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Scott Oasis

on May 17th 2018, 10:46 pm
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Ring Name - Scott Oasis
Nickname(s) - The Ice Man, The Gatekeeper, The Backbone of Pro Wrestling, The Measuring Stick, The Founder of BOB de Japon
Hometown - Baltimore, Maryland

Picbase - Brock Lesnar
Height & Weight - 6'4, 270lbs
Entrance Music - The Wreckoning by Nonpoint
Special Entrance Description (Optional) - To make his entrance more grand he'll at times come out with a whole team of people which include his trainers and advisers, adding to the presentation by sporting a hoodie with the name of his brand on it and tights adorned with all of his different sponsors.

Signature Weapon - A Steel Chair, though for special events he'll trade in his MMA glove for a knight's glove or gauntlet to enhance his strikes.

Signature Match - Blood Sport Rules

Signature Moves (5-20) - Falcon Arrow, Snap Head Butt(often times splits his own head open with the force), Waist Lift Spinebuster, Snap Suplex, Deadlift German Suplex, Lifting DDT, Pounce, Exploder Suplex , Torture Rack, One Legged Boston Crab, Samoan Drop, Military Press Gut Check, Powerbomb (usually done as a series)

Main Signatures - The Relapse (Pump-handle Death Valley Driver), Downfall (Running Powerbomb Toss), Ruination (Reverse-Spin Scoop Powerslam)

Finishing Moves (1-3) - 
Battle Cry (Ground-Lifted Iron Claw Mat Slam, before the move Oasis aggressively shouts in his opponents face to signify the end.)
Seek & Destroy (Psycho Driver)

Alignment - Heel
Brief Description of Gimmick - Without a penny to his name and nobody for support, Scott Oasis had a tough road ahead of him in order to get into this business. Doing multiple jobs to pay his way through training and having to put up with a lot in the underground scene, Scott spent years honing his craft and gained not only appreciation for the sport, but a very big chip on his shoulder over the struggles that have come with his life. After years of grinding, fighting and working his way to the position that he is in, Scott Oasis has become an entitled man with a very high opinion of himself. He has created an image of himself that envisions his name as a top draw in this sport with a well-earned reputation. Having a Hall of Fame ring, a world title reign and a high paying contract, Scott does not think that he is somebody who should be questioned and has more than earned himself a spot among the greats, something he does not fail to bring up in the majority of his interviews and calling attention to it with his many sponsorships and deals made. Scott has a set idea of how the business should go and anyone who goes against it is immediately considered an enemy to him. Scott Oasis calls himself "the gatekeeper of wrestling", constantly going out of his way to check anyone he thinks isn't doing things the right way or are insulting the business. Scott Oasis is the measuring stick of this business with a massive disdain for the new breed of wrestlers coming in who represent corporate backing or the comedic aspects of the thing he holds most dear. While his intent is genuine, Scott Oasis at his core is very selfish and short sighted, being very dismissive of anyone who doesn't meet his criteria and having no problem buying into powerful figures himself if they are willing to benefit him and his vision.Following his return to mainstream television Scott Oasis announced a joint deal with OWA and SSW, willing to work both promotions in hopes of building his brand and expanding. Now that he's more of a freelancer Scott Oasis views himself as a hotter commodity than ever, very focused on leveraging himself for money and power as his greed becomes more obvious. He also doesn't see a lot of the people on the roster as competition, believing himself to have brought Strong Style to the forefront on his own due to his striking ability.

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Re: Scott Oasis

on May 17th 2018, 11:02 pm
BOB de Japon to become SSW's fifth faction.
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Re: Scott Oasis

on May 17th 2018, 11:13 pm
Welcome to the Best in the Game~!
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Re: Scott Oasis

on May 17th 2018, 11:36 pm
wow you're so cool
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Re: Scott Oasis

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