see.

Sakura Corleone: Of course, my Cassius! 

Sakura touches Cassius' cheek with her left hand, looking deep into his eyes. 

Sakura Corleone: We will win this. They can insult the Tres Comas Club all they want, but once you speak ill of the One True Pairing, there would be a different set of brutal consequences that will come your way. 

Sakura then looks down to her plate and toys with the cherries on top of the pancakes with her fork, as she smiles.

Sakura Corleone: If I have to break them one by one while you sit and watch from a distance, I would... If I have to end all of their careers right as you're watching, I would. If I have to become your wildcard and hit them all with bats just to prove the point that we are far superior, I would. But I know that you want to get your hands dirty, so we will end all of them together. 

Cassius Corleone: I'm just glad to see you so happy and hyped up, my Sakura! I'm so lucky to have such an amazing wife. 

Sakura Corleone: And I'm just as lucky to have an incredible husband! We'll show the world how to dominate as the SSW Lovebird Tag Team Champions! 

Cash and Sakura smile at each other as they continue to have a peaceful breakfast. 

If you want love, then the love has to come from you. That's the unspoken rule of the One True Pairing. They both give their love, their heart and soul, their everything to each other as one admires and values the other's worth even on a normal day. They talk about life, their likes and dislikes, and they give their all to make each other happy. They just won't accept anything less than that. 

on June 8th 2018, 12:21 amThe Apparition
*Through the back alleys of the thriving urban metropolis that is Osaka, Japan, hidden in the backstreets and alleyways sits an ambiguous looking sublet of a much larger building, with an old rickety sign simply reading ‘ジム*
*As the camera crew walks into the equally dilapidated and run-down gymnasium, a dreary-eyed retiree guarding the mostly abandoned estate points them towards the centre of arena – A makeshift boxing ring, where one figure stands domineering over a masked man, draped over in a Gotch Bridge*
*Both men hold onto a 20kg medicine ball, but while the Apparition holds his directly over his chest, as half of the weight of his body is pressed directly on the top of his head, one of the Shoot Nation trainees is constantly throwing his ball into The Apparition’s stomach, on the commands of his overclassman*
*With the kickoff of the Strong Survive Tour just days away, The Apparition keeps on grimacing through the repeated punishment as the Young Lion begins to shrug his shoulders in between reps to help release the strain. After at least 30 shots to the gut, The Apparition finally throws the ball over his head, and rolls up back to his feet. He quickly shakes the rookie’s hand, before collapsing onto the ropes in exhaustion*
*Taking a few sips from a water bottle his mentee passed to him, what can be seen of The Forgotten One’s face looked like it had gained a dozen years in a matter of two weeks. His eyes sullen and despondent. His mouth constantly pursed and no longer lit up with the smug confidence he had before his referee stoppage loss to Khmaoch Sangkat*
I’ve never been good at admitting my own limitations.
Now that I have come to think of it, this is my first time wrestling in my 30s. It was nice when so many years ago I was one of the fastest men in professional wrestling. Then a few years later, and I decided that I wanted to be one of the pound-for-pound strongest men in wrestling, and I succeeded in that as well! For so many years, I was able to flip from any sort of athletic profile that I thought would help me succeed, and as long as I had a few months to do it in I was all set.
Obviously this isn’t an excuse. I mean, damn. Sangkat is almost 20 years older than me, and he gave me as comprehensive of a defeat as I have ever had. But I suppose that is the thing with people who never left wrestling. While their gears are getting battered around and worn out, they are at least all still turning. Never getting rusty, never falling out of place.
When I was passing out to Khmaoch’s Rolling Butterfly Lock, there was a second before I completely lost consciousness when I realised that I had lost. I tried my best to muscle my way out of the hold, but eventually you get to a point where you know you’ve been defeated. It’s always the same feeling, every time you are dealt with the finishing blow. When you are hit so hard that you know that you can’t kick out of a pinfall, or in my case when I knew I was going to pass out because I just didn’t have enough oxygen flowing into my brain. A smarter man than I would have tapped out, but this is the thing most people never realise. The second before you pass out in a submission hold, it feels like an hour. You can’t do anything, but your mind is flooded by thoughts, and hard truths that you have to address to move forward.
My first thought of course was purely reactionary. “Damn it. I should have never left my office job”. Then it goes onto the fact that I just wasn’t good enough. Then maybe that I have lost what made me great, and that I will never be good enough to match my ambitions. Your mind goes to every dark place imaginable as you face imminent defeat. But then, a new thought crossed my mind.
“How am I going to get better?”
In a lot of ways, it is good that it was Khmaoch Sangkat who gave me my first decisive loss in SSW. If it was some 20 year old rookie, I might have conceded that I am an old man playing a young man’s game. But the fact is, after decades in the industry, Khmaoch is still probably the most dangerous man in Strong Style Wrestling. So if he can do that at 50, why can’t I do something similar at 30?
So now, I head onto my next test. I failed against the SSW Heritage Champion, so now I face the Jr Heavyweight and Freebird Tag Team Champions. …Well, I suppose they are all the Freebird Champions, but if not for Cassius and Sakura’s, let’s call it unique relationship, maybe the belt would have been in the hands of Shoot Nation.
This is the thing that frustrates me the most. Losing to Khmaoch is one thing. He was the better wrestler on the day, so I can’t be disappointed in my loss. To see another group dominate and control half of the company’s titles, when their entire existence is based on them having no honour, no integrity, and nothing but greed? I am too proud of a person to not be a little bit offended that the Tres Comas Club has so much, while Shoot Nation only has Pendragon’s recent Heaven’s Arena Cup to lean on.
As a collective, we definitely aren’t meeting up to expectations. I lost my chance at holding a belt, and Belle and Shinati were just fingertips away from saving their championship aspirations. I will say, though, I do find it funny that I am the only one of this current contingency of Shoot Nation to have suffered a comprehensive defeat at Supremacy, and yet I got the highest praise by the former leader of Tres Comas Club.
I would try to mock the division which was brought about by Andre’s leadership, but let’s face it. Shoot Nation is a strongly unified front, and we have been punked out repeatedly as a group. Obviously cash is a great unifier, so while my opponents this week have been battling over who gets to wear the captain’s hat, this hasn’t affected their results. It’s kind of sickening, but this is the reality of who we have to face this week. Three performers who are egotistical, full of themselves, and in the case of one of your members, completely fucking insane.
So how do we win? Well, it’s simple. We just do our best. It’s so corny, I legitimately feel uncomfortable even saying it, but as a group and as individuals, Shinati, Belle and I just have to exhibit exactly what brought us all to Strong Style Wrestling, and Shoot Nation in particular. While the TCC might be united in their desire to reign in the Fukuzawas, we have our own fighting spirit to put us through.
Although God knows if that is enough…
*The passion and drive which had been putting the Apparition through his speech dropped in less than a second. His face turned pale, his face began to mildly convulse as he stared down on the floor in defeat, and the core training he had just been involved with suddenly seemed to hit him like a Mack truck*
*With a desperate smile, The Apparition stares back into the camera, with a brief glimpse of hope glimmering in his eyes. He nodded, then walked over to his trainee holding up some worn out kick-boxing pads*
*The screen fades to black, as a quick notice thanking the Yamada Prefectural Gym – Osaka Branch for the use of their facilities flashes up to complete the broadcast*
on June 7th 2018, 12:26 pmBelle Kingsley
Once again - kind of stings that Masanori and I did not walk out with the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships at Supremacy. If I wasn’t pushed off the turnbuckle, I do believe the story would be different. I do believe that we would be standing here as champions, but the fact that we’re not is upsetting because we gave it our all in the match and it was not enough. We thought it was going to be enough, but instead, we are here witnessing a team just waltzing in like they own the place and being handed an SSW Freebird Tag Team Championship opportunity? Over teams that have been here for the past couple months, the one team who only had a match gets a title shot and wins the titles? It’s almost like a slap to our faces. It rubs me the wrong way and factions like the Phantom Troupe; factions like Tres Comas Club are the reason for that.

It is kind of sad when the only unification in the Tres Comas Club comes from One True Cringe Pairing. Other than that, it seems like Tres Comas Club is not fine at all. I know, people like Andre Virgo must be sick on a constant basis of people reminding him that Tres Comas Club’s foundation is in shambles. You had a weak leadership from Andre himself and by the looks of things, this man was not fit to be a leader, to begin with. Why was he the leader in the first place? He is definitely not the best member of the faction. He was just a man who was propped to be a leader. He was given the SSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship - literally, he was given the title and barely survived the match against GREED. He might as well thank the lucky stars that he still holds that championship because there is going to be someone better that is ready to dethrone him. 

As for One True Lame Pairing, I expect them not to give me anything at all, so what’s the point of wasting my time on them? They’ll constantly shout OTP because that’s the only reason people give a damn about them. Still, no one cares about them. They will never care about them. The may be the SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions, but all people see when they look at them are a bunch of jokes. These two are the face of Tres Comas Club? Might as well make Andre Virgo the face because he’s at least better than those two, but that is not saying much at all.

I think it’s time for Shoot Nation to get back on track and that starts with this match. Watch out, Tres Comas Club.
on June 6th 2018, 1:29 pmAndré Virgo
Vol: ONE

(André Virgo is sitting in a steel chair alone in a big, white empty room. He’s only wearing a durag and a white pair of trousers. The SSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship laid out on the ground next to him.)

No theatrics… No AMBIANCE… No colors, lights, incense. No, not this week friends and family. Not this week boys and girls. We aren’t going to play our games or sing our songs today we are going to sit here and think about what we have done. Let’s think about how some old hasbeen decided that I don’t deserve everything that I have built in my time in SSW! That it belongs to a greedy bastard who just wants to stroke his own ego. But people want to say how I didn’t earn the leadership of Tres Comas Club…

(Virgo grabs the strap of the SSW Jr. Heavyweight Championship and stands up presenting it to the camera.)

How I didn’t earn the right to hold this championship! You think I don’t deserve this!? Then fine! Take it!

(Virgo vaults the belt off camera followed by the impact of metallic slamming and scraping echoing through the room.)

I didn’t ask for Tomazeya’s help at Supremacy. I didn’t ask him to hit GREED in the back of the head because I know that in a fair fight GREED wasn’t walking away with anything. But now he has Tres Comas Club and you know what? It’s in much better shape then when I got ahold of it! You know who you can thank for that? ME! At the time of my child being taken away from me Tres Comas Club is holding half of the championships in SSW, 3 out of 5 if you count the Freebird belts as two titles. I did that! I signed the OTP to TCC! I held that belt with the goal of making it the number one prize in all of puroresu! I tried to push the rest of our abundant collection of talent towards greatness but there was a cancer in our group! There was a cancer and now it is leading us most likely to irrelevance! You know why the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship is not under the TCC umbrella? Because our representative in that match was too busy following the guidance of GREED to listen to the advice of his LEADER! You know why everyone else has amounted to nothing? Because they would rather listen to some pretty boy who flaunts his wealth than their leader who is a reigning and defending champion! You know why OTP was able to bring the Freebird Championships to Tres Comas Club, because they’re too obsessed with each other to pay any mind to the destructive influence diluting everyone else in this faction, and we cut some fat checks for these sheep too.

Regardless… André Virgo, leader or not, will always be the alpha when it comes to Tres Comas Club. As of right now, André Virgo and OTP seem to be the only members of this faction worthy of any recognition. Who’s gonna stop us? Shoot Nation? What has anyone from Shoot Nation ever accomplished? I mean, Pendragon may have won the Heaven’s Gate Tournament but why should I be intimidated by any of the gang they think is worth my time? Especially right now! The Apparition? He’s okay I guess. Belle Kingsley, nothing special. Shinati? He already got beaten by Racer and Jun, if he can’t take meatheads and traitors then I don’t see how he’s going to compete with the top three pillars of Tres Comas Club. It’s clear why Shoot Nation has done nothing but fail so far, look at who they send in the face of greatness. Maybe Pendragon won Heaven’s Gate but watch him fail to capitalize when the time comes. I’m the Alpha of this group and I don’t even know why I’m bothering to weigh in on this matter. OTP is more than capable of dealing with this.

*cell phone rings*

(Virgo pulls out a burner phone and answers it)

Hello?.. I’m listening...

on June 5th 2018, 2:12 amShinati Mizarki
>>The following takes place in the hours after Supremacy, where Shinati was unsuccessful in his quest to claim the number one contendership to the Heritage championship, a match that was ultimately won by Tarah Nova. Although he is disappointed, he knows that it is but a lesson in knowing where he needs to be; when he needs to be there. 

As impressive as he looked during the match, he was a millisecond too late when it all counted most, which is all Tarah needed in order to complete the pinfall and acquire the victory, not just for herself --- but also for the Ronin faction. Shinati is currently still in his wrestling attire and situated in the confines of his hotel room, where he is laying spread eagle atop his king sized bed.<<

"Again, I couldn't get the job done when it mattered. I failed, when everything was there to be won --- I let them all down. The fans, Shoot Nation and myself."

>>A soft breath floating into the air, Shinati feels his body body throbbing with the pain not just from the battle itself, but from his own failure, along with it attempting to relax. Attempting to bury the result in the past --- move forward to whatever may await him the next time SSW wish to call upon his services. 

In a match, that he already knows, due to management sending him a text message to inform in that it would be a 6 person tag match, where he would team up with the equally unsuccessful Apparition and Belle Kingsley, to take on the Tres Comas Club's triad of Andre Vigro and the One True Pairing, also known as Sakura and Cassius Corleone, the reigning freebird tag team champions<<

"It can't continue to be this way --- I can't continue to be seen as the one who goes out there and gives as good a fight as he can, only to fall flat when the time comes to actually fulfil my promise. When the time comes to convert my potential, into tangible victories. I might only be 'new' to this business, I might still only be 20 years of age, but that is irrelevant --- for when you step between those ropes, you are seen as being just like anyone else. Any respect you might have, is tied to how you actually acquire results and right now, I don't have anything to 'hang my hat on'. To command the respect that I crave."

>>Slightly sitting up, a gentle tear makes its way down the right hand side of his cheek, his words conveying the emotions flowing through him. Those of frustration and annoyance that no matter what he tries, no matter how much he tries to retain the 'purity' and customs that Wrestling holds, he hasn't actively progressed the cause in the one place that it matters most. That being, the very ring he swore to use as his sanctuary. Raising his right hand, he runs it through his hair, feeling his own annoyance linger inside of him.<<

" And only *I* can change that. No matter how much I work with those within Shoot Nation --- no matter how much I imprint inside of my mind each day, the only person who can *truly* change my own fortunes. The *only* person who can reverse my fortunes, is me. This week, commences that reversal, when along with two people I am proud to call my stablemates. 

No, that I am proud to call my friends in Apparition and Belle, when we walk into the ring and once more, show why we are the custodians of Japanese wrestling whilst ensuring that Tres Comas Club are unable to continue their passage of monopolising; sullying everything that we stand for.  Everything that has made this industry what it is today."

>>A smile crosses Shinati's face, as he realises that in order to bury his failure; in order to truly progress as a wrestler. No, progress as a person, then he must cast that defeat to one side and focus on the match that has been laid ahead of him. A task, that gives him an opportunity to finally stake his value within not just Shoot Nation, but also within the scope of SSW itself.<<

"I don't know much about any of the trio we must face this week, but I shall be making sure that by the time the bell rings to commence the match, I know *exactly* what is required in order to fell them. What must be enacted, in order to walk out with the victory. What is required, in order to prove myself as being worthy of the respect that has been entrusted within me. 

The honour, that comes with competing under the label of 'Shoot Nation'. Something that I don't take lightly --- just like I never took the honour that has been instilled into me; the prestige I have been given by my mum and dad. Both of whom I hold within the highest regard."

>>Smiling, Shinati looks up to the ceiling, knowing that his mother and father are watching over him. Ensuring that not only does he uphold the customs of wrestling that he promised he would, but also that he upholds the traditions of the Mizarki name. That he shows just *why* they are acclaimed as one of the most respected names in Japan. A task, that he is currently succeeding in. Pushing himself back against the wall, he slides up into a fully seated position, his eyes maintaining their focus upon the camera ahead of him.<<

"I hope Belle and Apparition don't mind me saying this but: I plan on going out there with the intention of proving that I *can* take that next step, even if that means I must partake in the majority of the match. Yes, I know they will be there to support me, just like I will be there to support them; I intend on using that to its full effect, as from what I did see of the One True Pairing, they are nothing short of a well-oiled machine; in order to defeat them, we much be just as equal a unified force. 

Virgo is also no slouch himself inside of the ring, even if their 'morals' and motivations are misguided and built upon a foundation that drives them further down the passage of devastation with each passing second, they *are* threats. I learned that when I faced off against Jun and Racer the last time I was in a tag match against their stable. This time though, I shall do what must be down to ensure the outcome is different; I am a part of the victorious party."

>>Feeling his body begin to relax, he reaches out to the bedside table with his right hand; turns the Television on, hoping to find something in order to clear his mind. To help him at least have some semblance of a 'good night's sleep'.<<<

"It all begins, this week ---"

>>We fade, the sounds of local news emitting themselves through the air.<<
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