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Pendragon 落雷 Empty Pendragon 落雷

on January 12th 2018, 10:33 pm
Pendragon 落雷 49BMt

Wrestling Name: Jaydane Pendragon, Pendragon for short.
Picture Base: Yoshi Tatsu
Current Nicknames: Red Strife, The Hafu Samurai, 
Height: 6’,1’’
Weight: 220
Hometown: Westminster, England
Kanji: 落雷, for Rakurai(Thunderbolt) After winning the Heaven's Arena Cup and defeating the Mad Titan Gronk he began to sport this kanji on his attire, sometimes on his tron to start the video, and other such details. Based on the "God" Zeus defeating the titans and the rise of the holy land of Mount Olympus/Heaven.

Disposition/Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Pendragon is a 25 year old man of mixed race whose Japanese mother married his Englishmen father, he takes many traditional values from both bloodlines that have honed his way of the sword both literally and figuratively as a mixture of knight honor and samurai ideology. This isn’t to say he does not know to relax and find pleasure in life when interacting with others, he simply is disciplined and respects the art of battle to the utmost degree. Behind the exterior is a man deeply in touch with his own faults, and attempting to make up for past setbacks in making a living for those in his personal life and not truly feeling accepted due being a half breed, perhaps why he wrestles with half his face painted.


Theme Music: 'Just Another Hero' by Yuki Hayashi

Special Entrance [Optional]: 'Just Another Hero' by Yuki Hayashi begins to play as a masked Pendragon in seiza position is slowly elevated from beneath the stage platform. Once reaching level ground he remains in position to pay tribute to the arena until his song hits  “Can’t you hear cries for help!?” and he lifts his head to remove his mask and runs to the ring, where once he slides into the middle greets the audience with a point and nod.


To make a living to help tend to his fiancée-Renee- and her ill brother. Now that he has regained the right to his name while wrestling in this pursuit, he hopes to make a living with honour and upholding his name with true esteem. He hopes to inspire others, and is always ready to help those in need. The chance to get more connected with his Japanese heritage in Strong Style Wrestling is also a plus.

Tendency to Cheat: Never


Wrestling Debut [Optional]: May 12th, 2015 as The Sword Master, in a tag team known as “The Nameless”. A few months after that began training in the Wrestling Grotto(Jack Miles wrestling school built in a grotto.).

Favorite Weapon: Bokken

In-Ring Achievements [Optional]: Inaugural Heaven Arena Cup Winner. War Made Wrestling Tag Championship(with John Doe-The other RoViper’s John Doe-.)

Common Moves
: Minimum ten (10)
1. Shinning Wizard
2. Knife Edge Chops
3. Bicycle Kick
4. Back Hand Slap(To people he doesn’t respect/heels)
5. Roundhouse kicks to opponent on knees
6. Jumping Leg Lariat
7. Throat chop
8. Old School
9. Sunset Flip  
10. Diving Hand chop to the skull of rising opponent
11. Arm Wrench DDT
12. The Backstabber
13. Liver Kick
14. Leg Sweep attack  
15. Palm Strikes

Signature Moves
: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. The Jaqqum Tree(Tree of Woe)
  ⚔️Unlimited Blade Works ⚔️

  • Roundhouse kicks
  • Spear
  • Baseball Slide

2. The Master Sword (Roaring Elbow)

3. Ren Razor (Chin lift from the ground-ala Aleister Black- followed by Crane Kick)

4. Joyeuse (Moonsault double knee drop.)

5. Ultra Instinct - Goes into a mode where his reversals become more frequent and devastating.

Finishing Moves
: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)

1.Ise-no-Kami(Scissors Kick)

2.Hitchens’ Razor(Spinning Wheel Kick-both diving and standing, usually as a reversal when standing-)

3.The F.L.S(Full name for over the top purposes= Alder’s Razor: FLAMING LASER SWORD!) (Diving Knee Drop, often times to back of head of rising opponent) Could be “ultra finisher” I guess

Old ring name when he had “no name” was “The Sword Master”

He wrestles a counter/reversal and striking based wrestling filled with parries, grace and swift strong attacks, “the way of the sword”. Each of his limbs are lethal weapons and he feeds off a lot of the momentum of his opponents and picking at openings. Think Angelico from Lucha Underground and Aleister Black.

He was scouted by the J-Dynasty through his short stint in WMW, offering him a way out of being a nameless hired gun in an agency he considered repressive and dark. As such he trained for two years at the Wrestling Grotto, and now reattempts his wrestling career here.

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Pendragon 落雷 Empty Re: Pendragon 落雷

on March 21st 2018, 11:27 pm
I'm back and active for this run!
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on March 25th 2018, 5:01 pm
Updated with new tron.
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on June 8th 2018, 10:40 pm
Slight post Heaven's Arena Cup update.
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