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on July 20th 2018, 11:07 pmShinati Mizarki
The more things are meant to change, the more they have stayed the same. It's been this way, ever since I first saw the ink itself dry on my SSW contract; I entered the world of wrestling. An industry, where I wished to become the next custodian of the customs; traditions that it has claimed to hold over the years. 

It hasn't worked out that way though, as despite being able to get a victory here and here - I just haven't been able to get the job done when it has mattered most. I just haven't been able to uphold my own end of the bargain, as much as I want to be the one Shoot Nation know I can be. I *want* to be the next in the line; the next name, in the hall of those who have been associated with everything wrestling is *meant* to stand for. Yet when the time has come in order for me to validate everything, I freeze. 

I can admit that, I can admit that it's all on me. My failures, my 'defeats'. Nobody else is responsible for them but myself; if I am to change that passage, then I must be the *only* one that invokes the change. Whether that comes from truly looking inside of myself, or by making sure I find a routine, I know that there's a way to reverse this. There's a way to make everything *right*; *finally* set myself up to be the man I promised I would be. To finally fulfill the passage that has been laid out for me to take. Open the door that has been awaiting me.

And it all starts this week

I know, this is a refrain that is all too common. Every week, I tell you the same thing. This week, it'll change - only for everything to remain the same when the week is said and done; I once again, fall. I find myself getting 'so close, yet so far' and ultimately coming out second best. But, this week is when it shall all *truly* begin. The past week, 

I have been soul searching, I have been cleansing myself - both on a psychical and spiritual level, within the confines of the 'Muja Temple' in Yokohama. A place, I first ventured to with my father when I was six. He world often take me there, to show me how awakening the soul that laid dormant, would be the beginning of finding my *true* calling in this world. In this industry. Just as it always has been. 

I know that saying this won't make *anyone* believe me. Even those in 'Shoot Nation', even those who have proclaimed themselves to be my staunchest supporters, which is why I plan on proving it against Falke. Which is why I plan on not just reciting all this to you, but for the first time in my career - actually backing it up where it matters the most. That being, inside of the ring. Outside of *our* temple. 

Even if that brings about my end

I'll admit, I know *very* little about you, Falke. All I know, is that you are somebody who seemingly doesn't care for the fans. Someone, who claims pride in what they stand for, which is honourable. Which is what we *all* should be doing - yet your means in carrying out that pride, are what cause you to falter. They cause you to become blinded by the supposed 'honour' you claim to hold; the traditions that you wish to impart within this industry. You, just like the rest of the Troupe, wish to use your so-called 'honour' to degrade the traditions of those who oppose you. 

To try and impart your customs, upon those who transverse upon the passage of wrestling - which is where I must draw my line. Which is where I must *stop* you. Whilst desiring honour is noble, when that cause is yourself - it is then that you become blind to what *honour* and *respect* truly means. It is when, that you become everything that honour has striven to vanquish. Just like you shall be this week, if the cause is to be fulfilled. If I am to *finally* stand forth; become the person. The wrestler that many have claimed I can be. For you, that means that this week, you become the first scalp. The first springboard, to my uprising.

All the best, Falke. Because for you, this week brings about your end.
on July 20th 2018, 9:43 pmJaydayne Pendragon
Sangkat may think the void is permanent, he may think it “liberation”, but it is only the beginning. One people have spoken of for centuries.
In a world only described as being within a void not much different than that of the current state of Strong Style Wrestling, they say the beginnings of this life of ours was being prepared. It was dark and formless, much like my opponent at Domination….when it comes to character! In genesis, it is said the spirit of God came upon the waters of that void.
And then God said, let there be light.
Or so they say.
Whatever the case about the gods, it is without question that man has always been yearning for blessings from the skies. We are in awe from the light descending down upon us from out of reach heights. Ones might ask themselves, were the concepts of gods in the first place created on behalf of man’s fascination with sun and lightning?  Man likes to attribute lightning bolts and the image of the sun as weapons and symbols of many gods, but what if the gods themselves were merely man’s tools to give tribute to these natural blessings that overtime became confused as objects of the gods? One can’t pray to lighting, and in time people grew tired of praising the sun, while giving these things a conscious form like God has given man an infinite supply of new ways to worship. It would make sense then why, God’s are often portrayed to be up high, be they heavens in the clouds or Olympus upon a mountain. Some choose to constantly squabble about the gods, some hate those that created fanatical stories about the blessings while others resent that man would attempt to harness and manipulate what was heralded to be of the Gods. The way I see it, both believers and scientists had a heart of wonder in them that can be appreciated, there is no great shame in paying tribute to those blessings, nor trying to master those blessings, they have brought the world where we are today. What I have never found any value in were those who tucked tail and ran, those who saw lightning bring about fire, and instead of praying or trying to harness fire for discovery decided to run as far as possible and forever be content with being in the dark. Such people only know cowardice, only know a shameless self preservation that ironically costs them from having the tools to survive a fruitful life, like diseased rats scurrying from all sights.
Much like Phantom Troupe’s dark Master Splinter, Khmaoch Sangkat the elder rodent that keeps his youth hidden in the deep dark sewers they’ve inhabited away from said blessings, from said light.
And that is why I continue to be uninterested in speaking to him. Just as it is said, no matter how much one prays and preaches the word of God, if they do not know love then they do not know God; he may speak my name but he who knows not valor knows neither I nor the Rakurai! I already explained last week how I felt about him, how I felt his way of being an elder in his faction was toxic when compared to that of Kawada-sama, and nothing has changed since then. He can continue to speak through me, pretend as if his words are meant for me or the people watching at home, but we all know he is only there to comfort his adopted children in Phantom Troupe who he has left blind to the holes poked in their sinking ship! The man has my sympathies, it is a sorrowful tale indeed that his father couldn’t hide him away from the evils of the world to the point that he now over compensates as a father figure in PT, and how this life has left him twisted. However, I, like mankind harnessing fire despite those who had nightmares from seeing fire raining down the skies, have too much to fight for to hold back simply because Sangkat has mental hang ups over his storied past.  I must bring about the Red Strife, even if the Khmer Rouge haunts his soul, I must put his allies to the sword even if he tries keeping them in a patted bubbled wrapped existence. I must fight for my family that counts on me to provide, I can’t hesitate in that ring when opposed by vile beasts, lest I allow my wife to be to have another loved one that falls victim to dire times and crippling medical bills. I must have a back large enough and unflinching enough for my fellow members of Shoot Nation to have inspiration to continue on in this company that makes us toil for every inch we take. He has my sympathy, but he does not have my mercy! How can I be this resolute? It is like they say.
“Only trust your instincts and be one with the plan. Some days, some nights, some live, some die in the way of the samurai.”
on July 20th 2018, 9:17 pmKhmoach Sangkat
6 Months

When I step out of the ring tomorrow night leaving Jaydayne Pendragon unable to do the same, it will have been exactly 6 months since I headlined the first ever Strong Style Wrestling event and so wove myself deep into this promotion’s heritage. At 6 months as the Champion who paved the way for all the rest, I believe now is as good a milestone as any to reflect upon how far things have come. In this chaotic existence, change has been a familiar friend. The entire landscape here in SSW has changed. Management is constantly being reshuffled. Challengers come and go like the wind. The Phantom Troupe has found new allies and, on one or two occasions, seen allies become enemies. Even John Doe has been taken from us. It just goes to show, doesn’t it? Nothing can be taken for granted.

Even within me something has changed. 6 months ago, two generations of inherited will was finally fulfilled in a flash of ecstasy when I became the SSW Heritage Champion. I have since learned that even getting exactly what you have always dreamt of can turn out to be just another nightmare in the end. A brilliant light illuminates the highest peak for a mere moment… One instantaneous touch of the sublime, then count 5 seconds before hearing the thunder. A cacophony of bellicose voices all speaking their minds freely. I have been called cheat, vermin, bakemono, paper champion, a senile old man, and many other things that I might be fined for even repeating.

The moment one summits the mount

And stands high and mighty above the rest

Then the whole world seems to want to knock them off their pedestal

And watch them come crashing back down to the earth.

And yet, none of this even factors into my plans for the future. I should be free to feel content that I have done enough for my own pride and to honour my father’s spirit. After all, I have already accomplished everything that I came here to do. I first entered the ring here at SSW with the simple finite goal of appeasing the regrets and last wishes of a man who has been dead for decades. The good left undone. Some unfinished business a spirit is honorbound not to abandon. These are the tales we are told of why ghosts still suffer to haunt the earth. It is so easy to assume that by feeding the hunger you soothe the compulsion. We assume that those who have already proven themselves will not hunger like those who have gone so long starving without a seat to feast at the table. But that is simply not true. We never did just want one thing.

We Only Want Everything

What people do not seem to understand is that the Phantom Troupe do not feel so lofty as to rest upon our laurels. You see standing on top gives one sort of perspective. What was once sought after as a career defining accolade becomes a vantage point to to new and more precious wants. What I have achieved is too precious to leave behind as a mere stepping stone. And at any talk of Tarah Nova or anybody else taking this championship from me, my claws dig in about as deeply as they ever could have. Even still, this title is not precious enough to keep a man fulfilled forever. The hunger pangs still wrack me to fight and bleed to see the Phantom Troupe achieve even greater success.That is human nature, I suppose. We are collectors, isn’t that right? A cow will lie in the field, chewing away without a care. It has nothing but a full belly and with that meagre treasure alone it exists in a state of peace and contentedness that none of us will ever once experience in our lives. You see our problem as human being is that we get very attached to things. We must have more money. We must have pretty things and prettier things for when the former lose their luster. We must have respect. Pride is a sin... Until we can’t bear to let go of it - then it becomes a virtue, doesn’t it? Human beings, we are entitled.

We Only Want Everything.

Everything that doesn’t belong to us should.

This is a universal truth.

Isn’t this illuminating? 1 Mississippi… 2 Mississippi… 3… 4… 5… And I suspect already there are some already turning to the person beside them to say how much shit I am talking. And that is fine. Frankly, I don’t give a fuck what any of you sorry bastards think of me as Champion. I am not that judgemental. I understand truly all of your sentiments. I get it. It’s all just human nature. You’re all just repeating what you have collected these past 6 months. Listen Jaydayne… Your dreams, your ideals, the moralising you do when you vow to strike down and punish every monstrous titan in this promotion with the violence of lightning bolts. None of it is you. They are just things you collected along the way and now you are confused about how to define yourself without them. That’s human nature. We get really attached to things, our thoughts in particular. We start to believe that our little collection makes us what we are and soon forget that we didn’t always have these things. That little voice inside your head telling you what is right and what is wrong and who deserves the divine retribution of the rakurai… If you never had the ears to hear similar sentiments on the wind then that voice would be forever silent. And that dreamlike vision that you have in your head of what it might be like to make your family proud and finally bring success to Shoot Nation by winning the big one… Suppose you were born with eyes already glazed over and useless. Would you dream in such vivid shape and color then? Or is the very ambition that you are striving for just a collage patched together from movies you have seen once or twice? Pendragon…

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

A man is not his thoughts, his feelings, his dreams or his ideology. Like gold and silver, these are just things that we get attached to along the passage of samsara. There is no difference. And there is no real distinction that  plants Shoot Nation’s idealism above the raw ambition of The Phantom Troupe. And yet by the thundering voices that herald your rise I might have been mistaken as to think the Rakurai had already struck gold. But you have done nothing yet. You have sunk your teeth into just enough to whet your appetite but as of right now the spider is still the apex predator in SSW. Don’t embarrass yourself by giving us thunder before the lightning. Because when it really comes down to it, you aren't a hero. You aren’t a champion. And you ain’t got lightning in a bottle just yet. You are the same kind of possessive, entitled piece of shit that the rest of us are - just with less to show for it.Tomorrow night, and then again at Domination the world is about to see how the Heaven’s Arena Cup winner compares.

Like a lightning bolt from out of heaven

The high and mighty Pendragon crashes down to the earth

Down in the ring there is no room for lofty ideals, or opinions, or daydreams. Men are stripped back to their most basic selves such that desire is everything. And there are none who desire victory at all costs quite like the Phantom Troupe. So be warned, Jay. Domination will be named for The Phantom Troupe’s performance on the night. The Rakurai will not be able to resuscitate the slow suffering Shoot Nation with a shock to the system. But tomorrow night you may need resuscitating after all of your senses slip into the void when I plant your head right into the canvas. At least you won’t feel the shame while you are out. Liberation is not the flash of lightning or the bellowing crackle of thunder, but a lamp silently switching off.
on July 20th 2018, 5:12 pmSteven Cassidy
[After a long and difficult training session, Steven goes to sit down on a bench to collect his breath and wipe the sweat from his forehead with his hand. You can still see some of the bruises that Scott Oasis caused during Steven's last match. He takes a sip from his water bottle and dumps the remaining amount on his head to cool him down before speaking.]

I’ve had some much-needed downtime these past few weeks. Time used to heal my wounds. Time used to clear my head and to reflect on some of the choices I’ve made and what kind of impact it would cause. Basically, I hit the reset button. And after some thinking, I realize that I’ve gone about this the wrong way. Such as why I chose to come back here after my career and long-term health were in jeopardy. I wish I could tell you it was because I’ve missed this business and even more so, the friends and fans that I've met along the way, both of which I hold near and dear in my heart. But it wasn’t. It was because of this dark cloud that hovered above my head! And as each time its lightning struck, I was reminded of the painful memories that I’ve tried so desperately to keep buried away - but I wasn’t able to. The darkness would always win - undefeated, even. Each time I closed my eyes at night, his face was there. Each time I woke up in the morning, he was the first person I thought about. This person I speak of was none other than former Phantom Troupe leader, John Doe. I grit my teeth and clench my jaw just mentioning his name. I can feel my fists wanting to ball up and just yell my frustrations to vent a bit but I know this isn't the time. 

My clear hatred for Doe stems from the fact he robbed this world of a great wrestler. A crafty veteran that found success in every company he went to and Strong Style Wrestling was where he was finally going to get his much-deserved props, credit, and respect that he’s earned throughout the years. Finally, the spotlight would shine on him. Finally he would get the exposure from a national audience as they would look on and marvel at his skillset and top-notch talent - and finally, he would become a household name. But it never panned out that way because of greed! Because of the selfish reasons and the sadistic actions that John Doe decided to commit. When I mention the name Koji Senju, I know there isn’t much of a reaction. In fact, to most of you, it’s just the name of a man that was here for a week and then poof, he was gone. But obviously, his leave from this company isn’t some big mystery. He was forced out. He was forced out by The Phantom Troupe. And for what? To send a message to the entire world that they can do whatever they want. Because their ignorance tells them that we are all under their thumb - that we are all living in a world that they created and we should just be grateful that we are able to live in it. 

When I was away, whether I was lying helplessly in a hospital bed, or suffering from the excruciating pain that I endured as I tried to speed up my rehab process so I could get back here as soon as possible, or training with Shoot Nation’s young lions to help prepare me for my return - no matter the circumstances, my eyes were always glued to the product. And for the most part, I would enjoy the show. That is until the Phantom Troupe would appear on the screen and wreak havoc for the hell of it. Such as viciously attacking the man that gave me a shot to be here in the first place, in Brian Daniels. So when I watched Budokai Tenkaichi and witnessed John Doe's exit from SSW, it was bittersweet. Sweet that he is gone but bitter because I wasn't the one to do it. I mean, he was the reason why I was pushing myself so hard to get back here. And you know what? For that, I want to thank him. He pushed me without even knowing it. He gave me the motivation when I didn't even want to move. I was just so hellbent on getting revenge that I lost a part of myself. When I looked in the mirror I didn't recognize the man staring back at me. I saw a man with deep hatred. A man who didn't care who would step in his way as he would stack as many bodies as it would take to get to Doe. I became obsessed. And because I became obsessed. I lost the real reason why I am here - to live my dream as a professional wrestler. And in a way, to live Koji's dream for him. This is no longer about the past. And I realize that now. This is me slamming the door shut on those past events as I look forward to the next challenge that awaits me - this week, it's Maelstrom. 

A man that hasn't been here for a while, but has already managed to make a name for himself when he challenged Finnegan Wakefield, a good friend of mine, for the OWA World Championship. A match that he technically lost, but I wouldn't label him as a loser and I doubt the man he faced would say otherwise. In many ways, Maelstrom is a question mark. Sure he had that big match at BT, but otherwise, I don't think he's been given the opportunity to show off his complete arsenal to help dismantle his opponents. And I know this week, he is going to take his frustrations out on me. Because of that painful loss he suffered, that big blemish on his record, he is going to try to make me suffer. He's going to try to do what The Phantom Troupe is notorious for, and that's making examples out of people to make a statement. I have already been on that end once before and I don't plan on being a repeat casualty. Maelstrom, you promote a dark world. A world of destruction. A world that is yours. A world where you gifted yourself the throne. To you, that SSW ring is your domain, your jungle, and you will feast upon the fearful prey that decides to cross paths with you. But when you look into my eyes, you will see I am not afraid, but what you will see is passion and hunger. I am starving for a win, Maelstrom and I will do whatever it takes to make sure I am crowned in the winner's circle and that The Phantom Troupe's lowlife rolls out of the ring defeated and deflated. You see, because of the men and women, you align yourself with, I have nothing. You took my friend and mentor from me and now I have nothing to lose in this world because of it. The actual world, by the way, not your imagination. The way I see it, we are on a level playing field, which you can laugh off if you want, but it's because I too believe that I haven't shown my best yet, not even close. The first time I was here, I was way in over my head. I was too new to this sport and I was just looking to get my feet wet. But now? I have learned from my mistakes and with Shoot Nation's help, I believe I am now a force to be reckoned with. So don't do the foolish thing, Maelstrom. Don't underestimate me. Don't view me as an ant that you will crush under the weight of your boot - because if you actually believe this will be a quick outing for you, where you don't exert any energy at all, then that's a mistake I will gladly capitalize on. Your choice.
on July 17th 2018, 12:05 amThe Apparition
*The scene begins high on the Murakuni Mountain, overlooking the sprawling mix of country side and bustling urban city centre that is Echizen. Away from the more modern and maintained path to the peak of the subjugated geographical symbol of the region, on the lesser-travelled but still well-beaten path, a man clad all in black is contorting himself while staring off to his next destination – The Sun Dome Fukui*
*As the Apparition has his right leg hooked behind his head, with left stretched out at a 45 degree angle, the still young man is notably struggling to hold the difficult position. He proceeds to use his left hand to drag his foot, and with it his entire torso, straight down to the ground. The Apparition grunts through the strain, yet still has his body elevated a couple of inches off of the uneven ground. After a few deep breaths, he slowly lowers himself up, before dropping to his back and stretching out his knees, before popping up to his feet*
It’s funny about how simple wrestling used to be, as little as 10 years ago. You would show up, hit people, get hit, then have a drink at the pub to ignore how increasingly severe your back pains had been getting. When I started wrestling, thankfully I came in when physiotherapists began to be hired by even the smallest of independent companies. They were rarely good, but when you were fighting for a $10 coupon for Wallmart, at least it was something.
To this day, we still fight in a savage and barbaric arena, but now it is one which is constantly developing and moving on with the times. When I came back after my sabbatical, I felt like a genuine old timer with everything that had changed. Cryobaths, Eastern medicine, hell, they even have a few yoga teachers to help us get more flexible. If they had all of that a few years ago, I probably would have never left. I always knew about the importance of stretching, but if I had the foresight in my younger days to actively seek out what I have access to now…Well, it is as they say. Youth is wasted on the young.
Speaking of youth, there is certainly a new movement of young, talented wrestlers sprouting up from the Ronin faction, aren’t there? We are no longer dealing with Tarah and the Island of Misfit Toys. In just the last couple of months they have secured the talents of big names like April Song and Dragon Hunter, as well as some young guns in Dr Shrapnel, Kikyo Himura and Kai Stevens.
The first thing to notice about this group of self-described loners is…Well…They are quickly trying to overtake the Phantom Troupe as the arsehole faction, aren’t they? Tarah was always a bit on the nose at her absolute worst, and April seems alright, but the rest of the group are reaching Elon Musk levels of self-satisfaction and general dickishness. Like I get it. This has always been a habit for the young guns. You can’t make your name in this business unless you are able to pound your chest and declare yourself the next great thing, but maybe this is where the old timer part of me kicks in – These punk kids have no respect, so I will need to put it upon myself to show them some.
Let’s take my opponent for this week, Kikyo Himura. Now I have seen the work of her parents, and I have to admit. I’m impressed. They were very talented people when they were in their primes. You should be proud, Kikyo. If I was to fight either of your parents, I would consider that both a challenge and an honour.
But you? I don’t mean to take you lightly, but who are you again? You’re just a brat born into wrestling royalty, who thinks her shit doesn’t stink. You haven’t done anything in this company…I don’t even think you’ve won a televised match yet…And you want to goad and harangue Belle over her lack of success? Man, to hell with that. I don’t need to holster up Belle because I know she is capable of defending herself, but it would be one thing if Aria Jaxon was to call her a scrub. At least she has been there before. She holds the most prestigious belt in SSW, so yeah. I could give her room to talk. But who the hell are you? You’re just some new kid, who is so green you could be a member of the Tres Comas Club. Belle and I may have tried and failed during our respective stints at championship gold, but the fact of the matter is that we both deserved to challenge for those titles.
I can’t count the amount of people who believe themselves to be the next big thing, but then fail to even win a match, before fading away to obscurity. Now I am aware that you are better than to be doomed to having that be your fate. We have obviously clashed not too long ago along with the people who will be in our corner this coming weekend, and you had our number on the day. Still, when the lights are bright and the chips are down, I seem to remember you losing to Vanessa, not even daring to challenge Forza, and getting punked out for the world to see by Belle. That is 3 big L’s to Shoot Nation you have taken for the world to see, and no amount of petty bitching and a failed school yard bully routine will hide that.
Welcome to the big time, Kikyo. When we face off this week, just consider this a continuing of your education in strong style. You may see me as another disgusting gaijin trying to sully the good name of puroresu, but I promise you that what I do may follow the ethos of strong style, it does a disserve to both myself and your entire nation to call what I do puroresu. Trust me when I tell you that my style isn’t so narrow to be limited to just one style. This is the amalgamation of years of training, practice and dedication to my craft. A style born before you could even spell ‘professional wrestling’. A style all my own, but a spirit born before even our parents were a twinkle in our grandfathers’ eyes. This is what Shoot Nation is all about, and I wish to continue the work already started by Vanessa, and which will be continued by Belle. You have started off your SSW career cold, Kikyo. I have no intention of allowing me to be the one who helps you turn it all around.
This might make me sound like a fossil, but I believe that it’s high time to take the kids back to the classroom. And don’t worry Kai. I fully anticipate to extend this lesson to you as well. After all, what is the point of us old men if we don’t teach the people who will one day replace us? Even if that day is still in the far and distant future.
on July 7th 2018, 12:00 amDamien Walker
Not THESE Guys Again...

“Tres Comas Club is truly the gift that keeps on giving, whether it be your immense collection of money-obsessed egos or the constant struggle for power that’s been playing out ever since I first arrived here in SSW. Despite the fact that I’m amused by the petty squabbling that goes on between everyone in TCC, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t  starting to get bored of wrestling you guys over and over again. To hear someone from TCC say that we’re “leaderless”, that we “need” a leader and someone to serve as the “alpha” of our little wolf pack. The problem with TCC is the complete opposite because EVERYONE is trying to serve as the leader, they’ve all got too much of an ego to willingly accept taking orders from someone else.”

“You see...Ronin is a bit different from the other factions in SSW. Tarah’s the closest thing we have to a genuine “leader”, but the fact of the matter is that we’re all individuals. We’ve all got different goals from one another, just slightly similar attitudes. I don’t intend to completely hide my intentions from anyone else in this group. While so many others are perfectly content with their plotting and scheming against one another or to further their own ambitions, I’ve decided to be perfectly happy with my place here.”

“Am I pissed off that I’ve been doing a bunch of tag matches recently? Hell no. In fact, I do plan on coming for those belts at some point in the near future. We’ll just have to see how everything turns out from here, won’t we? Ronin’s had those belts before anyone else and we’re gonna take them back soon enough.”

“Peace. The Fuck. Out.”
on July 6th 2018, 11:57 pmShinati Mizarki
"It happened again. I couldn't get the job done, when it mattered most"

>>His words echoing throughout the air, we see Shinati sitting solemnly; cross legged atop a Persian style olive nylon rug, within the confines of a church deep in the heart of Ginxa. Well, more of a temple than a church, as there is a brass statue about three and a half feet of him of a 'Kami', or the spirit that the Shinto religion is based around, along with a picture of a Kami blessing a child painted with oil based paints; framed within a shimmering silver frame, on the right hand side wall of the temple, in between two stained glass windows that have designs of a butterfly etched into them with a hybrid of magenta and silver paint. 

Sighing to himself, Shinati thinks back to hearing the referee's hand pound against the mat for the third time; continuing his woes when it came to mane-e-mano bouts within the SSW, and as such, in his wrestling career as a whole to date. Something, that he knows *he* needs to change, if he is to forge his path; claim the standing that he desires within the industry.<<

"I let myself believe that I could do it. That I could defeat Militades; stake my claim for bringing about an uprising of Shoot Nation. Of perpetuating the statement that my words weren't the sole thing that define me. That my bite, was as big, if not bigger, than my supposed 'bark'. Yet *I* couldn't do that. I couldn't even pretend that I even got close to doing that."

>>Looking up at the statue, he knows that deep down, he failed it. Just as much as he has continuously spoken about failing not just himself, but also the customs and cultures that he, along with the rest of Shoot nation, are attempting to uphold. That they are 're-attaining' for the industry itself, as a gentle smile crosses his lips.<<

"I'm sorry for failing you. I'm sorry for allowing myself to deviate from the path that *you* set forth for me to take. A path, that I now know, is what shall lead me to not just the riches within wrestling, but also the personal enlightenment that I forever seek. The desires, that I have battled to claim as my own. The blessings, that lay themselves before me, each and every day of my existence."

>>Bowing his head, he allows his mind to 'cleanse' itself, understanding now that it is what *needs* to be done. That clarity, is the only way that he shall progress upon the route of finding what he needs inside of him, to rise further above the mire. To ascend, beyond the despair of his past failures. Just has it had been before. Just as it was, prior to the fleeting victory he attained with Shoot nation cohorts Belle Kingsley and The Apparition against the tag champions and Andre Virgo. Exhaling softly, he slightly pushes himself upward, before once more, gently looking at the statue.<<

"I know that in your eyes, I must redeem myself. That I must allow my mind; my anguish to be unveiled before you, if I am to attain the true clarity. If I am to 'validate' my belief once more. If you are to accept me into the realm. That's what I want, too. For I consider your word, to be the light that pierces the shadows. The warmth, that shall encapsulate the world once the time calls for you to arise. For you, to reclaim the offerings you have enabled us to reap."

>>Smiling, Shinati says one final phrase.<<

"Kai, this week, we go out there and give them a show."

on July 6th 2018, 11:51 pmCM Nas
on July 6th 2018, 11:41 pmApril Song
[Following the events of her match at Budokai Tenkaichi, April is shown being helped to the back by her Ronin comrade Tarah Nova. She is now fully conscious, holding her head in obvious pain, muttering profanity as she is helped into the area where the press conference tables are set up. Tarah is offering soft consolations and encouragement to her fallen partner, but April is having none of it.]

April: What the heck are you apologizing for?! It couldn't be helped. That old bastard got a jump on me...Don't worry about it. Do you mind helping me sit down?.....Thanks.....

[Facing the media with bulbs flashing, a Young Lion offers her an ice pack, which she snatches from the young trainee with an irritated glare as he scurries off.]

April: So this is "Strong Style Wrestling", huh? I suppose you all think I've been exposed as a fraud, right? That I'm no good, that Ronin just added another loser to the ranks. That we're rudderless and don't have leadership. That's what all of you are thinking, right? Well, you're dead wrong. I lost tonight, not because of Tarah not getting in there to save my ass in time, but because I wasn't good enough on the night. I tried to fight that old bastard on his terms, his way, and it backfired. I'm not ashamed of losing, but what happened out there tonight was not an indication of who I am as a wrestler and who I am as a person. Funny thing is, once upon a time in a federation that you all may have heard of in America, I had a debut that didn't go so well there too. I was in a three way dance and I came up on the losing end. It's almost funny in a way that I lost that match in a similar fashion: I was unable to get in the ring in time to break up the fall. Guess what though? The two other people involved turned out to be flashes in the pan, specks in the long term scheme of things. I went on to recover from that loss and become a two-time champion over there. My point to you is that those of you who are choosing to underestimate me right now based on one poor're putting your money on the wrong horses. 

[April presses the ice pack on her jaw, wincing in pain.]

April: Fuck, that hurt. Now, I know that Tarah has the next crack at Sangkat...but I want another shot at that geyser sooner rather than later. That big ugly dumb muscle Gronk doesn't interest me at all, neither does anyone else in their little Troupe. Well...except Aria, but that's for another time. When I get my first one on one match, I want him. And I don't care if it's for a belt or not. I'm just not going to let any of that bullshit slide. For now though, I'm going to get myself back together. I didn't travel halfway across the world to show up, get my ass kicked once then go home. I came here to be a major force in Strong Style Wrestling. I came here to help take Ronin to the top. So please.....continue to doubt. Continue to mock. Continue to question. I can't wait to see the looks on all of your faces when it's said and done....and I'm holding SSW gold. 

I'm the new girl here, so don't mind me if I don't really care much about what happened in the past between Tres Comas and Ronin. That's past. I came here to join Ronin because one of the few people that I actually trust to look in the eye and shoot it straight with me reached out for help. I'm still learning the ins and outs of Strong Style Wrestling. Honestly, I'm still learning about the people in my own faction of Ronin. Am I worried that someone may not watch my back, that someone will turn on me for their own benefit? Eh...not really. Why? Because honestly I always have watched my own six ever since I was a pilot. I'm aware that people change and have differing motivations. But one thing that I know, despite our recent struggles, despite our tenuous position here in SSW, Ronin is poised for big things.

Who is going to lead us into this bright, shining Era that I foresee? Well, that's not my damn call to make. I am just a soldier, after all. I'm not here to run a hostile takeover of Ronin; I'm here to help it realize it's potential. And helping it realize it's potential, at least in my mind, doesn't involve a megalomaniac like Miltiades shoehorning himself into a position of leadership. From what it sounds like to me, Tres Comas seems to be having leadership problems as well. What's the matter, Milty? Are you so annoyed that you've been upstaged and outfoxed over that Junior Heavyweight belt that you want to absorb us into your group so you can wage a war of your own? I mean, that's what all this bitching plus the propositions add up to my point of view. You seem like the type that's always looking for the angle for yourself. You're always looking for things to exploit, moves to make to get yourself over the top. Honestly, I don't have a problem with that. Like I said earlier, I watch my own back more than I expect anyone else to. But the difference between you and me is that I'm not going to shamelessly, stupidly telegraph my moves for the entire world to know. Me, I prefer to hustle in silence. Does that mean I'm going to make good on your prophecy and stab someone in the back and cause "Dissention In the Ranks of Ronin"? Nah. But...BUUUUT...every now and again I'm gonna look out for self. And beating YOU...I think that may put me in line for a Junior Heavyweight title match somewhere down the line, wouldn't it? Just a thought.

There's not going to be a civil war in Ronin. With my partners tomorrow against Miltiades, GREED and Jack Ryland, we're going to show why there is still some fight left in the ranks of Ronin, and while we may not have the "leaders" that certain individuals think we should have, we can get on fine just on our own. And if you're looking for difficulty in your fight, you're looking in the right place, Miltiades. I'm in the mood to make up for a rough debut, and something tells me that you may be overlooking the Killer Bee and her new buddies just a teensy-weensy bit. That's fine. I like surprising people who don't take what's in front of them seriously. Ronin were Champions here before my arrival. Every last cell in my fucking body, every droplet of blood and sweat shed will be to make sure that history repeats itself. That's all. 
on July 6th 2018, 10:59 pmSaul Omen
The Song of Saul Omen: Chapter X

[The darkness of the shadows had enveloped the screen where there was nothing of merit to be able to see until a fog arises from out of nowhere to coat the darkened void until a shape was able to be created from the fog. A humanoid silhouette was able to be crafted from the shadows with what looked to be a symbiotic darkness that was around him within the darkness before it retreated inside of him. A bestial hum was heard throughout the area with the humanoid figure lifting its head up to reveal it to be Saul Omen, a member of The Phantom Troupe that has been paired with CM Nas and Kerry Keller on the path for his match against The Tres Comas Club that has the SSW Junior Heavyweight Champion in Andre Virgo and the SSW Freebird Tag Team Champions of The One True Pairing, Cassius Corleone and Sakura Corleone. Donning his signature black suit with a red tie that he has begun to tighten to his collar, Saul looks forward with a solemn look upon his face, stoic in his gaze.]

Saul Omen: The world watched in awe at the death of Brian Daniels from this company. The world watched in disbelief with The Queen of Strong Style Wrestling had stood with the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship remaining in her possession. The Phantom Troupe has remained the most dominant force in Strong Style Wrestling after the events that have played out from Budokai Tenkaichi, even with the recent absence of our prolific leader in John Doe, missing in action from the defeat he suffered at the hands of the resident hero… Masanori Kawada. The Phantom Troupe will thrive in memoriam of our fallen comrade that has taken his last ride in this land and it begins on this show against reigning champions of this company in The Tres Comas Club. Andre Virgo, the man that has taken charge of the faction since its inception when he dethroned BANG from the seat of SSW Junior Heavyweight Champion, teams with rivals that we have become quite familiar with in The One True Pairing who currently hold the SSW Freebird Tag Team Championships. However, both of you know that neither of you are deserving of those championships that you currently hold, right? As much as Virgo might be able to claim his right to be known as champion, you can’t say the same about your ability to stand as the reigning champions of the tag team division. Let’s be honest with ourselves, the only reason that you stood a chance against us was that you had two other team members to serve as distractions for you. This wasn’t a battle to show who was the superior faction or alliance that should be worthy of those championships, but it was a battle of luck that won you the war on that day. Don’t fret because the day will come where The Lovebirds will take flight in the embrace of Death’s wings and the prizes that they hold will be in the possession of The Phantom Troupe! The world will soon watch once more in awe at not only the brilliance of The Phantom Troupe that has dominated the entirety of Strong Style Wrestling, but the honor that Death shall have when I deliver his the gift of agony upon your souls. The moment that we have entered into this match was the moment that your days as champion have been numbered, the moment that we have been brought to your doorstep was the instant that you wrote the last chapter of this bliss that you’ve been wrapped into, and the dread shall be setting in when we claim victory against all three of you. A group of champions stand before us and when the final nail has been left to the coffin, the hallowed words shall be echoed once more with one of you lying on that canvas in anguish and humiliation, and I shall be left smiling to tell them to you.

Memento Mori.
on July 6th 2018, 10:26 pmAria Jaxon

Aria supposed life wouldn’t be totally fair if there wasn’t always some sort of balance instituted. All things considered, the weekend of Budokai Tenkaichi had been a banner one for The Phantom Troupe, and she was proud of that. Sure, it was beyond annoying that her Women’s Championship hadn’t gone as planned, but she took solace in knowing it was only because a couple of geriatric has-beens couldn’t let their daughter get her ass beat in relative peace. It was really the only blemish on the two days, seeing as how the boys had all won their tag team matches and she’d closed out the weekend by stomping Drake Jaeger out. The faction as a whole was flying high, perhaps the most secure that they’d ever been in the fact that they truly ruled SSW. What could possibly bring frowns to their faces?

“He’s leaving,” she remembered Nas saying to all of them, feeling as if the question she’d asked before had jinxed them all or something. call her no-contest title match the only blemish on The Phantom Troupe’s weekend was inaccurate. John Doe had flat out lost to the man he considered to be his worst enemy, and while any of them would’ve believed the group could move past that, apparently the mysterious man who had been at the helm disagreed.

The group-dominated nature of SSW meant people drifted in and out, though The Phantom Troupe had been largely spared from losing anyone who actually mattered. People would be watching their next moves closely. A new leader sliding into place would be the sort of thing that could shake a lesser faction to its foundation, but not them. Whoever took the reigns next wouldn’t miss a beat. If there was any time to show that their dominance was far from an illusion, then that time was closing in -- and they’d be damned if they didn’t make the most of it.


It’s Saturday night in Tokyo, and another capacity crowd has packed into Ariake Coliseum to see the latest show on the Strong Survive Tour live and in color. The sounds of the fanfare are far-off and barely register in Aria’s ears as she sits in front of a lit vanity in her dressing room backstage. Her precious Puroresu Heavyweight Championship is propped up on the vanity, and she glances down at it before her gaze moves back upward to appraise her reflection -- all immaculately curled purple hair, glossy lips, and perfectly sculpted eyebrows. She clenched her jaw, rolling her neck to either side as she sighed and closed her eyes for a moment.

“Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

She opens her eyes again, placing her elbows on the vanity and using resting her chin in her hands.

“The idea that The Phantom Troupe will be removed from our position as the top dogs of this company is little more than wishful thinking. Cute pipe dreams concocted by people who know that as long as we exist, they have no hope of really, truly thriving here. That’s what makes us different than the rest of the sorry excuses for competitors on this roster. While we can’t stand the rest of them, we don’t need them gone to be able to succeed. In spite of the barricades they all attempt to throw up, we press on and keep our dominance intact. Cute as it is, no other faction has made a more concerted effort to defy us than Shoot Nation.”

Aria can't help but laugh, though the slight one that bubbles up is a huff of one that she doesn't really feel.

“For Shoot Nation, I’m sure the idea of bringing The Phantom Troupe to our knees has become the personal crusade of a lifetime. For the faction seemingly most interested in protecting the “core values” of this company, I know that it sickens them to see my boys and I running roughshod over this place. If they were good enough to keep it from happening, then they would’ve. If Shoot Nation could be trusted to protect SSW from falling into the clutches of the evil renegades, then things never would’ve gotten to this level. But here we all stand now. With Budokai Tenkaichi in the rearview now, Shoot Nation’s morale must be at an all-time high. The two men that Khmaoch and I will be facing this week came out of that show with very important victories. Pendragon put down Scott Oasis, and Kawada rid himself of his own personal boogieman in the form of Doe. And of course, there’s the matter of the leader finally growing a set and walking out there after my main event victory to spew some bullshit about cashing in his Heaven’s Arena Cup to restore honor to a title he never managed to keep me from latching onto in the first place. For Shoot Nation, they sent the only two semi-reliable soldiers they had into battle, and someone should’ve told them to play this game a bit smarter and to dispatch of drones they didn’t want back. Any combination of two Phantom Troupe members would be lethal...but there’s something particularly dangerous about the one that Pendragon and Kawada will find themselves in the ring with tonight.”

“Khmaoch was one of the founding fathers of this faction, and for well over one hundred days, has had an unbreakable grip on the Heritage Championship. He is a PT original, our war general and a seasoned veteran whose propensity for breaking those who challenge him is unmatched. In me, you have someone that both of these men have fallen to, and someone they realistically should be very disinterested in losing to again, but that post-victory high has them doing things they shouldn’t. Kawada and Pendragon are living in a dream, and for whatever reason, the loss of our one-time leader has them thinking that they smell blood in the water. Tell me, gentlemen, do any of us in The Phantom Troupe look worse for wear? Are we scrambling and asking “what’s next?” in the aftermath of losing an integral puzzle piece? No. We’re closing ranks and becoming stronger than ever, and that’s a point we’re looking to prove in this match. Your tournament wins and personal victories are nothing more than fleeting moments of joy that all but disappear in the shadow cast by The Phantom Troupe’s dominance. And those fleeting moments will be what you cling to in order to dull the sting of suffering a decisive loss at the hands of Khmaoch and myself.”

“Do you know what defined you, Kawada? Well, aside from the numerous and constant failed championship opportunities. It was your back-and-forth with Doe. Up until the very end, he was a step ahead of you and so far in your head that he might as well have been paying you rent to take up residence there. In comparison to all of your other failures, eventually defeating Doe probably felt like the one thing you actually could manage, even if you fell flat on your face more than once tryna make it happen. After all, you want so badly to be a hero, and you knew that a hero is nothing without a villain to challenge them. You finally did the thing nobody thought that you could...but now what? Where do you go from here, now that your archenemy has disappeared into the pages of a comic somewhere? At this stage, I’m sure you’d follow anything that looks even remotely similar to a North Star, and you followed it to a familiar destination -- The Phantom Troupe’s front door, suddenly re-energized by your recent conquest. I mean, we could play pretend for a second and say your best case scenario comes to pass. You get the momentary bragging rights, but then what? You leverage it for a title shot against either myself or Khmaoch and then lose? Or have you not even thought ahead that far? Of course you haven’t. My former leader gave you the greatest gift of all when he fell to you and let you have the satisfaction of notching that victory, but I can promise you that Khmaoch and I won’t be doing anything similar. If you thought Doe was sinister, if you loathed him, you haven’t seen shit yet. If the hero wants a villain to test his mettle against, we’ll give him two. How generous of us! Double the chances to get your heart, your will, and your body broken.”

“Pendragon, I have to wonder how far you’re willing to go in order to make sure that your loss at Exodus wasn’t in vain. That night, no matter what you or anyone else has to say about it, I actually played by the rules. The cameos from the rest of The Phantom Troupe were very much within the parameters of what was allowed that night, and you still came up short. You’ve wanted so badly to circle back around and get another shot at me. So much so that you had to go to hell and back just to win a tournament for the chance to swing and miss again. You’re a glass-half-full kinda guy so I know you’ll say that all the trials you’ve endured will be worth it when you get the chance to depose the evil queen, but are you sure that’ll be the case? Are you positive you’ll be able to seal the deal at Domination, or will your shiny cup just end up being a lasting memento of the latest time you’ll have come up short? Are you so set in your thinking that I’m the worst person who’s ever lived that you think the title would’ve been in better hands if Jaeger had actually kept his word back at Budokai Tenkaichi? He was never gonna beat me, though entertaining his stupidity was ultimately worth it in the end if I’ve got another title defense to my name. Coming out there afterward was supposed to leave me shook, I’m sure, but your actions didn’t quite have the desired effect. On the off chance that you and Kawada managed to pull off a win, someone could ask me why it mattered and say I should be content with winning the eventual war instead of just the battle. But why not both? Why not claim the ultimate prize, along with all the smaller mile markers along the way? With this Phantom Troupe victory tonight, I take a piece of the shining beacon of Shoot Nation with me. And every time we meet after this, I’ll keep chipping away at you until at Domination, I deal the blow that causes you to shatter. Take the first steps toward your greatest failure yet tonight. Don’t say I never warned you about what was on the horizon…”

Three knocks on the dressing room door cut off her thoughts, and a couple more moments pass before the door is slowly pushed open to reveal Khmaoch standing in the doorway. He is match-ready, with his signature towel hanging over his head and the Heritage Championship on his shoulder. He nods his head in the general direction of the ring and all its fanfare, and a slight smile creases Aria’s expression as she nods back at him. She grabs her title from the vanity, fastening it around her waist before walking through the door and shutting it behind her. 
on July 6th 2018, 10:18 pmMatias Navarro
(After his tough loss at Supremacy back in May, we haven’t seen Matias on any of the SSW tour shows. No reason has been released as to why. Could it be from an injury? Could he be clashing with SSW management? Just refusing to show up for work? Who knows. Today's scene opens to Matias' business partner, Tomas Aguilar, waiting for Matias to show up at the gym he owns. Tomas looks down at his watch several times as a time-lapse goes by. They were scheduled to meet at 3 PM, but Matias finally walks through the doors at 8 PM. Tomas isn't even angry when he finally sees "The Maestro", just disappointed. Matias isn't even dressed to train either, seeing as how he is dressed in a suit with no other clothes in hand. Matias and Tomas have a conversation in Spanish and after a while, Matias raises his voice, telling Tomas to know his role. Matias doesn't want to train, he just wants to record his video message to his opponent, The Apparition and leave. Tomas sighs and agrees. They sit down on a bench.) 

Tomas: I wasn't really prepared to do this today, but-

Matias: Enough! Your disorganization is disappointing, to say the least. I pay you top dollar to speak, Tomas ... just think about that for a second. No, don't respond. Not yet!!!  Just think about how easy your job is. Go on, let it really marinate. Your job duties are minimal.  All you have to do is open your mouth and captivate the audience through the words you spout and the confidence you exemplify. I mean, you used to do those things quite well, but as of late, you have left a lot to be desired. Just like my opponent for this week, and I will get to him in a second. So seeing as how Tomas is suffering from a serious case of stage fright, it appears I will do most of the talking. Just adding to the long list of tasks I must tackle this evening so I can keep my bank account nice and happy. If my money is happy, then I am happy, it's that simple. But do you know what doesn't make me happy? These SSW interviewers who constantly come up to me and shove a microphone in my face and ask where have I been all these weeks? As if they are entitled to an answer. Spoiler alert, they're not. But seeing as how I have this camera recording my every last word, I suppose I can divulge into this topic somewhat by giving tidbits. When it comes to me, you must remember that professional wrestling isn't my entire life. I don't pigeonhole myself to just one source of income. I have many businesses and sponsorships and investments that consume a large portion of my day. So much so, I am not able to wrestle weekly for Strong Style Wrestling. Big disappointment for the OWA fans, I know. But this is something Jacob Senn and Brian Daniels knew when signing me. They knew I would only be able to work x amount of dates, meaning when it comes time to show this handsome face of mine, it should be because I am facing a top-tier talent in a marquee match that the fans have been clamoring for.. SO WHY THE FUCK AM I FACING THE APPARITION THEN?!?!?! I'm willing to bet no one has an answer for me. It's as if they just drew his name out of a hat and told me welp, here's who you are facing from the leftovers and rejects we couldn't find a spot for on the card. What an insult to the talent I possess and what a waste of time it will be. 

I knew I was being too generous when signing my contract. There should have been clauses where I could hand pick my opponent so my satisfaction could be met or better yet, exceeded. And that is why I took matter into my own hands a few months back when I originally challenged Aria for the SSW Puroresu World Championship ... but that is neither here nor there. I don't like to dwell on the past too much, whereas my opponent seems to love it. What a complete and utter fool you are. Grasping ever so tightly on those straws of yours. Providing false information left and right and hell, let's even throw in center too. Slandering my name is what it is. You say I'm lazy? Pot meet kettle, bitch. Was I suppose to use perro there instead? No, fuck you. But let's go back to when I implied you are lazy just a few seconds ago. See, I don't just move on and forget what I said. I don't make baseless claims and hope people don't notice, no, that is your specialty. That's your bread and butter. You see me and you come to the conclusion that I am just a waste of potential. A guy that is happy with being mediocre for the rest of his life as long as the money keeps flowing in. I don't necessarily fault you for that, because all of my critics share that same thought. In the past, sure, I might have held back somewhat. Maybe I coasted a bit when I should have been more aggressive, sure. Guilty as charged. But what you have to remember is hat was me from a few years ago. Back when I was still just a kid in this business who was wet behind the ears. Let's be real, we all make mistakes when we are in our late teens and early twenties, and I am no exception. But with that said, I firmly believe I have learned from my mistakes and in a way I am reborn. Because if I really was lazy since joining SSW, I would have never challenged Aria for her title in the first place. I would have just sat back and let the likes of Andre Virgo dictate my career and be happy with whatever happens. Instead, I have taken the initiative. I control my destiny. Not anyone else. Just me. 

That is enough about me for the time being. I'm sure I will return to my favorite topic, me, very soon, but for now, whether it's five seconds or five minutes, let's talk a little about you. Let's run down a little list of mine, shall we? So you called me lazy, that I have no passion for this business. And that is coming from the guy who had a huge match for the tag titles just last week ... and we didn't hear a peep from you. At first, I wondered why that was? Maybe you were busy last week? So busy you couldn't take three minutes out of your schedule to promote your match? I doubt it. I am sure Senn loved that, by the way. The more I got to thinking, I think it's because that after you failed to capture the Heritage Championship from Khmaoch Sangkat. you started to doubt yourself. Your own mind put this huge boulder of pressure on your shoulders, telling you that you couldn't afford to lose yet another title match so soon. And yet, you did. I admit I can't wait for your inevitable Jr. Heavyweight Championship title shot next and lose that as well. And after that? The Puroresu World Championship!!! Nah. let's not kid ourselves, you are never sniffing a chance at that title. Speaking of that very championship, I just wanted to correct you on one thing, since you love to bend the truth. You say Aria beat me clean as a whistle between those ropes at Supremacy. Interesting, because Saul Omen and CM Nas made their way out to the ring that night and they clearly distracted me. They may have chased off Tomas, but still distracting nonetheless. You know, the same two people that helped Aria beat Drake last week? A fresh Drake couldn't beat an Aria who was viciously assaulted the night before at the hands of Robbie and HBG? Pathetic, but I digress. While I am correcting you, let's make one more. You said you pinned me back in April, April 14th to be exact, in our tag match. Wrong, that would be Miltiades. Again, you provide zero facts. And that alone makes you lazy .. no, sloppy...actually, let's go with a combination of the two. So as you can see, you shot yourself in the foot with the hogwash you sent my way last night. Just like you shot yourself in the foot when it came to your title matches. I suppose they don't call you Shoot Nation for nothing. So with that said, guess what's going to happen this week? Yep, you guessed it, you are going to once again shoot yourself in the fucking foot, this time against me. And when that happens, you can regurgitate your opening line and tell us all about how your best just wasn't good enough. I suggest you get used to it, App, because it's going to become the norm. 

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on July 6th 2018, 10:03 pmJaydayne Pendragon
She reassured herself that she put me…us behind her, left us for dead….though she always knew deep down, her time would come.

One could call it hell or the bottom of the mountain, but all know it by the dire straits of its inhabitants. That all too well-known place where those who have faced adversity have been sent and made to lament on a path that seems to have no end in sight. Shoot Nation, despite meaning to represent this company, began on the losing end of many battles in the on-going war for this company’s legacy, or you could call it the soul. While other factions lived lives of luxury and excess, we toiled, but also….we regrouped and we clawed at every opening we could find until we began to now have our work produce results. So much so that when four people were that close to reaching the mountain peak out of an entire tournament, three out of four were Shoot Nation. Now I had to fight our mentor, but it only made our bond stronger when we showed we could fight with honour in that ring! And eventually when it was all over, I had left the pits of hell to reach the heavens of Mount Olympus to collect Zeus’ lightning bolts, and therefore the rights to the title of Rakurai. From my place on top Heaven’s Arena, I like the Greek gods spoken in fables have struck down titans, be it Gronk or Scott Oasis.

Any beast that walks the earth tormenting the people and sullying these lands calls for the clouds to go black and have the lightning discharged at them at any moment, but for the most unrepented animal a greater charge is accumulated over time in wait. For the most thunderous bolt of them all has been saved for you, Aria Jaxon.

As the clock ticks down for when the divine retribution of the Rakurai descends upon you, I wish to allow you to come to terms with your life of blasphemy and wickedness that has brought ruin to your once prosperous people. After all, while I collected these weapons of lightning and bolstered the troops of Shoot Nation, what has become of your forces? Your mad titan, once bitten twice shy, hasn’t been the same ever since he faced me, and rumour says you’ve even lost your leader after the elder of Shoot Nation laid down some wisdom on him that can only be learned in a true fight. We of Shoot Nation have swam against the current only to make us more enduring to the forces we face, but the type of current you’re messing with has shown to paralyze at the touch! The only thing that could ever save you is if you had the sense to truly ground yourself, but we all know such humbling and gravitas is against your nature. Even as the main three pillars everyone thought of when thinking of the Phantom Troupe has dwindled down to you just you alone as one, you’ll remain skipping around like a little child without a care in the world, calling forth rage for every innocent body you treat like a hopscotch square towards your destination. You may ignore the winds of change and dark clouds above you, but little one that championship you’ve kept through tyranny is but a kite in a thunderstorm, and it is only natural that those who tempt fate to receive fate’s worst punishments. This won’t be your end just yet, but despite how reassuring your guardian Khmoach Sangkat attempts to be, you will feel the specter of the Rakurai, a glimpse of the shadow of what is to come, because while this won’t be enough to electrocute you it’ll be enough of a jolt to catch your attention, like that feeling you get when you’ve forgotten to ground yourself messing with electronics and then touch metal.

I don’t speak to Sangkat, because he doesn’t speak to me Aria. His words are for you. Elders cannot change their nature, consciously or subconsciously, they’re always attempting to shape their youth. That ill elder, I know his sickness….his toxicity because I have known healthy mentors like Kawada-sama to compare. For Shoot Nation Kawada-sama has never attempted to shield us from the truth, nor hide his displeasure in our performances when it is merited, he has made me swallow many a bitter pill to make me better for it. Kawada-sama doesn’t mince words. But your senior? He crafts fantasies, he makes a leader who basically got you that title into a mere figurehead after how long you all respected him, he claims loss of ground on the battlefield as small moments despite his love for utter dominance, and even an anti social man such as himself who is normally completely devoid of shallowness suddenly relegates himself to hyping up autograph signings for champions to no doubt appease your vain sensibilities. He wants to advert your gaze from the troubles you’re having, he covers your eyes with his hand, but you’ll see me through the gaps between his fingers. You’ll witness the entire Red Strife waged upon your people! But why does he even attempt to shelter you? Why does he fail as an elder so much compared to Kawada-sama? It’s because he tries too hard to be unlike his father that couldn’t shelter him in hard times. His father couldn’t comfort him under the Khmer Rouge, so he over compensates to provide for you during this Red Strife. But like helicopter parents that only make it worse for the child they attempt to keep away from any pain, he only makes the wake up call into the blunt reality worse! He and others have gotten ahead of themselves making comparisons between the two of you. Champions? The fact both of you have a balding problem? Those are merely shallow qualities of kinship. What makes you two a true pair is yet to come. For like him, you too will one day have PTSD, you’ll wake up in the night with cold sweat, and have a chill up your spine every time you turn a corner a little too fast. For you, your trauma will come from seeing the spark that can restart the heart of any fighter no matter how dead you once pronounced them to be.

Light that makes you see can be blinding if you’ve spent too much time in the dark before suddenly getting it, a shock that can restart the heart of dying samurai can stop the vile heart of a nure-onna.
on July 6th 2018, 9:34 pmMasanori Kawada

Versus vs. Aria Jaxon & Khmaoch Sangkat (with Jaydane Pendragon).
Entry: 1 -- Word Count: 1,051

(Apologies for the quality, I've been losing interest in writing for Kawada in recent times.)

"A pillar of justice that has withstood the destructive winds until all had blown over, the pillar standing tall in the end.

It has been no secret that the Shoot Nation has been handed more than it's fair share of setbacks, constantly made to look a fool as championships and match outcomes were snatched away by your common thieves in the night. After months on top of months scraping by as the only faction currently in Strong Style Wrestling yet to hold a championship belt within our camp, Budokai Tenkaichi was the turning point for our fortunes, where the momentum is finally in our favor. I must confess that I had some doubt towards my spot in the faction, my contributions to turn the tides against the Phantom Troupe was a fruitless endeavor. I stand as the patient zero to this virus that has infected the immune system of this company with its constant interferences and taking shortcuts to tip the scales and slowly eat away at the global respect of this promotion. That very first night where the Phantom Troupe benefited from my defeats after Doe injected his lethal dose into the strongest arm of this company, when he took away championship glory that was mere seconds away from taking this company into a more honorable direction, happened at my expense. And so I felt it was my duty, not just as the absolute justice of this company but as a man who believes in the men and women that stands beside him in this ever on-going war between these factions, to fight against this virus and find its cure. And Budokai Tenkaichi was the night I found the cure that has alluded me for so long. That was the night where the voice that screamed into the night that I was weak, that I was no hero, that I should be someone that should be looked down upon instead of looked up to, was rendered forever silent. That was the night the glass cannon broke when it was time to face the justice he had been dodging and mocking when he had to test his might against the everlasting hero without the use of his smoke and mirrors, his ambushes and shortcuts. In the end, poetic justice vanquished the antagonist. Though his influence still lingers, the man at the helm has been rendered obsolete. And that now only raises further questions. What is next for me? What do I have left to fight now my tenure long rival has dissipated into a cloud of smoke? In truth, I am not too sure. What I do know, however, is that this war still wages on. While his influence still pumps blood into the Phantom Troupe, my work is truly never done. It is not so much a question of what's next, but rather who is next, Though Domination seems pretty set in stone, the rogue gallery that stands across from the Shoot Nation tomorrow night is certainly a start in answering that question.

Two champions, both hand-selected to hold the belts by John Doe, both at the expense of the Shoot Nation. Khmoach Sangkat, you have held that Heritage Championship for quite some time following the firing of the initial bullet in this on-going faction war, and you have yet to face justice for those sins against this company and its championship honor. You have yet to finish this business we have over that championship belt, because if your master hadn't handed you the championship on his silver platter, the Phantom Troupe would have far less to brag about. Although Aria Jaxon is no different, yours stems from me. It has tasted like ash in my mouth for some time and, although your next challenger has already been set for Domination in Ronin's Tarah Nova, you should know that your time calling yourself a champion is on the thinnest of ice. Though chaos is what bread you and Ms. Jaxons reigns as champions, it is justice that will bring those reigns to its bittersweet end. Because I have been trailing behind our faction leader for some time now; when he received the Puroresu Championship match at Exodus, when people believed I would abandon this company and let it fall into chaos and disarray unrivalled. Now he has the chance to justify the outcomes of that event, and I will not stand idly by and let that gap widen. If you are fortunate enough to escape Domination with that championship to your name, know that I intend to eventually justify my own outcome to the events that lead to you even having a title to your name. I suggest you enjoy the patrons that line in front of your tables while you have them because the autographs you sign and the pictures you both take with your respective titles will only get more value as a memento in due time. As for Ms. Jaxon, her throne of glass is beginning to show it's cracking under the weight of her ever-bloating ego. It grows despite the methods taken to keep that belt in her hands, and it's only a matter of time before that throne is left as nothing but shards of history much like the now former leader of your faction. I'm more than confident that Jaydane will be the one to shatter that streak of event names that have defined her reign. The exodus that led to her changing her spots for the idea of being another great champion. The supremacy she felt when she kept the championship just a little while longer. I can assure you, she will not have domination over this company too much longer. The sands in the hourglass are mere grains now, her time dwindles as a figure of this company that is advertised on posters and magazine covers."

"Shoot Nation has been the butt of the constant jokes made by the faction members of the Phantom Troupe, but for not much longer will that be the case. Without your leaders guidance, it’s now fight or flight in this war of ours, and Shoot Nation is still here fighting as strong as they ever did. If you’re going to continue to fight, know that we are now more driven, more determined, more ambitious."
on July 6th 2018, 8:51 pmKai Stevens

----"Sometimes ‘I told you so’ just doesn’t quite say it."

----Our scene opens with an almost amused voice echoing throughout the locale.  The voice clearly belongs to Kai Stevens, the Ronin’s newest weapon, who is noticeably absent his mentor.  He dons a black t-shirt reading ‘DEFWU’ across the chest, as well as a Strong Style Wrestling beanie atop his head. Grinning, the Envoy of the End scratches at his beard, eyes narrowing at the lens of the camera stationed opposite him in what appears to be a hotel room.

----Between Stevens and the camera, about seven feet off to the side is the foot of the bed for the room, a suitcase resting unopened atop the comforter.  Stevens finds himself seated, squared to the lens of the camera, with arrogance and the deadly sin of pride radiating from his flesh.

----"A few weeks ago," he begins.  "A few weeks ago I did EXACTLY what Brian and I said I’d do. Rather than sitting here and recounting how thoroughly I EMBARRASSED and wrestled circles around the Tres Comas Club, I thought I might make something more abundantly clear for all of you, especially considering that it seems my warning was not heeded."

----Kai takes a moment to smirk and chuckle before adjusting the beanie on his head and continuing.

----"I don’t care who you are.  I don’t care what you can do or what you’ve done. I don’t care if you’re in some company’s Hall of Fame or if you’re some nobody in the Shoot Nation.  Whoever you are, whatever the circumstance? I’m not the person with whom you want to fuck. Y’see, I’ve won eighty-eight percent of the matches I’ve competed in.  From Monsters Among Men to Aces, from failed powerlifters to self-proclaimed artists and American Made Pussies... I’ve beaten ‘em all. Which means that I’m not even remotely close to being worried about Shinati Mizarki."

----"I gave a warning to the Tres Comas Club before I humiliated them.  But the fact of the matter, Shinati? Is that the warning extends to EVERYONE this company’s got to offer. Tres Comas Club, Phantom Troupe, Ronin, or Shoot Nation, the warning applies.  So what exactly does that mean for you, buddy? It means that it doesn’t matter how important honor is to you. It means that you can spill every ounce of your blood in hopes of upholding the tenets of puroresu if that’s what you’d like, but in the end?  In the end it doesn’t matter."

----"It doesn’t matter, Shinati, because what I’m doing here?  It’s bigger than you, and it’s DAMN sure bigger than puroresu. But if there’s even a single aspect of who you are that I can respect, it’s your devotion to your cause…  But I don’t mean that as a compliment, Shinati. I mean it as a portent. Y’see, because of your devotion, your conviction? I’ll be more than happy to make you a martyr."

----"So when Saturday night rolls around," he continues.  "I’ll take great measures of pleasure in kicking your bottom jaw off of your skull and using it to beat you damn near to death.  I’ll lavish in making you an example. And y’know what, bud? While I’m at it, I’m gonna’ nearly cry tears of joy BREAKING YOUR GODDAMNED FACE!  And it isn’t because you’re Shoot Nation, though that certainly is a bonus. It isn’t because I have an insatiable hunger to win. It isn’t because I hate you so fucking much.  And it isn’t because your ugly mug makes me want to strangle you with your own intestines."

----Stevens abruptly rises from his chair and stomps towards the camera, aggressively pulling it up so as to be trained directly on his face.  A vein bulges from the side of his neck and just above his left temple, his jaw clenched almost as tightly as his fists. Rage courses through every inch of Stevens’s body as he continues.

----"It’s because you think you’re so much better than everybody else, Shinati.  It’s because you think that you’re some agent of honor and the champion of upholding the dignity, the integrity, and the tenets of this business, when in actuality?  In actuality you’re nothing more than a guy who thinks his shit don’t stink. You’re nothing more than another cog in the machine, a notch in the belt, and a stepping stone in a path you’re not man enough to be able to travel.  All in all, Shinati? It’s because it’s about time someone put you and your high horse down. Because it’s about time that the Ronin -- and by Ronin I obviously mean Kai Stevens -- take rightful control of this company. Because you make me fucking sick, Shinati.  Which REALLY doesn’t bode well for a shitstain like you."

----"So do yourself the favor of giving every single fiber of your being, every single ounce of your phonetical will towards making it so I can’t stand here in a week saying ‘I told ya’ so’ again.  That’ll at least afford you a moral victory... Because it’s Inevitable that you and the rest of your bottom bitch Shoot Nation come to realize that for anyone and everyone who makes the fatal error of standing in my way? For the status quo in this company?  And for my time anywhere other than in contention for gold? The end is nigh."


on July 6th 2018, 6:25 pmKhmoach Sangkat
Congratulations Shoot Nation

Finally… The protectors of all that is good and pure in Strong Style Wrestling have been making their steps towards destiny. Where once your ambitions thirsted amidst the drought, they now bloom so close to bearing fruit. The days and the weeks and the months have crawled on by so torturously but now the Sons of Strong Style are beginning to find their footing. Jaydayne Pendragon has caught lightning in a jar, it seems, and at Budokai Tenkaichi vanquished another Titan under all the eyes of the heavens and earth. And Kawada… The fated Hero of Justice… The Symbol of Peace has risen above the antagonist, lighting the fires of hope with a smile even as his old body creaks. The whole world marvels at your Toukon, your fighting spirit. So enjoy your time in the sun while you can, heroes. Just do not become too attached to it.

I understand that everything that I say now will be taken to be insincere and poisonous. I get it. It is no secret how the Phantom Troupe operates. Nothing will prevent us from dominating the entire landscape of SSW. We want nothing more nor less than everything, haven’t I said that before? So obviously to witness our rivals flourish so… To see our figurehead in John Doe lose his mystique and potency in a defeat both real and symbolic at the hands of one we had mocked and tortured so long… Humble pie leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Our blood must simmer and boil and our livers must sicken us with the overwhelming excess of black bile. But now you all should understand that I have never had any reason to lie to you. You may find the Phantom Troupe’s methods distasteful but they are admittedly so. We have called our shots. So believe me when I say that there is disquiet in the camp… But not unrest.

The Phantom Troupe Is Fine

The perverse masses of useless bystanders might despair at the very thought of losing their symbols of Peace, Justice and Fighting Spirit. But here among lawless we know that chaos has no master. The entire universe exists in a constant state of flux, isn’t it? It ebbs and it flows. Changing with each oscillation. It inhales and exhales in one breath, one constantly swinging motion. Life and death not as seperate states but the discordant rhythm of a wild and unpredictable dance. Even the scientists are saying this now, did you know that? Some of the greatest minds on this planet are now claiming that the more you break things down and look at tinier and tinier interactions, then things start making less sense, not more. At the very tiniest of quantum interactions, matter seems to pop in and out of existence with no mechanical explanation nor reasoning at all. Just by probabilistic whims. That is, random chance. This is more or less how I see what happened with John Doe at Budokai Tenkaichi. John Doe was right here at the centre of everything but now… We are uncertain. Perhaps he will return even greater than before. Perhaps he has gone from us. He always did have a flair for mystery. Regardless, what happened was just one tiny, momentary event in the vastness of eternity. One drop lost in the ocean. But we aren’t concerned with each little droplet falling a tear. I have said it before…

We Only Want Everything.

The Shoot Nation might be so pathetic to have to mark each and every small victory,  but The Phantom Troupe only cares about the big picture and I am going to paint this portrait out for you. At the pre-show meet and greet the afternoon of Budokai Tenkaichi, everybody had their merchandise laid out as the fans entered and began to line up. Now who can tell me where the two longest lines were? I can tell you where they were. One was right in front of me, and the other was right next to it at Aria Jaxon’s table. Half of these people despise us. The other half were terrified, tripping over their own tongues as they beg for a picture. Looking deep into each one’s eyes, I scarcely remember one that really looked certain they wanted to be there. Looking down the length of the line I can pick out each person having second thoughts about the wait. They tilt their heads, catching sight of some soul like… I dunno… The Apparition without a single fan at his table. The pity that washes over these fan’s faces… Then they’d realise that the line had moved along and would have to make a decision. Just by the balance of probabilities, this lonely table receives a much cherished fan.

A small victory.

A drop in the ocean.

A tiny quantum event in the vastness of eternity.

But you can still be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that most people are wanting autographs from the two greatest champions in SSW, as well as pictures with the two most prestigious championships lying over their breast. Even despite themselves. That is the strange thing about how everything works. Chaos is the guiding principle of the universe. Everywhere you look, change comes for everything and everyone. That is, except in the big picture where one transcendental truth holds firm. The human compulsion to devour, to reach out and touch the ultimate… That is inexorable.The wrestling fan who enters the queue to shake hands with champions that he both fears and despises. The old men like you and I, Kawada, who continue to ravage our bodies after years of wear, injury and decay. The spirits whom even death cannot pry apart from the attachments. Who forego the sweet release of liberation just to be bound to the suffering of samsaric existence. That does not simply change.

With or without John Doe as our figurehead, each and every one of the Phantom Troupe is an authority all unto themselves. Myself and Ms Jaxon particularly. That we stand as champions is proof enough that we are royalty with no masters beyond our own ambition. Sure, every man is a slave to unreasonable desire but the difference… When confronted with what we so crave then we do not blink. We do not stutter over our words like those pathetic fans at the meet and greet. We don’t even ask… We just TAKE! So if you really supposed to surpass us, Shoot Nation, then try not to stutter. Try not to hesitate on the trigger because we will not wait for you to ponder what manner of victory to take. In a universe set in motion by chaos, those who can embrace this uncertainty have the advantage over those who cement themselves to their petty ideals. Strong Style Wrestling… The Omega Wrestling Alliance… The entire industry is changing and The Phantom Troupe will not sit around while others be the ones to change it.

We will tear Order apart, piece by piece until its very essence flickers in and out of existence.

We will reassemble the portrait anew in our own image.

We Will Touch The Ultimate.
on July 6th 2018, 4:45 pmMiltiades
(The Camera cuts to Miltiades tent in disarray. The lining has been torn to near shreds and the maps have been all but obliterated. In the corner stand Fenix just looking on at Miltiades throwing everything around, knowing that this will pass. An aide tries to get close to Miltiades but Fenix stops him from getting any closer. The whirlwind of temper stops and Miltiades begins to calm down. The aide thinks he can go forward and Fenix lets him. He hands Miltiades a piece of paper. He looks down at him and tells him to go his way, and also turns around a looks at Fenix. A slight smile is on his lips, but Miltiades disregards it and walks out.)

I’m tired of others getting in my way of what I am rightfully owed. I am tired of others getting in my way of what is going to be mine just because of their ego and their want to be in the moment of their greatest adversaries defeat. I’m tired of this GREED and Virgo bullshit I have to be caught in the middle of, because it doesn’t matter who wins, as long as they aim their shit at people in the middle nothing happens to them. I was close, I was so close at becoming the new Junior Heavyweight champion, so close to adding that to my collection of reasons people need to keep their eye on me. Because they do, they need to know and recognize the greatness that comes before them, the greatness that leads them down the road of least resistance and to the future. Because that is what Miltiades is, he is the future of not only Tres Comas, but of Strong Style, but of also any faction, company, or powerhouse he comes into contact with. The win by Virgo was nothing more than a fluke, something had it not been for GREED and Jaywalker wanting to come out and see his defeat firsthand I would’ve been the one with his arm raised in victory. I would’ve been the one who was announced the winner, and I would’ve been your NEW Junior Heavyweight champion. But now I have to put that reality on hold.

(Miltiades makes his way back to the cave where his trophies sit, to where the mantle of the title belt was supposed to lay. He does nothing but looks at it and smiles. The aide by his side is scared as Miltiades takes him aside. He whispers something to him and the aide runs off. Sooner rather than later a more men come rushing in, not with tools to take down the pillar, but tools to construct another one.)

But while I put this on hold that doesn’t mean I can’t look toward the future, toward what I can actually do with all of my talent and my expertise. It’s time for me to look ahead and show people that what I’m actually going to do is quite near here. You see sometimes you think one thing is a goal, but really it’s just another flag that you’ll soon be able to acquire. That title, while it’s alluded my grasps doesn’t mean that I’m done here. No I’ll find another way to get it, I’ll find another way to make what I want mine and mark my words when I do, it’s going to be the end of Strong Style. Because they’ll know what it’s like to be ruled, to finally have someone look down on them and see that this is it. And for me to do that, I won’t need a championship, hell I’ll get that when it’s time, when it’s finally time for each and everyone of you to realize it. But until then Tres Comas Club is in dire need of a someone to show the way and I’ll show them what it truly means to be a winner.

We face an enemy that we face so much, that we face every month it seems, and that’s because they want to realize how futile their efforts truly are. Ronin are a bunch of way ward soldiers with no leader, no one to keep them in line, and no one to make sure that they are achieving what is best for their faction. Hell I don’t think they even know what’s best for their faction, other then being the lone wolves the truly are. But every wolf needs a pack, and every pack needs an alpha, and I’m willing to be that Alpha. Ronin, you want, no you need a leader, and Tres Comas Club is the place fit for leaders. Anyone can fill in that spot, anyone can fill it and will lead Ronin to something greater. Make Ronin Great Again if we want to put this message simple. But really they get a couple new people to their faction and I see this new talent already in it for themselves, never really looking at Ronin as their new family, and what can I get from that. I can get that sooner or later they’re going to see the big picture and turn on them as well. As well as wolves do when they want to see who is going to lead who. And with that you’ll see an all out civil war and until then I can tell you I’ll be there picking up the scraps. So Damien, Song, and Shrapnel, I want to know if you have the mental fortitude, because if not then this will be easy. And I don’t like it when my matches are easy.
on July 6th 2018, 3:26 amThe One True Pairing

Sakura has a peaceful smile on her face as she looks at the children scattered across the room, reading different children's books and magazines. Sakura walks towards a couch with a thin book in hand, alongside Cassius. They both were accompanied by Mrs. Fields, the lady who was in charge of the Children's Library.

Mrs. Fields: Kids, kids! Come now! It's STORYTIME!

Children: YAYYY!!!

A dozen children comfortably sit on the carpet on the floor, while talking to one another, excited for the storytime, which was their favorite time of the day. 

Mrs. Fields: I will be leaving you today with Sakura and Cassius, they are very famous people who will be your story readers today!

Mrs. Fields steps out and sorts books on the other side of the Children's library. Cassius and Sakura went on the small couch hand in hand, with Sakura holding a think pink book in her other hand. Cassius sits first, while Sakura sits on his lap, getting comfortable... in front of the Children!


Children all together: HELLO SAKURA AND CASSIUS!

Sakura was thrilled to be talking with these children and test out her potential mom skills. 

Sakura Corleone: Can you guys say "OTP"?

Children all together: OTP!

Sakura Corleone: VERY GOOD! Today we are going to tell a very special story that I wrote myself, so sit back, get comfortable and listen! Make sure to behave through it!

The children went silent with an intent to listen. Sakura's pink hair was tucked behind her ear and her smile was never wiped away.

Sakura Corleone: I would like for you all to point to your nose!

All the Children individually point to their noses as they were told when they were asked to point to their specific body parts.

Sakura Corleone: And with those tiny cute noses, you smell things. The Good. The Bad. And there are even times when you smell nothing at all! Flowers smell good. They beautify the world and shows that there is beauty and purity in nature alone that you can never take away. And this is a story of that. A flower.

Sakura presents the title cover.

Sakura Corleone: "The Cherry Blossom"

The children lean in out of curiosity and intrigue. They have heard it all before -- The story of Rapunzel, Rumplestiltskin, The Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Three Little Pigs... but never have they heard this story about the Cherry Blossom. 

Sakura Corleone: Once upon a time, there was a Flower Kingdom ruled by a pink little Cherry Blossom. She was the loving queen with all the gold, and the riches, and the wisdom, alongside her King, the Honey Bee. The Cherry Blossom and the Honey Bee love each other very much and any war or threat, they have conquered them all while ruling humbly in their palace.

Ever since they ruled the kingdom, the smell has been wonderful and refreshing. The scent of flowers has filled the kingdom and the common people have enjoyed the grace and beauty of the Cherry Blossom and the Honey Bee.

But then one day, the dark clouds surrounded them and an awful smell spread out the Kingdom, circling from the outside going in..

Cassius Corleone: It was none other than the Phantom Poop. Three blobs of shit just suddenly up and showed up and declared war on the Kingdom of Flowers!

The children all giggle at the word Cassius has uttered. Sakura suddenly repositions and whispers something to Cassius.

Sakura Corleone: Um... My love, you may want to watch the language for the kids. 

Cassius Corleone: But my Cherry Blossom, this is EXACTLY how the story should be told! Children should be exposed to this kind of art at a younger time in their lives or else they will grow up as little pansies!

Sakura Corleone: I know, but I think they're already growing up to be pansies, Cassius. Look at those things on the wall, their so-called "art" is finger painting!

Cassius Corleone: Alright, I'll be cool, I promise!

Sakura turns her attention back to the children who are intently listening.

Sakura Corleone: So anyway kids, the Phantom Poop army has shown up with their stink bomb and fart guns, and they refuse to believe that they are anything less than unstoppable. But the sad thing is, this is just one of their declaration of war out of many times, and not a single moment did they even shake the gates of the Kingdom. This army has brought in three of their top Soldiers to massacre the entire land that the King and Queen have worked so hard to build, they are three of the most repulsive beings in the history of their troupe -- CM Nas, Saul Omen, and Kerry Keller. They talk a big game about their superiority but they hold no gold with pride that would make them a credible match against the King and the Queen. Instead, they have remained stagnant, they have wasted their time and energy fighting one pointless battle after another to make them feel better about themselves when they could never win against the King and Queen, and all they could do is celebrate another's victory when their so-called Queen stands tall winning a battle she needed help in completing. They are the most pitiful bunch you will ever see in your lifetime, they are the most useless, incompetent and talentless buffoons you will ever see in history. They dislike when they are belittled, but do nothing to be respected. Like a revolving door, it's so easy to escape and become free to go in and out as they please, but instead, they are all stuck in the same place together choosing not to escape for it feels safe when they stay in the same place. They remain standing still in their miserable existence, flaunting gold they have won a lifetime ago hoping it would hold any true value to the King and Queen. They have come before and failed, now they come again with the same lazy approach and expect the result to be different.

But the King and Queen, they are prepared for the battles they face on any day of the week. For the power of their immeasurable love is far stronger than whatever the fuck the opposing side is fighting for. They win and they win with the never-ending blazing fire that sends enemies away one after another. And so that's what they did! The King and Queen burned all the stink and made sure that their Kingdom is free from harm. The three idiots screamed in agony, feeling their flesh melt with the flame until they could no longer breathe and they are sent to their horrifying death, in tears over their failure.

Everyone in the world believed that they are unstoppable, a well-oiled machine on the outside, but deep within they are falling apart, slowly dying for nothing, no reason nor purpose, and the King and Queen send their heads back to their poor village, they threaten to burn them all down, kill their children and rape their women, SO THEY MAY NEVER TRY TO FUCK WITH THEM AGAIN! 

The children start to cry over Sakura's words with every detail she went about the enemies brutal death and the masochistic defense of the King and the Queen. Sakura ignored the cries and she then smiles


Mrs. Fields comes back in shock, seeing that Sakura has traumatized the poor children, some who are not even too familiar with the concept of death. 


Sakura Corleone: Gee, calm down, we're leaving! 

Sakura and Cash leave in a hurry. Sakura then realizes that she forgot the storybook that she wrote, on the floor. She slowly, awkwardly walks back to the scene where Mrs. Fields is comforting the children. She picks up her book and leaves as Cassius grabs her hand. 

Sakura Corleone: I thought that was a very good story! Do you think I'd get published for a children's book, my Cassius? 

Cassius Corleone: Why, of course, my Cherry Blossom. I see nothing wrong with the story and you did a very good job with the children. I know you hate kids, but you could make a great mom!


Sakura blushes and Cassius went on about their potential future family. So what if the children get nightmares because of her? Sakura and Cassius' kids will be better and far superior to these snotting filth. But that's a long way down the road... for now, Cassius and Sakura live one day at a time, staying happy with each other in their adventures. 

on July 6th 2018, 1:36 amThe One True Pairing

(Sakura and Cassius are shown in the dining room of their mansion in Los Angeles, California, feeding each other sweets of their dessert. Cassius - dressed in an Armani suit, while Sakura is dressed in a pink and gold dress. In front of them sits their custom-made Strong Style Wrestling “Lovebird World Tag Team Championships”.)

Cash: Here…

(Cassius grabs a pastry in the shape of a Cherry Blossom and holds it for Sakura to take a bite of.)

Sakura: Mmm! It’s so sweet!

Cash: Not as sweet as you, my Cherry Blossom.

Sakura: Aww!

(Sakura and Cassius kiss as an alarmed man in a suit with black sunglasses and an earpiece rushes in; his suit embroidered with the words “Corleone Security” upon the lapel.)

Security Member: Sir--

(Cassius immediately puts a finger up, gesturing to silence the Security Member. Cassius finishes kissing Sakura as they both turn towards the Security Member. Cassius looks at him with an annoyed expression.)

Cash: Did we say you could just barge in here whenever you’d like?

Security: … Well, no, but--

Cash: You already answered the question. No. No, you were not given permission, so what’s so very important that you would interrupt us while just making up your own rules to follow?

Sakura: Oh don’t be so harsh on him, my Cassius. I’m sure he’s doing his best. What’s your name, grunt?

Security Member: … Oh, yes, uhm… My name is--

Sakura: Nope, bored now. God, you’re boring! Who would dress you up like you’re an off-brand Secret Service like that?

Security Member: … Y-You did, Mrs. Corleone.

(Sakura and Cassius look at one another, confused.)

Sakura: I did? Well, I have no memory of that, so just pretend you people dress yourself and you’re responsible for looking like you should be collecting debts from people instead of watching over our house. You look like boring incarnate. It’s like we’re surrounded by members of the Phantom Troupe!

(The Security Member lowers his head with a saddened expression behind his sunglasses.)

Sakura: Oh my God, you’re not gonna cry, are you? I think he’s gonna cry, Cassius!

(Sakura bounces up and down in her chair with a look of excitement at the thought of the Security Member weeping as Cassius shakes his head.)

Cash: Alright, alright! Before you go wipe your tears, tell us what this emergency is!

Security Member: …. Sir… Mr. Corleone….

Sakura: Someone better be dead - this guy is taking forever…

Security Member: … We caught a maid stealing from your room. I’m so sorry, I do not know if this is the first time she’s done it.

(Sakura and Cassius look at one another again at the sound of the news. Both struggle to not show their smiles. Cassius grabs a nearby napkin and wipes he and Sakura’s mouths.)

Cash: Well, it would seem the entertainment has begun early tonight.

Sakura: Yay!

Cash: Take us to our household criminal.

(The camera cuts to a woman in a maid’s outfit, weeping into the floor as her head is held down and her arm trapped by a member of the Corleone Security Team. Cassius and Sakura come into view as they admire the sight of it.)

Cash: Well, well, well….

Sakura: Oh my God, my Cassius! She’s crying! Can I?

Cash: I don’t see why not, my Cherry Blossom.

(Sakura reaches down, grabbing onto the maid’s hair as the Security Member gets up and backs away. Sakura pulls the maid up to her knees. The Maid begins to weep harder as Sakura looks in her eyes with a smile.)

Maid: Please! Please, Senora Corleone! I did not mean--

(The Maid is caught off-guard as Sakura immediately gets next to her with a look of pure joy and a smartphone in hand.)

Sakura: Say “Cheese”!

Maid: Cheese?

(Sakura takes a picture on her phone as the Maid continues to cry. Sakura starts to get up, but stops herself. Instead she turns back around and licks some of the tears running down the cheek of the Maid before getting back up and clinging to Cassius’ arm.)

Cash: So what happened here?

Security Member #1: She was caught stealing this.

(The Security Member hands Cassius a Rolex watch.)

Security Member #1: She attempted to flee the premises with it stuffed into her bra, but our cameras caught her and we were able to apprehend her in time. Should we contact the authorities!

Maid: No! No! No Policia! Senor Corleone! I am sorry! I am so, so sorry!

(Cassius says nothing as he squats down in front of the Maid, looking at her as she continues to cry.)

Maid: Please! I will go! I will go and never come back!

(Cassius raises the watch up for the Maid to see, before gently hitting her on the head with it.)

Cash: I’m disappointed.

Maid: I know… I know!

Cash: We all do bad things. You got caught.

(Cassius shakes his head.)

Cash: I expected better. If you’re gonna steal, don’t get caught. You can’t take what you want if you’re in a jail cell, now can you?

(Cassius holds out the watch in front of the Maid.)

Cash: Take it.

(The Maid looks back and forth between the watch and Cassius, confused.)

Maid: … No, no, no! No, Senor Corleone! I do not want it! I am sorry! Please, if you let me go--

(Cassius drops the Rolex to the floor in front of her.)

Cash: That’s a shame.

(Cassius stands back up and stomps down on the Rolex, taking his time to thoroughly smash it in front of the Maid while she watches.)

Cash: It could have been yours. All you had to do was take it.

(Sakura clings to Cassius’ arm once more.)

Sakura: She’s so dumb! Why are poor people so dumb, my Cassius?

Cash: Because they’re too afraid to think, my Cherry Blossom. Maybe she really is as dumb as a box of rocks, but maybe she’s got a brain in that pretty little head.

(Sakura glares at the Maid at the word “pretty” coming from Cassius’ mouth.)

Cash: It’s always so hard to tell. One thing is consistent though. People like her - they’re abject failures. They’re losers who don’t amount to anything. Footnotes on the bottom of history’s boot. They waste away their youth and beyond busting their asses to be the “working class”, but they wish they had more. They always do. She wanted that Rolex. She knew how much it was worth, and she didn’t take it when she could have gotten it for nothing. Because she’s afraid. She was afraid of a golden opportunity right in front of her face. That watch could have changed her life. It could have given her enough money to make something of herself, instead of being some crying cow in the middle of my fucking hallway!

(The Maid weeps harder at Cassius’ words as he continues.)

Cash: But we can’t go really holding that against her, can we? It’s in their nature - the poor. The ones that were dealt a shitty hand and had to go through life accepting the status quo that there were people like us and people like her, and that would never change. So she spent her entire life all the way up to this moment walking on a wire on the ground. No real risk to it. No chance of falling and never getting back up. She played it safe, like they always do. You know what she’s like? She’s like every fucking loser fan that cheers people on in SSW! She’s like every piece of garbage that wastes their hard-earned money on tickets and merchandise so they can cheer the wrestlers on and live vicariously through them and not feel - if only for a few hours - like they are the worthless trash that they truly are!

(Sakura spits at the Maid as the Maid cries more.)

Cash: Now, now, my Cherry Blossom. Her wailing is grating enough to my ears, don’t go making it worse. I could have her muzzled, but I want her perfectly capable of focusing on the words I’m telling her. Are you looking at me, cow? I don’t need one of these men to fill your mouth with my floor, do I?

(The Maid slowly nods, struggling to be quiet.)

Cash: Good. I want you to know that if you had just simply reached out and taken that Rolex from my hand, you would be a free woman right now. You would be on your way home with a shiny new Rolex that you were given - not one you had to steal. You would have a nice day that perhaps could have changed the course of the rest of your miserable existence. But you DIDN’T. And now this is the result. Now you can stay there like a good dog, and listen to me. Get used to it. I want you to REALLY get used to it, because moments like these are what your life will consistent of from now to when you breathe your last breath. That’s not a guessing game either, I’m afraid, that’s the God honest truth. Your life will go on, and you will find yourself always sitting there and watching people more successful than you telling you why you’re pathetic. Your parents were just as pathetic, because they had nothing but you, and they wasted you on this World. They wasted any potential you could have had to be somebody, and turned you into just another bitch who wastes space instead of contributing in some way. Nobody is gonna think about you when you’re dead, you know that, right? Not a soul. You’ll turn to dust, and you’ll be forgotten, and the World will move on. But us?

(Cassius kisses Sakura before they both look down at the Maid.)

Cash: The One True Pairing will live on. We’ll be talked about for years, and years, and years to come. Why? Because we’ve taken everything we ever wanted without hesitation. We’ve cheated too, and guess what, we never got caught. Not once. You can call that cutthroat or immoral or whatever the fuck you want, but it’s what you wish you were, deep down. What everyone like you wishes they were. You’ll curse the wealthy and successful, knowing full well the shitty things we’ve done to be on top and stay on top, and then you’ll return to your mundane lives and question why things are so bad for you despite living an honest life. Trick question - you aren’t living an honest life. None of you. Not a Goddamn one! In fact, it’s the opposite! You’re living a LIE. You’re the delusional ones. You’re the fakes and the phonies! You’re the ones pretending there’s rules you need to play by! You’re the ones that operate on a certainty that if you do good, then good things will come to you! You fucking loser!

(Sakura grins, watching Cassius get visibly angry before regaining his composure.)

Cash: So you die miserable. You didn’t take what you wanted. You didn’t take the Rolex. You wanted to. You got caught trying to. And the moment you got caught and fear took over, you retreated back into your shell and hid. Pathetic. You don’t deserve nice things. You don’t deserve a nice life. You deserve this. You deserve to sit there and be berated for wasting our fucking time when we have enough to deal with! We have a match this weekend. You know what a match is? You know what we do?

(The Maid hesitates to respond.)

Cash: Of course not. We win. That’s what we do. That’s what we’ve ALWAYS done. My Cherry Blossom and I have been winning since day one, and our parents were winners, and their parent’s parents were winners. You got a shitty hand in life, boo hoo! You could have overcome those odds, but you Goddamn didn’t, did you? We’ve seen who you are. You’ve realized who you are, and that ain’t changing. The people we’re up against - they’re not much different than you. They’re a part of an entire group of losers like you that fail to take what they want. They act like they’re the most cutthroat of them all, but they’re the poor, like you. They’re the footnotes, like you. They always will be, and they always have been. They have a World Championship, but a worthless one. It’s a trinket held by a bitch that needs her group as crutches to stand on her own two feet. They get opportunity after opportunity to stand toe to toe with the One True Pairing, and what happens? What fucking happens?

(Cassius squats down, looking the Maid in the eyes again.)

Cash: They don’t take the Rolex. They don’t take our gold. They don’t seize the opportunity. They waste our fucking time, just like you are right now! I get so tired of it. I really do. I really, really do. You’re all like fish I’ve caught that don’t taste good and can’t be even considered prized enough to keep, so I have to toss you back into the water, only for you to come back again and get caught on my hook. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing things over again, and again, and again, expecting a different result? You’re not better than Saul Omen, and you’re no better than CM Nas. But even worse, they’re no better than you. All just cowards consumed by fear, and you all watch as people like the One True Pairing show you that our money doesn’t mean nearly as much as humiliating people like you.

(Cassius says nothing as he stares at the Maid in silence for several seconds.)

Cash: You’re free to go. There’s no need to call the police.

(The Maid breathes a sigh of relief and grabs Cassius’ hands.)

Maid: Thank you, Senor Corleone! Thank you so much! I am so--

(Sakura clutches the throat of the Maid with one hand, slamming her head against the wall as she gets next to her face. The Maid struggles to breath as tears begin to run down her cheeks again.)

Sakura: Another opportunity wasted! You had a chance to just walk away free! Instead you made the biggest mistake of your life and touched my Cassius, you bitch! Do it again, and freedom won’t be the watch here! You will! And I will not hesitate to throw you to the ground and crush you under my foot until there’s nothing left of you! My Cassius loved that watch! He’ll miss it! I promise nobody’s gonna miss you! Understand? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

(Sakura lets go of the Maid as handprints around the Maid’s throat are shown. The Maid gasps for air as Sakura’s violent expression turns to a joyful one again as she gets back up and clings to Cassius’ arm.)

Sakura: Cassius, I’m bored again!

Cash: I suppose we should fix that, shouldn’t we? How about drinks and karaoke?

Sakura: I’d love that! You always know how to make me happy, my Cassius!

Cash: What kind of husband would I be if I didn’t? Come on, my Cherry Blossom.

(Sakura rests her head on Cassius’ shoulder as they walk off while the Maid is escorted away by Corleone Security before the camera fades to black)

on July 5th 2018, 10:57 pmThe Apparition
Ladies and gentlemen and others, today there will be no pomp and circumstance. No bells and whistles. No flash, just facts.
At Budokai Tenkaichi, I wasn’t good enough. I let down Belle Kingsley, I let down Shoot Nation, and I was not able to match up with the One True Pairing when it mattered the most.
I will not apologise, because at the end of the day I did try my best. My best may not have been good enough, but that is the beautiful thing about the future. I have the chance now to take a step back, re-evaluate where I stand, and try once again to reach the lofty standards that I place for myself. That is the true essence of strong style, and that is the mentality that I am bringing this coming week against Matias Navarro.
It is quite fitting that I face Navarro after my most comprehensive defeat to date. After all, in my very first week back from my hiatus, I faced off against him, and managed to get him down for the pinfall. After Budokai Tenkaichi, I am in the desperate need of pushing the restart button, and allowing myself to start from scratch. I need to go back to basics, and what better candidate is there for me to test my mettle and my heart than a man who has neither?
Matias, I can go and repeat myself from a few months ago. That you have no character, and that your current trajectory in life will lead you to middling results. You had a match with Aria, and to date you are the only person she defeated for that belt on her own merits. Imagine if you actually cared about what you were doing. I might not be facing Tres Comas Club’s middle-manager Matias Navarro. I could be facing SSW Puroresu World Champion Matias Navarro. But I’m not. I’m facing Mr. Big Bucks, No Fucks. I am facing someone who is happy to let his talent slip away when he should be hitting his prime, and having his name placed in the same vein as so many champions past. I am facing one of the biggest wastes of talent professional wrestling has ever seen, and as somebody who deeply loves this sport, that makes me sad.
When I see you, Matias, I see someone who has more potential and raw athleticism than I have ever possessed. You make things that took me years to perfect look easy. You’re not the biggest or the quickest, but you are stronger and faster than anyone of your size has any right to be. It is one of wrestling’s greatest shames that you ended down the path you are currently on, but allow me to be your light.
The last two major shows, I had the chance to really make everyone know that The Apparition is back, and is better than ever. My first match, I was overwhelmed by a force which might not be of this world. In my second, I was unprepared and outclassed.
Well that ends this Saturday in Tokyo. I am going to make sure you start giving a shit again, Navarro, and I am going to do so by forcing you into a corner and making you fight your way out. In the Ariake Coliseum, this isn’t just going to be a replay of our debut match, minus Miltiades and Nobunaga. This is going to be a chance for me to prove that I am strong enough to deserve representing the proud heritage of Shoot Nation and Strong Style Wrestling, both the company and the art form. But also, this is your chance to finally break through your own self-created mental barricades and prove to the world that you have so much left to show the world. And if you can’t do that…Well, we all remember what happened last time.
on June 29th 2018, 11:56 pmShinati Mizarki
Feed the Machine

Date: 27/6/2018
Time: 10:50am
Location: Osaka, Honshu, Japan

We open within the confines of a dojo owned by Hiroshi Yamakita, on the fringes of the city - a place renowned for its commitment to the 'Puroresu' Style of wrestling. A style, that aligns many of its beliefs with beliefs that Scott holds - more specifically, the notion that it is seen as the most 'pure'; unfettered form of wrestling. Its core, synergising with how wrestling once was. How, if Scott has his way, wrestling shall return to become once again. Yet right now, this is a sanctuary for him - a way to escape not just the whirlwind that has been the past month or so of his life, both in a professional and personal sense, but also a way to attempt to become at peace with himself once more. 

Especially more necessary, after the arise of 'Zion' whilst he was transversing the ' Kema Sakuranomiya Park' yesterday. Heralding the seeds of doubt that fester within him - causing him to ponder whether or not it was *correct* in calling his relationship with Amelia into question. Even though deep down, he knows how much Amelia means to him - after all, she was one of the primary reasons he flew back home to Australia the day after "Game Over" came to its conclusion; he walked out of Hartford with the Spartan's championship still firmly within his possession. 

Well, Amelia and Chili were the primary reasons, but he would ensure that the first sight Amelia saw when we exited the hospital, was him. Smiling and showing her just how much she *truly* means to him; how he still hasn't truly forgiven himself for allowing her to be in the position where she would be attacked in the first place. 

"It's my fault," was his repeated statements; the words that resonate throughout the air, as we finally pan in upon his location within the dojo. He is seated, tee-pee style, atop a crimson covered cushion, about two and a half inches in front of the direct centre of the dojo itself, the oak hardwood floor (that has been neatly crafted into diamond shaped patterns, much like one would see in a traditional Japanese home), with the plaster on the walls being painted a Viridian shade of green, offering a sense of tranquillity within the room itself. One, that matches the slate coloured kimono that Scott is currently wearing, resting atop his body; covering his more 'standard' attire, which consists of a midnight black t-shirt, Azure/snow white basketball shorts and as per the customs of this dojo, he is barefoot. 

Closing his eyes, he allows a feeling of relaxation to wash its way through his body, knowing that if he is to find the 'peace' he desires. If he is to ensure that 'Zion' remains within the constructed prison he designed for it, then he must unlock the passage to his own soul. He must release the chamber that holds all he claims within. Exhaling softly, he also knows that Zion *might* just be right - not about the personal side of him, but rather, the professional side of him. The side of him, that is preparing to set foot in the ring against the one they fall 'Monolith' in a metter of days - at the Budokai Tenkaichi event that is being co-hosted by both the OWA and SSW. 

As part of their 'working agreement'; the primary reason he is here in Japan. Well, it's more honestly a combination of that and deciding to travel over himself, having received intelligence from Alyce that there were three young prospects who are willing to join the 'Adams wrestling clinic', though he'll meet with them once Budokai is said and done. "I respect you, Monolith," he quietly remarks, bowing his head as he glances around the dojo, allowing his thoughts to resonate within the chambers of his mind. 

"It's as you said, we *are* alike in our convictions, even if we have our own methodology in acquiring that finality," Exhaling deeply, he feels a tingling dull orange glow being to emit itself within his irses, before they mould themselves into a soft; gentle glow. Enough to light up a small passage in front of him, but not enough to arouse any unwanted suspicion - should anybody enter the dojo, wishing to commence their own 'introspective look' within themselves.  

"But that is where our similarities end - see, whilst you merely claim to hold your convictions. Whilst you merely portray the emotionless nature; supposed mentality of a 'monster', I *live* my morality. I don't hide behind meaningless 'smoke'; I don't disguise my motivations, my reality behind a 'mirror'," Pausing, one can feel the venomous chill rising within the air with those statements. Knowing, that irrespective of how one wishes to perceive Scott, he *has never* shied away from himself. He has never attempted to hide behind a veil. 

"You see, you claim to be this 'machine', yet you fail to comprehend what being a machine truly entails," A soft smirk rising across his face, the glow within his eyes pulsates as he uses his elbows to push down upon his knees. 

"It's not merely about not having a conscious, or not showing any mercy - oh no," A soft laughter emits itself into the air. One, that is more akin to what you would expect from a mad scientist. Though, that is actually an apt name for Scott. "It's about realising that unless you are able to construct your passage; unless you are able to find the conviction on which you stand, than you are nothing more than a shall. A husk, waiting for the eyes of fate to claim you," His words vibrating through the air like a breeze on a chilly night, even we feel the shiver run down our spines as the words resonate within the air. Yet Scott remains stoic; cold. Almost demon like in his external appearance. 

"Don't worry though - I *can* save you," Almost child-like in his inflection, those words are accompanied by the soft strains of a violin playing within the background. Its origin, a speaker that is situated in the far right corner of the dojo, implemented originally in order to well, ensure announcements could be heard throughout the dojo by the students. No matter where they would be situated, but also serving as the sound booth for Scott's musical mind game.. "I can bring about the destiny you crave; the finality, that you have wished to evade - all you need to do, is beat me," A demonic grin creeping across his face, Scott slowly unfolds his legs, as he feels his eyes continue to burn within. 

"Beat me, and you shall be saved - the blanket you claim, shall be your eternal glory," Pausing, he allows the words to 'rest' within the air, embedding themselves deep within Monolith's core. 

"But should you fail - it is then, that you will find that the candle. The light that you once burnt, has slipped into the mire of your final fate," His statements prophetic, they cut through the air as he accompanies them with a childish laughter. Well, more like a childish demonic laughter, as he whispers "Will you claim salvation, or will you expose your own core?"  as we fade into nothingness, the strains of the violin the last sounds we hear.
on June 29th 2018, 11:51 pmApril Song

This match is everything to me.

Not because of the venue, or the fact that it’s a pay-per-view match. Not because of it being a return to the country where I have to date had my most experience and success as a professional. It’s not because the match is against someone who is a respected name not only in Japan but in the United States after everything she’s been able to accomplish.

This match is everything to me because I have no choice but to win it.

Azumi, I know who you are and what you are capable of. And to say that you believe that you remind me of yourself I take with a great deal of respect that you feel this way. However, this could not be any more inaccurate. You have been chosen for your success from the start. People handpicked you for greatness, either in the dojo or when you joined their companies. You are where you are because you were supposed to succeed. This is not to say that you have never done anything or earned anything, but I’m sure seeing as where you have been in recent times in your career that being a favorite of the powers that be is far from a detriment.

I come from a family of wrestlers, a family of artists. But they refuse to claim me as one of their own. I’m looked upon with the love and respect that one shows a stray puppy or a homeless person. To put it in a way that you understand, I’ve often felt like a gaijin in my own home, an outsider, an outcast. And this losing has done nothing but compoud that feeling. Every week I have gone out there and given my all, pushing myself in the gym and in the ring and I have nothing to show for it. A half-second late here, a botched move there. I can’t get my head around it. I have been closer to victories than a couple of my opponents will probably care to admit, the reigning SSW Heavyweight Champion among them. It took her a bit of good fortune to survive me and I think she and the rest of the Phantom Troupe are well aware of the challenge I could bring if I was ever offered another shot at her.

If you’re looking for a fight, you’re not going to be disappointed. No matter who my opponent is, no matter the stage or the venue, I bring everything I have everytime I step out. That’s the way I was taught in the slums of Mexico City and Paris, that’s the way I approach every day. You will have never faced a more determined, more dangerous opponent than me Azumi, and you have never faced someone this hungry and this determined to prove a point. Kenny Drake when I first arrived kept speaking of salvation, as if I need his hand to hold mine to become a major player here. Carlos Rosso, one of the most respected wrestlers in the world, mocked me for not being strong enough and refused my call to be his tag team partner. Do you know what it is like to have someone you admire and respect that much simply laugh at you to your face, tell you that you aren’t good enough and pretend that you aren’t even there?

I didn’t take the name Forgotten Senshi as an ironic joke. I took it because it’s reality: whenever contenders for the Women’s Championship for OWA are discussed, my name is not mentioned and when it is, it’s almost always as a dismissive afterthought. It hurts me, but it also makes me laugh. Not out of any real humor, but because of the ignorance that I know is being displayed. I know who you are Azumi, and I know that you have the capability of being one of the very best in the world when your mind and heart are into things. You don’t doubt me, I’m sure, but there are so many people around the world and in the locker room of OWA that do. I’m going to use this match to prove them wrong. I am sick of losing, and I appreciate the fact that you accepted my call to answer your challenge. But, in the end, on your own turf, Azumi Goto, YOU WILL FEEL YOUR VERY WORLD SHAKING!!

And my losing streak will finally be put to bed. Then, the chase for the championship that will open the eyes of my family and those around the wrestling world who still will continue to doubt me can begin.
on June 29th 2018, 11:49 pmAria Jaxon
(OWA Women's Championship)

Some people with small minds might say I’m getting greedy. I say I’m doing what I have every right to do. In wrestling, you’ll come across countless people whose ambition far exceeds their actual level of ability. I’ve never been one of those people. I haven’t made it my business to constantly set goals for myself that I can’t reach. The task that I’m undertaking would make a less capable competitor shake in their boots. The biggest show put on by either Omega Wrestling Alliance or Strong Style Wrestling in either promotion’s young history, and I find myself competing both nights. Back-to-back championship matches sit on the horizon for me. The prospect of going 0-2 on a show of this magnitude would terrify a lesser woman, leave her so petrified of falling on her face that she wouldn’t even dare try her hand at walking out of Osaka dripping in gold. But luckily for me, this isn’t just about trying. Just attempting to leave an event as a double champion would probably be enough to warrant a few pats on the back, but that’s not what I’m here for. I’m playing double or nothing, Roxy dear, and I have no plans of leaving Osaka empty-handed. It’s the gamble of a lifetime, and yet I don’t feel the slightest bit of trepidation, and why should I? It’s true, experience is the main thing I have over you here, but it means everything, and you can’t bring yourself to admit it. What’s funny is that when I say that, it makes me sound so much older than I am, but I’m not that much older than you. Still, I feel as if I’ve learned things since I was sixteen that your parents never told you about when they were telling you stories about their careers as they tucked you into bed. Experience, Roxy darling, means that I’ve seen a dozen girls just like you. I’ve seen the promising newcomers, the optimistic upstarts, the new kids on the block with all the potential in the world. When I looked in the mirror once upon a time, that’s what I saw. Once upon a time, I too was a Princess with dreams of doing something bigger, and after a while, I wasn’t content with that anymore. So came my coronation, and now I stand in front of you as a Queen. One who, despite what you’ve tried to say, has many, many more years of ruling in front of me. I wanted more, so I attained more. You could look at my Puroresu Heavyweight Championship and argue that I’ve already got the keys to the kingdom, so why bother coming after the Women’s Championship? Why possibly overexert myself? Why not just focus on hanging onto the gold I already have?

Because I can.

As I told you last time we spoke, choices and chances led us here. I chose to make up for my embarrassing first loss, just as you chose to never take one in the first place. You chose to do what you felt was the ring thing by intervening when it looked like I’d gotten myself into a tight spot, just as I chose to disregard it completely when I popped up at Game Over. Poor you not getting paid back for a favor I never asked for in the first place. I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually think I’d wind up in handcuffs. That’s never part of anyone’s game plan, is it? My plans changed on a dime and I adapted. Nobody, least of all you, expected me to show my face in Hartford. And some champion you are, not having eyes in the back of your head. You’ve got a lot to learn sweetheart. Being the champion means you’ve got a target on your back, and you gotta keep your head on a swivel at all times -- or else someone might take it off your shoulders. You can’t afford to be slipping up like that, not this early on. The sad thing is that you won’t get the chance to learn from that mistake. You won’t get to mature into a more battle-tested champion, because I can’t allow that to happen. I know what it’s like to take on too much too fast, and I know what it’s like to have it all ripped away because I couldn’t rub the fairy dust from my eyes soon enough. And since you wanted to bring up your mom, yeah, she was on the opposite side of that loss. She got her last hurrah at my expense on what was, at that point, the biggest stage of my career. She was a fool to think I’d never bounce back, even if I’d beaten her and proven over and over again that I was better than she’d ever give me credit for. And now I see her little girl possessing that same boundless confidence that she said was the chief factor of my downfall. Funny how that works. It’s a little amusing to point out the recurring shit, but I’m still gonna maintain that this isn’t the personal war you’ve tried to make it out to be. Wars simmer and boil over into something ugly. We haven’t been running in the same circles nearly long enough for that to be the case. I don’t need to change your mind, Roxy. I don’t care if you think you’ve got me all figured out after this little chunk of time. The fact remains, in your short career, you haven’t encountered anyone like me, and I’ve had more than enough practice to know how to handle people on your level -- or above it. Proud of yourself as you may be, you need to deal with the fact that you’re my warm-up. You’re the first person I get to beat before I go out there on night two and manhandle your mom’s fan club president. “Someone like me” -- whatever the fuck kinda coded language that’s supposed to be -- might never know what it’s like to be born with a silver spoon in my mouth and to be escorted through every door in this industry by mommy and daddy, but I know what it’s like to rise up and conquer entire companies despite that. I know you’re a fighter. You wouldn’t be standing here otherwise, even if it’s bad for your health to wanna fuck with me. That winning Vendetta blood that you’re so proud of...what good is it gonna do you if it’s spilled on the mat? For your whole OWA tenure up to this point, you’ve made the most of being in the right place at the right time, but tomorrow night, your luck runs out. You’ll finally have stepped into a situation you should’ve turned and walked away from, and it will cost you the thing you hold most dear.

“I’ve only started to build the prestige…”
and God, what a fucked up, dilapidated ass foundation the house of the OWA Women’s Championship is already built on. I don’t think you have the right tools to make this house a home, Roxy. I never anticipated you’d just turn over the deed to the house willingly. No sane champion would ever do such a thing, but that’s doing little to stop me from prying it from your hands, no matter how much of a fight you put up. I take what I want when I want, and you should already know that based on the way I got you to concede to wanting to compete in this match in the first place. I’m sure the fans will remember you as brave. They’ll remember you as the girl who caught lightning in a bottle and rose very high, very fast, and who knows? When I’ve had the title’s defining reign and moved on, maybe you’ll get another chance to hold it. For now, though, your time in the sun is over. The clouds are rolling in because of me, and trust me...nothing will be sweeter than my victory, and knowing the Queen of OWA will have taken her rightful place on the throne. I’m not asking you to abdicate, Princess. I’m deposing you by force. It’ll be a glorious ascension ceremony for me, I promise.
on June 29th 2018, 11:44 pmKikyo Himura.

I believe in pink. I believe that laughter is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day... and I believe in miracles. -Audrey Hepburn

Second chances aren't easily given. Second chances only come once in a lifetime. Second chances are only given to those deemed worthy and deserving of this second chance... and I will not squander this opportunity again. I will not walk out of this empty handed, I will not allow these men to walk all over me because they deem me to be weak. These men who so willingly would hurt someone because they deem them weak. These men who stole our rightful chance at gold by coming in as the last participants and dismantling my partner before giving me the killing blow.

You see, Kenny, Nate... You are the monsters that hide under the beds of children. You think becoming savage men and destroying everything in your path is the right way of life. You think brainwashing the people that you hold close inside of your "congregation" is the way of life. You believe violence will solve everything... but, that is not how this life works. No, that is not how any of this works. Sure, when you're inside of the ring, violence is the only acceptable choice. But, in our normal day to day lives? Violence is not acceptable in any way, shape or form.

You both think that the mindset you have... the mentality you have... is the right way to live. But, I am the last person that should be judging anyone for their choices. Just look at my last match with Aria Jaxon at that. I got put through the ringer, but I put up one hell of a fight... and this will be no different. I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. That is all that truly matters. As long as there is blood in my veins, courage in my heart and fists on my hands? Then, I can do anything I set my mind to.

You may call us weak, but we are stronger together than we are apart. You can throw your sticks and stones, your bombs and your blows... but, you're not going to take our souls. This time around, the Sugar Girls are bringing pure fire and ferocity into this match. We are going into this knowing exactly what the two of you are capable of. We have had the time to recuperate and time to think back on what mistakes we made during the last encounter between the two of us... and we will not make those same mistakes again.

Third time is the charm, isn't that right? At least... that's what everyone says anyway. The more you underestimate us, the harder we will continue to fight. The more you call us weak, the stronger we will get. We might rely on the fans to get behind us any given chance, but we have the pure fight within us and will stop at nothing until we dethrone the both of you. Even if it is the last thing we do for a long while. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you monsters no longer strike fear into those around you. By any means necessary!

So, go ahead... Think of us as weak. Bring your best fight, don't stop until you think we've had enough... But, we will do whatever we have to ensure you never hold those titles again. This is our last chance... This is our fight song and we still have a lot of fight left inside of us. So, continue to underestimate us and you'll see a real fight. See you soon, Wolvesden...
on June 29th 2018, 11:30 pmApril Song
You know, a couple of years ago, I knew that I would never be a professional wrestler. I knew that I would never enjoy doing it once I took it up as a career. I knew that I would always be in the Crowe’s Nest and Elite Answers Wrestling forever. Imagine what you know tomorrow….

So here I am, ladies and gentlemen of Japan. All the people watching stateside too. This is not a mirage. It’s me, April Song, and I’m getting ready for the most important fight of my career coming up. This is my chance to show that I’m just as effective as I was wrestling strictly women against men. And before you ask, no, this is not some feminist kick I’m on to kick ass for womankind  and have Whitney Houston’s version of “I’m Every Woman” blasting through the arena. This is about money, prestige and prominence. Sure, there were women where I was before who “crossed” over and had success against the men in the company, my partner this weekend not the least among them. But for someone like me, who is pretty damn good at what she does but known to ruffle too many feathers, there was always a bit of a glass ceiling in place. Not specifically just because of gender, but because of who I am as a person.

And who is April Song?

Well, for those of you who have been hiding under a rock, let me tell you my story! I’m a daughter to Korean and Canadian parents, I’ve studied jujitsu since I was a small child, and I’m a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. And...let’s just say I didn’t earn the nickname Killer Bee in the Air Force for being a “pesky fly”. I stumbled on wrestling a couple of years ago and for a while it was all about work. I was supposed to take a few people out, make my boss look good, and run over anything in the way. But….as I got more and more into the life of a wrestler, as I got more attached to the fans and the people I shared the ring with...something for once was a little more important to me than money.

I love wrestling! I love being in the ring, I love competing, and honestly I like the prize money and endless booze even more. I’ve always heard a lot about wrestling in Japan and I’m so proud and honored to be on one of the preeminent rosters here in the World. Even more, I’m actually proud to be partnered in Ronin with Tarah Nova, one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots. She’s a little quiet lately and honestly I don’t think she’s ALL the way cozy with an admitted control freak and megalomaniac like my pretty lil self being her tag team partner, but I think once the bell rings I think she’ll realize that we’re going to have to work together to survive this fight. Why?

Have you seen our opponents?

First there is Gronk, who apparently is not apart of the Phantom Troupe to aid in diversity training or logical thought process. The fact that he’s still stuck in 1950 makes him even more repulsive to me. I wonder if he realizes that I’m Korean-American and not Japanese, but I think anyone who looks Asian to him is probably some sort of weird communist. Small brain and pathetic worldview aside, the guy is big and strong. I’m not stupid, I’m not going to have much of a chance against someone that damned big. At least not in a fair fight. Which is why, I’m going to go ahead and say this now, I plan on cheating. A lot. Gouge his eyes? Sure. Pull his scruffy beard? Of course. Kick him in his balls? Tarah, distract that ref for me and I’ll kick his jewels into oblivion. The funny thing is, I think Gronky is aware of my propensity for not giving zero fucks. Everytime he sees me and my weapon at the ready he seems a little afraid. Why are you so afraid of me, big man? Afraid that you’re gonna hurt me? Afraid that someone so small can potentially kick your ass and embarrass you on a world stage? Or are you afraid I’m going to sit you down and read you a long list of all the times “Zaddy Trump” lied to the American people back home? Oh big, dumb and kinda cute as you are, you’re not the one who interests me in this match.

Khmaoch. I don’t know you personally, but it feels like I know a good bit about you. In the limited time we’ve shared the ring, I know you’re not someone to make jokes about or fail to take seriously. You’ve been in wrestling almost as long as I’ve been alive. The fact that you’re still around and still competing for and winning championships is an impressive feat. Now, my partner has the next crack at your belt, so I’m not all that interested in it, but I’m interested in seeing someone who has all this rage and venom built up inside him performs against someone who is not going to cower in front of him. I’m not going to throw up a white flag for you anytime soon, bucko. I didn’t surrender in real war, I didn’t surrender on the jiu jitsu mat when I was fighting world class competition as young as 13, and I’ve damn sure never quit in a wrestling ring.

I’m not too concerned about you going to Aria Jaxon about me to learn about my strengths and weaknesses. That walking glass of Grape kool aid could probably told you the same thing that a simple Google search would have told you: I’m fond of submission wrestling, i’m a bitch, and I don’t mesh with bullies well. You see, people like you have every reason to be the hero. You have suffered more than even a soldier like me could ever understand. You lost so much during the dark times of your country’s history even someone like me will not dare mock it or sell it short. However, there is something about you that I can’t stand. It’s the fact that other people seem to have to pay for YOUR suffering. Instead of making the world a better place, you and the rest of your band of Saturday Morning Super Sentai villains just want to disrupt things and put your boot on the throat of everyone here. “Oh, but you’re just about money, April! What do you do to help the world! All you do is sit around and drink and fight!” Uh...and? I’m not subjecting anyone else to my bullshit either, am I?

I’m looking forward to facing you in the ring, Khmaoch. You’re the SSW Heritage Champion after all, and one of the top ranking members of Phantom Troupe. You carry a presence, a gravitas around you and I haven’t had an opportunity to face someone of this particular level in my career. I’ve been in there with some of the toughest, most dangerous women….but never against someone like you. I’m gonna find out where I stand, and more importantly than that, YOU are gonna find out where I stand. Why? Because I’m not just some ordinary little housefly. This bee may be far from her nest, but my sting is as deadly and as potent as ever.

You and MAGA Hulk are gonna find that out when me and Tarah kick your asses in the Osaka Dome. That’s all.
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