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Ken Matsuda

on January 9th 2018, 6:58 pm
Wrestling Name: Ken Matsuda
Picture Base: Hiroshi Tanahashi
Current Nicknames: The Dragon
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 227lbs
Hometown: Omihachiman, Shiga, Japan

Disposition/Alignment: Pure Babyface
Gimmick: Ken “The Dragon” Matsuda is the cousin of EAW wrestler Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda, and the son of puroresu legend Yasuhiro Matsuda. He is a wrestler’s-wrestler whose purpose is spread good vibes through his joy for wrestling. He wants to inspire the world through his technique and his air guitar concerts during pre and post match segments.
Theme Music: 'Clock Strikes' by One Ok Rock
Special Entrance [Optional]: Ken Matsuda walks out, doing his signature air guitar gesture. He makes his way to the ring where he climbs the turnbuckle and raise a finger in the air while watching the crowd.

What are your character’s motivations for competing? Ken fights to spread hope and stir the fire of love and justice in the hearts of all people!
Tendency to Cheat: Choose from these options: Never

Wrestling Debut [Optional]: 2004
Favorite Match Types [Optional]: None
Least Favorite Match Types [Optional]: Hardcore
Favorite Weapon: [Optional] Ken hates weapons
In-Ring Achievements [Optional]: Neo Japan Grand Prix, Neo Japan Heavyweight Championship

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
1. Japanese Arm Drag
2. Enzuigiri
3. Dragon Suplex
4. Flying Forearm Smash
5. Dragon Screw
6. Elbow Drop
7. Suicide Dive
8. Rolling Senton
9. Tiger Bomb
10. Leg Hook Sitout Slam

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. Spear of Destiny (Striking Spear)
2. Zantetsuken (Sling Blade)
3. Dragonrana
4. Twist and Shout (Snap Swinging Neckbreaker)
5. Dragon Sleeper

Finishing Moves: Maximum three (3) and one (1) optional ultra-finisher (UF)
1. Dragon Flow (Frog Splash)
2. Stairway to Heaven (Styles Clash)
3. Dragon Tamer (Texas Cloverleaf)
UF. Dragon Driver (Bridging package fallaway powerbomb)

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Re: Ken Matsuda

on January 15th 2018, 10:46 pm
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